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									                        The South Jersey Ski Club
                              June, 2009

                      & BIG BROTHERS / BIG SISTERS
       The “FRIENDLY Ski Club” of skiers and nonskiers alike!

                                 UPCOMING EVENTS:
   June 10 – Social Comm. Mtg.               Happy Hours, Phillies Game, Social
   June 17 – General Mtg.                   meeting PLUS many more great events
   June 24 - Board Meeting                          inside! Check it out!

                              2009-                                       9-
  *** IT’S TIME TO RENEW YOUR 2009-2010 MEMBERSHIP; Application is on pg. 9-10. ***

            ** IT’S TIME TO RENEW YOUR 2009-2010 MEMBERSHIP, PLEASE. **
                      the ultimate SKI, SOCIAL and SPORT club
                      the ultimate SKI SOCIAL and SPORT club
                                    Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097
                                                               1106 Chestnut Ave.
    PERMIT No. 52                                              Len Hurff
Maple Shade, NJ 08052                                          SOUTH JERSEY SKI CLUB
                                        SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                                                            Editorial Policy
                      South                              The Avalanche is the official publication of the
                       Jersey                            South Jersey Ski Club. Its purpose is to inform
                                                         members and prospective members of club
                        Ski                              activities. We accept articles and ads from all
                      ……Club                             members. Articles submitted should adhere to the
                                                         following guidelines: (1) articles should be in good
                                                         taste, (2) not to exceed one typed page, (3) must
                                                         be received by the second Friday of the month
                                                         prior to publication. Due to space limitations, the
                                                         article or ad may be edited. Contact the
                                                         Avalanche Editor for information on submitting

              2009 – 2010
         SJSC Board of Directors                                             Contacting Us!
President:     Bianca Mandel / 215-563-9947                               Correspondence:
.              TFanMom@AOL.Com                             Send letters, comments and/or suggestions to:
Assistant to the President:                                  South Jersey Ski Club - c/o Jeff Hayfield
.              Mary Ellen Martelli / 609-413-0248                       235 Route 73 North
.              MareSJSkiClub@AOL.Com                                           Unit E
Ski Director: Bill Caden / 856-461-4157                                West Berlin, NJ 08091
.              WGCaden@Hotmail.Com
Treasurer:     Earl Johnson / 856-222-1885                    The Web:
.              EWJohnson11@Comcast.Net                   Check out our exciting Webpages, jam packed
Asst. Treasurer: Dave Leh / 856-848-9770                 with our most current info, cool ski links and other
.              CATDRLEH@Comcast.Net                      surprises. Come and see the all new photo album!
Social Director: Bianca Mandel (acting)
.        can be you, guaranteed fun time! 
                                                                        We accept credit cards!
Secretary:     Jeff Hayfield / 856-768-0527
                                                                       AMERICAN EXPRESS
.              Jhayfield@Comcast.Net
Membership: Len Hurff / 856-251-1693
.              LenHurff@Gmail.Com
                                                         Convenience charges apply: AmEx/MC/Visa: 4%
Asst. Membership: Jude Schatz / 856-768-0155
                                                         Minimum convenience charge: $1.00
.              Musktrthre@Comcast.Net
Avalanche Editors: Kathy Gramick / 856-905-7114
.              Kathleen.A.Gramick@LMCO.Com
                                                                           Membership Dues:
.    and Craig Applebaum, CAPP76@Comcast.Net             Annual membership dues are required for all
Publicity & Webmaster:                                   members of the club. Any two members living at
               Mary Ellen Martelli / 609-413-0248        the same residence may qualify for family
.              MareSJSkiclub@AOL.Com                     membership. Any additional members living at the
Property:      Diane Kae / 856-432-6088                  same residence must add $15.00 per person.
.              DianeKae@Comcast.Net
Ex-Officio:    Geoff Smith / 609-518-3279                             Single Membership Dues: $30.00
.              GeoffSmith@Comcast.Net                                 Family Membership Dues: $45.00

                                                         Memberships begin on May 1, 2009 and expire
              GENERAL MEETINGS:
                                                         on April 30, 2010
All meetings are held at PJ Whelihan’s located
               in Cherry Hill, NJ                                          Advertising Rates:
SJSC meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each          Business Card: $10/month or $100/year
month (3rd Wed. only: June (17th), July (15th),          ¼ page: $20/month
Aug. (19th)) at PJ Whelihan’s on Rt. 70 at               ½ page: $40/month
Greentree Rd., just east of 295. The meetings            Full page: $80/month
are 7:30-9:30pm and are casual mixers with a
cash bar. All are welcome to come and meet the
club, with no pressure or obligation.
                                                    SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                                                                  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

                                                                     The SJSC Social Committee is looking for your
                  Slopeside with Bianca -                            help.
June, 2009                                                           There are many easy things you can do to help!
The Importance of Going Green!                                       Want to meet new people? Have fun?
                                                                         Run a Happy Hour
Ever since I participated in the first Earth Day on April 22,
                                                                         Run a event (Example: Hike or a trip to the
1970, I have been passionate about environmental issues.
My family and I were attempting to live a green life long                  Franklin Institute)
before it became fashionable. The 3 R’s, reduce, reuse and               Make flyers
recycle, have long been part of our vocabulary.                          Be a greeter at the meeting
As an avid skier and active participant in a myriad of                   Taking tickets for our Bash
outdoor activities, I am concerned about the studies that
                                                                         Giving out drink tickets at our Bash
show how climate change and “global warming” could
impact the future of winter sports. It is conceivable that our           Assist with the prize board listing
grandchildren and great-grandchildren may not be able to                 People to sell 50/50 tickets
enjoy the mountains as much as we have. Many ski areas               For more details, please contact Chris
have adopted special environmental protection initiatives,           Tamburino-Leh at or
and organizations such as and
                                                                     Tony Volkens at . are working to educate the skiing
public about the importance of protecting the environment
and going green as a means to preserve what we all enjoy                 In an effort to go green, the South Jersey Ski
so much.                                                                      Club is now offering the Avalanche
In keeping with the green focus that has been so much in                 electronically. If you would like to receive it
the news in 2009, your SJSC board has decided to work                    via email instead of mail, please e-mail Craig
toward providing you with a totally green version of The                     Applebaum at
Avalanche while saving you some greenbacks at the same                    The Email version comes a lot sooner than
time. We are endeavoring to reduce the number of                                          regular mail.
newsletters printed and mailed each month, the amount of
money spent on postage at a time when rates keep rising,                          Let’s save a tree together .
and the quantity of paper ending up in landfills. Therefore,
we are asking you to PLEASE choose the option of having                           *** Business Cards: ***
the FULL COLOR edition of The Avalanche sent to your e-
mail address when you renew your membership this spring
and summer. As an added bonus, by selecting this option,
your annual dues will be reduced by $10 per address!
                                                                                        Danzeisen & Quigley
Paper copies will continue to be made available at our                                SPORTS SPECIALISTS
meetings for new and perspective members and for those
who cannot receive an e-edition for some reason. Our                     1720 E. Rt. 70 ● Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 ● 856-424-5969
ultimate goal is to keep our membership totally informed                       FAX: 856-424-4519 
about everything that is happening in the club in the
timeliest possible manner. The e-edition of The Avalanche
will arrive instantly the day it is “mailed” and that, in
combination with the weekly update already being provided
to our electronically linked members, should keep everyone
in the know.

Many thanks to all of you who have already made the
decision to “Go Green with The Avalanche”! We hope the
rest of you will make the same choice as our 2009-2010
year gets underway. We will reevaluate this initiative in
April 2010, and we hope that the 30 anniversary of the first
Earth Day will find 100% of our membership on The
Avalanche e-edition list!
Bianca Mandel
                                             SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                                                    2009-2010 Schedule
                                                               Meisters have been selected for the extended trips

Lift Lines                                                     for next season; they are listed with the trips below.

                                                               Dec 11-13         Stowe VT
Monthly news from your Ski Committee                           Meisters – John & Jackie Morgan. A club tradition.
June 2009                                                      starting the season with Stowe. We’ll stay at the
                                                               Northern Lights with BYOB bar, breakfast, dinner and
   Membership Renewal is NOW!
You MUST be a current member to sign up for SJSC               Dec 27-Jan 2          Utah Ski Safari
trips. Don’t waste valuable time standing in line at the       Meister – Dale Mandel. Stay in Salt Lake City, private
July meeting. Renew at the June meeting, or mail your          bus to surrounding ski areas, and a great New Year’s
completed form and payment in now. Membership                  Eve Party. Known for early season powder dumps!
forms are available in the Avalanche and online at
                                                               Jan 8-10        Killington VT Don’t be standing in line to renew
                                                               Meisters – Tammy McCoy & Eileen Godman. Start the
your membership when the last seat is sold on your
                                                               New Year at the Beast of the East – Killington. Best
dream trip!
                                                               snowmaking in the New England.

                                                               Jan 23-30          EPSC Winter Carnival-Tahoe
  Extended Trip Sign Up at PJ’s                                Meister - Eileen Minke. Stay at the Embassy Suites in
Extended trips open Wednesday, July 15, at PJ
                                                               South Lake Tahoe, steps from the gondola. Ski
Whelihan’s – our new meeting place, on Rt. 70 in Cherry
                                                               Heavenly, Kirkwood and Squaw, Full breakfast, free
Hill (just east of the Rt. 295 exit). If the weather’s
                                                               daily happy hour, parties, races, and the Tahoe Queen.
nice we’ll be on the front patio/deck; if not, we’ll be
inside at the back bar. Trips sell out early in the            Feb 6-8        Shared Superbowl Trip??
evening, so this is a meeting you can’t afford to miss;        Tentative plans to share a bus with another regional ski
mark it on your calendar now.                                  club for a 3-day Superbowl trip to a New England
                                                               destination. Stay tuned for details.
Current Membership is Required to Sign Up!!!
Membership renewal CANNOT be done at the trip                  Feb 12-20         St. Moritz Switzerland
registration tables at this event. If you have not             Meister – Diane Kae. One of the most famous winter
renewed in advance - remember to bring a separate              resorts in the world. Stay at the Hotel Reine Victoria;
check for your membership fee.                                 our first visit to this ultimate destination resort.
You may only sign up yourself and one other person
                                                               Feb 26-28         Sugarbush VT
Signup requires a complete/signed registration form.
                                                               Meisters – Tony Mrak & Jessica Morgan. Classic is the
Registration forms can be downloaded from the
                                                               word that best describes this area. Stay at the
website. Early bird (EB) discounts apply for extended
                                                               Sugarbush Inn, this trip won’t disappoint.
trips if you sign up during the months of July, August
or September. Pricing for the extended trips will be           March 6-13          Jackson Hole WY
announced in the July Avalanche. Here’s a quick                Meister – Cathy Brown. Legendary terrain. Stay at the
summary of what’s on the schedule.                             Wort Hotel with the Silver Dollar Bar, in the heart of
                                                               town, with true west flavor.

               Survey Results                                  NASTAR Finals          Destination TBD - late March.
                                                               Meister – Jeff Hayfield
Thanks to all who participated in the online survey.
Your input will help us to shape the 2010-2011 ski
schedule. Look for survey summary in this Avalanche.

                                          SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009


NEW GENERAL MEETING LOCATION! Co-ed Softball every Tuesday – 6:00pm till Dusk.
The SJSC will meet @ 7:30 at P.J. Whelihan’s Pub,          at Erlton Park in Cherry Hill. Gather afterwards at
1854 E. Marlton Pike | Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.              Brewers Tavern (by Westmont High Speed line). Call
                                                           Tony M. @ 856-439-1582
06/17 – Wednesday - General Meeting at PJ
Whelihan’s at 7:30pm. .                                    Golf on Wednesdays (except SJSC meeting nights)
                                                           @ Kresson GC. Only $19pp. This is a short, user
HEY EVERYBODY - The SJSC Social                            friendly, golf course that will help you build
Committee is looking for volunteers with ideas to          confidence in your game! Contact Jeff H. @ 856-
help plan events! Come join us @ 7:30 on the               767-8700 for the club tee times.
2nd Wednesday of the month at P.J. Whelihan’s
Pub, 1854 E. Marlton Pike | Cherry Hill, NJ       Tennis every Monday - 6-9pm at Berlin Borough
08034 Contact Chris T @ 856 848 9770.             Park on Day Ave. HH afterwards at Ollie Gators.
                                                  Contact Linda S. at
Note: For more details about any the events you see        Philadelphia Philly’s vs Baltimore Orioles.
here, see the detailed flyers elsewhere in this            Friday, June 19th – 7pm. Join the SJSC at Citizens
Avalanche OR please check the SJSC website                 Bank Park for an evening of fun and baseball. To
(                                        resreve your tickets contact Don M. @ 609 320 9198
SJSC meetings are a great way to find out more             or
about your club, as well as meet new people. If you
have an idea for a meeting speaker, or would like to       Battleship New Jersey Tour and Annual
speak at a meeting, please contact Tony V @ 609-           Craft Brewers Beer Fest – Sat - June 20
413-4807.                                                  1pm - 5pm. Join the SJSC on a self guided tour of
                                                           the ship, commemrotive tasting glass and live music.
HAPPY HOURS – Get ready for socializing and                .$40.00 admission. Tickets are available online at
meeting fun people from the SJSC!                 or phone 856-966-
                                                           1652 X-107. Contact Don M @ 609-320-9198
6/08 – Ollie Gators - Berlin NJ. 9pm – Come join
the Tennis crew for some cold beers after their            Hickory Run Hike and Camping - Fri – Sun
vigorous games of tennis. Contact Linda S. @               - June 26th -- 28th for Camping – Day Hike on                                           June 27th. 43 miles of beautiful trails. Park includes
                                                           general store, modern restrooms and hot showers!
6/19 – McFadden’s at Citizens Bank Park – Fri              For more information see flyer or contact Bob I. at
5pm – 7pm. Come join the baseball crew for the             (856) 524 1710 or
happy hour before the Philly’s game. (Then join us
as we watch the Philly’s crush the Orioles!) Don M
@ 609-320-9198                                             Annual Canoe/Kayak Trip Sat. - August
                                                           22nd. Come join your friends on the Great Egg
                                                           Harbor River. For details contact Rich G.
Please regularly check for     
updated details on all our events.

                                                                                    SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                        6:30pm Every Monday at the
                           Day Ave. / Clover Ave.                                                                   Join the South Jersey Ski Club
              Tennis courts in West Berlin, Weather permitting!
Why not work on your tennis game too? Join Linda S (609.265.8111) and friends each                                  At the Philadelphia Phillies Game!!!
Monday. Improve your serve or service return as we play singles, doubles, mixed doubles,
etc…It depends on who shows up! So, get out your old wood or metal racquet and join us!
 All levels of player are welcome! Of course we will discuss our play afterwards at a local

                  6:00pm until dark Every Tuesday at
                      Erlton Park in Cherry Hill                                                                        Friday June 19, 2009
                  Weather permitting of course! All skills welcome!                                               7:00 pm vs. the Baltimore Orioles
                 Erlton Park in Cherry Hill (Jefferson Ave. just off of Park Blvd; see
                  for a map).                                  ** Come Early for a Happy Hour at McFadden’s
Socialize afterward at Brewer’s Town Tavern, 239 Haddon Ave., Westmont.
     You must be a SJSC member to play, and must fill out a hold-harmless form specific to                               prior to game **
       softball your first night. In addition, we will be asking each player for a $3 per night                     (3rd base side of stadium)
      donation (or $40 for the full season) to help defray the cost of the field rental and the
                 required liability insurance. First and Last Games are Free !!!!!!
                     Contact Tony M. for info at 856-439-1582 or 609-504-1719.
                                                                                                                            $16 Per Ticket

                5:00pm Every Wednesday at Kresson GC
           Weather permitting of course! No golf on SJSC General Meeting Nights.                             To Reserve your ticket contact Don Murphy –
                                                                                                              609-320-9198 or .
      Work on your game each week with Jeff and Jean at Kresson GC in Voorhees…a short,
     tight course that will build your confidence! Hit ‘em straight and shoot in the 80’s (When is
    the last time you did that!?!?)…A great course to learn on! $18 to walk…afterwards we will
                             stop at a local watering hole for refreshments!
                             Contact Jeff H…856.767.8700 for more info…

               Join Your South Jersey Ski Club Friends                                                         BEACH BUNGALOWS
                    For Some Hiking and Camping                                                               2009 SUMMER RENTAL
                       Hickory Run State Park
                      Saturday, June 27, 2009                                                            9 2 Bedrooms - Sleeps 8
                Meeting in the State Park around 11:00                                                   9 1 block from private beach
                  Camping: modern sites, some with electric                                              9 Tags provided
                  The large tent and trailer camping area has                                            9 just 5 miles north of seaside
                  modern restrooms with hot showers, a sanitary
                  dump station, a forested section and a grassy,                                          heights
                  more open section. A camp store has general                                            9 Available for Saturday to
                  camping supplies, ice, firewood and food.
                  The modern area is open from the second Friday                                          Saturday weekly rental; weeks
                  in April until the third Sunday in October. Rustic                                      available:
                  camping continues until mid-December. Pets are
  permitted on designated sites. Alcoholic beverages are                                                    ¾ June 20 ($400)
  prohibited.                                                                                               ¾ June 27 ($570)
  There are 43 miles of trails so we will have a lot to choose from.
  The day before the hike Friday, June 26th, Beth and I will be camping in the state
                                                                                                            ¾ July 11 ($600)
  park if you would like to camp the night before. We are leaving Sunday the 28th                           ¾ Aug 1 ($880)
  Contact Bob Israels at or on Friday or Saturday you can call
  me at (856) 524 1710.
                                                                                                            ¾ Aug 15 ($875)
  Take a look at the website for information on the park                                           For Information, Please Contact:
  Explore the campground map. Make a reservation.                                                        ¾ Kathy D. 856-236-8100 or email:
    ¾ From I-80, take Exit 274 at the Hickory Run State Park Exit, and drive east on
       PA 534 for six miles.                                                                    
    ¾ From the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, take Exit 95 and
       drive west on PA 940 for three miles, then turn east on PA 534 for six miles.
    ¾ The park is within a two or three-hour drive from Harrisburg, Philadelphia,
       and New York City and one hour from Allentown, Scranton and Wilkes-

                                SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

              South Jersey Ski Club is pleased to present a
              summer alternative to our normal meetings…

Annual Ski Season Kickoff Party
            2009-10 extended ski trips go on sale!

               On the Deck at PJ Whelihan’s
              1854 E. Rt. 70 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

              Wednesday July 15, 2009
                7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Enjoy ½ priced appetizers and daily beer specials!
    Sign up for your favorite extended ski trips!
    Find out about the great social events that SJSC has planned for you!
    Meet new members and make new friends!
This is the only SJSC general meeting in July, so be sure to come out
to party with your friends and sign up for your favorite ski trips!
  For the ski trip schedule and other information about the South Jersey Ski Club see
SJSC… South Jersey’s premiere over-21 club for ski, sport, and social activities

                                                 SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                                                  market will not cover for injuries during a “sporting
           Travel Insurance                                       event”, e.g. skiing. Read the Exclusions section of the
                                                                  “Description of Coverage” to ensure you are protected.
           By Earl Johnson, Treasurer
                                                                  How much does travel insurance cost?
Disclaimer                                                          This will depend on the type of plan you have, the
  This information is tailored toward SJSC ski trips, which       coverage level chosen and other factors. For additional
some insurance companies classify as “adventure”                  cost, you can purchase a “Cancel for Work Reasons” or
sports. The web sites listed at the end of this article           “Cancel for Any Reason” upgrade. You can reduce the
provide further information and can also be used to               cost of a Package Policy by eliminating the trip
purchase coverage.                                                cancellation component. Travel Medical plans do not
What is it?                                                       have trip cancellation coverage, but the plan cost
  Travel insurance covers risks to your travel plans.             depends on trip length, traveler age, and several other
Before your trip, these risks might include last-minute           factors. One plan can be bought to cover multiple trips.
cancellations due to sickness, injury or even loss of               For a 40-50 year old person, example cost ranges for a
loved one or a job. During your trip, it covers medical           typical package plan for a $300 weekend trip are $29-
evacuations, emergency/accident care, travel delays and           $68; a package plan for a $2000 weeklong trip costs
missed connections, lost/stolen baggage, and more.                $63-$206; a Travel Medical plan would cost $27-$33 for
  Travel insurance can be purchased for domestic trips            $50K medical coverage and $300K evacuation coverage
and international travel. It can cover a weekend trip or an       on a weeklong trip.
extended stay.                                                    The best time to purchase travel insurance
Do I need travel insurance?                                         It is best to purchase travel insurance as early as
  The reason for purchasing travel insurance is different         possible, meaning as close to the time of initial trip
for every traveler and every trip. Some people want to            deposit as possible (right after this year’s July 15
have medical coverage while traveling outside the U.S.            extended trip’s signup for many people).
(most U.S. healthcare companies do not cover you                    There are several benefits to purchasing your plan right
abroad). Others are concerned about losing their trip             away. You take advantage of insurance coverage for the
investment if they need to cancel (for any of a variety of        longest possible amount of time. Also, many policies
reasons). Other concerns include lost luggage, travel             include extra benefits if the plan is purchased within a
delays and the high cost of emergency medical                     certain numbers of days of your initial deposit. The pre-
evacuations.                                                      existing condition exclusion for medical coverage may
  From an investment standpoint, history shows that               be waived by the insurer if you purchase right away, with
most of your money comes back if you cancel far                   some exceptions of course.
enough ahead of a SJSC trip. The club charges a $50               Where to buy travel insurance
non-refundable fee on all trips and trip cancellation               One option is to use a comparison website to compare
charges are published on all trip flyers to show maximum          quotes from several companies at the same time. The
investment loss. But the Ski Committee and the meister            main benefit in using a comparison website is getting to
do their best to limit your loss, even when you cancel at         analyze different plans, side-by-side, and seeing how the
the last minute. (Refunds vary based on the popularity of         different coverage and prices compare to each other.
the trip, airline ticket change fees and other factors.)            Another option is to buy a policy direct from the
Two Basic Plan Types                                              insurance company website. This is a good choice if you
  1) The Package Plan provides a variety of coverage in           already have a good idea of the type of policy you need
one plan, including trip cancellation, lost baggage,              or a specific plan. Buying direct from the company
missed connections, medical emergencies, medical                  ensures you are choosing from their full selection of
evacuation, and other options. Package plans vary from            products. Be an educated consumer!
Basic plans with less coverage and lower coverage                                       Online Resources
levels to Premium plans with top of the line benefits and         Education
higher limits. You can omit the trip cancellation piece of
a Package Policy to get the other coverage it provides.           101/
  2) A Travel Medical Plan is for travelers leaving their
home country and provides medical treatment, medical              2_trpucci08.html
evacuation coverage, and emergency assistance. (A       
medical plan should be considered by all who go on the  
SJSC international trips, including to Canada.)                   insurance-cover-swine-flu-cancellations/
                                                                  State Insurance Departments
Which company should I buy travel insurance from?
  There are over a dozen companies in the travel        
insurance business, and each one sells a variety of               Comparison Websites
plans. You need a reputable, experienced company with   
the right plan for your trip and needs. All companies will
take your money but some don’t honor a claim and        
should be avoided. Some of the “cheaper” plans on the

                                                      SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                                 South Jersey Ski Club                            Our 46th Year

                                                         2009-2010 SJSC MEMBERSHIP FORM

                                      Be sure and visit www.SJSKICLUB.COM to find what is going on!

      NEW______                         RENEWAL_____

please print
First Name, Last Name:_______________________________________                            Individual Membership: $30.00
                                                                                         *Family Membership: $45.00
                                                                                         All memberships expire on April 30, 2010
                                                                                         *A family is defined as two adults living at the
Address Line 2:______________________________________________                            same address.
                                                                                          Additional adults at the same address, add
                                                                                         $15.00 per person
City, State, Zip:______________________________________________

Email Address:______________________________________________

                                             Go green and save some green.
                Select to receive your Avalanche via email for a $10 membership discount per household.

Avalanche News letter preference:                                   PDF via Email*        OR              Paper copy via US Postal Service

*If you select via Email no paper copy will be mailed to you. You will also receive a $10 discount on membership per household.

Birth Date:                                                     Marital Status - M      or S
Sex - M        or F                                             Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:                                                 Cell Phone:
                                    Family Membership? (Two adults at the same address) Yes    or No
Sex - M        or F                                             Birth Date:
First Name:                                                     Last Name:
Work Telephone:                                                 Cell Phone:
Email Address:

The South Jersey Ski Club is solely run by volunteers. Meet new people and learn something new, all while helping
out the club. Please consider helping out the following committees:
1. Membership                 Greet new members and help with membership renewals.
2. Ski                        Help to plan ski schedules and/or Meister (run) a ski trip.
3. Avalanche                  Assist our editor with the publication of the club newsletter.
4. Publicity                  Promote club activities through various media and events including the web.
5. Treasury                   Assist in handling of club finances.
6. Social                     Plan, organize and run social activities or maybe just Host a Happy Hour.
                                             PLEASE FILL OUT REVERSE SIDE

                                                 SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                       HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT

 The undersigned (print name)
 intended to be legally bound here and as a condition of membership in the SOUTH JERSEY SKI CLUB
 (hereinafter referred to as Club) do hereby release and fully discharge said club, the members, instructors and
 representatives thereof, from all claims, liability, obligations, cause of action or demand that I or my
 administrators, executors, heirs or assigns may at any and all times hereafter have or obtain, due to, or as a
 result of any social activity, physical or athletic activity, or physical instruction or sport conducted or carried on
 by or for the Club or in which the Club participated or is engaged in, either by itself or with others, or occurring
 while I am on any premises or property occupied or used by the Club.

   I further, intending to be legally bound, hereby and as a condition of my membership, do agree to indemnify
 and save harmless said Club, its members, instructors, and representatives from any liability imposed upon it or
 them as a result of any act committed or omitted by me during or arising out of or as a result of any act, by itself
 or with others, or occurring on any premises or property occupied or used by the Club.

   I further, release the Club, its members, instructors, and representatives, from all claims or liability for any
 property or valuables lost, mislaid, or stolen.

   I sign this fully realizing that my participation or engagement in the activities of the Club may subject me to
 personal injury or bodily harm. I further, having read the foregoing and fully understand the contents of the
 release indemnity.

                 Legal Signature               Date                 Legal Signature                    Date

 please print

 First Name:

 Last Name:


 Primary Phone Number:             (    )

 Secondary Phone Number            (    )

 Please bring this completed form to any general meeting or mail a completed form with a check* and a
 self-addressed stamped envelope with to:
                                              Leonard Hurff
                                            1106 Chestnut Ave
                                       Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097-1614

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                                                    South Jersey Ski Club 2009-2010 Ski Trip Schedule
 EB = Early Bird Pricing for Extended trips - this price is valid for signups through September 30, 2009. Due to the ever changing circumstances that exist in the travel industry - all
prices are subject to change. Consider purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance to avoid the imposition of cancellation fees on extended trips. All trip prices are per person based on
  double occupancy unless otherwise noted. All extended trips include R/T air and ground transportation to lodging, lodging costs and lift tickets unless otherwise noted.
                                                                  Baggage fees imposed by airlines are NOT included
     DATES         Destination                   Meisters                 Status                                       Description                                          Cost
                                          John & Jackie Morgan                       Wake up Your Ski Legs • Lodging at The Northern Lights • Hot Buffet
      Dec             Stowe
                                              856.728.8887                           Breakfast • Full Dinner on Saturday • BYOB wet bar • Karaoke • indoor pool &          TBD
      11-13             VT

                                                                           in Sept
                                                         hot tub • 2 Day Lift • Always a screaming bargain
                                                                                     New Year's Trip • 6 nights at Shiloh Inn in SLC • Hot tub, Indoor pool, center of
                 Salt Lake City              Dale Mandel
     Dec 27-                                                                         tourist district • Daily Breakfast • 5 days of Lifts • Private bus to each area -
                   Ski Safari                215.563.9947                                                                                                                  TBD
      Jan 2                                                                          Powder Mountain, Snowbird, Alta, Solitude, Brighton • New Years Party

                                                                           July 15
                       UT                                                            included
                                             Tammy McCoy
      Jan          Killington                 856.905.6132                           Killington - always a favorite - this trip sells out early • 2 Day Lift • More
                                                     snowmaking than anywhere else • Ski the Beast of East! • Lodging TBD
      8-10              VT
                                             Eil    G d
                                             Eileen Godman

                                                                                     A Heavenly Experience - EPSC Winter Carnival • Fly into Reno • Stay at
                                              Eileen Minke
      Jan             Tahoe                                                          Embassy Suites - Full breakfast and happy hour daily! • 3 of 6 day lift at
                                              609.682.0041                                                                                                                 TBD
     23-30             CA                                                            Heavenly, day at Kirkwood and day at Squaw with return dinner cruise on the

                                                                           July 15
                                                                                     Tahoe Queen. Parties, races, banquet included - incredible package!

      Feb             ????
                                                                                                                                                                                       SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                                                                                     Shared Superbowl 3-day trip under discussion                                          TBD
      5-8              VT
                                                 Diane Kae                           World Class Winter Resort • R/T air from Philly • 7 nights at the Hotel Reine
      Feb          St. Moritz
                                               856.432.6088                          Victoria • Full breakfast and dinner daily • Lifts on your own • If more than 28      TBD
     12-20        Switzerland

                                                                           July 15
                                                       participants, price drops by $45!
                                                Tony Mrak                            Return to a favorite • Includes 2 nights at the Sugarbush Inn, Health club
      Feb          Sugarbush                   856.439.1582                          access • 2 breakfasts, 2 day lifts. Come ski over 50 miles of East's best terrain
                                                      with a 2,600 vertical and 111 trails on two of Vermont's highest peaks.               TBD
     26-28            VT
                                           and Jessica Morgan
                                              Cathy Brown                            Plenty of powder here. Lodging at the Wort Hotel-right off the town square
      Mar        Jackson Hole
                                               856.983.1472                          where all the action is! Trip includes 4 day lifts at Jackson and 1 day at            TBD
      6-13           WY
                                                                           July 15

                                                  Targhee. Shuttle to Jackson and charter bus to Targhee included.
                                               Jeff Hayfield
      Mar            ?????                                                           Join SJSC at NASTAR Finals • Group Party, races, etc.• End the season on a
                                               856.768.0527                                                                                                                TBD
      ???              ??                                                            high note
                                            SJSC AVALANCHE - JUNE, 2009

                         SJSC SOCIAL CALENDAR

     SUN             MON              TUE              WED                THR        FRI             SAT

                 1                2                3               4            5               6
                 Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   Co-ed Golf

7                8                9                10              11           12              13
                 -Co-ed Tennis    Co-ed Softball   - Social
                 -Happy Hour                       Comm. Mtg.
                 (Ollie Gators)                    - Co-ed Golf

14               15               16               17              18           19              20
Flag Day         Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   General Mtg.                 Phillies Game   -ZOO trip
                                                                                & Happy Hour    -Battleship NJ
                                                                                                Tour with
                                                                                                Beer Festival

21               22               23               24              25           26              27
Father’s Day     Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   - Board Mtg.                 Hickory Run     Hickory Run
                                                   - Co-ed Golf                 Camping         Camping

28               29               30
Hickory Run      Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball

     SUN             MON              TUE              WED                THR        FRI             SAT
                                                   1               2            3               4
                                                   Co-ed Golf

5                6                7                8               9            10              11
                 Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   - Social
                                                   Comm. Mtg.
                                                   - Co-ed Golf

12               13               14               15              16           17              18
                 Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   Ski Season

19               20               21               22              23           24              25
                 Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   - Board Mtg.
                                                   - Co-ed Golf

26               27               28               29              30           31
                 Co-ed Tennis     Co-ed Softball   Co-ed Golf
                              More skiing, more partying, more friendships forming!!!
           Look forward to future events: Hiking, Wine Dinners, Happy Hours, and much more!
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