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					                                     Visual Basic for Applications Licensing Partners

Check out the list of companies who have integrated VBA into their application(s).

Company                                              Product                                             Industry
9090-7171 Quebec Inc                                 WinPTE                                              Development Tools
ABB                                                  RobotStudio Pro                                     Manufacturing
Accounting Office Software                           Accounting Office                                   ERP & Accounting
ACCPAC International                                 ACCPAC Corporate Systems Manager 4.1A               Mid-Market ERP & Accounting
ACNielsen                                            SPACEMAN Professional Application Builder           Retail
Agile Real World Solutions                           Avaya Active Enterprise                             CRM

Agilent Technologies                                 Impedance Material Analyzer, Network Analyzer       Manufacturing

Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.                     Impedance Material Analyzer, Network Analyzer Manufacturing
                                                     "AGRESSO 5 Financial AGRESSO 5 Logistics
                                                     AGRESSO 5 Project AGRESSO 5 HRMS AGRESSO 5
                                                     Information Tools AGRESSO 5 Administration
Agresso                                              Tools"
Airbus France SAS                                    GDB NavigationTool                            Manufacturing
Alcatel                                              Raptor                                        Telecommunications
Alterian                                             Molecule/Datawarehousing                      Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
American Process Inc.                                apiMAX                                        Engineering
AMT                                                  OpenFoundation                                Manufacturing
Applied Biosystems                                   Data Explorer                                 Engineering
APSI                                                 Fygir Demand Planning                         Engineering
Aqua e-solutions S.A                                 Aqua eBusiness Suite 7                        Mid-Market ERP & Accounting
ARC Informatique                                     FrontVue                                      Industrial Automation
Arel                                                 "Arel System 300 Arel ARAD"
Ascent Technology                                    WINit                                         CRM
AspenTech                                            Aspen Process Explorer                        Manufacturing
Asprova                                              Asprova                                       Supply Chain
Assistum                                             Assistum Version 3 Enterprise Edition         Knowledge Management
Asta                                                 PowerProject                                  Desktop Applications
Atoss                                                Aeneis                                        Business Intelligence
Aucotec                                              easylectric                                   Engineering

Autodesk                                             "Actrix Technical 2000 Autodesk World AutoCAD"      Engineering
Autodsys, Inc.                                       IntelliCAD                                          Engineering
Avacco                                               Avacco                                              Mid-range EPR and Accounting
Baan Company                                         iBaan                                               Enterprise Resource Planning
Baublys Control Laser GmbH                           Winlaser                                            Engineering
Becos                                                Flegras/ERP                                         Manufacturing
Benfield                                             ReMetrica                                           Financial Services
Bentley                                              MicroStation                                        Engineering
Blackbaud                                            The Raiser's Edge                                   Mid-Market ERP & Accounting

Blaise Software                                      WinBSR - Blaise summary reports for Windows         Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Boeing                                               Uses VBA for research purposes                      Corporate
BOM                                                  Clue 2                                              Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Boston Software Systems                              Boston WorkStation                                  Data Center
                                                     BricsCad IntelliCad Classic & BricsCad IntelliCad
BricsCad                                             Pro                                                 CAD
Bruel & Kjaer                                        Pulse                                               Manufacturing
Business Objects                                     BusinessObjects                                     Business Intelligence
                                                     "Byers Map Viewer Standard Edition Map Viewer
Byers                                                Plus Version"                                       Engineering
CACI                                                 Insite                                              Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence

CADopia                                              IntelliCAD 2000 by CADopia (Professional Edition)   Engineering
CAiCE                                                Computer-Aided Civil Engineering                    Engineering
Caliper Life Sciences                                Presto XP Robot                                     Manufacturing
Canberra                                             APEX                                                Energy
Captiva                                              Formware                                            Document Management
Charter UK                                           Charter Manager                                     CRM
Computervelt                                         Virtual Office 2000                                 Retail
Compuware                                            TestPartner™                                        Developer Tool
Consolis Technology Oy AB                            AddCAD                                              Manufacturing
Copo-Data                                            zenOn                                               Manufacturing
                                                     CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12
                                                     WordPerfect Office 12
Corel                                                iGrafx FlowCharter 2005                             Media & Publishing
Cosmoele                                             ICAD2000                                            Engineering
Credit Suisse                                        Internal Applications                               Corporate
CRI                                                CRIterion                                          Financial Services; Insurance
CTC Parker Automation                              InteractX                                          Manufacturing
Cue-Graphics                                       Pyro                                               graphics
Cybectec Inc.                                      Visual Substation                                  Development
Daitec Co. Ltd.                                    Private                                            Corporate
Dalex                                              The Consulting Nutritionist                        CRM

                                                   "Catia Product Line/Dassault Systemes Provence
                                                   Products/DELMIA Prod. Line/ENOVIA Prod.
Dassault Systemes                                  Line/Smart Solutions Prods./SolidWorks"            Engineering
Database Consultants Australia                     NIDS2001                                           CRM
DaVinci Technologies                               Airplane PDQ                                       Engineering
Delta Tau Data systems, Inc.                       PMAC-HMI                                           Development Tools
Detecon                                            NetWorks Pro                                       Telecommunications
Dexcon Gesellschaft                                OrgAnice                                           Knowledge Management
DigiPara CAD/CAM Hard- und software Service GmbH   LIFT Designer                                      Engineering
Dynaware                                           IntelliCAD Professional Edition Korea              Engineering
EBATech                                            IntelliCAD 2000                                    Engineering
eiStream                                           WorkDesk                                           Document Management
Elite Information Systems                          Elite for Windows                                  Legal
Elsinore                                           Visual Intercept Enterprise                        Developer Tools
EMB                                                Emblem                                             Financial Services
Embarcadero Technologies                           GDPro                                              Retail
                                                   e-Test Suite, e-Load Developer, e-Load Standard,
Empirix, Inc.                                      e-Monitor                                          Development Tools
EMS Technologies                                   Swift                                              Corporate
                                                                                                      Mid Market ERP and accounting; CRM;
                                                                                                      Manufacturing; Business Intelligence/ Data
Epicor                                             e by Epicor                                        Warehouseing; supply chain
                                                                                                      Network, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial
Ericom                                             PowerTerm Pro Enterprise                           Services, Government, Utilities
ESA Software Spa                                   e/                                                 Engineering
Esprit                                             Esprit                                             Engineering
                                                   "ARC/INFO Desktop Edition ArcMap ArcCatalog
ESRI                                               Atlas"                                             Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
EtherAct Software Labs Pvt Ltd                     Cadlab 2004                                        Engineering
Exact Software                                     Progression Series                                 Mid-Market ERP & Accounting; Manufacturing
FAST Spa                                           PlantView                                          Knowledge Management
FDS Research, d.o.o.                               Neuro Inspector                                    Development Tools
FedEx Services                                     FedEx Integrator                                   Corporate
Flow International Corporation                     Workspace 5.0                                      Engineering
Frontstep                                          mongoose/SyteCentre                                Developer Tools
                                                   FTR Log Notes, Portable Reporter, Record
FTR Pty Ltd.                                       Annotator, Record Director, Record Reporter        Legal
Fugro Survey Pty Ltd                               VBAProc.exe                                        Knowledge Management
Gamry Instruments                                  Gamry Framework                                    Corporate
GE Smallworld                                      PowerOn/Scout/Spacial Intelligence                 Engineering
Gemcom                                             Gemcom Desktop Edition Version 4.0                 Enterprise Resource Management
GeoDB                                              GeoDB4                                             GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Georgia-Pacific Corporation                        LISA                                               Financial Services
Gfk Macon AG                                       RegioGraph                                         Business Intelligence
Group 1 Software                                   Sagent Data Mart Solution                          Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Hudson Control Group                               SoftLinx TCW II                                    Manufacturing
HyperFeed, Inc.                                    Hyperfeed Pro                                      Financial Services
i3 Software                                        System 1                                           CRM
ICIS Technology Limited                            PANACeA Contract Management System                 Knowledge Management
Iconics                                            Genesis-32                                         Industrial Automation; Manufacturing
IGE-XAO S.A.                                       SEE (schematics electrical software)               Engineering
I-Logix                                            Rhapsody                                           Developer Tools
Imetric SA                                         Imetrics                                           Development Tools
IMSI                                               TurboCAD Professional                              Engineering
Inficon Limited                                    Quadera                                            Manufacturing
InnaPhase Corp.                                    Report Manager with Automation                     Healthcare
IntelliCAD                                         IntelliCAD 2000                                    Engineering
intellikorea                                       IntelliCAD 2000 - Korean                           Engineering
IntelliSoft Corporation                            IntelliCAD                                         Engineering
Intellution                                        Dynamics iFix v2.1                                 Manufacturing; Supply Chain
Interflex                                          IF 6020 System                                     Manufacturing
Intergraph                                         Imagineer Technical                                Engineering
Intuit Fundware                                    Fundware Human Resources Module                    Mid-Market ERP & Accounting
INUS Technology, Inc.                              RapidForm                                          Manufacturing, Engineering
IronCAD                                            IronCad                                            Engineering
Itron, Inc.                                        MetrixLT and MetrixND                              Business Intelligence
Kewill                                             TracerX                                            Manufacturing
Kingsoft Software Co. Ltd                          WPS Office                                         Document Management
Kleindienst Solutiosn GmbH & Co. KG                FrontCollect                                       Document Management
KSH Solutions                                      Internal Applications                              Engineering
                                                   Lawson Insight II Open Component Soutions for
Lawson Software                                    ActiveX                                            ERP
Leica                                              TCS-NTV                                            Engineering
Licom                                     AlphaCAM                                          Engineering
                                          Gensys Model of System Performance and
Lockheed Martin (UK) Ltd                  Efectiveness                                      Government
Lundalogik                                Kontakt Enterprise 9                              CRM

                                                                                            Manufacturing; Mid-Market ERP & Accounting;
Made2Manage                               Made2Manage Developer Toolkit                     Enterprise Resource Management
Maersk data Defense                       Integrated Communications Systems                 Engineering

Manpower Software                         MAPS (Manpower Analysis and Planning System)      Human Resources Planning
MDL                                       Assay Explorer                                    Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Media cybernetics LP                      Image Enterprise                                  Desktop Applications
Merrill Lynch                             Private Client (PC) Shell                         Corporate
Micro Gold                                "WithClass 98 WithClass 99 WithClass 2000"        Development Tools
Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG   ICONNECT                                          Manufacturing
Microsoft                                 Office                                            Knowledge Management
Mitutoyo Corporation                      QVPak                                             Manuafacturing
Moneyline Telerate                        Active 8                                          Financial Services
Neoware                                   Aspect & Teemtalk                                 Data Center
nicetec GmbH                              Netinsight                                        Knowledge Management
Nikon Instruments Co                      CI-MIP Software                                   Digital Media
Noesis SA                                 Visilog                                           Manuafacturing
NYCE                                      NyceLogic                                         ERP & Accounting
Oce Document Technologies GmbH            DOKuStart                                         Document Management
OSIsoft                                   PI-Process Book                                   Manufacturing
Oxford Scientific Software                Aquator                                           Utilities
Packard                                   WinPREP, Hologram                                 Engineering
PCF (Accounting) Ltd.                     Accounting Office                                 ERP (Mid-Market) & Accounting
PentaSoft Sistemas S.L.                   "Business Key Series Business Key Builder"        Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
PerkinElmer                               PerkinElmer Data Reduction Software               Healthcare

Pertmaster Ltd                            Pertmaster Project Risk, Pertmaster Risk Expert   Business Intelligence
Popkin Software                           System Architect                                  Tools
Premavera Software                        "Gestao Commercial Primavera V 4.0"               Mid-Marketing ERP & Accounting
Pro Clarity                               ProClarity                                        Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Production Modelling Ltd                  Orchestrate                                       CRM
ProgeSOFT                                 IntelliCAD 2000 by ProgeSOFT                      Engineering
PSI                                       Psipenta                                          Manufacturing/ERP
Quillion                                  Q-Form                                            Document Management
R & C Task                                IntelliCAD 2000                                   Engineering
ReACT                                     Talent VBA 6                                      Manufacturing
RebusHR                                   Psenterprise                                      Knowledge Management
Reuters                                   Kobra                                             Financial Services
Ringwood                                  Trove4                                            Knowledge Management
Rockwell Automation                       RSLogix 5 Professional                            Manufacturing
RuleStream Corporation                    RuleStream Engineer(nACT                          Development Tools
SA Service Alliance GmbH                  Apertum Service Management                        Business Intelligence
SAIC                                      VisCAD 2000                                       Engineering
Samson                                    WinStart V 2.0                                    Engineering
SAP                                       Mobile Sales                                      CRM
                                                                                            Mid-Marketing ERP & Accounting; Commerce;
                                                                                            Knowledge Management; Manufacturing; Supply
Scala                                     Scala 5 Global Series                             Chain
Scanvaegt                                 Multiflex SQL                                     Manufacturing                              RC-WinTrans 7                                     Desktop Applications
Schneider Automation                      UnityPro                                          Engineering
SER                                       EIS Centenium ScriptWriter                        Telecommunications
Seven Technologies                        IGSS                                              Manufacturing
Siemens                                   Simatic Step 7; Simatic WINCC                     Manufacturing
Sisteda Consultores                       ABCware                                           ERP & Accounting
SKB Kontur                                Active                                            Mid-Market ERP and Accounting
Smarket                                   Smarket 4.0                                       Mid-Market ERP and Accounting
Smart Focus                               Viper                                             Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
Software Development Technologies         Unified TestPro                                   Development Tools
Solutions Atlantic                        Regulatory Reporting System                       Financial Services
Staffware                                 Staffware Win 32 Client                           Document Management
Stardraw                                  Stardraw Audio                                    Engineering
Symyx                                     Library Studio, Impressionist, och, PolyView      Engineering
T-Mobiile Hungary                         Sagent Data Mart Solution                         Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
TAG Electronic Systems                    System Monitor & Atlas                            Manufacturing
TeamVision                                InnerCircle2000                                   Collaboration

Tecnomatix                                Xfactory 2.0, FactoryLink S2k, FactoryLink 7.1    Manufacturing
The Fidelis Group                         Titan                                             Financial Services
TIS                                       e-Flow                                            Document Management
ToolWorx                                  TWConnect/TWServer/TWView                         EAI Interop
Tripos                                    Lithium                                           Engineering
TXT e-solutions SpA                       TXT SC
Unisys                                    Unisys Client Work Manager                        Document Management
UOP, LLC                  UOP Hydraulics & UOP Process Simulation Program Engineering
Vecomp                    Biblos/Cartelle                                 Business Intelligence
Verity, Inc.              TeleForm                                        Document Management
Visual Chart Group S.L.   Visual Chart                                    Financial Services
Visual Object Modelers    Visual UML                                      Developer Tools
Vortecs Incorporated      Resolve It! And Sertainty (spot it!)            Telecommunications
Weisang GmbH & Co         FlexPro                                         Desktop Applications
                                                                          Manufacturing; Engineering; Financial Services;
WRQ                       Reflection                                      Government; Utilities
XOR                       XOR Control                                     ERP & Accounting
Yokogawa                  Astmac                                          Manufacturing
Zeiss                     Light Microscopes                               Manufacturing

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