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					   Sex Does More Harm Than Good

Hi I am here to tell why fast food does more harm than it does good.

First off there is the issue of health. After all, how is India full of so many obese
people? Well, for starters, many are lazy and don't exercise. Also, they eat lots of fast
food! Many people get it because it is cheap, as noted here. "People buy fast food
because it's cheap, quick, and heavily promoted." There are heavy health side affects, as
also noted there "round the world, traditional diets and recipes are yielding to sodas,
burgers, and other highly processed and standardized items that are high in fat, sugar,
and salt—fuelling a global epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses."
We really do not need more people like this. Already, "In theindia, an estimated 65
percent of adults are overweight or obese, leading to an annual loss of 300,000 lives and
to at least $117 billion in health care costs in 1999." Isn't that severe. And we do not
need to continue it with fast food.

"At many fast-food restaurants, a single meal gives a disproportionate share—sometimes
more than 100 percent—of the recommended daily intake of fat, cholesterol, salt, and
sugar." That's just another example showing how unhealthy it is. "A single meal of a
Double Whopper with cheese, a medium order of fries, and an apple pie from Burger
King contains more saturated fat than the American Heart Association recommends we
consume in two days." Come on, 2 days worth????? "One sack of hash bites or potato
snackers from White Castle , for example, contains 10 grams of very unhealthy trans fat.
The American Heart Association recommends we consume less than 2 grams of trans fat
per day. So in one side order, you've just eaten more than five days' worth of heart-
busting trans fat!" - as noted here ------- Now that is just making me sick. Really, 5 days
worth of fat?????. That just contributes to that major loss of lives, at 300,000 a year as
noted above. "The bad side of fast food is that it has almost "zero" nutritious value.", .
Fast food has lots of fat, but very little to no nutritional value. Servings are
disproportionally big.
If you've ever seen the movie "Supersize Me", then you've just seen a tiny bit of the
evidence out there, showing the harm caused by fast food. When Spurlock ate nothing
but fast food for a month, his health rapidly decreased. He actually barfed from it a few
times. His doctor warned him of potential kidney failure.

Also, we are often supporting huge corporations, such as McDonalds, who hardly care
about their people. Now I am not saying that this is always the case, there are in fact
small, perhaps family owned, restaurants out there serving fast food. However, the
majority of the time it is a huge corporation that is reaping in the profits. Many times the
animals used in fast food are not even raised under ethical conditions. "Meanwhile, fast
food producers require farmers to raise uniform fields of crops and herds of livestock for
easy processing, eliminating agricultural diversity.", as noted from the above source.
Animals are often raised in cramped, dirty, unhealthy conditions. It is all about doing
things quickly and in mass quantity. They don't bother to keep things right. The
corporations just don't care.

We'll see what my opponent has to say about that

Point 1: This is a problem of responsibility. If people go out and eat three cheese burgers
you cannot blame the people supplying the burgers for their heart attack. If people
choose to eat it in huge amounts, it's their problem. To make an analogy, you cant blame
the gun if someone just shot himself with it.

Point 2: Again, if the person is too stupid to realize that a "Double whopper with cheese,
an order of fries, and an apple pie" is unhealthy it's their fault, not the food's fault. The
gun analogy applies here too.

Point 3: If you ate ANYTHING for a month your health would rapidly decrease. Even if
I ate nothing but vegetables for a whole month I would be losing out on many important
nutrients and I would vomit also. This is a misleading experiment because nobody
would be stupid enough to eat Mc. Donald's for every meal, for thirty days. Even if they
did, it's their problem. (Gun analogy again.)

Point 4: This is a good point. But the motion of the debate is Fast FOOD, not fast food
corporations. Not only fast food companies treat animals unethically. Almost every
animal related product you find in a supermarket has come from a slaughterhouse. The
point is, slaughterhouses don't supply to only fast food companies. Probably every steak,
pork chop, or even those cheeseburgers they serve at school have come from a
slaughterhouse, but people seem to ridicule the fast food companies more than they do
the other companies. Because of this attention, many fast food companies are now
cleaning up their act and producing more organic and natural food. The companies
which don't get the attention (such as the supermarket brands) are keeping their
unethical ways.

1. It is the consumer's fault for being obese. (Tying back to refutation).
2. Fast Food is a convenient and cheap way to eat, especially for poor communities.
3. Fast Food Helps eradicate hunger.

1. If you have a truckload of ice cream in front of you, you eat all of it, get sick and
vomit, do you blame the ice cream company? NO! You, being an irresponsible
American have eaten all the ice cream and suffered the consequences. The same goes
with fast food. If you want to eat a double cheese burger some time, sure go ahead. If
you want to eat 5 double cheeseburgers and an apple pie, sure go ahead. You are
responsible for your own actions. (Gun analogy).

2. Fast food, by itself isn't very unhealthy. It's when you eat it in large ammounts.
As stated before, if you eat one huge double whopper cheese burger, nothing is going to
happen to you. If you eat one huge double whopper cheese burger with a large soda,
fries, an apple pie, and onion rings, something WILL happen to you. Irresponsibility is
the key here.

Contention 2:
1. Fast food is a great way for poor communities to be fed.
If you live in a poor community, you usually will have to work a lot for a little, and
survive. I don't know about you Brian, but most people can't afford eating "healthy" five
star meals every day, fast food is a great way to get cheap, calorie packed food to the
working class. If you're just struggling to pay the rent, you cant especially buy the
"healthy stuff" all the time. You will have to say "screw it, I'm getting a dollar burger

Contention 3:
1. There are fast food restaurant in over 100 companies to date, just think about all this
cheap food that is being made available to countries that sometimes struggle to survive.
[1] Fast food is not nessecarily a hamburger with fries. It is sometimes very high quality
food that is made very fast [2abc] and cheaply for the people who can't afford healthy
foods. Just think right now, if we removed all the fast food stations in the world, how
many people would starve. Think about the massive amount of food that is put out by
these stations. Fast food restaurant are contributing (whether they know it or not) to
ending world hunger.
My opponent's points have been refuted.
I have proven Fast Food to be a cheap way to feed lower class families.

I have proven that Fast Food is helping defeat hunger and poverty.
I have proven that it is the person who is overloading on fast food is the one responsible.
My opponent to win, must prove that fast food does more harm than good

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