CAMPUS RECREATION
                                      ANNUAL REPORT


Department Goals

   Provide students, faculty, and staff with opportunities for direct participation in a wide
    variety of recreation activities, through the major program areas of intramural sports, outdoor
    recreation, fitness/noncredit instruction, informal recreation, and club sports.

   Enable students, faculty, and staff to enhance their wellness and improve personal skills.

   Provide opportunities for stress reduction, enjoyment, and social interaction.

   Enable student employees to learn and practice leadership, management, program planning,
    and interpersonal skills.

   Improve the efficiency of training student staff by creating an interactive CD for training.

   Increase the number of risk management training seminars conducted for Campus Recreation

   Increase the usage of recreational field/turf areas by groups.

Summary of Accomplishments

An interactive CD for training student employees was developed and put into use for orientation
of new employees and some training of facilities staff. Additional training modules for other
specific areas will be completed in the near future. The CD should provide more complete and
effective training for new staff members at the start of their employment, making them better
prepared to serve customers. Four staff members made a national conference presentation about
the training CD, with considerable interest shown by other universities.

Karen Evans and Chris Marks were certified as American Red Cross Instructors for CPR and
First Aid/AED, which enabled them to conduct training programs resulting in certifications for
other professional and student employees with Campus Recreation. There was a substantial
increase in the number of risk management sessions conducted and an increase of over 600% in
the number of recreation staff receiving certifications. Staff members are now better prepared to
provide safe facilities and programs and emergency care for participants.
The new Fowler recreational fields were completed and opened in January 2003, enabling us to
accommodate a sizeable increase in group events, while allowing for adequate maintenance of
various fields.

A staff retreat was held in August 2002, focusing on the the “FISH” philosophy for improving
client services by promoting fun and high performance. The FISH “wave” of momentum was
then passed on to about 80 student OPS staff by using the FISH videos in their training at the
start of fall term. Additional initiatives are continuing as staff members pursue ways to apply the
FISH principles to improve customer service.

A new disc golf course of 18 “holes” was developed and completed at Riverfront Park, providing
a popular new facility for picnic groups and disc golf enthusiasts.

Eric Hunter, Associate Director, was selected for an Outstanding Staff Award for 2002, presented
at USF’s staff awards program in May 2003. Renee Seay, Administrative Assistant, was also
nominated as an outstanding staff member by the USPS Senate Executive Board.

Fitness: The recreation center hosted Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (A.F.A.A.)
Primary certification, Kickboxing choreography, and Kickboxing certification programs, and also
hosted the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam of the National Strength and
Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.), enabling fitness staff members to obtain nationally-
recognized certifications.

Outdoor Recreation: The outdoor staff successfully sponsored a Wilderness First Aid Course,
with fourteen staff members becoming certified. A new colorful and informative brochure for
Outdoor Recreation was published and distributed. Equipment inventories at the Resource
Center and Riverfront Park were expanded and updated. The Outdoor Recreation section of the
web site was redesigned and maintained by a student employee.

Intramural Sports: In addition to the usual high numbers of student participants in intramurals,
221 students worked as intramural sports officials during the year. The intramural flag football
team “FAY” finished third in the ACIC National Flag Football Championships in New Orleans
in December 2002. They also were the champions of the annual “Swamp Bowl” tournament at
the University of Florida.

Fiscal Services: Setup of the department’s automated accounting system was completed, and the
departmental ledger reconciliation process was automated. Vickie McNeal attended and
contributed to the various FAST/People Soft System design labs.

A newsletter, the “Monthly Recker,” was created by April Lazenga and Melissa Jarrell for all
full-time and part-time staff in the department. In addition, the department has begun to
recognize an “Employee of the Month.”

National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day was again celebrated in February with various
special activities at the Recreation Center: free mini-massages, free body composition testing,

blood pressure readings, and program display tables with giveaways. In addition, USF
faculty/staff were admitted free of charge to the Rec. Center all week.

The Campus Recreation Center welcomed its four millionth user on October 29, 2002. April
Lancaster, a freshman psychology major, was presented with a USF backpack full of goodies.
Since opening in 1995, the Rec. Center has served an average of 525,000 users per year.

Dan Holcomb, Assistant Director for facilities, retired on May 30, 2003, after 38 years of service
to USF. Dan worked in Campus Recreation for the past 16 years, after spending his first 22 years
as a faculty member in Physical Education and the soccer coach for Intercollegiate Athletics.

Summary of Major Outputs

       Informal Recreation
       --538,000 participants used the Campus Recreation Center.
       --Outdoor facilities used for 125,000 participant hours.
       --Indoor and outdoor facilities hosted over 600 special events--100,000 participant hours—
       including numerous student groups, staff activities, and community events.
       Intramural Sports
       --Offered 27 different activities—7,600 participants.
       --Students officiated 2,700 intramural contests on campus, plus hundreds of games off
         campus for many different schools, community leagues, and organizations.
       Outdoor Recreation
       --Riverfront Park: over 25,000 users; pavilion used by 116 groups.
       --11 Adventure trips, including new trips to Colorado and St. Joe’s Peninsula.
       --Ropes/challenge course used by 26 groups, including academic classes, student
         organizations, university departments, and community groups.
       --2 guided Hillsborough River trips were conducted for International Students.
       Fitness/Noncredit Instruction
       --Conducted 1,700 group exercise classes, with over 20,000 participant hours for the year.
       --Over 400 persons enrolled in noncredit programs: scuba, Learn to Swim program, and
       summer camp.
       --Conducted 7th Annual “Strongest Bull” weightlifting competition, a charity event for St.
       Jude Children’s Hospital.
       Major Special Events
       --Let-It-Fly 4-on-4 Flag Football Tournament (4,000 participants).
       --U. S. Soccer Federation National Coaching School.
       --USA Rugby National Allstar Championships.
       --Florida Special Olympics State Summer Games.
       --USF Faculty/Staff Picnic and Softball Tournament.

Summary of Facility Enhancements
    --Purchased new line of Magnum selectorized weight machines (15 pieces), 4 new
    upright bicycles, 6 new treadmills, and new dumbbells for Campus Recreation Center.

       --Added 2 elliptical cross trainers, more dumbbells, and a cable crossover machine at
       Argos Fitness Center.
       --Drained, pressure-washed, and re-striped indoor pool.
       --Installed 12 new lights and new gates at Andros tennis courts.
       --Purchased lift for trimming trees, fixing lights, etc.
       --Purchased walk-behind floor scrubber for hardwood floor maintenance.
       --Replaced exterior doors at Riverfront Park boathouse for better security.

Staff Development

Staff retreats/team building were held for student staff in program areas of fitness, intramurals,
and outdoor recreation, and for recreation center student staff. August retreat for full-time staff
was held in St. Petersburg.

Professional staff members and student staff attended the state workshop and the Region II
Conference of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Assn. (NIRSA) and the Athletic
Business Conference/Exhibition in Orlando. Eric Hunter, Aaron Craig, Karen Evans, and Chris
Marks presented a program at the NIRSA National Conference.

Ongoing training programs were conducted for student staff for facility operations, fitness,
intramural sports, and outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation training included leading outdoor
trips, ropes course trainings, and an outdoor workshop in Georgia.

Chris Marks, Intramural Coordinator, and Karen Evans, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator,
became certified as American Red Cross Instructors for CPR and First Aid/AED.

The Fitness Coordinator and the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator supervised graduate assistants
enrolled in the College Student Affairs program.

Vickie McNeal, Senior Accountant, supervised a student employee completing a graduation
requirement of 30 community hours in business for the College of Business.

Maintenance staff members attended training programs in computerized irrigation systems, pool
operations, and turf maintenance.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Fitness staff collaborated with Student Health Services for their health fair, several events at the
Recreation Center, advertising employment opportunities, and cross-referring clients.

Continued maintenance agreement with Residence Services to maintain Village and Magnolia
swimming pools. Collaborated with Residence Services in resurfacing the Village pool deck and
in expanding food service ductwork into the Argos Fitness Center area.

Collaborated with Facilities Planning in design of Fowler recreational fields.

Conducted tours and fitness orientation programs for many university and non-university groups.

Student Sports Officials Organization provided officials for numerous community leagues or
organizations. They also supplied officials for an array of local tournaments.

Intramural Sports staff collaborated with Greek life, Student Activities, IFC, RHA, and numerous
student groups by providing officials, tournament setup, or otherwise assisting with their events.

Collaborated with A&P Council for the A&P Breakfast and the Faculty/Staff Golf Tournament
and the Faculty/Staff Program Committee for the Faculty/Staff Picnic and Softball Tournament.

Three Campus Recreation staff members served as Adjunct Instructors, teaching credit-earning
classes for the School of Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Studies (College of
Education). Also provided SCUBA maintenance and air-filling service to the School.

Outdoor Recreation staff collaborated with Lowry Park Zoo and the Greenways Task Force for
several events related to the cleanup and preservation of the Hillsborough River.

Outdoor Recreation partnered with the international students exchange program to conduct a
camping and canoeing trip on the Hillsborough River.

Two staff members served as instructors for University Experience courses.

Diversity Initiatives

Diverse student employees, including building supervisors, intramural supervisors, intramural
referees, fitness trainers, and facility monitors.

Continued support in enabling diverse groups to hold numerous events on the recreation
facilities, involving current students and staff, prospective students, and participants from the
community at large. University groups hosted included Project Upward Bound, College Reach
Out, Summer Migrant Institute, English Language Institute, and various cultural/international
student organizations. Community events included both state and county Special Olympics.

Maintained an established climate of mutual respect in which user data for the Campus
Recreation Center continues to indicate 30-32% minority users.

Staff members attended a number of diversity workshops and programs both on and off campus.

Diversity Analysis
                     M      F              W     B      H           A/PI    AI
Faculty       2      0             2
A&P                  4      2              4     2
USPS                 12     4              12    1      2                   1
OPS                  194    132            183   110    23          10
Publications, Professional Presentations, and Public Service

Craig, A.     --Program presentation at NIRSA National Conference, Cleveland, OH, April
              --Adjunct Instructor, School of Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Studies.
              --Fitness Committee, National Intramural-Recreational Sports Assn.
              --Guest presentations on fitness and health to several University Experience
              classes and to Wellness Leadership class.

Evans, K.     --Program presentation at NIRSA National Conference, Cleveland, OH, April
              --Conducted CPR/First Aid certification classes for Campus Recreation staff.
              --Volunteer Leader, Crew #172, Boy Scouts of America.

Hunter, E.    --Lead program presenter at NIRSA National Conference, Cleveland, OH, April
              --Adjunct Instrucor, School of Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Studies.
              --Volunteer, King High School Girls Basketball Program
              --Member, King High School PTA and Athletic Boosters
              --Sports official, West Coast Officials Assn.
              --Volunteer, WUSF Radio

Marks, C.     --Program presentation at NIRSA National Conference, Cleveland, OH, April
              --Career Opportunities Committee, National Intramural-Recreational Sports Assn.
              --Coordinated student officials for numerous community organizations.
              --Volunteer, WUSF and American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
              --Conducted CPR/First Aid certification classes for Campus Recreation staff.
              --Instructor, University Experience class, Fall 2002.

McNeal, V.    --Volunteer, American Heart Assn., Girls Scouts Council, and Hillsborough
              County Center of Excellence.
              --Math and science tutor for Terrace Community School student.

Schultz, B.   --Adjunct Instructor, School of Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Studies
              --Umpire, West Coast Umpires Assn., regional and state tournaments.
              --Board of Directors and Coach, Temple Terrace Pony League
              --Coordinated department articles for Student Affairs Electronic Newsletter.

Seay, R.      --Two Continuous Quality Improvement proposals accepted and recognized in the
              Quality Quarterly Newsletter, April 2003.

Thomas, R.    --Volunteer Coach, Christian Cruiser Track Club
              --Volunteer, King High School Marching Band and Tampa Bay Motivational

University Committees

Craig, A.     --Substance Education Awareness Team (SEAT)
              --Student Affairs Breakfast Committee
              --Search Committee for Professor, Wellness Leadership Program

Evans, K.     --Homecoming King and Queen Selection Committee

Hunter, E.    --Member, A & P Council and Council Executive Board
              --President, USF Club, and member, Board of Directors
              --Elective Program Committee, School of Physical Education, Wellness, and
              Sport Studies
              --University-wide Budget Advisory Committee
              --Marshall Center Enhacement Project Committee

Marks, C.     --Member, A & P Council: Programs and Social Committee, Community
              Breakfast, Faculty/Staff Golf Tournament, Week of Welcome Volunteer
              --Member, USF Club
              --Advisor, Volleyball Club

McNeal, V.    --Auxiliary Workgroup
              --USF Alumni Association

Seay, R.      --President, USPS Senate, and Executive Board Member
              --Member, President’s Leadership Council
              --Member, Human Resources Workgroups on Policies and Procedures
              --Marshall Center Board of Associates and Enhancement Project Committee
              --University Service Excellence Team
              --Faculty/Staff Program Committee
              --RFP Evaluation Committees, Vending Services and Bookstore Services
              --Member, Spirit Team

Thomas, R.    --USF Mentoring Program
              --Employee Bonus Program Committee

Reports and Audits

Completed report on Unrelated Business Income Activity for the 2001/02 fiscal year.

Riverfront Park ropes/challenge course was inspected by Blue Ridge Learning Center.


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