Worksman Mover Industrial Tricycles Assembly Instructions and by xiuliliaofz


Models M2020. M2020-CB, M2020-3CB, M2026, M2026-CB, M2026-3CB
                                                                                        PARTS LIST M2020-03
                                                      WORKSMAN MOVERS™- THE WORLD’S FINEST
                                                      INDUSTRIAL TRICYCLES
                                                              Congratulations! You have purchased an American
                                                      Made Worksman Mover™ Industrial Tricycle. The
                                                      Mover™ is considered the flagship of the Worksman
                                                      Business Cycle System, which is undoubtedly the finest
                                                      line of industrial cycles. These durable tricycles are used
                                                      around the world by leading companies and organizations
                                                      to move personnel and supplies efficiently, safely in an
                                                      environmentally friendly manner.
       Before assembly and riding, make certain to read this manual and any other literature
provided thoroughly. Always follow the rules of safe riding. Always keep your Mover™ Tricycle in tip-
top shape by replacing worn parts as needed with Genuine Worksman Cycles parts (do not use
generic bicycle parts). With simple maintenance, your Worksman Mover Tricycle will perform reliably
day after day, year after year.
       Your Mover™ Tricycle has been hand-made in the USA by our American craftspeople. Our
reputation rides along with you, so your ultimate satisfaction is our goal.
Note: M2020 series has 20” wheels all around, M2026 Series has 20” Front Wheel and 26” rear Wheels
M2020-Freewheel- Drum Brake Only M2020-CB- Drum & Coaster Brake (most popular) M2020-3CB-Drum & 3 Speed Coaster
M2026-Freewheel- Drum Brake Only M2026-CB- Drum & Coaster Brake (most popular) M2026-3CB-Drum & 3 Speed Coaster
Worksman Mover™ Parts List M2020-03 (For entire M2020 and M2026 Series)
Frame, Fork and related parts
Part #           Description                                         Part #           Description
MF2020A          Mover Frame Only- Specify color                     5020HD           Fork-Color Black
5020HD-YEL       Fork- Color Safety Yellow                           5020HD-ORG       Fork-Safety Orange
5020HD-SP        Fork (other color- please specify)                  48               Head Set Cups (pair)
49               Headset Bearings (pair)                             50A              Headset Complete (48,49,52,53,54)
51               Bottom Cone (presses on Fork)                       52               Top Adjusting Cone (threaded)
53               Key Washer                                          54               Fork Top Lock nut
55F              Handlebar-Junior High Rise                          55A              Stem for Handlebar
55B              Hand Grips (pair)                                   3927M            Rear Platform
Front Wheel (20”) and Related Parts
Part #           Description                                         Part #           Description
7720A            Front Wheel w/Drum Brake w/o tire                   7720             Front Wheel w/Drum Brake w/air tire
7720S            Front Wheel w/Drum Brake- Solid Tire                L900             Drum Brake-Hub Only
L709             Front Axle Set for Drum Brake                       F817             Bearings-Loose 11 balls
F719             Front Drum Brake Cable and Casing                   L725             Drum Brake Plate Kit (Internal parts kit
                 (includes Adjusting Barrel and Anchor Bolt)                          -Shoes, Plate, Lever and Cam)
L752R            Brake Lever w/ Parking Lock- Right Hand)            L752L            Brake Lever w/ Parking Lock- Left
F769             Anchor Bolt Assembly for F719 Cable                 F770             Adjusting Barrel For F719 Cable

                           The Worksman Mover M2020-CB- (most popular version- Front Drum and Rear Coaster
                           Shown with Optional M13970 Expanded Steel basket- The Ideal solution for efficient,
                           productive, safe and economical personnel movement. Worksman Business Cycles are in use
                           World-Wide and have been proudly Made in the USA Since 1898.
WORKSMAN CYCLES               SINCE 1898          Tel 888-3-WHEELER or 718 322 2000                            Parts List M2020-03

Rear Axle and Related Parts
Part #              Description                                                 Part #              Description
102                 Key Washer                                                  105                 Adjusting Cone (threaded)
106                 Stationary Cone (presses onto axle)                         109                 Dust Washer
113                 Locknut - Left Hand Thread- Free Wheel Side)                146                 Bearings (pair)
64M                 Woodruff Key                                                59M                 Locknut-Drive Side
132                 Axle Parts Set(102,105,109,113,146,64M,59M)                 M13966              Rear Axle
69                  Fixed Drive Sprocket- (Coaster Brake Models)                4129                Freewheel Sprocket (non-coaster brake Models)
63A                 Bushing for 4129                                            63B                 Key (fits in axle slot to attach rear sprocket)
63C                 Set screw for 69 and 4129                                   M13975              Side Bearing with Plate (each)
M13974              Center Axle Support Bearing                                 301M                Coaster Brake w/Dual Sprockets
404NM               3 Speed Coaster Brake w/dual Sprockets                      SS721               Coaster Brake Internal Kit (for 301M)
SS13N-1             3 Speed Cable and Trigger for 404NM

Crank and Crank Parts (Pedal Section) and Chains
Part #              Description                                                 Part #              Description
1265                Crank Parts (1266,1268,1269,1271,1272,1273,1274)            1265BMXS            Deluxe Sealed Crank Set (Upgrade)
1266                Crank Bearings (pair)                                       1267                Complete Crank Set 36T(1265,1275,1380D)
1267F               Complete Crank Set with 32 T Sprocket                       1267H               Complete Crank Set w/ 28 T Sprocket
          Note- The Mover Comes standard with a 36T front Sprocket and 1265 Crank part set. Smaller Sprockets in the
                Front will reduce gear ratio (easier to start pedaling) . The 1265BMXS is a heavier duty upgrade for crank parts

1268                Cups for crank housing (pair)                               1269                Stationary washer(inside)
1271                Key Washer- Outside                                         1271                Key Washer- Outside
1272                Adjusting Cone (threaded)-Outside                           1273                Stationary Cone- Inside
1274                Crank Locknut                                               1275                Crank-forged- 6.5”
1380D               Sprocket 36Tooth                                            1380F               Sprocket 32Tooth
1380H               Sprocket 28 Tooth                                           7217                Pedal Set (Pair)
4910A               Chainguard                                                  4914A               Chain Connecting Link(1/2x3/16”)
4914V               Long Chain (M2020, M2026-Free–1/2x3/16”x135 links)          491WW               Chain- Short 3 1/2x3/16”x35
4914U               Long Chain 1/2x3/16”x147 (M2020-CB & 3CB) 36T               4915                Chain Adjusters (for Coaster Brake)

Seats and Seatpost and Fenders, Baskets and Cabinets
Part #              Description                                                 Part #              Description
6910V-5             Saddle-padded w/5/8” clamp (standard)                       6911V-5             Saddle-padded w/springs & 5/8” Clamp
4908M               Seatpost- Solid Steel                                       4909M               Square Head Bolt- (Secures Seatpost)
M13970              Basket fits Rear Platform- 23x22x15” Heavy Duty             M13E5               Platform Lip- 5” edge
M17350              Cabinet-23x22x11.5” fits on Rear Platform                   M17350J             Jumbo Cabinet 23x22x20”
7228                Front Wire Basket 21x15x9” w/ bracket                       139                 Front Wire Basket 18x13x6” w/bracket
8220                Front Fender                                                4902A               Side Fender M2020
4902                Side Fender (L or R -M20206)                                M13996              Side Fender Brace (L or R -M2026)
M13995              Side fender Brace Set(L or R- M2020)                        95                  “L” Bracket-attach Fr Fender to Fork
4907                Bolts, nut, washer (for 83A Brace)                          4905                Bolt set -attaching 4902 to top of M13996
4907A               Bolt Set to attach 82 to Fork                               4906                Bolt Set for bottom of M13996
MSF26               Complete Side Fender Kit w/braces-(M2026)                   MSF20               Complete Side Fender Set (M2020)
M17852              Front Bumper Kit                                            M13968              Basket for M17352 Bumper Kit
        Note- Movers come with a front fender as standard equipment. The Side fender set maybe added as an option by ordering
either Part # MSF20- for M2020 series or MSF26 for M2620 Series. Baskets and Cabinets are optional.

          M13970 Rear Basket            6911V-5 Saddle          4902 fender with M13996 Brace                 7228 Front Basket
          23x23x16”                     Thickly Padded          attached to M13975 Bearing Plate              21”x15”x9”
Part #’s and Specifications subject to change without notice as we are constantly seeking ways to improve our products. ---Worksman Cycles----
WORKSMAN TRADING CORPORATION                      SINCE 1898- MANUFACTURERS OF WORKSMAN CYCLES                 Parts List M2020-03

Part #              Description                                            Part #            Description
7720A               Front Wheel w/Drum Brake w/o Tire                      7720              Front Wheel w/Drum Brake w/Air Tire
7720S               Front Wheel w/Drum Brake w/Solid Tire                  78SA              Free Side Wheel (left) w/o Tire (M2026)
1007                Free Side Wheel (left) with Air Tire(m2026)            78S               Free Side Wheel (left) w/Solid Tire(M2026)
M14031              Drive Side Wheel (right) w/o Tire(M2026)               M14032            Drive Side Wheel (right) w/Air Tire(M2026)
M14032S             Drive Side Wheel (right) w/Solid Tire(M2026)           9178              Wheel Free Side Mag Welded air tire(M2026)
9178SA              Wheel Free Side Mag Welded w/o Tire (M2026)            9187S             Wheel Free Side Mag Welded-solid (M2026)
9179M               Wheel Drive Side Mag Welded w/air tire (M2026)         9179MSA           Wheel Free Side Mag Welded w/o tire(M2026)
9179MS              Wheel Free Side Mag Welded w/solid tire(M2026)         1008A             Wheel-20” Free Side w/o tire(M2020)
1008                Wheel 20” Free Side w/Air Tire –(M2020)                1008S             Wheel-20” Free Side w/Solid Tire–(M2020)
8132SA              Wheel 20” Free Side- Welded Mag w/o tire–(M2020)       8132              Wheel 20” Free Side- Welded Mag w/o–(M2020)
8132S               Wheel 20” Free Side- Welded Mag w Solid tire–(M2020)   4922A             Tire- 26x2.125 WTC Sup-r-Tire
4922AKV             Tire-26x2.125 WTC KEVLAR Sup-r-Tire                    4939              Solid Rubber Nev-R-Fail Tire 26”
4922AWSW            Tire-26x2.125 Sup-r-Tire- White Wall                   4923A             Tube 26x2.125 (standard)
6023A               Tube- Thorn Resistant 26x2.125                         1017              Rim Strip 26”
4922                Tire-20x2.125 Sup-r-Tire                               4922KV            Tire 20x2.125 WTC Sup-r-Tire- Kevlar
4938A               Tire- Solid Rubber Nev-R-Fail 20”                      4923              Tube-20x2.125
6023                Tube- Thorn resistant 20x2.125                         1017A             Rim Strip 20”
101                 Hub for free side Wheel                                3980M             Hub for Drive Side Wheel
1016                Rim Only 26” (no spokes—outer rim only)                1015              Rim Only (no spokes-outer rim Only) 20”
1014A               Spoke for side wheels 11 G 10 9/16”                    1014E             Spoke for 20” Wheel 11G- 7 3/16”
note- spokes sold in bags of 100 and include nipples
Note- Worksman Mover Tricycles come standard with WTC Clincher Wheels w/ 11 g spokes. They are very durable.
The Welded Mag Style Wheels are available only for the side wheels. Kevlar Tires are belted Air Tires- ideal for
preventing flats. Nev-R-Fail Solid tires are Solid Rubber—no flats!
Safety and Comfort Accessories
Part #              Description                                            Part #                   Description
3979                Ding Dong Chime Bell                                   303              Squeeze Bulb Horn
3973                Mega-Horn- Battery Operated- LOUD                      201              Cable and Lock (set)
4963                Rear View Mirror                                       5030T            Reflector Set with Mounting Hardware
3978                Safety Flag on Pole                                    P19              Bicycle Helmet
P101710             Flashing Strobe Slight (Clear Lens)                    P101714          Flashing Strobe Light (Red Lens)
7217-41197          Pedals with Velcro Foot Straps (Pair)                  3975             Generator Light Set
1006                Air Pump for Tire Inflation (Manual)                   1000             Spoke Tightening Tool
2000                Chain Rivet Remover Tool                               1265TW           Crank Cone Wrench
1001                Pedal Wrench                                           Trailer          Heavy Hauler Trailer

                                                        Accessorize your Worksman Business Cycles: Shown- Worksman ADC-CB
                                                        Tricycle with Heavy Haul Trailer, Welded Mag Rear Wheels, Nev-r-Fail Solid
                                                        Tires, Mega Horn, M13970 basket on Trailer, Ding Dong Bell, Bulb Horn, Mirror
                                                        and Safety Flag.

                                                        Worksman Cycles are available in many styles, 11 attractive colors and with a
                                                        wide selection of options. Replacement parts are readily available so your
                                                        American Made Worksman Business Cycle will never let you down!

Worksman Cycles…….Unmatched Quality----------Incredibly Selection----------Unmatched Enduring Value

Worksman Personal Activity Vehicle                Worksman Team Dual Tricycle                No Fuel, No Fumes
WORKSMAN CYCLES 718 322 2000
Key Component Exploded View of M2020 & M20206 Series

Key #   Part #              Description
1       MF2020A       Frame
2       5020HD        Fork
3       55H           Stem for Handlebar- Long
4       L752L / L752R  Brake Hand Lever
5       7217          Pedal Set
6       8220          Front Fender
7       7720A*        Front Wheel w/Drum Brake
8       55F           Handlebar
9       55B           Hand Grips (pair)
10      4908M         Seatpost
11      6910V-5       Saddle
12      4910A         Chainguard
13      4914V/ 4914U  Chain(1/2x3/16x135-M2020)
                      / (1/2x3/16x149 –M2020-CB,3CB)
14      1267D         Sprocket & Crank Set 36T
15-16   69 / 4129     Fixed Drive Sprocket / Free wheel Sprkt
17      4914WW        Short Chain
18      301M or 404NM Coaster Brake /or/ 3 Speed Coaster
19      3927M         Rear Platform                                         Key #    Part #               Description
20      4902          Side Fender(M20206)                                   21       M13996               Brace for Side Fender-M2026
   or   4902A         Side fender (M2020)                                       or   M13995               Brace for Side fender-M2020
22      M13975        Outer Bearing Assembly for axle w/plate               23       M14031*              Wheel-Drive Side 26”(M2026-Right))
24      69            Fixed Drive Sprocket for Rear Axle                      or     M14022               Wheel-Drive Side 20”(M2020-Right)
25      M13966        Rear Axle                                             26       M13970               Steel Basket for Rear Platform
27      M17350        Rear Cabinet                                          28       132                  Rear Axle Parts Set (Partial Image)
29      L900          Drum Brake- Exploded View                             30       78SA*                Wheel- Free Side –26”(Left M2026)
31      4909M         Bolt- Square Head for Seatpost
   or   1008          Wheel Free Side Left 20” M2020


        #28      132 Axle Parts Set          # 26 M13970 basket       #27       M17350 Cabinet            #29-Exploded view of L900

        1275 Crank & 1265 hanger parts Set   Parts for Freewheel Side of Axle                  55A Stem

        Rear Axle View                                           M13975 Rear Axle Bearing Kit- Exploded
Your Worksman Mover™ Industrial Tricycle has been hand made by American Craftspeople at our
Ozone Park New York City Factory. We take great pride in each and every Worksman Business
Cycle that we manufacture and appreciate your support. Please read this manual carefully prior to
performing the simple finishing assembly and prior to riding. Keep these instructions as our parts list
is contained within this document which you will need for future reference.

Carefully remove the tricycle from the carton. You will notice the tricycle is mostly pre-assembled at
the factory. Some finishing assembly is required.

The front wheel and the fork assembly is pre-assembled at the factory.

                                   1) Grease cups (48) using Rustolene 200 lubricant or equal. Bearings (49)are pre-
                                        greased at the factory, but it is always a good idea to add lubrication prior to
                                   2) Place one bearing (#49) onto the fork steering tube with the balls facing up.
                                   3) Slide the threaded fork (50HD) steering tube into the frame head
                                   4) Place the other bearing on the top of the fork tube with the balls facing down
                                        towards the cup (#48), which is already pressed onto the frame.
                                   5) Install the top adjusting cone (#52) onto the treaded fork steering tube. Hand
                                   tighten, making certain the bearings do not bind. After hand tightening, turn back ¼
                                   6) Install the fork key washer (#53) and reflector bracket (if reflectors were ordered)
                                   on top of the adjusting cone with tip of washer in slot on steering tube.
                                   7) Install head lock nut (#54) and securely tighten. Make sure that the fork rotates
                                       freely without being loose. Excess play or resistance must be adjusted. Failure to
                                       adjust properly can lead to improper steering response.
                                   8) Install handlebar stem (55A) into the fork steering tube with the handlebar
                                   clamp facing forward. The stem must be inserted far enough to reach the minimum
                                   insertion line. Tighten the stem bolt slightly at this point. Loosen the handlebar
                                   clamp nut and slide the handlebar through the clamp centering the knurled center
                                   section of the handlebar into the clamp. Position the handlebar to the desired angle
                                   and tighten clamp securely. Recommended torque is 300 IN. LBS. Adjust the
        handlebar rotation so that it is perpendicular to the front wheel when it is perfectly straight. Tighten stem
        bolt securely. Recommended torque 240 IN. LBS. Be sure not to over tighten as damage to the parts may
                   occur causing steering failure.
                   9) Attach brake hand lever to the handlebar (either left or right depending upon the
                        rider’s preference) Make sure brake cable is not tangled in anyway.

                    INSTALLING PEDALS:
                    Pedals are marked on the shaft with either an “L” or “R” denoting left or right. The “R” pedal fits on
                    the right sprocket side of the crank arm. Tighten clockwise. The
“L” pedal fits on the left side of the crank arm. Tighten counter clockwise (left hand
thread).Securely tighten. Recommended torque 275 IN. LBS. CAUTION: tightening in
the wrong direction will damage the crank and pedal threads.


Although the seat is already installed at the factory, adjust the height to your desired
level by loosening the square head frame seat bolt (4909M). Re-tighten at desired height. Make
sure a minimum of 3 1/2” of the post remain in the frame tube. Never adjust post above this
Level. Adjust angle of seat with nose raised slightly. Tighten seat clamp securely. (240 IN. LBS.).
Always inspect your Worksman Cycle to insure that that all nuts, bolts, screws and hardware are tight and that no parts
are worn or damaged. Do not attempt to straighten bent forks or frames.

Lubricate chain every six months or as needed with light oil. Replace sprockets when teeth become worn, bent or
broken. Keep chain adjusted so there is no more than 3/8” slack.
Note, we make the chains tight at the factory as we do know they
will stretch during the break-in period.

Lubricate crank parts as needed and replace pedals when the
surface is worn of if pedal axle becomes “tight” or frozen.

                          Drum Brake:
                          Your Worksman Mover Tricycle is equipped with an automotive type front drum brake. This
                          brake is ideal for slowing your vehicle smoothly and reliably. It is engaged by squeezing the
                          hand lever on the handlebar. To use “Park” feature, when cycle is completely stopped,
                          squeeze hand lever and push in parking plunger button on lever. To disengage, simply
                          squeeze lever until parking plunger button releases.
                          Drum Brakes are pre-adjusted at the factory. Readjust the cable tension as necessary using
                          the adjusting barrel so that wheel spins freely and stops when brake is applied. Always
                          replace worn brake cables (F719) and damaged hand levers. Internal parts are available for
                          your Drum Brake (L725 parts kits and L709 Axle set).

Coaster Brake (if applicable):
Foot activated coaster brakes are easy to use and reliable. To activate this internal brake, reverse the pedaling motion
until the brake engages. To avoid skidding and maintain control, apply care when braking. This is especially true on wet
surfaces. Apply brakes gently, gradually increasing pedal back pressure. Replace coaster brakes when they become
worn. Check chain tension regularly.

Always check for worn or damaged tires. The Worksman Sup-r-tires are heavy duty. We recommend 40PSI as proper
level of inflation. Replace tires that are worn or cut immediately. Replace tubes that show leaks.

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