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    Natural Gas Market in India 2011


The natural gas market in India is witnessing growth and capacity expansions
to meet the growing demand for gas consumption as a result of growth in
industrial, auto and commercial sector. Increased economic activity is
providing the players an opportunity for growth and expansion.

The report provides a brief introduction to the natural gas industry. The
market overview includes information regarding the Indian market scenario,
market size and growth as well as the demand from various sectors in the
coming years. It also highlights the various pricing mechanisms, price
fluctuations, value chain and the major existing and proposed pipelines. The
import section focuses upon the demand supply gap, imports made in last 5
years and the major countries of import.

An analysis of drivers explains growth factors such as increasing spend by the
government, preference of industry for an alternate fuel, increase in gas
reserves, deregulation of auto fuel prices, CNG is a cheaper fuel and new
transmission tariff will generate more revenue. The key challenges identified
include lack of exploration and low level of technology, gas flaring, lack of
transport pipelines and a likely price increase. The role of the government has
been highlighted and includes the major policies which govern the natural gas
sector. The primary trends indentified include major investments in natural
gas, emphasis on developing pipelines and development of city gas.

The competition section provides the market structure along with the brief
profiles of the major players in the market along with their financials.
Table of Contents :

Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Natural Gas – Composition, Per Capita Gas Consumption (Global vs.
Page 3: Market Overview - Market Size and Growth (2009-25e), Segmented
Demand from Sectors (2007-08 – 2011-12e)
Page 4: Value Chain: Natural Gas Market
Page 5: Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines - National and Regional Scenario
Page 6: Existing and Proposed Pipelines (2010)
Page 7: LPG Supply Chain
Page 8: LNG Supply Chain
Page 9: Price Mechanism of Natural Gas: Introduction to APM & Non-APM
Page 10: APM price mechanism
Page 11: Non APM price mechanism
Page 12: Gas Price Variation
Page 13: Domestic Consumption and Pricing of LPG
Page 14: Gas Price Pooling
Page 15: Imports – Import Level in Value Terms (2005-06 – 2010-11),
Segmentation (Country-wise:2010)
Page 16: Demand Supply Gap – Overall Increase in Demand for Natural Gas
(2009-10 – 2021-22e), Sector-wise Gap (2010)
Drivers & Challenges
Page 17: Summary
Page 18-24: Drivers
Page 25-27: Challenges
Role of Government
Page 28: Regulations and incentives
Page 29-30: Major Government policies
Page 31: Summary
Page 32: Major investments
Page 33: Emphasis on transmission lines
Page 34: Emphasis on city gas distribution
Page 35: Industry Structure
Page 36-47: Major Players
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