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                    OPERATIONS PLAN

                          FISCAL YEAR 2010

            (October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010)

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                     Page 1
                                                 Page Numbers

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                  2

The Organization                                   3

Management                                         4

Strategic View                                     5

Message from the Chair                             6


       Financial Plan                               7
              Marketing/Outreach                   8-9
              Counselor Development                10
              Member Recruitment                   11
              Workshops                            12
              Fundraising                          13
              Technology                           14
              Case Assignment                      15
              Legislative                          16
              Evaluation                           17
              Nominating                           18
              Administration                       19

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                               Page 2
                           CEDAR RAPIDS SCORE CHAPTER 227

                                     THE ORGANIZATION

A. History of SCORE

The National SCORE organization was established in 1964 as a non-profit group of retired
businessmen and women. The purpose of the organization was to offer their skills and experience
to small business owners and operators in solving their operational problems. SCORE is sponsored
by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The Cedar Rapids SCORE Chapter was organized in 1966 by a local group of retired businessmen.
The Cedar Rapids District Office of the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) supports the
Chapter and provides office space. As of 2009, approximately 14,000 help sessions with clients
have been held since the chapter's creation.

B. Description of the Organization

The SCORE organization uses the title ―Counselors to America’s Small Business.‖ The Cedar
Rapids Chapter is one of approximately 352 chapters in the United States including more than
11,000 volunteers nationwide. The Chapter has approximately 50 active members, 3 platinum
members, and 7 Gold Card members (as of May 19, 2010, the Chapter has increased its active
members to 65).

C. Services Provided

The Chapter advises and counsels new entrepreneurs and those already operating businesses. The
Chapter accomplishes this by one-on-one counseling and by team counseling. Other services
include business seminars and our presence at business shows and similar exhibits. The Chapter
also provides New Business Kits and other printed materials at no cost to the public as well as
information over the electronic and printed media.

D. The Market

The market area of the Chapter is Linn, Jones, Benton, and Cedar Counties, Iowa, especially the
greater metropolitan area around the City of Cedar Rapids. Chapter volunteer counselors, who
participate in Cyber-Counseling, receive requests for advice from all over the nation through the
SCORE National and Chapter Websites.

E.   Location of the Organization

The office is located in the Cedar Rapids Office of the U. S. Small Business Administration on the
third floor, Suite 350, at 2750 First Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52402 and the telephone number
is 319-362-6405, Extension 2005. A member volunteer covers the SCORE desk from 10:00 A.M.
until 3:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, except federal holidays. No appointment is necessary.

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 3
                                  FY2010 MANAGEMENT

      Officers of the Chapter:

             Gregory (Greg) Tomsic, Chair       Jim Finerty, Vice-Chair

             Robert Frederick, Treasurer        Tony Huebsch, Secretary through May 2010
                                                Terry Lamb, Secretary beginning June 2010

      Executive Committee:

             Officers, Committee Chairs, John Bryant, Dean Gesme, Jim Gerlich

      Committee Chairs:

             Greg Tomsic (Acting), Marketing/Outreach

             Jim Burns, Counselor Development

             Duffy Schamberger (Acting), Member Recruitment

             Dianne Martin, Workshops

             TBD, Fundraising

             Terry Lamb, Technology

             Thomas (Tom) Janik, Case Assignment

             Bill Hoekstra, Legislative

             Kathy McArtor, Evaluation

             John Bryant, Nominating

             Jean Kruse, Administration

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                               Page 4
                            CEDAR RAPIDS SCORE CHAPTER 227
              (As of Jan 2010, adopted the ―public‖ name of SCORE East Central Iowa)

                                       STRATEGIC VIEW

SCORE East Central Iowa Vision
SCORE in Cedar Rapids is the most recognized and utilized supplier of counseling and mentoring
services to small business in our geographic area of responsibility.

SCORE East Central Iowa Mission
SCORE East Central Iowa provides resources and expertise to maximize the success of existing and
emerging small business in our geographic area of responsibility.

Issues facing the Cedar Rapids Chapter
For this operational period, and supported by national information and initiatives, the SCORE East
Central Iowa Chapter has three (3) major strategic priorities:

Priority #1: Increase Public Awareness
    a. Increase visibility of SCORE in the community through increased and improved
        educational programs coupled with better associations with key community organizations.
    b. Do more ―Shoe leather marketing‖ of SCORE's talents – through all forms of community
        contact including personal business visits, speaking engagements, media involvement, etc.
    c. Increase the number of Workshops to provide the public a greater opportunity to meet and
        become familiar with SCORE.
    d. Make SCORE the supplier of choice for small business start-up and going concern
        counseling/mentoring/coaching. Improve recognition of what SCORE is and does.

Priority #2: Attention to Acquiring Specific, Needed Member Skills
       To address specific skill deficiencies within the Chapter, it is important to focus on
       incoming member skill-set priorities. For the next two-years, these priorities include:
   a. People who have actually created and/or managed businesses.
   b. Marketing and Sales skills; notably electronic media abilities.
   c. Women, minorities, and youthful individuals/thinkers.
   d. ―Specialists‖ in certain business expertise areas, as required.

Priority #3: Improve Member Evaluation and Quality Control Processes
       To address a decrease in the number of and the average time invested by contributing
       counselors within the Chapter, improvement in the process to establish minimum standards
       and adherence to these standards on an annual basis needs will be addressed.
    Minimum standards for each active member will be clarified.
    Evaluation tools will be put in place.
    Annual evaluation of each counselor to minimum standards will be done.
    Removal of non-performing members will be undertaken.

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 5
                                 MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR

         Building on SCORE's reputation for excellence, impartial service, business/job creation, and
quality counselors has always been and will continue to be Job 1. Additionally, our chapter must do
its part to continue to improve public awareness of SCORE's ability and availability to help small
business in America. We want to be the first choice for advice on creating or growing small
businesses. We are also part of the nation's economic recovery effort following the recent
downturn. These items, combined, help clarify our local mission for the next couple of years.

        To improve our local Chapter's visibility in and contribution to the community, the most
logical approach is to have more people and businesses learn about what we do. If more people are
aware of our services, more people will seek us out and we provide ever-increasing help to small
business. In commercial terms, this is called continuously ―filling the funnel.‖ It is also a strategy
adopted by SCORE nationally to increase public awareness. This is a perspective we must and will
adopt. The more contact, the greater the recognition, the more public good we do.

        Consistent with this strategic framework, our Chapter's internal goals for Fiscal Year 2010
        (Oct 1 – Sep 30) are as follows:

In the past few years, we have focused on improvement of the training provided to our counselors.
However, as other chapters in the country have learned, only by setting the bar high and by
recruiting ―leaders‖ can SCORE perform at its best. Accordingly, in addition to a continued
emphasis on training, we will place renewed emphasis on the minimum requirements for those
entering our Chapter, on obtaining the skills we need to deliver requested services and on member
performance contributions. We will strive for excellence in everyone we recruit.

This Operations Plan is the result of contributions by each of the Committee's leaders and/or
members. Our success as a group depends on the success of each committee contributing directly to
the objectives stated above, as well as the active participation of each member in a committee.
There is certainly no better equipped and performing team in our state. We will do great things.

Gregory (Greg) Tomsic

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                         Page 6
                     CEDAR RAPIDS SCORE CHAPTER #0227
                         CHAPTER FINANCIAL PLAN
               FISCAL YEARS ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 and 2011

 SOURCE OF FUNDS:                              FY2010     FY2011

       Business Workshops                     $ 5,000     $ 5,000
       Partnership contributions                5,000       5,000
       National Association                     1,000       1,000
       Interest Earned                             60          60

       TOTAL SOURCES BUDGETED                 $11,060     $11,060

      Scholarships and donations              $ 1,000     $ 1,000
      Workshop Expenses                           900         900
      Counselor Development                     1,000       1,000
      Administration Committee                    800         800
      Marketing/Outreach                        4,000       4,000
      Special Event Activities                  3,000       3,000
      Fundraising                                 200         200
      Membership Recruitment                      500         500
      Travel Reimbursement                        300         300
      Case Assignment                             300         300
      Evaluation Committee                        800         800
      Legislative Committee                       500         500
      Equipment purchases                         500         500
      Technology Committee                      1,600       1,600
      Other                                       500         500

       TOTAL USES BUDGETED                    $15,900     $15,900

 NET SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS                $( 4,840)   $(4,840)

 Cash balance forward from prior year end      14,838       9,998

 Projected Cash Balance at end of year         $ 9,998     $5,158

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                    Page 7
                        MARKETING/OUTREACH COMMITTEE

CHAIRPERSON: Greg Tomsic (Acting)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Judy Baldwin, John Buckeridge, Jim Burns, Dave Evans, Jim
Green, Bill Hoekstra, Duffy Schamberger, Jason Siefken, Jim Williams, Larry Zirbel


To assist the Chair meet the chapter goals by communicating with the public related to SCORE's
abilities in the markets we serve—specifically Benton, Cedar, Jones and Linn Counties. We will
do this by growing the number of clients served, the number of counseling hours, and the number
of SCORE counselors in the organization. Outreach to the community shall be our primary and
priority mission.

GOALS:                                            FY                     FY
                                              2009 Actual                2010
Workshop attendees                                187                    190
Number of new counselors                           4                      10
New female counselors                              0                       2
Number of client counseling sessions              670                    670
Amount of funds raised from Financial partners    $5,000                 $5,000

  1. Embrace Constant Contact, SCORE's preferred vendor, for the electronic maintenance of
     and contact with interested potential clients, clients and others.
  2. Continue the Newsletter, at least quarterly.
  3. Develop new programs to attract new SCORE promoters in the community.
  4. Embrace social Internet media for outreach, with pages on Facebook, Ning, LinkedIn,
     and other promising new outreach approaches.
  5. Form at least 3 new strategic alliances with community organizations of merit.
  6. Begin a community ―Associate‖ program and secure well known individuals to promote
     SCORE at public events.
  7. Promote new Workshop types and venues in the area Libraries and elsewhere.
  8. Support each of the other committees in the chapter (as requested) with targeted
     communications that will help them achieve their goals:
        a. Support the seminar committee in the development of promotional pieces,
            electronic invitations, and appropriate targeted communications to current and
            prospective attendees.

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                    Page 8
          b. Support the recruiting committee with targeted messages to individual identified
             potential counselors as well as groups from which people may volunteer to join
          c. Support the fundraising committee with messages targeted to both current and
             potential financial partners on chapter communicating successes while creating a
             desire on their part to support the chapter with financial investments.

   9. Support the chapter by means of timely press releases on important issues including
       success stories, leadership appointments, and key events throughout the year.
   10. Support chapter leadership in their efforts by participating in trade shows and other
       events as requested by the chair throughout the year.

MARKETING BUDGETS                                             2010

             Telephone directories                         $   100
             Shows/Promotions                              $   500
             Recruiting                                    $   500
             Undefined activities                          $ 2,900
             TOTAL MARKETING BUDGETS                       $ 4,000

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 9


COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Jim Finerty, Dean Gesme, Vern Jackson, Jean Kruse, Gabe
Rohwedder, Jim Williams

To identify needs and establish priorities for the training of members as deemed desirable for the
chapter and in compliance with the minimum standards. To conduct orientation of new members
and provide ongoing training to all members in order to improve counseling techniques and
ensure currency of counseling and technical skills.

Provide appropriate training to ensure that all Chapter members have the level of skills required
to become effective and knowledgeable SCORE volunteers and to provide ongoing training of
new and long-term members in order to improve and update their skills.

  1. Continue to improve on our new orientation and mentoring program for new members to
     prepare them for client counseling and SCORE desk duty.
  2. Create an ongoing training program for all SCORE members.
  3. Discussion at regular meetings of the different roles, documents, and role-playing and
     how they relate to the member.
  4. Obtain confirmation of familiarity with the SCORE Code of Ethics from new members
     and annually from all Chapter members.
  5. Work to raise awareness that training and development are a continuing responsibility of
     all volunteers.
  6. Work with the Evaluation committee to establish performance criteria for each volunteer
     modeled from the standards of performance, as defined in the SOM.

To purchase Training materials, such as a Binders, Booklets, or CD for new members and
Computer expense: $1,000.

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                        Page 10
                                 MEMBER RECRUITMENT

CHAIRPERSON:          Duffy Schamberger (Acting)



To grow the Chapter’s membership of leaders and doers who are qualified and willing to counsel
with SCORE clients and to perform other tasks essential to the Chapter’s success in executing its
mission which includes recruitment for leadership and administrative roles.


    1. Ten (10) new members in FY2010.
    2. Recruit first and foremost consistent with the skill priorities of the Chapter:
            a) People who have actually created or run businesses.
            b) Marketing and sales experts and leaders.
            c) Women and Minorities meeting the above criteria.
            d) Young members and those skilled at the Internet and Social Media.
    3. Determine ways to attract and recruit talented volunteers representing a mix of men,
       women, races, and ethnicities with the talents/skills required by the Chapter.
    4. Coordinate the recruiting program with other committees.
    5. Solicit the support and participation of all members in the program. Every member in
       each chapter should assist in identifying and recruiting new volunteers. The Recruitment
       Committee must constantly remind the Chapter members that recruitment is a
       fundamental chapter activity and goal.
    6. Establish procedures for interviewing applicants for SCORE membership to determine
       suitability and gain commitment to minimum requirements. In addition to the
       requirement that the prospect have the time and desire to participate, all new volunteers
       must have and use email and must agree to sign and comply with the SCORE Code of
       Ethics and Conduct.
    7. Inform the applicants for membership of the requirement that their application for
       membership must be approved by the Executive Committee and that after approval they
       must go through a ―90-day provisional period‖ during which time period the applicant
       will be assigned a Mentor and go through an Orientation program provided by the
       Counselor Development Committee. Membership in committees can and should begin

BUDGET: $500

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                      Page 11
                                 WORKSHOP COMMITTEE

DIRECTOR: Dianne Martin

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: John Buckeridge, Jim Burns, Katheryn McArtor, Jason Siefken,

The Workshop Committee continuously reviews and advises the chapter on the feasibility of
offering workshops and similar events on subjects that would be helpful to the public and small
business prospects in the areas we serve. The committee provides useful business information to
the small businessperson to improve their chances for success when starting their own business
or expanding an existing business.

1. Improve the quality of seminars now offered.
2. Increase the number of clients attending.
3. Train additional SCORE instructors.
4. Add at least 8 more workshops and several venues to the existing offering, with at least one
   being a ―for-fee‖ offering.

1. Updates and improves seminar materials.
2. Develops and updates course materials and create slides as required.
3. Utilizes the Marketing Committee to make the public aware of all workshops.
4. Makes chapter members aware of what workshops accomplish, the revenues generated, and
    how they can help.
5. Encourages SCORE members to be instructors or substitutes when emergencies occur.
6. Develops a comparative annual report card of performance statistics.
7. Ensures that volunteers are available at workshops for clients seeking assistance.
8. Arranges for the collection and handling of fees and maintains accurate records of
9. Compiles and submits each workshop event/session's information to national, reporting on
    Form 888, Management Report Form.
10. Ensures that an attendee list or sign up sheet is completed for each workshop and is retained
    by the chapter for four years.
11. Ensures that evaluation forms are prepared and made available to all attendees.
12. Ensures that attendees are reported properly per the definitions of workshop in the SOM.
13. Considers whether the events should be co-sponsored with other organizations and arranges
    details of the collaboration.
14. Ensures that SCORE’s name is prominent in all publicity and that the chapter receives its fair
    share of any workshop proceeds when co-sponsoring a workshop.
15. Bills Kirkwood Community College for each co-sponsored event.
16. Proposes new venues, workshops, and ideas as frequently as possible to Chapter

BUDGET: $900
SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 12
                                      FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE




    Raise monies whenever and wherever possible for the continued execution of chapter activities,
    with particular emphasis on public outreach and client services.


    To raise enough funds for the annual budget.


    1. Develop fundraising strategies.
    2. Conduct ongoing fundraising efforts.
    3. Contact and follow up with potential donors and prior sponsors of funds and in-kind support.
    4. Ensure Sponsors are treated with respect, continued contact and ensured proper
       communications about the chapter consistent to their commitment to it.
    5. Identify donors who must be sent SCORE Form 15, Acknowledgment of Receipt of Gifts to

    BUDGET: $200

          This is from the National SCORE Operating Manual (SOM): ―Chapters should complete this form upon
receipt of gifts, either in kind or cash. Give a copy to the donor and retain a copy of chapter records.‖

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                                Page 13
                                TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE


 COMMITTEE: Bob Buckheister and Pat Gosnell


 The purpose of the Technology Committee is to implement the website and other technical
 requirements for the Chapter, as requested by the Chair or delegates from the Executive
 Committee as the Chair specifies. Ensure maintenance of the website and recommend hardware
 and software programs that might be helpful to the Chapter.


   1. Define, update, and maintain Chapter Website, as requested by Marketing, to provide more
      efficient use of site by clients, potential clients, the public-at-large and members.
   2. Improve feedback from clients and Chapter members on training, counseling, and general
   3. Coordinate with other committees on their software and hardware needs.
   4. Improve skills of Chapter members on use of computer and processes and support their
      needs when requested.


   1. Determine the responsibilities of Chapter Committees to provide automatic distribution of
      information and required action items to members and clients.
   2. Continue emphasis on understanding the level of computer skills of membership and
      provide training opportunities to improve these skills as necessary.
   3. Provide database access for members to study specific information useful in counseling,
      computer skills, and general information.
   4. Refine procedures for use of website, office computers, and office duty paperwork.
   5. Make general presentations more available to members.


 Website maintenance                       $1,000
 New programs/Equipment/Other                 500
 Printer                                      100
 Total                                     $ 1,600

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                    Page 14
                              CASE ASSIGNMENT COMMITTEE


 COMMITTEE:          Vern Jackson and Pat Gosnell


 Develop and maintain a catalog of members of the chapter, which lists their skills, experience,
 knowledge, and availability for counseling SCORE clients. Process the requests for counseling
 received on Form 641, E-Mail, and other sources; match those requests with a qualified member;
 and assign the client to a member or members for counseling. Perform the necessary follow-ups
 of members’ assignments for compliance on a timely basis and process those counseling reports
 received on Form 641A. Prepare the required monthly reports of the counseling activities of the
 chapter for the National Score Office and other interested parties.


   1. Improve the listing of the counseling skills reported by the SCORE members in the catalog.
      Continue to recommend to the Chair the specific skills of greatest need.
   2. Reduce the amount of time between the request for counseling, the assignment of the
      SCORE member, and the member contacting the client.
   3. Perform the follow-ups with the assigned members on a timely basis.
   4. Promote more follow-ups by the counselors with their clients after counseling cases have
      been completed or closed-out.


   1. Use our computer software to make client case assignments, to prepare client follow-ups for
      the assigned counselors, and to prepare the required SCORE counseling reports.
   2. Secure data from the computer software to prepare reminders for counselors to take the
      proper action with the client or close the case whenever the open cases are without activity
      for 60 days.
   3. Secure data from the computer programs to prepare reminders to counselors to perform
      follow-ups with clients on closed cases.
   4. Assure a back-up SCORE person to perform the case assignment process in the absence of
      the Case Assignment Chair..

 BUDGET: $300

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                     Page 15
                                 LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE

 CHAIRPERSON:          Bill Hoekstra

 COMMITTEE: Greg Tomsic, others TBD


 The Legislative Committee, in compliance with minimum standards, is responsible for contacting
 federal government offices to report on the activities of the chapter and to seek their support in
 the promotion of the SCORE mission to help small business.


 Conduct and report at least 10 face-to-face contacts per year with members of the U.S. House of
 Representatives or their staff for each congressional district served by the chapter; coordinates,
 within the district, visits with members of the U.S. Senate.


   1. Contact federal elected Representatives and Senators during each fiscal year a minimum of
      six to ten (6-10) times.
   2. Report all face-to-face contacts with U.S. Senators, U.S. House of Representatives, or their
      staff on Form 23, Congressional Contact Report, to the SCORE Association office.
   3. Maintain contact with state and local governmental offices and legislators.
   4. Recommend and award special ―Associate‖ member status to at least one congressperson a
      year, and consider special awards for staff members.
   5. Ensure legislative support and attendance at the Small Business Week event in May of each
   6. Ensure congressional member or staff attendance at the annual SCORE luncheon in June.

 BUDGET: Potential travel expenses of $500

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 16
                                  EVALUATION COMMITTEE


 COMMITTEE: Bob Buckheister, Dean Gesme, Dick Hagerman, Jean Kruse, Don Robinson


 To establish and maintain effective procedures to review and evaluate the performance of
 SCORE counseling, business training sessions and other chapter activities to ensure the Chapter
 provides top quality service. To evaluate members to determine that all members are actively
 involved in the Chapter.


 Assure that all Chapter members involved in counseling and desk duty remain qualified to
 provide quality service to SCORE clients. Encourage the active involvement of all members in
 some facet of Chapter operations


   1. Conduct an annual review of all Chapter members to assess their quality and level of
      involvement in the Chapter in order to identify inactive and less effective volunteers who
      should be removed from the chapter or assigned to other chapter duties.
   2. Develop a plan to get feedback from clients as to their level of satisfaction of our counseling
   3. Determine the most effective use of each member’s volunteer skills.
   4. Discuss deficiencies and needed improvements in counseling, business training, chapter
      management and other chapter operations with chapter officers and volunteers so that proper
      corrective actions can be taken.
   5. Recommend those who should be considered by the Executive Committee for special
   6. Work with the Counselor Development Committee and the Technology Committee to
      facilitate these actions.

 BUDGET: $800

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 17
                                  NOMINATING COMMITTEE


 COMMITTEE:            Jim Gerlich


 To identify and recruit SCORE members for Officer positions in the Cedar Rapids SCORE


 Identify and recruit a slate of candidates for all officer positions for the two-year period beginning
 October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2013. Identify and recruit candidates for any officer
 position that becomes vacant during any period prior to October 1, 2011.


   1. Observe the performance, capabilities, and interest level of all SCORE members and initiate
      discussions with identified prospects for each officer position.
   2. Recommend candidates for all senior Chapter positions, as and if required.
   3. Obtain agreement to serve from a full slate of candidates NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK
      PRIOR TO THE FIRST Wednesday of May in odd numbered years.
   4. Present the slate of candidates to the Executive Committee at their May 2011, meeting.
   5. Present the slate of candidates to the general membership meeting in May 2011.


SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                        Page 18


 COMMITTEE:           Pat Gosnell and Katheryn McArtor
                      Dick Hagerman, badges
                      Ed Mumford, business cards

 Perform the various administrative and related clerical functions required for the effective
 operation of the chapter as well as the maintenance of various records and other data of the
 chapter, including the ordering of member badges, making of member business cards, and
 preparation of the Chapter Operations Plan. Preparation of reports required by the National
 SCORE Office and the By-Laws of the chapter.


 Review and improve the recordkeeping process, assist in the administration process of the
 chapter, advise other committees on appropriate recordkeeping and record retention, and monitor
 the successful completion of the Action Plan activities of the chapter.


   1. Review the current administrative and clerical functions of the chapter to improve the
      process and reduce the time required.
   2. Establish a working arrangement with the SBA Office for the processing of requests for
      reports, mailings and other administrative functions required by the chapter and/or the
      National SCORE Office.
   3. Review the function of the library of publications and other SCORE materials, eliminate any
      old and outdated materials, and establish a suitable location and an index of the current
      publications and materials.
   4. Assist chapter management in tracking the progress of the chapter in its Action Plan and
      other goals.
   5. Provide any other administrative or clerical assistance required for the effective operation of
      the chapter.

BUDGET: $800

SCORE 0227 Operations Plan FY2010                                                       Page 19

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