the bunga raya

					                                  THE BUNGA RAYA

And hibiscus flowers and shoes (Hibiscus rosasinensis) called the hibiscus hibiscus
flower plant genus of the year, often is planted as an ornamental tree.

Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia. After independence, the Ministry of
Agriculture has been elected to the concept of matching flowers, asked the national
flower. At the end of the year 1958, Malaysia's agriculture, associations, national flower,
Kenanga Flower, hibiscus, jasmine flowers, lotus flower Minister proposed seven kinds
of flowers to choose the type of Tanjung Bunga Cempaka Flower, Rose. July 1960 28
ilneun after discussion, the Malaysian Association of Flowers was declared the national
flower. Malaysia continues to flower, while Malaysia, Bunga Raya in Singapore, Sabah
and Sarawak is set.

This flower is widely planted ornamental throughout the tropics and subtropics is Flowers
difficult, red, large, but there is no bad.

Other cultivars, types and hybrids, yellow bricks and a pink flower color range, single-
and dual-pair petals, white, yellow, soft, were produced. Flowers are used in the area of
the flash shoe.

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