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					                                          Cheryl Smith, Regional Tourism Representative
                                             Georgia Dept of Economic Development
                                         Tourism Division ~ Northeast Georgia Mountains

                                                P: 770-535-5757 ~ C: 678-640-4355
                                               PO Box 3116, Gainesville, GA 30503
                               Tourism news/updates on NEGATourism

                             NORTHEAST GEORGIA MOUNTAINS
                               REGIONAL TOURISM REPORT
                                              December 2009

     As of December 1 , Kevin Langston ( stepped up as Deputy Commissioner of Tourism
     and Greg Torre ( became the new Director of Marketing and Communications.

       o Check out Etsy, an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade.

       o I have info on the Agri Tourism Signage Program administered by GA Dept of Agriculture. Contact me
          for a copy.
       o Reminder: GA Made/GA Grown products and services can be posted on

     Georgia Visitor Information Centers (Jeffrey Tatum –
        o 2010 Georgia on My Mind Days:
                 March 26 – Valdosta
                 April 15 – Sylvania
                 May 1 – Plains
                 May 7 – Savannah
                 May 14 – Kingsland
                 May 28 – Lavonia
                 June 4 – Tallapoosa
                 June 11 – Columbus
                 June 18 – West Point
                 June 25 – Ringgold
                 July 16 – Augusta
        o Contact me for the latest Georgia VIC visitor stats

     Group & Domestic Sales (Katie Baasen –
        o “Thank you to the Regional Travel Associations for sending your information for the booth at NTA. I will
           send a copy of the inquiries we received at the booth as well as the appointment notes as soon as we get
           them typed up. I will be doing the same for ABA. Thank you again.” If you would like these group travel
           leads and are not currently on my Group Leads Email List, let me know and I will send them to you.
        o I responded to request from Pam Kruseck for one golf package from the region to be highlighted in a
           profile sheet (18,000 to be distributed at upcoming golf shows)…thanks to Brasstown Valley Resort for
           responding to the request.

     Communications (Stefanie Paupeck –
        o Just a reminder that we at GDEcD Tourism Division are constantly keeping all of our Facebook fans and
          Twitter followers updated on all of the holiday happenings across the state! We currently have 2,465 fans
            on and 7,118 followers on Did you
            know that more than 44% of all Internet users are active in social media?!?!
        o   Welcome to Georgia Tourism's new weekly newsletter!
             "This Weekend in Georgia" will feature events and attractions from all around the state, ranging from old
            favorites to new and unique Georgia experiences. Look for it in your inbox at the beginning of each week,
            and you'll be sure to find something fun to do "This Weekend in Georgia"!
        o   The Georgia Tourism Division is now sending out a weekly newsletter highlighting upcoming events
            and activities in Georgia for the weekend. They are pulling from If you have
            events and want them to reach a wider audience then make sure your events are posted on
   Contact me if you don‘t have an account or can‘t remember how to access
            your account. Hopefully, this will encourage folks to take advantage of activities and events they might
            not have thought of. It‘s only for December as a trial to see how effective it works. If it works, it will be
            continued. (Vickie Sanders and James Foy
       o Recently a special feature was added to the left side of the ExploreGeorgia partner page that allows
          travelers to write a ―review‖ about their experience when they visited a venue or property. It is hoped they
          will have something good to say and bring in more business. Unfortunately, not all reviews are going to
          be positive. Somebody in a cranky mood may write something negative.

            Here is what the partner can do to counteract this. For starters, whenever the partner updates their page
            ask them to always check to see if someone has added a review to the page. If they have and it‘s less
            than complimentary respond in one of two ways:

                1.) Have visitors who have had a pleasant experience post remarks to counter the complainer. In
                    addition, new entries will push the negative review down the page and away from the top spot so
                    it will not stand out.
                2.) Someone on the partner staff write a review responding to the remarks. Whatever the response
                    is, keep it short, keep it positive and be courteous!


    More Companies Want Employees to Stay in "Green" Hotels – Many big companies and states are
    increasingly steering their travel business to hotels that meet "green" environmental standards. The results are
    twofold: Companies can tout environmentally conscious business practices, and hotel owners are spurred to
    adopt energy-saving standards to attract guests. A few years ago, companies rarely asked hotels about operating
    policies. Among questions that companies pose of hotels: How much water and energy is conserved and waste is
    trimmed, how often towels and linens are replaced and what is recycled. To find out more, visit

    ATA Reports Travelers Hitting the Road, Staying with Family & Friends for Holidays – The Air Transport
    Association (ATA) says despite airfares and hotel rates that are among the lowest in over a decade, more
    recession-battered travelers will forgo the airports, hit the freeways and stay with family and friends to save
    money during the upcoming holiday season. This Thanksgiving, the number of passengers traveling by air
    nationwide will be down 4 percent from last year, according to a report released Monday by the Air Transport
    Assn., a trade group that represents the nation's leading airlines. The trade group's forecast is based on recent
    traffic demands, capacity and economic trends for all scheduled traffic on all U.S. passenger airlines. To find out
    more, visit,0,2347704.story.

    Virtual Meeting Business Expands – ―If you can‘t beat ‘em, join ‘em,‖ may be the best maxim to explain why
    travel companies are getting into the virtual meeting business, actually helping clients avoid flying halfway around
    the globe. Two of the world‘s biggest hotel companies, Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Marriott International,
    are outfitting some of their meeting rooms with telepresence suites, a high-end system that leapfrogs typical
    videoconferencing technology. Their goal is to rent the rooms to customers who are already embracing virtual
    alternatives to travel, but do not have telepresence suites everywhere they would like to use them. To find out
    more, visit

    Deloitte's Winter Travel Survey Suggests Cautious Optimism - While the tourism, hospitality and leisure
    sector continues to be challenged by current economic conditions, a new survey from Deloitte suggests reason
    for cautious optimism heading into the holiday and winter travel season. Deloitte's survey of 2,000 consumers in
    the United States revealed that almost half (45 percent) will take a vacation or leisure trip that involves staying
overnight in a lodging facility, such as a hotel, motel or timeshare, from the beginning of Thanksgiving week
through March of next year. Additionally, the survey showed that 18 percent will travel overnight and stay at a
lodging facility during the Thanksgiving week and weekend, 22 percent will travel overnight and stay at a lodging
facility during December through New Year's Day, and 32 percent will travel overnight and stay at a lodging facility
after New Year's Day through March. To find out more, visit

How to Market Your Business with Facebook – A growing number of businesses are making Facebook an
indispensible part of hanging out their shingles. Small businesses are using it to find new customers, build online
communities of fans and dig into gold mines of demographic information. For most businesses, Facebook Pages
(distinct from individual profiles and Facebook groups) are the best place to start. Pages allow businesses to
collect "fans" the way celebrities, sports teams, musicians and politicians do. There are now 1.4 million Facebook
Pages and they collect more than 10 million fans every day, according to the site. Businesses can easily create a
Web presence with Facebook, even if they don‘t have their own Web site (most companies still should maintain a
Web site to reach people who don‘t use Facebook or whose employers block access to the site). Businesses can
claim a vanity address so that their Facebook address reflects the business name, like To find out more, visit

Hotels Also Upping Fees Everywhere – Just about everyone‘s complaining about new airline fees, but what
about the hotel bill? Industry analysts say that 2007 was the peak year for the introduction of add-on hotel fees
and surcharges. And last year, U.S. hotels raked in record revenues, taking in $1.75 billion, up from $550 million
in 2002. The nickel-and-diming can be small (such as $5 for the hotel to accept a package for you) to rather large
(think: mandatory valet parking for $50 a night, a notorious fee charged in San Francisco). Other charges can
include resort, business center and grounds-keeping fees, charges for having a safe in your room even if it‘s not
used, and charges from mini-bars with sensors that bill guests if they just move something around. Hotels then
charge a ―restocking fee.‖ To find out more, visit

Marriott CEO Sees Start of Hospitality Industry Recovery – J.W. Marriott, Jr., chief executive of Marriott
International, Inc. said last week the hospitality industry is just beginning to see tentative signs of an economic
recovery. Marriott told The Economic Club of Washington he was starting to see early indications of growth, but
that the hotel and travel industry is still recovering from a backlash against corporate travel fueled by politics and
public anger over the financial meltdown. "Business uncertainty is just huge. We don't know what cap and trade
will cost us, we don't know what health care will cost us," he said. To find out more, click here.

Survey: What Do Spa Guests Want? – What do spa guests want in these uncertain economic times? A recent
poll found almost three quarters of the over 1,300 active spa-goers surveyed cited word-of-mouth referrals as
their primary method of selecting a new spa. More than two-thirds had their most recent spa experience at a
location near where they live; while another 21 percent were at a hotel they stayed at for leisure. Eighty-one
percent cited discounts, not free treatments, as their number one reason to try a new spa. The poll was done by
Coyle Hospitality Group, a market research company, and WTS International, a spa management and consulting
company. To find out more, visit

B & Bs Seek to Be a Guy Thing - Bed-and-breakfasts are starting to man up, doing away with the lace
bedspreads and trading high tea for brewskies. From offering sports-related packages to discounts on local
outdoor activities, it‘s also a way to tap into a long-ignored segment of the B & B market. The focus on men is
partly an outgrowth of a larger movement in the bed-and-breakfast industry to shake certain stereotypes. That‘s
not to say that these B & Bs don‘t want women. Some are trying to appeal to both sexes by offering daily activities
they can enjoy together or individually, reconnecting at the inn at the end of the day. Others are attempting to
expand upon the success of those all-girl getaways, which practically every hotel or B & B now has, with offers
tailored to the opposite sex. To find out more, visit

Holiday Travel By the Numbers
Paul Eisenburg of GateHouse News Service recently compiled statistics on holiday travel from numerous
sources. ―It seems even the economy and the worst weather won‘t keep people from traveling to see their friends
and family around the holidays,‖ says Eisenburg. Here‘s a look at some holiday travel numbers.
    2/3: Holiday traveler numbers could see an increase this year. A September study by the U.S. Travel
    Association found that nearly two-thirds of Americans planned to take a leisure trip before January.
    79 percent: According to a 2008 Harris Poll, 79 percent of people older than 55 believe that being with family
    and friends over the holidays creates memories. The percentage falls to 58 percent for people ages 35-44.
    People ages 18-34 are in the middle at 61 percent.
    64 percent: A Harris Poll found that 64 percent of parents with young children believe the time and money
    friends and family spend to travel to visit during the holidays is ―part of their gift to me.‖
    37 percent: Of those who visit out-of-town family or friends at Thanksgiving, only 37 percent feel ―obligated‖
    to be with the people they are visiting, according to a Harris Poll. Seventy percent of travelers recognize it as
    an opportunity to maintain tradition.
    214 miles: The average Thanksgiving long-distance trip by automobile is 214 miles, according to the U.S.
    Bureau of Transportation Statistics, compared with 275 miles for those motoring long-distance for Christmas.

Restaurants Brace for a Sour Season as Consumers Lose Appetite for Dining Out - With Thanksgiving this
week and Christmas next month, restaurants are eager to win back customers who seemed to disappear amid a
brutal summer for the nation's eateries. Restaurant owners are worried that tight corporate entertainment budgets,
cash-conscious consumers and greater competition from price-cutting supermarkets will make for another dreary
Christmas. The number of people visiting restaurants has plunged for four consecutive quarters, according to
NPD Group, a market research firm. Companies large and small are braced for another difficult year. The
recession has taught consumers to eat out less often and to order less – skipping alcoholic beverages, appetizers
and desserts. It's made easier by supermarkets, which have cut prices and expanded their selection of prepared
food and takeout entrees. To find out more, visit

Leisure Travel Continues to Outperform Business Travel
Each month, Dr. Suzanne Cook of U.S. Travel Association reviews current industry trends in the online
newsletter, U.S. Travel Outlook. In the November issue, Dr. Cooke noted, ―Domestic leisure travel, while still
languishing, continues to outperform business travel, posting a 2.7 percent decline in volume and a 10.3 percent
loss in spending year-to-date through Q3 '09. Shorter, closer-to-home and less costly travel options continue to be
the norm, and some destinations are benefitting from this shift.‖

For attractions, Cook recalled a recent presentation made by Jerry Henry, Corporate Director of Research for the
Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. ―Henry projected a four to six percent decline in overall attraction
attendance in 2009 followed by marginally better performance in 2010, but he concluded that real post-recession
growth is still likely to be 18 to 24 months away.‖ Click here to read all of Dr. Cook‘s entire November research

Some Rediscover the Benefits of Business Travel
When the economy experienced a sharp downturn in 2008, many companies made quick decisions about travel,
one of the first areas often trimmed when money is tight. According to a report from the National Business Travel
Association (NBTA), approximately 85 percent of businesses had decreased travel spending. However, after
interviewing travel analysts and business leaders, New York Times writer, Tanya Mohn, reported that some
businesses are rediscovering the benefits of business travel.
Mohn‘s investigation pointed to two recent reports that found a clear link between business travel and corporate
profit. The reports were independently commissioned by NBTA and U.S. Travel Association. Henry H.
Harteveldt, travel analyst for Forrester Research, commented that, as social beings, ―Nothing replaces two
business people building a professional relationship in person.‖

The New York Times also interviewed Adam Sacks, managing director of Oxford Economics, the firm that
prepared the U.S. Travel Association report. Sacks believes that, to some extent, the findings confirmed what
business people intuitively knew: curbing travel may save dollars in the short term, but there are significant long-
term benefits from investing in business travel. ―Not all cuts are smart cuts,‖ he said.

It's Not a Junket, It's an Investment – The bad press surrounding AIG's infamous October 2008 sales meeting
in Dana Point, Calif. – where employees partied at a lavish resort as AIG got billions in a bailout – helped put a
chill on the luxury hotel business. Companies ran scared, canceling meetings or switching them to less opulent
venues. Now luxury hotels are trying to rejuvenate junkets – by couching them as wise investments. The
message: Hotel meetings, with their ballroom dinners, poolside cocktails, and afternoon golf outings, aren't
frippery. They're a prudent way to motivate staff and cultivate new business. To find out more, visit

TravelHorizons Survey Finds Dip in Those Planning to Travel – The results of the October 2009
travelhorizons survey, the quarterly consumer survey of 2,200 U.S. adults co-authored by Ypartnership and the
U.S. Travel Association, suggest that "value" will continue to be in vogue in 2010. According to the survey, 53
    percent of all U.S. households are planning at least one leisure trip between now and April 2010, down slightly
    from the 56 percent who stated the same intention in October 2008. The most significant decline in expected trips
    is among younger members of the population – Gen X and Gen Y – while the incidence of leisure trips taken by
    Baby Boomers is expected to increase. To find out more, visit

    Hotel Chains Try New Ways to Earn Loyalty - Not all hotels go to great lengths to please their guests, but this
    year most are stretching their creativity to attract and, perhaps more important, retain guests. Hotels have been
    particularly hard hit by the drop in business travel, and brand loyalty has often given way to practical cost
    concerns as companies have cut expenses. Hotels are responding by offering free nights, upgrades and loyalty
    points. Many hotels, especially the high-end chains, are introducing twists to cultivate customers. Amenities
    including free breakfasts, no-fee Internet connections, late checkouts and paid parking are being bundled in
    business traveler packages. Marriott Hotels, for instance, calls its package "Business Boost," while Hyatt Hotels
    has "Business Plan" and Sheraton Hotels "Road Warrior." To find out more, visit


    Winton Porter, Mountain Crossings in Blairsville is the author of JUST PASSIN‘ THRU ~
    A Vintage Store, The Appalachian Trail, and a Cast of Unforgettable Characters

    Every year, almost two thousand hikers attempt to master the 2,178 miles of the
    Appalachian Trail. Only one in ten will realize their dream and finish the legendary hike
    from Georgia to Maine. Many will, however, encounter Mountain Crossings, the
    renowned outfitter shop that sits astride (literally) the trail outside Blairsville, Georgia.
     Once there, they will most certainly come across Winton Porter, the proprietor. After
    years working corporate jobs and staring out the window, Porter decided to stop yearning
    and live his dream--he looted his life savings, bought the shop, and moved his young
    family to the remote Georgia outpost.

    JUST PASSIN’ THRU is Porter‘s inspiring story of his life at this historic trading post as he shares tales of some
    of the memorable souls who have passed through the store. The author‘s ear for dialogue, keen eye for detail,
    and compassion for those in trouble come together in this delightful and moving debut.

    Fans of Bill Bryson‘s A Walk in the Woods will enjoy getting to know the folks who people the Trail, an odd but
    often charming lot. JUST PASSIN’ THRU introduces readers to:
        o disheveled sage Billy Bumblefoot, whose motto lends the book its title
        o the wildly over-prepared Minnesota Smith, on the Trail to find a wife
        o Lorac, who is hiking the Trail despite tragic medical news
        o the store staff, including Alpine, Buddy, Cimarron, and Nate, as well as Winton‘s wife and two daughters

    Ever since starting his lawn-mowing business at age 10, Winton Porter has found it hard to stay indoors. At 21
    he opened B. Bumblefoot and Co., producing hiking sticks for retailers throughout the southeastern U.S. For
    years he tried the corporate route—selling gear and managing operations at banks and major retailers such as
    REI in Chicago, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta. In 2001, at age 35, he ransacked his 401k and bought the venerable
    Mountain Crossings store, a hiker‘s mecca deep in the Georgia woods near the southern end of the Appalachian
    Trail, where he resides with his family.

    JUST PASSIN’ THRU (Menasha Ridge Press – October 2009 - $14.95) may be purchased at bookstores,
    outdoor specialty shops, on the Web at, or by calling 888-60-HIKES. Trade paper
    original - 250 pages –B&W photos throughout- ISBN 978-0-89732-849-4

    Points North Magazine is pleased to introduce a new website targeting affluent residents of Atlanta's Stylish
    Northside to provide more comprehensive information about your Mountain destinations, events, properties,
    shops, restaurants and attractions than any other website.

    Due to the phenomenal success and increased presence of during the past year, coupled with
    more than 250,000 readers per month (including pass-along readership), is
    destined to make a profound impact on website visitors with detailed information about the North Georgia,
Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee mountains - quickly and efficiently.

Points North recognizes your need for cost-effective publicity, marketing and advertising, and we're focused
upon making an impact for your business with our readers and website visitors. For details and pricing, please
contact Tom Cooper at 800.696.6754 or via e-mail:

Melonie Lingo is coordinating their annual school bus rodeo for next year. She works for the Forsyth County
Schools Transportation Department. They are having their annual school bus rodeo and end of the school year
celebration on Saturday, May 15th. The road-e-o gives the drivers an opportunity to develop, practice and
demonstrate safe driving skills. The end of the year celebration gives our department a chance to gather and
celebrate our successes.

“We are asking establishments if they are willing to give a donation to help support our event. This year my team
has chosen to put together "The Great Outdoors" theme basket. This basket will be raffled off and the money
raised will go towards scholarship funds given to those that meet certain criteria. Would you be willing to donate
accommodations, gift certificates or coupons? If so, please include company letterhead and/or a business card
along with your donation and send it to Deanna Bowen, District Supervisor/Vickery Creek District, 6240 Post
Road, Cumming GA 30040.

You will receive a letter from the Director of Transportation, Mr. Garry Puetz, which will include your donation and
the Forsyth County Board of Education Georgia Sales and Use Tax Certification of Registration Number (Tax ID
Number). I have made a commitment to make this event a great success. I would like to thank you in advance for
your consideration and support. Please feel free to contact the Transportation Department at 770-888-1234 for
additional information. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Warm Regards, Melonie Lingo”

The Preserve America program recognizes communities that protect and celebrate their image; use their historic
assets for economic development and community revitalization; and encourage people to experience and
appreciate local historic resources through education and heritage tourism programs.

First Lady Michelle Obama recently designated 33 Preserve America Communities with a letter and certificate.
Among these were 6 in Georgia: Crawford County, Jefferson, Montezuma, St. Marys, Valdosta, and Vienna.
There are now a total of 32 designated communities in Georgia.

Among other benefits, Preserve America Communities are eligible to apply for special grants. For information on
the Preserve America grants that HPD administers, visit

Kaliedoscope Awards: Designed to recognize the marketing, programming and production of special events, the
Kaleidoscope Awards acknowledge the highest level of achievement in the festival and event industry throughout
the southeast region. Gain the recognition your event, volunteers, staff and sponsors deserve! Find out more by
going to

   O Your Facebook Friends & Twitter Followers
   o The Best Place on Earth – DMO Marketing
   o The Economic Power of Heritage Tourism

  Blue Ridge Country Magazine: We've just shipped our January/February issue off to the printer – next up is
  March/April! If you haven't already sent your March/April events, please do. We have created an online form
  for event submission – I would encourage you to use this form as much as possible for sending us event
  information. The link is here: Register if you haven't done so already,
  and after that you can enter new events at any time. They'll be reviewed by our staff and then posted live.
  Deadline for March/April is December 11. High resolution photos (300 dpi at a minimum print size of 4x6") can
  be e mailed directly, with event information, to Seeking Information – is a new travel Web site for Southeastern states and
    is seeking information for its site. Scheduled to go live Dec. 15, would like to receive press
  releases, calendars, story ideas and tourism updates. Digital photography would be appreciated, too, but
  include usage specifications. Send the information to E-mails of a more targeted
  nature, such as those that require a response, can be directed to Jennifer Barnett at or to Karen Lingo at

  Travel Sites of Interest or Significance to Women – Freelance writer Sophia Dembling is soliciting
  suggestions for places of particular significance or interest to women for her upcoming book ―100 Places in
  the USA Every Woman Should Go.‖ For example: Seneca Falls Women‘s Rights Historical Park, Hearst
  Castle (architect Julia Morgan), Fredericks of Hollywood Museum of Celebrity Lingerie, and the National
  Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame. A section at the back of the book will list activities, such as becoming an
  outdoorswoman, regional cooking classes. Submit suggestions to Deadline:

  New and Soon-to-Come Convention/Conference Facilities – Small Market Meetings seeks information
  about new and soon-to-come convention and conference facilities in second-tier and smaller cities. Send
  information about projects, along with spokesperson contact info, to Editor Vickie Mitchell by e-mail only at Deadline: Dec. 7.

  Family-Friendly Escapes – Freelance writers Barbara and Jim Twardowski have a travel column that runs in
  a New Orleans-area publication. Many local families leave town during the Mardi Gras season and enjoy a
  week of vacation. They are looking for family-friendly escapes for Feb. 13-21. Tell them what makes your
  attraction a great pick for families. Do not send images – just tell them if they are available. In the subject line
  of your e-mail, write ―February Travel‖ and the location of your destination/hotel/attraction. For example:
  February Travel San Antonio Hilton. They will contact you if your submission is published. Contact them via e-
  mail at Deadline: Dec. 8.

  Blue Ridge Country Seeking March/April Events – Blue Ridge Country magazine is seeking events for
  March/April. High resolution photos (300 dpi at a minimum print size of 4x6") can be e-mailed with event
  information to Deadline: Dec. 11.


  O   Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program, National Park Service
      The National Park Service is seeking project proposals from government agencies and private
      organizations for its Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program for summer 2010. The program
      annually sponsors 15 to 18 interns. Costs are shared between the NPS and the intern sponsor. The intern
      sponsor is expected to contribute $5,679 toward the costs. The NPS does recruitment, application
      processing, payroll, and career mentoring. For more information about the program and an application
      /intrnCRDIP.htm or contact Turkiya Lowe, 202-371-2229 or The
      deadline for intern project proposals from potential sponsors is November 30, 2009.
  O   Conservation Assessment Program, Heritage Preservation
      Heritage Preservation is accepting applications for 2010 Conservation Assessment Program (CAP)
      grants. The program helps small to mid-sized museums with assessments of collections, environmental
      conditions, and sites. Museums with buildings older than 50 years receive additional funds for a historic
      structure assessment to identify priorities for care of the building(s). Applications are available at For more information contact Sara Gonzales at 202-233-0831 or The deadline to apply is December 1, 2009.
  O   Battlefield Project grants, American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service
      The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) of the National Park Service invites non-profit
      groups, academic institutions, and local, regional, state, and tribal governments, and other private sector
      organizations to submit applications for grants. The purpose of this grant program is to provide seed
      money for projects that lead directly to the identification, preservation and interpretation of battlefield land
      and/or historic sites associated with battlefields. Project funding has ranged from $5,000 to $80,000. For
      more information visit
      /battlefieldgrants/2010grants.htm. Applications must be postmarked by January 2, 2010.
  O   National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Public Programs grants
      The Division of Public Programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities funds public projects at
      museums, libraries, historic sites, and other historical and cultural organizations. The organization offers
      grants that support historic site interpretation, exhibits, reading or film discussion series, symposia, and
      digital projects. For more information contact the Division of Public Programs, 202-606-8269 or
       The application deadline for funds from the America‘s Historical and Cultural
                Organizations and Interpreting America‘s Historic Places programs is January 13, 2010.
            o   The following are links to the descriptions of the Georgia Council for the Arts grants:

                            Application Guidelines: Traditional Arts Apprenticeship (TAA) Grant
                            Touring & Traditional Artist Rosters (TAR & TRAR) are now in 1 application & is called the
                             Georgia Artists Initiative (GAI) Roster
                             (All former TAA Master Artists who offer touring and or community outreach/educational
                             programming are encouraged to apply for this listing. It will increase your booking potential &
                             overall marketing ability.)
                            Folklife Project (FP) Grant is now a sub-category of the Project Grant (PG)
                             Contact: Brandy Klopp, Traditional Arts & GA Artists Initiative Manager
                             Georgia Council for the Arts, 260 14th Street NW, Suite 401, Atlanta GA 30318

Go to and click on Travel Industry Events. Contact me if you would like to submit a tourism
industry event (meeting, conference, etc.)

STS Top 20 Events Nominations:
To be considered, an event must have an attendance of at least 1,000 and be in its third year of existence. There is a
$10.00 entry fee required per event. Top 20 Events strongly encourages entrants to support nominations by providing
supporting material such as photos, posters, brochures, press releases, news clippings and/or volunteer programs. To
find out more, visit

December 3-4        Group Travel Boot Camp – Macon Contact Katie Baasen at for details

December 9          Northeast Georgia Mountains Regional Travel Association Meeting, (12 noon) Babyland General
                    Hospital, Cleveland, GA

January 8           STS Top 20 Events Nomination Deadline for July, August, & September 2010. For nomination forms
                    and more info, go to

January 25-26       Joy Walstrum from the Tourism Development Alliance of Georgia will present ―Tourism Grassroots
                    101‖ on January 25th (location to be announced) and Tourism Day at the Capitol will be held on
                    January 26th.

Feb 8-19            GACVB Winter Meeting at the Hilton Atlanta-Marietta Conference Center in Marietta - Website for
                    info is or call 912-897-6339.
Feb 19-20           18 Annual Georgia Organics Conference and Expo – Athens, GA

March 13-           ITB Berlin ( Let STS put your destination in front
                    of the German-language media using resources you already have.

March 22-24         STS Spring Meeting ( ―Refresh, Renew, Recharge‖ is our theme in
                    Nashville. Join your friends to learn new marketing methods

March 23            SE TTRA Symposium ( This one-day seminar in Nashville explores research
                    methods and tourism.
March 25-26     The History and Heritage Tourism: Discovering Georgia's Community Landmarks will take place
                March 25-26, 2010 in Warm Springs, GA. For more information, contact: Conference Coordinator
                Carole Moore at 404-463-8434 or

April 9, ‗10    STS Top 20 Events Nomination Deadline for October, November, & December. For nomination
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                education programs (One week of education will have you energized to tackle new projects)

Aug 30-Sept 1   Georgia Governor‘s Conference on Tourism in Athens, GA

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