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					                              APC NEWSLETTER

                                     P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
Vol. 3 No. 3                                                                                         March

                  THE NEXT MEETING OF APC WILL BE ON WEDNESDAY, April 3, 2002
               at 7:30 PM in Room 204, YWCA Building, 1517 Ritchie Highway, Arnold, MD

          Speaker: Alan Summers, Host of WBMC radio program "The Garden Club"
        Topic: "Aspects of Gardening, including Deer and Drought Resistant Perennials"

                    Minutes of March 6, 2002 Meeting, YWCA Building, Arnold, MD.

                                                                  Four amendments were introduced and
     CALL TO ORDER AND ADMINISTRATION                             passed.
                                                                  1. Ripley Property, south of Rt. 50 at 1037
   President Ann Fligsten called the meeting to                      Skidmore Drive: Change from RLD to
   order at 7:35 PM. She welcomed Robert Tufts,                       R-1.
   from the Anne Arundel Green Party, Penny Lord,                 2. Rommell Property, 1007 Skidmore
   delegate from Glen Oban and Gerry Gimbelstob,                     Drive: Change from C-3 to C-2. Marc
   alternate delegate from Rugby Hall.                               Bowen's property is still proposed to be
                                                                     zoned C-4, as passed at the 2/4/02
   OFFICERS' REPORTS                                                 County Council meeting.
                                                                  3. Lonergan Property, Chesapeake Char-
   Secretary's Report – Sage Mumma                                   ter, Inc, 424 Broadneck Road: R-1 to 3
   The minutes of the February 6 APC meeting                         acres into W-2 and 6 acres into OS
   were corrected to reflect that a motion to accept                 (open space).      The Community of
   the Audit Committee report had been moved,                        Whispering Woods and Mr. Lonergan
   seconded and unanimously approved as                              have come to an agreement that
   presented.   The 2/6/02 minutes were then                         includes covenants on his property. The
   approved as corrected.                                            recently passed bus bill and the use
                                                                     variance that already exists on this
   Treasurer's Report – Arnie Dordick                                property would allow a total of 30 buses
   A balance of $413.59 was reported in the                          in the W-2 portion of the property. The
   checking account and $528.48 in savings for a                     covenant would cap the number of
   total balance of $942.07. The report was filed                    buses at 50.
   for audit.                                                     4. Ackerman Property, Davis Press Repair,
                                                                     Inc, Landon Lane and Magothy Drive:
   STANDING AND                                                      This property was R-2 but had been
                                                                     downzoned to R-1.           The owners
                                                                     requested reinstatement of R-2 zoning.
   Zoning / Legislation / County Council
                                                             2. Fishpaws/ Jiffy Lube – A rendering of the
                                                                proposed renovation for Fishpaws was
   1. Comprehensive Zoning–Broadneck Area
                                                                discussed, as was the nature of the activity
      (Bill 3-02) – Tom Novak reported on the                   at the site just north of the building. APC will
      public testimony and amendments to the bill               continue to monitor the activity there.
      at the 3/4/02 County Council meeting.
Environment / Beautification
Ann Fligsten announced that APC is looking for               "The Mission of the Arnold Preservation
a second member to co-chair the Environ-                     Council is to unite the people of Arnold to
ment/Beautification Committee.                               enhance Arnold’s identity as a desirable
                                                             community that preserves its rural heritage
                                                             and its environment by advocating
Magothy River Association (MRA)                              responsible growth, linked neighborhoods,
Diane Scherer's report from the February MRA                 local small businesses, and excellent
meeting included the following:                              schools."
1. At the MRA public forum, President Paul              This will be reviewed at the April APC
     Spadaro spoke on the group's five-year plan        meeting. Once a Mission Statement has
     to restore oysters in the Magothy, along with      been adopted, work will begin on formulating
     other efforts to improve water quality and         a vision statement, goals, and objectives for
     restore aquatic grasses.                           APC.
2. Other speakers addressed such topics as           2. Definition of APC Members: A lively
     ongoing efforts to monitor water quality,          discussion about potential future members
     bacterial contamination, and the consump-          of APC brought forth the following
     tion of fish. Sally Hornor spoke on the work       information: Membership should be opened
     of the Magothy River Trust and the recent          to residents of Arnold and Arnold businesses
     acquisition of a conservation easement for         also, with a business having only one vote.
     the 400 acre Looper property on the north          Institutions such as the YWCA, Anne
     bank of the river.                                 Arundel Community College, churches, and
3. A representative from the Chesapeake Bay             schools would be encouraged to become
     Trust presented the MRA with a $13,000             active members. This topic will be revisited
     grant check, which will be used to support         in April.
     various restoration activities.                 3. 1061 B & A Blvd. – "Grass Groomers"
Diane provided a handout summarizing the                Property
activities of the MRA.                                  APC has contacted Gail Smith, Community
                                                        and Constituent Services Specialist from Ms.
Bylaws Committee                                        Owens' office. She will look into our concern
Ann Fligsten noted that this committee would be         about parked vehicles on the site.
called into action once our new Mission              4. Smith Equestrian Center – Lucy Iliff reported
Statement is passed.         Sage Mumma, Past           on the 2/28/02 hearing before the House
President, is the chair of this committee.              Commerce and Government Matters
                                                        Committee on House Bill 1181, drafted by
Delegates to Community Organizations                    Delegates Rzepkowski and Baldwin. The bill
                                                        was introduced with the Smith Farm in mind
GSPC - Penny Lord reported on the February              but also "(f)or the purpose of requiring
12 GSPC meeting. The main topic of the                  counties to pay former property owners the
evening was Education, delegates for the Anne           difference between the purchase price and
Arundel County School Board Nominating                  the fair market value for property purchased
Convention, and the issue of the scheduling for         by the county when the property is used in a
middle schools students.        GSPC passed a           manner inconsistent with the purposes for
motion in favor of the 7-period day.                    which it was conveyed; and generally
                                                        relating to property conveyed to a county for
Broadneck Federation - APC is in need of a              less than fair market value." The bill and its
member to attend these meetings.                        amendment would help to save the integrity
                                                        of the County's contract with Elizabeth
                                                        Gleaves for the Smith Farm. Sage Mumma
UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                     and Lucy Iliff were among those presenting
1. Mission Statement:                                   either written or oral testimony to the
   The members reviewed the draft of the                committee in support of the bill as amended.
   Mission Statement, which had been
   developed by the Executive Committee.                 Mrs. Gleaves may file a lawsuit. Between
   After much discussion, the statement was              $5,000 to $10,000 will be needed. Anyone
   revised to read:                                      wishing to make a pledge toward the lawsuit
                                                         expenses should contact Sage Mumma,
                                                         Lucy Iliff or Ann Fligsten.

                                                     NEW BUSINESS
Ann Fligsten announced that APC has been
invited to join the New National Alliance for             Zoning Map and Public Testimony
Transportation Alternatives. This group does                       Information:
training on building coalitions to work on local,
state, and national transportation issues.               The zoning map, Bill 03-02, for the
Membership in this alliance would be free to             Broadneck area will be included in the
APC. Arnie Dordick moved that APC accept the             agenda of the April 1 County Council
invitation to join. The motion was duly seconded         meeting. The meeting will begin at 7
and it passed unanimously.          Ann will be          PM at the Arundel Center. Testimony
attending a training session sponsored by the            will be taken and a final vote on the bill
alliance on March 13 .                                   will occur.

Courtney Moen reported that the property owned
by Landmark Corporation, across from the
entrance to Glen Oban, is still for sale by the
owner. It had previously been listed with a series   The Executive Committee will meet on March
of local real estate companies. The property is        th
                                                     27 at 7:30 PM at Ann Fligsten's home.
zoned R-1.
The property near 1143 B & A Blvd. is also for


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.                  The next meeting of APC
                                                            will be held on
Respectfully Submitted
Sage Mumma, Secretary                                    April 3rd at 7:30 PM
                                                        YWCA Building in Arnol

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