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                                                                                                  FALL ISSUE | 2009

On September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy struck Phillipines, and brought
a month’s worth of rainfall in just a few hours, causing severe flooding
which resulted in the loss of many lives and the displacement of hundreds
of thousands of people.

Humanity First immediately mobilized teams, and volunteers
distributed 225 relief packs containing urgently-needed items such as
bottled water, food and medicine. Of the 225 packs, 41 were distributed
to disaster victims at Bagong Ilog Evacuation Centre, and the remaining
184 packs were given out at the ULTRA Evacuation Centre, where 905
displaced families had been temporarily relocated.

Humanity First continues to assess the aftermath of this natural disaster,
providing ongoing support to the displaced victims. The teams have begun
shelter repair and re-construction of permanent restroom facilities.

                                             three-quarters of the earth covered         Kogo.
                                             in water, it would seem unlikely that       Humanity First has started on 10 well
                                             there is water scarcity at all. However,    projects, and is looking for sponsors to
                                             searching for clean and portable water      support the remaining 30 wells. Each
                                             sources is a daily chore for thousands      well will serve more than 1000 people.
                                             of Nigerian women and children, who         By having access to clean and fresh
                                             spend many hours hauling water from         drinking water, villagers will no longer
                                             pumps and basins to their homes. In         have to walk miles to get water, and
                                             order to provide fresh drinking water,      they will also be protected from water-
           e take it for granted, we waste   Humanity First has drilled wells to serve
           it, and we even pay too much      several villages in Nigeria.
to drink it from little plastic bottles.     Humanity First has identified 40
                                             locations where bore holes are urgently
Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. It     needed because of poor access to
is the foundation of life, a basic human     drinking water. These wells will be
need. Yet today, all around the world,       drilled in the selected regions including
far too many people spend their              Italebago Ijigbo in Ogun State, Zuzungi
entire day searching for it. With nearly     in Niger, Inabo and Ogbagede villages in
SERVING HUMANITY:                            FOOD BANK: Hunger Cannot Wait
The Spirit of Volunteerism
Editorial | Munaza Khan                               unger is the most extreme
                                                      form of poverty. Chronic
It is an undeniable fact that volunteering            hunger, or food insecurity,
brings a tremendous sense of                 means that a family isn’t meeting its
accomplishment. It is the best way           most basic nutritional needs.
of “giving” that can be shared as a
community, family, or with friends.          A unique initiative of Humanity First
Sacrificing time for charity work is one     Canada is called “Feed a Family”
of the most rewarding and self-fulfilling    Program. The primary objective of this program is to provide food
acts that one can engage in.                 security to those struggling with difficult circumstances and experiencing
                                             challenges meeting daily sustenance needs. This program is distinct in
The volunteers of Humanity First come        GTA, through which food is delivered to the doorsteps of the needy and
to work from all walks of life, their        disabled.
personal morale providing powerful
motivation for humanitarian service.         The recipients are people who cannot reach the Food Bank due to
They provide exemplary service and are       physical disability or lack of available transport, including seniors, single
dedicated on issues of hunger, education,    parents, students, individuals in severe financial distress, without stable
homelessness, natural disaster relief,       shelter, battling abuse or other handicaps, bed-ridden patients or those
poverty, and many other areas of concern     who are ill-equipped for regular employment. The goal is to assist them
on local, national and global levels. By     with their needs and slowly build confidence, so that they become self
uplifting individuals and groups through     sufficient.

education and humanitarian efforts, the
volunteers of Humanity First express               Before I started getting food through Humanity First, I was
themselves through understanding,                  dependent on uncertain resources. Sometimes I would
sharing, compassion and everyday acts
of friendliness and loving kindness.
                                                   have food, sometimes I won’t as I can’t go out myself
                                                   to get it. Now with one phone call the food is delivered
Our prayers and gratitude is one small
way to thank the people who spend
hours of their time, some dedicating their
lives for a cause, and working extremely
                                                   to me by passionate volunteers of Humanity First

                                             Last month, a team of dedicated employees from Home Depot generously
                                             volunteered to help out at the Humanity First Food Bank. The seven
                                                                                                                 a   ”
hard to gather funding and provide relief    enthusiastic volunteers, including two managers, helped with renovations
to the distressed and displaced all over     at our location in Concord. As a result of their efforts, the Food Bank
the world.                                                                                        now has a brand
                                                                                                  new pantry with
During the upcoming holiday season,                                                               accessible shelving
let us also inculcate the spirit of giving                                                        to store food items.
by joining the team of Humanity First                                                             A Great Big Thank
workers. Let us all make a pledge today                                                           You to our friends
to dedicate our skills, time and energy                                                           at Home Depot!!
to support the mandate of Humanity
First. Let us resolve to make a positive
contribution to the commendable work
being done by Humanity First, so that
we may also fulfill our obligations as
global citizens!


                     “In the past a sick person could not be carried to the hospital
                  because there was no way to cross the river. This bridge will enable
                   us to take the sick to hospital and children can also go to school.”

         he summer of 2009 was a             prosperity has been bridged. A bridge     Humanity First Canada immediately
         historic time for the people of a   was built, allowing easy access and       mobilized teams to help disaster
         remote village named LaHatte,       transport for the villagers of LaHatte.   victims. However, in an effort to
in the town of Torbeck, Haiti. It is the     A bus service was also launched on the    provide long lasting relief, Humanity
day when the lives of 14,000 people          day of the bridge inaugration.            First undertook the initiative of building
changed! The citizens of Torbeck live in     Haiti is the poorest country in the       a bridge in the village of LaHatte,
a very remote area that is surrounded        Western Hemisphere. Last fall, at least   Torbeck. Humanity First hopes that this
by high and low rivers. During the dry       800 people were killed in Haiti, in       bridge will have a long term impact on
season, villagers have access to the         the wake of four tropical storms. The     the community and has the potential to
city but in the rainy season or when a       catastrophe also left many homeless       lift the poverty- stricken families out of
cyclone hits, they are completely cut off    begging for food and clothes, as about    their dire situation, providing them with
from the mainland for months.                60 per cent of Haiti’s food harvest had   employment and income.
                                             been destroyed due to this natural
On August 23rd Humanity First gave           disaster.
Torbeck residents a gift that changed
their lives. The gap between poverty and

                                                                                              Dr. Aslam Daud
                                                                                                              , Chairman, Hu
                                                                                              Canada, was pr                   manity First
                                                                                                             esent at the rib
                                                                                              ceremony for the                bon cutting
                                                                                                                inauguration of
                                                                                                                                the bridge.


In the last year alone, Humanity First provided:
   Clean drinking water to                   Daily food and rations              Educational support to
   over 1.53 million people                  for over 31,100 families            over 17,000 students

                                            o w m a n y vel to
                                          H            tra
                                          should one         r?
                                          get  clean wate
                                                                   The DE.
                                                                YOU DECIBEST                                                                                                      Charity is to
                                           FEED ANWeEMPTY STOMACH
                                                 40 lls
                                                                                                                       40 Sponsors
                          A WELL                                                                                       40,000 Lives
               SPONSORR H U M A N I T Y
                  E R F O
               W A T                                            dicated to prov
                                                                                  iding a
                                                ' project is de         o are deprive
                 The 'Water    for Humanity                          wh
                                                  water to those                         es
                 continuous su
                                 pply of clean                         ntified 40 villag
                                                     ity First has ide                     ll
                                   cessity. Human                     Each water we
                  of this basic ne                   inking water.
                                   need clean dr
                  that urgently
                                     00 people.
                   serves up to 10                                                        lls.
                                                                         r the 40 we
                                                         rs to sponso
                                      g for 40 dono 00 lives, and together we
                    We are lookin                     r 40,0                                                                                                      DONATE
                                    can help bette
                    Together we
                                       ity First!                                                                                                                  NOW.
                        n put Human
                                              ell for on             ly $5000
                                  Sponsor a w          00 lives!
                                   and he lp enrich 10
                                                                                                                                     L4K 1H8
                                                                                                                    , Concord, ON
                                                                                                     245 Bowes Rd. 346

                                                     DA                                                              0.0
                                     Fi rs tCA NAa Fu tur e
                                                                                                     Tel/Fax: 416.44               a
                         Hu ma ni ty         ild ing  Bu
                                                                                                      Email: info@h
                                                                                                      Web: www.h
                                        mm un itie s,                                                                                                                          disease
                         Re sto rin g Co : 87254 1040 RR0001                                                                                                  ger, poverty and
                                                                                                                                           s to mitigate hun s or human conflicts.
                          Charity Registra
                                           tion No                                                                          ation that aim
                                                                                                           n relief organiz                     natural disaster

                                                                                        le and humanitaria peoples sufferings caused by
                                                                       -profit charitab                reduce
                                                     international non                  and strives to
                                   t is a registered an beings around the world
                     Humanity Firs
                                         privileged hum
                      among the less

                                                                                                                                        by The Ontario Trillium Foundation.O D A Y !
                                                                                                                                    Humanity First Food Bank is proudly supported

 Pledge Form                                                                                                     Feed a family
                                                                          Please fax, of those who need it.
                                           Humanity First puts food on the table email or mail the completed form to:
        Yes! I/we would like to donate to Humanity First. All proceeds will
        go to various humanitarian and relief programs of Humanity First. 416.440.0346 or
                                        Support Humanity First in feeding the hungry. Donate generously!
 NAME _________________________________________________________                                                                                                                          CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT # _____________________________________________

                                                                                   CREDIT CARD EXPIRATION DATE food is delivered to CVD#
                    A unique initiative of Humanity First Food Bank, through which_________________________ the __________
 ORGANIZATION ___________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                       (MM/YYYY)

                                                                                      recipients are people who are facing
                    doorsteps of the needy and disabled. TheNAME AS IT APPEARS ON CREDIT CARD ______________________________________
 ADDRESS ________________________________________________________
                    challenges in their daily sustenance,
 CITY _______________________ PROVINCE ____________ POSTAL CODE __________ and cannot reach $the Food Bank due to physical
                                                                                   PAYMENT AMOUNT _________________________________________________

                                                                                   CARD HOLDER people are without stable shelter,
                    disability or lack of available transport. Most of these SIGNATURE __________________________ DATE _______________
 TELEPHONE ___________________________ FAX _________________________
                    battling abuse, single parents, students under debt, bed ridden patients and are ill-
 EMAIL _________________________________________________________
                                                                                   Please send donations to:                       CREDIT CARD TYPE:
                    equipped for regular employment.                               Humanity First
 PAYMENT METHOD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Visa
                                                                                                                                                                     245 Bowes Road, Unit #1
    Cash        Credit Card  Cheque * Please make checks payable
                 Non-Perishable Food for a Month                                                                                                                                    Food 1H8                  MasterCard
                                                                                                                                                                     Concord, Ontario L4K Delivered to Door Steps
                                                                                                                                                            No Questions Asked
                                                                                         to Humanity First
                                                                                                                                                                                         All donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.   American Express
                     To donate, visit or call 416.440.0346
                                  HumanityFirst CANADA                                                                                                                                     245 Bowes Rd., Concord, ON L4K 1H8
                                                                                                                                                                                           Tel/Fax: 416.440.0346
                                  Restoring Communities, Building a Future                                                                                                                 Email:
                                  Charity Registration No: 87254 1040 RR0001                                                                                                               Web:
                                   Humanity First is a registered international non-profit charitable and humanitarian relief organization that aims to mitigate hunger, poverty and disease among
|4|                                        the less privileged human beings around the world and strives to reduce peoples sufferings caused by natural disasters or human conflicts.

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