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					                      Do you want to connect the MTSU Network?

                               Then you have to have the NAC!

The NAC or Network Access Control program is an application that all students most load to connect the
MTSU Network. Replacing Cisco’s Clean Access, Enterasys’ NAC will allow students to connect to the
Internet in their dorms and wireless locations on campus.

How do I download the NAC?
When a computer is connected to the Network for the first time the web browser will open to the
Housing & Residential Network login page. Once you login with your PipelineMT username and
password you will begin the registration process.

First time users will see a second pop-up window that will ask you to login a second time. Here to you
will login with your PipelineMT username and password once again. Following the second login you will
see a screen that will ask you for your name and email address. Makes sure you click on the Complete
Registration button when you are done.

After a couple of moments the screen will change and you will see the message Network Access
Violation. Don’t panic. All you need to do is download and install the Agent.

Important Note: If you have a Mac computer or are running a computer with a Linux OS then you
should just click on the Reattempt Network Access button. Mac and Linux users are allowed o on the
Network without installing the NAC

After the Enterasys NAC is installed you will see a red icon with a white e in your start-up tray (the set of
icons next to the time). Clicking on the Reattempt Network Access will start the Remediation process.
After remediation your computer will be allowed on the Network.

What is the Remediation process?
NAC’s primary purpose is to make sure computer meets certain guidelines necessary for a save network.
The NAC scans your computer to make sure it has: the NAC agent installed, that an up-to-date anti-virus
is loaded, that the automatic updates from Microsoft are allowed and that file sharing programs are not

For students using the wireless networks file sharing can be loaded but cannot be in use on the MTSU
Network. All other restrictions apply however for wireless users.
Remediation is simply the scanning that the NAC does to make sure that the MTSU Network is safe for

Is their Guest Access for the NAC?
Yes, there is guest access. Guest access can be sponsored by a staff or faculty member by inserting the
sponsors’ email address to confirm the network access. Contact the Help Desk if you have any questions
about guest access. 615-898-5345

What are the benefits the NAC provides?
Providing a more secure network environment while, ensuring clients are less susceptible to virus by
making them compliant.

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