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FTP willingness for Aug_Sep_Oct 11 230711


									Field Training Programs during Aug, Sep & Oct 2011
       It is proposed to conduct FTPs (Battery/PP/EA Maintenance, Transmission
Basics, Productivity with MS WORD in a day, Productivity with MS Excel in a day,
ERP Awareness {For Executives}, MNP, 3G Handset configuration, BB CPE
configuration and New Trends in Marketing) one day each on the below mentioned
probable dates for training Executives / Non Executives at various SSAs vide CGMT
Bg Lr No. HRD-I/2-12/BBS/Trg Stmt/I Dtd 21.02.2011 & 25.4.2011 to meet the
training targets for the year 2011-12.
       Volunteers are hereby called from the officers who are willing to go to the SSAs
for conducting the FTPs. Please give your willingness on or before 05.8.2011. Any
changes in scheduled programmes will be informed through intranet/SMS.
If no option is received, the administration will nominate and depute the faculty.

     Name of SSA         Probable dates          Name of the officers          Remarks

1    Belgaum         17.10.11    22.10.11

2    Bijapur         10.10.11    15.10.11

3    Chikkamagalur   5.9.11      9.9.11

4    Hubli           19.9.11     24.9.11

5    Karwar          10.10.11    15.10.11

6    Mandya          22.8.11     27.8.11

7    Mangalore       17.10.11    22.10.11

8    Shimoga         12.9.11     17.9.11

     Mysore &        FTPs will be conducting at RTTC Mysore only. The dates / courses for
     Kodagu          the training will be mentioned directly in the CTMS please.

                                                                  Divisional Engineer (TM)
                                                                              RTTC Mysore
                                    --- P T O ---
Name Signature   Name Signature   Name Signature

AS               GPJ              RT

ASA              KS               SBK

AVS              KVM              SBM

BKG              MRR              SCG

BTR              NBP              SMA

CSH              PAK              SRK

CSR              PI               VSH

DKP              PS               VSM

GA               RMH              VVH

GPH              RPH              VVH

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