A Resolution Concerning Tanning Beds and Public Health by liwenting


									Blazing Sun Congress                                                          A
February 9th, 2008
            A Resolution to Encourage Responsible Handling of Garbage Waste

   1.       WHEREAS,     Most of the trash that people throw away is recyclable; and

   2.       WHEREAS,     Our planet is running out of landfills; and

   3.       WHEREAS,     Our planet does not have endless resources; and

   4.       WHEREAS,     Factories that use recycled materials create much less

   5.                    pollution than those that make the original material,

   6.                    including aluminum, paper, and plastic; and

   7.       WHEREAS,     All of the other trash that doesn’t go into landfills goes into

   8.                    the oceans; and

   9.       WHEREAS,     Much of the trash that goes into the ocean is plastic, which

   10.                   causes health problems for various kinds of animals; and

   11.      WHEREAS,     Recycling will save the remaining 5% of America’s natural

   12.                   forests; and

   13.      WHEREAS,     Recycling is generally good for the environment; now,

   14.                   therefore, be it

   15.      RESOLVED     By the student congress here assembled that: The United

   16.                   States government should encourage the recycling of all

   17.                   reusable objects.

Introduced by Bear Creek High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                         B
February 9th, 2008
              A Resolution Concerning Farm Subsidies to Organic Farmers

   1. WHEREAS,     Organic crops are grown without the use of conventional
   2.              pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge,
   3.              and processed without ionizing radiation or food additives; and
   4. WHEREAS,     Organic foods are healthier and more body-friendly since they are
   5.              grown without growth hormones and aren’t genetically modified;
   6.              and
   7. WHEREAS, A 2001 study by researchers at Washington State University
   8.              concluded under judgment by a panel of tasters, that the
   9.              sweetness, texture, and firmness of the organic apples were rated
   10.             higher than those grown conventionally; and
   11. WHEREAS,    The Soil Association conducted a systematic review of the
   12.             evidence comparing the vitamin and mineral content of organic
   13.             and conventionally grown food and found that, on average,
   14.             organic food contains higher levels of vitamin C and essential
   15.             minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium
   16.             therefore making organic food more healthy, and
   17. WHEREAS, Organic food can be more expensive than conventional food and
   18.             thus too highly priced to be affordable to persons on a lower
   19.             income; and
   20. WHEREAS, The cost to produce organic food is increasing due to new
   21.             regulations on the meaning of organic; now, therefore, be it
   22. RESOLVED by the student congress here assembled that: The United States
   23.             federal government should offer subsidies to farmers that produce
   24.             organic foods that have acquired organic certification from the
   25.             FDA.
Introduced by Overland High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                             C
February 9th, 2008



   2. Section 1.    All military contractors be banned from all combat zones.

   3. Section 2.    Definitions:

   4.               Military contractor - any person from any force wielding a firearm

   5.               that is not enlisted in a military force.

   6.               Combat zone - any area within a 2 mile radius of a location where

   7.               an insurgent attack has happened in the last 2 weeks.

   8. Section 3.    This bill will require no funding and will be enforced by the

   9.               Department of Defense.

   10. Section 4.   This bill will go in to effect on July 1st, 2009.

   11. Section 5.   All other laws in conflict with this bill shall here by be

   12.              declared null and void.

Introduced by Cheyenne East High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                        D
February 9th, 2008

   1.    WHEREAS,       The USA Patriot Act was established for Uniting and

   2.                   Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools

   3.                   Require to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism following the

   4.                   terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11,

   5.                   2001; and

   6.    WHEREAS,       The conditions under which the Patriot Act was established

   7.                   are no longer at emergency status; and

   8.    WHEREAS,       The Patriot Act is in direct opposition to the Constitutional

   9.                   right to privacy granted to all American citizens; now,

   10.                  therefore, be it

   11.   RESOLVED       By this Student Congress here assembled that: The USA

   12.                  Patriot Act should be repealed.

   Introduced by Arapahoe High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                        E
February 9th, 2008


1.    WHEREAS,     Gambling employs over 22.4% of the work force; and

2.    WHEREAS,     Casinos have increased tourism by over 300%;and

3.    WHEREAS,     Gambling generates more revenues than movies, spectator sports,

4.                 theme parks, cruise ships and recorded music combined, and

5.    WHEREAS,     According to the American Gaming Commission, in 2006, gambling

6.                 in general made over $85 billion, and

7.    WHEREAS,     Legalizing gambling could help the United States economy; now,

8.                 therefore, be it

9.    RESOLVED     By the Student Congress here assembled that: Gambling

10.                should be legalized in the U.S. for the purposes of entertainment

11.                and economic prosperity.

Introduced by Rock Canyon High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                           F
February 9th, 2008

   1. WHEREAS,       Every year, millions of animals are poisoned and killed in barbaric

   2.                tests to evaluate consumer products and their ingredients; and

   3. WHEREAS,       Rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals are forced to

   4.                endure massive physical pain and torture; and

   5. WHEREAS, Results of animal testing are often unreliable or not applicable to

   6.                humans; and

   7. WHEREAS.       No law requires that cosmetics and household products be tested

         on animals; and

   8. WHEREAS,       The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) “urges cosmetic

   9.                manufacturers to conduct whatever tests are appropriate to

   10.               establish that their cosmetics are safe,”; and

   11. WHEREAS, there are many sophisticated non-animal test methods available

   12.               now; now, therefore be it

   13. RESOLVED      By the student congress here assembled that: Animal testing for

   14.               cosmetics should be banned.

   Introduced by Bear Creek High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                           G
February 9th, 2008
  An Act to Legalize the Right to Sell, Own, and Breed American Pit Bulls in Denver,



   2. Section 1.    Any person in the Denver Metro are have the legal right to own,

   3. breed, and sell an American Pit Bull.

   4. Section 2.    Definitions

   5.               Own – to have or possess

   6.               Sell – to give to a purchaser for a price

   7.               Breed – to produce, procreate, engender

   8. Section 3.    Provisions

   9.               Any owner that wishes to breed a Pit Bull must have a dog

   10.              breeder’s license. Owners will have the right to give away or sell

   11.              Pit Bulls.

   12. Section 4.   Penalty Clause

   13.              If owners are abusing the dogs or using them for illegal activity,

   14.              the owner will be punished accordingly. It will be up to the judge

   15.              if the dog is put to sleep or given to a rescue mission for dogs.

   16. Section 5.   Enactment Clause

   17.              The law is to go into effect immediately.

   18. Section 6.   All laws in conflict with this bill will hereby be declared null and

   19.              void.

   Introduced by Bear Creek High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                          H
February 9th, 2008
      A Resolution to Urge the Drinking Age be Lowered to 18 for Military Personnel

   1. WHEREAS,     Members of the Armed Forces are defending America on a daily

   2.              basis starting at the age of 18; and

   3. WHEREAS,     Those overseas are allowed to drink if being supervised; and

   4. WHEREAS,     The process of receiving permission to supervise is a difficult task;

   5.              and

   6. WHEREAS, Many medical studies have found that one beer, glass of wine, or

   7.              shot of liquor is healthy for the lungs; and

   8. WHEREAS,     The fine for underage drinking has already been dropped from

   9.              five hundred dollars to only ten dollars for service members only;

   10.             and

   11. WHEREAS, Military service members see it necessary to fit in with their new

   12.             peers; and

   13. WHEREAS, The drinking age has been eighteen before in the United States;

   14.             and

   15. WHEREAS, These people risk their lives for a country that has laws

   16.             preventing them from drinking once they return home; now,

   17.             therefore, be it

   18. RESOLVED By the student congress here assembled that: All military

   19.             personnel receive an identification card that allows them to

   20.             legally drink at the age of 18 in any establishment that serves

   21.             alcohol.

   Introduced by Bear Creek High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                         I
February 9th, 2008
              A Resolution Concerning Tanning Beds and Public Health

   1 WHEREAS,     There are more than one million new skin cancer cases annually;

   2              and

   3 WHEREAS,     58% of female teens use tanning beds; and

   4 WHEREAS,     Only 34.4% of teens use sunscreen; and

   5 WHEREAS,     Tanning beds cause premature aging and easily dry the skin,

   6              causing a loss of elasticity; and

   7 WHEREAS,     Teens are the prime target of the tanning industry; and

   8 WHEREAS,     36% of females who begin tanning at the age of twelve do so for

   9              at least the next twenty years; and

   10 WHEREAS,    Melanoma is more common than any skin cancer among young

   11             women; and

   12 WHEREAS,    A tanning bed increases skin cancer risks by 14% while the cancer-

   13             causing levels are ten to fifteen percent higher; now, therefore,

   14             be it

   15 RESOLVED, By the student congress here assembled that: Minors do not use a

   16             tanning bed.

   Introduced by Bear Creek High School
Blazing Sun Congress                                                        J
February 9th, 2008

  1.       WHEREAS,     Soda is being sold in public schools even as obesity in the

  2.                    younger generation is at an all time high; and

  3.       WHEREAS,     Caffeine is an addictive substance; and

  4.       WHEREAS,     Teens are depending upon this caffeine to replace the

  5.                    body’s natural substance; and

  6.       WHEREAS,     The sugar in the soda dissolves the tooth enamel,

  7.                    increasing cavities; and

  8.       WHEREAS,     Drinking soda at a young age could lead to health problems

  9.                    later in life; and

  10.      WHEREAS,     Research from British University suggests soda causes cell

  11.                   damage; and

  12.      WHEREAS,     Some soda can compromise DNA structures; and

  13.      WHEREAS,     Younger people don’t realize the negative impact of

  14.                   drinking soda; and

  15.      WHEREAS,     The greatest threat to health in the USA is obesity in the

  16.                   younger generation; and

  17.      WHEREAS,     Selling sodas in public schools makes them complicit in the

  18.                   obesity problem; now, therefore, be it

  19.      RESOLVED     By the student congress here assembled that: The schools

  20.                   should stop selling sodas and replace them with healthier

  21.                   alternatives.

  Introduced by Bear Creek High School

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