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					Richmond Public Schools                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

                     SIS Functional Requirements Instructions
This section of the RFP contains instructions for responding to the functional requirements of the new Student
Information System. In responding to the requirements, the codes indicated below must be used:

  Response Code                                               Definition
Y—Yes                 Requirement will be met. This application requirement is met by proposed software that is
                      installed and operational at other sites and can be demonstrated to the RPS.

N—No                  Requirement will not be provided.
C1—Customization      Requirement will be met by customizing existing software or through the use of software
                      tools such as application report writer, query, etc.
                      Note: In the Comments column next to this response, you must indicate the following:
                        · Description of customization
                        · Party who will perform the work (RPS or Vendor)
                        · Estimated level of effort involved in hours
                        · Estimated level of complexity (High, Medium, Low)
C2—Customization      Requirement will be met by customizing existing software for an additional cost to RPS.
                      Note: In the Comments column next to this response, you must indicate the following:
                       · Description of customization
                       · Estimated level of effort involved in hours
                       · Estimated level of complexity (High, Medium, Low)
                       · Estimated associated costs (must also be included the Proposer’s Costs, Appendix
                      B, Vendor Cost Forms).

UD—Under              Requirement will be met by packaged software that is currently under development, in
Development           Beta test, or not yet released.

P—Planned for a       Requirement is planned for a future release.
future release        Note: In the Comments column next to this response, indicate the date when requirement
                      will be available for implementation. If possible, also indicate any additional costs.

3—Supplied by 3rd     Requirement will be met by 3rd party software package and is included in this proposal.
                      Note: In the Comments column, indicate the name of the proposed 3rd party software
                      package and indicate the interface/integration services being proposed.

1. An omitted response will be assumed as the same as the response code of “N”.
2. Any deviation from the response codes will be re-coded at the discretion of the RPS.
3. Costs associated with “C2” or “UD” responses should be clearly shown in the Comments column
and must be included in the Vendor Cost Proposal.
4. If your response is only for part of the requirement statement, please make a clarifying statement in
the comments section.
5. A significant point penalty or a disqualification will be invoked if a Proposer misrepresents his
product’s functionality in the Appendix A assessment or in any other part of this RFP.

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  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                           SIS RFP - Appendix A

         Mandatory Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #

  1      Vendor has successfully implemented proposed solution in a district with at
         least 23,000 students and scalable to a minimum of 45,000 students
  2      A customizable product with all of the services necessary to install the system
         and train staff to become self-sufficient on the SIS
  3      A web-based application wherein data is accessible via a standard web
         browser, 24/7/365 for a PC and Mac
  4      SIF compliant/certified or being capable of being compliant/certified by SIS
         installation time
         ODBC compliant

  6      Uses a centralized Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or later) database to store all
         data and capable of operating in the district’s future shared services
         environment - or - provides all solution components through a hosted
  7      Allows database tracking of critical data changes
  8      Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint using web parts
  9      Supports security management through Active Directory and LDAP
 10      Provides role-based access control to the field level
 11      Includes a customizable, integrated, web-based teacher grade book and a
         parent web portal
 12      Provides parents with real-time information about student grades and
 13      Provides robust, real-time reporting of data to users at all levels
         Provides for on line edits at point of data entry

 15      Provides for VADOE state reporting
 16      Interface with other District applications listed in Table 2.2 and further defined
         in Appendix C Student Information System Extracts

                                                                                Mandatory                                      Page: A-2
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                            SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
         System Administration
  1      permits system administration of all system software maintenance and
         functions to be done from any remote workstation
         performance monitors are built in to track system and user resources. For
         example, # of users currently logged in; cpu/memory usage, system availability.
  3      provides the capability to backup specific modules or all modules within the
         system, while the system is in use and is independent from a network backup
  4      supports immediate restart with no data loss if the system goes down (except in
         the case of certain hardware errors)
  5      ability to temporarily disable logins during maintenance
  6      ability to remove users currently logged into the system
         integrates seamlessly with the Internet to allow access to online software and
         support services, such as the capabilities to:
             receive information about the status of current service and support calls
  8          receive information and statistical data concerning software quality
            assurance issues
             receive and install new software releases, documentation, and updates
             provides designated personnel within the district with the ability to
            converse with vendor through a live chat facility concerning software issues
 11          connect into the vendor’s call center for questions and status on software
            fixes and issues
         provides the capability to migrate easily to new software releases and software
         fixes without the loss of data, customizations, user defined fields and
         information in those user defined fields or production / productivity capabilities
         supports the ability for district staff who have the appropriate security to easily
         develop end-user (pull down) fields, tables, screens and menus for interactive
         use to will meet the needs of district without vendor custom programming

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  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                              SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                     Response   Comments
Ref. #
         supports the ability of district staff with appropriate security levels to create
         different user interfaces (fields, screens, reports) without vendor custom
         programming, for the following end users:
 14            district specific screens and data field layouts
 15           school and site specific screens and data field layouts
 16          program specific screens and data field layouts
 17      supports the ability to create a custom student profile view by user profile or
         user role functionality
 18      supports the use of alternative end-user interfaces that provide for high-speed
         data entry functions without vendor custom programming
         provides the ability for vendor application upgrades to take place without having
         to re-establish or modify district user-defined fields and the data in those fields
 20      supports administration of certain features by the end-user (based on individual
         data level security), such as assigning new users or modifying and printing
         allows the system administrator to enable or disable any software system
         functionality to accommodate the specific needs of the following:
 21            district-wide
 22            school specific
 23            site specific (Ex. Central registration)
 24            program specific
 25      provides the capability for electronic signatures conforming to standards as
         defined and proposed by groups such as the National Conference of
         Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL)
 26      permits all critical fields that are edited / modified to be audited to a log showing
         previous entry, time/date of change, and who made the change. The log can
         only be accessed through a secure login.
 27      ability to view of system usage (who's on and what are they doing now) in real
 28      allows district technology staff to have full access to database
         Software Platform/Environment
 29      system employs a district centric (district-wide) approach so that all data across
         the district is stored in a single enterprise database with real-time updates for all
         online transactions

                                                                                 A. General                                       Page: A-4
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                               SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                      Response   Comments
Ref. #
 30      supports a variety of hardware environments should the district acquire different
         hardware in the future
 31      utilizes n-tiered, easily scalable open architecture
 32      conforms to industry standards using current, mainstream technologies so
         district has the option of using the same methods to make modifications and /or
         additions to the system
         provides online documentation identifying end-user step-by-step procedures for
         completing tasks and activities as well as online technical documentation
 34      provides online, multi-media, step-by-step help procedures for completing SIS
         system tasks and activities
 35      provides the ability to allow district to develop and produce district specific multi-
         media step-by-step help procedures and have them incorporated into the SIS
         system's help menus.
 36      the vendor shall provide, as part of the proposal, a list of data items available to
         other applications through the product's School Interoperability Framework
         (SIF) agent. Conversely, a list of data items which the product can update
         through SIF should be detailed.
 37      provides an alternate method to access staff and student data for an individual
         or individual school / site without relying on connection to the internet and / or
         User Interface
 38      provides a user customizable data dashboard with summary data
         provides the ability to page through selected students within a school or district
 40      provides the ability to customize the information field sets that appear for
 41      ability for user defined short cuts to commonly used queries and reports
 42      provides an online popup or explanation of all valid values for each validated
 43      supports error messages that are easily understood by the user with online
         error resolution help screens
 44      provides ability to drill-down using hyper-linked screens
 45      displays student name and ID on all student related screens
 46      provides for standard date entry without slashes (10282008)

                                                                                 A. General                                        Page: A-5
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                            SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
 47      validate dates against school calendar (at the school level, not the district - ex.
         Year round versus traditional)
 48      provides a common look and feel across system software modules for
         command structure, navigation, and functionality
         supports both PC and Macintosh browser compatibility as follows:
 49           supports IE 6 on Windows and Macintosh
 50           supports IE 7 on Windows and Macintosh
         PDA Support
         supports and fully interfaces with no client software with Personal Data
         Assistants (Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS) with the following
 51               comparable security procedures for log-on and password to the server
             SIS system
 52           use of the same user name and password
 53               provides the identical role level security
 54               prevents any stored PDA data from being printed, transferred or
             exported in any manner from the PDA
 55               provides secure data encryption
         provides PDA support for the following data as of the most recent server
 56               student demographic data with pictures and ID numbers
 57               student’s schedules including sections, location, subject, teacher, class
 58               student’s emergency contact information
 59               attendance
 60               health information and alerts
 61               security alerts if any
 62               staff information and schedules
 63      reads student ID badge (with picture) through bar code or magnetic strip for
         access to student data
 64      provides the capability to transfer student data securely between and within the
         district from the enterprise database to other district student record systems
         including, but not limited to, an imaging record center, transportation system,
         data / test analysis system and/or any other school district, agencies, and / or
         third party data systems.

                                                                                A. General                                      Page: A-6
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                            SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
 64      provides encrypted and highly secure access from locations outside the district
 65      provides the capability to maintain (export) the latest data element and transfer
         protocols as required by district to the State system.
 66      provides the capability to import and export data from and to a variety of
         industry standard formats, such as but not limited to ASCII text, DBF, SQL,
         XML , OBDC, and MS Office products
 67      application provides the general capability of supporting user-defined secured
         import of any data elements imported from an off-line sources, such as
         spreadsheets or other applications
 68      provides for the import facility to employ business rules for filtering data
 69      provides the ability for the district to easily set auto-triggers or scheduled
         imports/exports of data per pre-defined specifications
 70      provides the ability to import pictures / images from digital sources including but
         not limited to imaging center, school photo companies, etc.
         provides the capability to import / export address files (including but not limited
         to the US Postal Route Carrier’s Database) into the SIS enterprise database
 72      allows the user to create and save import or export file definitions
         Data Integrity/Validation
 73      allows district customizable data validation including mandatory fields
 74      allows the user to define, without vendor custom programming, any data
         element that must be tracked for changes
 75      provides the capability to verify data against a set of user defined rules and
         other field values
 76      ability to trigger events or alerts when a field reaches a certain value
 77      provides for edit and error checking for data inconsistencies and State Level
         calculates automatically and displays a student’s age based on date of birth
 79      validates each field as it is entered rather than after an entire screen or
         transaction is entered
 80      provides an auto-save feature or prompt to save when leaving screens in all
         modules (all data saved by exiting field)
 81      provides ―spell checking‖ ability to all narrative fields

                                                                                A. General                                      Page: A-7
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                               SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                      Response   Comments
Ref. #
         provides audit trail capability for all transactions and end-of-session totals, such
         as an audit report of all database file changes, transaction details, etc.

         Data Security
 83      supports multiple security levels. Login required at startup, access levels at all
         sub applications, and access levels at the field level. Access levels will include
         none, view, add, modify, and delete.
 84      tracks date, time, and user ID, username, IP address of the person making the
         change at the function, file, workstation and field level
 85      ability to store the user password in an encrypted format and prevent
         administrative personnel from being able to see password.
 86      provides for a defined number of failed log-in attempts before an account is
         temporarily disabled
 87      supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
 88      uses Microsoft Active Directory services for user authentication and centralized
         user management
 89      provides a security logon screen that validates the user against the security
         profile and continually stores the security profile where it can be accessed by all
         system processes/functions during each web session
 90      supports controlled data entry and data access through database-level and
         process-level security
 91      allows multiple levels of role defined access for different users (e.g., district
         administrators and staff, school administrators and staff, counselors, teachers,
         substitutes, students, parents, etc.)
 92      provides safeguards against accidental deletion/changes
 93      provides customizable templates for mass-creating users and groups
 94      capable of setting security at the field level, that is at the individual data element
         level. If not, please explain the security level scheme in the comment
 95      ensures that passwords automatically expire with the time period to be table
 96      provides the capability to auto logoff any user after a district pre-determined
         time of inactivity without any custom vendor programming
 97      provides the capability to the district staff to define an unlimited number of
         different roles / site with defined auto logoff times for users.

                                                                                 A. General                                        Page: A-8
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                            SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
 98      allows a user to fill multiple roles at multiple schools without being given access
         to all schools
         allows through single login, ability for selected users to view multiple schools
 100     ability to give non-teaching staff access to students they do not teach without
         giving them access to entire school
         Scalability and Flexibility
 101     provides the ability to use user-defined fields as a search key and sort the user
         defined data fields
 102     provides the ability to use user-defined fields as calculated values
 103     provides scalability by adding, rather than replacing hardware as growth is
 104     is scalable up to potentially thousands of concurrent users accessing the
         system via the Internet/Intranet (include maximum number of users and
         maximum number of concurrent users supported in the comments section)
 105     includes the flexibility to accommodate changing business processes with
         minimal system redesign without vendor custom programming
         General Application Requirements
 106     evidence of meeting all Virginia state reporting requirements successfully for at
         least one VA FTE and Student Record Data Collections cycle
 107     vendor maintains a on-going program to remain compliant with all future state
         reporting modifications and vendor updates maintained in a timely fashion
         without additional cost to district
 108     capable of maintaining all required state data to generate all state reports in the
         required formats
 109     system is configured to support, maintain, store, track and report individual
         student information for all district required State standardized tests
 110     provides centralized access to all records and data elements for student
         information, including demographics, enrollment, registration, enrollment and
         registration history, attendance, discipline, scheduling course requests, grade
         and progress reports, course and grade history, transcripts, user-defined
         records, immunization records, student schedules, individual learning plans,
         special education services and Individual Educational Plans, emergency &
         contact information, bilingual education, test scores, graduation requirements,

                                                                               A. General                                       Page: A-9
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                        SIS RFP - Appendix A

 A. RFP General Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
 111     capable of supporting the specific needs of students from birth to age 22, and
         educational levels pre-school through post secondary level while allowing the
         system features to be configured to meet the wide range of specific needs of
         the different district schools, sites, and programs
 112     allows for the automatic generation of a multi-track academic year calendar
         including beginning and ending dates, non-school days scheduled and non-
         scheduled etc.)
         allows academic year SIS calendars to be maintained for multi track schools,
         including year-round tracks with different academic years and meeting days
         within the same school as well as extended school hours e.g., programs before
         and after school for a minimum of an 18 hour school day
 114     lets summer school days be included or excluded from the academic year
 115     provides the capability to maintain academic calendars from past years
 116     system has no restrictions on the maximum number of years data may be
         stored for students
 117     ability to attach documents to individual records that have been scanned or
         saved by the user. The solution should accept all common file formats.
 118     ability to dual-enrolled student's information to be viewable by both schools

                                                                              A. General                                   Page: A-10
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                          SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Census/Home/Family Information
1001 stores supporting look up information, such as the State, district / school ID
     numbers, addresses, contact information, etc. for State districts, private and
     non-public, and non-district schools to aide in the transfer of student records

1002 provides the ability to easily select all active or inactive students in the district
     or school
1003 provides the ability to view all currently active students or all students that have
     historically attended schools in the district
1004 provides the ability to view students who previously transferred to another
     school from sending school during the school year
1005 maintains a minimum of 3 (three) student ID numbers of no less than 10 alpha
     numeric characters such as, but not limited to the state student ID number, a
     unique district generated SIS ID, assessment system student ID, etc.

1006 maintains detailed family data such as siblings, schools/districts attending,
     family addresses, phone numbers, and contacts
1007 ability to store multiple address types (home, business, mailing, residence,
     daycare, etc.)
1008 ability to track multiple parent/guardians/contacts including addresses, phone,
     and e-mail (an unlimited number of contacts)
1009 populates family address data for new siblings that register in a district
     program or school, automatically
1010 provides capability to update family address information for all siblings
1011 provides the ability to link a student to a previously existing family during the
     student enrollment process
1012 provides ability to mark phone numbers as unlisted and/or unpublished
1013 provides the capability to search for all siblings or family members within the
     district system and/or school by entering a last name or family number or any
     combination of the family demographic data
1014 provides the ability to enter a legal alert for a student
1015 provides capability to assign district attendance zones from validated student

                                                                           B. Registration                                   Page: A-11
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                          Response   Comments
Ref. #
1016 provides the capability to automatically verify the student’s address against a
       complete address table built on the US Postal Route Carrier’s database

1017 provides the ability to maintain a school of residence field based upon
     student’s address
1018 includes capability to identify and report those addresses not found in the
     district’s US Postal Route Carrier’s database
1019 ability to manually enter and identify a student attending an overflow school
     including the date of entry and mapping the student to his / her school of
1020 capability to monitor enrollment at the student’s school of residency and auto
     activate an alert when a seat becomes available for the student assigned to an
     overflow school
     Provides transportation informaton for each student including:
1021 Bus number AM
1022 Bus number PM
1023 Bus Route information
1024 provide ability to check what and where student bus stop is based on address,
     grade and zone
1025 provides the capability to flag students as not attending the school of
     residence, such as an overflow school, for the purposes of assigning bus route
     and bus stop numbers
1026 supports the addition of a field pull down menu which identifies how a student
     is to be transported to and from home / living quarters, bus route number,
     special education transportation, walking, or picked up by parent/guardian for
     each day of the week with the ability to easily make temporary one time event
     modifications on the fly
1027 includes capability to display, and print parent/ guardian’s home and work
     phone, cellular phone, fax number, pager numbers and e-mail addresses
       Student Identification
1028 provides the capability to automatically coordinate the assignment of unique
     student numbers up to 10 digits and maintain the integrity of non-repeating
     student identification numbers for a minimum of 22 years without custom
     vendor programming
1029 supports name and address fields up to 60 characters per field

                                                                        B. Registration                                Page: A-12
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
1030 ability to store and track an unlimited number of AKAs and identification data
       provides the capability to interface with various imaging / biometric software
       products to capture and retrieve:
1031          student / staff photographs
1032          parent and guardian photographs
1033          student and parent signatures
1034          student / staff digital fingerprints
1035          other biometric devices
1036          other RFID devices
1037          high speed optical scanning devices
1038 provides the capability for easily creating and displaying digitized pictures for
       attendance purposes, seating charts, and general student data
1038 provides the ability to create photo ID cards that can be used for computer
     identification purposes at any and all District facilities. The following are some
     examples: student registration / enrollment processing & positive ID checks,
     check in/check out for time-stamped attendance, point-of-sale in cafeteria, and
     library or media center, etc.
1039 has the capability to create bar codes or to program magnetic strips on student
     ID cards
1038 provides the capability to utilize WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
     features so that graphic images and text are displayed together on the screen
     before printing the ID card
1038 provides the capability to interface with standard ID badge printers
1039 provides pre-enrollment kiosk for parent entry of initial data
1040 provides for self-service student enrollment information to be placed in a data
     holding area for district personnel to review and process
1041 includes safeguards to help prevent users from newly enrolling a student who
     has been in the system before
1042 system tracks information on families to avoid redundant data entry if multiple
     students from the same family are enrolling, even if the enrollment takes place
     at different schools
1043 allows automatic assignment of permanent district ID and State ID and
     prevents duplication
1044 maintains an historical record of enrollment data

                                                                         B. Registration                                  Page: A-13
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                           SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                                 Response   Comments
Ref. #
1045     prevents date overlaps for main enrollments
1046     provides end of year enrollment projections
1047     tracks next year class/grade and school
1048     tracks special permission details if student is not attending school of residency

1049 includes ability to override and enroll out-of-district students at the district level
     or school level (if rights allocated
1050 provides the ability for students to be tracked by both Enrollment School and
     Home School where students are attending class out of district
1051 ability to automatically enroll flagged students recommended for and enrolled
     in summer school
1052 provides for updates of student profile fields from summer school
1053 provides the ability to merge duplicate students, parents, or staff
         system should include ability to store and track:
1054           locker numbers and allow mass assignment of lockers based upon
1055           field to indicate summer school student
1056           date of entry to country
1057           dates and eligibility in special programs (gifted, IEP, remedial, RTI, ELL,
1058           identification of students birthplace, city, state and country
1059           disadvantaged information: free / reduced lunch
1060           multiple status: gifted, homeless, migrant, refugee, asylum, exchange
              student, delinquent, or neglected, etc.
1061           parent/guardian custody arrangements, including day-of-the-week joint
              custody arrangements
1062     field for generation (Jr., II, etc.)
1063     flag/date to indicate administrative transfers, expulsions and restrictions
1064 customizable field(s) for ―no release of directory information‖, ―no information
     to military‖, or ―no access to Internet‖
1065 three separate fields for first, middle, and last name
1066 separate fields for house number, street direction, street name, street type,
     city, state, zip+4
1067 flag alert for student custody issues
1068 student previous name field (for legal name change)

                                                                            B. Registration                                   Page: A-14
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                         SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
1069 ability to map feeder schools, including designated overflow schools, based on
       business rules for date sensitive attendance and geo-boundary areas that have
       been redistricted. Ex. residing at a specific address at the time of redistricting

1070 provides ability to electronically transfer / export student data in a standard
     format to receiving district facilities, schools or sites for a student leaving
     district when the receiving district has the capacity to receive the student
     information electronically
1071 ability to track student applications to magnet schools. Allow applications both
     from district students and out-of-district students. Track applications to
     magnet schools by 1st and 2nd choice.
1072 provides process for applying, reviewing and approving/declining hardship
     assignment requests
1073 ability to track out-of-county tuition requirements and payments - including
     reason and home district
1074 permits the district to determine which data fields are required to enroll
1075 allows for expedited, first-time registration of mandatory fields with periodic
     reminders to complete other required fields
1076 supports statewide, district, and school definable enrollment and withdrawal
     codes mapped to the State reporting requirements
1077 allows for enrollment and withdrawal dates to be tracked and reported by
     student in year, month, day and month/day/year or any other state required
1078 provides the ability to maintain and display student entry/withdrawal and
     address history for all schools attended
     provides a specific district division, agency, facility, school or site graphical
     enrollment map / chart and report that includes but is not limited to the
1079       days of enrollment
1080           continuous days of enrollment
1081       complete district enrollment history including school and program
1082    days of attendance ADA ( Average Daily Attendance)
1083 provides the capability for instant recognition of legal and medical alert data

                                                                          B. Registration                                   Page: A-15
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
1084 insures that all demographic fields / data elements are validated at the time
       and point of entry
1085 stores and maintains all staff data elements that are State compliant and
1086 provides capability to designate ―pre-enrolled‖, ―active‖, ―active off-site‖, and
       ―inactive‖ student status as a secured user defined menu
1087 provides the capability to maintain information on students who receive ―at-
       home‖ instruction or receive services from other special programs
1088 allows designation and tracking of pre-kindergarten students information from
       birth when enrolled in a district program
1089 ability to store and maintain parent, family/ guardian’s employer name, address
       and contract information Federal Survey / census, such as but not limited to
       military dependent, dependent of a federal employee, etc.
1090 provides the ability to design customized student lookup screens to present
       essential student information such as student schedules and emergency
       contact information.
1091 provides capability to categorize and identify those students who have not yet
       met specific requirements (e.g., immunization) as defined for school district
1092 provides the capability to track and report home schooled students to be
       included or not-included in the Average Daily Attendance calculations without
       any custom programming
1093 provides capability to maintain a teacher or counselor, student or parent
       conference log which can be attached and stored in the student record
1094 ability to store multiple languages for a student as required
1095 provides capability to track the issuing of student text books including the date
       of text book issue, name of text book, dollar value of text book and will set an
       obligation notification if necessary
1096 allows central office to ―assign‖ student to a new school without actually
     activating the student at the school (student activation by school upon arrival) -
     real time registration at either school or central registration
1097 system notifies previous school when transferring in district
1098 all Virginia-specific data must transfer when moving student from one school to

                                                                        B. Registration                                   Page: A-16
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                          Response   Comments
Ref. #
1099 ability for receiving school to view grades in progress, active schedule, &
       transcripts in real-time for transferred student
1100 allows attendance to roll when students transfer within the county without
       double-reporting absences on district-level and state reports
1101 provides access to data from out of county transfer students electronically
       ability to track information on student assignments to include:
1102         type of assignment
1103        date of request
1104        date of approval
1105        date parent cancels certain hardship
1106        zoned school

                                                                         B. Registration                               Page: A-17
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 B. Registration/Demographics                                                            Response   Comments
Ref. #
1107 provides printable student withdrawal form that includes current classes,
     grades, attendance, and fees owed, etc.
1108 allows user to track, maintain, and print enrollment and withdrawal histories

1109 allows withdrawn student’s records to be available for record transfer to other
     schools or districts
1110 provides a workflow notification of withdrawn and gained students to staff that
     have a need to record, process or be notified
1111 historic enrollment retained by school, school year, and date
1112 when a student is marked absent for a number of days, then retroactively
     withdrawn, the absences during the withdrawn period are automatically
1113 ability to provide an alert at withdrawal for all required information such as
     fines, fees, textbooks outstanding
         Staff Information
1114 capacity to maintain complete staff information including the State data
     elements and a unique district ID
1115 supports the capability, at district’s option, to generate up to a ten-character
     teacher identification number as the identifying number for a teacher; this
     number has the ability to be used as a key for locating student records
     assigned to the staff member
1116 provides the capability to manage and store a minimum of 5 separate staff IDs
     (such as SS#, Statewide Employee ID (SEID), District employee number, State
     Certification number, license number etc.) that can be mapped to a one or
     more district or state ID without vendor custom programming

1117 allows for entry and maintenance of up to (10) ten certifications per teacher
     which can linked and / or mapped as an attribute to scheduling teacher / staff
1118 provides the ability to track and report on that are bilingual-certified teachers

1119 provides the capability to coordinate the assignment of staff numbers and
     maintain the integrity and privacy of staff identification numbers
1120 provides for an electronic interface between the district human resources
     system to access and report on staff data

                                                                         B. Registration                                 Page: A-18
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                           SIS RFP - Appendix A

 C. Attendance Accounting                                                                     Response
Ref. #
         General Attendance Requirements
2001 provides an easy-to-use interface that allows the teacher to input absences,
     dismissals, tardies including reason code menus from a classroom workstation

2002 provides ability to record attendance with a PDA
2003 allows user to record student attendance using student pictures in a class seating
2004 allows teachers to customize student picture seating charts to accommodate
     various room layouts such as science and food labs
2005 provides for teachers to take attendance within a web-based grade book with
     automatic synchronizing of student attendance data to the district SIS system

2006 provides a flexible method of recording or updating attendance for user-defined
     groups of students
2007 provides for the accommodation of daily attendance and period-by-period
     attendance accounting within the same school in any combination (Ex., K-6
     performing daily attendance; grades 7 and 8 period-by-period)
2008 provides for a special optimized data entry screen for school office personnel to
     record student tardies or student dismissals
2009 allows school personnel to enter attendance in advance for any date or date-
     range in the school year for a student or students that are part of a group, grade,
     home room, or teacher
2010 allows user to record attendance by registration groups or activity (e.g., clubs,
     teams, field trips, etc.)
2011 provides for an unlimited number of absence types and reason codes to be
     defined by the district in a user-defined table with the additional capability to have
     school, site or program defined codes that can be easily mapped to the district
     and state reason codes for reporting purposes without custom vendor
2012 provide defining absence alerts and setting those rights by user or role
2013 ability to restrict setup of attendance reasons to system administrator
2014 ability to include customized absence types that do not count against students or
     print on reports (such as the report card). For example, students who are
     hospital/home bound/based, field trips, etc.

                                                                          C. Attendance                                       Page: A-19
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                             SIS RFP - Appendix A

 C. Attendance Accounting                                                                       Response
Ref. #
2015 ability for staff to type in notes regarding attendance or select an optional sub-
       category for absence reason (Sick, Doctor Appointment, Dentist, Death in Family,
2016 supports all State and Federal required attendance accounting and reporting
       mandates with automatic vendor maintenance of updates and changes to the
       system before the State required implementation date without additional cost to
2017 capable of managing, storing and calculating the days of enrollment and days of
       attendance for all district students and reporting by district, school, and/or student
       in any combination
2018 capable of maintaining, managing and storing the individual attendance history of
       an unlimited number of students and an unlimited number of entries, withdrawals
       and transfers including all State codes for an unlimited number of years

2019 capable of translating non-traditional program attendance requirements, such as
     work experience, for inclusion in all attendance reporting and ADA calculations

2020 provides the capability to support unlimited attendance calendars and the ability to
     account for holidays, inclement weather days, in-service days, and unlimited
     number of user-defined day types. If the number of calendars is limited, please
     explain in the comment section
     provides the ability to automatically adjust the district calendar based on the
2021          scheduled holidays
2022          unscheduled events including acts of nature
2023       district scheduled in-service days
2024       district school site scheduled in-service days
2025          unlimited number of user defined types of days
2026          partial school days
2027 permits users to define a combination of regular school-year calendars with
     district specific year-round calendars
2028 allows for a student to simultaneously attend multiple schools, sites and programs
     with attendance tracked at each school, site or program as well as with the district
     as a whole and include the appropriate ADA calculations

                                                                           C. Attendance                                        Page: A-20
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                         SIS RFP - Appendix A

 C. Attendance Accounting                                                                   Response
Ref. #
2029 provides the ability of merging a student’s multiple site attendance reports into
       one record to support the district course credit policies and ADA calculations

2030 supports the recording and maintenance of students that enter and withdraw
     multiple times within the same school day and / or school year
2031 ability to enter absences for any date including past, present and future
2032 prohibits entry of student absences outside of school calendar or student days of
     membership range
2033 allows for the seamless and automatic transfer or retrieval of absences, tardies,
     and dismissals to the grade reporting module
2034 provides the capability to maintain and view the original attendance data entry and
     override data by authorized office staff
2035 provides the ability for district staff to prevent the updating/correction of school
     attendance data beyond a user-defined time or number of days
2036 provides report on teachers who have not yet entered attendance by teacher and
     period with unlimited user defined time / date triggers
2037 provides ability to record the time the student enters or leaves for partial day
     absences with unlimited user defined reason codes that can be mapped to district
     and state reporting and policy codes
2038 allows for multiple absence entries in one day (i.e., tardy plus early dismissal)

2039 allows the user to define limit / limits that determine a single full day absence

2040 supports tracking and reporting of total days of suspensions and excused and
     unexcused absences for each student during the present school year
2041 supports tracking and reporting of user defined numbers of consecutive absences
     for each student
2042 automatically generates non-compliance forms for students with ten or more days
     of unexcused absences and stores forms in student record if desired
2043 supports the ability to identify absent or tardy students for downloading to an
     automated calling system for phone notification and/or printing of a report for
     unanswered calls
2044 allows the teacher to access student attendance history for this specific class
     section for which attendance is being taken for review; attendance history must
     include the reason codes for the absences

                                                                         C. Attendance                                      Page: A-21
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                         SIS RFP - Appendix A

 C. Attendance Accounting                                                                   Response
Ref. #
2045 provides for storing and reporting of an unlimited number of years of attendance
       history, including days absent, present, and tardy, for each student

2046 ability to view student’s attendance from a previous school in the district
2047 allows for the printing of attendance or hall passes to identify late arrivals and
     early departures
2048 ability to automatically generate a tardy pass from a bar code scan or card reader

2049 allows the system to calculate perfect attendance using a user-defined formula
     which may include or exclude tardies and include or exclude partial day absences

2050 supports both summary and detailed attendance reports based on date ranges,
     number of absences, excused and unexcused absences, reason codes, etc.

       Attendance Workflow Processing Requirements
2051 capable of supporting a user configurable workflow with notification to teachers,
     staff, administrators, parole and probation when student is dropped or enrolled in
     a school, site or class section
2052 capable of supporting a user configurable workflow with notifications to teachers,
     staff, administrators, parole and probation when student has notified the school or
     program of an absence, including reason for the absence

2053 provides process for assigning substitute teacher access to attendance entry on
     web system
2054 provides an interface specifically for use by substitute teachers
2055 provides for the generation of notification letters to parents based upon school
     defined threshold of number of absences and track that notifications have been
2056 allows for user override of the auto-generated attendance notification letter which
     is normally mailed and then to store the information in the student’s online history
     that the letter was not sent.
       Attendance Reports
     the attendance system must provide the capability to produce the following
     attendance reports:
2057         Absentee List
2058         Student Attendance Summary

                                                                        C. Attendance                                       Page: A-22
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                           SIS RFP - Appendix A

 C. Attendance Accounting                                                                     Response
Ref. #
2059              Class Attendance Register
2060              Attendance Letters to Parents (for specified number of absences)
2061           ADA Calculation as defined by district and the State for any or all schools
              (ADA – Average Daily Attendance)
2062              Cumulative Attendance Report
2063              Perfect attendance report
2064              Student Detail of Absences
2065              Teacher Not Taken Attendance (including email to administrator)
2066              Perfect Attendance Report
2067     supports all current state reporting requirement formats
2068     supports all district required reporting requirements
2069     ability to produce report of all students who enrolled on a particular date
2070     ability to produce report of attendance for a particular date
2071     maintains user-defined attendance totals (ADA) and membership totals (ADM) for
         district reporting purposes
2072     system or Central Office Administrator has ability to view or run daily and/or
         period absence reports for entire district at one time
2073     ability to product report or query student attendance across multiple years and
         Daily Attendance
2074 provides the capability to record excused and unexcused absences and tardies by
2075 ability to calculate daily attendance from period attendance
         Period Attendance
2076 allows teachers to access attendance for only those class sections / students
     assigned and or taught by that teacher
2077 provides the capability to record excused and unexcused absences and tardies by
2078 in cases where a student drops a class and adds a new class for the same
     period, attendance is calculated for the class of which the student is enrolled
2079 allows for Days Absent to be automatically calculated based upon state and
     district rule that indicates that a student will be considered absent for the school
     day if absent for more than the required state formula
         Class Attendance

                                                                          C. Attendance                                       Page: A-23
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 C. Attendance Accounting                                                              Response
Ref. #
2080 provides the capability to record excused and unexcused absences and tardies by
2081 ability to compute marking period, semester, term grade based on number of
       classroom absences

                                                                    C. Attendance                                      Page: A-24
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                                Response              Comments
Ref. #
         General Scheduling Requirements
3001 provides the ability to manually develop an individual student’s schedule for a                  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
     complete set of courses or one course at a time                                                  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
     the scheduling system supports a variety of scheduling models, including:

3002          block scheduling: 4x4, alternate day block, trimester, or three 12-
           week terms, skinnies
3003          accommodates up to 18 terms per year
3004          rotating schedules: combination of traditional and block schedules
           (courses are longer but offered only three times in a five-day cycle)

3005            mosaic scheduling: combination of traditional and block schedules
           but a variation of time/period lengths are assigned to each class over the
           days of the cycle
3006            elementary scheduling (including but not limited to balancing class
           size and gender, scheduling specialists, individualized pull out programs,
           small groups, etc.)
3007            middle school scheduling
3008            multi-track school schedules
3009            allows for more than one track to be open at a time
3010            year-round school schedules
3011            exploratory wheel schedules
3012            multiple timetables and/or bell schedules in one building (i.e., grades
           6-8 schedule and 9-12 schedule in 6-12 building)
3013            ability to develop separate master schedules within scheduler for
           different tracks but also allow teachers to be scheduled across multiple
           tracks in school sites
3014            team teaching: two or more teachers of the same subject teach
3015            interdisciplinary team teaching: two or more teachers form a team
           and work together to coordinate teaching in three-to-five subjects

3016         platooning: student teams stay together in a homogeneous group to
           move through core classes together

                                                                           D. Scheduling                                                Page: A-25
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
3017            teaming or house: students in a team take all of their core courses
            with teacher in the team, but do not move through the classes together in
            a platoon
3018            flex periods: students may be moved between several classes within
            a single term
3019            homerooms: more popular with elementary schools, students are
            scheduled by homeroom and stay together for all of their classes
3020             scheduling of part time staff and teaching staff which is shared with
              other schools
3021     accommodates the scheduling of up to seven days per week
3022     accommodates any number of district-defined marking periods within each
         term, semester or year
         supports the following course terms:
3023             semester
3024             full year
3025             quarter or trimester
3026             half semester
3027             six weeks
3028     allows user to schedule terms of varying lengths during a full year
3029     supports course-sections that meet on varying days and periods throughout
         the schedule cycle or week
3030     supports multiple meeting times and/or room assignments for one course
         section in the master schedule
3031     provides the capability to store multiple (minimum of 10) master schedules
         (Example: ―Test‖ or sample master schedules can be generated and saved
         for reference or use at a later time.)
3032     stores previous year's master schedule
3033     provides ability to build master schedule by quarter, semester or year
3034     allows scheduling for the coming year, or rescheduling of another term, to
         occur at any time without affecting the current year’s class schedules
3035     allows for developing multi-year course selections / schedules for students
         with a minimum of four years
3036     provides for summer school scheduling without affecting scheduling for the
         regular school year
3037     allows the user to identify class sections by term, beginning and ending
         period, days taught, rotation schedule, track, and team

                                                                            D. Scheduling                                 Page: A-26
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
3038 allows the user to schedule students in courses in schools other than the
       school in which the student is currently registered
3039 allows the user to restrict course sections by grade, gender, and teams or
3040 provides the ability to manually schedule a student into more than one course
       at the same time
3041 allows teachers to be assigned to multiple sections in the same period
3042 allows for at least 50-class sections to be assigned to one teacher ID
3043 allows two teachers to be assigned to a single section to facilitate access for
     co-teaching environments
3044 provides the capability to display course tally data on the screen and on a
     printed report in multiple views (examples: broken down by sex, ethnic code,
     and grade level)
3045 provides the ability to associate a staff member with more than one school for
     the purposes of including a staff member in each school’s master schedule

3046 maintains the schools to which teacher is associated to facilitate scheduling
     that teacher in more than one school as necessary
3047 allows at least a thirteen-digit course number to be used to identify an
     individual course
3048 ability to have a single district wide course catalog, a centralized catalog for
     each school type, or a school specific course catalog
3049 allows for course fee information
3050 ability to flag course as belonging to one or more departments
3051 allows course to be identified as meeting one or more sets of
     graduation requirements
3052 allows for the grouping of courses that must be taken together
3053 allows the flagging of courses/sections as Remedial, Gifted, Regular, Special
     Education, etc.
       Course Requests
3054 provides the option for students to enter their own course requests online via
     the Internet (proper security is included)
3055 displays course listing for either present or future courses
3056 ability to enter four-year plan of courses for students and update as needed

                                                                          D. Scheduling                                 Page: A-27
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
3057 ability for counselor to enter comments about the 4-yr plan and distribute
       information to appropriate people (teachers, parents, administrators, etc.)

3058 allows for course request entries by teachers and staff to be
     locked and not modifiable by parent/student
3059 checks student’s previous course history and notifies the user prior to
     scheduling a current request to minimize conflict (ex., not eligible, previously
     taken for credit, duplicated course, etc.)
3060 provides the capability to view the courses a student needs to take in order to
     graduate (based on graduation track) while still in the scheduler including core
     credit requirements
3061 allows for grade and course level restrictions (pre-requisites) with ability to
3062 supports both required and elective course distinctions
3063 allows multiple alternates for each student’s course request and weighs the
     criteria against elective requirements
3064 supports global student alternate courses
3065 allows specification of teacher preference (or non-preference) for student’s
     course requests
3066 allows specification of term preference for student’s course requests
3067 ability to identify students who should not be in same classroom/course
     section together
3068 provides for students to be ―pre-registered‖ to teams, classes, or teachers
     prior to mass scheduling
3069 links courses with sections and rules to handle items such as opposite term,
     same term, same teacher, same period
3070 provides for duplicate student course requests checking and prevents or
     warns against allowing student to repeat a course for which they have already
     received credit
     provides for the following mass changes to student course requests:
3071          course requests for a specific course to be removed
3072          course requests for a user defined combination of courses to be
          identified and removed
3073          new course requests to be added based on existing requests
3074          scheduled courses to be removed from student schedules

                                                                         D. Scheduling                                  Page: A-28
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                            Response   Comments
Ref. #
3075           scheduled courses to be added based on existing scheduled courses

3076 allows for groups of courses to be defined so that students in a graduation
     track can be assigned the course groups as a group entry without the need
     for individual course entry
3077 provides capability to link courses such as lecture/lab and matching sections

3078 permits the linking of courses by teacher and/or section
         Master Schedule Builder
3079 builds master schedule automatically based on the input of available courses,
     teachers and rooms, scheduling rules, and student course requests

3080            assignment of staff member's location code such as a school
            building wing
3081            directs the master schedule builder to assign staff members to only
            the preferred classroom number or not, depending on option selected

3082           directs the master schedule builder not to schedule a teacher for
            more than a defined number of classes in a row without a break
3083           directs the master schedule builder not to schedule a teacher in
            more than a defined number of rooms
3084           directs the master schedule builder not to schedule a teacher
            beyond the maximum number of courses requiring preparation periods

3085      assigns teachers to classes based on certification and course subject
3086 assigns students to classes automatically based on their pre-scheduled
     classes and course requests
3087 if a master schedule builder is included, it should take into account
     "blackouts" of teachers or rooms, as well as balancing of sections between
     academic terms to ensure there are adequate textbooks.
         Student Scheduler
3088 allows the mass scheduler must be able to run without interrupting system
     use for other users

                                                                        D. Scheduling                                  Page: A-29
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
3089 provides capability to balance students across class sections automatically
       based on pre-defined criteria (e.g., grade, gender, ethnicity, special
       education, G/T, ESL, etc.)
3090 automatically adheres to pre-defined maximum class sizes. If class size is
       allowed to be exceeded, alerts user if class size surpasses maximum class
3091 allows for the user to keep numerous scheduling runs/results from the past
       while continuing the mass scheduling process
3092 schedules students into as many classes as possible, and provide reports of
       students with partial schedules
3093 allows the user to apply instructional rules to courses such as ―Spanish I to be
       taken before Spanish II‖
3094 ability to process course requests for future terms without running per student

3095 schedules lunch periods automatically and prints on the student schedule

3096 schedules homerooms automatically and prints on the student schedule
3097 allows homerooms to automatically be assigned based on particular class
     period of the day
3098 allows for random order for scheduling of students
3099 provides the capability to go back and reschedule an already-scheduled
     student to another section of a course to accommodate a student that can
     only get into the section that the previous student was moved from
3100 provides the capability to balance student course loads over multiple terms
     (i.e., to prevent any student from getting all core/required courses in one term
     and all electives in another term)
3101 allows the user to limit students to a maximum number of academic classes
     within a given term
3102 provides the capability to handle prerequisite courses, co-requisite courses,
     and course-section linking without having the student predetermine these
     constraints at course request time
3103 validates prerequisites against current year’s grading, scheduling & course
3104 provides the capability to equally balance the number of students across all
     sections of a course

                                                                        D. Scheduling                                   Page: A-30
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                            Response   Comments
Ref. #
3105 allows the schedule of students based on user-defined criteria such as by
       grade, gender, ethnicity, student priority, or set a priority based on the
       individual student’s complexity of selected courses
3106 provides the capability to ―lock in‖ completely scheduled students or classes
       within a scheduling run, and process only partially scheduled students on
       successive scheduling runs
3107 provides a walk-in scheduler to allow counselors to schedule students online
       who require course changes or schedule newly enrolled students (scheduling
       students individually must eliminate hand scheduling and maintain the
       balance within the school year master schedule)
3108 allows for unlimited class sections in the master schedule
3109 provides the capability to automatically schedule study halls and print on the
     student schedule
3110 provides capability to automatically close a course for students taking courses
     as an elective, while keeping courses open to students taking a required
3111 provides for the ability to override course seat maximums during scheduling

     provides a variety of standard pre-scheduling reports are available to aid in
     the development of a master schedule:
3112        course request tally reports with recommended number of sections

3113        course request verification listings
3114 provides the user with the ability to view a roster of students that have
     requested a combination of up to four courses or course sections
3115 provides the capability to generate a conflict matrix report that will identify
     those students who have potential conflicts
     provides a variety of standard post-scheduling reports:
3116        student reject analyses report
3117        master schedule listing
3118        master schedule listing with teacher class load tallies
3119        student schedules
3120        teacher schedules
3121        room schedules including seats available, term and course
3122        less than "N" course requests
3123        class rosters

                                                                           D. Scheduling                               Page: A-31
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                        Response   Comments
Ref. #
3124          rooms available by meeting time
3125          scheduling results by grade
3126          scheduling results by track
3127          student request roster report
3128          request rules verification
3129          teacher availability by meeting times
3130          total of enrolled students by grade
3131          total of enrolled students by track
3132          total of unscheduled students by period
3133          less than a full schedule
3134          more than a full schedule
3135          % of students with complete schedule
3136          unscheduled requests by student
3137          class size matrix report
3138          incomplete student schedule report
3139          student credit deficiency report
3140          teacher certification report
3141 allows the user to create user-defined reports based on any master schedule
       provides additional standard scheduling reports:
3142         study hall roster
3143         lunch period roster
3144         parent notification letters
3145         master schedule matrix by room
3146         master schedule matrix by teacher
3147         courses causing trouble
3148         seat availability
3149         free period analysis
3150         study hall catalog
3151         counseling list
3152         scheduling add/drop list
3153         free time report
3154 provides the capability to customize the student schedule reports
3155 provides the capability to sort student schedules by homeroom teacher or
     user defined period for distribution

                                                                     D. Scheduling                                 Page: A-32
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 D. Scheduling Requirements                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
3156 all student schedule changes be maintained in a audit log including date,
       time, change and the logged user making the change
3157 includes ability for counselor to look at student schedule information including
       access to transcript, graduation requirements, and course requests

3158 ability to make a schedule change in advance of date it will take affect without
     dropping student from gradebook
3159 in the case of transition grade scheduling (i.e., middle to high) provide both
     schools with access to course requests and schedules
3160 ability to see current schedule when scheduling for future terms or future

                                                                        D. Scheduling                                   Page: A-33
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                    Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Grade Input
         provides for the recording of grades by:
4001         keyboard or mouse on class or student screens
4002         optical scanner
4003         update directly from web-based gradebook
4004 provides district administrators of schools to assign workflow notification to
     the teacher and / or supervisor concerning missing grades based on the
     required district minimum grading frequency (e.g., daily by period / course,
     daily, weekly, etc.) and the district determined missing grade schedule.

4005 provides user definable grading system controls to specify a date range that
     teachers may enter or change grades, outside of which, grade entry is only
     allowed by school or district staff without custom vendor programming

4006 allows teacher access to online grade entry facilities from any secure location
     including classroom, home or other Internet accessible location
4007 provides for selection and reporting multiple comments for each student (no
     less than four) per course per grade from a comment menu that has the
     capacity for an unlimited number of user defined comments that are
     customizable for the district or each district school, site or program
4008 provides for the addition of free text comments with spelling and grammar
4009 allows reporting of grades for achievement and effort separately
4010 ability to print conduct on report cards and progress reports
4011 allows different grading strategies to be used by district schools and within
     individual schools
4012 provides for user-defined alpha and/or numeric grades with the capability to
     report the same grade in multiple formats such as district grades in a
     numeric format and out of district student grades in an equivalent alpha
     grade format or vice versa
4013 allows the users to define the numeric grade range equivalent for letter
4014 permits grade codes of failing, incomplete, not reported, or passing including
     user defined grade codes specific to district’s or state policies

                                                                      E. Grading Process                               Page: A-34
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                     Response   Comments
Ref. #
4015 provides the capability to maintain different alpha and numeric grading tables
       used by district schools and grade levels
4016 provides the ability to track and report student progress on state adopted
       standards, benchmarks, or grade level indicators
4017 allows for inputting of generic courses and grades for out of state transfer
4018 provides an audit trail of grade changes
       Grade Processing
4019 processes progress reports and grade reports as separate procedures
     permitting progress grades to be computed separately from stored grades

4020 provides the capability for calculating full or partial credit by course as
     determined by school policy
4021 provides the capability to handle up to 10 multiple honor roll and rank in class
     calculations as defined by the district algorithms for honor roll, GPA and rank
     in class in a format suitable for media publication
4022 permit the honor roll calculation to filter for the minimum attempted course
     credits, GPA/NGA, incomplete grades, defined minimum number of grades,
     and lowest individual grade for qualification
4023 provides ability to rank all students with a perfect GPA/NGA or above as
     number one in class
4024 provides the capability to compute term, semester, and/or final grades from
     marking period grades and exams based on district’s district or school-level
4025 allows semester and final grade calculations report of report cards to be
     done within the administrative system, while still being viewable within the
     teacher gradebook
4026 provides the capability to override the computer-calculated semester/final
     grade or average with appropriate district authorization
4027 allows for the "locking" of previous grading periods so that changes are not
     accidentally made
4028 provides the capability to post final grades and credits to the course history
     file automatically
4029 provides the capability to post summer school grades and credits to the
     course history file automatically

                                                                     E. Grading Process                                 Page: A-35
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
4030 transfers summer school grades back to home school and to transcripts as
       district defined
4031 provides for guidance counselor notification of summer school grades via a
       workflow process
4032 allows manual changes to be made in Course History with proper
4033 maintains the teacher's name and school name in the Course History file,
       and the user has the option to print on transcript if desired
4034 allows the user to archive all graduated student data, including selected
       demographics and transcript data, for an indefinite period
      GPA Calculations
4035 provides the capability to automatically calculate and report a cumulative
     GPA as specified by a district algorithm and based on all course grades
     received, or only selected academic grades, without any additional vendor
     custom programming
4036 provide the ability to exclude certain courses from the GPA calculation
     without any vendor custom programming
4037 allows for district standards to determine the weighting of courses and is
     easily configured by the district staff without additional vendor custom
4038 allows the GPAs and NGAs to be weighted or unweighted
4039 both the current period and cumulative GPAs and NGAs are automatically
     refreshed when grades are changed to ensure accuracy at any time a report
     or query is run
4040 provides the capability to calculate and store multiple GPAs based on user
     defined criteria
4041 ability to determine student eligibility to participate in athletics and other
     extracurricular activities and have parking privileges based on attendance,
     discipline, and grade criteria
4042 ability to track student participation in tutoring and mentorship programs
      Grade Reporting
4043 provides the capability to easily design and print individual student report
     cards, transcripts, and interim reports on demand as required for the specific
     needs of district schools without vendor custom programming
4044 ability to record 16 grades/marking periods on the report card

                                                                     E. Grading Process                               Page: A-36
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                      Response   Comments
Ref. #
4045 provides the ability to produce both traditional and ―Standards Based‖ report
       cards with ability to customize
4046 able to support a standards-based report card and report cards that
       COMBINE traditional and standards-based grading
4047 ability to print progress reports and report cards by individual student, class,
       teacher, school, or for the entire district
4048 ability to integrate grades students earn at one school within district with what
       is earned at a second school
4049 ability to insert a school or district logo on report card and transcript
4050 provides ability of printing report card in a self-enclosed mailer format
4051 permits users to select from among several district approved stored report
       card formats at the time of printing
       permits the user to sort the report card printing by the following sort
       sequences for distribution:
4052           school
4053           ID, name, date of birth
4054           grade
4055           homeroom / group / unit
4056           counselor
4057           zip code
4058 permits the printing of report cards for multiple members of a student’s family
       including a father or mother that lives at another location
4059 ability to easily sort report cards by any period and/or term. For example,
       users should be able to print first semester report cards by second semester
       homeroom teacher since it will be second semester when report cards are
4060 permits the printing of report cards for other contacts on file such as relatives
       or case workers
       provides a variety of standard reports to be printed for grades:
4061           teacher grade verification report
4062           teacher grade verification report including detailed comments
4063           grade distribution report (by school, teacher, course, department)

4064           grade exception reports (by student, by teacher)
4065           honor rolls
4066           class rank list

                                                                      E. Grading Process                                 Page: A-37
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                       Response   Comments
Ref. #
4067           permanent record labels
4068           incomplete/missing grade report
4069           failure report / A+ report
4070           failure letters
4071           teacher grade input scanner forms
4072           comment usage report
4073           student transcripts
4074           graduation requirements report
4075           grade distribution by teacher report with totals and percentage
4076           eligibility lists based upon school specifications
4077 system allows the user to create user-defined reports drawing from any data
       element in the student information
4078 permits the computing of class rank on one or more district defined GPA and
       reports each class rank on the report card
4079 allows the user the option to print daily, period, or course attendance on the
       report card including the number of days attended
4080 provides the capability to print at least two school site or district-level
       message on all report cards (e.g., school announcements)
4081 provides the capability to hold the printing of a grade report or transcript
       based upon a student ―hold‖ on his/her record due to reasons such as
       overdue library books, outstanding fees, etc.
4082 provides the capability to print individual student report cards, transcripts, and
       interim reports on demand
4083 provides ability to sort report cards by programs or other student field
4084 provides the capability to allow students taking courses in multiple school
       sites (cross enrolled) within the school district while having report cards
       printed at the home school site
4085 provides ability for students to change course sections within school year and
       produce one report card documenting marks earned in both sections

4086 allows for multiple report card batches. For example, processing of grades
     at the end of the year for seniors a week prior to the processing for
       Teacher Gradebook
4087 provides for a comprehensive, web-based gradebook system that is
     integrated with the student grade reporting system

                                                                       E. Grading Process                                 Page: A-38
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                     Response   Comments
Ref. #
4088 gradebook is acceptable for use as a full lesson planner, complete with
       standards-tracking, attachment of documents, and links to web resources

4089 ability to easily import grades collected through student instructional systems

4090 ability to archive gradebook to PDF
4091 ability for teacher to attach documents to assignments, announcements and
4092 includes an online teacher/administrator training module
4093 ability to grant a teacher view only or edit rights to another teacher’s section
     or gradebook; allow administrative view of gradebooks for specified staff

4094 ability to block teachers from changing attendance after a customizable
     number of days
4095 provides keyboard shortcuts
4096 provides option to copy grade for all or some students by assignment
4097 ability to email parents from teacher gradebook
4098 by default, teacher is only allowed to see grades for the students he or she
4099 ability for teachers teaching multiple sections during the same class period to
     combine the classes within the gradebook
4100 allows teacher to copy assignments, tests, or categories from one class to
4101 provides student/parent contact info from within the gradebook, including
     hyperlinks for parent email addresses
4102 allows for automatic e-mail and/or cell phone text message to parents who
     request the information, without the teacher having to maintain the e-mail
     addresses or cell phone number and with the option of the teacher NOT
     being cc-ed on each one
4103 allows teacher to post assignments to a WEB based portal real time
4104 allows teacher to not post grades or assignments still within the gradebook, if
     the teacher does not yet want them published through a WEB portal; create
     assignments that are not given to all students (differentiation)

4105 ability to transfer all grades when student moves to new period but same
     subject and teacher

                                                                      E. Grading Process                                Page: A-39
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                      Response   Comments
Ref. #
4106 allows for lowest score in category to be dropped but not allow only score in
       category to be dropped
4107 ability to save seating chart layout as template and copy to another class

4108 ability to print seating chart with pictures and names
4109 ability to indicate excused or unexcused attendance in assignments based
     on due date of assignment
4110 allows teachers to verify final grades before printing report cards
4111 ability for teachers to complete grades on withdrawn students
4112 ability for teacher to retain view access to the grading assignment details of
     previous terms, at least within the current school year
4113 provides for tracking missing assignments, late submissions, and exempt
     assignments for individual students
4114 allows teachers to flag assignments that have been turned in, but not yet
4115 allows teachers to format their gradebooks to their preferences such that
     they may view either the current grading period, entire semester, or entire
     academic year
4116 allows for easy maneuverability by administrators from one teacher
     gradebook to another teacher gradebook, without requiring the administrator
     to login to the system multiple times
4117 configurable to allow view access to some who are not the teacher of record.
     For example, a co-teacher for special education, a school mentor/advisor, or
     school counselors
4118 ability for teachers to split a section into different groups that may or may not
     be responsible for all assignments. For example, special education/general
     education, IEP/non-IEP, Gifted/non-Gifted, or students working on different
4119 provides for automatic real time syncing of student drops and adds,
     withdrawals and transfers between the district grade reporting system and
     the electronic teacher grade book
4120 allows for student demographic data to be transferred electronically from the
     school-level system to the teachers grade book
4121 allows the teacher to electronically transfer the final grades from his grade
     book directly into the school-level grade reporting file automatically
     (completed without an ―export‖ process by the teacher)

                                                                       E. Grading Process                                Page: A-40
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                     Response   Comments
Ref. #
4122 allows the teacher to establish grading categories and specific assignments

4123 allows the recording of a variety of grade types including raw score,
     percentage or letter grades, numeric grades, and grade symbols from a
     range of 0-10
4124 allows the teacher to use either a traditional grading system or a standard
     benchmark scoring method
4125 allows one grade type to be automatically converted to another, such as
     numeric grades converted to letter grades
4126 ability to define grade calculation cut-offs for each alpha grade to determine
     the range for an A, B, etc.
4127 allows for the definition of an unlimited number of grading categories to be
     assigned to a class
4128 allows for a teacher to define an unlimited number of assignments to a class
     and to assign each assignment to a grading category such as a test or
     homework, etc.
4129 provide for the ability to enter descriptions of all class assignments titles
     allow at least 50 characters in order to create meaningful names that can be
     understood by parents, students, teachers, and administrators

4130 provides for the ability to track assignment dates and due dates for each
4131 teachers have the ability to easily add bonus points, either to an assignment
     type average or to the overall average
4132 allows the teacher to assign weights to each identified grade assignment
     within a given category and then produce average grades for the category
     based on the assigned weight
4133 allows the teacher to assign weights to each identified category and then
     produce an average grade for the term based on the assigned weight

4134 allows teachers to use a different grading scale for different courses that they
     teach (standard grading scale, AP grading scale)
4135 allows for assignment of grading strategies by school, grade level, or
4136 allows grades of over 100 round to 100 on end of term spreadsheet

                                                                     E. Grading Process                                 Page: A-41
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
4137 allows the teacher to designate both school- and teacher-level comments

4138 allows the teacher to select and report multiple comments (no less than four
     comments per course per grade) from a comment menu that has the
     capacity for an unlimited number of user defined comments that are
     customizable for each of district schools.
4139 capability to have a free text comment area that includes tools for spell and
     grammar checking.
4140 integrates with assessment data so that teachers can view all test score
     information for analysis and planning
4141 allows teachers to maintain and report student attendance data by class or
     course section
4142 does not require the teacher to prepare, configure, or intervene with Web
     page information prior to allowing parents Internet access (the gradebook is
4143 includes ability to determine when grades for an assessment are to be
     posted to the parent portal
4144 teachers are able to determine whether or not individual assignments should
     be published
      Student Transcripts
4145 provides the capacity to manage, store, track, and report all State graduation
     data elements using the State code descriptors as field labels. See
4146 provides the capability to maintain all student demographic data as well as
     permanent record data from PK school years to age 22.
4147 has the ability, at district’s discretion, to include the student’s assessment
     information on the transcript including but not limited to status indicators,
     date taken, pass / fail, etc. (also includes ACT, SAT, etc.)

4148 ability to automatically remove credit for students who pass a course, but
     exceed allowable absences under the county's attendance policy
4149 ability to track multiple dates and where transcript was sent
4150 ability to enter former school name for courses completed prior to entry into

                                                                     E. Grading Process                               Page: A-42
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                          SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                          Response   Comments
Ref. #
4151 has the ability to identify and / or include, at district’s discretion, the student’s
       post graduation / GED plans based on the appropriate State codes

       provides the capability to handle:
4152           waiver credits
4153           repeat credits
4154           option to exclude credit and GPA calculation for repeat courses
4155           option to count only best grade for repeat courses
4156           duplicate credits
4157           other miscellaneous credits
4158       allows grades of "Incomplete" or "No Grade" to exist in course history
           without impacting GPA/NGA calculations
4159   provides the capability to maintain student portfolio information (e.g.,
       projects, handwriting, artwork, etc.)
4160   provides the capability to easily produce transcript data in electronic format
       for post-secondary institution consistent with regional and national standards
       such as SPEEDE (Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic
       Data Exchange), and ExPRESS (Exchange of Permanent Records
       Electronically for Students and Schools)

4161 provides the capability to transfer student transcript data to other schools
     outside the district
4162 provides the capability to exchange student transcript data utilizing LANs,
     WANs, and the Internet
       Transcript Reporting
4163 permits the user to customize the transcript layout
4164 provides an alert if fees are outstanding/other abnormalities
4165 provides the ability to sort by grade, homeroom, class section, advisement
     group, or student
4166 provides the capability to sort courses by year on the transcript
4167 provides the capability to sort courses by subject area
4168 provides the capability to list the course credit earned for each course
4169 provides the capability to list the credit possible for each course

                                                                          E. Grading Process                                 Page: A-43
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                      Response   Comments
Ref. #
4170 provides the capability to list credit sub-totals by category (example: when
       sorting by user-defined category, will sub-total each category with the
       number of credits earned in the category used to support graduation
4171 provides the capability to list the term, semester, or year the course was
4172 provides the capability to print user-defined groups of transcripts (e.g.,
       individual transcripts, transcripts for entire school, etc.)
4173 provides the capability to print student entry, withdrawal, transfers within
       district facilities and agencies including reasons (from a user definable
       menu) for withdrawals and transfers on the transcript
4174 allows for inclusion of student participation in clubs/athletics and awards
       received on the transcript
4175 provides the capability to record and print prior high schools attended with
       credits and grades issued by those schools
4176 allows the user to select specific tests, administration date, grade level of the
       student when test was taken, and corresponding test score data to print on
       the transcript
4177 provides the capability to print student-specific honors and awards on the
       transcript and the date the honor or award was received
4178 provides the capability to print cumulative attendance data, including excused
       and unexcused absences, dismissals and tardies, for current year

4179 provides the capability to print cumulative attendance data for all years
     attended at that particular school
4180 allows the user to select and print multiple GPAs on the transcript
4181 allows the user to optionally print a student’s class rank on the transcript

4182 allows the user to select and print specific immunization data for the student
     on the permanent record
4183 provides the capability to print a grade legend on the transcript
4184 provides the capability to print general notes or comments on the transcript
     that are specific to the graduating class
4185 provides the capability to print up-to-the minute grade data, including courses
     currently enrolled or taken and completed prior to the end of the year

                                                                       E. Grading Process                                Page: A-44
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 E. Grading Process                                                                     Response   Comments
Ref. #
4186 provides the capability to have a free text section with spell and grammar
       checking for listing activities, clubs, honors and sports activities

4187 allows classes in progress to be printed on transcripts
4188 ability to export a student transcript in PDF or other common format to share
     electronically with students and/or colleges
       Graduation/Promotion Audit/Verification
4189 maintains students graduate program of study or diploma type
4190 supports graduation requirements for various diploma types and graduating
     classes (based on year entered ninth grade)
4191 provides the capability to define and update multiple diploma levels and
     graduation credit requirements by category
4192 has the capability to identify the classes / credits a student has not yet taken
     or from which they can choose in order to complete graduation requirements
     (degree auditing capability)
4193 provides the ability to monitor a student’s progress toward graduation by
     maintaining and reporting credits earned by subject area
4194 ability to print graduation requirements specifying credits needed and
     completed for each subject area for both Diploma and Diploma with Seal of
4195 provides the capability to maintain attempted, earned, dropped, failed, and
     cumulative credits
       Standards of Learning
     Provides the ability to import SOL test scores and includes the
     state reporting functionality to:
4196   As SOL requrirements change, applications will adhere to new
4197   Abilitiy to verify data on SOL extracts prior to importing student data
4198   Ability to generate extract for SOL assessments - see

                                                                      E. Grading Process                                Page: A-45
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 F. Discipline Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
         General Discipline
5001 provides for quick data entry process for common discipline events and
     expanded entry for more complex incidents
5002 ability to maintain one table of discipline incidents and action codes to be
     utilized by all schools in the district
5003 database definitions allow local, state, and federal code cross-reference
5004 provides the capability for tracking discipline incidents, actions, and detailed
5005 provides the capability to log the date and time of each incident in the
     student record
5006 provides the capability to store and track multiple participants and witnesses
     to an incident
5007 ability for user to attach multiple dispositions to a single incident and multiple
     incidents to a single disposition
5008 allows multiple students and staff members to be assigned to one
     disciplinary incident in various roles (offender, victim, witness, etc.)
5009 allows the tracking of discipline events across a student's school career
5010 ability to determine whether discipline from prior years is viewable by school
     administrators. This determination should be set in mass or by a specific
     school or administrator
5011 ability to make certain serious discipline incidents viewable from previous
     years or schools and prevent others from being viewed
5012 allows for any actions taken and their associated reasons to be included in
     student cumulative record at the user option
5013 allows the user to extract or summarize discipline incident and/or action
     taken totals based on user-defined criteria
5014 discipline records transfer from school to school
5015 provides a discipline detail screen and a discipline history summary screen

5016 provides a total of suspended days within the current year on the main
5017 allows for narrative comments
5018 ability to track notes on tiers of interventions for student
5019 ability to determine intervention tier of student

                                                                            F. Discipline                                 Page: A-46
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 F. Discipline Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
5020 ability to be warned if they attempt to add a suspension that results in 10+
       days suspended during the current year for any student with an active IEP

5021 displays an alert on the main discipline screen for a student if a student has
     an active IEP and/or Disciplinary/Behavior Contract
5022 ability to limit teachers to be able to review discipline responses to the
     students they teach for the current year
5023 ability to restrict user access to certain types of serious discipline events

5024 ability to make detailed comments field mandatory
       Online Discipline Referral
5025 provides school staff including teachers the capability to access an online
     referral form for incidences
5026 ability for teachers to initiate discipline referrals from the classroom, creating
     a notification to an administrator or multiple administrators
5027 ability to select the referring party from a table (drop-down) list so that
     reports may easily be run by referring staff members
5028 allows online referral form to populate the student selected, a recipient for
     the discipline referral and the infractions identified from drop down lists

5029 provides for user defined workflow process to e-mail referral form to the
     submitting teacher (for his/her records) and the intended recipient
     (counselor, administrator) without custom vendor programming
5030 provides for a log of discipline referrals as a by-product of the discipline
     referral process
5031 Provides an annual summary report of the number of referrals per year per
     hundred students for all referrals
5032 Provides an annual summary report of the number of referrals per year per
     hundred students for major referrals only
5033 Provides an annual summary report of the number of referrals per year per
     hundred students for minor referrals only
       Maintenance of Discipline
       for each discipline event:
5034          records time and date of the incident
5035          records school, location, staff

                                                                            F. Discipline                                 Page: A-47
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                        SIS RFP - Appendix A

 F. Discipline Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
5036            start and end dates for all suspension types, assignments to
            alternative schools, and expulsions
5037            allow partial day punishment for ISS, detention, suspensions, etc.

5038            separately track the incident date and date of response
5039            records removals from instruction
5040            track up to 99 offenders and their relationship to the event
5041            track up to 99 victims, their injuries or other participation in the
5042            track up to 99 witnesses or co-conspirators
5043            track all weapons used in the event
5044            track all property damage, the property damaged and the cost of
            repair for such damage
5045            track all injuries associated with the discipline event including who
            and what body part was injured as well as the type of injury
5046            tracks the cost of all injuries to the victim and the district
5047            allows for the district staff to incorporate standard pull down menus
            for each discipline category and event using local, regional and/or
            national standards that can be mapped to the District, State or Federal
5048            provides the ability to track a police, probation or parole report that
            may have been filed in relation to the incident including the police,
            probation, parole report number
5049            provides for an unlimited free text area for incident report
            explanations including spell and grammar checking tools
5050            provides for a free text area including spelling and grammar
            checking tools, to record confidential notes on a student’s behavior
5051         record actions taken in response to student incident by code,
            narrative, and date, include responsible party
5052         ability select the administrator from a table (drop-down) list so that
            reports may easily be run by the administrator dealing with the incident

5053           ability to track tribunal results
         Discipline Reporting
5054 ability to generate discipline report by student, referring teacher,
     administrator, and offense

                                                                              F. Discipline                                Page: A-48
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                        SIS RFP - Appendix A

 F. Discipline Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
5055 provides report of the number of referrals by teacher and month
       supports the following student behavior discipline analysis reports over user-
       defined time period:
5056            average number of discipline referrals per day per month
5057            number of discipline referrals by problem behavior
5058            number of discipline referrals by location
5059            number of discipline referrals by time of day
5060            number of referrals by student
5061            number of discipline referrals by student ethnicity
5062            percentage of all enrolled students by ethnicity and percentage of
            behavioral referrals by ethnicity
5063            percentage of students within each ethnic group who have
            behavioral referrals
5064            summary of behavioral referrals per year
5065 supports discipline reporting in table and graph format
5066 ability to print a report by student of a single disciplinary incident that
       includes all details of the incident. The report should be customizable such
       that legal language required by the district may be included
5067 ability to drag and drop a list of students for discipline reports
5068 provides the capability to print date and time information of each incident for
       each student
5069 provides the capability to print reports of all discipline incidents and discipline
       actions taken for each student
5070 provides the capability to summarize the total number of students involved
       for each type of discipline incident by any field descriptor including but not
       limited to age, SPED, English proficiency, ethnicity, gender, grade, grades,
       all grades, facility, site, school, sending schools home district, etc.

5071 provides the capability to calculate the total number of students who
     received a disciplinary action summarized by: category, grade, grade level,
     selection of field descriptors, etc. (Examples might include the total number
     of expulsions year to date by school, and sending schools home district.)

5072 provides the capability to create customized suspension forms that stores
     data in the discipline system

                                                                            F. Discipline                                  Page: A-49
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 F. Discipline Requirements                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
5073 provides the capability to create a variety of suspension/discipline letters and
       memos with mail merge features for all incidents occurring on a given day

5074 automatic triggers notify users (e.g., counselors, assistant principals,
     principals) when actions need to be taken
5075 provides for email notification to designated staff of specific discipline
     incidents or responses (ISS teacher, attendance clerk, principal, hearing
     officer, principal, superintendent)
5076 provides alert when a special ed student is being given OSS for more than
     10 (or any value) days (cumulative for the school year)
5077 provides alert that a student has a behavior intervention plan (BIP)
5078 provides the capability to easily create user-defined reports using selected
     or all discipline data including user defined fields
5079 provides the capability to generate and sort summary reports ( on any field /
     data element, including user defined field) such as total incidents and total
     actions taken by grade, ethnic code, gender, etc.
5080 provides the capability to include multiple category totals for any fields and /
     or selected incidents including resulting actions when developing reports
     either electronic or printed
5081 automatically records attendance for suspension incidents. Designated
     discipline actions should automatically result in coding at attendance
     (suspension, ISS).
5082 provides the capability to include attendance data with discipline reports
     (Example: develop a report that shows the number of students assigned in-
     school suspension who has been absent ten or more days this semester.)

5083 provides the capability to easily develop and summarize discipline reports on
     the number of incidents that occurred either during or outside regularly
     scheduled hours on school and non-school days including bus transportation
     to and from school
5084 provides the capability to summarize and report on the number of incidents
     that occurred on the grounds of the school district-operated facility

                                                                           F. Discipline                                Page: A-50
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 F. Discipline Requirements                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
5085 provides the capability to summarize and report on the number of incidents
       that occurred during any type of school sponsored activity that is held on, or
       away from the home school such as football games, field trips, class trips,
5086 provides the capability to report the number of incidents that occurred on
       any school sponsored transportation, including bus transportation to and
       from school, and other transportation to and from school-sponsored events

5087 provides the capability to automatically create and generate user-defined
     letters, e-mails and phone calls to parents, probation and parole for student
     discipline incidents and the action taken triggered by user defined criteria

5088 provides the capability to define and generate a report consistent with the
     specifications of a requesting agency with out custom vendor programming

5089 provides the ability to map site / facility based discipline issues and codes to
     district approved and state standard codes
5090 provides the capacity to generate all state required discipline and
     suspension reports

                                                                           F. Discipline                                Page: A-51
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 G. Health                                                                              Response   Comments
Ref. #
         General Student Health Requirements
6001 maintains complete student health history with reporting that alerts staff of
     daily needs of individual students, such as medications required to be
     administered or specific conditions
6002 ability to produce an individualized health care plan with option to select from
     listing of standardized plans (template) with area for comments or additions
     to standardized plan
6003 provides for the maintenance of pregnancy-related services data with entry
     and exit dates, expected date of delivery, and actual delivery date, and return
     to school date
6004 tracks an unlimited number of health concerns on each student and allow for
     a district maintained table of health concern codes and types
6005 ability to maintain extensive health notes and nurse notes on each student
     with the ability to query and report on the notes
6006 ability to track whole-class health events, such as fluoride administration, or
     nurse-conducted workshops
6007 keeps track of immunizations and associated dates according to State
     Immunization Law and is compatible with the state mandated State School
     Immunization Record format for all district students
6008 includes ability to merge immunization records from third party
6009 includes multiple emergency contact links
6010 provides a calling log for nurses to log notifications
6011 ability to track if a 30-day waiver has been granted for students whose
     parents did not produce an immunization certificate upon enrolling the
6012 ability to produce a listing of students who are past-due or have a waiver for
     immunization requirements
6013 provides an alert to the medical staff of all previous records to prevent
     duplicate administering of immunization medications.
6014 ability to produce a listing of students who will need immunizations on or
     before a certain date
6015 allows for the tracking of stated defined exemptions (religion, personal,
6016 allows for noting of a future date that a student has to be in compliance (this
     is termed conditional acceptance)

                                                                      G. Student Health                                 Page: A-52
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 G. Health                                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
6017 provides the ability to track and report statistics on student screening
       programs such as vision, hearing, scoliosis, tuberculosis, etc. including date,
       results and status
6018 provide short hand method of mass updating vision or hearing screening
       information on large groups of students
6019 provides a free text area, including spelling and grammar checking tools, for
       nurse’s notes associated with screening information
6020 provides the capability to analyze whether a student is in compliance with the
       state law based upon the analysis of immunization details
6021 capable of tracking, enforcing and / or generating an alert for district
       developed / defined health business rules
6022 provides the ability for district to develop health codes specific to the needs
       of the school district and map them to the state categories and codes

6023 provides the capability to design, store and report on a student health
     incidence form to include the type of student visit and the nurses’ / medical
6024 provides the capability to track and report nurses’ and infirmary office visit
     statistics including reason for the visit and interventions taken by the medical
     staff using both user defined pull down menus and free text supported with
     spelling and grammar checking tools
6025 provides a method to track unlimited allergies for each student.
6026 capable of Medicaid billing for eligible services or interface with a full health
     package that includes this functionality. If the vendor has a business partner,
     please indicate the company name
6027 capability to record, store, search and report individual student’s health
     insurance carrier and ID number, including Medicaid and to exchange data

6028 ability to generate invoices for district-provided services as a service provider

6029 provides the capability to design a student Health Action Plan form to which
     can be associated with the student record
6030 maintains real time logs by student of events and/or medication administered
     including time, reason, intervention, status
6031 allows the nurse to track whether the student's parent was contacted
6032 allows the nurse to track whether or not the student was sent home

                                                                        G. Student Health                                Page: A-53
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                        SIS RFP - Appendix A

 G. Health                                                                                 Response   Comments
Ref. #
6033 maintains a real time log / report by student of medication doses
       administered and reconciled with the nurse’s medication inventories.
6034 ability to email parent when medication in clinic is running out
6035 provides for nurses notes: narrative record exclusive to nurses
6036 ability to conform to all information security requirements of HIPAA
6037 ability to maintain, store, track and report all health related services as
       specified and required by a student’s IEP or 504 Plan
6038 provides the capability to manage and reconcile the medication inventory
       maintained by the nurse and to auto-generate requests for additional
       medicine / supplies triggered by user defined levels.
       Health Reporting Requirements
6039 displays/prints a screen to designated users at beginning of day showing all
     student alerts and who needs medication or a special procedure that day

6040 provides the following standard reports at minimum: Student Detail History,
     Daily Listing of Events, Summary Report of Visit Type
6041 produces state mandated immunization reports for local public health agency
     and district attorney at specified intervals
6042 provides the capability to report on a list of students and their health
     information, both general and specific (e.g., list of students with asthma)
6043 provides the capability to report on a list of students that are missing district
     defined health information
6044 provides the capability to report on a confidential list of students that have life
     threatening health issues
6045 provides the capability to report on exclusion lists (students who would be
     excluded from school because of non-compliance)
6046 produce lists, by student of which immunization shots are due when; weekly,
     monthly and annually in the state-mandated format
6047 provides the capability to produce state summary reports
6048 provides the capability to report on students who have not completed shots
     for a particular shot type (susceptible list)
6049 provides a simple report of clinic visits for sending home to a parent
6050 produces cumulative report of daily clinic visit register and activities with
     aggregate at district level. (Codes used for various activities and subtotals of
     each type of activity coded)
6051 provides student health alert on main student screen of system

                                                                         G. Student Health                                 Page: A-54
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 G. Health                                                                            Response   Comments
Ref. #
6052 ability to print report of students with medical alerts in the event of an
       emergency situation

                                                                         G. Student Health                            Page: A-55
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                        SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                                    Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Exceptional Student Capabilities
7001 supports all federal and State Special Education Management Information
     System requirements ( vendor will be responsible for maintaining necessary
     system changes and updates in order to support the federal and states’
     current requirements)
7002 allows for a comprehensive history of IEP events (meetings) to be
     maintained, and include logic for pulling those events specifically required
     for Virginia Student Record reporting
7002 allows for tracking of dates and eligibility criteria for students participating in
     educational programs such as Gifted, Remedial, and IEP

         provides for direct data entry of selected Special Education Data including
         (multiple records per student):
7003          type/handicap
7004          program
7005          event date
7006          entry date
7007          exit date
7008          next IEP date
7009          redetermination date
7010          IEP teacher
7011          undergoing evaluation (Y/N)
7012 provides the capability for an authorized user to easily add additional goals
     and objectives
7013 maintains a log of IEP changes, with the original and all modifications made,
     including, but not limited to, the dates and users who made the
7014 maintains a history of the student's participation in special education
7015 supports tracking of tasks completed by individual, including data entry,
     printing reports, and creating, opening, renaming, copying, or moving files

7016 supports tracking of tasks not completed by individual (e.g., ongoing
     evaluations, meetings, parent notices, etc.); when complete, the system
     should automatically flag tasks as complete based on established federal
     and state compliance requirements and District user defined rules

                                                                      H. Exceptional Student                               Page: A-56
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                                  Response   Comments
Ref. #
7017 special education teachers, by default, have access to data on the students
       for which they are the IEP file holder, even if not included in the student's
7018 allows for detailed notes to be made within the SIS for Behavior Modification
       Plans that should be assessable to administrators and regular education
       staff who teach those students with a Behavior Contract

7019 capable of distinguishing between students who have an active IEP and
     those who have an inactive IEP, but did have an active IEP at some point
     during the school year
7020 provides a table of IEP file holders, so that schools may identify the IEP file
     holder for any student and run reports for all students for which a file holder
     is responsible
7021 enables administrators to create online administrative procedures that can
     display policy and procedures relevant to each data item any staff member
     edits or views
7022 allows user to track key information on each student referred to special
     education from initial screening and referral, IEP Team assessment,
     placement, IEP, annual review, triennial review and transfer/exit from
     special education
7023 provides the capability to notify the district's Division of Special Education
     and its agencies through a workflow process of students referred by
     teachers to the Pupil Study Teams for evaluation
7024 provides the capability to notify appropriate Special Education staff through
     workflow process of upcoming due process timelines
7025 provides the capability to notify appropriate Special Education staff through
     workflow process of missed due process timelines
7026 allows user to track current placement of all students that have been placed
     or considered for placement in district programs, public and private
     programs outside district, student evaluated but not yet placed, and student
     determined to be ineligible for services
7027 allows user to track certification of out-of-district programs serving district
7028 allows user to track all service costs that a district can bill to a third party,
     including Medicaid billing
7029 allows user to track staff certifications and years of experience

                                                                      H. Exceptional Student                             Page: A-57
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                                 Response   Comments
Ref. #
7030 allows user to track funding sources related to special education programs
       and services
7031 provides the ability to track and report on students with disabilities served by
       school or district (for federal count in December) to include referrals and
       services, type of special service delivered, and hours in related services
7032 allows user to track least restrictive environment to ensure that special
       education services, programs, personnel, and students are fully integrated
       within general education of district, including services from other agencies
       and organizations
7033 allows user to track implementation of each student’s IEP, date initiated,
       date of review, evaluation procedures and time in regular education

7034 allows user to track students for eligibility for extended school year (ESY),
     type and amount of special education services provided
7035 allows specification of type of special transportation required and whether
7036 allows user to enter and store large amounts of text in a single extended
     data field with spell and grammar checking tools
7037 allows electronic student file transfer between facilities, sites, schools and
     local home district
7038 provides capability to have grade promotion to be determined by age of
     student rather than grade level
7039 automates calculation of overall timeline taken for referral process as well
     as timelines for discrete steps within total time frame (auto trigger for IEP,
     assessment, etc.)
7040 allows staff to create individualized plans such as IEPs and their sub-
     components such as Individual Learning Plans ILPs, individualized transition
     plans; includes present level of performance, goals, objectives, services,
     criteria, and participants
7041 allows staff to add unlimited free text area supported by spell & grammar
     checking for goals, objectives, comments and criteria
7042 allows user to insert areas, goals, objectives, and criteria in preferred
     language of student or parent, such as Spanish
7043 allows user to print all or part of draft and final versions of IEPs

                                                                    H. Exceptional Student                              Page: A-58
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                  SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                              Response   Comments
Ref. #
7044 provides the capability through workflow process to notify the school nurse /
       medical staff of any medical alerts discovered during the IEP development
7045 permits specification of supplemental aids/services required and includes
       assistive devices
7046 permits specification of timelines and strategies employed during student
       support team process
7047 enables user to track preferred language of student and parent
7048 lets user to calculate a student’s FTE automatically by interpreting special
       education data for student and student’s schedule
7049 provides a notes section within IEP that allows staff to record information
       that supports IEP meeting decisions, including options considered/rejected,
       discussion of regular education participation/modification, discussion of
       assessment participation, graduation consideration, ESY eligibility, and
       discipline plan (includes a log of any changes or modifications that are
       subsequently made after the meeting)

       provides a section for a transition services plan that can be completed
       during IEP development and allows for the maintenance of transition
       services plan data fields:
7050           date of transition plan development
7051           date of transition plan review
7052           free form narrative section to describe student needs
7053           instructional activities section including measurable goals
7054           parent contact and permission information
7055           vocational assessment skills information
7056           modifications for testing, tests included, and alternative
7057           community experiences
7058           employment or post school adult living information
7059           up to 4 exceptionalities
7060           date enrolled
7061           IEP renewal date
7062           date staffed out

                                                                    H. Exceptional Student                           Page: A-59
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                                  Response   Comments
Ref. #
7063 allows user to develop a behavior management plan with discipline actions
       and plan that prints separately. (This capability should be available with
       integration with school-level application program.)
7064 flags students with 504 intervention plan
7065 504 plans are separate from Health and/or Special Ed
7066 504 plan and all forms are available on-line
7067 provides the ability to create a student 504 plan that tracks review dates,
       accommodations, disability, and all other information concerning the plan

7068   provides the ability to create a 504 alerts for students with 504 plans
7069   provides the ability to print a student 504 plan
7070   allows for tracking of students with active or inactive 504 plans
7071   ability to track number of Exceptional students served
7072   ability to track case loads of service providers
       IEP Reporting Requirements
7073 provides for on-line access of Special Education information by users with
     appropriate security authorization
7074 allows any and all Special Education data fields to be combined with other
     student information for analysis and reporting
7075 lets staff print pre-defined memos, notices, reports, and lists including initial
     screening, referral and assessment, IEPs, progress reports, parent
     communication, graduation, transfer, or minutes
7076 allows user to revise forms such as enrollment form, IEP, minutes, parent
     notices, and rights in different languages
7077 lets user track notices, letters, forms, etc., that each family receives,
     including evaluation permission, permission for placement, last date parents
     given due process rights
7078 allows user to print progress reports based on IEP goals and objectives
7079 enables user to file all reports and compliance forms in state or federal
     required formats (vendor will maintain the current state and federally
     required compliance reports and formats at no additional cost to district)

7080 enables user to print reports as directed by court order including detailed
     consent decrees
7081 enables user to print routine compliance reports on individual students,
     schools, departments, teachers, psychologists, and administrators

                                                                      H. Exceptional Student                             Page: A-60
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                       SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                                   Response   Comments
Ref. #
7082 enables user to print lists with single selection criteria such as notification of
       ―annual review in two months‖
7083 enables user to print lists with multiple selection criteria such as notification
       of ―annual review in two months or triennial review in next two months‖

7084 enables user to print lists counting and calculating new data such as
     counting by disability, calculating number of days between referral and
7085 enables user to print reports in preferred language of parent; examples
     include parent notices, IEPs, etc.
7086 allows user to print notes section separate from IEP
7087 allows user to print transition services plan separate from rest of IEP
7088 allows user to print blank IEP forms
7089 provides capability for letters to be formatted to fit in window envelopes
7090 allows user to preview all reports on screen prior to selecting for printing
7091 provides capability to print a special education student report sorted by
     name, school and grade, teacher, or ethnic code, and sex; sample terms
     included in report are: student name, school attending, grade, and
7092 allows user to include user-selected data elements in student report
7093 provides capability to print all student data for each active special education
7094 provides capability to print summary student data for each student who has
     withdrawn from special education program (Items included in report are:
     student name, primary exceptionality, termination date, termination reason,
7095 provides capability of generating a report of a due process checklist for each
     special education student (Items included in report but are not limited to:
     student name, date of birth, grade, and parent’s consent for evaluation, and
     vision/hearing screening dates and follow-up.)
7096 provides capability to print selected or all special education data for each
     special education staff member

                                                                       H. Exceptional Student                             Page: A-61
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
7097 provides capability of generating a report and printing of summary data for
       all special education staff members with items included in report such as
       staff name, identification number, social security number, home school,
       position, percent employed, address, and telephone number

7098 provides capability of generating a report and printing a listing of students
     whose IEP review date falls within month specified; items included in report
     but are not limited to: student name, IEP Review Date, school, grade,
     primary exceptionality, age, and date of birth
7099 provides capability of generating a report and printing a listing of students
     whose IEP review date or three-year re-evaluation date falls within current
     school year; items included in report are: student name, school, grade,
     primary special education teacher, primary exceptionality, related services,
     IEP review date, and three-year re-evaluation date

7100 provides capability of generating a report and printing a list of students
     whose latest primary, secondary, or other exceptionality evaluation is older
     than three years from date specified; the report is sorted by student and
     includes following items: student name, school, primary exceptionality, age,
     last primary exceptionality date, last other exceptionality date, last vision
     screening date, and last hearing screening date

7101 provides capability of generating a report and printing a list of personnel
     providing services to active students, with sections that include: count of
     special education teachers for students ages 3-5, count of special education
     teachers for each primary exceptionality for students ages 6-22, and count
     of other related services for students ages 3-22

7102 provides capability of generating a report and printing all students withdrawn
     during current year; the report permits subset print of exit for students ages
     14 through 22 and lists each primary exceptionality and groups total
     students by disability, exit reason, and age
7103 provides the capability through a workflow process to notify special
     education staff of special education students when they withdraw from the
     facility, site, school, district or home district

                                                                   H. Exceptional Student                             Page: A-62
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                 SIS RFP - Appendix A

 H. Exceptional Student                                                             Response   Comments
Ref. #
7104 provides capability to list students dually enrolled in private school and
       receive special education services
7105 provides capability to list students currently receiving tuition grants

                                                                     H. Exceptional Student                         Page: A-63
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 I.      School/Parent Information Exchange                                           Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Web Based Interface Requirements
8001 provides simple, easy-to-learn Web portals for parents and students to
     access appropriate, real-time information based on individual login and
8002 provides an industry approved secure Web-based interface that will allow
     the system administrator to securely and easily manage the system from
     any personal computer with Internet access. Information made available
     over the Internet shall be securely accessible using a standard widely used
     Web browser, such as but not limited to Netscape Navigator, Microsoft
     Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, etc. Additional software or plug-
     ins must not be necessary in order to access the student/parent
     information module.
8003 ability to block parent access to certain modules during certain times, such
     as final grade calculations on a district-wide level
8004 provides administrators with names who have registered for access to
     student data by student
8005 incorporates email hyperlinks and functionality to facilitate communication
     between parents and teachers
8006 provides centralized system selection options to regulate parent and
     student views options
8007 allows parents to reset lost or forgotten passwords without district staff
8008 provides teachers, parents and students a unique username and
     password that is securely generated automatically by the system and can
     be securely sent by printed letter or email
8009 ability for parents to pre-register for an account online, with verification
     required by the school or district before the account is enabled
8010 provides a single login for a parent to see all of their children
8011 provides additional logins for non-custodial parents
8012 ability for parents to subscribe to alerts
8013 provides calendar with district items, school items and teacher items
8014 ability for appropriate district staff to track parent logins for school
8015 provides statistical information regarding the use of the parental access

                                                                       I. School & Parent                             Page: A-64
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                 SIS RFP - Appendix A

 I.    School/Parent Information Exchange                                           Response   Comments
Ref. #
8016 ability for users to securely manage account preferences over the Internet

       provides parents the ability to view:
8017       course listings
8018       all assignments with due date (full assignment details, not just the
          assignment name)
8019       grades for each assignment
8020       attendance – absences/absence type
8021       discipline (incident and disposition)
8022       course history including courses, date taken, grade and location

8023       standardized test scores
8024       grades per grading period for year
8025       comments for grades
8026       student class schedule (this year and upcoming)
8027       current GPA/NGA
8028       current class rank
8029       school announcements/calendar
8030       student fees
8031       teacher comments or concerns
8032 ability for parents to request changes to student and parent data such as
     but not limited to, name, address, phone, e-mail and/or contact information

8033 ability for parents to directly email teacher or school administrator
8034 ability for parents to pre-register their students online. School staff must
     verify data before allowing populating the system
8035 ability for parents to see assignments that have not yet occurred, along
     with a Due Date
8036 parents have the option of receiving email notification of certain events,
     such as absences, tardies, and failed assignments
8037 ability for school administrators and teachers to post functions and
     announcements at the facility, school, grade or classroom level
8038 provides the ability to determine effective date / dates and times when the
     information will be available by remote login and access.
8039 provides a reasonable timeout to be activated for users who do not
     successfully log off.

                                                                      I. School & Parent                            Page: A-65
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                               SIS RFP - Appendix A

 I.    School/Parent Information Exchange                                         Response   Comments
Ref. #
8040 provides both inbound and outbound forms of secure communication (i.e.,
       email notification) in Web interface.
8041 allows the information accessed by the Internet to always reveal the date
       and time that the information was last updated.
8042 provides protection for users on school networks. A login Cookie shall not
       be provided. Screens that provide personal data must not be able to be
       bookmarked or returned to once the user have logged off the system.

8043 provides an on-line help link allowing the user to retrieve information on
     how to navigate and use the site.
8044 maintains a log of every query and /or request for information / data
     delivered through the Internet interface. The log should identify contacts
     made through the web interface versus contacts made by e-mail.

8045 ability for parents to specify the email account used for communication so
     that authorized users can select a secure email account, not accessible by
     the student if desired.
8046 provides student a view of course options and ability to make course

                                                                     I. School & Parent                           Page: A-66
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 J. Data Exchange Requirements                                                        Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Data Exchange General Requirements
9001 provides authorized users the capability to securely export selected or all
     data elements to standard file formats
9002 provides the capability for SIF ―electronic data exchange‖ with other SIF
     compliant software (SIF compliant/certified)
9003 provides authorized users the capability to securely transfer electronically a
     student’s permanent record to another school or district
9004 provides the capability to transfer permanent records or transcripts via
     SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) lines
9005 allows the authorized user to electronically import all student data with
     option to place filters on import data
9006 allows the authorized user to electronically export all student data
9007 provides a user-friendly method for correcting errors in record data
         District - Specific Data Exchange Requirements
9008 system must be compliant with the specifications and certifications of the
     Virginia Department of Education (vendor is responsible to maintain
     continual and timely system changes and updates to remain in compliance
     with the state, at no additional cost to district)
9009 system must be compliant with the State data dictionary requirements
9010 system must be capable of mapping the district student ID number and
     specific student ID numbers to the State student ID number for all imports
     and exports
9011 ability to directly interface with any district document imaging system
9012 capable of managing bi-directional student data transfer formats with the
     State system including but not limited to student identifiers
         Exceptional Student System
9013 interfaces with the special education software package the system chooses
     to utilize
         Standardized Tests
9014 ability to export student standardized tests to Test Vendor sites for
     processing student tests
9015 ability to import into the SIS the results of standardized tests from Test

                                                                       J. Data Exchange                               Page: A-67
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 J. Data Exchange Requirements                                                         Response   Comments
Ref. #
         District Library System
9016 ability to export student data based upon the record layout in Appendix C in
     order for students to check out library books and be issued textbooks from
     within district Library System.
9017 ability to import into the SIS student obligation data from the library
     automation system on an automatic basis
         Food Services
9018 ability to export student data based upon the record layout in Appendix C to
     district Food Services System.
9019 allows for import of free/reduced lunch status into SIS with appropriate
     security with regard to the ability to view this information
9020 parent portal subscribes to data from the food service system using data
     exchange so that lunch balances may be displayed within the parent portal

9021 parents are able to elect to receive email notifications when students have a
     low lunch balance. The balance at which to send notification should be
     specified by the parent
9022 ability to pay fees and lunches through portal
9023 provides storage of transportation data including bus routes, bus numbers,
     special transportation needs
9024 provides ability to import/export all student transportation data with District
     transportation system
         Finance and Human Resources
9025 allows for import/export of human resources staff data including staff
     demographics, emergency contact information, certifications and
     credentials into the SIS

                                                                        J. Data Exchange                               Page: A-68
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 K. Reporting Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Report Generation
10001 provides the capability to access multiple databases and all data elements

10002 provides a sophisticated, easy-to-use (user-friendly) end-user report
      generator with graphical interface with drop down menus
10003 provides for a suite of standard reports for all student information system
      modules/applications that can be modified and saved as standard district
      or school reports
10004 provides a query function that permits a range of data items within the
      database to be selected
10005 provides a set of pre-defined push-button queries
10006 provides comprehensive sort and search capabilities that permits sorting
      and searching data by any field in the database or generates reports
      including all user defined fields
10007 provides the capability to automatically count records for specified fields
      based on identified breaks in the report
10008 provides the capability to optionally count and report on summary data,
      such as record counts, along with the regular report
10009 provides the ability to select data by user defined selection or filter criteria
10010 provides for ―Sounds like‖ word search
10011 provides for wild card search
10012 provides the capability to report data in graphic formats including charts
      and/or graphs
10013 provides the capability to create reports in linear, tabular, and matrix
10014 supports the creation of multiple column reports such as three-column
      mailing labels
10015 provides the capability to aggregate, analyze, and display data by an ad
      hoc query facility
10016 provides the capability to print to local or network printers or on-screen
      display, disk files, etc.
10017 provides the capability to spool reports to a file using common file
      standards such as ASCII, ODBC-compliant, Microsoft Office products,
      PDF, etc.

                                                                              K. Reporting                               Page: A-69
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 K. Reporting Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
10018 ability to automate report submission and distribution of output to various
       users, user groups, and devices
10019 system administrator must be able to create custom reports separate
       from district standard reports
10020 ability to send reports to a queue for future processing
10021 designated fields should be masked or hidden based on security of user

10022 provides integration with more robust 3rd party query tools or report
       Report Generator User Customizable Requirements
10023 allows all user defined reports to be saved and stored in the applicable
      area(s) of the SIS
10024 allows the user, the facility, site, school, district divisions, and agencies to
      customize standard reports with different selections and sort sequences
      and then save them in a common directory for all users, or personal
      directory for their own use
10025 allows users to create, modify, execute, preview, and save queries
10026 provides the capability to select and print multiple reports in one
      operational procedure
10027 provides the capability to create and print custom letters that include
      merged student and/or parent data
       State and Federal Reporting Requirements
10028 allows for state reports to be updated on a regular basis and easily
      provided to schools without disturbing other user-defined or pre-defined
10029 allows for state reports to be pre-defined and provided to schools via
      electronic exchange for use when required
10030 capable of producing all mandated state and federal reports in the form
      and format specified by the requiring agency in both hardcopy and
10031 capable of periodic state and federal reporting updates that will be
      supplied by the vendor at no additional cost to District
10032 capable of periodic state and federal reporting updates and upgrades
      without modifying any of the user defined fields.

                                                                              K. Reporting                               Page: A-70
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 K. Reporting Requirements                                                               Response   Comments
Ref. #
         system is configured to collect, maintain, store, track and report to the
         state, either in hardcopy or electronically, all District required State
         standardized information, forms & reports including but not limited to the
10033    Fall, Spring, End-of-Year, and Summer student extracts for state
10034    Career and Technical Education Report (CTER's)
10035    Discipline, crime, and Violence student extract for state reporting
10036    ability to generate verification reports for each state reporting extract
10037    NCLB Core / Highly Qualified Teachers Report with relevant State data

10038 ability to reproduce state report formats within the application for review
      reports anytime during the year
10039 abillity to load ASCII file extract into a built-in editor to make modifications
      to the file and then save the modifications to resubmit ASCII file to state

10040 ability to laod previous extracts into a build-in editor for re-submittal to the
10041 abiltiy to calculate VOC participaton by analyzing student schedules,
      course file and other associated files to determine VOC status
10042 ability to calculate ADM and ADA by analyzing student attendance and
      other associated files
10043 ability to determine Special Ed status and percentages based on
      program(s)student is enrolled in
10044 ability to determine gifted status based on gifted program(s) student is
      enrolled in
10045 ability to determine Distance Learning, AP, etc. types of classes student is
      enrolled in

                                                                              K. Reporting                               Page: A-71
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                        SIS RFP - Appendix A

 L. Student Assessment Requirements                                                        Response   Comments
Ref. #
         General Student Assessment Requirements
11001 ability to maintain, store, track, and report all test and test history specified
      by State system and the data elements / fields as outlined in the State
      system data dictionary codes
11002 ability to access all student assessment data from one screen
11003 ability to maintain, store, track, and report all sub-test and sub-test history
      specified by State system and the data elements / fields as outlined in the
      State system data dictionary codes
11004 provides a working import of all VA test scores from vendor data files
11005 provides an import mechanism for a wide range of other assessments
      (DIBELS, classroom tests, benchmark assessments, etc.)
11006 ability to maintain accommodations needed for a student on tests
      appropriate designated and labeled fields are available to maintain, store
      and report all assessment information as defined by the State related data
      dictionary codes, including but not limited to the following:
11007             date / dates tested (unlimited number)
11008             independently recorded results of section and sub section
11009             independently record each test attempt including dates and section
             / subsection assessment results
11010             pass / fail indicator that can be associated with the individual
             record including the transcript record
11011             record scores, % correct for each test portion and strand
11012         disaggregated test scores by district divisions, agencies, programs,
             facilities, sites, and schools
11013             record and store an unlimited number of interventions, courses
             taken for intervention with grades
11014             strand data (test details) with definitions
11015             purpose of the test initial or annual
11016             test form identifier
11017             student grade level
11018    provides the ability for district staff to setup and maintain district specific
         test management for individual divisions, agencies, programs, facilities,
         sites and schools modules

                                                                        L. Student Assessment                              Page: A-72
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 L. Student Assessment Requirements                                                      Response   Comments
Ref. #
11019 provides for easy export of specified test data files by any user defined
       criteria including but not limited to the following: district division, agency,
       facility site, school, class, student, grade, or test administration

11020 allows district / state test data to be aggregated by any criteria including
      but not limited to gender, age, class, and grade at a facility, site, or school
11021 supports the addition of assessments/tests by the authorized user without
      any customize programming by the vendor
      maintains and reports on appropriate test scores for the ITBS, SAT, CTBS,
      MAT, and TAP tests and others in future not yet known:
11022          scale scores for various academic areas such as reading,
          language arts, math, social studies, and science
11023          percentile scores for various academic areas
11024          normal curve equivalent scores for various academic areas
11025          grade equivalent test scores for various academic areas
      maintains and reports on appropriate test scores for the PSAT test:
11026          verbal scale score
11027          math scale score
      maintains and reports on appropriate test scores for the SAT test:
11028          verbal scale score
11029          math scale score
      maintains and reports on appropriate test scores for the ACT test:
11030          standard scores for content areas such as English, math, reading,
          and science
11031          composite standard score
11032 provides the capability for the user to add an unlimited number of tests and
      scores to be managed and maintained by the system without custom
      programming by the vender
        Student Assessment Reporting Requirements
11033 provides for the maintenance and reporting of multiple test administrations,
      subtests, and resulting scores for each student
11034 ability to view test scores across years by student, section, course, grade,
      school, AYP subgroups, or district
11035 allows the selection and reporting of the highest test scores for each
      student from multiple administrations of the same test

                                                                         L. Student Assessment                           Page: A-73
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                     SIS RFP - Appendix A

 L. Student Assessment Requirements                                                     Response   Comments
Ref. #
11036 allows the selection and reporting of the most recent test scores for each
       student from multiple administrations of the same test
11037 ability to identify students who have not passed a test or a test part
       (missing or all attempts are failing)
11038 permits student test data to be accessible at the teacher level for analysis
11039 ability to use student performance on tests/assessments as a limiting
       criterion in reports
11040 allows district to maintain a body of evidence (portfolio) of student
       achievement based on set benchmarks; required data to be maintained
       includes when and how (proficient, partially proficient, etc.) each
       benchmark was met
11041 provides the capability to identify and report on students who meet state
       goals for basic, proficient, and advanced performance, plus additional
       goals determined by the district
11042 provides the capability to present test score results in a variety of graphical
       formats including charts, reports and bar graphs
11043 provides comparison test score results by grade over at least three years
       can be reported (Example: ITBS reading scores can be reported for grade
       3 for the school year just completed and the previous school year)

11044 provides for the reporting of any test score data on the student’s transcript

                                                                     L. Student Assessment                              Page: A-74
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 M. Database Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
         General Requirements
         supports the following requirements:
12001           centralized (one file server for the district)
         supports an open system environment with full operational and security
         capabilities implemented
12002    ·    SQL Server
12003    provides database location transparency to users
12004    provides user access over a remote network workstation
12005    provides the capability to extract and upload data to and from remote
         network workstations
12006    provides the capability for upper/lower case conversion
12007    ensures that the system and database design is normalized to minimize
         redundant data entry for all system data
12008    provides user message upon simultaneous record updating attempt
12009    provides the ability to re-try locked records after delay
12010    provides full integration between applications where changes to data are
         made once, but are reflected throughout the system
12011    supports open database connectivity (ODBC) to allow for interface access
         between database systems and different front-end tools
12012    provides a dynamic data dictionary which will be available to the district
         system administrator for online review. Should crosswalk data elements
         between user interface locations (e.g., screens) to database locations (e.g.,
         table columns) and be kept current. It should also reflect interactions with
         other data elements. This should also include a cross reference to VADOE
         data elements.
12013    includes Database Schema (table joins, keys, etc) – as well as any
         customizations made for VA
12014    allows modification of the data dictionary by the district without affecting
         district-defined or school-defined data elements or data and will not alter
         the vendor support agreements
12015    allows authorized personnel access to the data file structure
12016    provides transaction roll-back and database recovery in the event of a
         system failure
12017    provides automatic backup of data at a central site
12018    allows for database backup while the system is in use

                                                                    M. Database Requirements                             Page: A-75
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                 SIS RFP - Appendix A

 M. Database Requirements                                                           Response   Comments
Ref. #
12019 allows the date stamping of all records by day, month and year. The
       system shall also accommodate multiple school years definable by district
       without any custom programming by the vendor.
        Data Management and Exchange
12020 supports ANSI standard SQL capabilities
12021 supports GUI queries
12022 supports an unlimited number of scanned document image attachments to
      the student record
12023 supports the creation of new indexes on any field in database
12024 provides the capability for the data administrator to make global
      changes/corrections to the database
        Data Security Requirements
        provides the following levels of individual and group security:
12025           database-level
12026           table-level (individual tables and groups of tables)
12027           column-level (individual and groups of columns)
12028           screen-level (individual and groups of screens)
12029           record-level (individual and groups of records)
12030           field-level (individual and groups of fields)
12031           user-level (individual and groups of users)
12032           group-level (individual and groups by role)
        supports additional levels of security:
12033           field value dependent (e.g., access is dependent on field value)
12034           application-level
12035           role or job title
12036           specific time of day access
12037           specific workstation location access
12038           designated menu access
12039           designated form access
        supports security changes without taking the database down for the
        following types of security administration:
12040           field value dependent (e.g., access is dependent on field value)
12041           application-level
12042           role or job title
12043           specific time of day access
12044           specific workstation location access

                                                                   M. Database Requirements                         Page: A-76
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                      SIS RFP - Appendix A

 M. Database Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
12045        designated menu access
12046        designated form access
12047        write/delete/update access
12048        centralized security administration
12049        distributed security administration
12050 supports optional audit trail of all applications transactions
12051 supports transaction audit capability for file maintenance
12052 supports the ability to audit all transactions by date/time stamp and source

        Database Reporting Requirements
        provides the capability to locate fields on a page by:
12053           row
12054           column
        provides the following capabilities for a report:
12055           automatic column headings using Data Dictionary
12056           field display formats from Data Dictionary
12057           page headings
12058           page footings
12059           automatic subtotals
12060           depth of subtotals (e.g., subtotals within subtotals)
12061           grand totals
12062           average value
12063           maximum value
12064           minimum value
12065           automatic control breaking based on parent-child relation
12066           user-specified record selection at run time
12067           user-specified disposition of report (printer, export file format,
            screen, etc.)
12068   provides for an ad hoc reporting tool for end users to create custom
        reports; please describe tools
12069   provides the ability to view reports on screen prior to printing
12070   permits reports to be sent to any output device on the network
12071   provides the capability to extract and export data to graphical or statistical

                                                                     M. Database Requirements                            Page: A-77
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 N. Virginia State Reporting Requirements                                              Response   Comments
Ref. #
13001 meets all Virginia DOE reporting requirements including but not limited
       to:Student Records Collection, Course Enrollment Data Collection,
       Instructional Personnel Data Collection, Report on Discipline, Crime and
       Violence, Career and Technical Education Services
13002 provides a single extract for all schools for each data collection
13003 all extracts allow data for concurrently enrolled students’ data to be
      reported at their ―home school‖
13004 allows historical entry for special education and future entry for items past
      count date that will not be submitted
13005 ability for school to review data being reported (user can ―see/validate‖ data
13006 allows for data ―snapshots‖ on specific reporting dates
13007 the vendor should provide timely responses to changes in State
13008 changes made to "snapshot" data should automatically merge back into
      the SIS database

                                                                       N. VA Requirements                              Page: A-78
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 O. Other Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
         Guidance Capabilities
14001 provides a conference module specifically to be used by counselors. The
      security for this module should be restricted to only this group and
      designated system personnel.
14002 ability to select multiple actions related to a counseling event (parent
      conference, community referral, social worker contact, etc.)
14003 ability to record time on task for each event
14004 ability to log whole classroom guidance sessions, in addition to sessions
      with individual students
14005 provides area for general comments and "secure" comments
14006 provides a log of advising information
14007 provides access to student academic history
14008 allows identification of at-risk student by district definition
14009 allows for post-graduation tracking
14010 ability to track scholarships
14011 ability to mass assign group conference to individual students
14012 allows for narrative comments regarding student post-secondary plans to
      assist counselors in determining the best program of study
         Transportation Capabilities
14013 integrates with transportation software
14014 ability to associate student to bus routes
14015 ability for staff to identify a normal AM and PM bus and an alternate AM and
      PM bus, specify other transportation types (drivers, car rider, walkers), and
      specify whether the child rides a bus or not
14016 tracks special transportation requirements (e.g., seat requirements,
      medical needs, wheelchair lifts, seat belts, students need for a bus aide,
      am/pm pickup address, and contact name and phone)
14017 tracks comments, contact name, phone information, start and end date for
      export daily to bus routing system
14018 tracks how a student gets home (walking, picked up by parent / guardian)
      at end of school day

                                                                             O. Other                                 Page: A-79
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 O. Other Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
14019 produces information to incorporate transportation information or eligibility
       in ID Badge information
14020 monitors student parking information including sticker, fee, space,
       semester, vehicle, and parking tickets
14021 provides a report of alternate pick-up and drop-off addresses (e.g., morning
       pick-up different from afternoon delivery)
        Textbook and Fees Capabilities
14022 ability to track fees owed by the student for school fees - textbooks, band,
      athletics, etc.
14023 allows for the student assignment and tracking of textbooks by both the
      classroom teacher and school administration
14024 provides and tracks aggregate fee amount, date charged, date paid,
      partially paid, paid and waived fees by student by school by district
14025 provides and tracks textbooks, equipment, age, condition, status,
      assignment, and course associations
14026 provides notification of outstanding fees/fines when student withdraws from
14027 provides ability to auto generate fees invoice or letters, with selected data
      elements (amount owed, fee type, etc.)
        English Language Learner Capabilities
        ability to have reserved fields for authorized ESOL personnel to update:
14028         ESOL designation (Y/N)
14029         student native language
14030         language spoken at home
14031         store service delivery history (i.e., ESOL, bilingual) by date and
14032         country of birth
14033         eligible immigrant (Y/N)
14034         store immigration date
14035         date entered U.S. schools
14036         store years educated in U.S.
14037         stored historical language proficiency assessment data

                                                                             O. Other                                 Page: A-80
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                   SIS RFP - Appendix A

 O. Other Requirements                                                                Response   Comments
Ref. #
14038            store if adult in home speaks English
14039            exit date
14040            monitor status (M1/M2)
14041    store migrant status indicator
14042    number of FTE segments
14043    itinerant teacher (Y/N)
14044    ability for parent portal to translate in different languages
         Staff Information Capabilities
         provides the ability to track general information on staff members in the
         district such as:
14045           demographic details
14046           staff attendance
14047           schools to which staff members are assigned
14048           staff licenses
14049           staff degrees
14050           years of experience
14051           professional development course work
14052           college courses completed
14053           other PD that does not count as PLU credit
14054           other outside training
14055           staff Professional Development Plans
14056           positions held by staff
14057           staff extracurricular activities
14058           electronic images of staff employment documents
14059 provide the ability to track staff leave time
14060 provide the ability to view course sections assigned to teaching staff
      provides all necessary Professional Development Plan information required
      for staff member re-certification including:
14061            basic staff professional information such as address, certificate

                                                                              O. Other                                Page: A-81
  Richmond Public Schools                                                                                    SIS RFP - Appendix A

 O. Other Requirements                                                                 Response   Comments
Ref. #
14062            number of Professional Development Points (PDP’s) required to
              renew primary certification
14063              staff professional goals
14064              staff action plans
14065              activities associated with the accomplishment of the staff
                Professional Development Plan
14066              district-aligned goals to staff professional goals
14067              district-aligned goals to staff professional goals
14068              professional development course requests
14069              records of Professional Development Plan reviews
14070    provides workflow to allow staff members to request course signup and
         supervisor approval of course requests
14071    provides workflow for staff supervisors to approve, disapprove, or waitlist
         staff course requests
14072    provides district the ability to establish staff courses and sections for
         professional development opportunities
14073    allows staff members to sign up for PD courses

                                                                               O. Other                                Page: A-82

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