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       Roofing Industry in India 2011


The roofing industry in India is driven by growth in the construction industry. Rise in
disposable income and willingness to spend on better roofing standards due to rising
aesthetic sense among consumers has increased demand. The roofing industry is poised to
grow gradually.

The report begins with an overview of the roofing market in India including market size and
growth. A brief description of the various segments in the roofing market has been provided
and incorporates the market segmentation, by product, in the Indian market.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry including growth in
construction industry, government initiatives, increasing disposable income, growth in pre-
engineered building industry and environmental considerations. The key challenges of the
market include increase in input costs and practice of banning asbestos mining. A section on
the sector-wise opportunity for roofing is provided which speaks about the opportunities in
real estate, retail industry, airports, hospitality sector, healthcare sector, metro rail and SEZs.

A competitive landscape of the major players in the market has been provided which
contains a snapshot of their corporate information and business highlights.

Table of Contents :
Page 1: Executive summary
Market Overview
Page 2: Roofing Market – Overview, Size & Growth (volume) (2009-2014e), Segmentation
Page 3-4: Roofing Market Segments – Description, Market Share (2010)
Page 5: Asbestos Roofing Market – Overview, Market Size (volume) (2009-10 – 2012-13e),
Market Share of Major Players (2010), Advantages and Disadvantages
Page 6: Metal Roofing - Overview, Market Size (volume) (2008-2012e), Companies and
Brands, Advantages and Disadvantages
Page 7: Clay Tile Roofing – Overview, Advantages & Disadvantages, Mangalore Roof Tile
– Overview, Advantages & Disadvantages
Page 8: RCC Roofing – Overview, Advantages & Disadvantages, Micro Concrete Roofing –
Overview, Unique Features
Drivers & Challenges
Page 9: Summary
Page 10-14: Drivers
Page 15-16: Challenges
Sector-wise Opportunity
Page 17-23: Real estate, Retail industry, Airports, Hospitality Sector, Metro Rail and SEZ
Page 24-30: Players in the Market

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