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					                                                                      Farid Ahmad
                                                     Jl Bunga sakura utama II EE-18
                                                                         Jawa barat

                                                            Bekasi, 11 March 2009

Recruitment Officer
HRD Departement

       Dear Sir / Madam,

       Based on information from my friend, I would like to apply the position as
Network Security that will completing your network project at your
respective organization that related with my educational background. I have
graduated my bachelor degree with a grade of statisfying (GPA 3,11 of 4) from
STMIK dipanegara in 2008, majoring in Information Technology.

        With my educational and organization background that consist of theory and
practice, I am trained to solve problem using analytical thinking method. I am a self
motivated, hard worker, and a responsible person; I can also communicate very well
and build good relationship with other people; I am eager to learn new things and a
fast learner. Thus, would reflect my ability to perform as a good IT minded person
and with this I believe would benefit your company as well.

      Along with this letter, I enclosed my Curriculum Vitae with a recent

        Thank you for considering my application letter and I am looking forward to
your reply.


                                                        Farid Ahmad
                  Farid Ahmad (fred)
                  Jl. Bunga sakura utama II Blok EE-18
                  Jawa Timur 17424
                  Bekasi - indonesia

    Personal Data

    Place/Date of Birth                   :   Ujung Pandang, 11 October 1984
    Nationality                           :   Indonesian
    Religion                              :   Moslem
    Interest                              :   Networking, Programming, Electronika,
                                               Teakwondo, Travelling.

    Formal Education

    University (2003-2008)                : STMIK Dipanegara
    Major                                 : Information Technology Majoring in
                                             Software engineering
    Thesis                                : Desain Web pada Unit Pelaksana Teknis
                                           Dinas AKPER Anging Mammiri Propinsi
                                           Sulawesi Selatan dengan Menggunakan
                                           Teknik AJAX.
    GPA                                   : 3.11 scale of 4.00
    Senior High School (2000-2003)        : SMUN 03, Makassar
    Junior High School (1997-2000)        : Kartika Chandra Kirana, Makassar
    Elementary School (1991-1997)         : SDN Mangkura 03, Makassar

    Informal Education

    Participant at Adobe Seminar, Makassar (2004)
    Participant at War Against Virus, Makassar (2006)
    Participant Building Wireless Networking, Makassar (2007)
    Participant at Multimedia Seminar, Makassar (2007)
    Acer National Hacking Competition, Makassar (2007)


    Able Designing with Adobe Photoshop, and Flash Technology.
    Able Programming PHP, JSP, HTML, JavaScript.
    Able Programming with .Net Technology like C#, C++.NET, VB.NET.
    Able Programming with Java Technology like J2EE, J2ME, J2SE.
    Understand TCP/IP Networking, VLAN, VPN, SNMP.
    Basic Knowledge of NGN network, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, MPLS.
    Basic knowledge Management network like duke, OpenView and Zenoos.
    Basic knowledge Measurement Testing like Terms, Wireshark and netstlumbler.
    Basic Knowledge Telecom Network like SS7, Asterisk, NSN SURPASS HiE9200 IP.
    Basic knowledge of virtual machine like Vmware, Xen, and Microsoft VS2005.
    Able configure DNS sever, DHCP server, Web Server, SQL server.
    Able working on variation OS like Solaris, Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.
    Able configure on Cisco, Juniper, and Mikrotik.

    Organizational Experience

     Assistant Lab Multimedia at SMU 03 Makassar (2002-2003)
     Assistant Lab C++ at STMIK Dipanegara (2004-2006)
     Assistant Lab Java at STMIK Dipanegara (2004-2006)
     Assistant Lab Networking at STMIK Dipanegara (2004-2006)
     Assistant Lab Wireless Network at UIN University (2006-2007)
     Coordinator for Teakwondo club on Makassar (2003-2004)
     Coordinator National hacking Competition on Makassar (2007)
     KKLP in PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, tbk division Access Network Operation
      Kandatel Makassar (2007)
     Working in PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, tbk division Access Network Operation
      Kandatel Makassar (2007-2008)

    Personal Qualities

     Hard worker and responsible
     Easy to adjust in new area and situation
     Able to work on team and individually
     Self motivated and able to work under pressure
     Like learning new things and fast learner
     Language : Indonesian and English
     Computer literate

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