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									                                       TIMOTHY H. NOURSE



Mr. Nourse is a microenterprise development specialist with over ten years experience in developing
country and post-conflict contexts. He has designed and managed successful microfinance programs
serving rural and urban clientele with group and individual products through NGOs, credit unions and for-
profit entities. Mr. Nourse developed new models for serving conflict-affected populations with
microfinance and business development services that emphasized cross-border initiatives, greater use of
market research tools, and a renewed focus on cost recovery. His strategic planning work includes leading
agency and regional-wide strategic planning processes for microenterprise development, developing a
shared vision for improved quality and outreach and ensuring buy-in from staff and board members. He
coordinated activities and provided technical support to multiple country programs, facilitating cross
program learning and maintenance of quality standards. Mr. Nourse is a qualified trainer, adept at
facilitating workshops on microfinance, BDS and planning topics; and has developed successful proposals
for and completed short and long-term work on USAID, UNDP, UNCDF, KFW and other donor projects.
His international professional experience in developing countries includes Senegal, Egypt, Morocco,
Bulgaria, Croatia, Philippines, and Turkey and in countries affected by conflict such as Sierra Leone,
Liberia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Guinea, Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories.


Microfinance and Enterprise Development Specialist, Academy for Educational              2006 – present
Development, Washington, DC, USA
Market the Financial Integration, Economic Leveraging, Broad-Based Dissemination and Support -
Leader with Associates (FIELD-Support LWA) to appropriate USAID missions and partner institutions.
Develop pilot and associate award items with FIELD-Support team on topics ranging from enterprise
development in disaster relief to use of mobile phones for financial service provision. Represent AED at
microenterprise development conference and meetings (SEEP, Microcredit Summit, IFC Lebanon
conference, etc.). Serve as the HQ manager of the three-year Agriculture, Rural Investment, and
Enterprise Strengthening (ARIES) program in Afghanistan, an $80 million USD rural finance program,
that aims to serve an additional 110,000 clients through five partners, and the two-year Small and Micro
Assistance for Recovery and Transition (SMART) program in the West Bank and Gaza, a $7.7 million
sector development program that strives to help the struggling MF sector recover from the current crisis.
Supervise the ARIES and SMART COP and provide technical and administrative direction to the
program. Develop budgets and strategies and ensure appropriate implementation of the program. Provide
technical assistance to ARIES and SMART, as well as pilot programs implemented as part of the FIELD-
Support LWA. Orient new COPs to AED policies and programs.

Microenterprise Development Technical Advisor, American Refugee Committee, Sierra Leone (2002),
Guinea, (2003 – 2005); Washington DC (2005 – 2006)
Led development of ARC‟s Microenterprise Development Center of Learning, its technical unit for
microfinance and business development service work. Within three years, increased MED from 5% to
20% of ARC‟s portfolio, largely through expansion of USAID funded programs. Represented ARC in its
AMAP consortium with Chemonics: marketed program to missions; recruited consultants, responded to
task orders, and ensured program implementation. Instrumental in ARC winning research and evaluation
contracts. Represented ARC at microenterprise development conference and meetings (SEEP, Microcredit
Summit, USAID learning conferences, Tufts University). Led strategic planning process and provided
technical assistance to Finance Salone, ARC‟s MFI in Sierra Leone that after three years of operations,

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served 15,000 clients and incorporated as a for-profit finance company. Negotiated sale of Finance Salone
to outside investors including Africap and a local commercial bank. In partnership with Making Cents,
improved the quality and pioneered the provision of cost-recovery business management training services
for youth and adult entrepreneurs in the post-conflict environments of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and
Southern Sudan through USAID and UNDP funding. Introduced use of value chain analysis
methodologies in Sierra Leone‟s post-conflict environment, especially for the development of new
financial products that serve agricultural sector businesses. Promoted Savings-led methodologies to ARC
programs in Guinea, Sudan and Sierra Leone as a means to provide savings, loan and literacy services in
areas where direct-delivery microfinance is inappropriate. Strengthened ARC‟s Refuge to Return credit
delivery model that provides financial services to refugees in camps and upon their return home through
coordination and a transferable credit-history methodology. Designed replication of strategy in Liberia.
Developed use of contingent grants as a means to build vulnerable populations assets and skills, thus
making them eligible for sustainable financial services. Provided technical assistance and support to
microfinance and business development service activities in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda,
Sudan, Pakistan Thailand and Kosovo that serve over 30,000 clients, mainly refugees, internally displaced
people and other vulnerable populations. Conducted training sessions on financial management, planning,
product design and delivery for ARC‟s MED programs in post-conflict situations. Developed, gained
stakeholder buy-in, and implemented ARC‟s MED strategy that calls for different types of financial
services as post-conflict situations evolve, transitioning from grants and training, to savings, and finally to
lending. Developed MED policies, facilitated cross-border learning networks, set program quality goals
and monitored ARC program performance Co-founded Sierra Leone Microfinance Institution association
Led USAID mid-term evaluation for a CRS Village Banking program in Benin. Coordinated assessment
of VITA‟s C3credit union program in Guinea (AMAP).

Catholic Relief Services
Microfinance Technical Track, Various Countries                                               1997 – 2002
Regional Technical Advisor, Middle East and North Africa                                      2001 – 2002
Technical Program Manager, Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza Program                                 1999 – 2001
Program Manager, Zagreb, Croatia and Dakar, Senegal                                           1997 – 1999
Represented Microfinance programs to donors, government officials and other agencies in six countries of
the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Increased MENA microfinance portfolio threefold through
expansion into new country programs and intensification of activities. Managed the start-up and early
expansion of a CRS direct lending program in the Gaza Strip that within 18 months served over 1,000
women entrepreneurs with a group loan product before it was merged with a local institution. Supported
merged institution (Asala) to respond and continue operations during the intifada as the regional technical
advisor. Led start-up of the CRS/UNDP Croatia MicroStart program that supported credit unions to
provide solidarity group loans to low income entrepreneurs in conflict-affected areas. Provided technical
assistance on financial services design and delivery to young CRS microfinance programs that served
10,000 clients through seven partners in Morocco, Palestine, Egypt and Turkey with village banking,
solidarity group lending and individual products. Trained CRS and partner staff on Microfinance topics,
including financial management, product development and institutional development. Trained, provided
technical assistance to and monitored CRS/Senegal‟s village banking counterparts that served 5,000
clients. Participated in the development of CRS global MF policies, procedures and evaluation tools
including guides on MF and Emergencies and MF Accounting. Supported the creation of the Gaza MF
Forum. Conducted institutional assessments of rural banks, NGOs and credit unions in the Philippines,
Pakistan and Egypt using CRS‟ MAGI rating tool.

Romania Program Director, Central European Teaching Program, Cluj, Romania             1993 – 1995
Represented Central European Teaching Program (CETP) with national and regional government
officials; negotiated teacher contracts with school systems; supported CETP teachers.

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MA     International Affairs, Concentration in Development Finance, Johns Hopkins University, School
of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC, 1997

BA      American History, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1993.

     French (fluent), Arabic (conversational), Hungarian (conversational)


“Improving Business Management Training in Post-conflict Situations,” USAID, Notes from the Field,
February, 2005.

“Developing Microenterprises in Refugee Camps,” Humanitarian Practice Exchange, November/December

Contributed to CGAP Donor Note #21, “Supporting Microfinance in Conflict Affected Areas,” December 2004
and “Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas: 10 Short Lessons to Make Microfinance Work,” September 2004, SEEP.

“Refuge to Return, Operational Lessons for Serving Mobile Populations,” Micropaper and Micronote, USAID,
AMAP, May 2004. (Two additional papers – on donor coordination and linkages between MFIs and relief
providers – will be published later in the spring of 2006.)

“Microfinance – Meeting Entrepreneurs needs?” SAIS Review, the academic journal of the Johns Hopkins
School of Advanced International Studies, Fall, 2000.


SEEP Network, Mkt. Development, Poverty Outreach and Financial Services Working Groups

CGAP DIRECTConnect Knowledge Map; expert in microfinance in challenging environments

Microcredit Summit; Council of Practitioners Representative - ARC („02-„06); CRS (‟98-„02)

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