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Poestenkill Elementary School Newsletter


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									            Poestenkill Elementary School Newsletter
                                             September 2008
                                      Averill Park Central School District
                                          MISSION STATEMENT
                     Through a community partnership, the Averill Park Central School
                     District will ensure opportunities for each person to maximize
                     individual potential in the pursuit of life-long learning by providing a
                     safe, respectful and nurturing student-centered environment.

          Open House for Parents                                However, one of our goals is to decrease the
                                                                amount of paper usage, so we will be sending
                                                                out the newsletter on a bi-monthly basis and
                                                                will only be sending it to one child per
                                                                If you would like to help us decrease our usage
                                                                even more, please sign the First Day Sheet by
                                                                telling us that you will find your newsletter on
This year’s Back-to-School Night will be held
                                                                our newly remodeled website. Mr. De Witt
on two evenings. K-2 will be Thursday,
                                                                even has a blog! Please check it out!
September 11th. Kindergarten will begin
                                                                We thank you all for your assistance in this
promptly at 6:30, First grade at 7:00, and 2nd
grade at 7:30.
Parents of students in grades 3 - 5 will get their
opportunity to attend an Open House on                          WELCOME TO OUR NEW STAFF
Thursday, September 18th. They will visit 3rd                   This September, Poestenkill will see some new
and 4th grade classrooms from 7:00-7:30 p.m.                    faces and some “old faces” in new places.
and 5th grade classrooms from 7:30 to 8:00                      PES welcomes the following teachers and staff
p.m.                                                            to their new assignments:

PTA registration is planned for both evenings                   Rhonda Scialdone – Fifth Grade Teacher
and school spirit wear will be on sale.                         Stephanie Bedard – Band/Orchestra Teachers
                                                                Jane Kaarstad – School Secretary
The evening’s activities are designed for                       Deb Schienberg – School Counselor
parent attendance and do not include student
participation. Please mark your calendar so                     Parent Pick-Up Has Moved!!!
that you can join us for this very important                    Please be advised that the Parent Pick-Up
meeting. Additional parking space is available                  door has moved to the north side of the
near the VFW and on the lawns at both ends                      building (next to the trailer). Parents will need
of the building. Please park in the parking lot                 to stand in line outside until our teachers are
and the “school side” of School Road.                           ready to dismiss children at 3:20. Parents will
                                                                need to wait in an orderly fashion and will be
              PES Information                                   asked to enter the building and sign their
We are excited to provide families the                          children out. All “Parent Pick-Up” children will
opportunity to access all school information                    be waiting patiently in Mrs. Cox’s kindergarten
through the updated PES Website. This                           classroom.
supports our District’s goal to increase                        Moving Parent Pick-Up should make our
communication. All school building and district                 school dismissal a much easier and safer
wide announcements and information will be                      process. Thank you for your assistance in this
available at www.averillpark.k12.ny.us.                         matter.
                                                      playground, your commitment to better PES
Did you know Magic Moments begins on September 16 !   has been applauded by the PTA.

                   PTA News
Welcome back! PTA has another exciting year                          Nurse’s Notes
of events planned for our PES students. We            We require written doctor’s orders on file to
look forward to greeting new PTA members,             administer    any    and    all  medications,
and working again with familiar PTA friends.          prescriptions, as well as, over-the-counter
                                                      drugs. The parent must bring the medication
Getting children off to a good start in a new         to school with these orders. NO CHILD IS TO
school year is an important task that involves a      BRING MEDICATION TO SCHOOL FOR
long to-do list. Your PTA would like to remind        HIM/HERSELF.
you that your support of our programs is of
great benefit to all our on-going cash rewards        Attention Parents of Kindergarten, Grade 2
program with Target. Every time you use your          & Grade 4 Students: A physical examination
Target Red Card/Target Visa, our school               is required by NYS Public Health Law. Forms
receives a cash reward. Please remember to            were sent home for these students only in
register your Target Red Card/Target Visa to          June and again in the grade 1 & grade 3 first
help our school earn cash. PTA will be                day packet. If you have any questions please
collecting Box Tops for Education coupons             call the school nurse, Mrs. Fivel.
starting September 5th. Please remember to            Reminder: Return all physical examination
send in all the coupons you have been                 forms to Mrs. Fivel, School Nurse, as soon
collecting over the summer. Our school still          as possible.
participates in the ink cartridge recycling
program.      We earn money on each ink
cartridge we collect. Please send yours in to
                                                                     School Safety
                                                      The Averill Park Central School District is again
                                                      implementing a “lock-down” procedure in all
                                                      school buildings. All entrance/exit doors in
             Dates to Remember
                                                      each school will remain locked during the
September 11th - K – 2 Open House
                                                      hours of student occupancy. All visitors to the
September 16th – Magic Moments begins!
                                                      building must use the main front entrance to
September 18th - 3 – 5 Open House
                                                      the building, and must report to the office to
September 12th – Yankee Candle Sale Begins
                                                      sign-in and obtain a visitor badge. The only
October 1st - First PTA Meeting
                                                      exceptions to this sign-in are: arrival &
October 3rd – School Pictures
                                                      dismissal times when parents do not proceed
October 4th – Harvest Festival
                                                      beyond the front lobby; and for parents
October 9th - 13th – Vacation
                                                      dropping off or picking up their child from the
October 16th – Yankee Candle Sale Ends
                                                      Child Care Program before or after school
                                                      hours. In addition, our school’s main entrance
                                                      will be locked at 6 p.m. each evening unless an
          Playground Committee                        approved event or meeting has been
We did it! Our new playground sidewalk was
installed on July 12th and July 26th. We cannot           Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
thank the families, teachers, and staff of
                                                      Our school day begins at 9:05. Since faculty
Poestenkill enough for all of their generosity
                                                      and staff prepare for classes and attend
and support to make this dream a reality.
                                                      meetings in the morning, we are unavailable to
Whether you purchased a brick or a bulb, ate
                                                      supervise students before this time. Children
breakfast for dinner with the teachers,
                                                      who arrive early are at risk of accident and
attended the Harvest Fest or built the new
                                                      personal injury. We are asking your complete
cooperation in timing your child’s arrival to         from parents on file in the office. Walkers are
school no earlier than 9:05.                          dismissed after the regular dismissal.
                                                      Students riding bikes must wear a helmet while
School transportation is available to all             on school grounds.
children, and we strongly encourage you to
make use of this service daily. In the event                    Attendance Reminder
that you may, on occasion, find it necessary to       We will continue our efforts to encourage all of
transport your child, you will be asked to            our children to attend school daily. Except for
provide supervision for your own child until we       cases of illness or religious observance, we
can take charge at 9:05. Before School Care           urge you to send your youngster to school,
is available in the cafetorium for any child          even if it means having him/her arrive late or
who needs to arrive before 9:05. Call 674-            leave early for an appointment.
7095 to make arrangements if needed.
                                                      Only excused absences are acceptable.
Similarly, children who are waiting for rides         Vacations, shopping trips or other activities
home at dismissal time can be safely                  must be scheduled during non-school time.
supervised by the After School Care Program,          Work missed during unexcused absences
which operates until 6:00 p.m. We will take           often cannot be made up. All district schools
responsibility for delivering your child to           will be acting in accordance with the following
the Program should s/he be left waiting               policy:
after 3:30.
                                                      Often our classroom teachers are requested to
Parents who plan to pick up students at the           compile homework packages for students who
end of the day need to write a note to their          are home ill. We will gladly assist in situations
child’s teacher. Please remember dismissal            when students are absent for three or more
is promptly between 3:25 and 3:30 each                days. However, we cannot gather homework
day. If it becomes necessary to change a              packages for students who are absent as a
child’s dismissal plan during the school              result of a family trip during school time. The
day, parents must call the school office              reason for this is very simple. As a public
before 2:30 p.m. It is critical that parents          school, we are charged with enforcing New
maintain clear communication about their              York State’s mandate that children attend
child’s daily plan, both with their child AND with    school.      We would be condoning and
the school. All children will be dismissed at         encouraging absence from school if we were to
3:25 to the Parent Door near the trailer. It is       make a practice of providing school work for
essential that all children riding home with a        children vacationing out of town during time
guardian        be      signed       out     daily.   when school is in session. If school is indeed
Remember students will not be dismissed from          important, and we all agree that it is, then we
their classrooms until the end of the academic        should make every effort to see that our
day at 3:25 and MUST be signed out by an              children are present. We should plan our
adult each day they are picked up. The parent         family trips so that they coincide with regular
pick-up door will remain locked until 3:15 each       school wide vacations. All our children will
day as per our district safety plan. We ask your      benefit from this approach.”
understanding and cooperation in this attempt         When completing an excuse for an
to guarantee the supervision and safety of your       absence, please include your child's full
child at all times.        Thank you for your         name, classroom teacher, date of absence
assistance in this matter.                            and reason for absence.

  Students Walking or Riding Bikes                        PES Magic Moments Schedule
         Home from School                             Our “Magic Moments” Planning team worked
Students may walk home from school                    over the summer to complete preparations for
providing we have a signed permission slip            this year’s program. “Magic Moments” will be
held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings                  3. At school events (i.e. Open House,
from 9:25-9:45. In addition, it will be held on a         Moving Up, Magic Moments), please only
couple of Wednesdays. Pay close attention to              park in parking spaces or the “school
our newsletter and the Magic Moments                      side” of School Road. Parking on the
calendar to see on what Wednesdays there will             opposite side can, and most likely will,
be Magic Moments. Magic Moments will                      result in a parking ticket.
continue as a K-2 program with intermittent
participation of students in grades 3-5. As                      School Picture Day
always, families and community members are                       Friday, October 3rd
welcome to attend any “Magic Moments”               This year “Lifetouch” will be taking our school’s
assemblies. Please join us whenever your            individual student and class pictures. They
schedule permits.         Guest participation       have been providing quality photos to families
increases student enthusiasm for this special       at JC Penney Portraits studios and have been
program! Our first Magic Moments will be held       selected as the district wide school
on September 16th. Please join us!                  photographer. We are confident that you will
                                                    be pleased with their services. However, if you
           Ice Cream Fridays!!!                     are not happy with your pictures, they do offer
In an effort to provide our students with healthy   a satisfaction guarantee and will refund your
choices for lunch, we will once again, not offer    money or re-photograph your child on retake
ice cream everyday of the week. We will only        day.
offer it on Fridays.
                                                    Picture package envelopes will be sent
Grandparents & Special Person’s Day                 home on Wednesday, September 24th.
We know that when grandparents come for             Parents who wish to purchase their child/ren’s
Grandparent’s Day they like to take their           individual picture should complete a picture
grandchildren home with them when they leave        envelope as follows:
PES. So we decided to have Grandparents              Select a picture package
and Special Person’s Day on a half day once          Select one of the backgrounds
again.                                               Include payment (checks preferred)
                                                     Send completed picture envelope to school
Grandparent’s Day & Special Person’s Day will           with child/ren on picture day
take place on Wednesday, November 26th this         ALL STUDENT’S WILL RECEIVE A CLASS
year (2008-2009 school year).                       PICTURE AT NO COST.
                                                    Please be aware there is NO MAKE-UP DAY FOR
 “They Paved Paradise and Put up a                  CLASS PICTURES which are taken on October
           Parking Lot”                             ***If you have any questions, please call Jeanie
In an effort to keep green space in Poestenkill     Scott at 283-9017...
we did not “put up a new parking lot,” so we        NOTE: I need a handful of volunteers on picture
have the same small one we have always had.         day, so please call me if you are interested.
In an effort to have a positive school year, free
of school officials telling you where and where
not to park, please respect the following                Adventure Volunteers Needed
parking guidelines.                                 Mrs. Showers is looking for parents interested in
    1. “Handicapped Parking” spaces are for         assisting some physical education classes during
       individuals with a disability and a blue     Adventure activities throughout the year. These
       tag in their rearview mirror.                classes encourage team work, trust and critical
    2. The Fire Lane is for emergency               thinking skills. If you can help out at one or more
       personnel (i.e. Fire Department, Police      of the following dates, please contact Mrs.
       Officers) only. Whether it’s before,         Showers.
       during or after-school, please do not                       Adventure
       park there.                                  5R – 10/03, 11/7, 2/6, 3/6, 3/27, 6/12 1:55 – 3:20
5S – 10/1, 11/5, 2/4, ¾, 3/25, 6/10 1:10 – 2:35        District Management Plan will be conducted
5B – 9/22, 10/29, 2/11, 3/11, 4/1, 6/17 1:10 – 2:35    during the 1998-99 school year. Specific dates
4H – 10/7, 11/18, 2/12, 6/16 1:10 - 2:35               will be announced.
4J – 10/2, 2/3, 6/9 1:55 – 3:20, 11/20 – 1:10 – 2:35
4W – 9/25, 11/13, 2/5, 6/11 1:55 – 3:20                In the event that a planned response action
3G – 10/31, 11/14, 11/21 10:15 – 11:40                 becomes necessary, notification will be posted
      4/8 – 2:40 – 3:20                                ten (10) days prior to such action, or in the
3S – 10/31, 11/14, 11/21 10:15 – 11:40                 case of an emergency.
      4/9 9:30 – 10:10
3W – 10/28, 11/18, 11/19, 4/8 9:30 – 10:10
                                                       In addition, surveillance activities of the
2B &HB – 6/12, 9:30 -11:10 + 11:45 – 12:25
                                                       condition of the ACBM are conducted on an
       6/15 1:10 – 2:35
                                                       ongoing basis every six months (April and
2T – 6/12, 6/17
       2:40 – 3:20                                     October). Notice will be posted immediately
1st Grades – 11/6, 11/25, 5/21                         and appropriate notification will be issued by a
       10:15 – 12:25                                   special memo to all parties listed above.
A volunteer slip is on the last page of the
newsletter. Please fill out and return to Mrs.         All records of such activities are on file in the
Showers.                                               District Asbestos Management Plan at the
                                                       District Office.
         Come play with Me Days
There will be monthly opportunities to become          Pesticide Notification at the Averill
familiar with what your child does in P.E. You are     Park School District
welcome to observe or participate. We hope you         Legislation was signed into law by Governor Pataki
will consider one or more of the following weeks to    requiring school districts to follow specific reporting
join us in our fun.                                    requirements with respect to the application of
                                                       pesticides at school facilities. The new regulation
Oct. 20 – 24                                           includes 1) notification to staff and students of the
Nov. 17 - 21          Dec. 15 - 19                     list of pesticides used by the district during the
Jan. 12 - 16          Feb. 9 - 13                      school year (with certain exclusions including
March 9 -13           Apr. 20 - 24                     emergency applications), 2) list of products
May 5 - 9                                              periodically used throughout the school year,
                                                       3) students and parents have the right to be placed
                                                       on a list of individuals who wish to receive 48 hour
Did you know that more information about               notification of any pesticide application, and 4) the
the Meal Charge Policy is available on the             name of the district contact for additional
Averill Park website?                                  information.

      Asbestos Management Plan                         Our district only uses pesticides in emergency
                                                       situations. To date, we have experienced problems
             Notification                              with bees that were swarming and building nests
In compliance with 40CFR part 763.93 g, (4)            near the school building and/or playground
Asbestos Containing Materials in Schools of            equipment. There are many students and staff
the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response                 with bee allergies and we needed to act
Act (AHERA) Subject E., this letter will serve         immediately. The nurses of those buildings were
as annual notification of the availability of the      notified in advance so staff and parents who are on
Asbestos Management Plan which is located in           the prior notification list were informed and the
the District Office.                                   bees were exterminated. The notification form was
                                                       sent home in the student’s first day packet.
In accordance with 40CFR 763.84 (c) and
763.94 (e) (10), this letter is also to inform you            PUBLIC NOTIFICATION
that a Triennial AHERA re-inspection of all
confirmed and assumed asbestos containing                    The Averill Park Central School District’s
building materials (ACBM) recorded in the              Board of Education, its officers and employees
shall not discriminate on the basis of age,                       In compliance with Section 504 (of the
color, religion, creed, disability, marital status,        Rehabilitation Act of 1973) Averill Park offers
veteran status, national origin, race, gender,             assistance to students, parents (for school
genetic predisposition, carrier status, sexual             related purposes pertaining to their child) and
orientation in its educational programs,                   staff qualifying as having a disabling condition
services or activities. A complete copy of the             as defined under Section 504.
grievance procedures regarding discrimination
may be obtained in any of the school offices.              For further information or to make a referral for
                                                           such assistance, you may contact:

Inquiries regarding Title IX may be directed to:           Leslie Y. Vollor, Section 504 Coordinator
                                                           8439 Miller Hill Road, Station #1
Dr. Josephine P. Moccia                                    Averill Park, NY 12018
District Office
Averill Park Central School District
8439 Miller Hill Road, Station 1
Averill Park, NY 12018

                                    Averill Park Central School District
                                            CAFETERIA NEWS
                                           2008/2009 School Year
Meal Prices (new lunch prices)
Breakfast $1.25 in all schools
$2.00 Elementary
$2.25 Algonquin and High School

      If you are approved for reduced price meals your child will receive breakfast and lunch free of charge.
       (Snacks, milk, snack milk, a la carte items, kindergarten snack milk or extra meals must be purchased.)

      Putting money “on account” with cash, check or through MealpayPlus online services

      You can prepay for meals and snacks by sending in cash or a check to be applied to your child’s cafeteria
       account. You can also pay online by setting up an account with MealpayPlus.com or by using the
       Mealpay Pay By Phone system by calling
                         You will need your child’s student ID # to set up the Mealpay account. To get
                            your child’s ID # you can call Mealpay at 1-877-237-0946 or the Food Service
                            office at 674-7004.

      When you put money on their account you must specify whether you want the money deposited in the
       “Meal Account” or “General Account”. Money in the meal account can only be used for one breakfast
       and one lunch each day. Money in the “General Account” can be used for meals, snacks, milk, extra
       items, a second lunch, snack milk etc.

      Students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals get one free breakfast and one free lunch each
       day. Anything beyond that must be purchased. This includes snack milk and Kindergarten snack milk.

      We will no longer be using ID swipe cards. All students will be given a 4 digit Personal Identification
       Number(PIN) to access their cafeteria accounts. All students access their accounts the same way by
       using their 4 digit PIN. Kindergarten students will be given temporary index cards with their name and
       PIN. The cards will be used until the students learn their numbers.

Please, be sure that your child understands that they must have cash or money on account to make a
purchase. Many children think it’s a credit card system where they are allowed to charge purchases.

A Charge Policy is in place district-wide allowing students who have forgotten their money to “charge” a meal.
This should be used in emergency situations only and should be paid back promptly.

I encourage you to call me anytime throughout the school year, 674-7004.
Karen L. Blessin
Director of Food Services

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