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• A fish out of water, ideal to a slaughter.
• A father unkind, enlightens their time.
• Toilsome ego; your time has come.
• Soul resurrection, witless protection,
• A child's love wanes, Electra now fains.
• A click O’ clock, now madness they mock.
• Humbled are we; our supreme deity.
        Sun Cycles
We are now entering cycle # 24
  Which is predicted to peak
sometime between 2011-2014
Here comes the sun!
•Are sun spot cycles related to economic cycles?
  – Every 11 years the cycle begins over
  – Evidence has proven that solar cycles coincide with
    the rise and fall of civilizations
  – Is it coincidence that most ancient cultures were sun
  – Will the solar maximum cause a pole shift in 2012?
  – Does the 12/20 year Jupiter’s cycle coincide with solar
  – What influence if any will the galactic equator spurn?
  – The synod cycle of the sun is 27 days
Solar wind

 Electromagnetic wind distorts our Earths

Can the wind also protect the Earth?
  composed of Hydrogen and helium producing
 nuclear fusion at its core/ Emits photons that
 travel at 33t the speed of light (186 k.m-p.s)/
 Solar winds from corona flares send energy
 bursts of thousands of electrons p.c.i. at speeds
 up to 1000 m.p.s. reaching Earth in 8.5 light
 minutes, distorting the magnetosphere with a
 current of over a million amps which can create
 geomagnetic sub-storms with violent increases
 in ionospheric currents, generating up to to a
 million megawatts in power in just a few hours/
 sometimes these currents interconnect with the
 Earths magnetic field dumping it into our upper
Sunspot activity

• After a two year hiatus the solar activity
  has once again returned in Jan. 2010
• CME’s (coronal mass ejections) can send
  energy bursts of thousands of electrons
  pci at speeds of 1000 mps reaching Earth
  in as little as 30 hours
Historic solar encounters
• 1859 estimated x20 hits telegraph wires
  shocking technicians and starting paper
• 1921 ground currents disrupt electronics
• 1989 Quebec solar storm leaves 6 mil.
  Without power
• 2003 an estimated x30 is spotted on the
  opposite side of the sun
Check out

• 1957 cycle 19 our busiest
Little known facts
• The Max Plank institute’s study of tree ring
  data shows the last 70 years of solar
  activity was the highest in the past 8
• A new computer model shows us that the
  next solar cycle could be 50% stronger
  than its predecessors, set to begin a year
  later. (the year later has proven correct) The national center for
  atmospheric research
Solar Man
• Prolonged weak sun cycle periods correlate
    directly with weather patterns; droughts, colder
    prolonged winters and increased war, famine
    and infertility.
•   Studies show a common denominator in
    dropping hormone levels (FSH) regulated by our
    hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The Dark
    Ages proved a dumbing down process occurs
    during weak solar influx
Part 2 The Galactic Center
• When Atum comes to roost upon the alter,
  the womb of Isis dotes upon thee.
• He is bathed in her glory; until the
  chastisement begins.
• Thou gift of thine age, divinities sage to
  head off impending doom.
• Usurped he now weeps flooding mother
  and her keeps; his pride now asunder.
The Milky way

• We are 26k light years from her center
• Orbiting once in 250 million years
• We bob up and down in the outer third, in
  a pattern that lasts 26 thousand years per
• During one bounce we must pass through
  the galactic center twice (ea. 12800 yrs)
On December 21st 2012

• A rare cosmic event not seen in eons.
• The solstice alignment with the center of
  our galaxy.
• Signaling a new world age has begun
• But what does this mean?
The last alignment in 10,800 BC

• During the age of Leo
• There was a mass extinction
• There was a great conflagration
• There was mass flooding
• There was fallout in large quantities of
 Iridium and Beryllium 10, non terrestrial
 metals associated with cosmic debris.
Sagittarius and Scorpio

• The archer and the scorpion are said to be
  the gate keepers to the galaxies center
• SgrA is said to be 2.6 million solar masses
• The galactic center is host to sources of X-
  rays, Gamma rays, proton rays and other
  potentially lethal energies from eons of
  birthing, supernovae, quasars etc.
Astrology and the age of Aquarius

• With the ending of Pisces we come to the
  end of the last 26k sidereal year, and the
  end time of the mental man.
• The age of Pisces lasted 2140yrs
  beginning just before the birth of Christ.
• This was the age of religion, scandal,
  aggression, delusion, imagination,romance
• This is the sign of the water bearer, not the
    water sign but an air sign!
•   The water bearer brings and distributes
•   It seeks to understand the world so it may
    reinvent it.
•   It challenges the authoritative prerogatives and
    wants all to embrace change.
The cusp

• Now we must entertain the old and the
  new paradigms.
• The constellation of Aquarius wont rise
  with the sun for another 40 years.
• But don’t let that fool you, it’s already
  pushing humanities buttons.
• It’s a birthing of consciousness, so hold on
Aquarius is a fixed sign

• This is relatively a good thing (karmicly)
• It is the cardinal and mutable signs
  surrounding it that cause the trouble.
• Yet to be born on one plane means to die
  unto another.
• Unfortunately the opposing sign is Leo,
  the sign of the last conflagration.
The symbolic Aquarius
  The force of conscious
Aquarius; The direct transmitter of the
solar seed- it is said through this channel
the sun god fecundates the Earth!
Vedic astrology-The Gnostic Circle

• Patriza Norelli-Bachelet 1978
• We entered the kali Yuga in 3100 B.C. upon the death of
  Krishna (Vishnu; the incarnated sun god) Within this
  new period of Aquarius we are going into the ascendant
  phase of the kali yuga.
• Her teacher Sri Aurobindo calls this the age of the
  Gnostic superman, as the mother brings forth her child.
• Leo is now our upholding sign (ruled by the sun) The
  sun is the orb of truth, physical representative divine
• We are entering the ninth manifestation of the calendar
  round, we are pushing through the realm of higher mind
Kali; The mother who dissolves & creates

• The sun is the seed of the 9th
  manifestation, Jupiter is the planet ruler of
  the 9th manifestation and Uranus is the co-
  ruler of Aquarius; the age of preservation,
  the age of appearance of the avatars of
  the 9th manifestation.
• This is the age of truth consciousness
Paul LaViolette

• The theory of the Superwave
• Over 30 yrs of research
• Ice core data that gives credence to
  periodic destruction
• The suns worst enemy;
Cosmic dust
• Believes superwaves come out of the galactic
    center form the constellation Sagittarius on
    regular intervals.
•   These cosmic bursts could be the reason our sun
    is thrown out of balance creating extinctions on
•   These bursts of energy are to found in the
    galactic center.
•   Ice cores reveal mass quantities of ET metals
    during such intervals which are timed with
    processional periods like the one were going into
The effects of space weather on
modern technology is a given!

• Although this author jumps around a bit
 he got my attention with his work on sun
 spot cycles and how they relate to
 civilization and fertility
John Major Jenkins

• Is one of the authorities on
Maya cosmogenisis and how it
Inter-relates to the coming
Galactic alignment; he admits
Something will happen but stops
Short of calamitous claims.
It’s 1 Hunaphu vs. 7 Macaw
The Maya

Pakal; King of Palenque and 18 rabbit, king
  of Copan created propaganda monuments
  then placed them into mythic narratives
  with cosmological creation events.
Balam claimed Bolon Yokte (the transfor-
  mation deity) as his totem and 2012 as his
  cosmological mandate!          JMJ
Maya math
• The great year of the Maya lasts 25,644yrs.
    Grouped into 1,872,000 day periods, divide
    365.25=5,125 years per cycle. The last Mayan
    cycle started in3114 B.C.. 2012+3114=5126.
•   It is interesting to note the Kali Yuga start date
    of 3100 B.C.
•   This is the largest computation of the Maya
    calendar round, we are ending the 13 baktun
    cycle and entering a new age
Maya stars
Although they used
   Venus and the
   Pleiades for
   determining time,
   they also integrated
   20yr. Jupiter Saturn
   conjunctions into their
   calendar. Were they
   aware of the solar
   stresses caused here?
Calendars of stone
• Tortugero, near Palenque has a keystone
    claiming the 2012 end date.
•   In Izapa there lies a stella that also describes
    the Dec. 21st alignment with the galaxy.
•   The Dresden codex also preserves this date, in
    the serpent series.
•   The last 4 Maya cycles; fire, earth, air, water.
•   We are now entering Eather
       Seven Macaw
  The bird deity known as seven
  macaw symbolized the ego run
amuck over spirituality, something
 they always feared. 2012 changes
              all that!
Don Alejandro Maya leader
• 2012 is to be a time of change, and the task
  requires human involvement and choice. The 13
  Baktun changes are already happening which
  include; return of the men of wisdom, people
  rising up and coming together. The mystical bird
  quetzal will unite with the Eagle in the North.
  There will also be an adjustment to the planet
  that brings changes in weather and social,
  political strife before transforming harmoniously.
Pole shifts
• The north magnetic pole has been migrating 35
    or more miles per year, heading in the direction
    of Russia. This is a recent phenomena.
•   When Charles Hapgood in the mid 50’s theorized
    that a pole shift caused all the mammoths to be
    flash frozen in Siberia 30k yrs. Ago alluding to
    crust displacement he was met with stiff
Ley/ curry or lines of resonance;
The earths resonance is increasing
as the magnetic field decreases.
Pole shifts are not a new idea, only
the terminology has changed
through the ages
Geology proves that shift happens

• Reversals of the Earths magnetic fields are a
    proven fact, but estimates on the number and
    frequency vary.
•   Whether pole shifts happen abruptly or over
    prolonged periods can make a difference but
    both can change climates.
•   But when one finds a Mammoth frozen 30k yrs
    ago that’s fresh enough to eat, it is food for
    thought; or when lava solidified from this period
    was found with reverse polarity.

The procession is the great clock of the
 universe; the sun as it shifts upon the
 equinox is the measure of all measures.
The golden cord.
Hamlets Mill; Santillana & Decbend

• The ancients imagined the earth as a large mill whose
  polar regions turned in opposite directions whereas
  humanity was the grist. This mill peg (our axis)
  occasionally jumps out of the hole. Then a new pole star
• Saturn is known as the genie of the pivot; Saturn=kronos/
  time, star of justice, the star of nemesis. Saturday/ Saturns
  day the Egyptian Sa-tan. The giver of esoteric wisdom,
  great law giver, great initiator with 18 moons, 29 day orbit,
  115 synod. Giver of the golden age; devourer of his
  children. Pheaton
The mill handle

• Ursa major/ big bear/ big dipper
• The seven Rishis/ the seven sages, the
  seven oxen, the seven wolves.
• The Arc, the Argo, the fall of troy, the
  chariot. When she sinks below the horizon
  there goes the neighborhood!
Archaic thought is cosmological,
first and last!
• Homers Illiad, The fall of Atlantis, Noahs Ark,
    Jason and the Argonauts, The legends of Odin
    and Gilgamesh.
•   Could all these be galactic tales mistaken for
    physical embodiments by the uninitiated
•   Why did the ancients all build monuments
    referencing cosmic events; monumental
    calendars that were epitomes of art, science and
    architecture mirroring their heavenly hosts?
The Inca Descendants the Q’uero

• According to ancient prophecy;”This is the
 time of the great gathering ‘mastay’ the
 reintegration of the peoples of the 4
 directions, when the great Eagle meets
 the Condor and fly together and Munay
 (love and compassion) return as the
 guiding force of all peoples.
Don Moralas Q’ero Master Shaman

• The Q’ero have been awaiting the Pachuti,
    when order will emerge through chaos.
    The signs have been fulfilled that the
    change is at hand; the doorways between
    worlds are opening again.
•   Other Q’ero myths state that in 2012 the
    world will be turned right side up again
    and a new human will be born with a
    luminous body.
•   “We must go back to the ways of earth, we
    must come back to the mother”
Akhenaton's Egypt
• How manifold it is, what thou hast made!
    They are hidden from the face (of man).
    O sole god, like whom there is no other!
    Thou didst create the world according to thy
    Whilst thou wert alone: All men, cattle, and wild
    Whatever is on earth, going upon (its) feet,
    And what is on high, flying with its wings.
•   The hymn of Aten
The Eighteenth dynasty

• 1500 B.C. Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten)
 turned Egypt against itself when he tried
 to create a monotheistic Solar religion
 causing a schism within the priesthood
 and throughout Thebes, risking the lives
 of the royal family by condemning all
 other worship and stripping the old
 priesthoods of their power. But why?
other demigods. Graves exhumed from
Armarna and ancient Thebes from this period
show that plague had swept the land, as well
as in the Ebers papyrus. Did the Pharaoh fear
that Amun was angry. In any case his sun city
of Armana was sacked and we have yet to find
the royal tombs. There effigies were stricken
from the record. In addition to plagues
evidence suggests a volcanic eruption of
Thera around the same time may have
dimmed the sun for many years.
Sun cults of Egypt & the Sphinx

• Sun cults date back to the earliest age of
 Egypt; the Sphinx when unearthed during
 the time of Thutmosis IV and prior during
 the time of Khafre 2550-B.C. an ancient
 solar temple was found dating to the
 origins of the sphinx.
Did ancient Egyptians know of the
processions of the equinoxes?
• The alignment of the sphinx (Hamachis/ the god
    of the rising sun) suggests they did, since it
    faces East upon the vernal equinox of Leo at 0’
    of the rising sun with its rear at 0’ of Aquarius
    while Orion sits upon the cardinal point of the
    South, while the pole sits in the north
•   This all denotes a date of 10.800 B.C. when the
    points were at there exact alignment.
The notion that the Sphinx is older
than the Pyramids is not a new one
• The face has yet to be claimed by any
 pharaoh, and there is not a word about it
 inscribed in any Egyptian temple, hall or
 obelisk. Many claim the face of the lion
 was not original and that the temples and
 the Sphinx show signs of erosion from
Even if the Sphinx is not 12,800 yrs
old, it illuminates this date; Why?

• During Khafre’s reign he had the Sphinx temple
    copied yet the original seems far older than the
    2500 B.C. copy. During Thutmose reign he had
    to unearth it from the neck down; 1500 B.C. yet
    was this not the case during Khafre’s reign?
•   The big question is why would anyone build a
    monument thousands of years after the event,
    which most call the end of the last ice age if
    they had no real connection to it?
1st Pharaoh Narmer (Menes) 3100
B.C. The Scorpion King
• We know early dynasties were occupying
 the area; Amon Sophis 2550 B.C. built a
 down scaled replica of the Sphinx in
 nearby Memphis, with matching faces,
 alluding to his resemblance now on the
 great Sphinx. Menes Tablet found shows
 evidence that they worshiped Hathor; but
 who was The Goddess Hathor?
The Goddess Hathor cult pre-dates
historical record
• She was associated with the milky way,
 the spring/ fall equinox, The galactic cow
 whose 4 legs supported the heavens, Isis,
 the mother of Horus, Sekhmet (the
 goddess of war), Mehet-Weret (The great
 flood), and most interestingly; the eye of
 Ra. Hathor was one of the most revered
 and feared next to Ra, but why?
The book; The Heavenly Cow

• Lined the walls of most Pharaohs tombs after
    the death of Akhenaten; which in itself is
•   The Book describes how Ra was pissed off at
    humanity who had succumb to lust, greed and
    materialism and punished them by his fiery eye
    (Hathor) who waded in their blood for 3 nights,
    this causing a great flood which required a
    reordering of the world. We know the legend of
    the Sphinx tells of this monument being built for
    the reordering of humanity.
Are we pissing off Ra?
• The changing climate in 10,800 B.C. would have
    proved a motivating factor to re-establish a
    relationship with the parties involved! So why
    not build a new temple honoring him/her them
    in a new land that offers potential prosperity.
•   Cayce claims that the Sphinx was built in 10,500
    B.C. by the survivors of Atlantis and that a hall
    of records lies beneath. He also claims his prior
    incarnation as Ra-Ta a pharaoh of pre-dynastic
    times who built healing temples, and claims this
    was the civilization that built the great pyramid!
Was Egypt once a paradise ?

• Studies prove North Africa was once a
 green lush savanna with many types of
 animals up to about 7,000 to 6000 B.C.
 that stared drying out in 5k B.C. causing
 civilization to gather and cultivate the Nile
 by 4k B.C., tree ring data confirms a
 drought from 4500-4000 B.C.
What does all this mean?
• It explains that during that time there were
  forests of wood to build large temples;
  Archeologists claim the wood used to build
  Khufu’s funerary boat was made from Lebanese
  cedar. Amon Hophis and Khafre remodeled &
  reconstructed the Sphinx temples because of the
  drought and the fear of Hathor’s return, and many
  migrated there because of the water. If the
  Sphinx was buried by sand at 66’ tall what other
  temples could be in the Sahara buried, giving
  links to the pre-dynastic kings who carried the
  sciences forward?
Akhenaten was no Fool!
Welcome Aquarius; Our souls are
hungry!      2/2/10    H.J. Cruz

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