Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony

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					                 Outstanding Achievement
                    Award Ceremony
                                 Frank S.C. Leea,c, Chair
                                     Judith Chowb,c
                                     John Watsonb,c
                                       Junji Caoc

                                          May 13, 2010
                                           Xi’an, China

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China
    Desert Research Institute, USA
    Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
• Recognize contributions from
  individuals and committees

• Highlight student achievements

• Promote A&WMA membership
Outstanding Achievement Awards
• Outstanding Student Platform
• Outstanding Author
• Outstanding Professor
• Outstanding Session Chair
• Outstanding Poster and Student
  Poster Presentations
• Outstanding Vendor Exhibit
   Outstanding Student Platform
        Evaluation Criteria
• Technical content

• Clarity of the presentation

• Timing

• Ability to answer questions

• Number of session attendees
    Outstanding Student Platform
       Evaluation Committee
• Prof. Mark J. Rood     (Chair)
  – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

• Prof. Jian Zhen Yu
  – The Hong Kong University of Science of
    Technology, Hong Kong

• Prof. Jeffrey Collet
  – Colorado State University, USA
       Outstanding Student Platform
           Presentation Winner
• Xiaohui Huang
    The Hong Kong University of Science and
    Technology, Hong Kong

•   IVh: Volatile Organic Compounds/Secondary
    Organic Aerosols
    A Multi-phase Chemical Modeling
    Study on Secondary Organic
    Aerosol Formation from Toluene in
    Hong Kong.
    By Hilda X. H. Huang, Simon H. S.
    Ip, Jian Zhen Yu
Outstanding Author Evaluation Criteria

 • Most co-authored sessions
   – Posters and Platforms

 • Number of session attendees
          Outstanding Author Winner
Prof. Chul-Un Ro
Inha University, Incheon, Korea
•   Single-particle Characterization of Aerosol Particles collected in
    Incheon, Korea, during an Asian Dust Storm Event in the Fall of
•   Single-particle Analysis of Lead-containing Particles collected Near
    a Smelting Source using SEM-EDX
•   Single Particle Characterization and Source Identification of
    Aerosol Samples collected at Subway Stations
•   Single-particle Characterization of Atmospheric Aerosols at Gosan,
    South Korea, during the ACE-Asia 2001 Field Campaign using
    low-Z Particle EPMA
•   Speciation of Individual Mineral Particles of Micrometer Size by
    the Combined use of ATR-FT-IR Imaging and Quantitative ED-
    EPMA Techniques
•   Characterization of Individual Chinese Soil Particles by the
    Combined Use of Low-Z Particle EPMA and ATR-FT-IR Imaging
•   Combined use of SEM/EDX and Raman Imaging to Characterize
    the Mixing State of Mineral Dust Particles
•   Magnetic and Chemical Properties of Floor Dust Particles Collected
    at a Subway Station
•   Non-destructive Characterization of MSW Contaminated Surface
    Soil by EDXRF and Low-Z particle EPMA
•   Single-particle Characterization of Antarctic Aerosols Collected at
    King George Island, Chile
 Outstanding Professor Evaluation

• Number of international and
  domestic student attendees

• Number of student platform and
  poster presentations
Outstanding International Professor
• Prof. Byeong-Kyu Lee
Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Ulsan, Korea

• Four students: Jitae Kim, Vu Van Tuan,
  BongKwan Yu, and Do-Soon Kim
• Three Platform and one Poster presentations
    Outstanding Professor Winner
• Prof. Min Hu
Professor of College of Environmental Science and Engineering,
   Peking University, China

• Four Students: Song Guo, Dingling Yue,
  Zhibin Wang, Qingfeng Guo
• Four Platform presentations
Outstanding Session Chair Evaluation

• Solicited abstracts and attendees

• Reviewed and categorized Technical

• Kept presenters on-time and
  managed questions and answers
     Outstanding Session Chair
      Evaluation Committee
• Prof. Judith C. Chow   (Chair)
  – Technical Program Chair, USA

• Prof. John G. Watson
  – Scientific Steering Committee Chair,

• Junji Cao
  – General Conference Chair, China
Outstanding Session Chair Winner

Dr. Ronald E. Wyzga
Electric Power Research Institute
Outstanding Poster and Student Poster
  Presentations Evaluation Criteria
• Technical content
• Clarity of the presentation
• Overall layout and color of the poster
• Presence of presenter and ability to
  answer questions
• Number of visitors
• Provision of handouts
Outstanding Poster and Student Poster
 Presentations Evaluation Committee
• Prof. Jay Turner (Chair)
  – Washington University in St. Louis, USA

• Prof. C.F. Wu
  – National Taiwan University, Taiwan

• Prof. Yan Cheng
  – Xi’an Jiatong University, China
         Outstanding Student Poster
           Presentations Winner

• Ms. Shengrui Tong
    Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy
    of Sciences, Beijing, China

•   Poster No. 68
    Heterogeneous Chemistry of
    Carboxylic Acids on α-Al2O3
    by Shengrui Tong, Maofa Ge,
    and Weigang Wang
    Outstanding Poster Presentations
• Dr. Huiqing Guo
    Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering,
    College of Engineering, University of
    Saskatchewan, Canada

•   Poster No. 29

    Annual Variations of Odour
    Concentrations and Emissions
    from Swine Gestation, Farrowing,
    and Nursery Buildings
    by Huiqing Guo, Yuanyuan Wang,
    and Yueming Yuan
Outstanding Exhibit Evaluation Criteria
 • Exhibit layout
   – Instruments, booth display, computer
 • Ability to attract visitors
 • Number of exhibitors
 • Quality of printed brochures,
   handouts, and promotional items
  Outstanding Exhibit Evaluation
• Prof. Chung-Shin Yuan    (Chair)
  – National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

• Prof. Harold Annegarn
  – University of Johannesburg, South

• Dr. Allan Legge
  – Biosphere Solutions, Canada
  Outstanding Exhibit Winner
• Wuhang Tianhong Instruments    President Hongjie Li
 Outstanding Exhibit Winner

• Casella Measurement

                                Peter Lawson
  Acknowledgement of the Awards
• Chair: Frank S.C. Lee

  Harold Annegarn         Mark J. Rood
  Junji Cao               Jay Turner
  Yan Cheng               John G. Watson
  Judith C. Chow          Chang-Fu Wu
  Jeffrey Collet          Jian Zhen Yu
  Allan Legge             Chung-Shin Yuan

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