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					PRESS RELEASE                                                FOR IMMEDIATE                                        RELEASE
Email:                         JANUARY 22, 2009
Tel: 214-350-7003

       Nekton Cruises Announces Marketing Partnership with

Nekton Cruises announces an expanded Marketing Alliance with after its
extremely successful “Don’t Have a Sweetheart? No Problem…Let’s Just DIVE”
Campaign. According to Jeff Turner of Nekton Cruises, “We see this expanded partnership
as a way to leverage each partner’s strengths for even greater success in selling dive travel
this coming year.”

The alliance will consist of joint marketing, special promotions for dive shops and other
groups to participate in these SINGLE’S WEEKS and other initiatives designed to get more
divers diving.

“We have enjoyed working with Nekton on our Valentine’s Special Single’s Week and we
will be releasing our NEXT Single’s Week this December for a very special Mona Island
Single’s Week December 12-19. Full details will be released at the Texas Dive Show this
weekend and can be found on our website said Kamala Shadduck, founder of

The upcoming Single’s Week in December to Mona Island will be open to dive shops, clubs
and other groups for individual and group bookings. Your divers will enjoy a unique dive
venue with other single and married-but-buddyless divers and you’ll earn commissions and
free spots!

About Nekton Cruises: Nekton operates two unique, very stable, vessels designed
specifically to provide a more comfortable Scuba diving and boating experience. Nekton's
unique SWATH designs provide two primary advantages over traditional mono-hull boats.
First, they are far more stable in typical ocean waves and provide a very comfortable
platform both underway and at anchor so you don't have to worry about getting seasick.
Second, the unique shape of the hull has allowed Nekton to design individual cabins similar
to those found on a cruise ship. Each cabin has a window, its own air conditioning control,
private bathroom and the most comfortable mattresses in the industry. Nekton offers eleven
different itineraries throughout the Western Caribbean and Bahamas.

About caters to single and married but buddyless
divers from all over the world diving the world. While not a dating organization...our
'Hookups are to Tanks', we offer the single and solo traveler a unique way to travel with
other buddyless divers 1-2 times a month in our fun and exciting group trips or special
private travel opportunities all designed to avoid single supplements and to save money.


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