UNDERFLOOR HEATING
                                     Underflooor heating is the energy efficient method by
                                     which homes can be heated. Underfloor heating
                                     consists of pipework located in the floor screed which
                                     transports water at an average temperature of between
                                     35° and 45° The screed is heated up by this pipework
                                     and provides very even heating throughout your home.

                                      Because of the low temperature required by the system
                                      underfloor heating can be run by oil boilers with bu
                                      tanks, air source heat pumps or ground source heat
                                      pumps. If using oil boilers in conjunction with a buffer
                                      tank solar panels can be connected to the buffer tank to
directly contribute to the space heating of your home.

An important factor in underfloor heating is to allow minimum of 5” of floor insulation on your
ground floor before installing the piping. This is critical to ensure
all heat is concentrated on the slab and not the sub floor.

Thermostats ensure the temperature is regulated and controlled.
This ensures the efficient running of the system.

Underfloor heating can be used with a buffer tank when using oil
as the heat source. A big advantage of this is solar panels can be
integrated into the buffer and can directly contribute to th heating
of your underfloor as well as the domestic hot water.

                       The underfloor heating is distributed via
                       manifolds,   usually    one manifold for
                       downstairs and one for upstairs.

                      Used in conjunction with good floor insulation
                          installed quite quickly and provides very
underfloor heating can be install
even heating       in each room          ensuring total comfort.

Underfloor heating is a flexible heating system that can be designed to suit any home or
heating system. We can devise a design for your home based on your needs and insta it to
a high standard. We have numerous installations ranging from 80 sq. m    metres to 200+ sq.
metres so rest assured no job is too big or small. Call to see our underfloor heating section
in our showroom which is fully functioning and interactive.

                            Advantages of underfloor heating

                    Even heating throughout each room fully controllable

                       Relatively low running costs Quick installation

         No unsightly radiators in any room    can be used with most flooring types
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