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					C o m m o n w e a l t h o f V i r g i n i a A s s i s t i v e Te c h n o l o g y L o a n F u n d A u t h o r i t y

                                               A story of

  2008 NewW Fund Biennial Report
C o m m o n w e a l t h o f V i r g i n i a A s s i s t i v e Te c h n o l o g y L o a n F u n d A u t h o r i t y

                                                                                                                     A Message
                                                                                                                     from the Chairwoman
A story of                                                                                                              On behalf of the NewWell Fund and Board of Directors,

                                                                                                                     I invite you to learn about our program through our first Biennial Report, titled,

                                                                                                                     “A Story of Hope Across Virginia”. Our organization provides low interest loans to

                                                                                                                     Virginians with disabilities in need of assistive technology. The Biennial Report is a

                                                             across Virginia
                                                                                                                     presentation of individual loan recipients from across Virginia on their experiences

                                                                                                                     with the NewWell Fund. These individuals are real Virginians with real stories

                                                                                                                     they want you to hear. Each person relates the transformation that assistive
                2008 New ell Fund Biennial Report
                        W                                                                                            technology has made in their life through a loan from our program.

                                                                                                                        The NewWell Fund has been in existence since 1995 and has helped hundreds

                                                                                                                     of Virginians with disabilities afford their technology of choice. We have often

                                                                                                                     been called the best kept secret in Virginia, and I hope this publication will spread

                                                                                                                     our story of hope and change. Please contact us for more information if we can be
                                                                                                                     of service to you or someone you know.

                                                                                                                     Amy L. Odhner
                                                                                                                     Board Chairwoman
Northern Virginia

          Hope for
     Ava from Reston is an adorable three year      her peers. Her parents learned of the loan
     old who uses a power wheelchair for mo-        program through a Google web search and
     bility. Her family purchased a wheelchair      downloaded the necessary applications from
     accessible van from the NewWell Fund for       the NewWell Fund web site.       They state
     transportation. Her parents realized that      “Without having the van and being able to
     the loan did more than provide transporta-     take her power chair with her, Ava was a
     tion; it also provided her the opportunity     passive observer in her own life. She is no
     for more independence. Now Ava is able to      longer confined to the street that she lives
     get to medical appointments, schools, shop-    on. Instead, she can go everywhere, is very
     ping, socializing, and other activities like   independent and is a lot happier.”

     The 2002 Ford Econoline Van allows Ava to be more
     independent and she is a lot happier as a result.
                                                                              Central Virginia

      Hope for
Home mods
Many individuals do not realize that they can
                                                                       Roll-In Shower
                                                    a Beriatric reclining shower chair which
remain in their home after acquiring a disability   helps her shower without assistance from oth-
or a medical diagnosis that ultimately leads to     ers. With Marcus’ help, Katrina has been
a permanent disabling condition. Marcus and         able to return home from a nursing facility
his mother, Katrina, from Petersburg received       where she resided for over a decade. Mar-
a loan from the NewWell Fund to purchase an         cus states, “Now she is able to bathe herself
accessible vehicle and to modify their bath-        by taking a shower and does not have to be
room to accommodate her mobility limita-            bathed in bed. With the modified van, she
tions. Katrina has multiple sclerosis, uses         is able to go visit her mother and family in
a wheelchair for mobility, and needed ac-           Northern Virginia which she has not been
cess to a roll-in shower. She also purchased        able to do previously.”

Beriatric reclining shower chair and roll-in shower allows
Katrina to shower without assistance.
Eastern Shore of Virginia

           Hope for
  Hearing Aids
     Joseph is a lifelong resident of the Eastern Shore   request. Joseph obtained state of the art digital
     where he and his family are close to each other      hearing aids which allow him to interact with
     and enjoy the benefits of living in a small and      his congregations when he travels as an itin-
     close knit community. In his short 80 years,         erant preacher throughout the Eastern Shore.
     Joe has been a waterman, farmer, preacher,           His hearing aids help him compensate for his
     husband and father. He was referred to the           blindness as well, allowing him to connect with
     NewWell Fund by advocates at the Eastern             his environment through assisted listening. Ms.
     Shore Center for Independent Living. Appli-          Moore states, “I am very appreciative of his
     cations for assistance to purchase hearing aids      hearing aids because I am Joe’s primary con-
     are the NewWell Fund’s second most common            nection to the world he cannot hear or see.”

     Two Digital ITE Seimens Hearing Aids allow Joseph to hear
     and effectively communicate with others.
                                                                          Tidewater Virginia

      Hope for
The artificial limb dates back to about 300         bone, and without a prosthetic leg and brace, it
B.C., yet it is today’s advancement in technol-     is impossible for him to easily walk around in
ogy for prosthetics that has truly made a differ-   public. He was referred to the NewWell Fund
ence in people’s lives. Such advancements have      by advocates at United Way of Hampton Roads.
allowed many people to have the hope of full        Celvin is employed as a teacher with the Norfolk
and rewarding employment. Often prosthetics         school system and is able to walk around freely
are not covered by traditional funding sources.     among his students. Celvin states, “Without
Celvin from Chesapeake received a loan from         the fund, I would be prohibited from furthering
the NewWell Fund for an above the knee pros-        my career as a teacher and would be prohibited
thetic leg. Celvin was born without a left thigh    from conducting my other daily tasks.”

ABK Prosthetic Leg allows Celvin to walk around in public more
easily and interact with others.
Southwest Virginia

          Hope for
    Michael from Rosedale is the recipient of sever-
                                                        Exercise Equipment
                                                           period of time, I noticed increased muscle tone
    al loans from the NewWell Fund including a ve-         in my legs as well as my arms. It also decreased
    hicle with modifications, a standing device, and       muscle spasms in my legs and tremendously in-
    a cross trainer. Michael, a T-4 level paraplegic,      creased my energy level. The Cross Trainer has
    is a peer counselor at the Clinch Independent          been a great benefit to my overall health and
    Living Center, providing support to individuals        well being. The NewWell Fund has given me
    with disabilities in Southwest Virginia. Michael       an opportunity to purchase equipment I might
    states, “The Cross Trainer allows me to exer-          not have otherwise been able to purchase. I
    cise my legs by making a rowing motion with            urge people to take advantage of the NewWell
    my arms. After using this machine for a short          Fund. It is a great resource.”

    The Nustep TRS 4000 Cross Trainer allows Michael to
    independently exercise his upper and lower body while at home.
                                                                                                                   New ell Fund Biennial Report

NewW Fund Board of Directors and Staff
    ell                                                                                 Loan Portfolio: July 1, 2006 ~ June 30, 2008
Board of Directors                Barbara Ostrander
                                  Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
                                                                                            Non-Guaranteed Loans Booked                                              55
Amy Odhner, Chairwoman
Reston, Virginia
                                  Fishersville, Virginia
                                                                                            Dollars of Non-Guaranteed Loans Booked                           $1,531,340
                                  Ronald Lanier
Linda Harris, Vice-Chairperson
Chesapeake, Virginia
                                  Director, Dept. for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
                                  Designee for Secretary of Health and Human Services
                                                                                            Guaranteed Loans Booked                                                  46
                                  Richmond, Virginia
Robin Jefferson, CPA, Treasurer                                                             Dollars of Guaranteed Loans Booked
Richmond, Virginia
Juan Martinez
                                  Staff                                                     Number of Direct Loans Booked                                           121
Newport News, Virginia            Joey Wallace, Ph.D., Executive Director

Dean Bonney
                                  Richmond, Virginia                                        Dollars of Direct Loans Booked                                     $533,301
Arlington, Virginia               Sandra Prince, Program Manager
                                  Richmond, Virginia
Mitch Wesolowski                                                                        Composition of total loan portfolio according to type of assistive technology
Lynchburg, Virginia               Christy Crowther, Program Manager
                                  Richmond, Virginia                                                                                          Vehicle / Vehicle Mods – $2,724,915
Michael Haydon
Richmond, Virginia                Shilpa Joshi, Financial Director                                                                                       Hearing Aids – $111,674
                                  Richmond, Virginia
Thomas Hock                                                                                                                                                Home Mods – $77,361
Richmond, Virginia                                                                                                                   Computer and Electronic Equipment – $23,792
                                  NewWell Fund
Susan Klein                                                                                                                                       Wheelchair / Mobility – $14,871
                                  1602 Rolling Hills Drive, Suite 107
Roanoke, Virginia                                                                                                                         Prosthetics / Orthodics / Braces – $5,358
                                  Richmond, Virginia 23229
Sevelia Allen                     (866) 835-5976 (toll free)                                                                                                      Other – $35,085
Arlington, Virginia     
                                                                                                                                                 Total – $2,993,056
New ell
 Providing Hope for a New Tomorrow
 Toll Free at 1-866-835-5976

                    Printed with Federal Funds.
 Commonwealth of Virginia Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority

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