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Headmaster’s Farewell
The Matthews Family bids
Hillfield Strathallan College
a fond farewell
For the Love of Learning
Impressive initiatives to enhance
teaching and learning at HSC
Global Citizenship
Sharing the Montessori
Classroom in Tanzania
Transformation HSC –
Family Campaign Update
Reinvesting in our future
Our Living History
A Legacy of Tradition

HSC Bids a Fond Farewell
to the Matthews Family
              Dr. Matthews sits down with HSC Review to reflect on his time at HSC: Page 16
                                                                    Calum, Tom, Liam, Sheena, Ceilidh and Mac, the family golden retriever.
      HSC Summer Camps: Explore, Enrich, Enhance!
      Each year school ends and parents everywhere ask the same question:
      What will the kids do over the summer holidays?
      Hillfield Strathallan College provides the answer: an enriching summer camp experience     Trojan Sports Skills Camp
      open to students from the College, as well as children from the wider community.           Teaches the fundamental skills needed for
      Camps at HSC provide a safe and exciting environment for children and offer programs       each sport offered and individual instruction
      that fit every interest and age level.                                                     that meets the specific needs of each camper.
                                                                                                 At the Trojan Sports Skills Camp kids develop
      Many members of the HSC community participate in all aspects of our camps.
                                                                                                 their abilities, have fun and build self-esteem!
      Our terrific HSC faculty guide your children through their chosen week-long adventures,
                                                                   ably assisted by HSC
                                                                                                 Recreational Camp
                                                                   students and alumni as
                                                                   camp counsellors. It is       A great place for kids who want to have tons
“The kids respond so well to our counsellors. The HSC              a chance for the whole        of fun and learn along the way. Children have
 counsellors are responsible. They are great role models                                         a chance to learn using a hands-on approach
                                                                   team to pass on its
                                                                                                 about history, art, theatre, nature... and that’s
 and they have their own set of skills they love to pass on.” enthusiasm and guidance,           only the tip of the iceberg!
                                                                   and the children always
                                                                   have an unforgettable time.
                                                                                                 Academic/Enrichment Camps
      Danielle Hourigan ’82, Head of HSC Camps, spoke of the faculty who help at the             These camps will develop that love of learning
      Summer Camps, “We have a wonderful team; people who are passionate, and HSC                necessary for future success and show how
      Summer Camps give them an opportunity to share this with children. Our campers             much fun education can be. Math, science,
      enjoy the opportunity to come in the summer and do something different!”                   photography and numerous other subjects
                                                                                                 are always exciting and engaging at the
      Also, our Senior School students add a special element as Camp Counsellors.                HSC Academic/Enrichment Camps.

     When your children want a summer they’ll never forget, send them to HSC Summer Camps!
     For more information about our exciting programs, please visit www.hsc.on.ca/on-campus

       4                   From the Desk of the Headmaster

               5           Walking the Halls
                           News from the College and the Community.

     13                    CAIS U-13 Basketball Tournament
                           In February HSC played host to this national tournament. The competition was fierce – learn who triumphed on page 13.

               14          Alumni Homecoming
                           Alumni, family and friends came home to HSC to celebrate and reminisce. This year’s event was another resounding success.

     16                    Headmaster’s Farewell
                           The Matthews Family bids Hillfield Strathallan College a fond farewell.

               21          For the Love of Learning
                           Read about the impressive initiatives underway at the College to enhance its student-centred approach to teaching and learning.

     26                    Global Citizenship: Sharing the Montessori Classroom in Tanzania
                           Be inspired by Laure Kominar’s journey to Tanzania to initiate Tanzanian educational pioneers into the world of Montessori.

               29          Transformation HSC – Family Campaign Update
                           Reinvesting in our future.
                           Our Living History – A Legacy of Tradition
     32                    During his time as Headmaster, one of Dr. Matthews’ projects has been to ensure that portraits are completed of all the
                           College’s former Headmasters and Headmistresses.

               34          The Visual Arts at HSC
                           Our students explore their creativity. You can see some fine examples beginning on page 34.

     36                    Connections
                           The most up-to-date news on your former classmates, faculty and staff!

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                          or visit our website at www.hsc.on.ca
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                          Communications Manager, Kim Shippey, Advancement Manager, Sheriann Heath-Johnston, Alumni Manager,
                          Anna Johnston, Chair, Crescendo Concerts Committee. Faculty: Jeff Burrows, Denise Cober, Jeremy Johnston,
                          Laure Kominar, Mike Steel ’69, and Brenda Zwolak.
     Cover Photo:         e bo photo (Eric Bosch)

                                                                        Profiles for every student in the College. When combined

    From the Desk of
                                                                        with our Strategic Plan and the construction of The Michael
                                                                        G. DeGroote Senior School, there is no doubt that HSC is a

    the Headmaster
                                                                        school where exciting and innovative things are happening.
                                                                           As I conclude my final “From the Desk of the
                                                                        Headmaster” greeting, I would like to express my
                                                                        appreciation to the entire HSC community for the support
                                                                        and encouragement that I have received during my time
       Reflections                                                      as Headmaster. It has been an honour to have served for
                                                                        the past seven years, and along with my wife, Sheena,
       When I first arrived at Hillfield Strathallan College seven      and our three children, Calum, Liam and Ceilidh, I would
       years ago, my greatest fear was that I wouldn’t love my new      like to acknowledge the many people who have embraced
       school as much as I loved my former schools. Much to my          us through their hospitality and many acts of kindness.
       relief this concern quickly vanished, and I soon developed       As we return to the West Coast in order to begin our
       a deep appreciation of HSC and its unique strengths.             new adventure, the Matthews family will take with it
          There are two things about this school that I love            many fond HSC memories.
       most. The first is the warmth and openness of the HSC               I truly believe that Hillfield Strathallan College’s
       community. For faculty and staff, students, parents,             success in recent years has been a direct consequence
       volunteers and alumni, HSC is much more than a job               of our ability to work together for a common purpose.
       or a school; it’s a community and a way of life. Equally         I am proud to have been part of that
       compelling, the College is characterized by a genuine            process. Nevertheless, I know that
       commitment to the well-being of its students. Students           the College’s brightest days are
       come first here. Their teachers truly know them and have         yet to come, and I look forward
       confidence in their ability to be successful. Our students       to following its ongoing
       secure outstanding academic results, but they do so within       progress in the months
       a learning environment that is extraordinarily engaging,         and years ahead.
       nurturing and supportive.                                           Excelsior
          Reflecting on our student-centered approach to teaching,         Velle Est Posse
       our theme for the year is “For the Love of Learning.” In the
       pages that follow you will read about a variety of initiatives
       that are changing the face of education here at HSC, and
       beyond. These include our Brain Learning & Applications
       Institute for educators, the Marine Institute through which
       our students will be able to pursue credit courses on Little
       Cayman Island, our participation in the CIS e-Learning
       Consortium, and the implementation of Individual Learning

Walking The halls                                                                News from around the HSC community

 The HSC Annual Carol Service
 On December 17, 2009 the HSC community gathered for its
 annual Carol Service in the Page Gym. This beloved tradition
 has always been a joyous way to launch the holiday season!
    As is the tradition, guests performed seasonal carols
 including the ever-popular finale, a sentimental rendition
 of Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful). Readings were
 given by Dr. Jennifer Everson, Chair, Board of Governors,
 Mr. David Simpson ’73, Chair, Board of Trustees, Mr. John
 Beaver, Former Faculty Member, Mrs. Rives Dalley Hewitt ’68,
 Old Girl, Mr. Wally Jacques ’49, Old Boy, Mr. Hayden Lutz,
 Head Boy, Miss Mina Kazemi, Head Girl and Mr. Graham               Following the service, guests attended the very popular
 Falco, 2009 Graduating Class.                                    gathering in Lawson Hall, hosted by the Alumni Association,
    HSC is pleased to announce that $705.34 was collected         to share memories and reconnect with friends, faculty and
 as a donation to The United Way at the Carol Service.            former classmates.

 HSC community answers the call for Haiti Earthquake Relief
 On Thursday, January 21 the students, faculty and staff          medical support, clean water, food and shelter. It will
 of Hillfield Strathallan College joined together in a College-   also be used to address the longer-term needs of affected
 wide dress-down day in support of disaster relief in Haiti.      communities as we begin to help them rebuild and recover.
 The HSC community was encouraged to wear red and blue,           Thank you so much for responding to the call for action.”
 the colours of Haiti, to show support and solidarity.               “There have been many occasions over the course of the
 Dr. Matthews spoke to the student body, as well as faculty       past seven years when I have felt enormously proud to be
 and staff in chapel about the unfolding catastrophe in           part of the Hillfield Strathallan College community; this was
 Haiti, and issued a challenge to raise $3,000 in support         one of those occasions,” said Headmaster, Dr. Matthews.
 of the relief efforts there.                                        “The generosity we witnessed throughout the day was
    In a single day the HSC community raised over $32,000,        very touching. Whether it was the six-year-old literally
 exceeding expectations by more than ten times! All of the        emptying his/her piggy bank, or the older child grasping
 money raised has been donated to the Canadian Red Cross          the significance of how much an individual can do to help
 Haiti Earthquake Fund. Elaine Wilson, Manager, Home              others, the most poignant part of the process was listening
 Support Services for the Canadian Red Cross, commented,          to the students explaining their concerns as they engaged
 “The response from the students, parents and faculty of          in helping others,” added the Student Life Coordinators
 Hillfield Strathallan College is overwhelming, and reflects      working with the students on this important initiative.
 their concern for the people of Haiti. The funds will be            Thank you to everyone in the HSC community for your
 used to support emergency relief efforts, such as providing      overwhelming support for those suffering in Haiti.

    Walking The halls                                                      News from around the HSC community

                                                                              HSC                                           HSC
                                                                            Partners                                      Community

       CAIS and CESI
       Merge to Create SEAL
       The merger of two venerable Canadian educational               HSC Partnership Program
       associations has created a new national voice in
                                                                      The HSC Partnership Program not only provides a wide
       independent education.
                                                                      variety of valuable services and resources, but also helps to
          At the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association
                                                                      better connect our HSC community of parents, alumni,
       of Independent Schools (CAIS), a watershed decision was
                                                                      staff and faculty.
       made that will have a positive impact on independent
                                                                         Our partners offer discounted services to the extended
       schools in Canada for many decades to come. CAIS
                                                                      HSC community, as well as donations back to the College,
       member schools voted overwhelmingly to disband CAIS and
                                                                      which directly support our students across all four schools
       to amalgamate with CESI in order to create a new national
                                                                      of the College.
       organization dedicated to the promotion and improvement
                                                                         We wish to thank all those who are currently participating
       of independent schools nationwide. One of the Co-Chairs
                                                                      in the HSC Partnership Program.
       of the new organization’s Board is former HSC Board Chair
       and current parent, Mr. Jeff Paikin ’80.                         Advanced Orthodynamics           Naturopathic Perspectives
          A new name was unanimously approved by the board              Audcomp Computer Systems         Presents with Design
       recently, and adopted by the membership. The new name            Bensen Professional Accounting   Quirky Specs
                                                                         & Advisory Services             Snowlight Holiday Decorating
       will be Standards in Excellence and Learning (SEAL), with
                                                                        Clarity Conferencing Inc.        SoftMoc
       a logo that will speak to excellence in education.               Custom Business Solutions        Sutton Realty
          In addition, the board has enthusiastically endorsed the      Direct Access Marketing Inc.     Teachers Credit Union
       leadership of Anne-Marie Kee as the Executive Director of        Eden Quality Management Inc.     Trackem
                                                                        Hamilton Tiger-Cats              Tren d Spa
       this new organization, and already her impact is being felt
                                                                        Heritage Food Group              Virtual Image Corporate
       around the country. “The mandate of the new organization         Image Honda                        Website Solutions
       is to significantly enhance the opportunities for member         Mayce Magic                      West Hamilton Oxford Learning
       schools to pursue their own ambitious agendas of renewal,        Mortgage Architects              Williams Distinctive Gems
                                                                                                         5Star Fitness & Nutrition Centre
       innovation and constant improvement,” says Kee. “National
       accreditation based on international standards will
                                                                        Please visit www.hsc.on.ca and click on the link to the
       differentiate these schools and give families the confidence
                                                                      HSC Partnership Program to learn more about the
       of knowing that the school they choose is a cut above the
                                                                      wonderful offers from these supporters, and how your
       rest. We will also enhance our professional development,
                                                                      business may also join the Partnership Program at HSC.
       research and think-tank opportunities for boards,
       administrators, faculty and students right across Canada.”

Canadian Winterfest
                                                                 Leaving Gala Dresses and
By all accounts Canadian Winterfest was a huge success!          Tuxes at Home was a successful
The day was filled with lots of fun, including kids’ crafts,     fundraising strategy!
pictures with Santa and a visit from the Bulldogs’ Mascot,
Bruiser. Our talented HSC student performers and                 The HSC Parents’ Association is pleased to announce that
musicians provided spirited entertainment in the Artsplex.       their second online auction was a tremendous success
   Over 300 people enjoyed our pancake breakfast with live       and raised $31,282.41! The online auction opened on
entertainment from Dan McVeigh. Crepe makers Tom Matthews,       Friday, February 5 with great anticipation, and with almost
Mark Stirling, Dean Mosca and Jeff Paikin ’80 provided           200 items ready for bids. The auction closed on Sunday,
delicious treats and entertainment throughout the day.           February 21 with enormous excitement as bidders raced to
   There were many early holiday shopping opportunities at       the finish line right up to the last few seconds!
Winterfest, with over 25 vendors displaying their wares, and        Hats off to our Parents’ Association for organizing
holiday greenery being offered for the first time. Over 150      another incredible event! Many people appreciated the
items were offered at the Penny Sale. Thank you to all who       fact that they could participate from the comfort of their
donated items and to those who participated in this fun event.   homes, while still raising funds for our students at Hillfield
                                                                 Strathallan College.
The Winter’s Best Raffle Winners were
                                                                    The funds raised from HSC-bay will be used towards
 Ray Hammond:      Wii game system with 2 games. Value $510.00
                                                                 many new and continuing needs, such as the purchase
 Steve Dryden:     Bean bag chair, DVD player, DVD selection,
                                                                 of IT & Science equipment, musical instruments for the
                   Kernels popcorn basket. Value $850.00
                                                                 Arts Program, and additional equipment for the Athletic
 Chris Kwiecien:   Express Vu Satellite Dish with hi-def,
                                                                 Program. Many thanks to all the donors who generously
                   duo-tuner, PVR. Value $600.00
                                                                 provided items for the auction, to the HSC-bay parent
 Gregory Burton: Danby 30 Bottle Wine Fridge fully stocked
                                                                 committee for their support, and especially to everyone who
                   with 30 bottles of wine. Value $1,000.00
                                                                 enthusiastically bid on items and helped raise much-needed
   Special thanks to all the volunteers and donors who           funds for HSC.
made the day possible. Approximately $10,000 was raised
by HSC families at Winterfest in support of our children’s
learning environment.

    Walking The halls                                                              News from around the HSC community

       ‘Pure, polished perfection...’
       certainly describes the Crescendo
       Concerts 22nd season.
       The 2009-2010 season brought to the Artsplex stage the
       dazzling Quartetto Gelato, Canadian music icons Murray
       McLauchlan, Ian Thomas, Cindy Church and Marc Jordan
       with Lunch at Allen’s and the beautiful jazzy sounds of
       Laila Biali Trio with Guido Basso.
       This season was generously supported by:

        Season Partner:
                                                                              Front Row (left to right): Mary Connor, Montessori School, Carson Foxcroft Jr.,
        Evening Partners:  La Cantina Ristorante Italiano; Vincero Capital    Junior School. Back Row (left to right): Mina Kazemi, Senior School, Justine Zurini
                                                                              (Fedak) ’89, Tom Lowden, Danielle Hourigan ’82 and Elyse Creamer, Middle School
                           Management; the 2010 Graduating Families’
                            Arts Scholarship Gift
        Radio Partner:     Pongetti Musical Instruments                         Students were asked to keep track of the “minutes read,”
        Print Partner:      Long & McQuade and Yamaha Music                  and seek sponsorship from friends and family members
        Poster Partner:    Bryan Prince Booksellers                          for their efforts. This project was an excellent example of
        Support Scroll Members and many local business advertisers.          student leadership at work, and what can be accomplished
                                                                             with teamwork!
       A Crescendo of bravos to this season’s sponsors, partners and
                                                                                On Friday, January 29, 2010 the College presented a
       advertisers – we couldn’t do it without your incredible support!
                                                                             cheque to the Multiple Sclerosis Society in the amount of
                                                                             $21,231.41 in support of future research, including the
       MS Read-a-Thon                                                        Paediatric MS Clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children.
       This Fall the College participated in the MS Read-a-Thon.             During Chapel Dr. Matthews noted that the MS Society
       While this event encouraged our students’ love of reading,            was pleasantly surprised with the donation, as the average
       it also raised funds for awareness of this disease of the             donation from a school is approximately $2,000. HSC is
       central nervous system.                                               currently the leading fundraising school in Canada for the
          Montessori parent and alumnus Justine Zurini                       MS Read-a-Thon Program!
       (Fedak) ’89 spoke at a College-wide chapel to kick off                   On Thursday, November 12, 2009 the College
       the fundraising effort, providing the students with valuable          participated in a “comfy pyjamas” alternate dress day to
       insight and a point of reference to begin their fundraising           celebrate the successful completion of this fundraising
       efforts. She also challenged the students to try to raise             endeavour. Congratulations to everyone who participated.
       $20,000, and personally jump-started the campaign with
       a $1,000 donation.

                                                                                   learned while working on this show will be with them for the
Little Women Wows Audiences                                                        rest of their lives. The feedback we received from our audience
This past December the Senior School mounted a musical                             indicates that we did pull it off. Who are the ‘we’ who pulled
production of Little Women. The musical was based on                               it off? Let me give you an answer in three letters: HSC.”
the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. Set in 1860s                                  Even though the musical was cast with Senior School
Massachusetts, the story centres on a family of coming-of-                         students and supervised by Senior School faculty members,
age girls trying to make their way in a world ravaged by Civil                     this was truly a College-wide event. Many of the student
War. Themes of family and friendship, love and growing up,                         performers made their theatrical debut in Montessori,
dominated the dialogue and the lyrics of this astonishing show.                    Junior or Middle School productions; they have been
   “I count it a great privilege to work on dramatic                               coached, prodded and directed by many teachers and staff
productions like this one; it enables me to work with my                           here at HSC. When these students finally walk onto the
students in a totally different venue than the classroom,”                         set of a Senior School production, they are well-prepared
said Director, Jeremy Johnston. “So much of classroom                              veterans of the stage!
life is focused on students challenging and bettering                                 Productions of this magnitude also require support from
themselves - a good thing, to be sure; but when it comes to                        many, many people. The success of these productions relies
theatre, it is all about the audience! Theatre is a very public                    heavily upon the assistance of the whole College - from
event; we perform for an audience who expects to see a                             the Maintenance Department to the Campus Store, from
great show. Can we engage them, can we entertain them?                             parent volunteers to friends of the College. The fact that
These are tough questions, but the lessons our students                            many faculty, staff, parents and alumni from all areas of the
                                                                                   HSC family came to see the show further testifies that this
                                                                                   was a community event.
                                                                                      “On behalf of the cast and crew of Little Women,
                                                                                   I sincerely thank you all for your faithful support,”
                                                                                   added Director Jeremy Johnston.

  ABOVE: Front Row (left to right): Grace Latimer, Elise Naccarato, Elizabeth
  Loughrey, Alexandra Bain, Megan Anderson, Hannah Wood, Alison Castle,
  Sharaya Jones and Mathew Lendrum (seated). Back Row (left to right):
  Efe Rerri, Jerred Bapty, Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis and Francis Laferriere

  RIGHT: Left to right: Megan Anderson as Jo March, Alison Castle as Beth March,
  Alexandra Bain (seated on bench) as Marmee March, Hannah Wood as Amy
  March and Elizabeth Loughrey (standing) as Meg March

     Walking The halls                                                         News from around the HSC community

        SELF-DISCIPLINE           |    ENTERPRISE          |   PERSEVERANCE              |    SKILLS DEVELOPMENT                          |   FUN

                     The Duke of                                            Thus far students have participated in expeditions such
                                                                         as canoeing in Algonquin Park, hiking the Forgotten Trails
                     Edinburgh’s Award                                   in South River, Ontario, Winter Camping in Algonquin
                         Founded in 1956, The Duke of Edinburgh’s        Park and Dog Sledding. These challenging endeavours
                        Award Program is designed to instill a sense     have provided the students with both a greater sense of
                       of responsibility in young people, both towards   confidence in their own skills, as well as a connection to
                   themselves and their communities. HSC is proud        and respect for the natural environment.
        to offer this internationally recognized personal achievement       Community Service has been overwhelmingly successful.
        program. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 25 with a             HSC students participate in food drives, St. Matthew’s
        desire to experience new adventures can enroll in the Duke       House Christmas fundraiser and the most recent Haitian
        of Edinburgh’s Award Program.                                    Relief fundraiser, as well as many other initiatives both in
           In keeping with the College’s commitment to the               school and in the community. Overall, the Grade 9 students
        environment and its desire to provide students with the          have been very keen to participate, and although it is an
        opportunity for a full and well-rounded education, at the        additional requirement for them, the feedback has been
        beginning of the 2009-2010 academic year 106 Grade 9             very positive from both the students and their parents.
        students were automatically enrolled in the Bronze Level
        of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program. These students,
        along with the students currently participating, form a
                                                                           Award Recipients 2009-2010
        strong group of over 200 current HSC participants. It is the
        goal of the College to have at least 80% participation in the      Bronze:                               Silver:
        Gold Award Level by 2013.                                             Francis Laferriere                    Samuel Wain-Lowe
                                                                              Giulia Santin                         Sherif Ramadan
           The program consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver and
                                                                              Jerred Bapty
        Gold. Students pursuing these awards must complete the                Mark Semelhago
        four pillars of the program: Skills Development, Physical             Evan Groen
        Recreation, Community Service and Adventurous Journey,             We look forward to the Winter Awards where we
        with each level requiring a greater time commitment in order       expect to see another two Silver Awards, as well as
        to meet the final requirements.                                    another six Bronze Awards presented.
                                                                           ABOVE: Left to Right: Amable du Fond River, Algonquin Park,
                                                                           Dog Sledding, Algonquin Park and Nature Hike, Algonquin Park

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     Fall Outdoor Education Update
     This past Fall witnessed our greatest number of students involved
     in Outdoor Education experiences. These trips help to fulfill HSC’s        The Fall Trips from September 2009
     strategic goal of facilitating experiences in the outdoors, providing              (to be continued in Fall 2010)
     “real world” experiences for students to draw upon, and giving
     HSC students opportunities for social bonding, especially in those
                                                                             Grade 5      Valens Conservation Overnight trip
     grades where we find the greatest levels of new student enrolment.
        Through these experiences the students develop a greater
                                                                             Grade 6      Sunship Earth Program at Camp Wanakita
     level of self-confidence and self-esteem derived from overcoming        Grade 7      Ontario Pioneer Camp
     adversity, taking risks, and problem-solving for the benefit of         Grade 8      Camp Wenonah
     the individual and the team. Research has long reported a               Grade 9      Onondaga Camp (formerly Canterbury)
     direct correlation between outdoor education experiences and a
     student’s positive self-image and long-term leadership abilities.
        While each trip is unique in its makeup, the focus of the                  Additional Fall Trips for 2010
     continuum remains the same: to provide students with the
     opportunity of better understanding themselves, others and the          Grade 10     Hiking/Canoe Trips
     environment, at an age and stage appropriate level. Through skills      Grade 11     In-school curricular and
     and challenges such as High Ropes, Canoeing, Rock Climbing,                          extracurricular programming
     Trust Falls and Campfire Circles, students learn to be better           Grade 12     Leadership Weekend and
     citizens and good environmental stewards.                                            Fall trip support leaders

HSC Hosts CAIS U-13 Boys’ Basketball Tournament
HSC had the great honour of hosting the 18th Annual CAIS              “I hope that we can put on a tournament half as good as
U-13 Boys’ National Basketball tournament from February 4 to          you have done when we host in the future. Our boys have
6, 2010. Participating in this year’s tournament were 16 teams        not stopped talking about the experience or your school.
and more than 200 athletes from across Canada. “Although the
                                                                      Thank you for the amazing memories.”
participating teams represent a wide cross section of schools, we
                                                                                              Allan Moore, Junior School Athletics, St. John’s School
share a common philosophy and a set of values that distinguish
us as members of the CAIS family of independent schools.                 The organizing committee would like to thank everyone who
Our commitment to athletics is not casual or superficial. We          has contributed to the success of this tournament, with a very
strongly believe that the lessons learned in the gym or on the        special thanks to the billeting coordinators, Mrs. Marie Foxcroft
playing field can be just as valuable as the lessons learned in the   and Mrs. Cindy Dimitroff, and all our billeting families. Thanks
classroom,” said Headmaster Tom Matthews in his Welcome at            also to Mr. Anthony Hughes for his creative program design, the
the tournament’s Opening Ceremonies.                                  kitchen staff, transportation staff, maintenance staff, IT staff,
   The Opening Ceremonies, filled with pageantry, touched off         advancement team, as well as Mohawk College and our many
three days of exciting, spirited competition, totalling 59 games.     sponsors and supporters. Without this tremendous level of
Judging from the number of very close games, the level of play        support the tournament would not have been successful.
from all the schools was very competitive - a testament to the
outstanding commitment by all the players and their coaches.
   After losing its first two games the HSC team proceeded to win         Thank you to our tournament and team sponsors
six straight games to eventually become the consolation division
champion. Collingwood School from Vancouver claimed their                Mr. & Mrs. Ron Foxcroft                Jarrett, Sheriann and
                                                                         and FOX 40 International               Kerrington Johnston
first U-13 Boys’ Basketball National Championship, defeating
                                                                         The Mattatall Family                   Raymond Siganski and
perennial favourite, St. George’s.                                       and Tim Hortons                        Judith King-Siganski ’62
   A great many people are involved in organizing an event               Frank Reynolds (Northern Athletics)    (Bartlett Provincial Brake Inc.)
of this nature. The organizing committee, chaired by Middle              Lancaster Heating and Cooling          Sam deTuba ’96
School Athletics Director Mike Steel ’69, included: Rob Reiner,          Liane Ormond ’78 and Family            Geoff ’96 and Chris ’94 Conant
Chris Kwiecien, Sylvia Griffin, Kris Zelinsky, Mena Sebastiano,          Lazier Hickey LLP                      Jamie Alexander ’94, CMA
Tom Stanton and Jeff Bera. “As the Chair, it was my pleasure             Sigma Promotions                       John ’75 and Toni Simpson
to coordinate this year’s U-13 Boys’ National Basketball                 Rob Alexander ’89                      Mike Branch ’99 (Inovex)
                                                                         (Rob Alexander Insurance)              Larry Paletta ’89
tournament. Quoting one of the athletes involved in this year’s                                                 (Re/Max Del Mar Realty Inc.)
                                                                         Supreme Trophies
tournament ‘This is the best time I have ever had,’ which makes                                                 Mondia Alliance Wines & Spirits
                                                                         Blair Hubber ’94
all of the effort worthwhile,” said Mike Steel ’69.                      (Ancaster Sheet Metal)                 (Steve Rusynyk)
                                                                         Eugene Ng, NCI                         The Pepsi Bottling Group

     Alumni Homecoming 2009
     This year’s event was by far the most polished Homecoming Celebration around!
     A beautiful marquee tent filled with House colours greeted the guests as they drove
     through our main gates. Under the marquee as many as 1,000 guests enjoyed a
     selection of continental snacks and a premium lunch, and feedback indicated that
     they were highly impressed with HSC’s hospitality!
        The Houses did an exceptional job this year with their           The girls had a record of 1-1 in Basketball, and won in
     fundraising initiatives, including a car wash, bake sale, critter   Field Hockey. The boys had their only loss in Volleyball.
     corner, bouncy castle and an HSC favourite: the dunk tank.          Congratulations once again to all our athletes!
        The athletic games were fantastic, overseen by                      The Alumni Welcome Back Dinner was hosted in Lawson
     Co-Directors of Athletics, Sylvia Griffin and Mike Steel ’69.       Hall in the evening and brought home over 160 alumni, faculty
     It was a beautiful day for outdoor sport. Mother Nature was         and retired faculty who delighted in connecting with friends.
     kind and did not unleash a torrent of rain until after                 The evening entertainment was magic... literally!
     the games were completed.                                           Mayson Galoni, (www.maycemagic.com) our Grade 10
        The HSC Senior School teams were very successful.                resident magician and stand-up comedian, inspired belly
     Winners against Appleby included Senior and Junior Girls’           laughs from the audience while astounding them with his
     Basketball, Junior Boys’ Volleyball, and Junior Boys’ Soccer.       prestidigitation! Dr. Gregory Burton and The Strathallan
     The DII Girls’ Field Hockey team had a 1 -1 draw with Appleby.      Singers, Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis, Natalie Sagar and Alexandra
        The Alumni Soccer team defeated the present Senior               Bain followed, engaging everyone with their majestic sound
     Boys’ team to take the first ever Alumni Soccer Trophy. The         and clever song selections, which spanned the generations.
     Alumni Basketball game with alumni and current student                 Homecoming 2009 was truly a success, and one that would
     players on mixed teams provided an exciting game, with              not have been possible without the support of the sponsors,
     the White squad winning the gold medal. The coaches                 donors, volunteers, committee members, coaches and staff
     were exceptional, and we would like to thank them for their         that collectively created an outstanding day for everyone.
     commitment to their teams and for helping to make HSC’s                Special thanks to Nick and Dawn Eveley ’79 of Eveley
     Homecoming a resounding success.                                    International for sponsoring the Homecoming Day,
        The Middle School and Early Education results were               including our Marquee tent; Mr. Jim Faulkner of Heritage
     equally outstanding, with the boys winning all but one tied         Foods for his lunch donation; and Mr. Gary Valeri for his
     game in Soccer, and the girls winning their Soccer game.            donation of Tim Hortons snacks and refreshments.

       We look forward to seeing everyone at Homecoming 2010!                                 Saturday, October 2, 2010




ABOVE: Left to Right: 1. Tom Matthews, Dawn Eveley ’79, Adrienne Davidson, Sheriann Heath-Johnston 2. Kyla Sohar ’09, Bianca Wurster ’09, Lora Capobianco ’09
3. Mark Hudson and Mike Branch ’99 4. Maryann Simpson, George Simpson ’44, Frances Agro ’84, Margaret Jacques, Wally Jaccques ’48

        And the winner was...                                                                    Many HSC alumni play together on a regular basis, but this event
                                                                                                 was special. It was a time to revisit the past and bring everyone together
        TEAM 2 (White Team). With a buzzer beater!
                                                                                                 in an annual game, showing that the HSC spirit never really dies!
        HSC Homecoming
        marked the annual                                                                        Alumni Soccer
        reunion of HSC’s
                                                                                                 HSC Homecoming
        past and present
                                                                                                 hosted a very
        Basketball greats.
                                                                                                 entertaining Alumni
        This year, the game
                                                                                                 versus Senior Boys’
        was well attended
                                                                                                 soccer game. For the
        by a crowd of noisy
                                                                                                 past three years the
        spectators. Some
                                                                                                 Alumni had won this
        players made the trip from as far away as Los Angeles
                                                                                                 fixture, and this year
        (Chris Conant ’94) to be part of the big game.
                                                                                                 the Senior boys were
        The first half was dominated by the green team. As the clock ticked                      looking to change that result.
        down to zero, the White team’s Scott Innes ’96 sunk a bouncing
                                                                                                 The Alumni squad dominated the play in the first half, leading 3 - 0
        fade away jump shot to win the game. The winning team was
                                                                                                 at the half time break. In the second half the Senior team pressured
        awarded medals donated by the HSC Alumni Association.
                                                                                                 the Alumni team by scoring their first goal with 20 minutes left in
        This year’s alumni included: Green Team - Geoff Conant ’96,                              the game. The Alumni team countered with one more goal and won
        Ryan Mattatall ’97, Reiner Kravis ’09, Miles Baldassi ’95,                               the match 4 - 1. We look forward to seeing all the Alumni back again
        Chris Harnett ’95, Chris Conant ’94 and Jamie Alexander ’94.                             next year to see if they can extend the winning streak to five games!
        White Team - Sam DeTuba ’96, Steve Atkinson ’97, Max Smith ’96,
                                                                                                 If you are interested in taking part next year, feel free to contact
        Luke McKee ’09, Andrew Branch ’01 and Scott Innes ’96.
                                                                                                 Daniel Capobianco ’04 or Will Mitchell ’04.

                         The Matthews Family Bids Hillfield
                         Strathallan College a Fond Farewell

              I             In July 2010 the Matthews Family will bid Hillfield Strathallan College
                            a fond farewell after seven remarkable years. The HSC Review had an
                            opportunity to sit down with Dr. Matthews to reflect on his time here,
                            and to discuss the College’s promising future.

                                                                                            organizations such as the Colin B.
              Tell us about some of your most memorable                                     Glassco Foundation, Heart and
              moments at Hillfield Strathallan College.                                     Stroke, the Nature Conservancy

                                                                                            and the World Wildlife Fund.
                  For me, the most memorable moments have been when the                        There have been many times
                  HSC community demonstrated a strong sense of shared purpose.              over the course of the past
                  Whether they were happy or sad, these were the occasions when             seven years that I have been
                  we lived most fully the ideals articulated in our Mission and Vision.     overwhelmed by the generosity of
                      I have also derived great satisfaction in witnessing our              our community. The most recent
                  students actively engaged in community outreach and leadership            effort to assist in Haiti after a        Left to Right: Ceilidh Mathews, Old Girl
                                                                                                                                     Betty McKinney ’29 and Tom Matthews.
                  initiatives - volunteering at SISO, organizing the CAIS Student           devastating earthquake was very
                  Leadership Conference, service missions to the Dominican                  inspiring, as was the College-wide read-a-thon in support of the
                                                                   Republic and Tanzania,   Multiple Sclerosis Society.
                                                                   the City Kidz Rise          I have appreciated the many memorable opportunities to meet
                                                                   & Shine Leadership       with alumni and to strengthen the connections between current
                                                                   Breakfast, the fashion   students and alumni. Our Remembrance Day service brings
                                                                   show in support of the   back many of our older alumni, who recognize as friends and
                                                                   United Way and the       family members the names of the Fallen as they are read aloud
                                                                   Cathy Wever Hub in       by Mr. Geoff Steel. Similarly, a large number of recent graduates
                                                                   Hamilton, as well as     return every year for our annual Carol Service, and I have greatly
                                                                   a wide range of other    enjoyed being part of our alumni reunions in Hamilton, Toronto,
     Left to Right: Steve Walters, Tom Matthews and Eamon Cummins.
                                                                   projects supporting      Vancouver and Halifax.

“His first year was spent getting to know HSC, both its strengths and weaknesses. Before long it became apparent that his quiet and thoughtful
 demeanor was one of trust, and action would follow only when he felt he had solicited sufficient input from the various stakeholder groups.
 He was always respectful and interested in learning about and preserving the history and traditions of the College – he was never afraid to
 ask for your opinion. He quickly identified and worked to embrace stakeholder groups who had not been considered in the past.”
                                                                                       John Simpson ’75, Past President Alumni Association, 2004-2006

   I believe the College’s commitment to restoring and preserving         activities, and
its rich traditions and history has been an important endeavour           teachers employing an
in these past seven years. I felt a real sense of satisfaction the        impressive repertoire
day the College was granted its Coat of Arms. What a wonderful            of instructional
recognition for HSC, acknowledging its 100-year-plus history!             strategies. We have also
The project also successfully blended the symbols, colours and            made great progress
mottos of our founding schools into a cohesive new symbol that            in the integration of
we can all be proud of.                                                   educational technology.
   I am also proud of several institutional accomplishments,              We now have dozens               Left to Right: Calum Matthews, Sheena Matthews,
such as the Outstanding Business Achievement Award                        of SMARTBoards                  Michael G. DeGroote and Tom Matthews, June 2009.

for Communications and Technology, and the EatSmart                       and more than ten
designation, as well as individual accomplishments, including             mobile computer
the recognition of Dr. David Moffatt as a recipient of the                labs in operation
Prime Minister’s Teaching Award.                                          throughout the College.
   Naturally, the historic gift by Michael G. DeGroote in support         Other manifestations
of the Transformation HSC campaign to build a new Senior                  of this spirit of
School and College-wide athletic complex is a highlight of my             innovation are the HSC
time here at HSC.                                                         Marine Institute, our
                                                                          Brain, Learning and
                                                                          Applications Institute, as         Left to Right: Janie Spears ’39, Tom Matthews,
                                                                                                            Mr. MacLennan and Margaret MacLennan ’36.
What accomplishments are you most proud of?                               well as the many exciting
                                                                          initiatives contained within our most recent Strategic Plan.

                                                                             In addition to these accomplishments HSC has truly become
I am gratified by the fact that I was able to develop a strong            an integral part of the greater Hamilton community. We have
understanding and appreciation of the school and its traditions.          raised our profile through our continued community outreach,
I think that this is the real challenge of institutional leadership.      as well as through partnerships with organizations such as the
My ability to grasp the essence of HSC has helped me to foster            Hamilton Art Gallery, the Hamilton Botanical Gardens and
a sense of pride in the institution. Stakeholders have always             the Hamilton Ti-Cats. Similarly, we have become increasingly
loved the school, but when I arrived in 2003 they seemed to               involved in independent school organization such as CIS, CAIS,
lack confidence. Now they know that HSC is a great school,                CESI and CCMA, benefiting those organizations as well as the
an institution to be proud of.                                            College. I certainly have enjoyed my time on the CAIS Board,
   I am also proud of the progress we have made in building                and I am proud of the fact that one of the Co-Chairs of the
on the accomplishments of the past, and in making HSC a                   recently amalgamated CAIS/CESI Board is our own Jeff Paikin ’80,
truly student-centered school. When I visit classrooms in all             Alumnus, former HSC Board Chair and father of three current
four schools I see students engaged in a wide range of learning           HSC students.

      “My favorite memory is the very first time I met him.
                                                                              What do you think your
       I was struck by his dignity, passion, compassion and
                                                                              legacy to HSC is or will be?
       genuine personality. As I got to know him I saw a man

       that cared about his school, possessed a tremendous work
       ethic and led the staff and faculty in a decisive fashion.             I think I leave the College with a greater sense of purpose and
       He was loyal to his students, never too busy for the parents           an appreciation for its traditions. We have a renewed and
       while remaining steadfast and loyal to his family and                  reinvigorated Alumni Association, a vital and active Parents’
       closest friends.”                                                      Association, and students attending from a growing number of
                                        Dr. Ron Foxcroft, Current Parent,     multi-generational families.
                       Current Board Member, Chair - Transformation HSC
                                                                                 I also would like to think that I am leaving a more confident,
                                                                              cohesive and purposeful organization. The College is financially
                                                                              stable and enjoys strong admissions and re-enrollment numbers.
      “Tom came to Hillfield Strathallan College at a time when               In addition, it has developed a culture of philanthropy. The many
       we needed him most. He brought a calmness and a                        successful fundraising initiatives have afforded the College the
       sensitivity that enabled us to get back on track and believe           opportunity to enhance student learning and to make HSC the very
       in ourselves, while regaining the trust and respect of our             best school that it can be for all of its students, present and future.
       community of parents and educators. His understanding                     The current Strategic Plan commits us to the renewal of our
       and articulation of how students learn best will serve us              approach to teaching and learning through a
       well in the years to come.”                                            student-centered model that will ensure that
                                                                              our students are well prepared for the
                              Dianne de Freitas, Head of Montessori School
                                                                              challenges and opportunities of the 21st
                                                                              century. We also are embracing a more
                                                                              inclusive approach to student leadership
      “Tom has introduced rigorous and current academic practices             and service, together with a
       and standards to the College that ensure our graduates                 commitment to environmental
       succeed at 21st-Century post-secondary institutions.                   sustainability and
       Tom can’t help but inspire both his staff and his students             stewardship. Through
       to aspire to excellence in education – an excellence                   this plan we are
       that includes tolerance, empathy, academic risk-taking,                transforming
       creativity, and kindness.”                                             the ideals
                                                                              expressed in
       Ryan Baker, Chair of History & Humanities Department, Senior School
                                                                              our Vision
                                                                              into a reality,
                                                                              so that we truly
     “Each individual in the organization, regardless of rank or              are inspiring
      position, is held in esteem by Dr. Matthews. To all he                  our students
      asks, ‘Call me Tom’. He inspires confidence, always the                 to realize their
      gentleman, with his easy manner and good will. He has                   full potential
      laid a foundation of respect upon which the College has                 while bettering
      been furthered during his tenure. This is a leader!”                    the world
                                    Cameron Playfair, Facilities Supervisor   around them.

“Tom Matthews is the best thing that has ever happened to HSC. It was a while before we realized what was going on at the school under his
 leadership, but when we did we realized that it was dramatic! The deficit had been eliminated; the Alumni Association reactivated; and new
 methods of teaching had been adopted to accommodate students who required specialized methods of learning. On top of this, Tom has been
 an impressive fundraiser because everyone loves him. We are grateful for the tremendous effort Tom has made on behalf of the school, and our
 very best wishes will go with him.”
                                                                       Bill Young ’35 & Joyce Young ’43, Honourary Co-Chairs, Transformation HSC Campaign

    What are the challenges HSC faces?
                                                                                      “Dr. Matthews was the leader HSC needed. It was
    What are its opportunities?
                                                                                       a privilege to have been a student at HSC while

                                                                                       Dr. Matthews was Headmaster. He valued student input
    The challenge for HSC is the realization of the full promise of its                and always wanted to know the areas where the College
    current Strategic Plan with its emphasis on student-centred learning.              was excelling and the areas where the College could
    I am very optimistic. The College has a committed Board of                         improve. He has led the College to the forefront of Canadian
    Governors, faculty and staff that understand the need to align                     independent schools and will be dearly missed. He is simply
    pedagogy with recent advances in brain research and the realities                  one of a kind – St. George’s is lucky to have him.”
    of living in a world that is increasingly ‘flat, fast and fluid.’
                                                                                                                      Scott Metherell ’04, Former Head Boy
       The realization of the Transformation HSC project is an equally
    important challenge if the College is to continue to be a leader in
    innovative teaching and learning. The new facilities will provide the
    necessary learning spaces to support changes in how students learn,
    collaborate and communicate in the future.                                        “From the first moment Dr. Matthews walked into the
       The College also has a philanthropic challenge, which is its greatest           interview with the Head’s Search Committee it was
    opportunity. Once the Transformation HSC campaign is completed                     obvious that we had found the right person. His extreme
    there is a real opportunity for the College to build an endowment                  level of professionalism, his knowledge and experience in
    fund to support the creation of a significant financial aid program.               education, his decisive yet collaborative manner for making
    In so doing, the College can make its enriched programming accessible              decisions, and his professional and careful approach to his
    to the best and brightest students in the greater Hamilton area.                   craft solidified the instinctive reaction we all shared. His
    That would be my dream.                                                            time of service will go down in the rich history of the school
                                                                                       as an era of stability, growth and an ever-growing love of
                                                                                       the school’s community by all constituencies associated
    What will you and your family                                                      with the HSC family.”
    miss most about HSC?                                                                   Jeff Paikin ’80, Current Parent, Former Chair, Board of Governors

W   We will miss the people and the very positive relationships we have
    established. This community has such a welcoming nature, and from
    the very beginning we have been embraced.
                                                                                      “Dr. Matthews was a leader not just of the College, but
       On a professional level, I will miss being part of a school that is
                                                                                       a community. A community which he inspired over the
    so child-friendly. This is a unique quality at HSC.
                                                                                       years through insight and empathy.”
       I will also miss working with such a great Board of Governors.
    This group of dedicated volunteers has provided real support and                                                    Geoffrey Line ’08, Former Head Boy

    is committed to doing what is best for HSC.

     Tell us a little bit about the                                             “From the time I started at HSC, I have come to understand
     new opportunity at St. George’s.                                            what ‘a true gentleman’ is. Dr. Matthews embodies this
                                                                                 title perfectly. His door has always been open to me for

     I am sad to be leaving HSC, but decided to move on for a
     combination of personal and professional reasons. I have always
     felt it is important to be a lifelong learner, to keep growing and
                                                                                 guidance or a quick laugh, which gave me the utmost
                                                                                 respect for the man. A heartfelt goodbye and God bless,
                                                                                 Dr. Tom.”
                                                                                                          Phil Brucculeri, Intermediate Maintenance
     developing as a professional, and I realized that it was time
     for me to move on to another set of challenges. For HSC my
     departure provides an opportunity for institutional renewal,
     taking a great school and making it better.
        As a family, we are excited to be returning to British Columbia.
                                                                             What have you learned at HSC that you
     We love the natural environment, and Sheena and I look forward
                                                                             will take with you for your next challenge?

     to being closer to our two sons, Calum who is attending Quest
     University in Squamish, and Liam who plans to attend the                The ultimate test of good leadership is the ability to keep your
     University of British Columbia. Our daughter, Ceilidh, was              “eyes on the prize.” Having a clear objective and then making
     born in Victoria and has fond memories of the West Coast.               sure you get there - tenacity, persistence and resilience are
        As you may know, I started my independent school career at           important qualities you want on that journey. Furthermore,
     Upper Canada College in Toronto. I, therefore, am very excited          we all have to grow professionally, while striving for ongoing
     at the prospect of returning to a boys’ school at this point in         improvement; complacency is often our greatest enemy. I think
                          my career. Over the past two decades we have       I will take both of the College’s mottos with me as well: Excelsior
                              learned so much about how people learn,        – Ever Higher and Velle Est Posse – Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.
                                and now understand more fully how               Humility and an appreciation of others also play a key role.
                                  boys and girls learn differently. I hope   We must always understand and appreciate the importance of
                                  to apply this knowledge in                          fostering leadership and nurturing the potential in others,
                                  my role as Headmaster                                  whether they are students, faculty or staff.
                                  of St. George’s.
                                                                                           During the research for this article it has become evident
                                                                                            that there is a mutual affection between HSC and its
                                                                                             Headmaster. There is also a feeling of optimism and
                                                                                              pride as the College begins the next decade, stronger
                                                                                               and forever altered by the contribution of its beloved
                                                                                               Headmaster, Dr. Tom Matthews.

For the Love
of LEARnIng
Student-Centred Learning at HSC
Adopted in 2008, the College’s Strategic Plan is dedicated to the overriding
goal of realizing the potential of our students “so that they go on to serve
as effective leaders able and willing to make their world a better place.”
To realize this goal the College is pursuing three interrelated priorities:

     A student-centred approach
     to teaching and learning

     Enhanced student leadership and
     community service opportunities

     Environmental stewardship
     and sustainability

To view the Strategic Plan’s full text, visit

                                                              Individual Learning Profiles (ILP)
                                                              The College is currently conducting a pilot project to inform
     Student-Centred Learning:                                its practices for the adoption and implementation of Individual
                                                              Learning Profiles for each student. Presently, students from two
     What Do We Mean?                                         Grade 4 classes, all M9 students, one Grade 5 class, one Grade 8
     The Strategic Plan’s main focus is the promotion         class and one Grade 9 tutorial are utilizing “Career Cruising”,
     of a student-centred approach to teaching and            a software application, to track personal student involvement
     learning. Flowing from the College’s Mission,            in all aspects of College life.
     Vision and Values, as well as its guiding Educational       Each student in the pilot project uses an online profile
     Principles, a student-centred approach emphasizes        to record academic goals, skills, talents, learning styles,
     the needs of the learner, both collectively and          extracurricular activities, leadership and community service.
     individually, while recognizing that everyone               The profile becomes a portfolio of self-assessments and
     learns differently and that active engagement is         supports students in learning how to learn. The information is
     the key to powerful learning. Essential elements         used in student/teacher conferences to help students identify
     include the provision of relevant challenges,            and focus on their individual priorities, strengths and weaknesses.
     choices and risks, student ownership of learning,        The online profile follows the student every year and provides a
     authentic assessment, inquiry, respect for diversity     digital reference to help students reach their potential and inform
     and a wide range of effective instructional              next steps in their development.
     practices supporting these principles. A student-
     centered approach to teaching and learning also          Conference of Independent Schools (CIS)
     emphasizes creativity and recognizes the unique          Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
     potential of every learner.                              Differentiated Assessment Institute
                                                                The institute is designed to provide a multi-year program
                                                              to teams of teachers from participating schools from the
                                                              Conference of Independent Schools (CIS). Professional
                                                              development sessions run from February 2009 to May 2010 and
     Student-Centred Learning:
                                                              build teachers’ understanding of assessment practices through
     What Are We Doing?                                       collaborative action research projects and self-directed inquiry.
     A wide range of projects and initiatives is                Four HSC teachers, one from each of our four schools, are
     underway as we continue the process of                   participating in the research project: Ryan Baker, Chair of History
     implementing a student-centred approach                  and Humanities Department in Senior School; John Hannah,
     to teaching and learning. Although the outline           Science Teacher and Co-operative Learning Expert in Middle
     that follows is not definitive, it includes some         School; Shailau Spivak, Junior School and Joanna Blackwell in
     of our key initiatives which highlight the               the Montessori School.
     progress we are making in transforming the                 The team made its first presentation to their colleagues this
     ideals articulated in the Strategic Plan into reality.   past August during the annual professional development session,
                                                              “Links to Learning”. Currently, assessment and evaluation practices
                                                              are under review in the Senior School with a goal to shift
                                                              practices to be more student-centred by including differentiated
                                                              assessment and providing students with evaluation options.

CIS e-Learning Consortium                                             The Institute received commendation for the high calibre of
                                                                    expertise provided by Dr. David Eagleman, Geoffrey Caine, Mary
The CIS e-Learning Consortium is a unique cooperative
                                                                    Fowler, and Steve Feifer. Canadian content included Dr. Ron
mandated to deliver quality online curriculum for the benefit
                                                                    Clavier, Garfield Gini-Newman and Dr. Laurel Trainor of the
of students in Conference of Independent Schools (CIS)
                                                                    Music and the Mind Institute at McMaster University.
member schools. HSC is a founding member of the CIS
e-Learning Consortium. The CIS collaboration in Ontario             Details of the 2009 Institute may be found at www.hsc.on.ca/BLAI
is a ground-breaking achievement for independent schools            The BLAI 2010 is scheduled for August 24 and 25. We are excited
                                                                    to host world renowned early childhood authority, Dr. Fraser Mustard,
in North America.                                                   among other experts. Visit www.hsc.on.ca/BLAI2010
   The 16 member schools currently offer 12 courses and
plan to add 10 new courses in 2010-11. HSC currently offers
its Grade 12 Data Management course, and next year will
offer Grade 11 Communications Technology and Economics.
In the first year of delivery, over 130 students have enrolled in
the e-LC courses.
   At HSC, we recognize the need to embrace e-Learning in
order to ensure that we maintain our innovative edge in
teaching and learning. It is our vision to have all our Senior
School students complete one e-Learning course over their
four-year high school experience as a basic requirement for
post-secondary preparation and beyond.

For more information visit www.ciselc.com

The Brain, Learning,
and Applications Institute (BLAI)
All synapses were firing well at the Brain, Learning, and
Applications Institute held at HSC in June 2009. The College        Top left: BLAI 2009 Dr. David Eageleman Top right: Marine Institute
partnered with Dr. Bob Greenleaf (www.greenleaflearning.com) to     Bottom left (left to right): Ryan Baker, Shailau Spivak, Joanna Blackwell
                                                                    and John Hannah Bottom right: Student engagement
provide professional development focussed on the connection
between recent neuroscience research in teaching and learning.
Key aspects of the conference addressed the uniqueness of the
                                                                    HSC Marine Institute
individual learner, the importance of active engagement in the      The College is now offering a unique credit course in Leadership
learning process, the plasticity of the brain, and strategies for   in Environmental Sustainability for students in Grades 8 and 9.
effective classroom practice.                                       Using a problem-based learning model, the program will provide
   Over 100 participants, including 40 HSC faculty, represented     an opportunity for students to participate in an authentic
a variety of educational fields including school psychologists,     aquatic research project on Little Cayman Island from June
the Ontario teachers’ federation, CIS member schools and local      20 to July 4. Students will develop skills in communication,
public and Catholic school boards. We were pleased to welcome       interpersonal relations, coaching, leadership, teamwork, and
teachers from BC and the USA, as well.                              conflict management, and apply them in roles such as tutoring,

              Being part of this Institute has widened my appreciation          mentoring, and project design. Faculty accompanying the class
     of the importance of assessment. I have a greater awareness of             in a leadership training capacity are Sue Tilley, Middle School
     the benefits of assessment as a learning tool within a student-            teacher, who will provide leadership training for the students
     centred learning environment. I’ve had the opportunity to guide my         prior to their field excursion, and chaperones Mark Mitchell
     students through peer- and self-evaluations which bring the integral       (Middle School teacher) and Marc Edgar (Senior School teacher).
     metacognitive and reflective pieces into their development.                All students will acquire SCUBA certification as part of the
                                                                                course requirement before they travel to Little Cayman, and while
                                          Joanna Blackwell, Montessori School
                                                                                there will focus on the complexity of social diversity, participate
                                                                                in community service and address issues of carbon footprint and
                                                                                ecological impact. Before the students leave for their field study, they
                                                                                will be asked to calculate their carbon footprint and then design
              The Assessment Institute has examined best practice in            solutions to offset it. Once on Little Cayman Island the students
     assessment as learning, and has afforded me the opportunity                will turn their theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.
     to work with my colleagues throughout the College as well as
     Independent Schools across Ontario. As a result, I have introduced         Summer Research in the Peruvian Amazon
     goal-setting at the beginning and end of each math unit so that            The College will also offer a two-week biological research
     students are able to self-assess based on the goals. Parents are           expedition to one of the most remote and pristine parts of the
     also aware of the assessment and utilize it as a means of helping          Amazon basin, led by Dr. David Moffat and fully organized and
     their children study.                                                      operated by Operation Wallacea staff. (www.opwall.com)
                                                Shailau Spivak, Junior School      Students will travel on upper tributaries of the Amazon, where
                                                                                they will live and eat on board a small research vessel for the
                                                                                duration of the trip. En route they will have the opportunity to
                                                                                interact with and attend lectures by university researchers who
                                                                                will provide background on the biology, geology and hydrology
              Learning about differentiated assessment has provided
                                                                                of the area, and the socio-political impacts of tropical ecology
     me with a new and very powerful technique to help students learn
                                                                                and preservation.
     science vocabulary. My students are more empowered to select the
                                                                                   They will then spend 10 days participating in a wide range of
     most important words to learn and to demonstrate their learning in
                                                                                biological surveys in one of the most diverse habitats on earth
     the most personally effective way.
                                                                                before traveling back downstream. The students will assist
                                                John Hannah, Middle School
                                                                                university researchers in studies which will involve the monitoring

              The CIS/OISE Institute has broadened my professional
     practice with regard to my data collection and my use of
     metacognitive exercises. In terms of the former, I collect a
     wider variety, which helps me make the data more meaningful
     in developing student learning skills. In terms of the latter,
     I’m noticing an improvement in student academic performance
     based on the level of ownership the students take for their
     own learning.
                                                   Ryan Baker, Senior School

of indicator species including macaws, freshwater dolphins,                 in a world that is increasingly ‘flat, fast, and fluid.’ “In order to
primates, turtles, fish, and semi-aquatic mammals. These                    prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century, we
monitoring activities are vital to the Peruvian authorities who are         have an obligation and an opportunity to transform teaching
trying to manage this ecological reserve, and to the academic               and learning at HSC,” says Brenda Zwolak, Director of Academics.
researchers who use the general data as context for their more                 As we move into what many are calling the “creative” or
specific studies.                                                           “conceptual” age, success in only a few narrow core subjects will
                                                                            no long prepare students for the world. Students will graduate into
                                                                            a technologically sophisticated, media-rich, globalized world.
Aligning Pedagogy with the                                                     To meet these challenges, a team in the Senior School is
Transformation HSC Project                                                  currently engaged in a high-level IT visioning project in preparation
Transformation HSC is a bold vision to create a dynamic and                 for the exciting new learning spaces in the Michael G. DeGroote
powerful new learning environment for our children, and involves            Senior School. The team is meeting with various experts in the
the construction of the Michael G. DeGroote Senior School and               IT integration field to help inform the College’s practices.
College-wide Community and Athletic Complex. If students are
to be fully prepared for leadership in the world they are poised
                                                                              Artist concept, subject to change.
to inherit, learning and schooling must be transformed.
  We must have a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills,
and attitudes that will be required if our graduates are to succeed

The Learning Commons
We are all familiar with the term “library” as the central resource
area for supporting learning. The term “Learning Commons” is now
commonly used by many universities and colleges that are undergoing
changes to their library spaces.
   The Learning Commons at HSC will be 4,300 sq. ft of dynamic,             “We are making solid progress in implementing the first priority
student-centred, collaborative space at the core of the Senior              set out in our Strategic Plan, and I have no doubt that we will be
School academic experience. The librarians, as media specialists,           successful in establishing HSC as a model of student- centred teaching
and teachers will engage students through personalized instruction,         and learning.”
global collaboration, and creative assignments. There is extensive
flexibility in the types of work spaces to accommodate all learning
needs: online course work, individual research, small group study,
                                                                                     As technology grows ever more ubiquitous, the massive
formal presentations, seminars, video conferencing and publishing.
                                                                            shift from paper as the dominant media to digital content will only
The Learning Commons will enable students to become self-directed
learners in the digital world, and will support learning that is relevant   continue. Beyond going to the library to do research – simply accessing
and meaningful in the 21st century context.                                 existing published work – students need to be engaged in producing
   The transformation in teaching and learning at HSC is an ongoing         content of their own. The growing trends toward online learning,
process that builds upon the College’s multi-decade tradition of            more personalized instruction, and collaboration on a global scale also
innovation. “When I visit classrooms in all four schools, I see teachers    challenge librarians and media specialists, who are positioned to lead
employing a wide range of instructional strategies and students             the way as technology adaptors in their schools.
actively engaged in the process,” states Headmaster Dr. Tom Matthews.                                                                  Alan November

                              Global Citizenship
                         Sharing the Montessori Classroom in Tanzania
     Can you imagine commuting over 7,000 miles, flying for 21 hours and then spending
     15 hours on a bus, all while lugging nine cases filled with donated classroom
     equipment and materials in order to share your expertise and knowledge?
        That takes passion, commitment and a firm belief that you are embarking
     on an important mission. This was the journey that Laure Kominar, Elementary
     Directress, HSC Montessori School, and Janice Mayhew recently took to initiate
     Tanzanian educational pioneers into the world of Montessori.

     While on leave from HSC in 2008 Laure had the opportunity             Many months of planning were required to come up with
     to fulfill a dream to enrich the lives of others in Africa. Laure   innovative ideas to help break down the language barrier with
     teamed up with long-time friend Janice Mayhew, retired principal    the African teachers, as well as to provide them with the tools
     of Lakeview Montessori School, to host workshop courses for         and materials they would eventually use to better educate their
     more than 25 Tanzanians in Mbeya, Tanzania.                         children. Laure hoped to engage the adults in creating the tools
        After learning about Deborah McCracken, founder and              they would need in their respective villages. This task proved
     African head of The Olive Branch for Children (TOBFC), the          challenging. “When we started to use those tools, we had not
     pair submitted a proposal to the American Montessori Society        anticipated that some had never before seen scissors,” said
     for an international Peace                                                                          Laure. “We took that for granted,
     Initiative Award. They                                                                              and it became necessary to make
     eventually received the                                                                             adjustments to the time frame for
     Ursula Thrush Peace Seed                                                                            material preparation.”
     Grant, which allowed the                                                                               When Kominar and Mayhew
     Montessori teacher trainers                                                                         first arrived in Mbeya, they
     to spend 30 days at the                                                                             discovered that the resident
     not-for-profit charity that                                                                         Montessori teacher had
     assists children orphaned                                                                           contracted malaria, which
     by HIV/AIDS who live in or                                                                          provided an unexpected
     near the Mbeya region.                                                                              opportunity for the educators

to spend two days in the
classroom presenting
materials and exercises they
had brought with them to
25 Swahili-speaking children. The established Montessori
classroom was the children’s haven from their otherwise
impoverished lives. “A light shone in these children’s eyes that   What is a Montessori Education?
was innocent, soulful, and unforgettable,” said Kominar.
   The following week, Laure and Janice would welcome              The basic tenet of Montessori education is that a child learns best in
27 Tanzanian adults who had been chosen by their village           an enriched, supportive environment through exploration, discovery
officials to attend a 10-day intensive workshop coordinated        and creativity with the guidance and encouragement of a trained
by Deborah McCracken, the president of TOBFC. As part              and caring staff. Children are encouraged to pursue their interests,
of their preparation Deborah took the educators to a local         make responsible choices for themselves and direct themselves to
village so that they could become familiar with the people,        constructive activities.
the communities and the limited resources available to                The goals of Montessori education are to cultivate each child’s
these new teachers. The experience has had an impact on
                                                                   natural desire to learn, acquire and master skills, learn responsibility
Laure’s classroom teaching in general. “I am able to share
                                                                   and cooperation and foster strong, positive feelings about oneself
first-hand knowledge with my students about living in a
                                                                   and others. The method addresses the total child developing social
world with needs, the struggles of others - a “reality-check”
                                                                   skills, emotional intelligence, physical coordination, and cognitive
about the rest of the world. I hope to enhance my students’
appreciation for the many resources available to them, our         preparation, within a thoughtfully designed environment.
collective responsibility to use and share our resources and to       Some of the characteristics that distinguish a Montessori program
inspire them to do what they can to make a difference, locally,    are mixed age groupings, individualized instruction, child-directed
nationally or globally,” said Kominar.                             program, designed environment/materials, specialized staff, hands-on
   For the next ten days, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on          approach to learning, integrated curriculum, and whole language
wooden benches, the educators worked with their students           approach to reading.
demonstrating and preparing Montessori materials. Peace
education was a theme carried through all the activities           Source: www.msmresources.org/about_montessori_method.htm

     presented. In Tanzania,
     corporal punishment is used
     both at home and at school.
     The educators discussed ways
     to develop self-discipline,
     alternative discipline methods,
     and peace education.
        During the graduation
     celebration the teachers were
     given individual certificates of
     participation, a photo with
     their instructors, and a peace
     rose for their classrooms. In
     his farewell speech one of the
     Tanzanian teachers named Vosta
     said, “Although we have nothing to give
     you, we promise to work hard and continue improving
     as teachers, as well as making materials. Thank you for
     the wonderful materials you have brought for us and
     taught us how to make. We hope that this is not your
     last trip to Tanzania and we hope that the next time
     you come you will be able to visit the Montessori
     schools you created.”
        Since her stay in Africa, Laure has learned that the
     students’ respective villages have committed to providing
     classrooms for their region’s newly-trained Montessori
     teachers. Laure notes, “Things are beginning to change
     in Tanzania. The national government understands
     that change will come through educating the children.
     The children are their hope.”
        Laure intends to return to Tanzania in the summer
     of 2010.

     Sources: Montessori Life, 2009, Volume 21, Number 2
     The Flamborough Review, Catherine O’Hara

                                                                 Left to Right: Janice Mayhew and Laure Kominar

Transformation HSC is a $34 million capital development
program, which includes both a new Senior School and                                “Without the Transformation HSC project, our ability to deliver
a College-wide Community Centre & Athletic Complex to                               on our Mission, Vision and Values will be seriously compromised.
serve the entire student body. The campaign to support                              This is not an acceptable option for Hillfield Strathallan College.”
Transformation HSC is about far more than just buildings: it is
                                                                                                                             Dr. Tom Matthews, Headmaster
about fundamentally advancing children, their education, their
potential and their powerful ambitions. Learning in the 21st
century will be about how we receive and transform information,                     raised $15,000,000 for this most ambitious capital campaign
and these new facilities are key to delivering on that promise.                     ever undertaken at Hillfield Strathallan College. The new Senior
   In June 2009 we were privileged to announce that                                 School will be known as the Michael G. DeGroote Senior School;
Mr. Michael G. DeGroote had donated the largest gift ever                           the Community Centre & Athletic Facility is, as yet, unnamed.
made to an independent school in Canada. His $10.5 million                          Other donor expressions of support, grant applications and calls in
gift combined with a number of other leadership gifts has now                       progress amount to an additional $5,000,000 (to be completed).

   1. New Athletic Complex                              5. Montessori School             9. Young                       11. Lawson Hall & Page Gymnasium
   2. Student Commons                                   6. Junior School                 10. Elementary Library         12. College Commons
   3. Learning Commons                                  7. Artsplex Theatre                                             13. Holton
   4. Michael G. DeGroote Senior School                 8. Collinson                                                    14. Strathallan









     Family Campaign Underway
                                                                          “My family has been blessed with significant resources, which
     Under the leadership of two current
                                                                          is why we have made such a significant gift to this great school.
     parents and alumni we have recently
                                                                          Nonetheless, I truly believe that every HSC family, within its
     begun campaign presentations to HSC
                                                                          means, has a comparable responsibility to support this campaign.
     families to offer early opportunities of
                                                                          The Family Campaign is an opportunity for you to play a
     participating in this fundraising project.
                                                                          leadership role, and to provide the financial support required
     Dr. Agnes Kuskowski ’82, past Chair
                                                                          to begin construction… I hope you will join me and my family
     of the Board of Trustees, co-chairs the
                                                                          in transforming HSC.”
     Family Campaign with Mr. Jeff Paikin ’80, past Chair of our
                                                                                          Extract from the personal letter to prospective Family Campaign
     Board of Governors. “Our hope in the Family Campaign is to                              donors by Michael G. DeGroote, (Hon ’09), Patron of HSC
     seek out leadership gifts of $25,000 - $50,000 or more, pledged
     over a period suitable to our prospective donors,” explains
     Dr. Kuskowski. “We are very open to discussing how best to
                                                                          classrooms and other spaces are available for major gift naming
     facilitate donations to the Family Campaign.” Co-Chair Jeff
                                                                          recognition for those individuals or families who make leadership
     Paikin adds, “A new donor recognition icon is currently in the
                                                                          gifts to the campaign. The detailed list of naming opportunities
     design stage, and will allow us to very publicly acknowledge in
                                                                          for your consideration is available on our website at
     the new facilities those parent and alumni families who have
     contributed in a significant way to making this project a success.
                                                                             Donors to the Family Campaign will additionally be part
     We want to celebrate all the families who, together, will allow us
                                                                          of an architecturally designed recognition element near the
     to make this vision become a reality.”
                                                                          main drop-off area, where their contributions to the success of
        The Family Campaign has ambitious goals, aiming to bring
                                                                          Transformation HSC will be celebrated. We anticipate that the
     our closest supporters together to raise $7-10,000,000 for HSC
                                                                          majority of Family Campaign donors will be current families and
     over the next 5 years.
                                                                          alumni families.

                                  Donor Recognition and                   Tax Benefits of Giving to HSC
                                  Naming Opportunities
                                                                          As a registered charity (charitable registration # BN11895 7810
                                  All donors to the Transformation        RR0001) HSC will issue tax receipts for all eligible donations
                                  HSC capital campaign will be            to the College. In addition, gifts to the Family Campaign can
                                  recognized in multiple ways in          be pledged over a period of years, allowing donors to spread
                                  the new and existing facilities. An     their payments.
                                  elegant lounge area in the lobby of       Sample net cost to the donor of a $25,000 gift: $16,575
                                  the new Senior School will be the           ($3,315 per annum x 5 years, or $276 per month)
                                  home of a stunning digital montage        Sample net cost to the donor of a $50,000 gift: $33,150
                                  celebrating donors, buildings,              ($6,630 per annum x 5 years, or $553 per month)
                                  students, grand openings and other
                                                                          Individual tax circumstances vary from one family to another, and
                                  College-wide successes.
                                                                          donors should check with their own financial advisors if in doubt.
                                     In addition, many buildings,

“The extraordinary generosity of the HSC community in supporting
this exciting project is truly inspiring. With the launch of the
Family Campaign, we are engaging a growing number of current
and former HSC parents, as well as alumni, and we have been
encouraged by the positive response we have received thus far.
My hope is that the generous response of the HSC community
will put us in a situation which will allow us to begin construction
of the entire project in the near future.”
                                               Dr. Jennifer Everson, Board Chair

Project Timeline
Our ability to commence construction of the Transformation HSC
project depends on a number of variables, not least of which is
the successful conclusion of our capital fundraising campaign.
In June 2009 the Board of Governors approved the drafting of
construction documents leading towards tendering of the project,
and will soon be deciding the scope and timing of construction.
   If the Family Campaign to complete the remainder of the
fundraising required is successful in its goals, we could be in
a position to commence construction in the coming months.
This in turn would allow us to project the new facilities being
ready for occupancy sometime in 2011.                                              Above: The Learning Commons is a dynamic, student-centred, collaborative
                                                                                   environment at the core of the HSC academic experience. The Learning Commons
                                                                                   will enable students to become self-directed learners in the digital world and
                                                                                   will support learning that is relevant and meaningful in the 21st century context.
                                                                                   Below: The Student Commons is at both a social gathering space and an
    If you would like more information about the                                   additional learning space, serving the Senior students primarily during breaks.
    ‘Transformation HSC’ fundraising campaign,                                     It will also be used as a study area and for group/club meetings.

    or the project itself, please contact
    Adrienne Davidson, Director of College
    Advancement at adrienne.davidson@hsc.on.ca
    or 905-389-1367, ext. 162

All images are artist’s concepts and may be subject to change.

        A LEgACy of TRADITIOn

        During his time as Headmaster, one of Dr. Matthews’ projects has been to ensure that portraits
        are completed of all the College’s former Headmasters and Headmistresses. The tradition of
        honouring School Heads in this manner is an important one in the world of independent schools,
        and it reflects our shared commitment to the College’s history and traditions.
        “Since 2003, we have completed portraits of two former Headmasters, Mr. Boyer and Mr. Hodgetts, and of three former
        Headmistresses, Mrs. Bruce, Miss Pearce and Mrs. Southam. The portraits of two additional Headmistresses have yet to be
        completed but Miss Bartlett and Miss Mills are in the works and should be completed within the next year,” said Dr. Matthews.

         Headmaster, Mr. John H. Collinson            Headmaster, The Reverend Cecil A. Heaven             Headmaster, Mr. Arthur F. Killip
             Highfield: 1901 – 1919                            Hillcrest: 1920 – 1929                          Hillfield: 1929 – 1950

     Headmaster, Lieutenant Colonel John P. Page       Headmaster, Mr. M. Barrett Wansbrough               Headmaster, Mr. William S. Boyer
               Hillfield: 1950 – 1969                  Hillfield-Strathallan College: 1969 – 1995      Hillfield-Strathallan College: 1995 – 2002

                                                                          PO PRO
                                                                             RT GR
                                                                               RA ES
                                                                                 IT S
     Headmaster, Mr. David Hodgetts          Headmaster, Dr. William Thomas Matthews          Headmistress, Miss Janet Virtue
Hillfield-Strathallan College: 2002 – 2003    Hillfield Strathallan College: 2003 – 2010         Strathallan: 1923 – 1948

                                                                          PO PRO

                                                                                                                      PO PRO

                                                                            RT GR

                                                                                                                         RT GR
                                                                              RA ES

                                                                                                                           RA ES
                                                                                 IT S

                                                                                                                             IT S
  Headmistress, Miss Eileen Fitzgerald        Headmistress, Miss Evelyn M. Mills, OBE       Headmistress, Miss Elsie M. Bartlett
      Strathallan: 1923 – 1948                      Strathallan: 1948 – 1950                    Strathallan: 1950 – 1957

  Headmistress, Miss Hilda M. Pearce             Headmistress, Mrs. Kathleen Bruce         Headmistress, Mrs. Audrey G. Southam
      Strathallan: 1957 – 1962                       Strathallan: 1962 – 1968                   Strathallan: 1968 – 1970

     Inspired Creativity
     The Visual Arts Program at HSC plays
     an integral part in the development
     and exploration of creativity that
                                                 1                                                                2
     helps foster innovative thinking, a key
     factor in 21st century learning skills.
     The program is designed to provide
     enriched opportunities for students
     and to help maximize their potential as
     innovators, leaders and creative artists.

                                                 3                                                            4

                                                 1. Harrison Darcel, Gr. 6, Abstract Animal                           3. Caitlin Pibus, Gr.12, Value Study, Ink
                                                 2. Akhila Rachakonda, Gr. 8, Self-Portrait, Period Costume           4. Vanessa Cercone, Gr. 6, Abstract Animal




7                                                                                  8                                            10

5. Keiko Marshall, Gr. 7, Graffiti Tag              7. Mitchell Contant, Gr. 9, Softoleum Reduction Print   9. Emily Wright, Gr. 12, Self-Portrait, Acrylic
6. Alex MacLeod, Gr. 8, Abstract Fresh Water Cell   8. Nicole Amato, Gr. 11, Abstract Sculpture             10. Hayley Sykes, Gr. 10, Plaster Mask


     Hillfield Strathallan College is an incredibly tight-knit community of students,
     their supporters and our alumni. As such, we are please to have heard from so
     many of you since our magazine was last published and congratulate you on
     your accomplishments!

     Kim Webster ’76                                    Dan Miller ’91                                    Now, while sitting here in my home, watching
                                                                                                          an entirely new generation of students
     Kim recently shared the website for her            Those of you who fondly remember ‘The             formally take their seats where I used to take
     current film, Sniff (www.sniffthemovie.com) –      Hamilton Thistle Club’ in its heyday will be      mine over 20 years ago (and was presented
     be sure to check it out! This family film is a     particularly interested in an initiative that     with Best Primary All-Round Boy in 83-84!),
     comedy about two British actors who dress          Dan Miller ’91 is involved with. Along with       charmed with the buzz of a Holiday break
     up as concierges of a high-end San Francisco       a group of fellow local businessmen, led by       only moments away, this live stream is
     dog hotel. They decide to take the opportunity     Paul Lloyd of The Password Group, plans are       bringing back far more intense memories
     to make a documentary about dogs. Kim’s            in place to develop a premiere executive          and happiness than I would have ever
     film, which features a guide dog being             athletic club to be called The Augusta Athletic   thought a small, grainy image on my
     trained, is available for blind movie-goers        Club (www.theaugustaclub.com). The project        computer screen could provide.”
     thanks to an optional audio description of         is being championed and seeded by Thistle
     the scenes.                                        Club alumni. Dan welcomes any community
                                                        members interested in learning more about         Ben Gulak ’07
     Jane Gowing ’81                                    the facilities, amenities and memberships to      Ben, a current mechanical engineering
                                                        please contact him at dmiller@amedius.ca.         student at MIT in Boston, has once again
                            For the second time                                                           been capturing media attention for one of his
                            HSC Alumnus Jane
                            Gowing ’81, President
                                                        Dave Lapsley ’93                                  mechanical inventions. This one aptly named
                                                                                                          “The DTV Shredder” is a cross between a
                            of Gowing Enterprises       This past December, the HSC Carol Service         skateboard, snowmobile and an ATV. Ben,
                            was selected by The         was live-streamed to the HSC community.           along with his fellow inventor Ryan Fairhead,
                            Women’s Executive           This live event was warmly received by            was recently highlighted on The Discovery
                            Network as one of           hundreds of alumni unable to attend at            Channel introducing “the machine that could
                            Canada’s Top 100            the College, including Dave Lapsley ’93           change the face of extreme sports” to the
     Most Powerful Women. These awards have             who shared his thoughts.                          world. To see a clip on this invention visit:
     become one of Canada’s most recognizable                                                   
                                                        “It has been a very long time since I was
     honours for Canadian women and are
                                                        privileged enough to attend HSC, and have
     co-presented by Scotiabank Group and
     KPMG. The awards honour the country’s highest
                                                        always looked back at my time there as the        Andrew Weaver ’98
                                                        most influential and beneficial years of my
     achieving women leaders in the private,                                                                                 After successfully
                                                        life. Even yesterday, while enraptured in a
     public and not-for-profit sectors. Selected                                                                             graduating from Lakehead
                                                        conversation with a long-time friend, amazed
     for recognition by an independent advisory                                                                              University, and then the
                                                        at how fast our childhoods are fading and
     board, the awards span eight categories:                                                                                Pre-Service Firefighter
                                                        our 30s are passing, it was not long before
     Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Public                                                                             Program at Humber
                                                        my thoughts went back to HSC, and the times
     Sector Leaders, Trailblazers & Trendsetters,                                                                            College, Andrew has
                                                        I spent there. (Sadly, events dictated that
     Champions, Professionals, Future Leaders and                                                                            been recruited by the
                                                        Grade 6 was to be my final year there.) Life
     Arts & Communications. For more information                                                                             Calgary Fire Department.
                                                        has taken some interesting turns since those
     please visit: www.canadanewswire.ca/en/releases/                                                     Andrew enjoys calling Cochrane home, and
                                                        days and my association with HSC is still an
     archive/November2009/30/c5537.html                                                                   welcomes alumni in the area to drop a line
                                                        honour I hold above almost anything else.
                                                                                                          to: weaver.andrew1@gmail.com

Joshua Pinto ’02 BSc (Business),                  Vincent’s true passion lies on the links, so       1972. He was married for 48 years to best
BSc (Biochemistry), PhD/MBA (In-progress)         after receiving his certification as a Golf        friend Jill Lynne Margaret Marshall. Jill, his
                                                  Teaching Professional, he now continues to         five children and their spouses, Jill ’81 and
After leaving HSC in Grade 12 to train at         build his client list as he enjoys the beautiful   Fred Morison ’79, Julie Marshall ’83 and
the all Canadian Tennis Academy, Joshua           courses Hong Kong has to offer. Looking            Brian Lutz, Albert ’84 and Tyna Marshall ’84
attended one of the top universities in the       ahead a couple of years, Vincent sees this         and, Tom Marshall ’85 and Effie Dracos,
United States on a full scholarship, where he     wealth of life experience preparing him for        David Jr. ’97 and Janey Marshall ’86 loved
played professional tennis. After completing      his next academic challenge at UBC.                him beyond measure. Also warmly loved by
his degree he helped start a new graduate                                                            ten grandchildren; Ora ’06, Brian ’08,
school discipline at McMaster University and                                                         Brittany, Haydon, Rankin, Alexandra,
is the first student at Mac to be enrolled in                                                        Matthew (all current HSC students), Justin,
the joint PhD (neuroscience)/MBA program.
Joshua shares that “The goal of this [letter]
                                                     Passings                                        Jocasta and Calista. Another grandchild,
                                                                                                     Thomas David Jr., was welcomed in March.
is to thank the school for shaping me into
who I am today”, and to share with students       George Sydney Drynan ’48                           Always a believer in hard work and
that “with the network that HSC provides,                                                            achievement, David and Jill raised a
                                                  George passed away on January 13, 2010.            wonderfully close-knit family. All five children
they should be able to attain whatever they
                                                  Beloved husband of Katherine, loved father         became doctors, lawyers or writers like their
want in life.”
                                                  of Julie (John) Aquin and grandfather of Erin.     Dad. David loved reading, writing, painting,
                                                  He was predeceased by his caring parents           riding horses, flying, boating and farming.
Lindsay Marshall ’05                              Mary and Bill Drynan and his brother Bill.         He was much-loved, deeply admired and
Lindsay has successfully started a new            He was the dear brother of Alice (John) Lundon,    widely-respected by many – he will be missed.
business with fellow HSC graduate, Jennifer       and is remembered fondly as an uncle by
                                                  Kevin, Trish and Andrea (Drynan) and John,
Mainse ’05, called Elite Events Management.
                                                  Katie and Timothy (Lundon). His musical
                                                                                                     Ruth Rasmussen ’37
The company specializes in corporate events
and public relations services. To find out        ability and talent will be remembered by all.      Peacefully at St. Peter’s at Chedoke on
more about the wonderful events currently                                                            January 30, 2010. Predeceased by her
being presented by Elite Events visit their       Joy Chilton Hamilton ’37                           husband Harry. Loving mother of Bob,
website at www.eliteevents.ca.                                                                       Anita (George), and David (Marilyn).
                                                  Passed away on Tuesday, November 17,               Cherished grandmother of Diana and James.
                                                  2009. Predeceased by her loving husband
Vincent Chan ’05                                  Gordon B. Hamilton ’39 and her cherished
                                                  daughter Mary E. Worsell ’71. She is survived
                                                                                                     Nigel David Randall Russell ’66
                      After graduating from
                      McMaster in Economics,      by her sons David (Lynn ’67) Hamber ’60,           Nigel died suddenly at home in Austin, Texas
                      Vincent traveled            Sydney (Janie) Hamber ’62 (former parent           on August 14, 2009 leaving us with memories
                      extensively. He visited     and Governor), and son-in-law John Worsell,        of his music, and his great love of life.
                      Alaska, Austria,            grandchildren David Jr., Tanya (Scott),            Survived by his twin sons Duncan and Garrett,
                      Barbados, Cayman            Andrew (Laura), Will and Becky Hamber and          in whom he found tremendous joy. Nigel
                      Islands, China, Colombia,   great- grandchildren Marlowe and Quinlan           attended HSC in Grade 9 and his sister Sheila
                      Costa Rica, Czech           Hamber, and Doug and Kate MacGregor.               Russell ’60 is a former Strathallan Head Girl.
Republic, England, Germany, Hong Kong,                                                               He was passionate about music, building
Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Quebec, Switzer-          Justice Thomas David Colbeck                       and people. In the early 1980s he moved
land, Trinidad and Tobago, United States,                                                            to Austin, Texas, where he found a musical
                                                  Haydon Marshall M.D., LLB.                         culture and a warm, loving community that
and finally Hong Kong. After landing in Hong
Kong for a week, he cancelled his return          After 71 years of happy and successful family      inspired and nurtured him. Nigel designed
ticket and has been full-steam ahead there        and professional life, David Marshall died         and built houses, and a sailboat which was
pursuing his dreams. Vincent has had success      November 20, 2009. David was a Judge of            a true labour of love. Like his houses, his
working with large corporations, including        the Ontario Superior Court of Justice,             boat was rich with hand-crafted details and
Parallel Media Group, who run events such         administrative judge for Haldimand County,         his unique sense of design.
as the Hong Kong Golf Open Championship.          a physician since 1962 and a lawyer since

     Mary Isabel Simpson (Rutherford), RN
     Peacefully in January 2010 at Dundas,                 Expecting / Births                              Engagements
     Ontario. Wife of Frederick J.H. Simpson ’41,
     sister of Jack Rutherford and the late Jean        David Marks ’94
                                                                                                          and Marriages
     Brown. Beloved mother of Mary Elizabeth
     (Hope Gibson), Barbara Ann (Rick)                                       David and his wife          Jordan Guest ’89
     Coomber ’74, Marianne (Peter) Hood                                      Jennifer (Jr. School
                                                                             Faculty) are pleased to                          Jordan Guest ’89 and
     (current parent) and the late Ann Rutledge
                                                                             announce the birth of                            Shari Raphael met last
     Simpson. Loving Nana to Christopher and
                                                                             their son Griffin, born                          February and were
     Michael Coomber, (Peter) Jamie (current
                                                                             at 8 lbs 4 oz. Mommy                             engaged on November
     HSC student) and Alexandra Hood.
                                                                             and baby are doing well.                         28, 2009, their 8th
                                                                                                                              month anniversary.
     Sandra Steel (Sandy Jean)                                                                                                They are both big
     It is with deep sorrow that we announce            Jessica Setzkorn Middle School Staff                                  fitness enthusiasts
     the passing of Sandy Steel on November                                                              and enjoy spending time with friends. The
                                                                             Jessica and her             wedding is scheduled for August 29, 2010.
     25, 2009 after a short battle with cancer                               husband Jeremy
     in Bloomington, IL. Although it may have                                Setzkorn welcomed
     defeated her body, it will never tarnish our                            the arrival of their baby   Colin L. Lazier ’97
     memories of her energy, kindness and love of                            girl on December 8,                               Colin L. Lazier ’97 is
     life, family and friends. A loving wife, mother,                        2009 at 11:30 a.m.                                engaged to Natalie
     daughter, sister, aunt and friend, Sandy will                           Leah Allison Setzkorn,                            Searson. They were
     be greatly missed by her husband of 25 years,                           is 7lbs, 0.5oz.                                   married in Cape Town,
     Peter Steel ’75, her children John and Katie,
                                                                                                                               South Africa on March
     her mother Jean Strong, her brother John
     (Jamelyn) Strong, her in-laws Mr. Geoffrey         Thomas D. Marshall ’97                                                 20, 2010. The Lazier
                                                        and Janey Marshall ’96                                                 family celebrated their
     and Mrs. Gaye Steel, brother-in-law,
                                                                                                                               nuptials followed by a
     Mike Steel ’69 (current HSC faculty),              Thomas D. Marshall ’97 and Janey                 family adventure touring the wilds of Africa
     and many other relatives and friends.              Marshall ’96 just wanted to update everyone      while on safari.
     She was predeceased by her father, Lionel          – they are expecting a baby! The due date
     Strong of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.               was March 17, 2010. Watch for the official       William Lazier ’00
                                                        announcement in the next issue.
     Claire Augusta Stewart (Slater) ’37                                                                                      Surrounded by family
                                                                                                                              and friends, William
     Born May 6, 1920 in Hamilton, Ontario.
                                                                                                                              Lazier ’00 married
     Departed peacefully January 4, 2010 in
                                                                                                                              Amanda Simpson at
     Ottawa, Ontario. Married to “Jock” Stewart,
                                                                                                                              Graydon Hall, Toronto
     mother of Toby, Ron and Jim.
                                                                                                                              on August 28, 2009. We
                                                                                                                              wish them all the best.

     We hope to hear from more of you! Stay connected by completing the online form located on
     the “Alumni” page of our website, www.hsc.on.ca, by contacting us at 905-389-1367, ext. 102
     or by mail at 299 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton, On L9C 1g3.

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