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¿De qué estoy hecho?
                                                                           Author First   Lexile
¿Qué son los científicos?                           Author Last Name          Name        Levels
¿Quién ayuda en casa?                             Gelman               Rita Golden         100
¿Quién cuenta las estrellas?                      Alcántara            R.                  580
¿Quién dice no a las drogas?                      Lowry                Lois                680
1,000 Reasons Never To Kiss A Boy                 Alcántara            R.
10 Best Animal Camouflages, The                   Beasant              Pam                870
10 Best Animal Helpers, The                       Newth                Mette              840
10 Best Love Poems, The                           Sandburg             Carl               1260
10 Best Plays, The                                North                Sterling           1170
10 Best TV Game Shows, The                        Stefoff              Rebecca            1120
10 Best Underdog Stories In Sports, The           Creech               Sharon             900
10 Bravest Everyday Heroes, The                   Roberts              Willo Davis        890
10 Coolest Dance Crazes, The                      L'Engle              Madeleine          710
10 Coolest Flying Machines, The                   Colman               Hila               620
10 Coolest Wonders Of The Universe, The           Murphy               Barbara            670
10 Deadliest Plants, The                          Murphy               Jim                1180
10 Deadliest Predators On Land, The               Smith                Marya              730
10 Greatest 21st Century Innovations, The         Gregory              Kristiana          940
10 Greatest Accidental Inventions, The            Gutman               Bill               670
10 Greatest Breakthroughs In Space Exploration,
The                                               Mead                 Alice              660
10 Greatest Sports Dynasties, The                 Scott                Elaine             1020
10 Greatest Sports Showdowns, The                 Branscum             Robbie
10 Greatest Threats To Earth, The                 McGovern             Ann                890
10 Hottest Hollywood Cars, The                    Twain                Mark               950
10 Mightiest Conquerors, The                      Evslin               Bernard            860
10 Mightiest Mountains, The                       Wake                 Susan              1010
10 Mightiest Rivers, The                          McGovern             Ann                780
10 Most Amazing Animated Movies, The              Montgomery           L. M.              950
10 Most Amazing Birds, The                        Rostkowski           Margaret           650
10 Most Amazing Migrations, The                   Mazer                Norma Fox          600
10 Most Bizarre Animal Behaviors, The             Matas                Carol              840
10 Most Compelling News Images, The               Layden               Joe                870
10 Most Dangerous Geographic Locations, The       Naylor               Phyllis Reynolds   910
10 Most Daring Escapes, The                       Stapleton            Gerard             970
10 Most Decisive Battles On American Soil, The    Berry                James              760
10 Most Decisive Battles, The                     Montgomery           L. M.              910
10 Most Defining Moments Of The Civil War Era,
The                                               Koenig               V.                  770
10 Most Destructive Ecosystem Invaders, The       Kummer               Patricia K.         530
10 Most Endangered Animals, The                   Sullivan             George              990
10 Most Enduring Fashion Trends, The              Levoy                Myron               500
10 Most Essential Chemical Messengers In The
Body, The                                         Pierce               Tamora             690
10 Most Essential Natural Resources, The          Henry                Marguerite         1000
10 Most Extraordinary Cities, The                 Green                Robert             1020
10 Most Extreme Jobs, The                         O'Dell               Scott              880
10 Most Extreme Sports, The                       Naylor               Phyllis Reynolds   780
10 Most Extreme Vacations, The                    Naylor               Phyllis Reynolds   900
10 Most Gripping 20th Century War Stories, The      Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   890
10 Most Important Amendments To The United
States Constitution, The                            Carroll      Lewis              890
10 Most Incredible Landforms, The                   Sargent      Pamela             700
10 Most Influential Hip Hop Artists, The            Klause       Annette Curtis     680

10 Most Ingenious Fictional Detectives, The         Applegate    K. A.              480
10 Most Innovative Bands, The                       Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   870

10 Most Inspiring Speeches In World History, The    Stine        Megan              270
10 Most Intense College Football Rivalries, The     Emert        Phyllis Raybin     1220
10 Most Memorable Court Cases, The                  McDaniel     Lurlene            710
10 Most Memorable TV Moments, The                   Bridgers     Sue Ellen
10 Most Notable Elected Female Leaders, The         Helldorfer   M. C.
10 Most Outrageous Outlaws, The                     Montgomery   L. M.              920
10 Most Outstanding American Symbols, The           Adler        C. S.
10 Most Phenomenal Modern Buildings, The            Martin       Ann M.

10 Most Remarkable American Entrepreneurs, The      Hollander    Phyllis            1120
10 Most Remarkable Writers, The                     Chadwick     Roxane             1080
10 Most Revolting Parasites, The                    Butler       Daniel             960
10 Most Revolutionary Military Inventions, The      Forbes       Esther             1000
10 Most Revolutionary Songs, The                    Carlson      Lori M.            830
10 Most Shocking Sports Scandals, The               Denenberg    Barry              1070
10 Most Significant Documents In History, The       Alouf        James L.           820
10 Most Significant Medical Breakthroughs, The      Carter       Alden R.           1200
10 Most Terrifying Experiences, The                 Bliven       Bruce Jr.          1070
10 Most Tragic Romances, The                        Wilcox       Charlotte          710

10 Most Uncontrollable Functions Of The Body, The   Knudson      R. R.
10 Most Unforgettable NASCAR Moments, The           López N.     C.                 1100
10 Most Valuable Elements, The                      Cooney       Caroline B.        700
10 Smartest Animals, The                            Montgomery   L. M.              970
10 Worst Things About The Internet, The             Castaneda    Omar S.            820
10,000 Days Of Thunder                              Yates        Elizabeth          1090
100 Cupboards                                       Green        Michael            800
100 Inventions That Shaped World History            Coville      Bruce              700
1000 Facts About Space                              Kennedy      Richard
1001 Cranes                                         Lowry        Lois               780
101 Dalmatians, The                                 Lowry        Lois               700
101 Ways To Bug Your Parents                        Lowry        Lois               730
101 Ways To Bug Your Teacher                        Lowry        Lois               670
12 Again                                            Lowry        Lois
121 Express                                         Lowry        Lois               730
13 Ghosts: Strange But True Stories                 Lowry        Lois               760
13: Thirteen Stories That Capture The Agony And
Ecstasy Of Being Thirteen                           Lowry        Lois               700

14th Dalai Lama: Spiritual Leader Of Tibet, The     Lowry        Lois
15 Minutes                                          Lowry        Lois               640
1777: A Year Of Decision                            Lowry        Lois
18-Wheelers                                           Lowry         Lois               730
19 Varieties Of Gazelle: Poems Of The Middle
East                                                  Lowry         Lois               630
1900s, The                                            Tames         Richard            1010
1910s, The                                            Barron        T. A.              910
1920s, The                                            L'Engle       Madeleine          910
1930s, The                                            Snyder        Zilpha Keatley     1100
1940s, The                                            Bolden        Tonya              1170
1950s, The                                            Krumgold      Joseph             780
1960s, The                                            Nelson        Theresa            850
1968 Democratic Convention, The                       Roos          Stephen            690
1970s, The                                            Pevsner       Stella             690
1980s, The                                            Applegate     K. A.              580
1990s, The                                            Applegate     K. A.              490
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Bowen)                  Savage        Jeff               890
2000 Presidential Election, The                       Stefoff       Rebecca            1100
3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows                       Stevens       Rita               1170
3-D Thrillers!: Solar System                          Applegate     K. A.              570
4 x 4s And Pickups                                    Cazeneuve     Brian              1250
42 Miles                                              Eyerly        Jeannette
5,000 Miles To Freedom                                Whittaker     Dorothy Raymond    810
52 Days By Camel: My Sahara Adventure                 McDaniel      Lurlene            650
7 Professors Of The Far North, The                    Morey         Walt               740
763 M.P.H.                                            Jarrell       Randall            920
Abarat                                                Dal Sasso     C.                 1060
Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War                  Martin        Patricia A. Fink   900
ABC's Of Kissing Boys, The                            Ames          Mildred
Abduction                                             Gies          Miep               920
Abduction! (Kehret)                                   van der Rol   Ruud               1030
Abe Lincoln For Class President!                      Brown         Gene               870
Abe Lincoln Grows Up                                  Frank         Anne               1080
Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin To White House                 Hurwitz       Johanna            990
Abenaki, The                                          Montgomery    L. M.              1020
About Face                                            Montgomery    L. M.              990
Above The Veil (Seventh Tower)                        Montgomery    L. M.              940
Abraham Lincoln                                       Montgomery    L. M.              910
Abraham Lincoln                                       Montgomery    L. M.              940
Abraham Lincoln                                       Montgomery    L. M.              930
Abraham Lincoln                                       Montgomery    L. M.              780
Abraham Lincoln (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)          Montgomery    L. M.              920
Abraham Lincoln You Never Knew, The                   Montgomery    L. M.              810
Absolute Brightness                                   Montgomery    L. M.              900
Absolute Pressure                                     Levitin       Sonia              680
Absolute Rulers                                       Mara          W. P.              680
Absolute Zero                                         Peck          Richard            1010
Absolutely Normal Chaos                               Hoover        H.M.
Absolutely True Story ... How I Visited Yellowstone
With The Terrible Rupes                               Southgate     Martha             690
Acceptable Time, An                                   Musset        A.
Accident                                              Hamilton      Virginia           860
Accidental Love                                       Wisler        G. Clifton
Ace Hits The Big Time                                 Conford       Ellen              680
Achingly Alice                                      Miklowitz        Gloria D.      670
Across America On An Emigrant Train                 Stewart          Gail B.        760
Across The Country                                  Thesman          Jean           620
Across The Creek                                    Fast             Howard         1050
Across The Lines                                    Moktefi          M.             850
Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie: The
Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell               Campbell         Joanna           740
Across The Wild River                               Stewart          Gail B.          770
Act I, Act II, Act Normal                           Burnie           D.
Acting A To Z                                       Laubenstein      Karen J.         920
Acting Champ, The                                   Forsyth          Adrian          1210
Acting Up                                           Miller           Frances A.       920
Actor                                               Hamilton         Virginia         700
Adaline Falling Star                                Capstone Press                    620
                                                                     Geography Department
Adam Canfield Of The Slash                          Alexander        Lloyd            780
Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!                     Kummer           Patricia K.      610
Addie And The King Of Hearts                        Peck             Robert Newton
Adem's Cross                                        L'Engle          Madeleine        860
ADHD                                                Lipsyte          Robert          1140
Adrian Goes Out There!                              Fritz            Jean            1050
Adrian Over The Top                                 L'Engle          Madeleine        740
Adrift In Space                                     Southall         Ivan
Adventure In Space (Anthology)                      Campbell         Joanna           910

Adventure In Space: The Flight To Fix The Hubble    Campbell         Joanna          770
Adventure On The Wilderness Road, 1775              Campbell         Joanna          770
Adventure Tour Guides: Life On Extreme Outdoor
Adventures                                          Campbell         Joanna          770
Adventures Of Johnny May                            Campbell         Joanna          670
Adventures Of Marco Polo, The                       Honeycutt        Natalie         840
Adventures Of Sojourner: The Mission To Mars That
Thrilled The World                                  Burch            Jonathan       1020
Adventures Of Sojourner: The Mission To Mars That
Thrilled The World (Anthology), The                 Bentley          Michael L.      930
Adventures Of The Greek Heroes                      Morrison         Lillian
Adventures Of The Shark Lady: Eugenie Clark
Around The World                                    Sachs            Marilyn         740
Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, The                       McAuliffe        Bill            780
Adventures Of Ulysses, The                          Franklin         Kristine L.
Adventurous Deeds Of Deadwood Jones, The            Lowe             David          1090
Advertising                                         Nile             Richard        1110
Advertising                                         Sutton           R.             940
Aenir (Seventh Tower)                               Lowry            Lois           870
Aesop's Fables                                      Carroll          Lewis          860
Afghanistan                                         Narvaez          Concha Lopez   400
Afghanistan (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                             Collodi          C.             880
Afghanistan In Pictures (c.1989)                    Twain            Mark           950
Afghanistan In Pictures (Second Edition)            Jefferis         David          1040
Africa And Arabia                                   Hoover           H.M.
African American Family Album, The                  Levin            Betty           720
African American Musicians                          Sierra           Judy            900
African Beginnings                                 Baquedano        Elizabeth       960
African Elephants (Early Bird Nature)              Camus            W.              730
African Princess                                   McDaniel         Lurlene         700
African Slave Trade, The                           Mazer            Norma Fox       560
African-American Astronauts                        Roberts          Jack L.         420
African-American Aviators                          Glenn            Mel
African-American Inventors                         Dygard           Thomas J.       900
African-American Inventors II                      Voigt            Cynthia         700
African-American Inventors III                     Sanders          Scott R.
African-American Scientists                        Voigt            Cynthia         700
Afrika                                             Howker           Janni
After Gandhi: One Hundred Years Of Nonviolent
Resistance                                         Cresswell        Helen
After Hamelin                                      Cushman          Karen           1030
After Many Days                                    Papastavrou      V.              860
After The Dancing Days                             Salten           Felix           700
After The Rain                                     Arthur           Joe
After The Storm                                    Anastasio        Dina            220
After The Train                                    Brace            Steve           1050
After The War                                      Barker           Amanda          810
After Tupac And D Foster                           Ullman           James Ramsey    680
Afterlife, The                                     Kimmel           Eric A.         990
Aftermath (Remnants)                               Johnson          Linda Carlson   880
Against All Odds                                   Kentley          E.              1100
Against The Odds                                   Humble           R.              1220
Against The Rules                                  Soto             Gary            830
Agatha Christie: Writer Of Mystery                 O'Grady          Scott           1040
Age Of Broadcasting: Television, The               Littleton        Mark            920
Aggressive In-Line Skating                         Villares Cairo   C.
Agony Of Alice, The                                Echo-Hawk        Roger C.        1240
AIDS                                               Barnes           Megan           760
Ain't Nothing But A Man: My Quest To Find The
Real John Henry                                    Beatty           Patricia        800
Air & Space                                        Stine            R. L.           590
Air Assault Teams                                  Park             Barbara
Air Crashes                                        Hobbs            Will            890
Air Down Here (Anthology), The                     Major            Charles         1260
Air Raid-Pearl Harbor!: The Story Of December 7,
1941                                               Lynch            Wayne           1190
Air Rescue Teams                                   Hobbs            Will            780
Air Shows: From Barnstormers To Blue Angels        Greene           Constance C.    630
Airball: My Life In Briefs                         McKinley         Robin           970
Airborn                                            Sirof            Harriet         790
Aircraft (Need For Speed)                          Forman           James D.        1080
Aircraft Carriers                                  Wilson           Nancy Hope      710
Airhead                                            King             John            1050
Airman                                             Temple           Frances         860
Airplane, The                                      Brown            Irene Bennett
Airplanes Of World War II                          Alexander        Lloyd           670
Ajeemah And His Son                                Nelson           Theresa         810
Akhenaten Adventure, The                           Reit             Seymour         830
Akin To Anne                                       Cassedy          Sylvia          860
Al borde del Nilo, egipcios                        Williams    Laura E.       660
Al Capone And His Gang                             Holland     Isabelle       760
Al Capone And The Roaring Twenties                 Service     Pamela F.      890
Al Capone Does My Shirts                           Soto        Gary           830
Al Sharpton: Community Activist                    Peck        Richard        700
Alabama                                            White       Ruth           760

Alabama (America The Beautiful, Second Series)     Sewell      Anna
Alabama (One Nation)                               Jacques     Brian          900
Alabama Moon                                       Hamilton    Virginia       570

Aladdin And Other Tales From The Arabian Nights    Scott       Virginia       840
Alamo (Cornerstones Of Freedom, Second Series),
The                                                Brown       Drollene P.    900
Alamo Wars                                         Bouchard    Elizabeth      830
Alamo!                                             De Varona   Frank          850
Alamo, The                                         Stevens     Rita           1120

Alamo: Flash Point Between Texas And Mexico, The   Cobb        Vicki          720
Alan And Naomi                                     Ross        Rhea Beth      900
Alanna: The First Adventure                        Rushford    Patricia H.    670
Alaska                                             Lovelace    Maud Hart      750
Alaska (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Brown       Gene           900
Alaska (One Nation)                                McCall      Edith
Alaska Pipeline, The                               Woodson     Jacqueline     660
Albania                                            Shalant     Phyllis        630
Albania In Pictures (c.1995)                       Korman      Gordon
Albert Einstein                                    Davidson    Alan           840
Alberto Giacometti                                 Sacks       Margaret       1110
Albino Animals                                     Lasky       Kathryn        970
Album Of Horses                                    Lasky       Kathryn        900
Alcatraz: Prison For America's Most Wanted         Avi         -              690
Alchemist's Cat, The                               Leitner     Isabella       700
Alchemyst: The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas
Flamel, The                                        Bess        Clayton
Alcohol                                            Kjelgaard   Jim            910
Aleksandr Pushkin: Poet For The People             Schleifer   Jay            640
Aleutian Sparrow                                   Curry       Jane Louise
Alex Haley (Anthology)                             Hobbs       Will           800
Alex Rodriguez: Slugging Shortstop                 Johnston    Scott          790
Alex Ryan, Stop That!                              Calvert     Patricia       1040
Alexander Fleming: Discoverer Of Penicillin        Mattern     Joanne         780
Alexander Graham Bell And The Telephone            Reaver      Chap           770

Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor And Visionary      Landau      Elaine         1230
Alexander Hamilton You Never Knew, The             Rodgers     Mary M.        680
Alexander The Great                                Pageler     Elaine         250
Alexander The Great (Anthology)                    Wiggin      Kate Douglas   1200
Alexander The Great Rocks The World                Wright      Bob            230
Alexandra                                          Sewell      Anna           1010
Alfred Kropp: The Seal Of Solomon                  Alexander   Lloyd          760
Alfred Kropp: The Thirteenth Skull                 McKissack   Patricia       1100
Alfred Nobel: Inventive Thinker                     Haskins         Jim             1160
Alfred Summer, The                                  Henry           Marguerite      820
Algae & Fungi                                       Davis           Burke           1330
Algeria (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                             O'Dell          Scott           980
Algeria In Pictures (c.1992)                        Farley          Walter          680
Ali Baba: Fooling The Forty Thieves                 Farley          Walter          920
Alias                                               Farley          Walter          890
Alibi Junior High                                   Farley          Walter          850
Alice Alone                                         O'Dell          Scott           670
Alice In April                                      Burns           Khephra         1310
Alice In Lace                                       DeWeese         Gene
Alice In Rapture, Sort Of                           Hill            Douglas
Alice In-Between                                    Hoh             Diane           850
Alice On The Outside                                Tate            Eleanora E.     680
Alice The Brave                                     Brancato        Robin F.
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland                    Duey            Kathleen        830
Alida's Song                                        Allison         Linda           850
Alien Child                                         Collier         James Lincoln   780
Alien Game                                          Peck            Richard         900
Alien Invasions                                     Montgomery      L. M.           870
Alien Scream                                        Smith           Anne Warren
Alien Secrets                                       Rinaldi         Ann             580
Alien Terror                                        Avi             -               590
Alien, The                                          Wright          Bob             370
Aliens In Ancient Egypt                             McKinley        Robin           1030
Aliens: Informania                                  Heilman         Joan Rattner    1100
Alis                                                Haines          Shirley         1150
Alison, Who Went Away                               Knox            Barbara         730
Alive And Well In Prague, New York                  Gutman          Bill            770
All About Baseball                                  Raber           Thomas R.       820
All About Basketball                                Martin          James           810
All About Football                                  Wartski         Maureen Crane   670
All Alone In The Universe                           Bohner          Charles         840
All But Alice                                       Petersen        P. J.
All Dressed Up (FX)                                 Greenberg       Keith Elliot    870
All For Texas                                       Schleifer       Jay             850
All Hallows' Eve: 13 Stories                        Beatty          Patricia        920
All In A Day's Work And Other Stories               Jackson         Donna M.        1100
All In The Family                                   Dickinson       Peter           1040
All Of The Above                                    Breitenbucher   Cathy           990
All Or Nothing (Chestnut Hill)                      Wynne-Jones     Tim             670
All Shook Up                                        Nesbit          E.              1170

All Shook Up: The Life And Death Of Elvis Presley   Peel            John            620
All That Glitters                                   Peel            John            640
All That Glitters: The Men and Women of the Gold
and Silver Rushes                                   Peel            John            670
All The Answers                                     Peel            John            680
All The Broken Pieces                               Peel            John            730
All The Days Of Her Life                            Alexander       Lloyd           770
All The Lovely Bad Ones: A Ghost Story              Peel            John            650
All The Stars In The Sky: The Santa Fe Trail Diary
Of Florrie Mack Ryder                                Pageler      Elaine             160
All The Way Home                                     Merrison     Tim                970
All Together Now                                     Brooks       Bruce              1100
All-American Slurp (Anthology), The                  Jacobs       Paul Samuel        950
All-Americans                                        Henry        Marguerite         770
Allan Pinkerton                                      Fleischman   Paul               800
Allan Pinkerton: The Original Private Eye            Lyon         George Ella
Allies Of The Night (Cirque Du Freak)                Doren        Marion Walker
Alligator Bayou                                      Cooney       Caroline B.        750
All-Mars All-Stars                                   Bergman      Tamar              640
Allosaurus And Other Jurassic Meat-Eaters            Platt        Kin                810
All-Season Edie                                      Kennedy      Barbara            780
Almanac Of The Gross, Disgusting & Totally
Repulsive: A Compendium Of Fulsome Facts             Hillerman    Tony               1090
Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared To
Dream                                                Paulsen      Gary               1070
Almost Home                                          Sleator      William            710
Almost Home (Baskin)                                 Dahl         Roald              1090
Aloha Summer                                         Lane         Jeanette           1100
Alone Across The Arctic: One Woman's Epic
Journey By Dog Team                                  Murphy       Jim                1060
Alone Against The Sea (Anthology)                    Walker       Mary Alexander     850
Alone in the World                                   Fritz        Jean               880
Along The Santa Fe Trail                             Philbrick    Rodman             700
Along The Shore                                      Simon        Seymour            900
Alphabet Of Dreams                                   Lipsyte      Robert             650
Al's World: Killer Lunch Lady                        Lewington    Anna               1210
Al's World: Monday Morning Blitz                     Marshall     David              870
Al's World: Scared Stiff                             Moore        Robin              780
Always and Forever                                   Whitmore     Arvella            650
Always And Forever Friends                           Perez        N. A.              850
Always Inventing: A Photobiography Of Alexander
Graham Bell                                          Cooney       Linda A.           780
Always Ready                                         DeClements   Barthe             730
Always There                                         Goldstein    Margaret J.        960
Amah, The                                            Paulsen      Gary               1140
Amalee                                               Yolen        Jane               820
Amalia                                               Janeczko     Paul B.
Amalia: Diary Three                                  Bennett      Cherie             670
Amalia: Diary Two                                    Paterson     Katherine          810
Amanda/Miranda                                       Seabrooke    Brenda             630
Amandine                                             Avi                             560
Amaranth Enchantment, The                            Sirof        Harriet            780
Amaroq, The Wolf (Anthology)                         Wilson       Nancy Hope         780
Amaterasu: Return Of The Sun                         Pullman      Philip             780
Amazing Amphibians                                   Rinaldi      Ann                550
Amazing But True Sports Stories                      Speare       Elizabeth George   760
Amazing Grace (Shull)                                Levin        Betty              700
Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale                         Blos         Joan W.            830
Amazing Life Of Birds, The                           Wosmek       Frances
Amazing Paper Cuttings Of Hans Christian
Andersen, The                                      Coville           Bruce            700
Amazon Adventure                                   Coville           Bruce            780
Amber Spyglass, The                                Coville           Bruce            770
Ambergate                                          Coville           Bruce            770

Amee-Nah: Zuni Boy Runs The Race Of His Life       Coville           Bruce            740
Amelia Earhart: Aviation Pioneer                   Coville           Bruce            790
Amelia Earhart: First Lady Of Flight               Coville           Bruce            860

Amelia Earhart: First Lady Of Flight (Anthology)   Coville           Bruce            760
Amelia's Most Unforgettable Embarrassing
Moments                                            De Vries          Anke             580
Amelia's War                                       Johnson           Anne Akers       770
America Today: 1983-                               Park              Barbara          740
American Alligator, The                            Cooper            Ilene            670
American Bison, The                                Schwartz          Stuart           690
American Cause In Peril, The                       Pinkwater         Jill             660
American Eyes                                      Angell            Judie            730
American Hero: The True Story Of Charles
Lindbergh, An                                      Voigt             Cynthia          680
American History Smart Junior                      Fleischman        Paul             810
American Plague: The True & Terrifying Story Of
The Yellow Fever Epidemic Of 1793, An              Hamm              Diane Johnston   800
American Poetry (Poetry for Young People)          Beattie           Owen             1010
American Revolution                                Soto              Gary             850
American Revolution                                Matas             Carol            790
American Revolution, 1763-1783, The                Paterson          Katherine
American Revolution, The                           Christa           Laird            1150
American Revolutionaries: A History In Their Own
Words (1750-1800), The                             Rinaldi           Ann
American Saddlebred Horse                          Schwartz          Stuart           840
American Sign Language                             Clutton-Brock     J.               1160
American Sports Poems                              Garland           Sherry           880
American Tall Tales (Action)                       Temple            Charles          860
American West: An Illustrated History, The         Haines            Shirley          1080
America's Dumbest Criminals                        Vázquez Vigo      C.
America's Most Haunted True Scary Places           Cannon            A. E.            630
America's Paul Revere                              Wisler            G. Clifton       750
Amethyst Road, The                                 Field             Rachel           1060
Amigo Brothers                                     Speare            Elizabeth George 900
Amigo Brothers (Anthology)                         Capstone Press                     590
                                                                     Geography Department
amigo oculto y los espíritus de la tarde, El       McNeer            May              930
Amiri And Odette: A Love Story                     Sperry            Armstrong        830
Amistad: A Long Road To Freedom                    Paulsen           Gary             1050
Among Friends                                      Bates             Betty
Among The Barons                                   London            Jack             1120
Among The Betrayed                                 Voigt             Cynthia          730
Among The Brave                                    Wallace-Brodeur   Ruth
Among The Enemy                                    Cadnum            Michael          790
Among The Free                                     Wrede             Patricia C.      740
Among The Hidden                                   Mills             Claudia
Among The Impostors                          Stevens       Rita             1160
Among The Shadows                            Danziger      Paula            550
Among The Volcanoes                          Irwin         Hadley           810
Amos Fortune, Free Man                       Marshall      David            1080
Amphibian                                    Thoene        Brock            960
Amphibians                                   Morey         Walt             660
Amphibious Vehicles                          Paulsen       Gary             930
Amulet Of Doom                               Santirso      L.               720
Amulet of Samarkand, The                     Mateos        P.               720
Amy, Number Seven                            Avi           -                840
Amy's Eyes                                   Rardin        Susan Lowery
Anacaona (The Royal Diaries)                 Pini          Richard          1040
Anahita's Woven Riddle                       Applegate     K. A.            460
Anastasia Absolutely                         Paulsen       Gary             900
Anastasia Again!                             Lund          Bill             840
Anastasia At This Address                    O'Dell        Scott            810
Anastasia At Your Service                    Mayhew        J.               500
Anastasia De Nuevo                           Adler         C. S.
Anastasia elige profesión                    Bawden        Nina             760
Anastasia Has The Answers                    Latham        Jean Lee         570
Anastasia Krupnik                            Wilder        Laura Ingalls    740
Anastasia Krupnik (Español)                  del Amo       M.
Anastasia On Her Own                         Newman        Robert           740
Anastasia tiene problemas                    Hildick       E.W              660
Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst                  Medearis      Angela Shelf     700
Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess            Macaulay      David            1180
Anastasia's Chosen Career                    Jones         Diana Wynne      890
Anatopsis                                    Alexander     Lloyd            790
Ancient African Town                         Danziger      Paula            610
Ancient Baghdad: City At The Crossroads Of
Trade (Anthology)                            Snyder        Zilpha Keatley   970
Ancient Celts, The                           Finnis        A.               780
Ancient China                                Macaulay      David            1120
Ancient China (Eyewitness)                   Cushman       Karen            1170
Ancient Chinese Secret Of Silk, The          Youmans       Marly            1180
Ancient Chinese, The                         Roberts       Willo Davis      800
Ancient Egypt                                Nixon         Joan Lowery      800
Ancient Egyptians, The                       Ousseimi      Maria            880
Ancient Fire (Danger Boy)                    Skurzynski    Gloria           810
Ancient Greece                               Karr          Kathleen         640
Ancient Greeks, The                          Taylor        Theodore         860
Ancient Inca, The                            Highwater     Jamake
Ancient India                                Wallin        Luke
Ancient Kushites, The                        Cedeno        Maria E.         840
Ancient Maya, The                            Stolz         Mary             1020
Ancient Mesopotamia                          Naidoo        Beverley         910
Ancient Olympics                             Mara          W. P.            590
Ancient One, The                             Campbell      Joanna           770
Ancient Romans, The                          Littlefield   Bill             1180
Ancient Rome                                 Potter        Marian
Ancient Shipwrecks                           Applegate     K. A.            530
Ancient Stringed Instruments: Musical Clues To The
Past                                                 Vande Velde   Vivian             1020
And Both Were Young                                  Mahy          Margaret           1030
And Condors Danced                                   Beatty        Patricia           870
And Nobody Got Hurt 2!                               Singer        Marilyn            700
And Nobody Got Hurt!                                 Creech        Sharon             860
And Not Afraid To Dare: The Stories Of Ten
African-American Women                               Levy          Elizabeth          530
And Nothing But The Truth!                           Davis         Jenny              740
And Now Miguel                                       Betancourt    Jeanne             620
And One For All                                      Gorman        Carol              700
And Sometimes Why                                    Lipsyte       Robert             630
And The Two Shall Meet                               Arrick        Fran               770
And The Winner Is                                    Bellairs      John               910
And You Give Me A Pain, Elaine                       Stevens       Rita               1170
Andalite Chronicles, The                             Cox           William
Andalite's Gift                                      Sharpe        Susan              710
Andre Agassi: Reaching The Top Again                 Lipsyte       Robert             720
Andres Galarraga                                     Quinlan       Kathryn A.         730
Andrew Carnegie: Industrial Philanthropist           Takashima     Shizuye            550
Andrew Jackson                                       O'Dell        Scott
Andrew Jackson                                       Yep           Laurence           920
Andrew Jackson                                       Sword         Elizabeth Hauge
Andrew Jackson (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)          Boston        L. M.              880
Andrew Jackson's America, 1824-1850                  Estes         Rose
Andrew Johnson                                       Stanley       Jerry              1120
Andrew Johnson                                       Robinet       Harriette Gillem   590
Andrew Johnson                                       Freedman      Russell            1010
Andrew Johnson (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)          Yolen         Jane               940
Android, The                                         Moulton       Deborah
Andy Warhol                                          Streatfeild   Noel
Anfernee Hardaway/Grant Hill                         Waterlow      Julia              1100
Anfernee Hardaway: Basketball's Lucky Penny          Wilcox        Charlotte          720
Angel Baker, Thief                                   Platt         Kin
Angel Factory, The                                   Wright        Bob                190
Angel Of Death, The                                  Morgan        Terri              880
Angel On The Square                                  Dickens       Charles            1080
Angela And Diabola                                   McGovern      Ann                510
Angel's Command, The                                 Fishel        Anna Wilson
Angel's Gate                                         Montgomery    L. M.              990
Angels Of Mercy                                      Williams      Brian
Angels Of The Swamp                                  Campbell      Joanna             820
Angels Watching Over Me                              Campbell      Joanna             760
Angry Waters                                         Campbell      Joanna             770
Angus, Thongs And Full-Frontal Snogging              Campbell      Joanna             850
Aniela Kaminski's Story: A Voyage From Poland
During World War II                                  Hooks         William H.
Anila's Journey                                      Nixon         Joan Lowery        740
Animal Baby Sitters                                  Hotze         Sollace            920
Animal Dazzlers: The Role Of Brilliant Colors In
Nature                                               Schur         Maxine Rose        810
Animal Family, The                                   Schleifer     Jay                620
Animal Helpers For The Disabled                     Mazer            Harry           530

Animal Intelligence: Why Is This Dolphin Smiling?   Christopher      John             920
Animal Keeper & Friend (Anthology)                  Avi              -
Animal Poems (Poetry For Young People)              Sandler          Martin W.       1140
Animal Sharpshooters                                Levy             Robert           690
Animal Stories (Morpurgo)                           Glenn            Mel
animales (origen y evolución), Los                  Ho               Minfong          860
Animals Of The Frozen South                         Stanley          Diane           1000
Animals That Hibernate                              Green            Robert          1060
Animals That Migrate                                Marston          Elsa
Animals That Walk On Water                          Myers            Edward           740
Animals Under The Ground (Watts Library)            Collier          James Lincoln    760
Anna Casey's Place In The World                     Peck             Richard          690
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt                              Smith            Nancy Covert     640
Anna Is Still Here                                  Beatty           Patricia         720
Anna To The Infinite Power                          Hyatt            Patricia Rusch  1030
Annapolis                                           Miller           Christina G.    1150
Anne Frank                                          Duffey           Betsy            550
Anne Frank And Me                                   Brooks           Bruce           1100
Anne Frank In The World                             Aiken            Joan             820
Anne Frank Remembered                               Haskins          Jim             1120
Anne Frank: A Hidden Life                           Peña             Manuel
Anne Frank: Beyond The Diary                        Jóval            N.
Anne Frank: Child Of The Holocaust                  Capstone Press                    620
                                                                     Geography Department
Anne Frank: Life In Hiding                          Schleifer        Jay              860
Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl               Voigt            Cynthia          830
Anne Frank's Tales From The Secret Annex            Cox              Clinton         1270
Anne Of Avonlea                                     Lawlor           Laurie           720
Anne Of Green Gables                                Guccione         Leslie Davis     670
Anne Of Green Gables (Anthology)                    White            Alana            770
Anne Of Ingleside                                   Paterson         Katherine        760
Anne Of The Island                                  Harris           Mark Jonathan
Anne Of Windy Poplars                               Emsden           Katharine N.    1050
Anne, la de Álamos Ventosos                         Blumberg         Rhoda           1070
Anne, la de Avonlea                                 Strasser         Todd
Anne, la de la isla                                 Vaz              Mark Cotta      1040
Anne, la de Tejados Verdes                          Brenner          Richard J.      1290
Anne's House Of Dreams                              Ganeri           A.
Annie Oakley: Legendary Sharpshooter                Zindel           Paul             980
Annie Quinn In America                              Heath            David            670
Annie Wilkins And The House Of Pamela Nye           Capstone Press                    540
                                                                     Geography Department
Annie Wilkins And The Jade Monkey                   Davies           Andrew           780
Annie Wilkins And The Little Red Pills              Cohen            Daniel          1200

Annie Wilkins And The Mystery At Stone Mountain     Perdrizet        M. P.
Annie Wilkins And The Shakespeare Mystery           Cohen            Daniel         1070
Annie's Promise                                     Lipsyte          Robert         760
Anoles                                              Paulsen          Gary           1070
Anonymously Yours                                   Johnson          Sylvia         1240
Another Amy                                         Carbone          Elisa Lynn     710
Another Day                                         Petersen         P. J.
Another Heaven, Another Earth                        Jacobs           William Jay      1040
Another Way To Dance                                 Platt            Richard          1140
Anson's Way                                          Haines           Shirley          1080
Answer Girl Answers Your Questions About The
Human Body                                           Gronvall         Kal              760
Answer Girl Answers Your Questions About The
Human Brain (Sprint)                                 Mikaelsen        Ben              650
Answer, The                                          Thomas           Jane Resh        930
Ant Attack!                                          Pfeffer          Susan Beth       700
Antarctica Melts (Anthology)                         Cameron          Eleanor          1110
Antarctica: Journeys to the South Pole               Hamilton         Virginia         550
Antarctica: Race To The South Pole                   Wallace          Barbara Brooks   1010
Antes que América, mayas y aztecas                   Bennett          Jay              340
Anthony Burns: The Defeat And Triumph Of A
Fugitive Slave                                       Courlander       Harold           720
Anti-Defamation League's Hate Hurts, The             Murdoch          D.               1180
Antrian Messenger                                    Halvorson        Marilyn
Ants (Animal Families)                               Freedman         Russell          1160
Antsy Does Time                                      Mattern          Joanne           650
Anything But Typical                                 Spinelli         Jerry            560
Anything For A Friend                                Wishinsky        Frieda           520
Anything To Win                                      Conly            Jane Leslie      570

Aphrodite's Blessings: Love Stories from the Greek   Soto             Gary             730
Apollo 13: The Junior Novelization                   Johnson          Lois Walfrid     550
Apollo To The Moon                                   Farias           J.               750
Appaloosa Horse, The                                 Paulsen          Gary             1150
Apple Is My Sign                                     Pitts            Paul             730
Appointment With A Stranger                          Conford          Ellen            690
April And The Dragon Lady                            Hartling         Peter            630
April Morning                                        Mofford          Juliet           1310
April's Mud (Anthology)                              Burgess          Melvin           1000
Aquamarine                                           Hughes           Monica           720
árabes en la Edad de Oro, Los                        Grove            Vicki            980
Arabian Challenge                                    Freeman          Suzanne          720
Arabian Horse, The                                   Quiroga          H.
Arabian Nights                                       Aurora Mayoral   J.               760
Arachne The Spinner (Anthology)                      Bellairs         John             740
árbol, El                                            Pevsner          Stella           660
Archaeology Smart Junior                             Skurzynski       Gloria           840
Architecture Of Animals                              D'Aulaire        Ingri            1070
Arctic Patrol Mystery, The                           Webster          Jean             920
Arctic Thaw: The People Of The Whale In A
Changing Climate                                     Lowry            Lois
Are We Alone?                                        Hall             Lynn             860
Are We There Yet?                                    Pierce           Tamora           810
Aren't You the One Who...?                           Dickinson        Peter            1120
Argentina                                            Paulsen          Gary             1090
Argentina                                            Wright           Bob              200
Argentina In Pictures (c.1988)                       Tomlinson        Theresa          630
Argentina In Pictures (Second Edition)               Hall             Lynn
Argentina Roundup                                    Johnson          Annabel          820
Aria Of The Sea                                     Vigor         John               640
Ariel Sharon (A&E Biography)                        Skurzynski    Gloria
Arilla Sun Down                                     Nixon         Joan Lowery        900

Arizona (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Staples       Suzanne Fisher     990
Arizona (America The Beautiful, Third Series)       Matas         Carol              720
Arizona (One Nation)                                Hahn          Mary Downing       710
Arizona Cardinals                                   Cowley        Marjorie           800
Ark Angel                                           Smith         Nancy Covert
Arkadians, The                                      Hawes         Charles Boardman   1230

Arkansas (America The Beautiful, Second Series)     Doty          Jean Slaughter     940
Arkansas (America The Beautiful, Third Series)      Cooper        Susan              920
Arkansas (One Nation)                               Bellairs      John               830
Arly                                                Byars         Betsy              570
Arm Of The Starfish, The                            Patneaude     David              790
Armadillo, The                                      McKissack     Patricia C.        730
Armenia In Pictures                                 Pierce        Meredith Ann       840
Arms & Armor                                        Myers         Walter Dean        710
Arnold Schwarzenegger                               Fleischman    Paul               860
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hercules In America          Doherty       Berlie             750
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Man Of Action                Miller        Dawn M.            1070
Around People: Friends, Pests, Parasites, And
Freeloaders                                         Martin        Ann M.           600
Around The River Bend (Anthology)                   Martin        Ann M.           640
Around The World In A Flash                         Martin        Ann M.           720
Around The World In A Hundred Years                 Hoover        H.M.
Around The World Of Music                           Martin        Ann M.           740
Arrival, The                                        Martin        Ann M.           670
arruga en el tiempo, Una                            Martin        Ann M.           630
Art                                                 Martin        Ann M.           720
Art Of Keeping Cool, The                            Martin        Ann M.           720
Artemis Fowl                                        Martin        Ann M.
Artemis Fowl Files, The                             Haskins       Jim
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident                   Haskins       Jim              1140
Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code                     Peck          Robert Newton    690
Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony                       Marino        Jan              600
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception                    Sullivan      George           1130
Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox                      Sullivan      George           1060
Arthur And Lancelot: The Fight For Camelot          Smucker       Barbara Claassen
Arthur Ashe                                         Bennett       David
Arthur Ashe: Stepping Across The Line               Talbert       Marc
Arthur, High King Of Britain                        Byars         Betsy            570
Artificial Intelligence                             Hahn          Mary Downing     820
Artificial Satellites (Out Of This World)           Haynes        Betsy            840
Arts, Literature, Religion, And Education, The      Nixon         Joan Lowery      670
As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is
Running For President!                              Wrede         Patricia C.        830
As Long As The Rivers Flow: The Stories Of Nine
Native Americans                                    St. George    Judith             1180
As Long As There Are Mountains                      Bunin         Sherry             740
Ash Road                                            Van Leeuwen   Jean               580
Ashes Of Roses                       Woodson       Jacqueline     630
Ashleigh's Christmas Miracle         Murphy        Jim
Ashleigh's Diary                     Morey         Walt           710
Ashleigh's Dream                     Rushford      Patricia H.    690
Ashleigh's Farewell                  Hahn          Mary Downing   860
Ashleigh's Hope                      Applegate     K. A.          590
Ashwater Experiment, The             Blume         Judy           690
Ask Me Something Easy                Duane         Diane E.       900
Ask Yolanda (FX)                     Monson        A. M.          570
Assassin                             McGovern      Ann            820
Assassin (Lady Grace)                Savage        Jeff           800
Assassins Of Tamurin, The            Berry         William D.     1110
Asteroids                            Applegate     K. A.          510
Astonishing Armadillo, The           Duffy         James          690
Astronaut (Dress Through The Ages)   Keller        Beverly        840
Astronauts                           Smith         Nancy Covert   750
Astronauts: Living Dangerously       Green         Michael        710
Astronomy                            Winterfeld    Henry          700
Astronomy (Usborne)                  Orgel         Doris          700
Astronomy Smart Junior               Nelson        Theresa
At All Costs                         Yolen         Jane           730
At Her Majesty's Request             DeFelice      Cynthia        810
At Home In Space (Anthology)         Langton       Jane           820
At Home In The Sea                   Wright        Bob            340
At The Beach (Novato)                Cuperman      Pedro
At The Crack Of The Bat              Colman        Hila           720
At The Crossing-Places               Hunter        Latoya         690
At The Sign Of The Star              Voigt         Cynthia        710
At The Sound Of The Beep             Aiken         Joan           930
Atalanta And The Arcadian Beast      Haley         Alex
Atalanta: The Race Against Destiny   Howard        Ellen          750
Athena                               Holland       Isabelle       790
Athletes With Disabilities           Mills         Claudia        810
Athletic Trainer                     Mills         Claudia        750
Atlanta (Cities Of The World)        Mannetti      William        950
Atlanta Braves Baseball Team, The    Cobb          Vicki          990
Atlanta Falcons                      Christopher   Matt           920
Atlantic Coast, The                  Young         Jesse          810
Atlantic Ocean, The                  Johnson       Lois Walfrid   550
Atlas In The Round (Anthology)       Johnson       Lois Walfrid   580
Atlas Of Extinction                  Sullivan      George         1080
Attack Of Apollyon                   Applegate     K. A.          540
Attack Of The Fiend                  Anderson      Scott          980
Attack Of The Turtle                 Hite          Sid            820
Attack On Pearl Harbor, The          Towne         Mary
Attack, The                          McDonald      Kendall        1060
Atticus Of Rome: Rome 30 B.C.        Danziger      Paula          630
ATV Racing                           Gilson        Jamie          690
Audacious: Ivy's Story               Lofting       Hugh           920
Audience For Einstein, An            Meyerowitz    Rick
Audrey, Wait!                        Mazer         Harry          540
aullido de los monos, El             Mowat         Farley         1280
Aung San Suu Kyi: Fearless Voice Of Burma          Corbin        William
Aurelie: A Faerie Tale                             Paulsen       Gary          930
Aurora County All-Stars, The                       Steig         William       900
Auroras: Light Shows In The Night Sky              Downer        Ann           1090
Austere Academy, The                               McDaniel      Lurlene       750
Australasia And Asia                               Roberts       Willo Davis   840
Australia                                          Duncan        Lois          1020
Australia In Pictures (c.1990)                     Krulik        Nancy E.      740
Australia In Pictures (Second Edition)             Hastings      Beverly       720
Australia, Revised Edition                         Zindel        Paul          810
Australia: Modern Industrial World                 Peretti       Frank E.      930
Australian Aborigines                              Alexander     Lloyd         800
Austria (Enchantment Of The World)                 Smith         Sinclair      590
Austria In Pictures (c.1991)                       Fritz         Jean          910
Auto Mechanic                                      Garden        Nancy         1140

Autobiography In Five Short Chapters (Anthology)   Duncan        Lois          750
Autobiography Of A Dog                             Hobbs         Will          760
Automobile, The                                    Moeri         Louise
Automotive Master Mechanic                         Alexander     Lloyd         840
Automóviles                                        Smith         Jay H.        840
Autumn Of The Earthquake, The                      Yep           Laurence      770
Autumn Street                                      Yep           Laurence      890
Avalanche                                          Yep           Laurence      800
Avalanche!                                         Yep           Laurence      850
Avalon High                                        Vande Velde   Vivian        910
aventuras de Alicia, Las                           Yolen         Jane          970
Aventuras de Picofino, Las                         Yep           Laurence      730
aventuras de Pinocho, Las                          Fletcher      Susan         660
aventuras de Tom Sawyer, Las                       L'Engle       Madeleine     830
aviones a través de los tiempos, Los               Yep           Laurence      870
Away Is A Strange Place To Be                      DuBosque      Doug          860
Away Laughing An A Fast Camel                      Arnosky       Jim           760
Away To Me, Moss                                   Peck          Richard       790
Aydin                                              Reiss         Kathryn       740
Aztec Inca & Maya                                  Embury        Barbara
Aztec Treasure Hunt                                Hughes        Langston
Aztecas, incas y mayas                             Peck          Richard       810
Azules contra grises                               Cooney        Caroline B.   670
B. Franklin, Printer                               Wisler        G. Clifton    790
Baa Baa Dead Sheep                                 Meyer         Carolyn       860
Babcock                                            Martin        Ann M.
Babe Didrikson Zaharias: Driven To Win             Bonham        Frank         640
Babe Ruth                                          Hamilton      Virginia      620
Baby Alicia Is Dying                               Campbell      Joanna        890
Baby Windy                                         Fox           Paula         740
Babyface                                           Martin        Nora          720
Babyface: In Love With Love                        Farmer        Nancy         660
Babylonne                                          Fritz         Jean          840
Back                                               Danziger      Paula         750
Back To Before                                     Gregory       Kristiana     840
Back To Class                                      Nelson        Theresa       900
Back To The Divide                              Hopkins         Lila
Back To The Drawing Board (Anthology)           Penner          Lucille Recht      720
Back To The Moon! (Anthology)                   Choi            Sook Nyul          870
Back To The Wild                                Aronson         Billy              990
Backfield Package                               Adler           C. S.
Backwater                                       Neufeld         John               760
Backyard Safaris: 52 Year-Round Science
Adventures                                      Tenquist        Alasdair           1120
Bad Beginning, The                              Snyder          Zilpha Keatley     1010
Bad Boy: A Memoir                               Beatty          Patricia           740
Bad Chemistry                                   Poe             Edgar Allan        1340
Bad Girls                                       Kenyon          Kate               540
Bad Girls In Love                               Zeier           Joan               820
Bad Luck Filly, The                             Freedman        Russell            1100
Bad Man Ballad                                  Heath           David              750
Bad News / Good News (Beacon Street Girls)      Luger           Harriett
Bad Rap                                         Blaylock        James P.           1130
Bad, Badder, Baddest                            Chocolate       Debbi              820
Badger On The Barge And Other Stories           Cooney          Caroline B.        720
Badgers Go Camping, The                         Montgomery      L. M.              1060
Bagthorpes V. The World                         Montgomery      L. M.              950
Bahamas (Enchantment Of The World), The         Thornley        Stew               990
Balancing Act: Sports And Education, A          Green           Connie Jordan      820
Bald Eagle, The                                 Pierce          Tamora             750
Ballad Of Lucy Whipple                          Descamps
Ballad Of Sir Dinadan, The                      Wilder          Laura Ingalls      850
Ballenas y delfines                             Engdahl         Sylvia             910
Ballerina (Dress Through The Ages)              Alessandrello   A.                 900
Ballet Shoes                                    Avi             -                  780
Balls!                                          Applegate       K. A.              520
Balls!: Round 2                                 Hautzig         Esther             940
Baltimore Orioles Baseball Team, The            DeFord          Deborah H.         840
Baltimore Ravens                                Gilmore         Kate               900
Bambert's Book Of Missing Stories               Creech          Sharon
Bambi: A Life In The Woods                      Ritchie         Alan
Bamboozlers, The                                Stamper         J.B.               310
Bananas Dating Test, The                        Levy            Robert             620
Band, The                                       Rappaport       Doreen             750
Bangkok (Cities Of The World)                   Peretti         Frank E.           820
Bangladesh                                      Serraillier     Ian                810
Bangladesh In Pictures                          Johnson         Lois Walfrid       580

Bangladesh: Economically Developing Countries   Davis           Ossie
Bangladesh: Worldfocus                          Applegate       K. A.              560
Bang-On-A-Can Band, The                         Speare          Elizabeth George   850
Banished, The                                   Sperry          Armstrong          750
Banner In The Sky                               Manila          G. Janer           810
Bar Code Rebellion                              Carter          Forrest
Bar Code Tattoo, The                            O'Dell          Scott
Bar Mitzvah                                     Garrigue        Sheila             720
Barack Obama: Our 44th President                Grunsell        Angela             960
Barb And Dingbat's Crybaby Hotline              Dickinson       Peter              1010
Barbara Jordan: Congresswoman                    San Souci     Robert D.       910
Barbara Jordan: Voice Of Democracy               Hurwitz       Johanna         700
Barbara Pierce Bush                              Vail          Rachel          790
Barbara Walters                                  Hunt          Irene
Barcos                                           Hill          Douglas
barcos a través del tiempo, Los                  Payne, Jr.    Bernal C.       730
Baree: The Story Of A Wolf-Dog                   Murphy        Bryan           790
Barefoot Dancer: The Story Of Isadora Duncan     Coughlan      John            980
Barn Burner, The                                 Macdonald     Fiona
Barnstorming Bessie Coleman (Anthology)          Dickinson     Terence         1000
Barry                                            Dickinson     Terence         1040
Barry Bonds: Mr. Excitement                      Ballard       Robert D.       980
Barry Sanders: Rocket Running Back               Forsyth       Adrian          1210
Baseball                                         Selsam        Millicent E.    660
Baseball Cards And The Ultimate Value Of
Everything                                       Kent          Deborah         1020
Baseball In April And Other Stories              Price-Groff   Claire          1150
Baseball Player (Dress Through The Ages)         Stille        Darlene R.      1140
Baseball Stars (Greatest Sports Heroes)          Stille        Darlene R.      1210
Basher Five-two                                  Brill         Marlene Targ    970
Basketball: Sports Heroes                        Ryan          Pat             720
Bat 6                                            Ryan          Pat             740
batalla de los árboles, La                       Applegate     K. A.           600
Bats (Animal Families)                           Hayes         Daniel          720
Bats!: Amazing And Mysterious Creatures Of The
Night                                            Heisel        Sharon E.       720
Bats: The Amazing Upside-Downers                 Bellairs      John            870
Battle For Skandia, The                          Coville       Bruce           620
Battle Of Cantigny, The                          Camus         W.
Battle Of The Bands                              Alegría       C.
Battle Of The Labyrinth, The                     Cooney        Caroline B.     660
Battlefields And Burial Grounds                  Archer        Chris           710
Battleships                                      Bauer         Marion Dane     790
Battling Everest (Anthology)                     MacLachlan    Patricia        650
Battling The Commander                           Jennings      Patrick         610
Be Careful What You Wish For                     Wyman         Andrea          700
Be Careful What You Wish For (Metzger)           Foley         Sheila          1200
Be Ever Hopeful, Hannalee                        Wright        Bob             240
Beach House                                      Katz          Welwyn Wilton   650
Beaded Moccasins, The                            Nixon         Joan Lowery     820
Beagle, The                                      Guzzetti      Paula           1260
Beanball                                         Ellis         Sarah
Beanpole                                         Cooney        Caroline B.     840
Bear (Endangered Animals & Habitats), The        Morey         Janet Nomura    1170
Beardance                                        Dungworth     Richard         1060
Bearing Witness: Stories Of The Holocaust        Hobbs         Will            820
Bears Of Blue River, The                         Millard       Ann             880
Bears, Bears, Bears                              Rodda         Emily           650
Bearstone                                        Wright        Bob             300
Bearstone (Anthology)                            Grove         Vicki           930
Bearwalker                                       Newman        Leslea          970
Beast Arises, The                                Fleischman    Paul            750
Beast Of Noor, The                               Vila Rosa        R.                 810
Beast Under The Wizard's Bridge, The             Osborne          Mary Pope          870
Beasties, The                                    Osborne          Mary Pope          810
Beastly                                          Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds   810
Beastly Arms, The                                Conford          Ellen              770
Beat Box Talks                                   Haines           Shirley            1090
Beat Generation, The                             Killien          Christi            640
Beat The Turtle Drum                             Ward             Tony               1220
Beatles, The                                     Cleary           Beverly            870
Beatnik Rutabagas From Beyond The Stars          Javna            John               850
Beauty Shop For Rent: Fully Equipped, Inquire
Within                                           Earthworks       Group              850
Beauty: A Retelling Of The Story Of Beauty and
the Beast                                        Peel             John               760
Because She's My Friend                          Schleifer        Jay                950
Becca's Story                                    Mazer            Norma Fox
Becoming A Real Hero (Anthology)                 Lowry            Lois               780
Becoming Felix                                   Schwartz         Stuart             770
Becoming Naomi León                              Willey           Margaret
Becoming Rosemary                                McManus          Patrick F.         1190
Bedouin                                          Rylant           Cynthia            740
Bedouin (Dress Through The Ages)                 Jones            Charlotte Foltz    940
Beduins' Gazelle, The                            Hoh              Diane              760
Beekman's Big Deal                               George           Jean Craighead     710
Beethoven In Paradise                            Goldberg         Jan                710
Before Independence: To 1775                     Soto             Gary
Before Midnight: A Retelling Of "Cinderella"     Murrow           Liza Ketchum       700
Before The Lark                                  Levin            Betty              770
Before We Were Free                              Crew             Linda              850
Beggar Queen                                     Philbrick        Rodman             1010
Beggars' Ride, The                               Cooney           Caroline B.        620
Begging For Change                               Wallington       Neil               1010
Begin Again (Remnants)                           Kennedy          Gregory P.         1310
Beginning (Animorphs), The                       Moeri            Louise
Beginning, The                                   Deaver           Julie Reece        600

Behavior: Hunting, Feeding, And Finding A Mate   Sidney           Margaret         860
Behind Enemy Lines                               Sidney           Margaret         910
Behind Every Great Driver: Stock Car Teams       Cooney           Caroline B.      820
Behind Rebel Lines                               Archer           Chris            700
Behind The Attic Wall                            Langton          Jane             800
Behind The Bedroom Wall                          Cooney           Caroline B.      710
Behind The Curtain                               Norton           Andre           1030
Behind The Lines                                 Trease           Geoffrey         820
Behind The Mountains                             Fletcher         Susan            800
Behind The Scenes (Cho)                          Duey             Kathleen         850
Behind The Secret Window                         Hoh              Diane            810
Beijing (Cities Of The World)                    Aaseng           Nathan          1060
Being A Leader                                   Capstone Press                    620
                                                                  Geography Department
Being Bindy                                      Fine             Anne             790
Being Dead                                       Hart             Philip S.       1130
Being Of Two Minds                               Collins          Michael         1170
Being With Henry                                     Wright       Bob              270
Being Youngest                                       Bruchac      Joseph           810
Béisbol en abril y otras historias                   Cooney       Caroline B.      660
Bel-Air Bambi And The Mall Rats                      Reiff        Tana             370
Belgium (Enchantment Of The World)                   Hahn         Mary Downing     740
Belgium In Pictures (c.1991)                         Quinlan      Kathryn A.       800
Beliefs And Believers                                Snyder       Zilpha Keatley   970
Believing Is Seeing: Seven Stories                   Scholz       Jackson          930
Bell, The Book, And The Spellbinder, The             Littleton    Mark             900
Bella At Midnight                                    McDaniel     Lurlene          700
Belle Prater's Boy                                   Tomlinson    Theresa          820
Bellerophon And The Flying Horse (Anthology)         Coville      Bruce            830
Belleza negra                                        Boyd         Candy Dawson     630
Bellmaker                                            McKillip     Patricia A.      780
Bells Of Christmas                                   Cox          Clinton          1140
Belly-busting Worm Invasions!                        Pageler      Elaine           240
Belonging                                            Applegate    K. A.            520
Belva Lockwood Wins Her Case                         Oneal        Zibby            730
Ben Franklin's Almanac: Being A True Account Of
The Good Gentleman's Life                            Coville      Bruce            800
Benazir Bhutto: Prime Minister                       Moeri        Louise           940
Beneath Blue Waters: Meetings With Remarkable
Deep-Sea Creatures (Anthology)                       Dygard       Thomas J.        940
Beneath My Mother's Feet                             Reeder       Carolyn          940
Beneath The Mask                                     Alexander    Lloyd            870
Benedict Arnold And The American Revolution          Krensky      Stephen          790
Benito Juárez                                        Hassler      Jon              760
Benito Juarez And The French Intervention (The
Story Of Mexico)                                     Perl         Lila             1080
Benito Mussolini (A&E Biography)                     Paulsen      Gary             1090
Benjamin Dove                                        Langton      Jane             790
Benjamin Franklin You Never Knew, The                James        Mary
Benjamin Harrison                                    Guthrie      Donna            580

Benjamin Harrison (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)       Ryan         Mary C.
Benny And Omar                                       Hanners      Chuck            730
Beowulf                                              Freedman     Russell          1070
Beowulf: A New Telling                               Brown        Fern G.          1110
Beowulf: A Tale Of Blood, Heat, And Ashes            Rodgers      Mary M.          730
Beowulf: Monster Slayer                              Burgess      Barbara Hood     730
Berenice Abbott, Photographer                        Clark        Margaret Goff    720
Berlin (Cities Of The World)                         Moore        Yvette           790
Bess Wallace Truman                                  Sterling     Dororthy         910
Best Bad Luck I Ever Had, The                        Frazier      Nancy            860
Best Friends (Sweet Valley Twins)                    Hermes       Patricia
Best Friends for Never: A Clique Novel               Yumoto       Kazumi           710
Best Invention Ever, The                             Anderson     Joan             1170
Best Poems Ever: A Collection Of Poetry's Greatest
Voices, The                                          Aaseng       Nathan           1110
Best Race Of All, The                                Rushford     Patricia H.      640
Best School Year Ever (Anthology), The               Konigsburg   E. L.            700
Bet You Can't!                                       Blumberg     Rhoda            1130
Betrayal                                            Hoh              Diane            750
Betrayal (Lady Grace)                               Meikle           Marg             980
Betrayed                                            Montgomery       L. M.            940
Bet's On Lizzie Bingman!, The                       Rubinstein       Gillian          810
Betsy and the Emperor                               Dygard           Thomas J.        900
Betsy Was A Junior                                  Kendall          Carol            950
Betsy Zane, The Rose Of Fort Henry                  Wright           Bob              250
Betsy's Wedding                                     McDonald         Mary Ann         790
Bette Davis: Film Star                              Blos             Joan             960
Better Mousetrap: Play (Anthology), A               Hamilton         Virginia         620
Better Off Famous?                                  Ashabranner      Brent
Better Than A Brother                               Mukerji          Dhan Gopal       1040
Better Than A Lemonade Stand!                       Mara             W. P.            600
Betting On Forever                                  Scott            Michael          870
Between Boardslides And Burnout: My Notes From
The Road                                            Morey            Walt             740
Between Madison And Palmetto                        Queen            J. Allen         930
Between Mom And Jo                                  Falkof           Lucille         1110
Between The Dragon And The Eagle                    Krensky          Stephen          890
Beware Of Kissing Lizard Lips                       Capstone Press                    530
                                                                     Geography Department
Beware The Fish                                     Haskins          Jim             1180
Beware The Gingerbread House (Raven Hill)           Masterton        David            740
Beware! We Are Poisonous: How Animals Defend
Themselves                                          Goldman          E. M.            610
Beware, Princess Elizabeth                          Streissguth      Tom              940
Bewitching Of Alison Albright, The                  Lund             Bill             960
Beyond Belief                                       Savage           Jeff             860
Beyond Jupiter                                      Wright           Betty Ren        800
Beyond Safe Boundaries                              Kantor           MacKinlay        960
Beyond The Burning Lands                            Brace            Steve            1040
Beyond The Burning Time                             Westall          Robert           710
Beyond The Divide                                   Wright           Bob              240

Beyond The Frontier: The Story Of The Trails West   Peck             Richard          900
Beyond The Horizon (Heartland)                      Adler            C. S.            710
Beyond The Mango Tree                               Alphin           Elaine Marie     830
Beyond The Mississippi                              Hobbs            Will             900
Beyond The Sea Of Ice: The Voyages Of Henry
Hudson                                              Butler           Beverly          860
Beyond the Valley of Thorns                         Fleischman       Sid              780
Beyond The Western Sea: Lord Kirkle's Money         Barber           Antonia          930

Beyond The Western Sea: The Escape From Home        Peck             Richard          830
Bhangra Babes                                       Snyder           Zilpha Keatley   1060
Bicycle Patrol Officers                             Meyer            Carolyn          900
Bicycle Stunt Riding                                Anderson         Peter            1030
Bicycling                                           Dickinson        Peter            960
Big Fat Manifesto                                   Sattler          Helen Roney      1090
Big Field, The                                      Hurmence         Belinda          860
Big Game Of Everything, The                         Sebestyen        Ouida            690
Big Guy                                             Farmer           Nancy            730
Big Lie, The: A True Story                          Cooney           Caroline B.      620
Big Little Jerome (Anthology)                    Bruchac       Joseph          890
Big Man And The Burn-Out                         Roberts       Willo Davis     840
Big Mouth                                        Hyland        Betty
Big Nothing, The                                 Neuberger     Anne E.         740
Big Red                                          Roehm         Michelle        850
Big Rigs                                         Springstubb   Tricia
Big Smith Snatch                                 Lowry         Lois            760
Big Splash, The                                  Calvert       Patricia        900
Big Ticket: Sports And Commercialism, A          Kidd          Ronald
Big Trouble For Roxie                            Pringle       Laurence        1110
Big Wander                                       Morey         Walt
Big Wave Day                                     Byars         Betsy           570
Big-Air Snowboarding                             Campbell      Joanna          710
Bigfoot                                          Johnston      Norma           920
Bigfoot Caught On Film: And Other Monster
Sightings!                                       Campbell      Joanna          820
Bigger                                           Campbell      Joanna          760
Bigger Than T. Rex                               Ferris        Jeri            800
Bighorn Sheep, The                               Cole          Brock           550
Bill                                             Coville       Bruce           710
Bill Clinton                                     Dahl          Roald           1080
Bill Clinton                                     Wright        Bob             240
Bill Clinton And His Presidency                  Lawlor        Laurie          680
Bill Gates                                       Wright        Bob             290
Bill Gates: Revised Edition (A&E Biography)      Thoene        Brock           970
Bill Pickett: African-American Rodeo Cowboy      Pullman       Philip          930
Billie Standish Was Here                         Colum         Padriac         980
Billion For Boris, A                             McGraw        Eloise Jarvis   930
Billy Creekmore                                  Montgomery    L. M.           980
Billy Elliot                                     Delacre       Lulu            940
Billy Graham (A&E Biography)                     Shaw          Diana
Billy The Kid (Green)                            Tolan         Stephanie S.    700
Billy the Kid (Taylor)                           Barnidge      Tom             980
Bindi Babes                                      Garrison      Phil            540
Binoculars In The Window Mystery                 Magorian      Michelle        760
Bio-pirate                                       Barry         Lynda           1250
Bioterror: Deadly Invisible Weapons              Davis         Jenny           720
Birchbark House, The                             Skurzynski    Gloria          840
Bird                                             Adler         C. S.
Bird                                             McDaniel      Lurlene         750
Bird People Of Planet Ejie, The                  Whelan        Gloria          810
Birdland                                         Climo         Shirley
Birds                                            Browne        Anthony         370
Birds' Christmas Carol, The                      McClung       Robert

Birds Of Prey (Endangered Animals & Habitats)    Aylesworth    Thomas G.       1210
Birds Of Prey: A Look At Daytime Raptors         Temple        Frances         640
Birdwing                                         Derby         Pat             620
Birth Of A Warrior                               Paterson      Katherine       840

Birth Of Drama: Theater In Ancient Greece, The   Reeder        Carolyn         810
Birth Of The Pack                                Johnson       Lois Walfrid    540
Birthday Present Mystery                             Wilder        Laura Ingalls    880
Birthday Room, The                                   Bawden        Nina             890
Bison (Animal Families)                              Doherty       Berlie           800
Bittersweet Sixteen                                  Arnosky       Jim
Bizarre Birds                                        Blumberg      Rhoda            1070
Black And White Airmen: Their True History           Goodman       Susan E.         990
Black Arrow, The                                     Flory         Jane
Black Beauty                                         Shalant       Phyllis          780
Black Book Of Secrets, The                           Murphy        Jim              1130
Black Canary, The                                    Curry         Jane Louise
Black Cauldron, The                                  Paterson      Katherine        800
Black Diamond: The Story Of The Negro Baseball
Leagues                                              Corbett       Scott
Black Duck                                           Tolan         Stephanie S.     790
Black Eagles: African Americans In Aviation          Tolan         Stephanie S.
Black Gold                                           Gutman        Bill             1110
Black Hearts In Battersea                            Lawson        Robert           990
Black Heroes Of The American Revolution              Martin        James            820
Black Holes (Nardo)                                  Graves        Robert           990
Black Hoops: The History Of African Americans In
Basketball                                           Evslin        Bernard          840
Black Jack                                           Streissguth   Tom              920
Black Mirror (Action)                                Coughlan      John             970
Black Pearl, The                                     Sleator       William          720
Black Potatoes: The Story Of The Great Irish
Famine, 1845-1850                                    Johnson       Rebecca M.       1170
Black Stallion And Flame                             Cooper        Susan            830
Black Stallion And Satan, The                        Brenner       Richard J.       1320
Black Stallion And The Girl                          Cooper        Susan            930
Black Stallion And The Shape-Shifter                 Gutman        Bill             640
Black Stallion Challenged!, The                      Collins       David            1080
Black Stallion Legend, The                           Bartoletti    Susan Campbell   1110
Black Stallion Mystery, The                          Strauss       Victoria         770
Black Stallion Returns                               Christopher   John
Black Stallion Revolts, The                          Cormier       Robert           820
Black Stallion, The                                  Westall       Robert           740
Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt, The                 Reit          Seymour          900
Black Stallion's Courage, The                        Fox           Paula            790
Black Stallion's Filly, The                          Readhead      Lloyd            1130
Black Stallion's Ghost, The                          Reiss         Johanna          480
Black Stallion's Shadow, The                         Herrera       J. I.            610
Black Stallion's Steeplechaser, The                  Paulsen       Gary             1130
Black Star, Bright Dawn                              Calvert       Patricia
Black Stars In Orbit                                 Conford       Ellen            750
Black Storm Comin'                                   Eager         Edward           830
Black Suits From Outer Space                         Fleischman    Paul             1010
Black Tattoo, The                                    Dygard        Thomas J.        800
Black Water                                          Hall          Lynn             880
Black Widow Spiders                                  Schami        Rafik            810
Black Women Of The Old West                          Clark         Joan             930
Black, Blue & Gray: African Americans In The Civil
War                                                  Wright        Bob              340
Blackbringer                                  Will-Harris   Toni             790
Black-Eyed Suzie                              Rodowsky      Colby            1050
Blackout!                                     Green         Robert           980
Blacksmith, The                               Wolkoff       Judie            740
Blackthorn Winter                             Young         Jesse            890
Blackwater                                    Koertge       Ron              680
Blade Of The Poisoner                         Ross          Ramon Royal      750
Blast                                         Petry         Ann              1000
Blast From The Past                           Paulsen       Gary             1060
Blaze Of Silver                               Kraske        Robert           710
Blessing In Disguise, A                       Paulsen       Gary             1020
Blind Beauty                                  Kjelgaard     Jim              1020
Blind Boone: Piano Prodigy                    Pageler       Elaine           160
Blind Faith                                   Wright        Bob              210
Blind Faith Hotel, The                        Turner        Bonnie           670
Blinded By The Light                          Nixon         Joan Lowery      670
Blizzard (Med Center)                         Kassem        Lou              590
Blizzard (Survival)                           Holl          Kristi D.
Blizzard Year, A                              Walter        Mildred Pitts    540
Blizzard!                                     Kummer        Patricia K.      590
Blizzard's Wake                               Paulsen       Gary             1010
Block Party!                                  Cleaver       Vera
Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own
Insides                                       Snyder        Zilpha Keatley   900
Blood Brother (Traces)                        Gantos        Jack             750
Blood Captain                                 Pendergraft   Patricia
Blood Fever (Young Bond)                      Tritten       Charles          870
Blood On The Forehead: What I Know About
Writing                                       Davidson      Margaret        590
Blood On The River: James Town 1607           Gilson        Jamie           730
Blood Red Horse                               Strasser      Todd            620
Blood Suckers!                                Williams      Barbara         820
Blood Tide                                    Anderson      Peter           1130
Blood Trail                                   Hamilton      Virginia        880
Bloodsucking Creatures (Watts Library)        Polikoff      Barbara Garland 1240
Bloody Country, The                           Lyon          George Ella     600
Bloody Jack                                   Yolen         Jane            930
Bloomability                                  Blume         Judy            650
Blossom Culp And The Sleep Of Death           Tauscher      Donna           710
Blown Away!                                   Johnston      Julie           730
Blue (Hostetter)                              Green         Robert          970
Blue Castle, The                              Evslin        Bernard         870
Blue Cow, The                                 Egan          Terry           770
Blue Denim Blues                              Kennedy       S.A
Blue Djinn Of Babylon, The                    Greenfeld     Howard          980
Blue Door                                     Vande Velde   Vivian          850
Blue Door, The (Holloway)                     Johnson       Lois Walfrid    550
Blue Eyes Better                              Keene         Carolyn         780
Blue Fingers                                  Corcoran      Barbara
Blue Heron                                    Bunting       Eve             690
Blue Jasmine                                  Ten Boom      Corrie          900
Blue Lightning                                Alexander     Lloyd           900
Blue Mouse Mystery                                  Mullin        Penn               290
Blue Roan Child, The                                Duane         Diane              890
Blue Schwartz And Nefertiti's Necklace: A Mystery
With Recipes                                        Carter        Dorothy Sharp      870
Blue Sword, The                                     Gille         D.
Bluebird Rescue                                     Phipson       Joan               840
BMW: Performance With Luxury                        Cowley        Joy                780
BMX Bicycles                                        Mooser        Stephen            790
BMX Bikes                                           Mayne         William            590
BMX Racing                                          Pinkney       Andrea Davis       750
Bo Jackson: Pro Sports Superstar                    Conrad        Pam                770
Boa Constrictors                                    Facchini      F.
Boat That Went On Both Land And Water: A Folk
Tale From France, The                               Restellini    P.
Boat To Nowhere, A                                  Bridgers      Sue Ellen
Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty                          Hastings      Beverly            890
Bodies From The Ash                                 Morey         Walt               820
Bodies From The Bog                                 Angell        Judie
Bodies From The Ice                                 Lampton       Christopher        1080
Body Book, The                                      Torres        John A.            1170
Body Bugs (Anthology)                               McCloskey     Robert             1000
Body Check                                          Myers         Walter Dean        740
Body Of Evidence                                    Lewis         C.S.               970
Bodywork: Wings, Legs, Muscles, And Blood           Campbell      Joanna             720
Bogeyman (Monster Chronicles), The                  Peck          Robert Newton
Bold Journey                                        Corcoran      Barbara
Bolivia (Enchantment Of The World)                  Campbell      Joanna             850
Bolivia In Pictures (c.1987)                        Stewart       Gail B.            720
Boll Weevil Express                                 Budd          Jackie             1190
Bollywood Babes                                     Wassiljewa    Tatjana            660
Boltzmon!                                           Taylor        Theodore           860
Bomb Detection Dogs                                 Pernu         Dennis             770
Bomb Detection Squads                               Archer        Jules              1090
Bomb Squad Officer: Expert With Explosives          Nixon         Joan Lowery        780
Bombay Boomerang, The                               Dixon         Franklin W.        740
Bomber Planes                                       Bellairs      John               800
Bombers Of World War II                             Petersen      P. J.
Bon Voyage, Connie Pickles                          Pevsner       Stella             640
Bonanza Girl                                        Stine         R. L.              540
Bone By Bone By Bone                                Van Draanen   Wendelin           960
Bone Detective                                      Krementz      Jill               960
Bone Detectives                                     Krementz      Jill               1050
Bone From A Dry Sea                                 Krementz      Jill               1200
Bone Magician, The                                  Forsyth       Adrian             1120
Bone: Crown Of Horns                                Sharmat       Marjorie Weinman   630
Bone: Eyes Of The Storm                             Dunnahoo      Terry              870
Bone: Ghost Circles                                 Jones         Diana Wynne        800
Bone: Old Man's Cave                                McClung       Robert             950
Bone: Out From Boneville                            Saroyan       William            760
Bone: Rock Jaw                                      Gruenberg     Linda              730
Bone: Rose                                          Johnson       Angela             700
Bone: The Dragonslayer                              Smith         Jay H.             850
Bone: The Great Cow Race                         Carter           Peter              910
Bone: Treasure Hunters                           Hughes           Monica             830
Bonechiller                                      Hurwitz          Johanna            620
Bonemender, The                                  Stanley          Jerry              1180
Bonemender's Choice, The                         Frank            Lucy               690
Bonemender's Oath, The                           Arnothy          Christine          870
Bonnie Blair: Golden Streak                      Keehn            Sally M.           720
Book Of A Thousand Days                          Moskin           Marietta D.        880
Book Of Changes                                  Sayers           Gale               870
Book of Dead Days, The                           Fletcher         Ralph
Book Of Dragons                                  Rylant           Cynthia            950
Book Of Earth                                    Woodson          Jacqueline         740
Book Of Enchantments                             Craven           Margaret           1080
Book Of Everything, The                          Duncan           Lois               760
Book Of Magic                                    Coville          Bruce              790
Book Of Names                                    Conford          Ellen              660
Book Of Nightmares                               Sharmat          Marjorie Weinman   640
Book Of One Hundred Truths, The                  Christiansen     C.B.               570
Book Of Signs                                    McDaniel         Lurlene            650
Book Of Story Beginnings, The                    Richter          Hans Peter         580
Book Of The American Indians                     Highwater        Jamake
Book Of The American Revolution                  Newton           Suzanne            730
Book Of Three, The                               Barr             Linda
Book Of Thunder                                  Pevsner          Stella             610
Book Of Time, The                                Banks            Lynne Reid         1030
Book Party Mystery, The                          De Trevino       Elizabeth Borton   1100
Book Without Words, The                          Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds   850
Books                                            Greenberg        Jan                820
Boost                                            Markle           Sandra             970
Boot                                             Kummer           Patricia K.        630
Booth's Daughter                                 Lee              Marie G.           740
Boots And The Seven Leaguers: A Rock-And-Troll
Novel                                            Jarrow           Gail               580
Born Into Light                                  Conford          Ellen
Born To Trot                                     Hall             Lynn               860
Born Too Short: The Confessions of an Eighth-
Grade Basket Case                                Doty             Jean Slaughter
Born Worker (Anthology)                          Adler            C. S.
Borning Room                                     Vail             Rachel           600
Borrowed Children                                Robinet          Harriette Gillem 720
Borrowed Summer                                  Mara             W. P.            620
Bosnia And Herzegovina                           Capstone Press                    670
                                                                  Geography Department
Boston (Cities Of The World)                     Alexander        Lloyd            770
Boston Celtics Basketball Team, The              Freedman         Russell          1050
Boston Jane: An Adventure                        Rinaldi          Ann              640
Boston Massacre, The                             Adler            C. S.
Both Sides Of Time                               Hamilton         Virginia         640
Botswana                                         Nixon            Joan Lowery      850
Botswana In Pictures (c.1990)                    Pierce           Tamora           750
Bounce                                           MacBride         Roger Lea        850
Bound                                            Sullivan         George           1020
Bound For America: The Forced Migration Of
Africans To The New World                            Boga             Steve           300
Bound For The North Star: True Stories Of Fugitive
Slaves                                               Applegate        K. A.            550
Bound Over                                           Hall             Lynn
Box Of Years, A                                      Savage           Jeff             580
Box Out                                              Eckert           Allan W.        1200
Boxer, The                                           Levitin          Sonia            450
Boxes, The                                           Morgan           Bill             880
Boy 2 Girl                                           Blumberg         Rhoda           1060
Boy And His Bear, A                                  Burnford         Sheila          1320
Boy And The Elk Dogs, The (Anthology)                Cumming          David           1040
Boy And The Samurai, The                             Barker           Amanda           820
Boy At War: A Novel Of Pearl Harbor, A               Lenski           Lois             800
Boy From Over There, The                             Freedman         Russell         1030
Boy From the Basement, The                           Freedman         Russell         1150
Boy Next Door, The                                   Capstone Press                    540
                                                                      Geography Department
Boy No More, A                                       Dregni           Michael          760
Boy Of Unusual Vision (Anthology), A                 Garland          Sherry           960
Boy Who Could Make Himself Disappear, The            Arnot            Susie            940
Boy Who Couldn't Die, The                            Young            Jesse            900
Boy Who Dared, The                                   Dygard           Thomas J.        860
Boy Who Drank Too Much, The                          Alcott           Louisa May      1240
Boy Who Loved Alligators, The                        Say              Allen            730
Boy Who Made Dragonfly, The                          Kroeber          Theodora        1170
Boy Who Owned The School, The                        Kassem           Lou              580
Boy Who Reversed Himself, The                        Cochrane         Kerry           1220
Boy Who Saved Baseball, The                          Sleator          William          810
Boy Who Spoke Dog, The                               Sleator          William          720
Boy: Tales Of Childhood                              Coville          Bruce            850
Boys Of San Joaquin, The                             Reeves           Nicholas
Boys' War, The                                       Ferris           Jean             890
Boys We Love                                         Taylor           Theodore         960
Bracelet (Anthology), The                            Alexander        Bryan           1140
Bradley And The Billboard                            Applegate        K. A.            520
Brad's Box                                           Meigs            Cornelia        1150
Brady                                                Uchida           Yoshiko         1060
Braid, The                                           Hughes           Monica           740
Brain Stealers                                       Sebestyen        Ouida
Brain Surgery For Beginners And Other Major
Operations For Minors                                Kummer           Patricia K.     650
Brain, The                                           Kjelgaard        Jim             890
Brain: Our Body's Nerve Center                       Bunting          Eve             660
Brainboy And The Deathmaster                         Lewis            Linda           710
Brainstorm!: The Stories Of Twenty American Kid
Inventors                                            Cofer            Judith Ortiz   870
Bram Stoker: the Man Who Wrote Dracula               Alonso           M. L.          1010
Branded Outlaw                                       Stevenson        Robert Louis   730
Brandy                                               Donahue          John           690
Bras & Broomsticks                                   Mazer            Harry          710
Bratfest At Tiffany's                                Cofer            Judith Ortiz   910
Brave Past, A                                        Nixon            Joan Lowery    740
Brave The Betrayal                             Rodgers       Raboo
Brave, The                                     O'Dell        Scott              1000
Brazil                                         Hyde          Dayton O.          1080
Brazil (Enchantment Of The World)              Orlev         Uri                690
Brazil In Pictures (2nd Edition)               Farley        Walter             870
Brazil In Pictures (c.1987)                    Paulsen       Gary               1050
Brazil: Economically Developing Countries      Stine         R. L.              670
Brazil: Worldfocus                             Danziger      Paula              620
Bread And Roses, Too                           Neville       Emily              810
Bread Sister Of Sinking Creek                  Blume         Judy               530
Bread Winner                                   Hoig          Stan               1140
Breadwinner, The                               Murphy        Shirley Rousseau   890
Breakaway                                      Dyer          Daniel             1060
Breakdown (Remnants)                           Chase         Richard            900
Breaker                                        Cohen         Neil               990
Breaker Boys, The                              Paterson      Katherine          880
Breakfast At Bloomingdale's                    Craven        Linda              1060
Breakfast At Sadie's                           Green         Michael            870
Breaking Away                                  Barraclough   John               830
Breaking Free (Brooke)                         Brown         Fern G.            1010
Breaking Out                                   Collins       David R.           1180
Breaking The Chains: African-American Slave
Resistance                                     Greenblatt    Miriam          980
Breaking Through                               Polikoff      Barbara Garland 980
Breath                                         Stefoff       Rebecca         1120
Breathe: A Ghost Story                         Phillips      Michael         960
Breathing: How We Use Air                      Robbins       Trina           400
Brett Hull: Hockey's Top Gun                   Senn          J.A             900
Brett McCarthy: Work In Progress               Montgomery    L. M.           920
Brian's Hunt                                   Snyder        Zilpha Keatley  900
Brian's Return                                 Craven        Jerry           1020
Brian's Winter                                 Perera        Hilda           810
Briar Rose                                     Beatty        Patricia        780
Briar's Book                                   Cleary        Beverly         900
Brickyard Summer                               Alexander     Lloyd           800

Bride Of Frankenstein: Vow Of Vengeance, The   Streissguth   Tom                790
Bridesmaids, The                               Smith         Robert Kimmel      680
Bridge In The Clouds, The                      Goldstein     Margaret J.        890
Bridge To Courage (Anthology)                  Coville       Bruce              700
Bridge To Terabithia                           Gorman        Carol              580
Bridge To The Stars, A                         Coville       Bruce              710
Bridges                                        Hickman       Janet              830
Bridges Of Summer, The                         Wisler        G. Clifton         810
Brigham Young: Pioneer And Mormon Leader       Mateos        P.                 730
Bright Freedom's Song                          Soto          Gary               900
Bright Ideas                                   Young         Jesse              970
Bright Shadow (Avi)                            Irwin         Hadley             950
Bring Back Yesterday                           Lipsyte       Robert             1110
Bringing Nettie Back                           Carrigan      Mellonee
Bringing The Boy Home                          Salassi       Otto R.            1170
Brisingr                                       Fleischman    Sid                710
Broken Blade, The                                    Roberts      Willo Davis      930
Broken Bridge, The                                   Engel        Trudie           620
Broken Chain (Anthology)                             Lipsyte      Robert           990
Broken Chords                                        Brenner      Richard J.       1280
Broken Days, The                                     Stefoff      Rebecca          1130
Broken Drum                                          Anderson     Peter            1000
Broken Sky #1                                        Greenblatt   Miriam           1040
Broken Sky #2                                        Wibberley    Leonard          1120
Broken Sky #3                                        Falkof       Lucille          1210
Broken Sky #4                                        Forbes       Esther           840
Broken Sky #5                                        Honeycutt    Natalie
Broken Sky #6                                        Murphy       Jim              1070
Broken Sky #7                                        Smith        Nancy Covert
Broken Song                                          Reiss        Johanna          520
Bronco Buster (Chapman)                              Wallace      Bill             660

Brontë Family: Passionate Literary Geniuses, The     Buss         Fran Leeper      760
Bronx Masquerade                                     Levitin      Sonia            750
Bronze Bow, The                                      Lauber       Patricia         950
Brooklyn Bridge                                      Moeri        Louise           940
Brooklyn Bridge, The                                 Uchida       Yoshiko          970
Brooklyn Bridge, The                                 Velasquez    Gloria           740
Brooklyn Rose                                        Meyer        Carolyn          880
Brother Brother, Sister Sister                       Gutman       Bill             800
Brother Moose                                        Morressy     John             990
Brothers In Valor: A Story Of Resistance             George       Jean Craighead   700
Brothers Of The Heart                                Savage       Jeff             820
Brother's Promise (Anthology), A                     George       Jean Craighead   860
Brothers, Boyfriends And Other Criminal Minds        George       Jean Craighead   910
Brown Bird Singing                                   George       Jean Craighead   950
Brown V. Board Of Education                          Green        Robert           960
Bruce Coville's Book Of Aliens                       Porter       A.P              950
Bruce Coville's Book Of Aliens II                    Collier      James Lincoln    850

Bruce Coville's Book Of Ghosts: Tales To Haunt You   Morgan       Terri            990
Bruce Coville's Book Of Magic                        Furlong      Monica           640
Bruce Coville's Book Of Magic II: More Tales         Dolan        Sean             1410
Bruce Coville's Book Of Monsters                     Blume        Judy             600
Bruce Coville's Book Of Nightmares                   Baczewski    Paul             830
Bruce Coville's Book Of Nightmares II                Holl         Kristi D.
Bruce Coville's Book Of Spine Tinglers               Davis        Ossie            820
Bruce Coville's Book Of Spine Tinglers II            Moore        Emily            540
Bruce Lee                                            Kipling      Rudyard          1060
Bruises                                              Shepard      Elizabeth        320
Buccaneers, The                                      Hamilton     Virginia         670
Buck Book, The                                       Pfeffer      Susan Beth       660
Buddies                                              Henry        Marguerite       880
Buddy (Anthology)                                    Barnard      Alan             1010
Buddy Love Now On Video                              Kummer       Patricia K.      620
Budgeting Your Money                                 Gutman       Bill             760
Buenos Aires                                         Smith        Jay H.           820
Buffalo And The Indians, The                         Coffey       Wayne            850
Buffalo Bill Cody: Showman Of The Wild West      Morey        Walt               740
Buffalo Bills                                    Lund         Bill               640
Buffalo Brenda                                   Hughes       Monica             820
Buffalo Nickel Blues Band                        Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   730
Build And Launch A Paper Rocket! (Anthology)     Caduto       Michael J.         880
Build Your Own Website                           Haas         Jessie             820
Building A Mystery                               Johnston     Norma              1000
Building A New Land                              Nixon        Joan Lowery        830
Building A New Nation, 1789-1801                 Precek       Katharine Wilson   830
Building Ancient Rome (Anthology)                Cazeneuve    Brian              1160
Building Big                                     Hampton      Wilborn            1040
Building Blocks                                  Kummer       Patricia K.        640
Building Self-Confidence                         Scott        Carol
Building The Book Cathedral                      Marshall     David              860
Building The Past                                Alexander    Lloyd              710
Buildings, Homes, & Structures                   Dank         Milton
Built For Speed                                  Sipe         Daniel             870
Built to Last                                    Tunis        John R.            880
Bulgaria In Pictures (c.1994)                    Gutman       Dan                730
Bull Rider                                       Otfinoski    Steve              970
Bull Run                                         Stevenson    Robert Louis       990
Bull Whackers To Whistle Punks: Logging In The
Old West                                         Nixon        Joan Lowery        710
Bulldog, The                                     Freedman     Russell            1140
Bullet Proof!                                    Montgomery   Rutherford         770
Bull's-Eye: A Photobiography Of Annie Oakley     Nielsen      Nancy J.           800
Bungalow Mystery, The                            Hall         Lynn               950
Bungee Jumping                                   Montgomery   L. M.              990
Bunker 10                                        Teague       Sam                810
Bunkhouse Journal                                Kelley       Leo P.             410
Burger Wuss                                      Henry        Marguerite         830
Buried Alive                                     O'Dell       Scott              840
Buried In Ice                                    Alder        Elizabeth          940
Buried Onions                                    Bradshaw     Gillian
Burning Bridge, The                              Martell      Hazel Mary         1030
Burning Of The Big Top                           Peck         Robert Newton
Burning Time, The                                Adler        C. S.
Bury The Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies,
Skeletons, & Rituals                             Laird        Elizabeth          850
Bus Stop                                         Cleaver      Vera
búsqueda de Park, La                             Brooks       Jerome             980
Busted!                                          McKinley     Robin              1110
Busted! (Hicks)                                  Hobbs        Will               870
But Can The Phoenix Sing                         Martin       James              890
But In The Fall I'm Leaving                      Greenfield   Eloise             740
Butch Cassidy (Green)                            Reed         Don C.             810
Butterflies (Nature Watch)                       Donohue      Shiobhan           970
Buying Insurance                                 Gutman       Bill               830
Buzz                                             King         John               1080
By Fire, By Moonlight                            Terhune      Albert Payson      1010
By Truck To The North: My Arctic Adventure       Orlev        Uri                840
Caballos                                            Chinery       M.                780
Cabin 102                                           MacDonald     Caroline          710
Cabinet Of Wonders, The                             Haines        Shirley           1070
Caddy Ever After                                    Green         Michael           780
Cadillac                                            Nixon         Joan Lowery       880
Cadillac: Standard Of The World                     Daugherty     James             990
Caged Eagles                                        Goodwin       Peter             990
Cairo (Cities Of The World)                         Oneal         Zibby             580
Caja de secretos                                    Wilder        Laura Ingalls
Cal Cameron By Day, Spiderman By Night              Covington     Dennis            830
Cal Ripken Jr.: Oriole Ironman                      Thesman       Jean              620
Calamity Jane: Frontier Original                    Lewis         C.S.              890
Calamity Jane: Her Life And Her Legend              Garland       Sherry            970
Calder Game, The                                    Peck          Richard           670
Caleb's Choice                                      Lerangis      Peter             450
Calendar, The                                       Woodson       Jacqueline        620
Calico Bush                                         Malterre      Elona             840
Calico Captive, The                                 Anderson      William           1100
California                                          Anderson      C.W.              1000

California (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Potts         Steve             620
California (One Nation)                             Swallow       Pamela Curtis
California Gold Rush, The                           Angell        Judie             620
California Missions Projects And Layouts            Wells         Rosemary
California Missions, The                            Hall          Lynn              1040
Call For Courage                                    Wilson        Budge             930
Call It Courage                                     McDaniel      Lurlene           720
Call Me Francis Tucket                              Gregory       Kristiana         790
Call Me Friday The Thirteenth                       Myers         Walter Dean       920
Call Me Hope                                        Martin        James             790
Call Me Mimi                                        Ganeri        A.
Call Of The Wild (Action), The                      Lewis         C.S.              820
Call Of The Wild, The                               Steins        Richard           1030
Call To Vengeance, The                              Butterworth   W.E.              630
Callender Papers, The                               McDaniel      Lurlene           700
Callie's Way                                        Lane          Rose Wilder       770
Calling Home                                        Silverberg    Robert            1030
Calling Me Home                                     Marsden       John              740
Calling On Dragons                                  Yolen         Jane              860
Calling The Swan                                    Petersen      P. J.             600
Cally's Enterprise                                  Snyder        Zilpha Keatley    1070
Calvin Coolidge                                     Cushman       Karen             970
Calvin Coolidge (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)        Baum          L. Frank          1170
Cambodia In Pictures (c.1996)                       Freedman      Russell           1100
Camel Rider                                         Peck          Ira               700
Camels (Nature Watch)                               Seymour       Tres              690
Camera, The                                         Burton        Virginia Lee      870
Cameroon In Pictures (c.1989)                       Polikoff      Barbara Garland   690
Camp Wild                                           McDaniel      Lurlene           630
Cam's Quest                                         Sutcliff      Rosemary          1180
Can It Rain Cats And Dogs? (Anthology)              Richter       Conrad            870
Can Of Worms                                        Rees          Douglas           650
Can The Whales Be Saved?                            Campbell         Joanna             730
Can You Feel The Thunder?                           Bauer            Marion Dane
Can You Hear A Shout In Space? (Anthology)          Freedman         Russell            1110
Can You Keep A Secret?                              Kerr             M. E.              820
Can You Sue Your Parents For Malpractice?           Lewis            C.S.               940
Canada (Enchantment Of The World)                   Wilcox           Charlotte          650
Canada Celebrates Multiculturalism                  Matas            Carol              600
Canada In Pictures (c.1989)                         Kassem           Lou
Canada In Pictures (Second Edition)                 Mathis           Sharon Bell        810
Canada: Modern Industrial World                     Little           Jean               720
Canada: The Culture                                 Little           Jean               690
Canada: The Land                                    Wilkes           Maria D.           890
Canada: The People                                  MacBride         Roger Lea          740

Cannibal Animals: Animals That Eat Their Own Kind   Walker           Barbara M.
Cannibal In The Mirror                              Wilkes           Maria D.           920
Cannibals, The                                      Wilder           Laura Ingalls      930
Canning Season, The                                 MacBride         Roger Lea          630
Cannons Of The Comstock                             Kerr             M. E.              970
Can't Hear You Listening                            Burnett          Frances Hodgson    1070
Canyon Winter                                       Exupery          Antoine De Saint   710
Canyons                                             Wilkes           Maria D.           940
Capital Kids                                        MacBride         Roger Lea          870
capitán, El                                         Krull            Kathleen           1010
Capitanes de plástico                               Kettelkamp       Larry              1110

Capt. Hook: The Adventures Of A Notorious Youth     Covington        Dennis             770
Captain Grey                                        Taylor           Mildred D.         900
Captain Kate                                        Mowat            Farley
Captain's Command                                   Soto             Gary               820
Captain's Dog: My Journey With The Lewis And
Clark Tribe, The                                    Zindel           Paul             840
Captive Temple, The                                 Wittlinger       Ellen            750
Captives In A Foreign Land                          Dereske          Jo               770
Captives Of Blue Mountain                           Jacobs           Louis           1130
Capture, The                                        Wier             Ester            810
Captured! A Boy Trapped In The Civil War            McKissack        Patricia        1050
Car, The                                            Lester           Julius           810
Carbon Diaries 2015, The                            Murphy           Jim             1070
Careers Creating Search Engines                     Yep              Laurence        1110
Careers For Number Lovers                           Wright           Bob              330
Careers In Computer Gaming                          Peck             Richard          550
Caribbean Sea, The                                  Mowat            Farley           990
Carl Sagan                                          Skurzynski       Gloria           870
Carl Sandburg (Poetry For Young People)             Amoss            Berthe           990
Carlos Is Gonna Get It                              Fendler          Donn             910
Carlota                                             Hoover           H.M.             770
Carlota y los dinosaurios                           Lauber           Patricia         870
Carly's Buck                                        Barron           T. A.            770
Carnivorous Carnival, The                           Capstone Press                    610
                                                                     Geography Department
Carolina Panthers                                   Miklowitz        Gloria D.
Carrie's War                                        Foley            June
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch                             Walker        Kate              820
Cars (Fast Forward)                                Scott         Stephanie         840
Cars (High Interest)                               Conford       Ellen             650
Carver: A Life In Poems                            Weisman       JoAnne            1210
casa de la pradera, La                             Lake          E.D.              860
casa pintada, La                                   Krohn         Katherine E.      1010
Case Against My Brother, The                       Lawlor        Laurie            680

Case Closed: The Real Scoop On Detective Work      Kingman       Lee
Case Of Capital Intrigue, The                      Lord          Athena V.
Case Of The Baker Street Irregular, The            Cleary        Beverly           910
Case Of The Bizarre Bouquets, The                  Shreve        Susan             910
Case Of The Counterfeit Criminals, The             Wilkinson     Brenda
Case Of The Cryptic Crinoline, The                 Adler         C. S.             710
Case Of The Dangerous Solution, The                Boga          Steve             240
Case Of The Firecrackers, The                      Jóval         Nomí              730
Case Of The Golden Boy, The                        Beatty        Patricia          760
Case Of The Left-Handed Lady, The                  Taylor        Barbara
Case Of The Lion Dance, The                        Paterson      Katherine         860
Case Of The Missing Fossils, The                   Paterson      Katherine         820
Case Of The Peculiar Pink Fan, The                 Olney         Ross R.           970

Case Of The Shining Blue Planet (Anthology), The   Hamilton      Virginia          620
Case Of The Twin Teddy Bears, The                  Cassedy       Sylvia            820
Case Of The Weeping Witch, The                     Silverstein   Herma
Casimir Pulaski: Soldier On Horseback              Martin        Ann M.            510
casita de Harry, La                                Martin        Ann M.            540

Cassandra Walker: Author/Speaker (Anthology)       Friedhoffer   Bob               1010
Cassandra's Sister                                 Napoli        Donna Jo          580
Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman                   Montgomery    L. M.             920
Castaways, The                                     Hamilton      Virginia          620
Castle                                             McGowen       Tom               1080
Castle (Eyewitness)                                McGowen       Tom
Castle (Macaulay)                                  Lewis         C.S.              790
Castle (Seventh Tower)                             Berry         James
Castle Fear                                        Phelps        Ethel Johnston    810
Castle In The Air                                  Kummer        Patricia K.       540
Castle Of Llyr, The                                Woodson       Jacqueline        700
Cat                                                Hyde          Dayton O.         1150
Cat Among The Pigeons                              Wolff         Virginia Euwer    890
Cat Ate My Gymsuit, The                            Mulford       Philippa Greene   660
Cat Running                                        Rowell        Jonathan          1140
Cat Who Came For Christmas, The                    Myers         Walter Dean       1050
Cat Who Wished To Be A Man, The                    Taylor        Theodore          710
Catcall                                            Little        Jean
Catch A Tiger By The Toe                           Hermes        Patricia          720
Catching The Fire (Anthology)                      Wright        Bob               320
Catching The Fire: Philip Simmons, Blacksmith
(Anthology)                                        Thoene        Brock             980
Cat-Dogs, The                                      Orlev         Uri               930
Cathedral                                          Feiffer       Jules             820
Cathedrals                                          Farley           Walter             880
Catherine (The Royal Diaries)                       Wood             June Rae           870
Catherine The Great: Empress Of Russia              Clifford         Eth
Catherine, Called Birdy                             Avi              -                  600
Catherwood                                          Wright           Bob                220
Cats Of Roxville Station, The                       Spinelli         Jerry              820
Cats Of The Clans                                   Hamilton         Virginia           990
Cattle Trails: "Get Along Little Dogies"            L'Engle          Madeleine          700
Caught                                              Macdonald        Robert             1100
Caught Between The Pages                            Baum             L. Frank
Caught By The Sea                                   Greenfeld        Howard             1250
Caught In The Act                                   Hall             Elvajean           860
Caught In The Crossfire                             Otfinoski        Steve              1030
Caught In The Moving Mountains                      Jacques          Brian              900
Cave                                                Greenberg        Keith Elliot       830

Cave Painting To E-Mail: The Evolution Of Writing   Hughes           Morgan           970
Cave Sleuths                                        Rendón Ortiz     G.               900
Cave Trap                                           Sutcliff         Rosemary        1240
Caving: Exploring Limestone Caves                   Pageler          Elaine           150
Caving: Exploring Limestone Caves (Sprint)          Farrell          Mame             730
Cay, The                                            Taha             Karen T.
Cayman Gold: Lost Treasure Of Devils Grotto         Clayton          Ed              1040
Cecile: Gates Of Gold                               Jacques          Brian            890
Celebrate America: In Poetry And Art                Ellis            Rafaela         1200
Celeste's Harlem Renaissance                        Capstone Press                    570
                                                                     Geography Department
Céline Dion                                         Paterson         Katherine        860
Cemetery Street                                     Potts            Steve            720
Central African Republic In Pictures (c.1989)       Van Steenwyk     Elizabeth       1020
Central Coast Missions In California                Williams         Jean Kinney     1080
Central Pacific Railroad (Cornerstones Of
Freedom, Second Series), The                        Jacques          Brian              820
Century Of Immigration, 1820-1924, A                Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds   1030
Century That Was: Reflections On The Last One
Hundred Years, The                                  Spiegelman       Art
Ceremony Of Innocence                               Spiegelman       Art
Ceremony Of The Panther                             Philbrick        Rodman             930
Cesar Chavez (Real-Life Reader Biographies)         Haven            Susan
Cesar Chavez: Labor Leader                          Gilman           Dorothy            990
Cesar Chavez: Labor Leader                          Dexter           Catherine
Cesar: Si, Se Puede! Yes, We Can!                   Miller           Mary Jane
Cezanne Pinto                                       Ryan             Mary C.            740
Chain Letter, The                                   Ryan             Mary E.            690
Chain Of Fire                                       Goldberg         Jan                860
Chains                                              Senior           Kathryn            1050
Chalice                                             Mayhar           Ardath
Challenge (Anthology), The                          Gies             Frances            1360
Challenger Disaster, The                            Howarth          Sarah              840
Chameleons                                          Collin           Paraire
Champion's Spirit                                   Kovacs           Deborah            870

Champions: Stories Of Ten Remarkable Athletes       Kovacs           Deborah            880
Chance Child, A                                Nichols          Angie           1090
Chance Fortune And The Outlaws                 Leroe            Ellen           860
Chance Wild Apple                              Hoyt             Erich           1230
Chancey Of The Maury River                     Campbell         Joanna          690
Chandlefort: In The Shadow Of The Bear         Campbell         Joanna          770
Change, The                                    Beatty           Patricia
Changeling Prince                              Gold             Alison Leslie   890
Changeover: A Supernatural Romance             Mahy             Margaret        980
Changes (Corbett)                              Pyle             Howard          780
Changing Face Of Archaeology, The              Waugh            Sylvia          800
Changing Woman And Her Sisters                 Haines           Holly           1110
Channel Tunnel, The                            Levin            Betty           670
Chantrea Conway's Story: A Voyage From
Cambodia In 1975                               Barron           T. A.           770
Chaos King, The                                Hunter           Mollie          1030
Chaparral (Biomes Of The World)                Mullin           Penn            410
Charge!: Life And Death On The Front Lines     McCall           Edith
Charioteer Of Delphi, The                      Applegate        K. A.           560
Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero             Aronson          Billy           890
Charles And Emma: The Darwins' Leap Of Faith   Lewington        Anna            1240
Charles Darwin (DK Biography)                  Alcraft          Rob             890
Charles Darwin: The Life Of A Revolutionary
Thinker                                        Lovitt           Chip            1010
Charley Skedaddle                              Brenner          Richard J.      1170
Charlie Bone And The Beast                     Capstone Press                    650
                                                                Geography Department
Charlie Bone And The Castle Of Mirrors         Park             Barbara          730
Charlie Bone And The Hidden King               Gordon           Sheila           800
Charlie Bone And The Invisible Boy             Feelings         Tom
Charlie Bone And The Shadow                    Kassem           Lou              560
Charlotte's Rose                               Johnson          Lois             650
Charmed                                        Cushman          Karen           1240
Chase                                          Philbrick        Rodman          1000
Chasing Bears: A Canoe-Country Adventure       Brimner          Larry Dane       980
Chasing Lincoln's Killer                       Green            Michael          780
Chasing Redbird                                Green            Michael          690
Chasing The Falconers                          Green            Michael          680
Chasing Vermeer                                Law              Kevin J.        1210
Chat Room                                      Haggard          H.               730
Che Guevara (A&E Biography)                    Wisler           G. Clifton
Cheat The Moon: A Novel                        Rinaldi          Ann              780
Cheat, The                                     Wilcox           Charlotte        830
Cheater, Cheater                               Capstone Press                    530
                                                                Geography Department
Cheating Heart, The                            Farjas           A.
Checking On The Moon                           Miner            Jane Claypool    600
Chee-Chalker, The                              Gibson           William
Chelsea And The Alien Invasion                 Sorensen         Virginia         750
Chelsea And The Outrageous Phone Bill          Pageler          Elaine           260
Chelsea's Special Touch                        Rylant           Cynthia          980
Chelsey And The Green- Haired Kid              Mazer            Norma Fox        560
Chemistry                                      Martin           Ann M.           660
Chemo Kid, The                                 Duffy            James            620
Chernowitz                                     Kummer           Patricia K.      630
Chess                                              Walter        Mildred Pitts      1120
Chessmen Of Doom, The                              Robinet       Harriette Gillem   640
Chester A. Arthur                                  Kummer        Patricia K.        580
Chester A. Arthur (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)     Jones         Charlotte          1040
Chestnut Soldier, The                              Pinkwater     Jill               610
Chew On This                                       McGraw        Eloise Jarvis      960
Chewing The Cud                                    Tames         Richard            1180
Chicago (Cities Of The World)                      Thesman       Jean               750
Chicago Bears                                      Auch          Mary Jane          660
Chicago Bulls Basketball Team, The                 Goldman       E. M.              600
Chicano Cruz                                       Fehr          Kristin Smith      1090
Chicken Boy                                        Fox           Paula              830
Chicken Bucks                                      DeClements    Barthe             660
Chicken Dance, The                                 Hintz         Martin             630
Chicken Foot Farm                                  Johnston      Scott              710
Chicken Soup For The American Idol Soul            Savage        Jeff               860
Chicken Soup For The Girl's Soul                   Koons         James              540
Chicken Soup For The Kid's Soul                    Regan         Dian Curtis        740
Chicken Soup For The Preteen Soul                  Gómez Cerdá   A.                 710
Chicken Soup For The Preteen Soul 2                Kummer        Patricia K.        550
Chicken Soup For The Soul Christmas Treasury For
Kids                                               Watson        Larry              940
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul: The Real Deal
- Challenges                                       Christopher   John
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul: The Real
Deal: School                                       Climo         Shirley            730
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul's The Real
Deal: Friends                                      Paulsen       Gary               950
Chief Crazy Horse                                  Savin         Marcia             610
Chief Sunrise, John McGraw, and Me                 L'Engle       Madeleine          1000
Chief, The                                         Keehn         Sally M.           670
Chiggers                                           Fox           Paula              770
Chihuahua, The                                     Reeder        Carolyn            960
Child Care Worker                                  McGraw        Eloise Jarvis      940
Child in Prison Camp, A                            Hemstock      Annie              690
Child Labor In America                             Matas         Carol              750
Child Of Dandelions                                Schwartz      Alvin              760
Child Of Fire                                      Stamper       Judith Bauer       710
Child Of The May                                   Betancourt    Jeanne             630
Child Of The Owl                                   Wilcox        Charlotte          630
Child Of The Owl (Anthology)                       Jacques       Brian              600
Child Slavery In Modern Times                      Smith         Jay H.             900
Child X                                            Johnson       Linda Carlson      980
Children Of Green Knowe, The                       Spinka        Penina Keen        650
Children Of Promise                                McDaniel      Lurlene            710
Children Of The Dragon                             Savage        Jeff               790
Children Of The Dust Bowl                          Young         Jesse              860
Children Of The Fire                               Hintz         Martin             680
Children Of The Gold Rush                          Wright        Bob                160
Children Of The Great Depression                   Dregni        Michael            850
Children Of The Wild West                          Jay           Jackson            570
Children Of The Wolf                               Myers         Walter Dean        750
Children Of Time                                   St. George   Judith
Children Of War: Voices Of Iraqi Refugees          Gutman       Bill             770
Children On The Top Floor                          Yep          Laurence         730
Child's Anthology Of Poetry, A                     McDaniel     Lurlene          700
Chile (Enchantment Of The World)                   Myers        Walter Dean      720
Chile In Pictures (c.1988)                         Harris       Christie
Ch'I-Lin Purse: A Collection Of Ancient Chinese
Stories, The                                       Brooks       Bruce            1150
Chimpanzees (Animal Families)                      Merrison     Tim              910
China (Modern Nations Of The World)                Wolff        Virginia Euwer   690
China In Pictures (2nd Edition)                    Wisler       G. Clifton       800
China In Pictures (c.1989)                         Sullivan     George           990
China: Economically Developing Countries           Lawson       Robert           1050
China: The Culture                                 Paulsen      Gary             830
China: The Land                                    Hall         Lynn
China: The People                                  Savage       Jeff             850
China's Buried Warriors                            Alcott       Louisa May
Chincoteague Pony, The                             Perl         Lila             1090
Chinese American Family Album, The                 Wright       Bob              290

Chinese Cinderella And The Secret Dragon Society   Bellairs     John             820
Chinese In America                                 Mazin        J. M.
Chinese Silk Traders, The                          Hilgartner   Beth             690
Chinquapin Tree, The                               Nixon        Joan Lowery      720
Chipper                                            Mayhew       J.               580
Chloris And The Weirdos                            Oughton      Jerrie           750
Chocolate Machine Mystery, The                     Henry        Marguerite       840
Choice, The                                        Craven       Linda            1030
Choosing A Career As A Pilot                       Gillespie    Lorrine          710
Choosing A Career In Aircraft Maintenance          Stewart      Gail B.          790
Choosing A Career In Mortuary Science And The
Funeral Industry                                   Collier      James Lincoln    770
Choosing A Career In Pharmacy And In The
Pharmaceutical Sciences                            O'Hara       Mary             960
Choosing Sides                                     Giovanni     Nikki
Choosing Up Sides                                  Geller       Mark
Chow Chow, The                                     Betancourt   Jeanne           700
Chris Mullin: Sure Shot                            O'Dell       Scott            750
Christmas After All: The Diary Of Minnie Swift     Pettit       Jayne            1060
Christmas Box, The                                 Plummer      Louise           710
Christmas Carol, A                                 Ryan         Mary E.          650
Christmas In Heaven                                Coville      Bruce            750
Christmas Remembered                               Coville      Bruce            750
Christmas Treasury, A                              Coville      Bruce            740
Christmas With Anne                                Coville      Bruce            650

Christmas: Why We Celebrate It The Way We Do       Johnson      Lois Walfrid     570
Christopher Columbus                               Johnson      Lois Walfrid     670
Christopher Killer, The                            Wright       Bob              270
Christopher Reeve                                  Craig        M.F
Christopher Reeve                                  Wright       Bob              230
Christopher Reeve: Superhero (Sprint)              Wright       Bob              330
Christy (Adaptation)                                 Hamilton         Virginia          540
Chronicles Of Avonlea                                Banks            Lynne Reid        770
Chu Ju's House                                       Mullin           Penn              480
Chuc Mung Nam Moi: Happy New Year!                   Johnson          Lois Walfrid      560
Chuck Close Up Close                                 Erwin            Vicki Berger      630
Chuck Close Up Close (Anthology)                     Corcoran         Barbara
Chuck Norris                                         Asprin           Robert            890
Chunnel, The                                         Arms             Gary              630
CIA (Watts Library), The                             Singer           Isaac Bashevis    920
Ciencia y tecnología (Ency Visual)                   Bagnold          Enid              700
Cigarettes                                           Wilson           James            1160
Cincinnati Bengals                                   Aaseng           Nathan           1170
Cinderella 2000                                      Begay            Shonto
Cindy Ella                                           Weber            Bruce             910
Cindy's Bold Start                                   Chocolate        Deborah M. Newton 720
Cindy's Glory                                        Capstone Press                     610
                                                                      Geography Department
Cindy's Heartbreak                                   Margolies        Jacob            1150
Cindy's Honor                                        Soto             Gary
Cindy's Runaway Colt                                 Edwards          Pat
Cinnamon Girl                                        Denenberg        Barry             950
Circle Of Blood, The                                 Kummer           Patricia K.       650
Circle Of Fire                                       McManus          Patrick F.        920
Circle Of Love                                       Mowat            Farley           1330
Circle Of Time, A                                    Beller           Suson Provost    1170
Circle The Truth                                     Ende             Michael           930
Circle Unbroken                                      MacBride         Roger Lea         860
Circlemaker                                          Hansen           Ellen            1190
Circles In The Stream                                Kummer           Patricia K.       580
Circuit (Anthology), The                             Bode             Janet             630
Circuit: Stories From The Life Of A Migrant Child,
The                                                  Kummer           Patricia K.      610
Circus Family                                        Cross            Gillian          700
Circuses: Under The Big Top                          Capstone Press                    690
                                                                      Geography Department
Cities Of The Dead: Finding Lost Civilizations       Greenberg        Martin H.        870
Citizenship                                          Preller          James            1040
City                                                 Lindbergh        Anne             660
City In Space: The International Space Station       Beatty           Patricia         700
City In The Lake, The                                Sommer           Robin Langley    1070
City Light                                           Tenquist         Alasdair         1160
City Of Ember, The                                   Mullin           Penn             420
City Of Gold And Lead                                Whayne           Susanne Santoro  960
City Of Light, City Of Dark                          Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds 860
City Of Ruins (Danger Boy)                           Luckett          Dave             750
City Of The Gods: Mexico's Ancient City Of
Teotihuacán                                          Salas            Nichole          300
City Of Time                                         Ruckman          Ivy              790
City-States Of The Swahili Coast                     Cooney           Caroline B.      700
Civil Rights Movement In America, The                Murphy           Jim
Civil War                                            Sleator          William         730
Civil War A To Z                                     Paulsen          Gary            1250
Civil War And Its Aftermath: 1863-1890, The          Paulsen          Gary            770
Civil War Battles and Leaders (DK)                   Roberts          Willo Davis     850
Civil War, 1860-1865, The                         Kehret             Peg               700
Cixi: Evil Empress Of China                       Korman             Gordon            820
Clan Of The Shape Changers, The                   Greenberg          Jan               770

Clara Barton: Founder Of The American Red Cross   Hayes              Daniel             920
Clara Schumann: Piano Virtuoso                    Berck              Judith             940
Clara's War                                       Levitin            Sonia
Clash Of Cultures, Prehistory-1638                Holl               Kristi D.
Class Discussion (Anthology)                      McDaniel           Lurlene            690
Class Dismissed II: More High School Poems        Ruckman            Ivy                770
Class Favorite                                    Petersen           P. J.              640
Class Trip (Dunn)                                 Greene             Constance C.       640
Claude Monet                                      Cohen              Joel H.            1170
Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice            Crossley-Holland   Kevin              830
Claudia And The Disaster Date                     Kummer             Patricia K.        540
Claudia And The Friendship Feud                   Kummer             Patricia K.        630
Claudia Gets Her Guy                              Holm               Anne               980
Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson                Sullivan           George             1060
Claws                                             Springer           Nancy              780
Clay                                              Vail               Rachel             900
Clay (Almond)                                     Bridgers           Sue Ellen          900
Clay Marble                                       Avi                -
Clem's Chances                                    Thesman            Jean               690
Cleopatra                                         Koller             Jackie French      730
Cleopatra (First Book)                            McDaniel           Lurlene            730
Cleopatra's Lost Palace (Anthology)               Myers              Walter Dean        1030
Click                                             Smucker            Barbara Claassen
Click Here                                        Quinlan            Kathryn A.         730
Cliff-Hanger                                      Manes              Stephen            680
Cliffs Of Cairo                                   MacQuitty          M.
Climb Or Die                                      Simon              Seymour            990
Climb Or Die (Anthology)                          Fine               John Christopher   1290
Climbing The Stairs                               Terris             Susan
Clique: A Novel, The                              DiConsiglio        John               600
Clock, The                                        Sleator            William            1010
Clock, The (Mara)                                 Paterson           Katherine          950
Clockwork                                         Matas              Carol              700
Clones, The                                       McAuliffe          Bill               790
Close Call                                        Robinson           Nancy K.           630
Close Call (Campbell)                             Wilson             Johnniece Marshall 620
Close Enough To Touch                             King               Casey              950
Close Kin                                         Capstone Press                        550
                                                                     Geography Department
Close To Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks Of
1916                                              Ardley             Neil              990
Cloud House                                       Wright             Bob               260
Clouds (Watts Library)                            Schaefer           Jack              880
Clovermead: In the Shadow of the Bear             Gipson             Fred              910
Clown (Dress Through The Ages)                    Sebestyen          Ouida
Clue In The Crossword Cipher, The                 Bauer              Marion Dane       750
Clue In The Crumbling Wall, The                   Hautzig            Esther            1080
Clue In The Diary, The                            Wilder             Laura Ingalls     720
Clue In The Embers, The                           MacBride           Roger Lea         790
Clue In The Jewel Box, The                           Cross            Gillian         710
Clue In The Old Album, The                           Brenner          Barbara         760
Clue In The Old Stagecoach, The                      MacBride         Roger Lea       860
Clue Of The Black Keys, The                          Kelley           Leo P.          380
Clue Of The Broken Blade, The                        Bondar           Barbara         1050
Clue Of The Broken Locket, The                       Wilder           Laura Ingalls   900
Clue Of The Dancing Puppet, The                      Morrow           Honore          980
Clue Of The Hissing Serpent, The                     Whelan           Gloria          830
Clue Of The Leaning Chimney, The                     York             Carol Beach     840
Clue Of The Screeching Owl, The                      Lipsyte          Robert          670
Clue Of The Tapping Heels, The                       Wardlaw          Lee             700
Clue Of The Velvet Mask, The                         Buchanan         William J.      750
Clue Of The Whistling Bagpipes, The                  Hughes           Dean            690
Clue On The Silver Screen, The                       Haskins          Jim             1070
Clues To Madrid, The                                 Pearson          Gayle           690
Coach That Never Came, The                           Adler            C. S.           700
Coal Miner's Bride: The Diary Of Anetka Kaminska,
A                                                    Gifaldi          David
Coast To Coast With Alice                            Fox              Paula           1000
Coastal Rescue: Preserving Our Seashore              Krumgold         Joseph           710
Coaster                                              Kidd             Diana            780
Coasts (Habitats)                                    Hoover           H.M.             730
Cobra King Of Kathmandu, The                         Kent             Deborah          590
Cobras                                               Schwartz         Stuart           710
Cocaine                                              Cooney           Caroline B.      790
Cocker Spaniel, The                                  Coville          Bruce            730
Cockroach Cafeteria (Anthology)                      Otfinoski        Steve           1010
Code Red (Anthology)                                 Cresswell        Helen
Code Red And Other Sci-Fi Tales                      Capstone Press                    530
                                                                      Geography Department
Code Red At The Supermall                            Burgess          Barbara Hood     810
Code Talker: A Novel About The Navajo Marines
Of World War Two                                     Curtis           S. R.
Cody                                                 Avérous          P.              1150
Coffin Club, The                                     Irwin            Hadley          790
Coffin Quilt, The                                    Hoover           H.M.
Cold Case File: Murder In The Mountains (Crime
Solvers)                                             Howard           Moses L.        860
Cold Fire                                            Cormier          Robert          980
Cold Light: Creatures, Discoveries, And Inventions
That Glow                                            Nixon            Joan Lowery     660
Cold Shoulder Road                                   Pople            Maureen
Cold Tom                                             Friedman         Ina R.          780
Cold War Pigeon Patrols, The                         Dickinson        Terence         1200
Cold War, The                                        Sleator          William         860
Colder Than Ice                                      Hoff             Mary            1030
Colibri                                              Hoff             Mary            1080
Colin Powell                                         Hoff             Mary            1060
Colin Powell: A Biography                            Mutel            Cornelia F.     1110
collar de perlas negras, El                          Dolan            Edward F.       1230
Collected Poems                                      Bunting          Eve             650
Collie, The                                          Hansen           Joyce           680
Colombia                                             Freedman         Russell         1000
Colombia (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                            Greene           Jacqueline Dembar 830
Colombia In Pictures (c.1987)                      Hershiser        Orel              1010
Colombia In Pictures (Second Edition)              Hesse            Karen
Colonial Triangular Trade: An Economy Based On
Human Misery                                       Willis           Patricia         800
Color de la luz                                    Sussman          Deborah H.       900
Color Me Dark: The Diary Of Nellie Lee Love, The
Great Migration North                              Cooney           Caroline B.      700
Color of Fire, The                                 Jacques          Brian            1010
Color Of My Words, The                             Gilden           Mel
Colorado                                           Kjelgaard        Jim              990

Colorado (America The Beautiful, Second Series)    McKinley         Robin            1020
Colorado (One Nation)                              Collier          James Lincoln    770
Colorado River, The                                Dygard           Thomas J.        810
Colosseum, The                                     Myers            Walter Dean      770
Columbus & The Renaissance Explorers               Hinton           S.E.             750
Columbus And The World Around Him                  Cooper           Susan            830
Comanche Peace Pipe                                Rushford         Patricia H.      690
Comanche Song                                      Steger           Will             990
Combat Helicopters                                 Ferguson         Alane            640
Come A Stranger                                    Mowat            Farley           980
Come All You Brave Soldiers                        Martin           Ann M.           750
Come Away With Me                                  Garza            Hedda            1210
Come Juneteenth                                    Soto             Gary             750
Come Morning                                       Klass            Sheila Solomon
Come Next Spring                                   Holling          Holling Clancy   940
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo                                Clayton          Elspeth          990
Come The Morning                                   Stewart          Gail B.          800
Come What May                                      Cavanagh         Helen            740
Comeback Season, The                               Webster          Jean             930
Comeback, The                                      Ayer             Eleanor H.       1050
Comedy Girl                                        Walsh            Jill Paton       1230
Comet's Curse, The                                 Guy              Rosa
Comfort Creek                                      Paterson         Katherine        710
Coming Evil, A                                     Peck             Robert Newton    640
Coming Home                                        Cooney           Caroline B.      610

Coming To America: A New Life In A New Land        Wojciechowski    Susan            840
Coming To America: Voices Of Teenage
Immigrants                                         Garden           Nancy
Commencement Speech (Anthology), A                 Aaseng           Nathan          1370
Commodore Perry In The Land Of The Shogun          Laland           Stephanie       1080
Communicating With Others                          Jacques          Brian            980
Communications                                     Capstone Press                    540
                                                                    Geography Department
Company Of Fools, A                                Burckhardt       Ann L.           780
Competitive Edge                                   Burckhardt       Ann L.           710
Complete Computer Popularity Program, The          Burckhardt       Ann L.           840
Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook, The          Burckhardt       Ann L.           730
Complete Super Bowl Story, The                     Lee              Mildred
Comportamiento animal                              Burnett          Frances Hodgson 1070
Compound, The                                        Cooney        Caroline B.    630
Computer Programmer                                  Steele        William O.     750
Computers                                            O'Dell        Scott          980
Conch Bearer, The                                    Corcoran      Barbara
Condoleezza Rice: America's Leading
Stateswoman                                          Parker        Edward         1220
Condoleezza Rice: National Security Advisor          Roberts       Willo Davis    860
Condor Hoax, The                                     Barrie        J. M.          920
Confessions From The Principal's Chair               Service       Pamela F.      890
Confessions Of A Closet Catholic                     Payne         Elizabeth      1100
Confessions Of A Teenage Baboon                      Greene        Bette          900
Con-Fidence                                          Nesbit        E.             1000
Conformation Faults                                  Hesse         Karen          610
Confucius: The Golden Rule                           Stine         R. L.          330
Congress Of The United States, The                   Greenberg     Keith Elliot   840
Conifers                                             Friedhoffer   Bob            1040
Connecticut                                          Friedhoffer   Bob            1000

Connecticut (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Friedhoffer   Bob            960
Connecticut (One Nation)                             Auch          Mary Jane
Conrad's War                                         Ellis         Sarah
Considering A Job Offer                              Calvert       Patricia       940
Conspiracy                                           Pageler       Elaine         260
Conspiracy (Lady Grace)                              Koons         James          690
Conspiracy, The                                      Gordon        Ruth
Constance                                            Bennett       Jay
Construction Carpenter                               Zindel        Paul           1040
constructores de catedrales, Los                     Zindel        Paul           1010
Contact                                              Zindel        Paul           950
Contender, The                                       Peacock       Lindsay        1160
Control                                              Stewart       Gail B.        830
Controls, The                                        Markle        Sandra         1200
Conversation About Life In The Ocean, A              Markle        Sandra         1220
Convertibles                                         Danziger      Paula          600
Converting Kate                                      Jacobs        William Jay    1060
Convicts, The                                        Avi           -              620
Cookcamp, The                                        Janeczko      Paul B.
Cookie (Anthology)                                   Campbell      Eric           850
Cookie Company, The                                  Crofford      Emily          750
Cook's Family, The                                   Nixon         Joan Lowery    770
Cool Careers Without College For People Who
Love Manga, Comics, And Animation                    Willis        Patricia       810
Cool Geography                                       Pettit        Jayne          1120
Cool Moonlight, A                                    Hamilton      Virginia       490
Cool Women                                           Sorensen      Virginia       710
Copper Canyon Conspiracy                             Rees          Elizabeth M.
Copper Elephant, The                                 Hamilton      Virginia       730
Copperheads                                          Gustafson     John           1060
Coral Reef: A City That Never Sleeps                 Haycock       Kate           950
Coral Reefs                                          McDaniel      Lurlene        700
Coral Reefs (Endangered Animals & Habitats)          Vail          Rachel         720
Coral Snakes                                         Molloy        Paul
Coraline                                           Dygard        Thomas J.         820
Coretta Scott King                                 Hoh           Diane             780

Corey's Story: My Dad's Definitely Not A Drunk     Ferguson      Alane             620
Corky And The Brothers Cool                        Martin        James             830
Corn Belt Harvest                                  Shura         Mary Francis
Corner Of The Universe, A                          Christopher   John              970
Coronado                                           Provost       Gary
Corps Of The Bare-Boned Plane, The                 Paulsen       Gary              950
Correction Officer                                 Dorros        Arthur            720
Corrie's Secret                                    Haines        Shirley           1160
Corsarios y piratas                                Bial          Raymond           1160
Cortes And The Spanish Conquest (The Story Of
Mexico)                                            Fox           Paula             840
Corvette: The American Sports Car                  Nathan        Robert
Corvettes                                          Nelson        Vaunda Micheaux   540
Corydon & The Fall Of Atlantis                     Smith         Jay H.            840
Corydon & The Island Of Monsters                   Applegate     K. A.             490
Cosmic Comic (FX), A                               Heath         David             660
Costa Rica                                         Cryan-Hicks   Kathryn           1200
Costa Rica In Pictures (2nd Edition)               Campbell      Joanna            840
Costa Rica In Pictures (c.1987)                    Campbell      Joanna            820
Costa Rica, Revised Edition                        Brooks        Bruce             1140
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) In Pictures (c.1988)   Twain         Mark              1160
Cotton Gin, The                                    Lewis         C.S.              870
Cottonmouth Club, The                              Licata        Renora            950
Cottonmouths                                       Thomas        Jane Resh         790
Cougar                                             Regan         Dian Curtis       710
Could UFOs Be Real?                                Cooney        Caroline B.       770
Count Karlstein                                    Garden        Nancy             930
Countdown                                          Goldberg      Jan               720
Counterfeit Christmas                              Brenner       Richard J.        1230
Counting Coup: Becoming A Crow Chief On The
Reservation And Beyond                             Hintz         Martin            630
Counting On Grace                                  Wolff         Virginia Euwer    780
Counting Stars                                     Hoch          Edward D.         350
Courage At Indian Deep                             Nathanson     Laura
Courage Dana                                       Hastings      Beverly           860
Courage In The News (Anthology)                    Holland       Isabelle          730
Courage To Live, The                               Smith         Nancy Covert      780
Course Of Action                                   Konigsburg    E. L.             770
Court Duel                                         Peyton        K.M.              940
Court Of The Stone Children, The                   Wilcox        Charlotte         670
Cousin War, The                                    Green         Michael           630
Cousins                                            Paterson      Katherine         800
Cousins In The Castle                              Paulsen       Gary              1280
Coverup                                            Rushford      Patricia H.       670
Cover-Up                                           French        Michael
Cowboy (Dress Through The Ages)                    Merrill       Jean              1020
Cowboy (Eyewitness)                                Killien       Christi
Cowboy Ghost                                       Macaulay      David             1110
Cowboys (Biblio visual) (Español)                  McDonald      Mary Ann          820
Cowboys And Cow Towns Of The Wild West             Cottonwood      Joe            590
Cowboys And Longhorns: A Portrait Of The Long
Drive                                              Hilts           Len            800
Cowboys Don't Cry                                  Stewart         Gail B.        840
Cowboys Of The Wild West                           Dygard          Thomas J.      810
Cowboys: Roundup On An American Ranch
(Anthology)                                        Burch           Robert         850
Cow-Tail Switch                                    Yeager          Chuck          1310
Coyote Bead, The                                   Bauer           Marion Dane    790
Coyote, The                                        Blume           Judy
Crackback                                          Lowry           Lois           940
Cracked                                            Johnson         Lois Walfrid   580
Cracker!: The Best Dog In Vietnam                  Howe            Fanny
Crafty Canines: Coyotes, Foxes, And Wolves         Savage          Jeff           740
Crane (Stone)                                      Wood            Tim            950
Crash                                              Harrar          George         1100
Crash At Sea                                       Eyerly          Jeannette
Crash Course (Hover Car Racer)                     Pageler         Elaine         180
Crash!                                             Archer          Nathan         990
Crater, The                                        Wisler          G. Clifton     750
Crazy For Chocolate                                Thesman         Jean           660
Crazy Jack                                         Yep             Laurence       680
Crazy Lady                                         Montgomery      L. M.          980
Crazy Weekend                                      Wickelgren      Ingrid         1210
Creating The Constitution, 1787                    Temple          Frances        890
Creature From The Black Lagoon: Black Water
Horror                                             Prelutsky       Jack
Creatures From The Deep (Monster Chronicles)       Duncan          Lois           750
Creatures Of The Deep                              North           Sterling       1140
Creek, The                                         North           Sterling       1080
Creeping Shadows                                   Bonham          Frank
Crescent Moon                                      Seidler         Tor            900
Cricket Man                                        Bell            Clare
Crime And Detection                                Clemesha        David          690
Crime At The Ch@t Cafe                             McDonald        Mary Ann       810
Crime For Christmas, A                             Poe             Edgar Allan
Crime In The Kennel                                Pinkney         Andrea Davis   780
Crime In The Queen's Court                         Applegate       K. A.          540
Crime Lab Technician                               Read Magazine   Editors        690
Crime Scene Investigators                          Kaye            Marilyn        600
Crime Science                                      Wilson          Nancy Hope     710
Crispin: At The Edge Of The World                  Wiggin          Kate Douglas   1190
Crispin: The Cross Of Lead                         Dygard          Thomas J.      760
Criss Cross                                        Dygard          Thomas J.      880
Crisscross Shadow, The                             Gutnik          Martin J.      1040
Crocodile Tales                                    Wisler          G. Clifton     820
Crocodilians: Reminders Of The Age Of Dinosaurs,
The                                                Christopher     Matt           730
Cromwell's Boy                                     Wright          Bob            220
Crónicas de media tarde                            Steinbeck       John           810
Crooked Banister, The                              Jiang           Ji-li          780
Crooked River                                      Wyman           Andrea         760
Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy                   Jacques          Brian              800
Crossbow                                         Segaloff         Nat                1120
Cross-Country Champ, The                         Dunning          Stephen
Crossfire                                        Service          Pamela F.          870
Crossing Jordan                                  Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds   860
Crossing The Colorado Rockies, 1864              Alexander        Lloyd              790
Crossing The Panther's Path                      Blumberg         Rhoda              1150
Crossing The Wire                                Danziger         Paula              670
Crossing To Paradise                             Johnston         Norma              1130
Crossing, The                                    Rodowsky         Colby              1060
Crossings                                        Peck             Richard            690
Crossroads                                       Peck             Richard            800
Crossroads, The                                  Mikaelsen        Ben                680
Crow, The                                        Meltzer          Milton             1020
Crow, The                                        Banks            Lynne Reid         740
Crow-Girl: Children of Crow Cove, The            Clarke           Pauline
Crown Duel                                       Smith            Doris Buchanan     750
Cruisers                                         Enright          Elizabeth          810
Crush                                            Johnston         Norma
Crush Alert                                      Levitin          Sonia              720
Crushes: Love-Struck, The                        Lerangis         Peter              380
Crustaceans                                      Yep              Laurence           710
Crutches                                         Ho               Minfong            840
Cry "Witch": Salem 1692                          Pageler          Elaine             220
Cry Of The Wolf                                  Chetwin          Grace              770
Cry Of The Wolf                                  Jensen           Dorothea           860
Crying Rocks, The                                Giblin           James Cross        1100
Cryptid Hunters, The                             Rinaldi          Ann                690
Cryptologists: Life Making And Breaking Codes    Hoyt             Erich              1210
Crystal & Gem                                    Paulsen          Gary               1480
Crystal Drop, The                                Myers            Walter Dean        980
Crystal Garden                                   Montgomery       L. M.              1030
Crystal Mask                                     Grove            Vicki              1030
Crystal Prison, The                              Aurora Mayoral   J.                 570
Cuba (Enchantment Of The World)                  Martínez         Fernando

Cuba (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)   Casanova         Mary               680
Cuba In Pictures (2nd Edition)                   Irving           Washington         1350
Cuba In Pictures (c.1987)                        Slepian          Jan                630
Cuban Missile Crisis: A World In Peril, The      Suntree          Susan              1220
Cuckoo's Child                                   Dygard           Thomas J.          780
Cuentos de la selva                              Green            Michael            690
Cuerpos de cobre, corazones de jade              Stevermer        Caroline           690
Cult Leaders                                     George           Jean Craighead
Cupid                                            Hobbs            Will               760
Cupid Chronicles, The                            Paulsen          Gary               960
Curse Dark As Gold, A                            Sutcliff         Rosemary           1230
Curse Of Arkady, The                             O'Dell           Scott              980
Curse Of The Bane                                Taylor           Mildred D.         670
Curse Of The Blue Figurine, The                  Montgomery       L. M.              800
Curses, Inc.                                     Adler            C. S.
Customer Service Representative                  West             Alan               870
Customs Service                                   Coville       Bruce               810
Cut From The Same Cloth: American Women Of
Myth, Legend, And Tall Tale                       Miller        Robyn               1140
Cute Is A Four Letter Word                        Lund          Bill                620
Cute, Furry, And Deadly                           Greenberg     Keith Elliot        830
Cybele's Secret                                   Herb          Montgomery
Cyberia                                           Taylor        Mildred D.          920
Cyberstorm                                        Chandler      Gil                 880
Cyber-Stuffing                                    Gutman        Bill                900
CyberSurfer (Anthology)                           Craven        Jerry               1060
Cycle Of Rice, Cycle Of Life: A Story Of
Sustainable Farming                               Chrisp        Peter               910
Cyprus In Pictures (c.1992)                       Avi           -                   530
Cyrano (McCaughrean)                              Alcándra      Ricardo             850
Cyrano And The Nose                               Angell        Judie
Czar Of Alaska: The Cross Of Charlemagne          Dygard        Thomas J.           830
Czech Republic In Pictures (c.1995)               Gutman        Bill                650
Czech Republic In Pictures (Second Edition)       Lunn          Janet               840
Daddy Says                                        Holl          Kristi D.
Daddy-Long-Legs                                   Gluck         Sherna Berger       940
Daddy's Girl                                      Wright        Bob                 300
dador, El                                         Conford       Ellen               700
Daemon Hall                                       Pullman       Philip              750
Dagmar Schultz And The Power Of Darkness          Bauer         Joan                850
Daily Disaster: Real-Life Stories Of 30 Amazing
Disasters, The                                    Hinton        S.E.                680
Daily Reflections For Highly Effective Teens      Morey         Walt                620
Dairy Queen                                       Levy          Marilyn             630
Daja's Book                                       Johnson       Lois Walfrid        570
Dale Earnhardt Sr.                                Morey         Walt                740
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Stock Car Racing)            Woolverton    Linda
Dallas (Cities Of The World)                      Haddix        Margaret Peterson   730
Dallas Cowboys                                    Dygard        Thomas J.           1010
Dallas Cowboys Football Team, The                 Dygard        Thomas J.           860
Dalmatian, The                                    Burks         Brian               850
Dalton Gang, The                                  Killien       Christi             660
Damosel                                           Robbins       Neal E.             1080
Dance Me A Story                                  Vitebsky      Piers               1160
Dance Of The Continents                           Jacques       Brian               890
Dance With A Vampire (Vampire Kisses)             Matute        A. M.
Dancing at the Odinochka                          Campbell      Joanna              710
Dancing Bear,The                                  Campbell      Joanna              810
Dancing Carl                                      Haugaard      Erik Christian      960
Dancing In Cadillac Light                         Mullin        Penn                400
Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants                         Johnston      Norma
Dancing In The Streets Of Brooklyn                Brandenburg   Jim                 1080
Dancing Monkey                                    Gallant       Roy A.              1040
Dancing Through Fire (Portraits)                  Pierce        Tamora              730
Dancing Through The Shadows                       Morey         Walt
Dancing With An Alien                             Lavender      David               960
Dancing With Elvis                                Beatty        Patricia            800
Dandelion Fire                                    O'Dell        Scott               760
Danger (Undercover Girl)              Coombs       Karen Mueller       970
Danger At The Flying Y                Irwin        Hadley              850
Danger Dog                            Paulsen      Gary                840
Danger Down Under                     Enright      Elizabeth           820
Danger In Disguise                    Fleischman   Paul                1030
Danger In The Deep                    Tomey        Ingrid              780
Danger In The Palace                  Gipson       Fred                940
Danger On Parade                      Tolan        Stephanie S.        780
Danger On Thunder Mountain            Miles        Betty               1030
Danger On Vampire Trail               Leonard      Laura               860
Danger Quotient, The                  McDaniel     Lurlene             670
Danger Unlimited                      Liptak       Karen               1130
Danger, Dolphins, And Ginger Beer     Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds    1020
Dangerous Crossings (Restless Sea)    Deaver       Julie Reece         580
Dangerous Days Of Daniel X, The       Roberts      Willo Davis         840
Dangerous Engine, A                   Wright       Betty Ren           670
Dangerous Games                       Grant        Adam                740
Dangerous Ground                      Myers        Walter Dean         610
Dangerous Loves                       Morey        Walt                700
Dangerous Path (Warriors), A          Gowell       Elizabeth Tayntor   1070
Dangerous Plan, A                     Uchida       Yoshiko             900
Dangerous Promise                     London       Jack                1020
Dangerous Relations                   Wood         Marcia              590
Dangerous Rescue, The                 Nixon        Joan Lowery         780
Dangerous Ride, A                     Hallman      Ruth
Dangerous Skies                       Bennett      Cherie              590
Dangerous Wishes                      Wrede        Patricia C.         790
Dangling                              Brooks       Felicity            1080
Dani Bennoni: Long May He Live        McDaniel     Lurlene             660
Daniel Boone                          Mackel       Kathy               640
Daniel Boone And The Cumberland Gap   Rinaldi      Ann                 540
Daniel Boone: Wilderness Pioneer      Hamilton     Virginia            460
Danielle's Black Belt                 Kidd         Ronald              680
Daniel's Roller Coasters              Konigsburg   E. L.               840
Daniel's Story                        Wright       Bob                 370
Daniel's Walk                         Burnett      Frances Hodgson     970
Danny's Desert Rats                   Miles        Betty               550
Daphne's Book                         Monson       A. M.               620
Dar And The Spear Thrower             Banks        Lynne Reid          870
Darby                                 Keene        Carolyn             760
Dare                                  Mullin       Penn                450
Daredevil Club                        Whitney      Phyllis A.          940
Daring Pirate Women                   Whitney      Phyllis A.          970
Dark Dude                             Bellairs     John                860
Dark Frigate, The                     Angell       Judie
Dark Garden, The                      Nixon        Joan Lowery         750
Dark Hills Divide, The                McGovern     Ann                 590
Dark Horse                            Wright       Bob                 280
Dark Horse, The                       Applegate    K. A.               560
Dark Hours                            Stevenson    Robert Louis        740
Dark Is Rising, The                   Goldberg     Jan                 750
Dark Light, The                       Fleischman   Paul                710
Dark Pond, The                                     Lauber          Patricia           890
Dark Portal, The                                   Eyerly          Jeannette
Dark Quetzal                                       Chinery         M.
Dark Rival, The                                    Yolen           Jane               880
Dark River (Warriors: Power Of Three)              Brownlie        Alison             950
Dark Secret Of Weatherend                          Paulsen         Gary               1030
Dark Side Of Nowhere, The                          Haskins         Jim                1230
Dark Sons                                          Cwiklik         Robert             860
Dark Stairs, The                                   O'Dell          Scott              880
Dark Starry Morning                                Yep             Laurence           770
Dark Thirty: Southern Tales Of The Supernatural,
The                                                Conford         Ellen              730
Dark Water Rising                                  Daly            Maureen            1130
Dark Waters                                        Wardlaw         Lee                600
Dark Whispers                                      Reeder          Carolyn            800
Darkangel                                          Schnur          Steven             850
Darkening Skies                                    Shusterman      Neal               760
Darkest Evening, The                               Lunn            Janet
Darkest Hour                                       Levoy           Myron              480
Darkest Hour, The (Warriors)                       Wojciechowska   Maia               740
Darkhenge                                          Johnston        Norma
Darkling Plain, A                                  Myers           Walter Dean        660
Darkness Falls                                     Zettner         Pat                700
Darkness Over Denmark: The Danish Resistance
And The Rescue Of The Jews                         Nixon           Joan Lowery        850
Darkness Under The Water, The                      Lasky           Kathryn            840
Darkside                                           Herzig          Alison Cragin
Darkwing                                           Freeman         Bill
Darkwood                                           Brenner         Richard J.         1160
Darnell Rock Reporting                             Wood            June Rae           790
Darnell Rock Reporting (Anthology)                 George          Jean Craighead     800
Dateline: Troy                                     Campbell        Eric               830
Dating Diaries, The                                Cerullo         Mary M.            1150
Daughter Of The Sea                                McDaniel        Lurlene            680
Daughter Of Venice                                 Manley          Joan B.            890
D'Aulaires' Book Of Greek Myths                    Miner           Jane Claypool      600
Dave At Night                                      Hoover          H.M.
David Robinson: Backboard Admiral                  Stewart         Gail B.            800
Davy Crockett: Defender Of The Alamo               Naylor          Phyllis Reynolds   860
Dawn                                               Buchanan        William J.         760
Dawn (Warriors: The New Prophecy)                  Campbell        Joanna             850
Dawn And Dusk                                      Macaulay        David              1250
Dawn And The We Love Kids Club                     James           Mary               780
Dawn And Too Many Sitters                          Gallo           Donald R.          880
Dawn And Whitney, Friends Forever                  Eller           Scott
Dawn Of Fear                                       Isaacson        Philip M.          1110
Dawn Palace: The Story Of Medea                    Ferguson        Alane              690
Dawn Saves The Planet                              James           Mary               800
Dawn: Diary Two                                    Wright          Bob                290
Dawn's Big Date                                    Boga            Steve              310
Dawn's Big Move                                    Young           Jesse              890
Dawn's Book                                        McVey           Vicki              1120
Dawn's Wicked Stepsister                            Campbell     Joanna          780
Day Fort Sumter Was Fired On, The                   Paterson     Katherine       870
Day Martin Luther King, Jr., Was Shot, The          Fletcher     Susan           730
Day No Pigs Would Die, A                            Rushford     Patricia H.     710
Day Of Reckoning, The                               D'Amelio     Dan             320
Day Of Tears                                        Mazer        Norma Fox       520
Day Of The Djinn Warriors, The                      Wright       Bob             280
Day Of The Scarab                                   Lewis        C.S.            840
Day Of The Turtle (Anthology), The                  Levitin      Sonia           590
Day Pearl Harbor Was Bombed, The                    Cooper       Susan           900
Day That Elvis Came To Town, The                    Dalgliesh    Alice           780
Day The Women Got The Vote, The                     Wright       Bob             270
Day They Parachuted Cats On Borneo (Anthology),
The                                                 De Varona    Frank           830
Day We Walked On The Moon, The                      O'Dell       Scott           820
Days Of Jubilee: The End Of Slavery In The United
States                                              Bennett      Jay             430
Days Of Terror                                      Sleator      William         740
Dead And The Gone, The                              Napoli       Donna Jo        540
Dead Birds Singing                                  Greenfield   Eloise          670
Dead Heat                                           Cleary       Beverly         880
Dead Letter: A Herculeah Jones Mystery              Pevsner      Stella
Dead Man In Indian Creek                            Kehret       Peg             680
Dead Of Night                                       McDaniel     Lurlene         660
Dead On Target                                      McDaniel     Lurlene         670
Dead Wrong                                          DeClements   Barthe          700
Deadly Deception                                    Sachar       Louis           520
Deadly Double                                       Kidd         Ronald
Deadly Drive                                        Jay          Jackson         570
Deadly Game Of Magic, A                             Shoemaker    Joel            810
Deadly Hunter, The                                  Smith        K.              680
Deadly Oasis                                        Coville      Bruce           700
Deadly Offer                                        Pearson      Kit             720
Deadly Waters                                       Corcoran     Barbara
Deadly Wish                                         Bayne        Bijan C.        1170
Dealing With Dragons                                Ryan         Pat             760
Dear America (Anthology)                            Meeks        Christopher     780
Dear Dr. Bell... Your Friend, Helen Keller          Holman       Felice          960
Dear Ellen Bee: A Civil War Scrapbook Of Two
Union Spies                                         Myers        Walter Dean     750
Dear Great American Writers School                  Fox          Paula           970
Dear Julia                                          Jacobs       Paul Samuel     790
Dear Miss Breed                                     Walker       Paul Robert     670
Dear Mom, You're Ruining My Life                    Soto         Gary            1030

Dear Mrs. Parks: A Dialogue With Today's Youth      Kehret       Peg             890
Dear One, The                                       Gutman       Bill            610
Death At Devil's Bridge                             Gutman       Bill            590
Death At The Gala                                   Tapp         Kathy Kennedy   570
Death By Eggplant                                   Greenberg    Keith Elliot    850
Death Collector, The                                James        Will            1440
Death In Kingsport                                  Avi          -               520
Death In The Air: His Second Case (The Boy
Sherlock Holmes)                                  Doherty          Berlie             710
Death Mountain                                    Bianchi          John               1240
Death Of Hope, The                                Mazer            Harry              690
Death On Sacred Ground                            Kjelgaard        Jim                1080
Death Run                                         McSwigan         Marie              690
Death Run                                         Calvert          Patricia           820
Death Strike                                      Sullivan         George             990
Death Walk                                        Jay              Jackson            580
Death's Door                                      Lavender         David              890
Deceived                                          Mara             William P.         790
December Stillness                                Denenberg        Barry              710
Deception (Lady Grace)                            Irwin            Hadley
Deception, The                                    McDaniel         Lurlene            710
Deceptions                                        Marsden          John               870
Decision, The                                     Duane            Diane E.           960
Declaration, The                                  Dygard           Thomas J.          830
Decoding Life                                     Cadwallader      Sharon             920
Decoding Of Lana Morris, The                      Claflin          Edward Beecher     900
Deenie                                            Díaz             G. Cecilia         810
Deep And Dark And Dangerous: A Ghost Story        Burks            Brian              820
Deep Cut, The                                     Robertshaw       Andrew             1180
Deep Trouble                                      Mazer            Norma Fox          510
Deep Waters                                       Voigt            Cynthia            770
Deep Wizardry                                     Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds
Deeper                                            Applegate        K. A.              550
Deep-Sea Diver (Dress Through The Ages)           Wynne-Jones      Tim                720
Deep-Sea Explorer: The Story Of Robert Ballard,
Discoverer Of The Titanic                         Hastings         Beverly            920
Deer Stand                                        Rochman          Hazel              990
Defenders Of The Dead, The                        McDaniel         Lurlene            720
Defenders, The                                    Bunting          Eve                630
Define "Normal"                                   Patneaude        David              710
Defining Dulcie                                   Mazer            Harry              480
Deion Sanders: Prime Time Player                  Peck             Richard            860

Delaware (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Hall             Lynn               940
Delaware (America The Beautiful, Third Series)    Avi              -                  540
Delaware (One Nation)                             McDaniel         Lurlene            740

Delicious: The Life And Art Of Wayne Thiebaud     Myers            Walter Dean      640
Deliver Us From Normal                            Korman           Gordon
Demeter & Persephone: Spring Held Hostage         Snyder           Zilpha Keatley  1150
Demeter's Daughter (Anthology)                    Ferris           Jean             900
Demigod Files, The                                Voigt            Cynthia          800
Democratic Republic Of The Congo                  Bunting          Eve              690
Demolition Derby                                  Hewett           Lorri            770
Demon In The Teahouse, The                        Forrester        Sandra           790
Demon Queen, The                                  Armstrong        William H.       900
Demonkeeper                                       Barraclough      John             940
Demons Of The Ocean                               Capstone Press                    590
                                                                   Geography Department
Den Of The White Fox                              Jung             Sung-Hoon       1160
Deneki: An Alaskan Moose                        Rubinstein   Gillian
Deng Xiaoping: Leader In A Changing China       Spinelli     Jerry            600
Denmark                                         Champion     Neil             1000
Denmark In Pictures (c.1991)                    Peck         Robert Newton
Dental Hygienist                                Mikaelsen    Ben              620
Denver Broncos                                  Shusterman   Neal             880
Denzel Washington                               Bellairs     John             880
Departure, The                                  Service      Robert
Depression                                      Ackerman     Ned              890
Deputy At Wild Card                             Sleator      William          710
Derek Jeter: Shortstop Sensation                Nixon        Joan Lowery      700
Derek Jeter: Surefire Shortstop                 Coville      Bruce            640
Desaparecida                                    Krisher      Trudy            800
Desdemona, Twelve Going On Desperate            Martin       James            840
Desert (Biomes Of The World)                    Hollander    Phyllis          1150
Desert Thieves, The                             Myers        Anna             770
Deserts (Habitats)                              Schleifer    Jay              900
Deserts Of The Southwest, The                   Bunting      Eve              710
Designs In Crime                                Bauer        Joan             930
Desperate Journey                               Wilcox       Charlotte        600
Desperate Search, The                           Palacios     Argentina        1060
Destination Gold!                               Yep          Laurence         850
Destination Unknown (Remnants)                  Smith        Bill             1380
Destination: Disaster!/ Around The World With
Nellie Bly                                      Nixon        Joan Lowery      670
Destination: Mars (Anthology)                   Singer       Marilyn          870
Destiny                                         Ruby         Lois             890
Destiny                                         Armstrong    Jennifer         690
Destroyers                                      Denenberg    Barry            930
Detectives In Togas                             Estes        Allison          800
Detectives: Life Investigating Crime            Sobol        Donald J.        800
Detroit Lions                                   Service      Pamela F.        820
Devil And His Boy, The                          Rinaldi      Ann              590
Devil In Ol' Rosie, The                         Dregni       Michael          800
Devil In Vienna, The                            Young        Jesse            840
Devil On My Heels                               Calvert      Patricia         870
Devil Storm                                     Gilbert      Barbara Snow     800
Devil's Arithmetic, The                         Fritz        Jean             1030
Devil's Bridge                                  Singer       Isaac Bashevis   910
Devil's Highway, The                            Thomas       Piri
Devil's Paintbox, The                           Adkins       Jan              870
Devil's Race                                    Kjelgaard    Jim              1030
Devil's Toenail, The                            Montgomery   L. M.            960
Devouring, The                                  Moore        Eva              700
Dial L For Loser                                Foster       Leila M.
Dial-A-Ghost                                    Ekstrand     Chris            970
Diamond Deceit                                  Nesbit       E.               890
Diamond In The Window, The                      Donahue      Marilyn Cram
Diamond Of Darkhold, The                        Mikaelsen    Ben              610
Diamond Of Drury Lane, The                      Weiss        Harvey           980
Diamond Willow                                  Sleator      William          730
Diamonds In The Shadow                          Stevenson    Robert Louis     1040
Diamonds In The Sky                              Geller      Mark           430
Dian Fossey: Among The Gorillas                  Philbrick   Rodman         630
Diana, Princess Of Wales                         DeFelice    Cynthia        850
Diana: Queen Of Hearts                           Crew        Gary           1200
Diario de viaje                                  Ferrell     Ed             1230
Diary Of A Frantic Kid Sister                    Wyss        Thelma Hatch   690
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid                             Applegate   K. A.          530
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules              Cooney      Caroline B.    590
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw             O'Dell      Scott          740
Diary Of Anne Frank: Play (Anthology), The       Young       Jesse          950
Diary Of Latoya Hunter                           Doherty     Berlie         810
Diary of Ma Yan, The                             Jones       Adrienne
Dicey's Song                                     Ryan        Pat            750
Dickens: His Work and His World                  Conford     Ellen
Dictators                                        Wright      Bob            260
Dido And Pa                                      Bond        Nancy          810
Different Kind Of Christmas, A                   Lexau       Joan M.        570
Different Kind Of Courage, A                     Ware        Derek          1170
Different Strokes (Anthology)                    Pullman     Philip         890
Difficult Boy, A                                 Auch        Mary Jane      620
Dig This! How Archaeologists Uncover Our Past    Angell      Judie
Digesting: How We Fuel The Body                  Moulton     Deborah        720
Diggers                                          Greene      Bette          800
Digging Up The Past (Anthology 2)                Rawls       Wilson         810
Dinah And The Green Fat Kingdom                  Byars       Betsy          830
Dinah Forever                                    Soto        Gary           750
Dinah In Love                                    Dickinson   Terence        1270
Dingo                                            Rodgers     Mary M.        900
Dino Sword                                       Lowry       Lois           860
Dinosaur For Middleville, A                      Gutman      Bill           870
Dinosaur Named Sue: The Story Of The Colossal
Fossil, A                                        Talbert     Marc           910
Dinosaurs In Your Backyard                       Perkins     Mitali         780
Dipper Of Copper Creek                           Martin      Ann M.         470
Director: Film, TV, Radio, And Stage             Martin      Ann M.
Dirt And Grime, Like You've Never Seen!          Brown       Jamie          780
Dirt Bike Adventure                              Korman      Gordon         620
Dirt Bike Runaway                                Smith       Jay H.         930
Dirt Bikes                                       Jay         Jackson        630
Dirty Deeds                                      Towne       Mary
Dirty Laundry                                    Heath       David          670
Disappearances                                   Gutman      Bill           740
Disappearing Acts                                Ransom      Candice F.
Disappearing Floor, The                          Applegate   K. A.          640
Disappearing Stranger                            Brancato    Robin F.       640
Disaster Of The Hindenburg, The                  Cleaver     Vera
Disaster On Windy Hill                           Meigs       Cornelia       1160
Disaster Relief Workers                          L'Engle     Madeleine      850
Disaster!                                        Verrier     John           1040
Disaster!: Three Real-Life Stories Of Survival   Johnson     Lois           670
Disasters                                        Griffin     Peni R.        830
Disconnected                                     Sutcliff    Rosemary       1210
Discover The Destroyer                              Salvatore   R. A.              1120
Discovery at Flint Springs                          Matas       Carol
Discovery, The                                      Gutman      Bill               850
Disney At Dawn                                      Balgassi    Haemi              850
Disneyland Hostage                                  Okimoto     Jean Davies        720

Disreputable History Of Frankie Landau-Banks, The   Turner      Glennette Tilley   850
Distant Enemy, A                                    Lawlor      Laurie             690
Distant Fires                                       Lowry       Lois               840
Distant Waves                                       Alexander   Sally Hobart       650
Dither Farm                                         Soto        Gary               750
Dive                                                Mazer       Norma Fox          570
Dive In!                                            Stamper     J.B.               650
Dive Through The Wave                               Lauber      Patricia           970
Dive!: My Adventures In The Deep Frontier           Carpenter   Frances            930
Dive!: My Adventures In The Deep Frontier
(Anthology)                                         Jerrome     Edward             390
Divers: Living Dangerously                          Jerrome     Edward             400
Diversion, The                                      Jerrome     Edward             390
Divide, The                                         Jerrome     Edward G.          400
Divine One (Sisters Of Isis)                        Jerrome     Edward G.          380
Divorce Express, The                                Poe         Edgar Allan        1310
Do Bananas Chew Gum?                                Jerrome     Edward G.          420
Do It Yourself Beauty                               Jerrome     Edward             380
Do Not Pass Go                                      Dowswell    Paul               1060
Do People Grow On Family Trees? Genealogy For
Kids And Other Beginners                            Jerrome     Edward G.          360
Do The Math: Secrets, Lies, And Algebra             Jerrome     Edward G.          420
Do You Know The Monkey Man?                         Jerrome     Edward G.          450
Do You Read Me?                                     Jerrome     Edward G.
Doberman Pinscher, The                              Thomas      Peggy              1250
Doc Holliday                                        George      Jean Craighead     770
Doctor Dinosaur (Anthology)                         McHargue    Georgess           940
Doctor Dolittle: A Treasury                         Wrede       Patricia C.        680
Doctor Illuminatus                                  Blair       Walter             1050
Doctor's Orders                                     Clapp       Patricia           790
Doctors Without Borders (Anthology)                 Hinton      S.E.               790
Dodosaurs: The Dinosaurs That Didn't Make It        Bloor       Edward             680
Dog                                                 Alexander   Lloyd              870
Dog Called Grk, A                                   Singer      Marilyn
Dog Days                                            Byars       Betsy              540
Dog For Life, A                                     Burroughs   Edgar Rice         1270
Dog In The Freezer                                  Thrasher    Crystal
Dog Sense                                           Temple      Frances            650
Dog So Small, A                                     Bauer       Marion Dane        750
Dog Walker                                          Mathis      Sharon Bell        560
Dog Who Wouldn't Be                                 Hughes      Dean               630
Dog Worth Stealing                                  Dobson      C.                 600
Dogboy                                              Coman       Carolyn            910
Dogs To The Rescue                                  Bachrach    Susan D.           1190
Dogsong                                             Wilcox      Charlotte          730
DogStar                                             Paulsen     Gary               890
Doing Our Part: American Women On The Home
Front During World War II                           Siegelson        Kim              830
Doing Time Online                                   Cooney           Caroline B.      710
Do-It-Yourself Monsters                             Steiner          Barbara
Do-It-Yourself Project (Anthology), A               Hinton           S.E.             710
Doll Baby                                           Capstone Press                    610
                                                                     Geography Department
Dolley Payne Todd Madison                           Adler            C. S.            730
Dolphin Song                                        Billups          Annie            550
Dolphins (Animal Families)                          Stefoff          Rebecca         1160
Dolphins Of Laurentum, The                          Danziger         Paula            570
Dolphins: Revised Edition (Nature Watch)            Spinelli         Jerry            520
Dolphins: What They Can Teach Us                    Karon            Jan              780
Dominic                                             Monroe           Jean Guard       940
Dominican Republic (Enchantment Of The World),
The                                                 Johnston         Johanna         790
Dominican Republic (Enchantment Of The World,
Second Series)                                      Jacobs           William Jay    1130
Dominican Republic In Pictures (c.1988)             Wright           Bob            190
Dominique Moceanu                                   Barker           Clive          740
Donner Party, The                                   Yep              Laurence       700
Don't Be Fooled (Anthology)                         Turner           Megan Whalen   920
Don't Blink Now! Capturing The Hidden World Of
Sea Creatures                                       Philbrick        Rodman          670
Don't Call It Paradise                              Ride             Sally           970
Don't Call Me Chicken (FX)                          Sachs            Marilyn         750
Don't Call Me Ishmael                               Pines            T.              710
Don't Cry For Yesterday                             Ruckman          Ivy             740
Don't Die, My Love                                  Danziger         Paula           690
Don't Get Caught Driving The School Bus             Hoover           H.M.
Don't Get Caught In The Girls Locker Room           Levinson         Nancy Smiler   620
Don't Get Caught In The Teachers' Lounge            Stefoff          Rebecca        1160
Don't Get Caught Wearing The Lunch Lady's
Hairnet                                             Hite             Sid             840
Don't Hurt Laurie                                   Brooks           Bruce           940
Don't Know Much About Space                         Applegate        K. A.           560
Don't Look Behind You                               Van Steenwyk     Elizabeth

Don't Read This! And Other Tales Of The Unnatural   Lindbergh        Anne           690
Don't Stress! How To Keep Life's Problems Little    McAuliffe        Jim            260
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff For Teens               Schenker         Dona           830
Don't Talk To Me About The War                      Smith            Roland         620
Don't Talk To Strangers                             O'Dell           Scott          680
Don't Tell Anyone                                   Craven           Linda          1040
Don't Think Twice (Gilmour)                         Prentzas         G. S.          1110
Don't Whistle In School: The History Of America's
Public Schools                                      Bauer            Joan           860
Dooby                                               Kendra           Judith         1180
Doom Of The Haunted Opera, The                      Martínez-Mena    A.             1290
Doom Stone, The                                     Blume            Judy           650
Doomed Queen Anne                                   Pullman          Philip         820
Doomsday                                            Edwards          Nicholas       1070
Doomwyte                                            Koertge          Ron            720
Door In The Dragon's Throat, The                    Houston     James A.         1120
Door In The Hedge, The                              McDaniel    Lurlene          650
Door In The Lake, The                               Flanagan    Erin             510
Door In The Tree, The                               Paulsen     Gary             1130
Door Of No Return, The                              Rinaldi     Ann              680
Door-To-Door Deception, The                         Hahn        Mary Downing     710
Doppelganger (The Bloodwater Mysteries)             Wells       H.G.             1070
Dork Diaries                                        Westall     Robert           790
Dork On The Run                                     Johnston    Norma
Dorling Kindersley Guide To Weather                 Peel        John             650
Double Check (Traces)                               McDaniel    Lurlene          680
Double Crossing                                     McDaniel    Lurlene          710
Double Date                                         Reiss       Kathryn          800
Double Dutch                                        Lee         Robert C.
Double Eagle                                        Hilts       Len
Double Fake (Winning Season)                        Taylor      Theodore         860
Double Identity                                     Yue         David
Double Jeopardy                                     Williams    Barbara          690
Double Jinx Mystery, The                            Hoh         Diane            850
Double Life Of Pocahontas, The                      Lester      Julius           1080
Double Life Of Zoe Flynn, The                       Johnston    Norma
Double Life, The (Invisible Detective)              Ride        Sally            1090
Double Luck: Memoirs Of A Chinese Orphan            Murphy      Claire Rudolph   810
Double Or Die                                       Gifaldi     David            700

Double Trouble Squared (Revised Edition, 2008)      Carpenter   Humphrey         1250
Double-Click For Trouble                            Pearce      A. Philippa      860
Double-Dare To Be Scared: Another Thirteen
Chilling Tales                                      Mullin      Penn             500
Dough Boy                                           Peretti     Frank E.         810
Douglas MacArthur                                   Temple      Frances          750
Douglas MacArthur: American Hero                    Johnson     Angela           760
Dove And Sword                                      Rushford    Patricia H.      670
Dove Song                                           McDaniel    Lurlene          770
Dovey Coe                                           Hintz       Martin           660
Down A Dark Hall                                    Hall        Lynn             890
Down Sand Mountain                                  Hill        Kirkpatrick      800
Down The Rabbit Hole                                Dygard      Thomas J.        810
Down The Rio Grande, 1829                           Dixon       Franklin W.      740
Downriver                                           Ward        Tony             1120
Downsiders                                          Littleton   Mark             810
Downtown Boy                                        Bess        Clayton
Downwind                                            Ehle        John             1150
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde And Other Stories Of The
Supernatural                                        Fritz       Jean             1020
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde/The Invisible Man           Forman      James D.
Dr. Jenner And The Speckled Monster: The Search
For The Smallpox Vaccine                            Paulsen     Gary             630
Dr. Pedro Jose Greer, Jr.: Doctor To The Homeless
(Anthology)                                         Degens      T.               830
Drackenberg Adventure                               Collins     Julie            1120
Dracula And Other Vampire Stories                   Sullivan    George           980
Dracula: Return Of Evil                       Peretti           Frank E.         840
Drag Racing                                   Skurzynski        Gloria           830
Dragon And Herdsman                           Lindbergh         Anne             700
Dragon and Soldier                            Stevenson         Robert Louis     1100
Dragon and Thief                              Wright            Bob              400
Dragon Bones And Dinosaur Eggs: A
Photobiography of Explorer Roy Chapman
Andrews                                       Bellairs          John             800
Dragon Cauldron                               Stevens           Reed             1040
Dragon Flight                                 Wright            Bob              220
Dragon Guard, The                             Nye               Naomi Shihab
Dragon Heir, The                              Nye               Naomi Shihab
Dragon Keeper                                 Caudill           Rebecca          1030
Dragon Moon                                   Snyder            Zilpha Keatley   950
Dragon Of Lonely Island, The                  Lund              Bill             680
Dragon Of The Lost Sea                        Mahy              Margaret         980
Dragon Princess, The                          Evslin            Bernard          930
Dragon Road                                   Bellairs          John             860
Dragon Slippers                               Johnson           Lois Walfrid     560
Dragon Steel                                  Mullin            Penn             400
Dragon Sword (Danger Boy)                     Napoli            Donna Jo         550
Dragon Tales                                  Levin             Betty            700
Dragon War                                    McGraw            Eloise Jarvis    890
Dragonfly Pool, The                           Hayes             Daniel           830
Dragonhaven                                   Facklam           Margery          680
Dragonology                                   Moore             Elaine           690
Dragonology Handbook, The                     Nathanson         Laura
Dragon's Bait                                 Conly             Jane Leslie      640
Dragon's Boy                                  Brenner           Richard J.       1370
Dragon's Breath                               Savage            Jeff             830
Dragon's Eye, The                             Pratchett         Terry            630
Dragon's Gate                                 Avi               -                740
Dragons In The Waters                         Wallace           Bill             700
Dragon's Lair, The                            Lasky             Kathryn          780
Dragon's Milk                                 Gross             Ruth Belov       590
Dragonslayer's Apprentice, The                Armstrong         William H.       890
Dragonwings                                   Galloway          Priscilla        760
Dragsters                                     Kelly             Eric P.          1200
Drama!: The Four Dorothys                     Pfeffer           Susan Beth
Draugr                                        Taylor            Theodore         850
Draw Cars Step By Step                        Paulsen           Gary             790
Drawing From Nature                           Trembath          Don              850
Drawing Lessons                               Rendón Ortiz      G.               770
Dread Locks                                   Cormier           Robert           840
Dreadful Future Of Blossom Culp, The          Beatty            Patricia         830
Dreadful Sorry                                Baskin-Salzberg   Anita            1160
Dream Bearer, The                             Green             Robert           1170
Dream Freedom                                 Geser             Ingrid           1030
Dream Is Alive                                Nelson            Theresa          800
Dream Keeper                                  Cooney            Caroline B.      690
Dream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement
From 1954 to 1968                             Pryor             Bonnie
Dream Soul                                         Wallace       Barbara Brooks   910
Dream Storm (Remnants)                             Cooney        Caroline B.      660

Dreamhunter: Book One Of The Dreamhunter Duet      Roberts       Willo Davis      840
Dreaming Aloud (Anthology)                         Hanes         Mari             810
Dreamland Lake                                     Wallis        Velma            1030
Dream-Maker's Magic, The                           Sobol         Donald J.        820

Dreamquake: Book Two Of The Dreamhunter Duet       Koons         James            760
Dreams And Sleep                                   Streissguth   Tom              840
Dreams Of Mairhe Mehan, The                        D'Angelo      Laura            440
Dreams Of The Deep: The Explorations Of Jacques
Cousteau                                           Falkof        Lucille          1060
Dreamwalker's Child, The                           Haas          Jessie           730
Dressed For The Occasion                           Service       Pamela F.        820
Drew Bledsoe: Cool Quarterback                     Salisbury     Graham           640
Drew Carey                                         Moore         Martha           760
Dribble and Dazzle! NBA in Action (FX)             Macaulay      David            1230
Drifting Snow: An Arctic Search                    Hansen        Ellen            1200
Drive-By                                           Applegate     K. A.            540

Driven From The Land: The Story Of The Dust Bowl   Mahy          Margaret         840
Driver's Ed                                        Zindel        Paul             1050
Drop                                               Cox           Clinton          1190
Dropping In With Andy Mac: The Life Of A Pro
Skateboarder                                       Zalben        Jane Breskin     700
Drowned Maiden's Hair, A                           Peck          Richard          780
Drowned Wednesday                                  Miotto        E.               900
Drum Beats                                         Applegate     K. A.            570
Drum, The Doll, And The Zombie, The                Plummer       Louise           730
Drummer Boy Of Vicksburg, The                      Wright        Bob              280
Drummer Boy, The                                   Sullivan      George           1000
Drummers Of Jericho                                McDaniel      Lurlene          600
Drums                                              Humphreys     Martha           550
Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie                     Konigsburg    E. L.            910
Dublin                                             Doyle         Brian            870
Duchessina: A Novel Of Catherine De' Medici        Siegal        Aranka           830
Duckling Ugly                                      Reiss         Johanna          380
Ducky                                              Lowry         Lois             760
Ducky: Diary Three                                 Ganeri        Anita            960
Duct Bugs                                          Gifford       Clive            930
Duke Blue Devils Men's Basketball Team, The        Everett       Felicity         1060
Dumbest Crook Book, The                            Reid          Struan           1100
Dumped By Popular Demand (The Social
Experiments Of Dorie Dilts)                        Miles         Lisa             920
Dungeon, The                                       Watt          Fiona            1060
Dunk Under Pressure                                Kelley        Leo P.           340
Durango Street                                     Donahue       Marilyn Cram
Dusssie                                            Doty          Jean Slaughter
Dust Bowl, The                                     Voigt         Cynthia          720
Dust From Old Bones                                Johnson       Lois             540
Dust To Eat                                        Lowry         Lois             930
Dusted And Busted!                                  Rendal           Justine         730
Dustin Grubbs: One-Man Show                         Strasser         Todd            750
Dustin Grubbs: Take Two!                            Deary            Terry           870
Dustland                                            Garassino        A.              1120
Dwight D. Eisenhower                                Wright           Bob             230

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)   Hansen           Ole Steen       1040
Dwight D. Eisenhower: A Man Called Ike              Simmons          Pat             1010
Dylan's Choice                                      Roberts          Willo Davis      770
Dyslexia                                            Vogt             Gregory         1220
E. E. Cummings: A Poet's Life                       Janeway          Elizabeth        900
E.B. White: The Elements Of A Writer                Capstone Press                    560
                                                                     Geography Department
Eager                                               Service          Pamela F.        770
Eagle & Birds Of Prey                               Applegate        K. A.            530
Eagle (Stone)                                       Wright           Bob              300
Eagle Kite                                          Cooney           Caroline B.      660
Eagle of the Ninth, The                             Peck             Richard          660
Eagle Strike                                        Atkin            S. Beth          830
Eagle's Shadow, The                                 Denenberg        Barry            910
Eagle's Wings                                       Ford             Michael Thomas  1010
Ear, The Eye, And The Arm, The                      Cheripko         Jan              950
Earliest Explorers, The                             Lewis            C.S.             970
Early Humans                                        Paulsen          Gary            1080
Early Humans (Eyewitness)                           Verne            Jules
Early Thunder                                       George           Jean Craighead   870
Early Years, The                                    Seidler          Tor              740
Earning Money                                       Hahn             Mary Downing     750
Earth (Eyewitness)                                  Stamper          Judith Bauer     760
Earth (Watts Library)                               Coville          Bruce            650
Earth And Sky Cakes                                 Stewart          Mary             840
Earth Is Painted Green: A Garden Of Poems About
Our Planet, The                                     Arnold           Caroline        1040
Earth To Matthew                                    Creech           Sharon          770
Earthborn                                           Mead             Alice           660
Earthling's Guide To Deep Space, An                 Burks            Brian           850
Earthquake (Survival!)                              Giblin           James Cross
Earthquake At Dawn                                  Cooney           Caroline B.     780
Earthquake!                                         Cavanna          Betty           880
Earthquakes (Watts Library)                         Green            Connie Jordan   890
Earthquakes And Volcanoes                           Miklowitz        Gloria D.       710
Earth's Place In Space                              Collier          James Lincoln   800
Earthshine                                          Morpurgo         Michael         750
East                                                Wells            H.G.            1170
Easter Island: Giant Stone Statues Tell Of A Rich
And Tragic Past                                     Applegate        K. A.            540
Eastern Forest, The                                 Canadeo          Anne             1160
Eat Your Bugs (Anthology)                           Beals            Melba Pattillo   1000
Eat Your Words                                      Capstone Press                    640
                                                                     Geography Department
Eating Crow                                         Robinet          Harriette Gillem 690
Eating Disorders                                    Hastings         Beverly          830
Eating The Plates                                   Mallory          Kenneth          1130
Echoes Of The Civil War: The Blue                   George           Jean Craighead   730
Echoes Of The Civil War: The Gray                  Ocko          Stephanie          1110
Echoes Of The White Giraffe                        Stemp         Jane
Eclipse (Warriors: Power Of Three)                 Sargent       Sarah
Eclipsed By Shadow                                 Curtis        Christopher Paul   1000
Eclipses                                           Raber         Thomas R.          850
Ecology                                            Boas          Jacob              970
Ecuador (Enchantment Of The World)                 Lewis         Linda              550
Ecuador In Pictures                                Dash          Joan               1170
Ecuador In Pictures (c.1987)                       Engel         Trudie             680
Eddie And The Jets                                 Ferris        Jean               900
Eddie's Blue Winged Dragon                         Bennett       Cherie             740
Edenville Owls                                     Colman        Hila
Edgar Allan                                        Nixon         Joan Lowery        840
Edgar Allan Poe                                    Lund          Bill               680
Edgar Allan Poe                                    Service       Pamela F.          850
Edgar Allan Poe (Poetry For Young People)          Fleming       Alice
Edge (Bo), The                                     Tolan         Stephanie S.       850
Edison Mystery, The / Back In Time With Thomas
Edison                                             Vande Velde   Vivian             720
Edith Bolling Galt Wilson                          Murrow        Liza Ketchum       710
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt                       MacBride      Roger Lea          1140
Edith Shay                                         Murphy        Jim                1070
Education Of Mary: A Little Miss Of Color, 1832,
The                                                Fox           Paula              740
Edward Hopper                                      Raskin        Ellen              750
Edward Lear (Poetry For Young People)              Alexander     Lloyd              690
Edwin Hubble: American Astronomer                  Edwards       Cheryl             1370

Ego-Tripping And Other Poems For Young People      Frommer       Sara Hoskinson     190
Egypt                                              Roberts       Willo Davis        820

Egypt (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)    Cooney        Caroline B.        750
Egypt (Modern Nations Of The World)                Roberts       Willo Davis        870
Egypt Game, The                                    Shusterman    Neal               750
Egypt In Pictures (2nd Edition)                    Brooks        Bruce              900
Egypt In Pictures (c.1988)                         Kerr          M. E.              930
Egypt: Economically Developing Countries           Coolidge      Susan              940
Egyptian Adventure                                 Coolidge      Susan              870
Egyptian Box, The                                  Stolz         Mary               820
Egyptian Dynasties                                 Craft         Elizabeth          790
Egyptian Life                                      Ruckman       Ivy
Egyptian Mummies                                   Preller       James              700
Egyptian Princess (Dress Through The Ages)         Cooney        Caroline B.        720
Egyptian Pyramid, An                               McDaniel      Lurlene            710
Egyptian Pyramids                                  Durant        Penny Raife        570
Egyptian Town                                      Gorog         Judith             970
Egyptology                                         Wood          June Rae           770
Eight Cousins                                      Borland       Hal                850
Eight Mules From Monterey                          Thomas        Joyce Carol        860
Eight Tales Of Terror                              Mazer         Harry              480
Eighth Grade Bites (The Chronicles Of Vladimir
Tod)                                               Thesman       Jean               690
Eighth Grade To The Rescue, The                     Collier       James Lincoln     770

Eileen Collins: First Woman Commander In Space      Christopher   John              760
Eileen Collins: Space Shuttle Commander
(Anthology)                                         Denenberg     Barry             1140
Einstein: Visionary Scientist                       Hewett        Joan
Ekaterina Gordeeva                                  Carlson       Lori M.           920
El Dorado Adventure                                 Newton        Suzanne           770
El Guero                                            Hall          John              570
El Guero...(Anthology)                              Cleaver       Vera              920
El Lector                                           Rawls         Wilson            700

El Nino: Stormy Weather For People And Wildlife     Arrick        Fran
El Salvador (Enchantment Of The World)              Hansen        Joyce             700
El Salvador in Pictures (c.1987)                    Bosveld       Jane              1050
Elderberry Thicket, The                             Laundrie      Amy               780
Eldest                                              Nixon         Joan Lowery       680
Eleanor Hill                                        London        Jack              970
Eleanor Roosevelt (A&E Biography)                   Mullin        Penn              200
Eleanor Roosevelt (Neder)                           Meyer         Carolyn           990
Eleanor Roosevelt You Never Knew, The               Christopher   John              920
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life Of Discovery              Seredy        Kate              1020

Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life Of Discovery (Anthology) Nabhan         Marty             630

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady Of The 20th Century   Beatty        Patricia          760
Eleanor: Crown Jewel Of Aquitaine                   Ruckman       Ivy               750
Elections In The United States                      Korman        Gordon
Electricity (Eyewitness)                            Mazer         Harry             460
Electronics                                         Brookins      Dana
Elegy On The Death Of Cesar Chavez                  Moore         Elaine            650
Elements Of Pop-Up, The                             Spinelli      Jerry             600
Elephant                                            George        Jean Craighead    830
Elephant Run                                        Anderson      Mary
Elephant Tears: Mask Of The Elephant                Kline         Suzy              570
Elephant Tree, The                                  Tolan         Stephanie S.      780
Elephant Woman: Cynthia Moss Explores The
World Of Elephants                                  Williams      Sheila            940
Elephants (Animal Families)                         Kent          Deborah           760
Elfangor's Secret                                   Conford       Ellen
Elfin Ship                                          Holman        Felice            820
Elijah Wood                                         Yolen         Jane              720
Elisabeth: The Princess Bride                       Pierce        Tamora            670
Elissa's Odyssey                                    Campbell      Joanna            710
Elissa's Quest                                      Dygard        Thomas J.         820
Elizabeth Blackwell (Binns)                         Dewey         Jennifer Owings   900

Elizabeth Blackwell: Medical Pioneer (Anthology)    Falkof        Lucille           1150
Elizabeth I, Red Rose Of The House Of Tudor         Stefoff       Rebecca           1180
Elizabeth Taylor                                    Collins       David             1170
Elizabeth's Wish                                    Hamilton      Virginia
Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Song                 Glassman      Bruce             900
Ellimist Chronicles, The                    Coffey           Wayne            960
Ellington Was Not a Street                  L'Engle          Madeleine        790
E-Mail Mystery, The                         Griese           Arnold A.        780
Emergency Medical Technician                Wray             Amanda           860
Emergency Room                              Greenberg        Keith Elliot     800
Emergency Vehicles                          Hoover           H.M.             760
Emergency! (Searl)                          Mullin           Penn             380
Emi And The Rhino Scientist                 Kehret           Peg              540
Emil And Karl                               Dygard           Thomas J.        910
Emily Climbs                                Macy             Sue              1360
Emily Dickinson (Poetry For Young People)   Collier          James Lincoln    750
Emily Dickinson: Singular Poet              Jordan           Sherryl          800
Emily Of New Moon                           Service          Pamela F.        810
Emily's Quest                               Hanson           June Andrea
Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell In Love              Ramsey           James            1130
Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out Of A Tree        Capstone Press                    480
                                                             Geography Department
Emmitt Smith: Relentless Rusher             Speare           Elizabeth George 850
Emmy                                        Jackson          Shirley          1150
Emperor Mage                                Snyder           Zilpha Keatley   920
Emperors Of The Ice                         Clapp            Patricia         990
Empire Builders                             Auch             Mary Jane
Empire Of Ghana, The                        Collier          James Lincoln    820
Empire Of Mali, The                         Martin           Ann M.           660
Empire State Building, The                  Rushford         Patricia H.      650
Empress Of Elsewhere, The                   Rochelle         Belinda          970
Empty Kingdom, The                          Duane            Diane E.         840
En el país de los dioses: los griegos       Jordan           Sherryl          780
En las orillas del lago de Plata            Le Guin          Ursula K.        1150
Enchanted Castle, The                       Baum             L. Frank         1000
Enchanted Runner                            Cross            Gillian          630
Enchantress From The Stars                  Corcoran         Barbara          690
Enciclopedia Visual: El planeta Tierra      Rinaldi          Ann              580
Encounter At Easton                         Avi              -                530
Encounter, The                              Wisler           G. Clifton
Encyclopedia Of Preserved People, The       Pierce           Tamora           710
End, The                                    Jordan           Sherryl          860
Endangered Plants                           North            Sterling         910
Endless Steppe, The                         Briggs           Carole S.        1110
Endymion Spring                             Myers            Walter Dean      840
Enemies Of Jupiter, The                     Vail             Rachel           780
Enemy Among Them, An                        Campbell         Joanna           750
Enemy At Green Knowe, An                    Campbell         Joanna           770
Enemy Has A Face, The                       Campbell         Joanna           710
Energy                                      Campbell         Joanna           850
England                                     Campbell         Joanna           740
England (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                     Campbell         Joanna          810
Enna Burning                                Dahl             Roald           850
Enter The Enchanted                         Collins          David           1170
Enter The Speed Zone (FX)                   Brooks           Bruce           910
Enter Three Witches                         Paulsen          Gary            1090
Enter Three Witches (Cooney)                Sebestyen        Ouida           750
Entertain The End                                Brenner      Richard J.         1280
Entertainer And The Dybbuk, The                  Lampton      Christopher        1060
Entertainment & The Arts                         Butler       Daniel             1000
Entre dos lunas                                  Martin       John               920
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn                            Martin       John               910
Epoch                                            Coville      Bruce              570
ER Vets                                          Pace         Mildred Mastin     1060
Eragon                                           Heisel       Sharon E.          750
Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye                       Savage       Jeff               760
Erec Rex: The Monsters Of Otherness              Freedman     Russell            1160
Erec Rex: The Search For Truth                   Spinelli     Jerry              690
Eric Lindros: High-Flying Center                 L'Engle      Madeleine          740
Erie Canal, The                                  Pageler      Elaine             160
Erin McEwan Your Days Are Numbered               Choi         Sook Nyul          840
Ernest Shackleton: Gripped By The Antarctic      Morey        Walt               700
Ernestine & Amanda                               Thoene       Brock              980

Ernestine & Amanda, Mysteries On Monroe Street   Rawlings     Marjorie Kinnan    750
Erratum                                          Hansen       Joyce              620
Ersatz Elevator, The                             Levitin      Sonia              680
Escape By Sea                                    Joe          Jeanne
Escape From Disaster                             Cleveland    Will               970
Escape From Exile                                Cleveland    Will               1210
Escape From Fear                                 Fenner       Carol              710
Escape From Memory                               Deaver       Julie Reece        640
Escape From New Babylon                          Cavanna      Betty
Escape From Saigon                               Frost        Robert             1120

Escape From Slavery: Five Journeys To Freedom    Hermes       Patricia           730
Escape From The Island Of Aquarius               Fritz        Jean               870
Escape From Warsaw                               Hayes        Sheila
Escape Into The Night                            Farley       Walter             930
Escape The Mask                                  Lewis        Elizabeth Forema   890
Escape To Freedom                                Dana         Barbara            580
Escape!: The Story Of The Great Houdini          Myers        Walter Dean        820
Escape, The                                      Gaeddert     Louann
Escape, The                                      O'Brien      Robert C.          820
Escape: Children Of The Holocaust                Collins      David R.           1130
ESP TV                                           Napoli       Donna Jo           630
Esperanza Rising                                 Grant        Adam               550
estanque del mirlo, El                           O'Dell       Scott              790
Esto es coraje                                   Brooks       Bruce              990
Esto que ves es el mar                           Filipovic    Zlata              640
estrella de los cheroquis, La                    Byars        Betsy              650
Estrella Negra, Brillante Amanecer               Amo          Monserrat          470
Estrella's Quinceanera                           Wolff        Virginia Euwer     930
Eternal Spring Of Mr. Ito, The                   Wrede        Patricia C.        810
Ethan Allen And The Green Mountain Boys
(Cornerstones Of Freedom, Second Series)         Pierce       Tamora             780
Ethan Between Us                                 Fleischman   Paul               870
Ethan, Suspended                                 Patneaude    David              660
Ethiopia                                         Hoh          Diane              790
Ethiopia In Pictures (2nd Edition)               McCaughrean   Geraldine       890
Ethiopia In Pictures (c.1988)                    Sleator       William         690
Eugenie Clark: Adventures Of A Shark Scientist   Skurzynski    Gloria          760
Eulalia!                                         Dexter        Catherine       720
Europe's Imperial Adventurers                    Wood          June Rae        790
Eva                                              Savage        Deborah         790
Even More Short & Shivery                        Heynen        Jim             910
Even More Tales For The Midnight Hour            Cottonwood    Joe             580
Even Stephen                                     Auden         W.H.
Ever                                             Wallace       Bill            680
Ever After                                       Smith         Roland          1050
Ever-After Bird, The                             Hughes        Langston
Ever-Changing Atom, The                          Giblin        James Cross     1140
Everglades And The Gulf Coast, The               Keene         Carolyn         730
Everlasting Hills                                Keene         Carolyn         690
Everlost                                         Keene         Carolyn         710
Every Day and All the Time                       Keene         Carolyn         700
Every Man For Himself                            Keene         Carolyn         810
Every New Day                                    Keene         Carolyn         710
Every River Needs A Friend                       Keene         Carolyn         730
Every Soul A Star                                Keene         Carolyn         760
Everybody's Revolution                           Keene         Carolyn         740
Everyday Life                                    Keene         Carolyn         710
Everything Changes                               Keene         Carolyn         710
Everything Changes (Heartland)                   Keene         Carolyn         660
Everything Is Fine.                              Keene         Carolyn         710
Everything On A Waffle                           Keene         Carolyn         730
Evil Experiment, The                             Keene         Carolyn         700
Evil Genius                                      Keene         Carolyn         720
Evil In Amsterdam                                Keene         Carolyn         700
Evil Plot, The                                   Keene         Carolyn         670
Evil Returns                                     Keene         Carolyn         700
Evil Star                                        Young         Ronder Thomas   530
Evolution                                        Marino        Jan             620
Evolution Of Calpurnia Tate, The                 Keene         Carolyn         700
Evolution, Me, And Other Freaks Of Nature        Keene         Carolyn         660
Evvy's Civil War                                 Keene         Carolyn         750
Exchange, The                                    Keene         Carolyn         740
Executioner's Daughter, The                      Keene         Carolyn         740
Exile (Lady Grace)                               Keene         Carolyn         720
Exiles In Love, The                              Keene         Carolyn         770
Exiles Of Colsec, The                            Keene         Carolyn         730
Experiment In Terror                             Keene         Carolyn         720
Experiment With Movement                         Dixon         Franklin W.     640
Experiment, The                                  Dixon         Franklin W.     700
Experimental And Concept Cars                    Dixon         Franklin W.     700
Experiments With Weather                         Dixon         Franklin W.     670
Exploits Of A Reluctant (But Extremely
Goodlooking) Hero                                Dixon         Franklin W.     730
exploradores a través del tiempo, Los            Dixon         Franklin W.     700
Exploration Of Africa                            Dixon         Franklin W.     770
Exploration Of Mars                              Paulsen       Gary            1150
Exploration Of North America                        Nesbit           E.              920
Explorer                                            Dixon            Franklin W.     700
Exploring For Shipwrecks                            Dixon            Franklin W.     690
Exploring Job Skills                                Dixon            Franklin W.     760
Exploring The Chicago World's Fair, 1893            Dixon            Franklin W.     750
Exploring The Deep (Anthology)                      Dixon            Franklin W.     750

Exploring The Night Sky, The Equinox Astronomy      Dixon            Franklin W.     670
Exploring The Ocean                                 Dixon            Franklin W.     650
Exploring The Sky By Day                            Dixon            Franklin W.     690
Exploring The Solar System                          Dixon            Franklin W.     640
Exploring The Titanic                               Dixon            Franklin W.     750
Exploring The Titanic (Anthology)                   Dixon            Franklin W.     710
Exploring The World Of Insects                      Dixon            Franklin W.     680
Exploring With A Magnifying Glass                   Dixon            Franklin W.     720
Exposed, The                                        Dixon            Franklin W.     680
Extinct Birds                                       Dixon            Franklin W.     610
Extinct Invertebrates And Plants                    Dixon            Franklin W.     720
Extinct Mammals                                     Dixon            Franklin W.     760
Extinct Reptiles And Amphibians                     Dixon            Franklin W.     650
Extinct Underwater Life                             Vanasse          Deb             940
Extra Innings                                       Conford          Ellen           600
Extra! Extra!                                       Dixon            Franklin W.     780
Extraños animales del pasado                        Dixon            Franklin W.     740

Extraordinary Adventures Of Alfred Kropp, The       Dixon            Franklin W.     690
Extraordinary African-Americans: From Colonial To
Contemporary Times                                  Oppel            Kenneth         660
Extraordinary Ordinary People                       Kinsey-Warnock   Natalie         910
Extraordinary People With Disabilities              Schur            Maxine Rose     880
Extraordinary Women Journalists                     Wisler           G. Clifton      640
Extraordinary Women Of Medicine                     Jacques          Brian           980
Extraordinary Women Scientists                      Gorman           Carol           620
Extraordinary Young People                          Dionne           Wanda           840
Extraterrestrials: A Field Guide For Earthlings     Ritthaler        Shelly          730
Extreme Elvin                                       Calhoun          T.B.            670
Extreme Skateboarding                               Sullivan         George          900
Extreme Snowboarding                                Sullivan         George          990
Extreme Sports Stars (Greatest Sports Heroes)       Sleator          William         660
Extreme Wakeboarding                                Petersen         P. J.           650
Extreme, The                                        Karr             Kathleen        700
Eye Of The Beholder                                 Creech           Sharon          850
Eye Of The Crow                                     Watson           Jude            600
Eye Of The Forest, The                              Bial             Raymond         1200
Eye Of The Stone, The                               Honeycutt        Natalie         760
Eye Openers!: All About Animal Vision               Peck             Robert Newton   740
Eye To Eye With An Artist                           Dygard           Thomas J.       900
Eyes In The Sky                                     Bosse            Malcolm         950
Eyes Like Willy's                                   Sachar           Louis           660
Eyes Of A King, The                                 Williams         Carol Lynch     550
Eyes Of A Stranger                                  Holeman          Linda           880
Eyes Of Kid Midas, The                              Yep              Laurence        730
Eyes of the Emperor                               Whelan           Gloria            880
Eyes Of The Killer Robot, The                     Kingsley         Charles,          1070
Eyes Of The Tarot                                 Duey             Kathleen          770
F Is For Fabuloso                                 Burnett          Frances Hodgson   930
Fablehaven                                        Johnson          Angela            790
Fablehaven: Grip Of The Shadow Plague             Christopher      Matt              700
Fablehaven: Rise Of The Evening Star              Mahy             Margaret          700
fabricante de lluvia, El                          Napoli           Donna Jo          630
Fábulas y leyendas americanas                     Pinkwater        D. Manus          790
Face First, A                                     Arkin            Alan              700
Face Of The Shadow, The                           Lovelace         Maud Hart         610
Face On The Milk Carton, The                      Travers          P.L.              830
Face the Fear                                     Edwards          Julie             620
Face To Face                                      Fleischman       Paul              760
Faceless Fiend, The                               Yolen            Jane              810
Face-Off Phony, The                               Farley           Steven            780
Facing The Dark                                   Boston           L. M.             990
Facing The Future                                 Waugh            Sylvia            710
Facing The Lion: Growing Up Maasai On The
African Savanna                                   Stevenson        Robert Louis      980
Factory Girl                                      Bodett           Tom               910
Facts And Fictions Of Minna Pratt                 Smith            Roland            690
Facts Of Life: Stories                            Walsh            Jill Paton        1110
Facts Speak For Themselves, The                   Hendry           Frances Mary      930
Faerie Door, The                                  Sachs            Marilyn           730
Faerie Lord                                       Crew             Gary              770
Faerie Path, The                                  Sauer            Julia L.          800
Failure Is Impossible!: The History Of American
Women's Rights                                    Paterson         Katherine         930
Fair Weather                                      Bawden           Nina              810
Fairest                                           Bellairs         John              870
Fairy's Guide To Understanding Humans, A          Bellairs         John              800
Faith And The Rocket Cat                          Keene            Carolyn           810
Faith Hope And Chicken Feathers                   Holt             Kimberly Willis   770

Faith Unfurled: The Pilgrim's Quest For Freedom   Greenberg        Jan               850
Falcon Of Abydos: Oracle Of The Nile              Armstrong        Jennifer          1060
Falcondance                                       Alexander        Lloyd             660
Falcon's Malteser, The                            Sachs            Marilyn           830
Fall (Seventh Tower), The                         Reeder           Carolyn           1000
Fall Musical (Drama Club), The                    Bellairs         John              750
Fall Of A Kingdom                                 Cole             Brock             600
Fall Of The Templar, The                          Farley           Walter            900
Fall Secrets (Anthology)                          Rosenberg        Maxine B.         910
Falling From Grace                                Bellairs         John              870
Falling From Grace                                Sachs            Marilyn           800
Falling Star Mystery, The                         Alexander        Lloyd             680
Fallout                                           Byars            Betsy             570
False Alarm                                       Kinsey-Warnock   Natalie           800
False Face                                        Shusterman       Neal              850
False Impressions                                 Banks            Sara Harrell      720
False Pretenses                                   Rottman          S.L.              720
Fame, Glory, And Other Things On My To Do List         Ryan           Mary Elizabeth   560
Familiar, The                                          Casanova       Mary             760
Family Apart, A                                        Paulsen        Gary             1030
Family Called Bronte, A                                Weinberg       Larry            800
Family Goes Hunting, A                                 Byars          Betsy            520
Family Picture, A                                      Van Steenwyk   Elizabeth        680
Family Project                                         Hobbs          Will             720
Family Reunion                                         Deem           James M.         1100
Family Therapy                                         Adler          C. S.            770
Family Ties: Raising Wild Babies                       Garland        Sherry           840
Famous All Over Town                                   Benton         Amanda           880
Famous Hispanic Americans                              Rodowsky       Colby            1100
Fantastic Feats and Failures                           Banks          Lynne Reid       840
Far From Normal                                        Pflaum         Rosalynd         1110
Far North                                              Wadsworth      Ginger           890
Far Side Of Evil, The                                  Keller         Emily            1030
Far Traveler                                           Shephard       Marie Tennent    970
Faraway Home (Taylor)                                  Haskins        Jim              980
Farewell To The Island                                 Hart           Philip S.        950
Farewell, John Barleycorn: Prohibition In The United
States                                                 Damon          Duane            1000
Farm                                                   Czech          Kenneth P.       1080
Farming, Food, & Biotechnology                         Morgan         Terri            970

Farmworker's Friend: The Story of Cesar Chavez         Porter         A.P              900
Farthest-Away Mountain, The                            Savage         Jeff             830
Farwalker's Quest, The                                 Goldstein      Margaret J.      880
fascinante mundo de las pirámides, El                  Rekela         George R.        990
Fashion                                                Savage         Jeff             790
Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life, The             Kavanagh       Jack             970
Fashion Victims                                        Townsend       Brad             980
Fast Break                                             Dippold        Joel             940
Fast Break                                             Savage         Jeff             950
Fast Track                                             Hughes         Morgan           920
Fastest Friend In The West, The                        Thornley       Stew             930
Fat Chance                                             Savage         Jeff             900
Fat Man, The                                           Dippold        Joel             1000
Fatal Bargain                                          Gatto          Kimberly         820
Fatal Strand, The (Wyrd Museum)                        Thornley       Stew             980
Fatality                                               Thornley       Stew             990
Fate Totally Worse Than Death, A                       Schnakenberg   Robert           890
Father's Arcane Daughter                               Savage         Jeff             860
Fátima Vanessa, yo soy de El Salvador                  Raber          Thomas R.        930
Fattening Hut, The                                     Savage         Jeff             790
Favorite Greek Myths                                   Torres         John A.          980
Favorite Norse Myths                                   Thornley       Stew             1050
FBI (Watts Library), The                               Townsend       Brad             910
FBI, The                                               Tashjian       Janet            920
Fear Place                                             Gee            Maurice          620
Fear The Fantastic                                     Lester         Julius           720
Fearless                                               Schmidt        Gary D.          1020
Fearless Feats (Guinness World Records)         Rubalcaba   Jill          650
Fearsome Fangs (Watts Library)                  Primm       E. Russell    760
Feather In The Wind                             Quinlan     Kathryn A.    640
Feathered Dinosaurs                             Quinlan     Kathryn A.    820
Feathers                                        Quinlan     Kathryn A.    820
Felicia The Critic                              Simon       Charnan       720
Felicia's Audition                              Clinton     Susan         700
Female Firsts In Their Fields: Air And Space    Clinton     Susan         690
Ferrari: The Legend                             Clinton     Susan         760
Feud (Lady Grace)                               Primm       E. Russell    650
Fever, 1793                                     Simon       Charnan       770
Fever, The                                      McKenna     Anne T.       800
Fickle Fever                                    Mara        William P.    800
Fiddle Fever                                    Quinlan     Kathryn A.    760
Fidel Castro (A&E Biography)                    Heath       David         880
Fidel Castro: Cuban Revolutionary               Quinlan     Kathryn A.    810
Field                                           Heath       David         840
Fields Of Fury: The American Civil War          Quinlan     Kathryn A.    730
Fiesta De Los Vaqueros, La                      Primm       E. Russell    680
Fifteen (Cleary)                                Simon       Charnan       650
Fifty Simple Things...Recycle                   Quinlan     Kathryn A.    610
Fifty Simple Things...Save The Earth            Lund        Bill          720
Fight For Freedom: The American Revolutionary
War                                             Lund        Bill          690
Fight For Justice, The                          Lund        Bill          750
Fight For Truth, The                            Lund        Bill          700
Fight For Women's Suffrage, The                 Schwartz    Stuart        780
Fight Game                                      Schwartz    Stuart        560
Fight On!: Mary Church Terrell's Battle For
Integration                                     Schwartz    Stuart        600
Fight To Survive, The                           Schwartz    Stuart        590
Fight, Bulldogs, Fight!                         Schwartz    Stuart        530
Fighter Planes                                  Wilcox      Charlotte     770
Fighter Planes Of World War II                  Wilcox      Charlotte     610
Fighting Fire (Anthology)                       Wilcox      Charlotte     650
Fighting For Honor: Japanese Americans And
World War II                                    Wilcox      Charlotte     600
Fighting For My Future (Anthology)              Wilcox      Charlotte     640
Fighting Ruben Wolfe                            Wilcox      Charlotte     670
Fighting The Odds                               Wilcox      Charlotte     610
Figs And Fate                                   Lyons       Mary E.       830
Figure In Hiding, A                             Matas       Carol         690
Figure In The Shadows, The                      Fletcher    Susan         710
Figure Of Speech                                Howe        James         890
Fill In The Blank                               Roberts     Willo Davis   800
Film                                            Wilcox      Charlotte     760
Final Countdown, The                            Wilcox      Charlotte     600
Final Cut                                       Wilcox      Charlotte     650
Final Journey, The                              Wilcox      Charlotte     650
Final Lap (Traces)                              Wilcox      Charlotte     610
Final Nightmare, The                            Wilcox      Charlotte     600
Final Reckoning, The                            Wilcox      Charlotte     590
Find A Stranger, Say Goodbye                       Wilcox      Charlotte        750
Find Where The Wind Goes: Moments From My
Life                                               Wilcox      Charlotte        640
Finding A Home At Last                             Schwartz    Stuart           750
Finding An Apartment                               Schwartz    Stuart           460
Finding David Delores                              Schwartz    Stuart           500
Finding Hattie                                     Schwartz    Stuart           520
Finding Miracles                                   Schwartz    Stuart           510
Finding My Hat                                     Johnston    Andrea           1040
Finding Our Way                                    Bryant      Bonnie           800
Finding Stinko                                     Bryant      Bonnie           670
Finding Work                                       Bryant      Bonnie           840
Finding Your Place In The Crowd Without Losing
Yourself (Anthology)                               Bryant      Bonnie           670
Fine And Pleasant Misery, A                        Bryant      Bonnie           700
Fine White Dust, A                                 Bryant      Bonnie           590
Fingerprints And Talking Bones                     Bryant      Bonnie           700
Fingertips                                         Bryant      Bonnie           730
Finland                                            Bryant      Bonnie           740
Finland (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                            Bryant      Bonnie           740
Finland In Pictures (c.1991)                       Bryant      Bonnie           740
Finn's Going                                       Bryant      Bonnie           680
Fiona McGilray's Story: A Voyage From Ireland In
1849                                               Bryant      Bonnie           820
Fire                                               Bryant      Bonnie           740
Fire and Ice (Warriors)                            Bryant      Bonnie           740
Fire Arrow (Song of Eirren)                        Bryant      Bonnie           810
Fire Bug Connection, The                           Bryant      Bonnie           710
Fire Builder (Anthology), The                      Bryant      Bonnie           800
Fire Eternal, The                                  Bryant      Bonnie           860
Fire Fighter                                       Bryant      Bonnie           760
Fire From Heaven                                   Bryant      Bonnie           880
Fire From The Rock                                 Bryant      Bonnie           710
Fire In Her Bones: The Story Of Mary Lyon, A       Bryant      Bonnie           760
Fire In My Hands (First Edition)                   Bryant      Bonnie           640
Fire In My Hands, A (Revised And Expanded
Edition)                                           Gauthier    Gail             790
Fire In The Heart                                  Bryant      Bonnie           790
Fire In The Hills                                  Bryant      Bonnie           740
Fire In The Sky                                    Bryant      Bonnie           740
Fire In The Wind                                   Bryant      Bonnie           730
Fire In Their Eyes: Wildfires And The People Who
Fight Them                                         Bryant      Bonnie           700
Fire Of Ares (Spartan Quest), The                  Bryant      Bonnie           800
Fire On The Hillside                               Snyder      Zilpha Keatley   880
Fire On The Mountain                               Paulsen     Gary             1030
Fire On The Wind                                   Applegate   K. A.            530
Fire Pony, The                                     Barron      T. A.            750
Fire Star                                          Houston     James            910
Fire, Bed, And Bone                                Banks       Lynne Reid       730
Fire, The                                          Collier     James Lincoln
Firebird Rocket, The                              George         Jean Craighead     930
Fired Up!: Making Pottery In Ancient Times        Avi                               470
Fire-Eaters                                       Lerangis       Peter              380
Firefight                                         Rinaldi        Ann                700
Firefighters                                      Naylor         Phyllis Reynolds   1120
Firegirl                                          Applegate      K. A.              600
Firegold                                          Applegate      K. A.              560
Firehorse                                         Applegate      K. A.              520
Fire-Raiser, The                                  Cox            Clinton            1250
Fires                                             Regan          Dian Curtis        720
Fires Of Merlin, The                              Dexter         Catherine          730
Firestar's Quest (Warriors Super Edition)         Lottridge      Celia Barker       670
Firestorm                                         Hansen         Ellen              1310
Firestorm                                         Hansen         Ellen              1370
Fireweed                                          Hanson         Jennifer           1320
Firewing                                          Coleman        Wim                1110
Firework-Maker's Daughter, The                    Edwards        Cheryl             1220
First Americans, The (Aveni)                      Scopino, Jr.   A.J.               1430
First Artists, The                                Badt           Karin Luisa        1350
First Boy                                         Robinson       Mary Alice Burke   1250
First Collier, The (Guardians Of Ga'Hoole)        Wade           Mary Dodson        1290
First Crossing: Stories About Teen Immigrants     Emert          Phyllis Raybin     1410
First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover         King           David C.           1170
First Daughter: White House Rules                 Beyer          Janet              1130
First Day, The                                    Scopino, Jr.   A.J.               1440
First Horse I See, The                            Valois         Karl E.            1250
First Journey, The                                Edwards        Cheryl             1220
First Light                                       Mofford        Juliet Haines      1300
First Men In Space                                Mofford        Juliet Haines      1220
First On The Moon (adapted version)               Forman         Stephen M.         1200
First Responders                                  Forman         Stephen M.         1400
First Response: By Air (Natural Disasters)        Robinson       Mary Alice Burke   1240
First Response: By Sea (Natural Disasters)        Mofford        Juliet H.          1230
First Test                                        Valois         Karl E.            1260
First Thanksgiving (Cornerstones Of Freedom,
Second Series), The                               Badt           Karin Luisa        1230
First The Egg                                     Yamasaki       Mitch              1220
First Wedding, Once Removed                       Scopino, Jr.   A.J.               1310
Fish                                              Wade           Mary Dodson        1320
Fish Story (Anthology), The                       Mooney         Bel                790
Fish: A Novel                                     Applegate      K. A.              580
Fishing For Chickens: Short Stories About Rural
Youth                                             Duane          Diane              800
Five Little Peppers And How They Grew             Dodge          Mary Mapes         1020
Five Little Peppers At School                     Streatfeild    Noel               890
Five Little Peppers Grown Up                      Farley         Walter             870
Five Pages A Day: A Writer's Journey              Lynch          Chris              700
Five Sisters, The                                 Durbin         William            900
Flame                                             Roberts        Laura Peyton       760
Flames Of The Tiger                               Oughton        Jerrie             770
Flaming Trap, The                                 Lawrence       Iain               640
Flash Fire                                        Tedrow         T.L.               640
Flash Forward (Mindwarp)                            Forman         Stephen M.       1040
Flash Point                                         Ayres          Katherine        750

Flat Or Round? Early Discoveries About Our Planet   McDonald       Joyce            870
Fledgling, The                                      Dexter         Catherine        740
Fledglings, The                                     Avi                             690
Flickering Torch Mystery, The                       Brooks         Bruce            1070
Flight #116 Is Down                                 Streatfeild    Noel             930
Flight Attendant                                    Pierce         Tamora           770
Flight In Yiktor                                    Lasky          Kathryn          810
Flight Of Angels                                    Barron         T. A.            760
Flight Of The Dragon Kyn                            Twain          Mark             1130
Flight Of The Raven                                 Wells          H.G.             980
Flight Of The Silver Turtle, The                    Montgomery     L. M.            990
Flight To Freedom                                   McDaniel       Lurlene          670
Flip                                                Garland        Sherry           870
Flipped                                             Rinaldi        Ann              570
Floating Around The World                           Hoban          Russell          880
Floating Circus, The                                Montgomery     L. M.            970
Floating Island, The (The Lost Journals Of Ven
Polypheme)                                          Nye            Naomi Shihab     850
Flood                                               Little         Jean             780
Flood                                               Danziger       Paula            710

Flood: Wrestling With The Mississippi (Anthology)   Wodehouse      P.G.             990
Floodplain                                          Napoli         Donna Jo         590
Floods                                              Peck           Richard          580
Floods (Natural Disasters)                          Wallace        Barbara Brooks   1020
Flora Segunda                                       Wodehouse      P.G.             820
Flora's Dare                                        Alexander      Lloyd            750
Florence Griffith Joyner: Dazzling Olympian         Curwood        James Oliver     990
Florida                                             Alcott         Louisa M.        1210
Florida (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Farley         Walter           880
Florida (One Nation)                                Alexander      Lloyd            820
Flour Babies                                        Bellairs       John             750
Flower                                              Amory          Cleveland        1230
Flower Power                                        Cisneros       Sandra           870
Flowering Plants: The Dicotyledons                  Kimmel         Elizabeth Cody   1130
Flowering Plants: The Monocotyledons                Calabro        Marian           1020
Flowers & Fruits                                    Duggleby       John             950
Fly By Night                                        Griffin        Adele            860
Flygirl                                             Griffin        Adele            900
Flying Blind                                        Kramer         Barbara          850
Flying Circus Mystery, The                          Aaseng         Nathan           1070
Flying Free: America's First Black Aviators         Gogol          Sara             830
Flying Solo                                         Schnakenberg   Robert           960
Flying To The Moon & Other Strange Places           Hughes         Morgan           900
Flying Wheel Mystery                                Koch           Kenneth
Flying With The Eagle, Racing The Great Bear        Pyle           Howard           850
Flyte (Septimus Heap)                               Bruchac        Joseph           710
Fog Magic                                           Myers          Walter Dean      1050
Fog, The                                            Banks          Lynne Reid       750
Folk Keeper, The                                 Perry         Phyllis J.          1000
Folk Stories Of The Hmong: Peoples Of Laos,
Thailand, And Vietnam                            Perry         Phyllis J.          1020
Folktales: Timeless Tales                        Perry         Phyllis J.          1040
Followers, The                                   Collard III   Sneed B.            1040
Following Fake Man                               Rauzon        Mark J.             1070
Following My Own Footsteps                       Saign         Geoffrey C.         950
Following The Buffalo                            Perry         Phyllis J.          1030
Food Processor, The                              Rauzon        Mark J.             1110
Food Service Manager                             Armbruster    Ann                 1110
Food: Its Evolution Through The Ages             Gowell        Elizabeth Tayntor   1060

Fooled You! Fakes and Hoaxes Through the Years   Kittinger     Jo S.               1050
Fool's Gold                                      Gallant       Roy A.              1010
Football                                         Gallant       Roy A.              1110
Football Double Threat                           Kittinger     Jo S.               890
Football Genius: A Novel                         Armbruster    Ann                 1140
Football Hero                                    Anderson      Peter               1110
Football Rebels, The                             Kittinger     Jo S.               920
Football Stars (Greatest Sports Heroes)          Landau        Elaine              1190
Football: Sports Heroes                          Landau        Elaine              1140
Footprints In Time                               Landau        Elaine              1070
Footprints Under The Window                      Landau        Elaine              1010
Footsteps                                        Landau        Elaine              1160
For All Time                                     Shepherd      Donna Walsh         1100
For Better, For Worse, Forever                   Krull         Kathleen            1070
For Freedom: The Story Of A French Spy           Katz          William Loren       1120
For Now                                          Murphy        Jim                 1150
For Pete's Snake (Anthology)                     Papastavrou   Vassili             930
For The Life Of Laetitia                         Giblin        James Cross         1110
For The Love Of Venice                           Haskins       Jim                 1280
Forbidden Schoolhouse, The                       Lewin         Ted                 900
Forbidden Stallion, The                          San Souci     Robert D.           1050
Force And Motion                                 Pascal        Francine            790
Forecast Earth                                   Kent          Deborah             910
Forensics                                        Peretti       Frank E.            860
Foreshadowing, The                               Peretti       Frank E.            730
Forest Fire, Hinckley, Minnesota, 1894           Kent          Deborah             860
Forest Fires (Sprint)                            Kent          Deborah             930
Forest Of Secrets (Warriors)                     Stein         R. Conrad           830
Forests (Habitats)                               Stein         R. Conrad           930
Forestwife                                       Stein         R. Conrad           800
Foretelling, The                                 Alexander     Lloyd               670
Forever Begins Tomorrow                          Stein         R. Conrad           840
Forever Friends                                  Kent          Deborah             820
Forever Rose                                     Kent          Deborah             880
Forget Me Not                                    Konigsburg    E. L.
Forging Ahead                                    Kent          Deborah             900
Forging The Sword                                Kent          Deborah             960
Forgive The River, Forgive The Sky               Archer        Chris               710
Forgotten Beasts Of Eld, The                     McNair        Sylvia              1030
Forgotten Filly, The                             Ray           Delia               1090
Forgotten Heroes, The                                 Heinrichs    Ann                980
Forgotten Raincoat Mystery, The                       Heinrichs    Ann                980
Forgotten Voyager: The Story Of Amerigo
Vespucci                                              Hintz        Martin             1080
Forgotten, The                                        Hintz        Martin             1020
Formal Feeling                                        Wright       David K.           1140
Fortune's Bones: The Manumission Requiem              McNair       Sylvia             1110
Fortune's Fool                                        Blashfield   Jean F.            1080
Fortune's Journey                                     Morrison     Marion             1150
Forty Acres And Maybe A Mule                          Foster       Leila Merrell      1090
Forty-Third War, The                                  Stein        R. Conrad          990
Forward Pass                                          Foster       Leila Merrell      1030
Fossil                                                Vornholt     John               720

Fossil Fish Found Alive: Discovering The Coelacanth   Heinrichs    Ann                930
Fossil Hunting                                        Stanton      Mary               610
Fossils (Watts Library)                               Blauer       Ettagale           1030
Foster's War                                          DeWeese      Gene               850
Fouling Out                                           McNair       Sylvia             1020
Foundling                                             Hintz        Martin             980
Foundling And Other Tales Of Prydain, The             Morrison     Marion             1210

Fountains Of Life: The Story Of Deep-Sea Vents        Myers        Walter Dean        810
Four Against The Odds                                 Macdonald    Fiona              1000
Four Ancestors                                        Powell       Suzanne            960
Four Miles To Pinecone                                Nelson       Sharlene and Ted   1040
Four Perfect Pebbles                                  Alter        Judy               1140
Four Things My Geeky-Jock-Of-A-Best-Friend Must
Do In Europe                                          Macdonald    Fiona              1050
Four Treasures, The                                   Shepherd     Donna Walsh        1040
Foxman                                                Steedman     Scott              980
Fragile Flag, The                                     Alter        Judy               1160
Framed In Fire                                        Martell      Hazel Mary         1140
Framed! (Traces)                                      Alter        Judith             1160
Frame-Up                                              Nirgiotis    Nicholas           1220
France                                                Green        Robert             1170
France (Enchantment Of The World)                     Green        Robert             1080
France In Pictures (c.1991)                           Jacobs       William Jay        960
Frances Folsom Cleveland                              Gay          Kathlyn            990
Frances Hodgson Burnett: Beyond The Secret
Garden                                                Green        Robert             1050
Francie                                               Harris       Jacqueline L.      1030
Francisco Coronado                                    Stewart      Melissa            1020

Francisco Pizarro: Destroyer Of The Inca Empire       Epstein      Rachel             1050
Frank Gehry (A&E Biography)                           Moss         Carol              990
Frank Lloyd Wright                                    Beshore      George             1060
Frank Lloyd Wright: Maverick Architect                Anderson     Peter              1030
Frank Thomas: Baseball's Big Hurt                     Woods        Geraldine          990
Frankenlouse                                          Green        Robert             1070
Frankenstein And Other Stories Of Man-made
Monsters                                              Conrad       David              1110
Frankenstein: Anatomy Of Terror                      Green       Robert         1040
Frankie Murphy's Kiss List                           Haynes      Joyce          1070
Frankie, Stoney, And The Last Chance Boys            Green       Robert         1120
Frankie's Run                                        Bergin      Mark           1080
Franklin D. Roosevelt                                Wilson      Thomas H.      1070

Franklin D. Roosevelt (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)   Macdonald   Fiona            910
Franklin Delano Roosevelt                            Thompson    Carol           1090
Franklin Pierce                                      Macdonald   Fiona            900
Franklin Pierce                                      Ganeri      Anita            830
Franklin Pierce (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)         Morley      Jacqueline       900
Franklin R. Chang-Diaz (Anthology)                   Green       Rebecca L.      1050
Frannie In Pieces                                    Macdonald   Fiona            840
Freak                                                Peffer      John            1120
Freak The Mighty                                     Jessop      Joanne          1040
Freaky Flowers                                       Hu          Evaleen         1110
Freaky Friday                                        Funk        Gary            1190
Fred Field                                           Steiner     Andy            1080
Free At Last! (Rappaport)                            Lerner                      1230
                                                                 Geography Department
Free Baseball                                        Savage      Jeff            1100
Free Radical                                         Hu          Evaleen         1120
Freedom Business, The                                Lerner                      1190
                                                                 Geography Department
Freedom Crossing                                     Reid        Struan          1010
Freedom Riders                                       Lerner                      1120
                                                                 Geography Department
Freedom Songs                                        Stiefer     Sandy           1130
Freedom Summer                                       Lerner                      1080
                                                                 Geography Department
Freedom Train: The Story Of Harriet Tubman           Adelson     Bruce           1130
Freedom Walkers                                      Lerner                      1140
                                                                 Geography Department
Freedom's Sons: The True Story Of The Amistad
Mutiny                                               Adelson     Bruce           1010
Freeze Frame (Macy)                                  Adelson     Bruce           1000
Freeze Tag                                           Lerner                      1200
                                                                 Geography Department
French And Indian War, 1660-1763, The                Adelson     Bruce           1000
French And Indian War: Prelude To American
Independence, The                                    Lerner                      1110
                                                                 Geography Department
Frenchtown Summer                                    Lerner                      1230
                                                                 Geography Department
Fresh Off The Boat                                   Coleman     Lori            1030
Freshman Flash                                       Lerner                      1200
                                                                 Geography Department
Freshwater Giants: Hippopotamus, River Dolphins,
And Manatees                                         Lerner                      1100
                                                                 Geography Department
Friction (Frank)                                     Lerner                      1240
                                                                 Geography Department
Frida Kahlo                                          Lerner                      1100
                                                                 Geography Department
Frida Kahlo: Mysterious Painter                      Lerner                      1090
                                                                 Geography Department
Friend At Midnight, A                                Nitz        Kristin Wolden   950
Friend Called Anne, A                                Lerner                      1140
                                                                 Geography Department
Friend Or Foe?                                       Lerner                      1170
                                                                 Geography Department
Friend Or Foe?/Gift Of Love                          Krause      Peter            910
Friendly Hands                                       Lerner                      1170
                                                                 Geography Department
Friends (Martin and Levithan)                        Savage      Jeff             990
Friends And Enemies                                  Lerner                      1230
                                                                 Geography Department
Friends Are Like That                                Miller      Marc             960
Friends, The                                         Lerner                      1240
                                                                 Geography Department
Frightful's Mountain                               Lerner                      1130
                                                              Geography Department
Frog Face And The Three Boys                       Bragg      Linda Wallenberg 990
Frog Princess Of Pelham, The                       Lerner                      1160
                                                              Geography Department
Frog Princess, The                                 Dallas     Kim              1040
Frogs & French Kisses                              Lerner                      1050
                                                              Geography Department
From A Spark (Anthology)                           Lerner                      1170
                                                              Geography Department
From Abenaki To Zuni: A Dictionary Of Native
American Tribes                                    King       Andy             920

From Caves To Cavalry: Horses In Art And History   Lerner                     1150
                                                              Geography Department

From Emporia: The Story Of William Allen White     Jensen     Julie            890

From Flowers To Honey: The Story Of Beekeeping     Lerner                     1190
                                                              Geography Department
From Map To Museum                                 Lerner                     1180
                                                              Geography Department
From Rags To Riches                                Lurie      Jon             1020
From Slave Ship To Freedom Road                    Lerner                     1070
                                                              Geography Department
From The Ashes                                     Geng       Don              970
From The East To The Wild West: The Story Of
John Wesley Powell                                 Lerner                     1200
                                                              Geography Department
From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E.
Frankweiler                                        Foley      Mike            1030
From This Day On                                   Lerner                     1180
                                                              Geography Department
From Where I Sit: Making My Way With Cerebral
Palsy                                              Lerner                     1080
                                                              Geography Department
From Zero To Hero                                  Klinzing   Jim              880
Frontier Fort On The Oregon Trail, A               Fritz      Jean             990
Frontier Merchants: Lionel & Barron Jacobs And
The Jewish Pioneers Who Settled The West           Lerner                     1110
                                                              Geography Department
Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Novel                 Lerner                     1150
                                                              Geography Department
Frozen                                             Lerner                     1130
                                                              Geography Department
Frozen Stiff                                       Lerner                     1220
                                                              Geography Department
Frozen Summer                                      Lerner                     1120
                                                              Geography Department
Fugitive (Undercover Girl)                         Lerner                     1200
                                                              Geography Department
Fugitive Factor, The (On the Run 2)                Lerner                     1210
                                                              Geography Department
Full Count                                         Lerner                     1210
                                                              Geography Department
Full Steam Ahead                                   Lerner                     1260
                                                              Geography Department
Full Throttle                                      Lerner                     1050
                                                              Geography Department
Full Tilt                                          Lerner                     1220
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Baseball                               Cooney     Caroline B.      790
Fundamental Basketball                             Lerner                     1080
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Golf                                   Lerner                     1190
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Gymnastics                             Lerner                     1130
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Hockey                                 Lerner                     1070
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Karate                                 Lerner                     1260
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Mountain Biking                        Lerner                     1120
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Snowboarding                           Lerner                     1200
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Soccer                                 Lerner                     1160
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Softball                               Lerner                     1200
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Strength Training                      Lerner                     1200
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Tennis                                 Lerner                     1130
                                                              Geography Department
Fundamental Volleyball                             Lerner                     1220
                                                              Geography Department
Funerals & Fly Fishing                            Lerner                             1120
                                                                     Geography Department
Fungi                                             Lerner                             1250
                                                                     Geography Department
Funhouse                                          Lerner                             1260
                                                                     Geography Department
Funny Fishes                                      Lerner                             1090
                                                                     Geography Department

Funny Papers: Behind The Scenes Of The Comics     Lerner                             1110
                                                                     Geography Department
Funny You Should Ask                              Lerner                             1130
                                                                     Geography Department
Further Chronicles Of Avonlea                     Lerner                             1140
                                                                     Geography Department
Fury Of Motion: Poems For Boys, A                 Lerner                             1280
                                                                     Geography Department
G Is For Googol: A Math Alphabet Book             Lerner                             1170
                                                                     Geography Department
Gabriel's Horses                                  Lerner                             1140
                                                                     Geography Department
Gabriel's Journey                                 Lerner                             1200
                                                                     Geography Department
Gabriel's Triumph                                 Lerner                             1270
                                                                     Geography Department
Gadget, The                                       Lerner                             1190
                                                                     Geography Department
Gadgets And Gizmos                                Lerner                             1160
                                                                     Geography Department
Galapagos Islands: Nature's Delicate Balance At
Risk                                              Lerner                              1130
                                                                     Geography Department
Galax-Arena                                       Lerner                              1170
                                                                     Geography Department
Game                                              Lerner                              1220
                                                                     Geography Department
Game Day: My Life On And Off The Field            Lerner                              1120
                                                                     Geography Department
Game of Silence, The                              Lerner                              1170
                                                                     Geography Department
Game Plan                                         Applegate          K. A.            560
Game, The                                         Lerner                              1180
                                                                     Geography Department
Gamer Girl                                        Lerner                              1160
                                                                     Geography Department
Games Of Ancient Rome                             Lerner                              1090
                                                                     Geography Department
Games: A Tale Of Two Bullies                      Lerner                              1210
                                                                     Geography Department
Gammage Cup, The                                  Lerner                              1280
                                                                     Geography Department
Gandhi (Anthology)                                Lerner                              1160
                                                                     Geography Department
Gandhi (Dobeck)                                   Lerner                              1240
                                                                     Geography Department
Garage Sale Mystery, The                          Lerner                              1290
                                                                     Geography Department
Garden Of Angels                                  Lerner                              1230
                                                                     Geography Department
Garden Of The Purple Dragon                       Lerner                              1260
                                                                     Geography Department
Garden, The                                       Lerner                              1130
                                                                     Geography Department
Gardenias And Oranges                             Lerner                              1140
                                                                     Geography Department
Garter Snakes                                     Lerner                              1080
                                                                     Geography Department
Garth Brooks                                      Lerner                              1240
                                                                     Geography Department
Garth Brooks (People In The News)                 Lerner                              1240
                                                                     Geography Department
Garth Brooks: Chart-Bustin' Country               Lerner                              1180
                                                                     Geography Department
Gate Of Bones, The                                Lerner                              1280
                                                                     Geography Department
Gateway Arch, The                                 Lerner                              1190
                                                                     Geography Department
Gateway To The Gods                               Lerner                              1100
                                                                     Geography Department
Gathering Blue                                    Wadsworth          Ginger           1030
Gathering Of Days, A                              Reid               Struan           1080
Gathering Of Gargoyles, A                         Carpenter          Angelica Shirley 1070
Gathering, The                                    Darby              Jean             770
Gavriel And Jemal Two Boys Of Jerusalem           Tingum             Janice           940
Gawgon And The Boy, The                           Carpenter          Angelica Shirley 820
Gay-Neck: The Story Of A Pigeon                   Dommermuth-Costa   Carol            1080
Geckos                                            Chaney             J.R.             960
Geek Abroad                                       Wadsworth          Ginger           980
Geek High                                         Lazo               Caroline         1190
Gemini Game                                       Aller              Susan Bivin      1020
GemX                                             Dommermuth-Costa   Carol            910
Gender Blender                                   Krohn              Katherine E.     920
Gene Hunter                                      Collins            David R.         920
Genesis Alpha                                    Stewart            Whitney          1070
Genghis Khan: 13th-Century Mongolian Tyrant      Wadsworth          Ginger           1010
Genie Of Sutton Place, The                       Davis              Frances A.       1010
Genius Squad                                     Stewart            Whitney          1070
Genius: A Photobiography Of Albert Einstein      Kristy             Davida           980
Gentle Ben                                       Powers             Tom              1030
Gentle's Holler                                  Darby              Jean             820
Geography Smart Junior                           Stewart            Whitney          1130
George Balanchine: A Life Of Dance               O'Connor           Barbara          990
George Balanchine: American Ballet Master        Turk               Ruth             950
George Bush (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)         Welch              Catherine A.     600
George Lucas                                     Streissguth        Tom              1080
George Lucas                                     Schulman           Arlene           930
George Lucas: Creator Of Star Wars               Collins            David R.         880
George W. Bush                                   Finlayson          Reggie           990

George W. Bush: From Texas To The White House Rosen                 Dorothy Schack   930
George Washington                             Howard                Megan            1180
George Washington                             Ruth                  Amy              1070

George Washington (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)   Lazo               Caroline         1130
George Washington You Never Knew, The            Applegate          K. A.            520
George Washington, Spymaster                     Krohn              Katherine E.     1030
George Washington: The Man Who Would Not Be
King                                             Calder             David            860

Georgetown Hoyas Men's Basketball Team, The      Pausewang          Gudrun           720
Georgia                                          Murphy             Claire Rudolph   1070

Georgia (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   James              Elizabeth        1020
Georgia (One Nation)                             Bauer              Marion Dane      840
Georgia O'Keeffe                                 Stahl              Hilda            540
Georgie's Moon                                   Applegate          K. A.            460
Gerald Ford (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)         Betancourt         Jeanne           630
Geraldine Moore: The Poet                        Roberts            Willo Davis      860
German Shepherd, The                             Ryden              Hope             770
Germany                                          Thurber            James            1120
Germany (Modern Nations Of The World)            Sutcliff           Rosemary         1210
Germany In Pictures (c.1994)                     Stahl              Hilda            570
Germany In Pictures (Second Edition)             Stahl              Hilda            530
Geronimo: A Novel                                Stahl              Hilda            530
Get It Together: How To Organize Everything In
Your Life                                        Stahl              Hilda            570
Get On Board                                     Stahl              Hilda            560
Get On Out Of Here, Philip Hall                  Stahl              Hilda            550
Get Out Of My Face                               Stahl              Hilda            530
Get That Girl Out Of The Boys' Locker Room!      Stahl              Hilda            570
Get Up And Go! The History Of American Road
Travel                                           Stahl              Hilda            530
Getting Air                                         Stahl         Hilda             550
Getting Away With Murder: The True Story Of The
Emmett Till Case                                    Stahl         Hilda             600
Getting In The Game                                 Stahl         Hilda             590
Getting Lincoln's Goat                              Stahl         Hilda             560
Getting Near To Baby                                Stahl         Hilda             610
Getting Ready For A Career As A Computer
Animator                                            Patent        Dorothy Hinshaw   910
Getting Ready For A Career As A Computer
Technician                                          Malam         John              940
Getting Ready For A Career As A Video Game
Designer                                            McCall        Henrietta         1000
Getting Ready For A Career As An Internet
Designer                                            Bergin        Mark              1050
Getting Ready For A Career In Computers             Marrin        Albert            930
Getting Ready For A Career In Food Service          Arnold        Caroline          1110
Getting Ready For A Career In Health Care           Smucker       Barbara           770

Getting Ready For A Career In Professional Sports   Riskind       Mary              630
Getting Rid Of Katherine                            Van Draanen   Wendelin          840
Getting The Girl                                    Freeman       Martha            700
Getting To First Base With Danalda Chase            Keene         Carolyn           820
Gettysburg                                          Hoose         Phillip           840
Geysers: When Earth Roars                           Egan          Terry             760
Ghana (Enchantment Of The World)                    Coville       Bruce             730
Ghana In Pictures (c.1988)                          Smith         Thomas G.         1160
Ghana In Pictures (Second Edition)                  Scott         Elaine            1110
Ghana: Economically Developing Countries            Lewis         Barbara A.        820
Ghost Abbey                                         Scholes       Katherine         840
Ghost At Land's End                                 Walker        Paul Robert       800
Ghost At Skeleton Rock, The                         Jimenez       Juan Ramon        1280
Ghost Behind The Wall, The                          Arnold        Caroline          1110
Ghost Belonged To Me, The                           Reef          Catherine         980
Ghost Boy                                           Macaulay      David             1250
Ghost Brother                                       Bial          Raymond           1000
Ghost Cadet                                         Greenwood     Barbara           900
Ghost Canoe                                         Perl          Lila              1170
Ghost Cat                                           Taylor        Leighton          750
Ghost Cats                                          Taylor        Leighton          830
Ghost Fever / Mal De Fantasma                       Ricciuti      Edward R.         1060
Ghost Horses                                        Taylor        Leighton          840
Ghost In The Mirror, The                            Ricciuti      Edward R.         840
Ghost In The Noonday Sun, The                       Taylor        Leighton          850
Ghost In The Tokaido Inn, The                       Ricciuti      Edward R.         860
Ghost Liners                                        Pascoe        Elaine            880
Ghost Medicine                                      Tesar         Jenny             930
Ghost Of A Chance                                   Pascoe        Elaine            990
Ghost Of A Hanged Man                               Tesar         Jenny             820
Ghost Of Blackwood Hall, The                        Pascoe        Elaine            1060
Ghost Of Camp Ka Nowato, The                        Tesar         Jenny             810
Ghost Of Raven Hill, The                            Pascoe        Elaine            1090
Ghost Of Spirit Bear                                Ricciuti      Edward R.         950
Ghost Rider                                        Dossenbach   Hans D.          1060
Ghost Ship                                         Haffner      Marianne         950
Ghost Sitter, The                                  Dossenbach   Monika           960
Ghost Soldier                                      Taylor       Leighton         920
Ghost Stallion, The                                Taylor       Leighton         890
Ghost Town: Seven Ghostly Stories                  Ricciuti     Edward R.        990
Ghost Towns Of The American West                   Quinlan      Kathryn A.       810
Ghostgirl                                          Heath        David            690
Ghosts                                             Heath        David            730
Ghosts (Monster Chronicles)                        Schwartz     Stuart           750
Ghosts And Ghoulies                                Schwartz     Stuart           590
Ghosts And Poltergeists                            Schwartz     Stuart           500
Ghost's Child, The                                 Schwartz     Stuart           640
Ghost's Grave, The                                 Schwartz     Stuart           760
Ghosts I Have Been                                 Schwartz     Stuart           640
Ghosts In The Gallery                              Wilcox       Charlotte        850
Ghosts Of Now, The                                 Wilcox       Charlotte        580
Ghosts, Hauntings And Mysterious Happenings        Wilcox       Charlotte        580
Ghosts: And Real-Life Ghost Hunters                Wilcox       Charlotte        560
Ghosts: Informania                                 Potts        Steve            660
Giant Rat Of Sumatra, The                          Potts        Steve            740
Gib And The Gray Ghost                             Potts        Steve            600
Gib Rides Home                                     Potts        Steve            660
Gideon The Cutpurse / Time Travelers, The          Potts        Steve            700
Gideon's People                                    Frahm        Randy            670
Gifford Pinchot: American Forester                 Hemstock     Annie            790
Gift                                               Zwaschka     Michael          680
Gift For A Gift (Anthology), A                     Dahl         Michael          750
Gift Moves, The                                    Green        Michael          650
Gift Of The Magi And Other Stories, The            Green        Michael          670
Gift Of The Unmage                                 Green        Michael          690
Gifts From the Sea                                 Green        Michael          630
Gilbert & Sullivan Set Me Free                     Masters      Nancy Robinson   700
Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator                  Masters      Nancy Robinson   700
Gilda Joyce: Ladies Of The Lake                    Masters      Nancy Robinson   720
Gilda Joyce: The Ghost Sonata                      Masters      Nancy Robinson   720
Gilgamesh The Hero                                 Green        Michael          710
Giraffes, The Sentinels Of The Savannas            Green        Michael          630
Girl Called Al, A                                  Green        Michael          720
Girl Called Boy, A                                 Green        Michael          710
Girl Death Left Behind, The                        Glaser       Jason            840
Girl From Chimel, The                              McKenna      Anne T.          700
Girl In A Cage                                     Glaser       Jason            780
Girl In Blue                                       McKenna      Anne T.          740
Girl In The Box, The                               Glaser       Jason            770
Girl In The Well, The                              Gutman       Bill             860
Girl Named Disaster, A                             Martin       John             770

Girl Of The Shining Mountains: Sacagawea's Story   Costanzo     Christie         770
Girl Overboard                                     Guthrie      Robert W.        790
Girl Reporter Blows Lid Off Town!                  Hays         Scott Robert     770
Girl V. Boy                                        Kulper       Eileen           660
Girl Who Ate Chicken Feet, The                     Gould         Marilyn      840
Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese, And Other Tales
Of The Far North, The                              Schwartz      Stuart       800
Girl Who Invented Romance, The                     Schwartz      Stuart       850
Girl Who Married The Moon, The                     Hintz         Martin       590
Girl Who Married The Moon: Tales From Native
North America (Anthology), The                     Hintz         Martin       560
Girl Who Owned A City, The                         Hintz         Martin       620
Girl Who Saw Lions, The                            Hintz         Martin       490
Girl Who Spoke Dog, The                            Kudalis       Eric         650
Girl Who Threw Butterflies, The                    Kudalis       Eric         520
Girl With The Crazy Brother, The                   Kudalis       Eric         620
Girl With The Silver Eyes, The                     Kudalis       Eric         580
Girl, Barely 15: Flirting For England              Jones         Stanley P.   680
Girl, Going On 17, Pants On Fire                   Jones         Stanley P.   670
Girl, Hero                                         Amram         Fred M. B.   860
Girl, Nearly 16: Absolute Torture                  Henderson     Susan K.     680
Girlfriend Material                                Henderson     Susan K.     760
Girlhearts                                         St. John      Jetty        650
Girls Got Game: Sports Stories And Poems           St. John      Jetty        810
Girl's Guide To Growing Up: Making The Right
Choices, A                                         St. John      Jetty        610
Girls' Guide To Life: How To Take Charge Of The
Issues.., The                                      McLoone       Margo        580
Girls In Love                                      McLoone       Margo        570
Girls In Tears (GIRLS)                             McLoone       Margo        590
Girls Know Best                                    McLoone       Margo        630
Girls' Life Guide To Growing Up, The               Kahn          Jetty        740
Girls Out Late (GIRLS)                             Kahn          Jetty        810
Girls Speak Out: Finding Your True Self            Kahn          Jetty        770
Girls Think Of Everything: Stories Of Ingenious
Inventions By Women                                Kahn          Jetty        720
Girls Think Of Everything: Stories Of Ingenious
Inventions By Women (Anthology)                    Blashfield    Jean F.      890
Girls To The Rescue: A Tale Of Two Youth Groups
(Keeler)                                           Blashfield    Jean F.      840
Girls Under Pressure (GIRLS)                       Blashfield    Jean F.      900
Girls Who Looked Under Rocks: The Lives Of Six
Pioneering Naturalists                             Blashfield    Jean F.      930
Girls Who Rocked The World                         Christopher   John         830
Girls, The                                         Calhoun       T.B.         580

Girls: A History Of Growing Up Female In America   Boston        L. M.        990
Girl-Son                                           Macaulay      David        1210
Give And Take                                      Monroe        Jack
Give Me A Sign!: What Pictograms Tell Us Without
Words (Anthology)                                  Campbell      Joanna       770
Give Me Liberty (Elliott)                          Blume         Judy         590
Give Me Liberty! The Story Of The Declaration Of
Independence                                       Lofting       Hugh         860
Giver, The                                         Avi-Yonah     Michael      1140
Giving Up The Ghost                                MacDonald     George       1030
Gladiator                                        Keene              Carolyn            630
Gladiators From Capua, The                       Greene             Constance C.       610
Glass Cafe, The                                  Ballard            Robert D.          1100
Glass Word, The                                  Carpenter          Angelica Shirley   1000
Glennis, Before And After                        Whitman            Sylvia             1070
Glint                                            Whitman            Sylvia             1050
Glitch                                           Whitman            Sylvia             1110
Glitch In Sleep, The                             Sinnott            Susan              1160
Global Warming: The Threat Of Earth's Changing
Climate                                          Applegate          K. A.              600
Gloomy Gus                                       Henderson          C. J.              440
Gloria                                           Gunning            Thomas
Gloria Estefan                                   Santiago           Danny              790
Gloria Estefan                                   Ciencin            Scott              660
Gloria Estefan: Pop Sensation                    Stanton            Mary               680
Gloria Steinem: Feminist Extraordinaire          Applegate          K. A.              560
Glory Girl, The                                  Applegate          K. A.              460
Glory In Danger                                  Martin             Ann M.             720
Glory In The Flower                              Whitman            Sylvia             1100
Glory Of Unicorns, A                             Pfetzer            Mark               970
Glory's Rival                                    Smith              Dodie              920
Glory's Triumph                                  Nelson             O.T.               660
Glow From Lighthouse Cove, The                   Campbell           Joanna             770

Gnat Stokes And The Foggy Bottom Swamp Queen Snyder                 Midori             790
Go Big Or Go Home                            Stahl                  Hilda              580

Go Free Or Die: A Study About Harriet Tubman     Pullman            Philip             900
Go, Girl, Go!                                    Coville            Bruce              790
Goatnappers, The                                 Sullivan           George             950
Goats                                            Arnosky            Jim                1100
Goblin Wood, The                                 Patent             Dorothy Hinshaw    1180
Goblins In The Castle                            Brooks             Bruce              1000
Goddesses, Heroes, And Shamans: The Young
People's Guide To World Mythology                Rochman            Hazel              870
Gods And Goddesses Of The Ancient Maya           Byam               Michele            1240
Gods Of Manhattan                                VanCleave          Janice             970
Gods, Goddesses, And Monsters                    Lambert            David              1120
Going For The Record                             Bennett            William J.         1300
Going Solo                                       Darby              Jean               940
Going The Distance (Anthology)                   Josephson          Judith Pinkerton   900
Going Through The Gate                           Dommermuth-Costa   Carol              970
Going To School In 1776                          Hintz              Martin             1080
Going Vertical                                   Currie             Stephen            970
Gold & Silver, Silver & Gold: Tales Of Hidden
Treasure                                         Brenner            Barbara
Gold Coin Robbery, The                           Cooper             Christopher        1050
Gold Dust                                        Burnie             David              1000
Gold In The Hills                                Newmark            Ann                1040
Gold Mine Mystery, The                           Challoner          Jack               1030
Gold Miners Of The Wild West                     Lafferty           Peter              1110
Gold Rush Dogs                                   Van Rose           Susanna            1070
Gold Rush Fever!                                 Pollock        Steve            1220

Gold Rush Fever: A Story Of The Klondike, 1898   Parker         Steve            1070
Gold Rush Prodigal                               Parker         Steve            1230
Gold Rush, The                                   Burnie         David            1060
Gold Train Bandits, The                          Bridgman       Roger            1120
Gold! (Lady Grace)                               Gamlin         Linda            1080
Golden                                           Lippincott     Kristen          1110
Golden Age Of Exploration, The                   Gribbin        John             1090
Golden Atlas, The                                Bridgman       Roger            1110
Golden Bull, The                                 Parker         Steve            730
Golden Compass, The                              Suzanne        Jamie            690
Golden Dream Of Carlo Chuchio, The               Campbell       Joanna           820
Golden Fleece, The                               Smith          Dodie            830
Golden Gate Bridge (Building America), The       Martin         S.R.             1150
Golden Goblet, The                               Napoli         Donna Jo         680
Golden Hour, The                                 Keene          Carolyn          750
Golden Rat, The                                  Krull          Kathleen         1220
Golden Retriever, The                            Eliot          T.S.
Golden Road, The                                 Reich          Susanna          1060
Golden Tales                                     Morgan         Terri            970
Golem's Eye, The                                 Savage         Jeff             890
Gone                                             Griffin        Adele            850
Gone A-Whaling: The Lure Of The Sea And The
Hunt For The Great Whale                         Meltzer        Milton          1200
Gone Fishing (Nayer)                             Van Steenwyk   Elizabeth       1170
Gone Hollywood                                   Hutchens       Paul            1150
Good Brother, Bad Brother                        Bly            Stephen          660
Good Courage, A                                  Stein          R. Conrad        940
Good Days, Bad Days                              Archer         Chris            670
Good Enough                                      Ciencin        Scott            630
Good Enough And Other Stories                    Lerner                         1250
                                                                Geography Department
Good Fight, The                                  Lerner                         1180
                                                                Geography Department
Good Girl Work: Factories, Sweatshops, And How
Women Changed Their Role In The American
Workforce                                        Lerner                         1230
                                                                Geography Department
Good Guys Of Baseball, The                       Lerner                         1310
                                                                Geography Department
Good Luck, Smiling Cat                           Lerner                         1210
                                                                Geography Department
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices From A
Medieval Village                                 Lerner                         1240
                                                                Geography Department
Good Night, Maman                                Applegate      K. A.            620
Good Night, Mr. Tom                              Lerner                         1100
                                                                Geography Department
Good Times Are Killing Me, The                   Lerner                         1250
                                                                Geography Department
Good Women Of A Well-Blessed Land: Women's
Lives In Colonial America                        Lerner                           1160
                                                                Geography Department
Good-bye And Keep Cold                           Lerner                           1110
                                                                Geography Department
Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever                     Smith          Roland             730
Goodbye, Amanda The Good                         Howey          Paul M.           1070
Good-Bye, Billy Radish                           McPherson                         910
                                                                Stephanie Sammartino
Good-bye, Pink Pig                               Facklam        Margery           1200
Goodbye, Vietnam                                 Van Steenwyk   Elizabeth         1080
Goodbye, Walter Malinski                         Bauer          Marion Dane       1060
Goose Girl, The                                  Konigsburg   E. L.          1010
Goose Girl: A Traditional Chinese Tale, The      Jimenez      Francisco      880
Gopher, Tanker And The Admiral                   Berry        James          740
Gorgon's Gaze, The                               Sills        Leslie         920
Gorila                                           Cerasini     Marc           1060
Gorilla                                          Shura        Mary Francis   950
Gorilla (Endangered Animals & Habitats), The     Godfrey      Martyn         720
Gorilla (Eyewitness)                             Brust        Beth Wagner    1060
Gorilla Doctors                                  Schwartz     Stuart         850
Gorilla Mountain                                 Schwartz     Stuart         900
Gossamer                                         Deem         James M.
Got Issues Much?                                 Jackson      Shirley        990
Gotta Get Some Bish Bash Bosh                    Nimmo        Jenny          650
Government And The Environment                   Dixon        Franklin W.    770
Grab Hands And Run                               Dixon        Franklin W.    710
Grace                                            Dixon        Franklin W.    740
Grace Above All                                  Dixon        Franklin W.    810
Gracie's Girl                                    Keene        Carolyn        790
Graduation Day                                   Keene        Carolyn        780
Graduation Of Jake Moon, The                     Keene        Carolyn        750
Graham Cracker Cookies                           Keene        Carolyn        700
Grams, Her Boyfriend, My Family, And Me          Keene        Carolyn        770
gran Gilly Hopkins, La                           Keene        Carolyn        800

Grand Canyon Journey: Tracing Time In Stone, A   Keene        Carolyn        760
Grand Coulee Dam, The                            Keene        Carolyn        750
Grand Slam Trivia                                Dixon        Franklin W.    700
Grand Tour, The                                  Dixon        Franklin W.    670
Grandpa's Mountain                               Dixon        Franklin W.    800
Grandpa's Stolen Treasure                        Dixon        Franklin W.    780
granjero de diez años, Un                        Dixon        Franklin W.    730
Granny The Pag                                   Dixon        Franklin W.    750
Granny Was A Buffer Girl                         Dixon        Franklin W.    700
Grant Hill: Humble Hotshot                       Dixon        Franklin W.    650
Grape Thief                                      Dixon        Franklin W.    640
Graphic Designer                                 Keene        Carolyn        750
Grass Angel                                      Keene        Carolyn        760
Grassland (Biomes Of The World)                  Keene        Carolyn        720
Grasslands                                       Keene        Carolyn        710
Grasslands (Habitats)                            Keene        Carolyn        750
Graven Images                                    Keene        Carolyn        690
Graveyard Book, The                              Dixon        Franklin W.    730
Gray Boy                                         Dixon        Franklin W.    690
Great Adventure: Theodore Roosevelt And The
Rise Of Modern America, The                      Dixon        Franklin W.    750
Great Airport Mystery, The                       Dixon        Franklin W.    740
Great American Elephant Chase, The               Dixon        Franklin W.    720
Great American Gold Rush, The                    Dixon        Franklin W.    670
Great Ancestor Hunt, The                         Keene        Carolyn        700
Great Antler Auction, The                        Keene        Carolyn        750
Great Apes, The                                  Dixon        Franklin W.    640
Great Authors Of Children's Literature           Dixon        Franklin W.    640
Great Bamboozlement                             Dixon    Franklin W.   660
Great Bear Lake (Seekers)                       Dixon    Franklin W.   730
Great Blue Yonder, The                          Dixon    Franklin W.   730
Great Brain Book, The                           Dixon    Franklin W.   750
Great Conquerors                                Dixon    Franklin W.   700
Great Dane, The                                 Dixon    Franklin W.   700
Great Depression: A Nation In Distress, The     Keene    Carolyn       740
Great Escape, The                               Keene    Carolyn       770
Great Escapes Of World War II                   Keene    Carolyn       760
Great Eye, The                                  Keene    Carolyn       710
Great Fire, The                                 Keene    Carolyn       740
Great Flood Mystery                             Keene    Carolyn       760
Great Ghost Rescue, The                         Keene    Carolyn       700
Great Gilly Hopkins, The                        Keene    Carolyn       750
Great Good Thing, The                           Dixon    Franklin W.   730
Great Interactive Dream Machine, The            Keene    Carolyn       790
Great Lakes, The                                Keene    Carolyn       750
Great McGoniggle Rides Shotgun                  Keene    Carolyn       710
Great Migration (Eisenstark), The               Keene    Carolyn       650
Great Mississippi Flood Of 1927, The            Dixon    Franklin W.   720
Great Race: The Amazing Round-The-World Auto
Race Of 1908, The                               Dixon    Franklin W.   760
Great Receiver, The                             Dixon    Franklin W.   730
Great Secret, The                               Keene    Carolyn       700
Great Skinner Getaway, The                      Dixon    Franklin W.   710
Great Skinner Homestead, The                    Bryant   Bonnie        750
Great Sports Upsets                             Bryant   Bonnie        730
Great Turkey Walk, The                          Bryant   Bonnie        730
Great Wall (Anthology), The                     Bryant   Bonnie        780
Great Wall Of China, The                        Bryant   Bonnie        750
Great Wall? (Anthology), A                      Bryant   Bonnie        770
Great Whale Of Kansas, The                      Bryant   Bonnie        720
Great Wheel, The                                Bryant   Bonnie        800
Great White Sharks                              Bryant   Bonnie        810
Great Wide Sea, The                             Keene    Carolyn       660
Greater Than Angels                             Dixon    Franklin W.   680
Greatest Moments Of The NBA (Anthology)         Dixon    Franklin W.   750
Greatest, The: Muhammad Ali                     Dixon    Franklin W.   690
Greece                                          Keene    Carolyn       770
Greece (Modern Nations Of The World)            Keene    Carolyn       660
Greece In Pictures (c.1992)                     Dixon    Franklin W.   810
Greece: The Culture                             Dixon    Franklin W.   690
Greece: The Land                                Keene    Carolyn       690
Greece: The People                              Dixon    Franklin W.   820
Greek Gods And Heroes                           Dixon    Franklin W.   710
Greek Gods, The                                 Keene    Carolyn       820
Greek Legends                                   Keene    Carolyn       710
Greek Life                                      Keene    Carolyn       680
Greek Myths And Legends                         Keene    Carolyn       780

Greek Myths: Gods, Heroes And Monsters: Their
Sources, Their Stories And Their Meanings       Dixon    Franklin W.   740
Greek Myths: Three Tales From Greek Mythology   Dixon   Franklin W.   700
Greek Temples                                   Keene   Carolyn       710
Greek Temples (Watts Library)                   Keene   Carolyn       720
Greek Town                                      Keene   Carolyn       800
Greek Who Stole Christmas, The                  Keene   Carolyn       770
Green Angel                                     Keene   Carolyn       710
Green Bay Packers                               Keene   Carolyn       720
Green Bay Packers Football Team, The            Dixon   Franklin W.   800
Green Berets, The                               Dixon   Franklin W.   650
Green Boy                                       Dixon   Franklin W.   720
Green Cars: Earth-Friendly Electric Vehicles    Dixon   Franklin W.   690
Green Futures Of Tycho, The                     Dixon   Franklin W.   700
Green Jasper                                    Dixon   Franklin W.   770
Green Plants                                    Dixon   Franklin W.   700
Green Thumb                                     Dixon   Franklin W.   630
Greenhouse Effect, The                          Dixon   Franklin W.   790
Greenwitch                                      Keene   Carolyn       740
Greetings From Alcatraz (Anthology)             Keene   Carolyn       680
Greetings From Ancient Greece                   Keene   Carolyn       760
Greetings From Planet Earth                     Keene   Carolyn       690
Greg Maddux / Cal Ripken, Jr.                   Keene   Carolyn       610
Greg Maddux: Ace!                               Keene   Carolyn       660
Gregor And The Code Of Claw                     Keene   Carolyn       700
Gregor And The Curse Of The Warmbloods          Keene   Carolyn       740
Gregor And The Marks Of Secret                  Keene   Carolyn       660
Gregor And The Prophecy Of Bane                 Keene   Carolyn       720
Gregor Mendel: Genetics Pioneer                 Keene   Carolyn       790
Gregor The Overlander                           Keene   Carolyn       740
Gregory Hines                                   Keene   Carolyn       730
Grey King, The                                  Keene   Carolyn       780
Gridiron Scholar                                Keene   Carolyn       700
Griffin's Castle                                Keene   Carolyn       790
Grigory Rasputin: Holy Man Or Mad Monk?         Keene   Carolyn       690
Grim Grotto, The                                Dixon   Franklin W.   750
Grimke Sisters (Anthology), The                 Dixon   Franklin W.   770
Grizzly Bear, The                               Dixon   Franklin W.   690
Grooming Of Alice, The                          Dixon   Franklin W.   700
Grooves: A Kind Of Mystery                      Dixon   Franklin W.   760
Grossology Begins At Home                       Dixon   Franklin W.   730
Grover Cleveland                                Keene   Carolyn       720

Grover Cleveland (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)   Keene   Carolyn       760
Growing Nation, A                               Keene   Carolyn       770
Growing Up Female (Anthology)                   Keene   Carolyn       780
Growing Up In Coal Country                      Dixon   Franklin W.   760
Growth And Conflicts: 1829-1862                 Dixon   Franklin W.   670
Guan Yu: Blood Brothers To The End              Keene   Carolyn       690
Guardian Of The Hills                           Keene   Carolyn       700
Guardians, The                                  Dixon   Franklin W.   860
Guatemala In Pictures (c.1987)                  Dixon   Franklin W.   750
Guatemala In Pictures (Second Edition)          Keene   Carolyn       680
Guerilla Season                                      Keene      Carolyn           680
guerra del chocolate, La                             Keene      Carolyn           650
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, The                        Keene      Carolyn           720
Guglielmo Marconi                                    Keene      Carolyn           720
Guide Dogs                                           Keene      Carolyn           790
Guilty By A Hair!                                    Dixon      Franklin W.       730
Guinevere's Gift (Chrysalis Queen Quartet)           Dixon      Franklin W.       690
Guion Bluford: A Space Biography                     Keene      Carolyn           710
Guitar Solo (Anthology)                              Keene      Carolyn           730
Gulf                                                 Dixon      Franklin W.       690
Gulliver's Travels (Lemke)                           Keene      Carolyn           810
Gunfighters                                          Dixon      Franklin W.       700
Gunfighters Of The Wild West                         Dixon      Franklin W.       790
Gunpowder                                            Keene      Carolyn           660
Guns For General Washington                          Dixon      Franklin W.       720
Gus, cara de piedra                                  Keene      Carolyn           760
Gut-eating Bugs                                      Dixon      Franklin W.       740
Guts                                                 Dixon      Franklin W.       650
Guy Time                                             Dixon      Franklin W.       670
Guyana                                               Dixon      Franklin W.       750
Guyana In Pictures (c.1988)                          Keene      Carolyn           800
Guys Write for Guys Read                             Dixon      Franklin W.       700
Gymnastics                                           Keene      Carolyn           700
Gypsies Never Came, The                              Dixon      Franklin W.       840
Gypsy Davey                                          Keene      Carolyn           650
Gypsy Game, The                                      Keene      Carolyn           640
Gypsy Rizka                                          Keene      Carolyn           730
H.I.V.E.: Higher-Institute-Of-Villainous-Education   Dixon      Franklin W.       710
Habibi                                               Keene      Carolyn           760
habitación de arriba, La                             Keene      Carolyn           760
Habitats: Cities, Deserts, Jungles, And Swamps       Keene      Carolyn           660
Haced sitio a mi hermano                             Keene      Carolyn           780
hacha, El                                            Keene      Carolyn           750
Hacker                                               Dixon      Franklin W.       620
Hadder MacColl                                       Dixon      Franklin W.       760
Hail, Hail, Camp Timberwood                          Keene      Carolyn           740
Haiti                                                Dixon      Franklin W.       840
Haiti                                                Keene      Carolyn           740
Haiti In Pictures (c.1987)                           Keene      Carolyn           690
Hakeem Olajuwon: Tower Of Power                      Keene      Carolyn           650
Half Magic                                           Dixon      Franklin W.       740
Half Moon Investigations                             Keene      Carolyn           750
Half-A-Moon Inn                                      Keene      Carolyn           660
Halfback Tough                                       Dixon      Franklin W.       680
Half-Human                                           Keene      Carolyn           700
Half-Pipe Kidd, The                                  Giovanni   Nikki
Halloween Joker, The                                 Blauer     Ettagale          1020
Halloween: Why We Celebrate It The Way We
Do                                                   Hintz      Martin            1040
Halsey's Pride                                       Patent     Dorothy Hinshaw   1130
Hammerhead Sharks                                    Hamanaka   Sheila            910
Hand Full Of Stars, A                                Ventura    Piero             1140
Hand Of Robin Squires, The                        Masters      Susan Rowan      700
Hand Of The Necromancer, The                      Bawden       Nina             890
Hand You're Dealt, The                            Adler        C. S.            650
Handbook For Boys: A Novel                        McDaniel     Lurlene          590
Handful Of Time, A                                Fine         Anne             810
Hang Glider Mystery, The                          Pearce       Philippa         860
Hang Gliding And Parasailing                      Blackman     Malorie          620
Hangman                                           Pollard      Michael          990
Hank's Story                                      Pollard      Michael          1010
Hannah And The Daring Escape                      Pollard      Michael          1040
Hannah And The Snowy Hideaway                     Pollard      Michael          1060
Hannah And The Special 4th Of July                Pollard      Michael          860
Hannah In Between                                 Pollard      Michael          980
Hannah's Winter                                   O'Brien      Lisa             930
Hannibal                                          Fallen       Anne-Catherine   1090
Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare                  Turnbull     Andy             980
Hans Brinker Or The Silver Skates                 Bowers       Vivien           1000
Happily Ever After... Almost                      Dickinson    Terence          1180
Happy Birthday Around The World                   Blackwood    Gary             840
Happy Kid!                                        Durbin       William          1060
Happy Lu                                          Applegate    K. A.            600
Hard Gold: The Colorado Gold Rush Of 1859         Foreman      Michael          1010
Hard Hit                                          Bellingham   David            1000
Hard Times For Jake Smith                         Fenner       Carol            820
Harlem Globetrotters: America's Favorite
Basketball Team, The                              Matheson     Richard          760
Harlem Hellfighters, The                          Peel         John             720
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles                       Martin       Ann M.           500
Harmony                                           Winter       Kathryn          660
Harmony Arms, The                                 Meltzer      Milton           1100
Harper And Moon                                   Shreve       Susan            940

Harriet Beecher Stowe And The Beecher Preachers   Cart         Michael          840
Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent                      Avi                           660
Harriet Tubman: Conductor On The Underground
Railroad                                          Coville      Bruce            810
Harris And Me                                     Pullman      Philip           870
Harry Houdini (DK Biography)                      Dorris       Michael          920
Harry Houdini, Master Magician                    Rue          Nancy            760
Harry Houdini: Master Of Magic                    Gunn         Robin Jones      730
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows              Rue          Nancy            830
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince            Gunn         Robin Jones      750
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix         Rue          Nancy            850
Harry S. Truman (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)      Rushton      Rosie            900
Harry Sue                                         Finch        Sheila           710
Harvey Girl                                       Dawood       N. J.            970
Harvey Girls: The Women Who Civilized The
West, The                                         Abbey        Edward           860
Hat Full of Sky, A                                Sills        Leslie           940
Hat Trick Trivia                                  Pringle      Laurence         1010
Hatchet                                           Wodehouse    P.G.             900
Hatchet (Anthology)                               Gallico      Paul             1130
Hatchling                                         Zindel        Paul                  820
Hattie Big Sky                                    Pearson       Kit                   760
Haunt Fox                                         Brooks        Bruce                 980
Haunted                                           San Souci     Robert D.             1000
Haunted Apartment Mystery, The                    Montgomery    L. M.                 1000
Haunted Bridge, The                               Gunn          Robin Jones           760
Haunted Campers (True Ghost Stories)              Gunn          Robin Jones           790
Haunted Fort, The                                 Klise         Kate
Haunted House Mystery, The                        Crist-Evans   Craig                 920
Haunted Igloo, The                                Lubar         David                 630
Haunted Island                                    Little        Kimberley Griffiths   750
Haunted Kids (True Ghost Stories)                 Service       Pamela F.             800
Haunted Schools (True Ghost Stories)              Tashjian      Janet                 830
Haunted Showboat, The                             Thesman       Jean                  710
Haunted States Of America..., The                 Thesman       Jean                  660
Haunted Teachers (True Ghost Stories)             Peck          Richard               750
Haunted Waters (Revised Edition, 2006)            Holub         Josef                 650
Haunting At Home Plate                            Smith         Roland                850
Haunting In Williamsburg, A                       Love          D. Anne               600
Haunting Of Cabin 13, The                         Doyle         Brian                 920
Haunting Of Cassie Palmer, The                    Wyeth         Sharon Dennis         660
Haunting Of Drang Island, The                     Lerangis      Peter                 430
Haunting, The                                     Lerangis      Peter                 420
Have A Happy...                                   Applegate     K. A.                 580
Have You Seen This Face?                          Stanton       Mary                  680
Hawai'i                                           Day           Lauren                650
Hawai'i                                           Martin        Ann M.                690
Hawaii (America The Beautiful, Second Series)     Day           Lauren                680
Hawaii (One Nation)                               Gregory       Kristiana             920
Hawk Highway In The Sky: Watching Raptor
Migration                                         Dyson         Marianne J.           910
Hawksong                                          Springer      Nancy                 720
Haymeadow                                         Namioka       Lensey                830
Hazardous Waste Technician                        Dickinson     Peter                 1080
Hazel Rye                                         Pageler       Elaine                280
Head Games                                        Pageler       Elaine                270
Headless Cupid, The                               Baker         Tom                   610
Heads Or Tails: Stories From The Sixth Grade      Thomas        Earl W.               470
Healer's Keep, The                                Thomas        Earl W.               510
Healing Hands: The Story Of Dr. Benjamin Carson
(Sprint)                                          Thomas        Earl W.               420
Healing Our World: Inside Doctors Without
Borders                                           Pageler       Elaine                330
Healing Water: A Hawaiian Story                   Allison       Dorothy               300
Healthy Diet, A                                   Gold          Richard               370
Hear My Sorrow                                    Pageler       Elaine                280
Hear That Train Whistle Blow: How the Railroad
Changed the World                                 Pageler       Elaine                320
Hear The Wind Blow                                Pageler       Elaine                260
Hear the Wind Blow (Hahn)                         Mullin        Penn                  240
Heart Calls Home, The                             Mullin        Penn                  360
Heart Of A Chief, The                             Mullin        Penn                  320
Heart Of Gold (Chestnut Hill)                          Mullin       Penn        350
Heart Of Ice                                           Mullin       Penn        360
Heart Of The Hills                                     Mullin       Penn        340
Heart: How The Blood Gets Around The Body              Mullin       Penn        360
Heartbeat                                              Mullin       Penn        370
Heartbreakers, The                                     Keown        Don         460
Heartlight                                             Cunningham   Marilyn     310
Heartsinger                                            Baker        Tom         570
Heart-Thumping Workouts (Anthology)                    Thomas       Earl W.     500
Heat (Lupica)                                          Thomas       Earl W.     400
Heating-And-Air-Conditioning Servicer                  Murphy       Patricia    400
Heaven                                                 Miller       W. Wesley   370
Heaven Eyes                                            Scariano     Margaret    420
Heck Superhero                                         Keown        Don         400
Hedwig's Journey To America                            Pageler      Elaine      280
Heidi's Children                                       Pageler      Elaine      320
Heights, The Depths, And Everything In Between,
The                                                    Pageler      Elaine      300
Heir Apparent                                          Liberatore   Karen       410
Helen Keller: Rebellious Spirit                        Robins       Eleanor     450
Helen Keller's Teacher                                 Keown        Don         490
Helen Of Troy                                          Pageler      Elaine      290
Hello, My Name Is Scrambled Eggs                       Pageler      Elaine      310
Help Wanted (Anthology)                                Scariano     Margaret    370
Help Wanted: Short Stories About Young People
Working                                                Taylor       Dan         300
Help Wanted: Stories                                   Sanders      Rick        360
Help! I'm Trapped In My Gym Teacher's Body             Pageler      Elaine      300
Help! The Crazy Gang Is Back                           Michaels     Stan        350
Help! What's Eating My Flesh?                          Bodine       Jane        390
Helping Sea Turtles Cope With Birth, Sickness, And
Storms (Anthology)                                     Mazer        Harry       450
Henri Matisse                                          Robins       Eleanor     410
Henry David Thoreau                                    Robins       Eleanor     420
Henry Hudson                                           Robins       Eleanor     390
Henry Moore                                            Robins       Eleanor     420
Henry VIII And His Chopping Block                      Mullin       Penn        430
Henry VIII: Royal Beheader                             Keown        Don         330
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Poetry For Young
People)                                                Keown        Don         350
Her Blue Straw Hat                                     Keown        Don         370
Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales
& True Tales                                           Robins       Eleanor     420
Herbert C. Hoover                                      Robins       Eleanor     410
Herbert Hoover                                         France       Milian      380
Herbert Hoover (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)            Robins       Eleanor     380
Hercules                                               Robins       Eleanor     450
Hercules (Silvers)                                     Robins       Eleanor     420
Here And Then                                          Mullin       Penn        410
Here Comes Heavenly                                    Mullin       Penn        400
Here in Harlem                                         Mullin       Penn        420
Here Lies The Librarian                                Mullin       Penn        410
Here She Is, Ms Teeny-Wonderful!                    Mullin       Penn          470
Here There Be Angels                                Pageler      Elaine        320
Here There Be Unicorns                              France       Milian        390
Here Today                                          Mullin       Penn          520
Here, There Be Dragons (The Chronicles Of The
Imaginarium Geographica)                            Mullin       Penn          340
Here's A Hint (FX)                                  Liberatore   Karen         470
Here's How I See It - Here's How It Is              France       Milian        380
Here's To You, Rachel Robinson                      Cunningham   Marilyn       310
Hermit Thrush Sings, The                            Frost        Betty         420
Hero                                                Balmes       Pat & Julie   480
Hero (Anthology)                                    France       Milian        430
Hero For Hire                                       Scariano     Margaret      340
Hero Of Lesser Causes                               Collins      Brad          500
Hero Of Ticonderoga, The                            France       Milian        310
Hero Perseus, The                                   Shirley      Scott         370
Hero Twins: Against The Lords Of Death, The         Scariano     Margaret      370
Hero, The                                           Scariano     Margaret      320
Herod The Great                                     Scariano     Margaret      340
Heroes And Monsters Of Greek Myth                   Balmes       Pat           490
Heroes Don't Run                                    Shirley      Scott         440
Heroes Of Baseball                                  Miller       W. Wesley     450
Heroes Of the Game                                  Baker        Tom           470
Heroes Of The Holocaust: True Stories Of Rescues
By Teens                                            Baker        Tom           460
Heroes Of The Valley                                Baker        Tom           540

Heroes, Gods And Monsters Of The Greek Myths        Mullin       Penn          450
Heroic Feats                                        Mann         Eric          530
Heroine Of The Titanic: The Real Unsinkable Molly
Brown                                               Miller       W. Wesley     430
Heroines Of The American Revolution: America's
Founding Mothers                                    Frost        Betty         500
Hero's Song (Song of Eirren)                        Wright       Bob           340
Hex Education                                       Scariano     Margaret      440
Hey, Didi Darling                                   Scariano     Margaret      400
Hidden Child Of The Holocaust                       Scariano     Margaret      340
Hidden Children, The                                Mullin       Penn          480

Hidden Girl: A True Story Of The Holocaust, The     Scariano     Richard       420
Hidden Harbor Mystery, The                          Keown        Don           480
Hidden Magic, A                                     Keown        Don           490
Hidden Message, The                                 Keown        Don           400
Hidden On The Mountain                              Keown        Don           450
Hidden Past, The                                    Pageler      Elaine        340
Hidden Staircase, The                               Sands        Anna Maria    420
Hidden Talents                                      Sands        Anna Maria    340
Hidden Treasure Of The Chisos, The                  Sands        Anna Maria    450
Hidden Window Mystery, The                          Sands        Anna Maria    380
Hidden, The                                         Sands        Anna Maria    400
Hide And Seek: Creatures In Camouflage              Pageler      Elaine        360
Hideaway                                            Pageler      Elaine        340
Hideout                                         Pageler       Elaine             340
Hideout Champs, The                             Stewart       Jennifer J.        680
Hiding Place                                    Macaulay      David              1100
Hiding To Survive: Stories Of Jewish Children
Rescued From The Holocaust                      Marshall      James Vance        800
High Cost Of Cheap Labor (Anthology), The       Hutchens      Paul               1130
High King, The                                  Johnston      Norma              780
High Rhulain                                    Donahue       A.K.               610
High Ropes                                      Atkinson      E. J.              660
High Stakes                                     Carser        S.X.               730
High Time In New York                           Connolly      Maureen            810
High Wizardry                                   Carstensen    Karol              620
High-Speed Boats (Need For Speed)               Stephenson    Sallie             650
Highwayman's Footsteps, The                     Cazin         Lorraine Jolian    910
Hillary Rodham Clinton                          Wolhart       Dayna              670
Hillary Rodham Clinton (A&E Biography)          Maifair       Linda Lee          710
Hillary Rodham Clinton (Encyclopedia Of First
Ladies)                                         Kahaner       Ellen              720
Hippie Chick                                    Stephenson    Sallie             760
Hippolyta And The Curse Of The Amazons          Burt          Stephen            850
Hippos (Nature Watch)                           Martin        John               820
Hiroshima Dreams                                Turnbull      Ann                840
His Banner Over Me                              Tunis         John R.            680
His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut                   Chrystie      Frances N.         1170
His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut (Anthology)       Emert         Phyllis Raybin     860
Hispanic America, Texas, And The Mexican War,
1835-1850                                       Hutchens      Paul               1080
Hispanic Scientists                             Roddy         Lee                830
historia de los grandes inventos, La            Roddy         Lee                760
History Of Emigration From China & Southeast
Asia, The                                       Roddy         Lee                770
History Of Fighter Planes, The                  Tunis         John R.            830
History Of Karate, The                          Roddy         Lee                810
History Of Money (Anthology), The               Roddy         Lee                830
History Of NASA (Out Of This World), The        Roddy         Lee                780
History Of Railways, The                        Roddy         Lee                760
History Of Special Olympics, The                Roddy         Lee                760
History Of Submarines, The                      Dee           Catherine          1140
History Of The Internet, The                    Levin         Betty              850
History Of The Personal Computer, The           Forrester     Sandra             830
Hit And Run                                     Naylor        Phyllis Reynolds   800
Hit The Road                                    Jackson       Colin              970
Hitchhikers, The                                Doherty       Craig A.           1200
Hitchhiking Vampire                             Egger-Bovet   Howard             830
Hi-Tech Eyes (Anthology)                        Hakim         Joy                820
Hitler's Canary                                 Myers         Walter Dean        930
Hits And Misses                                 Rafkin        Louise             1080
Hive For The Honeybee, A                        Mayfield      Katherine          1030
Hob And The Peddler                             Lerangis      Peter              480
Hobbyhorse                                      Robinet       Harriette Gillem   610
Hockey Stars (Greatest Sports Heroes)           Curry         Jane Louise        760
Hoggee                                          Shusterman    Neal               1110
Hogsty Reef                                       Laird       Marnie           690
Hold Fast                                         Calhoun     Dia              730
Hold Fast To Dreams                               Krull       Kathleen         1120
Hold My Hand & Run                                Matas       Carol            810
Holding At Third                                  Katz        Welwyn Wilton    680
Holding Fast                                      Meyer       Carolyn          930
Holding Me Here                                   Johnson     Angela
Holding On                                        Erdrich     Louise           970

Holding The Reins: A Ride Through Cowgirl Life    Morley      Jacqueline       1050
Holding Up The Earth                              Raskin      Lawrie           1120
Hole In The World, A                              Wunsch      Susi Trautmann   1090
Holes                                             Mackel      Kathy            610
Holiday Horse                                     Lee         Marie G.         760
Holiday Memory, A                                 Lee         Marie G.         760
Hollow Kingdom, The                               Wolfson     Evelyn           1120
Hollow People, The                                Torres      John             830
Hollow Tree, The                                  Gallagher   Jim              850
Holly Sisters On Their Own, The                   Cole        Melanie          960
Hollywood And Maine                               Menard      Valerie          950

Hollywood Hulk Hogan: The Story Of Terry Bollea   Muskat      Carrie           860
hombre (origen y evolución), El                   Cole        Melanie          950
hombres de la Prehistoria, Los                    Cole        Melanie          890
Home Before Dark                                  Powell      Phelan           950
Home Before Dark                                  Powell      Phelan           910

Home By The Sea: Protecting Coastal Wildlife, A   Marvis      Barbara          550
Home Health Aide                                  Menard      Valerie          870
Home Health Aide                                  Gallagher   Jim              1060
Home Invasion                                     Cole        Melanie          810
Home Is Everything: The Latino Baseball Story     Cole        Melanie          860
Home Is The North                                 Granados    Christine        990
Home Is To Share...And Share                      Boulais     Sue              810
Home Of The Brave                                 Granados    Christine        870
Home Page                                         Zannos      Susan            840
Home Run Hitters                                  Torres      John             860
Home Run King                                     Zannos      Susan            830
Home To The Prairie                               Menard      Valerie          950
Home, And Other Big, Fat Lies                     Hayes       Donna            830
Homefront                                         Marvis      Barbara          700
Home-Grown Butterflies (Anthology)                Zannos      Susan            890
Homeland Security Officers                        Cole        Melanie          980
Homeless Bird                                     Marvis      Barbara          700
Homer Price                                       Boulais     Sue              770
Homerun Hitter                                    Zannos      Susan            780
Homes: Towers, Tunnels, Webs, And Hives           Boulais     Sue              800
Hominids                                          Boulais     Sue              820
Honduras (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                           Shahan      Sherry           710
Honduras In Pictures (c.1987)                     Carrow      Robert           1050
Honeybee                                          Ketchum     Liza             1110
Honeybees (Animal Families)                       Recorvits    Helen         470
Honeysuckle House                                 Delisle      Jim           1060
Hong Kong (Cities Of The World)                   Hill         Anne E.       1100
Hooded Hawk Mystery, The                          Loos         Pamela        1150
Hoop Girlz                                        Brennan      Kristine      1160
Hoop Kings                                        Kelly        Michael       1320
Hoop Queens: Poems                                Powell       Phelan        1210
Hoops                                             Bracken      Thomas        1280
Hoopster, The                                     Stefoff      Rebecca       1200
Hoot                                              Hasday       Judy L.       1210
Hoover Dam (Building America)                     Wukovits     John          1080
Hoover Dam, The                                   Hughes       Mary          1190
Hope Springs Eternal                              Gaines       Ann Graham    1130
Hope's Crossing                                   Gaines       Ann G.        1200
Horizontal Man, The                               Donato       Fran          1220
Hork-Bajir Chronicles, The                        Brennan      Kristine      1270
Horowitz Horror                                   Hasday       Judy L.       1250
Horror Of Montauk Cave                            Singer       Linda-Marie   1180
Horse                                             Kozar        Richard       1390
Horse And His Boy, The                            Remstein     Henna         1320
Horse Blues                                       Rhodes       Lisa Renee    1130
Horse Called Wonder, A                            Cox          Ted           1110
Horse Capades                                     De Angelis   Therese       1320
Horse Care                                        De Angelis   Gina          1150
Horse Crazy                                       Levin        Pam           1120
Horse Games                                       Hasday       Judy L.       1140
Horse Guest                                       Freedman     Suzanne       1190
Horse Hunters, The                                Durbin       William C.    1160
Horse Magic                                       Nicholson    Lois P.       1240
Horse Named Sky, A                                Stauffer     Stacey        1230
Horse Of Her Dreams, The                          Hill         Anne E.       1170
Horse Of Her Own, A                               De Angelis   Gina          1190
Horse Power                                       Cumming      David         1050
Horse Power                                       Waterlow     Julia         1120
Horse Race                                        Cumming      David         1100
Horse Sense                                       Bonner       Nigel         1130
Horse Sense: The Story Of Will Sasse, His Horse
Star, And The Outlaw Jesse James                  Waterlow     Julia         1140
Horse Show (Saddle Club)                          McLeish      Ewan          1150
Horse Shy                                         Cumming      David         1090
Horse Tale                                        Ganeri       Anita         1150
Horse Talk                                        McLeish      Ewan          1150
Horse Thief                                       Waterlow     Julia         1150
Horse Trade                                       Snelling     Lauraine      690
Horse Whispers                                    Vail         Rachel        780
Horseback On The Boston Post Road, 1704           Freeman      Mark          670
Horseback Riding                                  Dickey       Glenn         750
Horseflies                                        Myers        Walter Dean   1070
Horsemen Of Terror                                Macnow       Glen          790
Horses                                            Knapp        Ron           890
Horseshoe                                         Knapp        Ron           910
Hostage                                           Knapp        Ron           820
Hostage (Anthology), The                         Aaseng            Nathan        960
Hostage (Sprint)                                 Lace              William W.    920
Hostage To War                                   Savage            Jeff          940
Hostage, The                                     Platt             Richard       1150
Hostile Hospital, The                            Putnam            James         940
Hot Air Ballooning                               MacQuitty         Miranda       1170
Hot Cargo                                        Murdoch           David         1150
Hot Dogging And Snow Boarding                    James             Simon         1070
Hot Dogs And Bamboo Shoots (Anthology)           Gravett           Christopher   1140
Hot Gobs!: The Art Of Glassblowing               Halley            Ned           1180
Hot Lunch                                        Baquedano         Elizabeth     1050
Hot Rods                                         Parker            Steve         1140
Hot Scots, Castles, And Kilts                    Matthews          Rupert        1100
Hot Tracks                                       Cosgrove          Brian         1220
Hot Wheels                                       Greenaway         Theresa       1150
Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet                          Cotterell         Arthur        1060
Houdini: Master Of Illusion                      Pearson           Anne          1050
Hound Of Rowan, The (The Tapestry)               Burnie            David         1050
Hour Of The Cobra, The                           Parry-Jones       Jemima        1060
Hour Of The Outlaw, The                          Redmond           Ian           1220
House Divided, A                                 Van Rose          Susanna       1060
House Of Many Ways                               Gravett           Christopher   1050
House Of Tailors, A                              Redmond           Ian           1240
House Of The Red Fish                            Clutton-Brock     Juliet        1210
House Of The Scorpion, The                       Clarke            Barry         1210
House On Hackman's Hill, The                     Hill              Douglas       1230
House On Hound Hill, The                         Clutton-Brock     Juliet        1240
House On Mango Street, The                       McCarthy          Colin         1160
House On The Cliff, The                          Parker            Steve         1110
House On The Gulf, The                           Platt             Richard       1140
House Party                                      Symes             R.F.          1070
House Sparrows Everywhere                        Symes             R.F.          1120
House With A Clock In Its Walls, The             Hart              George        1090
Houston Rockets Basketball Team, The             Clutton-Brock     Juliet        1250
How Angel Peterson Got His Name                  Taylor            Paul D.       1060
How Animals Play                                 Bender            Lionel        1080
How Animals Shed Their Skin (Watts Library)      Smith-Baranzini   Marlene       830
How Birds Build Their Amazing Homes              Evans             Cheryl        950
How Can You Hijack A Cave?                       Collier           Christopher   1160
How Could You Do It, Diane?                      Collier           Christopher   1210
How Dinosaurs Took Flight                        Collier           Christopher   1160
How Do I Love Thee                               Collier           Christopher   1120
How God Fix Jonah                                Collier           Christopher   1150
How I Broke Up With Ernie                        Collier           Christopher   1130
How I Came To Be A Writer                        Collier           Christopher   1160
How I Found The Strong                           Collier           Christopher   1090
How I Live Now                                   Collier           Christopher   1130
How I Survived Being A Girl                      Kent              Deborah       930
How I Survived Middle School: Can You Get An F
In Lunch?                                        Kent              Deborah       940
How I Survived Middle School: Cheat Sheet        Kent              Deborah       940
How I Survived Middle School: I Heard A Rumor      Stein         R. Conrad     920

How I Survived Middle School: Madame President     Stein         R. Conrad     920
How I Survived Middle School: P.S. I Really Like
You                                                Collier       Christopher   1150
How I Survived Middle School: The New Girl         Collier       Christopher   1110
How Insects Build Their Amazing Homes              Collier       Christopher   1120
How It Feels To Fight For Your Life                Collier       Christopher   1110
How It Feels To Live With A Physical Disability    Collier       Christopher   1120
How It Feels When Parents Divorce                  Collier       Christopher   1110
How It Happened In Peach Hill                      Dolan         Edward F.     1110
How Mammals Build Their Amazing Homes              Meltzer       Milton        1100
How Monkeys Make Chocolate                         Meltzer       Milton        1170
How Music Was Fetched Out Of Heaven
(Anthology)                                        Haskins       James         1230
How Not To Be Popular                              Applegate     K. A.         590
How Rivers Shape The Land                          Cohen         Daniel        870
How Shellmakers Build Their Amazing Homes          Cohen         Daniel        930
How Spiders And Other Silkmakers Build Their
Amazing Homes                                      Cohen         Daniel        920
How The Hangman Lost His Heart                     Cohen         Daniel        890
How To Be A Good Sport (Anthology)                 Loewen        Nancy         570
How To Be A Great Actor (Anthology)                Loewen        Nancy         580
How To Be A Real Person (In Just One Day)          Loewen        Nancy         620
How To Be Popular                                  Loewen        Nancy         610
How To Be Popular (Cabot)                          George        Charles       840
How To Conquer The Internet                        George        Charles       790
How To Disappear Completely And Never Be
Found                                              George        Charles       840
How To Get Suspended And Influence People          George        Charles       850
How To Make A Mummy (Anthology)                    Meier         Gisela        770
How To Make A Mummy Talk                           Marx          Doug          810
How To Meet A Gorgeous Guy                         Koss          Larry         770
How To Split The Atom                              Koss          Larry         940
How To Survive High School                         Burgess       Michael       680
How To Write Poetry                                Fuchs         Carol A.      640
How Unusual! (FX)                                  Welsbacher    Anne          840
How We Know What We Know About Our
Changing Climate: Scientists And Kids Explore
Global Warming                                     Welsbacher    Anne          860
How Will I Get There?                              Welsbacher    Anne          810

How Would You Survive As An Ancient Egyptian?      Welsbacher    Anne          820
How Would You Survive As An Ancient Greek?         Stewart       Gail B.       760

How Would You Survive As An Ancient Roman?         Streissguth   Tom           770
How Would You Survive As An Aztec?                 Streissguth   Tom           850
How Would You Survive In The Middle Ages?          George        Charles       690
Howl's Moving Castle                               George        Charles       750
Hubble Space Telescope                             George        Charles       710
Hubble Space Telescope (Out Of This World), The   George       Charles       720
Hubble Space Telescope, The                       Little       James R.      760
Hubert Invents The Wheel                          Labanowich   Stan          720
Hudson River (Watts Library), The                 Labanowich   Stan          790
Huge                                              Little       James R.      790
Hugging The Rock                                  McAuliffe    Emily         670
Hugh Glass, Mountain Man                          Hines        Marcia        720
Human Body                                        McAuliffe    Emily         690
Human Comedy, The                                 McAuliffe    Bill          720
Humbug                                            Burgan       Michael       710
Hummer                                            Burgan       Michael       710
Humming Of Numbers, The                           Lally        Linda Jean    690
Humming Whispers                                  Burgan       Michael       730
Hummingbird                                       Green        Michael       760
Hummingbirds                                      Green        Michael       630
Humpback Whale, The                               Green        Michael       780
Humvees And Other Military Vehicles               Green        Michael       710
Hunchback                                         Green        Michael       630
Hundred Days From Home, A                         Green        Michael       720
Hunger Games, The                                 Green        Michael       750
Hungry                                            Green        Michael       730
Hungry Year, The                                  Kummer       Patricia K.   560
Hunt, The                                         Kummer       Patricia K.   600
Hunted                                            Kummer       Patricia K.   630
Hunted, The                                       Kummer       Patricia K.   540
Hunted, The                                       Kummer       Patricia K.   580
Hunted, The                                       Kummer       Patricia K.   590
Hunter In The Dark                                Kummer       Patricia K.   580
Hunter's Moon, The                                Kummer       Patricia K.   610
Hunters Of The Dusk (Cirque Du Freak)             Kummer       Patricia K.   590
Hunting For Hidden Gold                           Kummer       Patricia K.   620
Hunting Of The Last Dragon, The                   Kummer       Patricia K.   660
Hurricane & Tornado (Eyewitness)                  Kummer       Patricia K.   650
Hurricane Elaine                                  Kummer       Patricia K.   700
Hurricane Force: In The Path Of America's
Deadliest Storms                                  Kummer       Patricia K.   530
Hurricane Rescue!                                 George       Linda         630
Hurricane!                                        George       Linda         640
Hurricane: A Novel                                George       Linda         700
Hurricanes: Monsters In Motion                    George       Linda         720
Hurry Freedom: African Americans In Gold Rush
California                                        McLoone      Margo         670
Hurt Go Happy                                     McLoone      Margo         640
Hush (Woodson)                                    McLoone      Margo         600
Hush Little Baby                                  McLoone      Margo         620
Hush: An Irish Princess' Tale                     Kahn         Jetty         700
I Am A Star: Child Of The Holocaust               Kahn         Jetty         720
I Am A Taxi                                       Kahn         Jetty         780
I Am An American                                  Kahn         Jetty         740
I Am An Artichoke                                 Henkes       Kevin         750
I Am Apache                                       Griffith     Helen V.      740
I Am David                                         Hobbs      Will                860
I Am Fifteen And I Don't Want To Die               Kurtz      Jane                750
I Am Legend                                        Tolan      Stephanie S.        790
I Am Not Joey Pigza                                Strasser   Todd                610
I Am Regina                                        Schmidt    Gary D.             960
I Am Rembrandt's Daughter                          Taylor     Maureen             1000
I Am Rosemarie                                     Park       Linda Sue           810
I Am Scout: The Biography Of Harper Lee            Faber      Doris               1340
I Am The Great Horse                               Cooper     Michael L.          1100
I Am The Wallpaper                                 Lovitt     Chip                1080
I Am Third                                         Goodman    Michael             1100
I Am Wings: Poems About Love                       Potts      Steve               1040
I Capture The Castle                               Goodman    Michael             1090
I Conquer Britain                                  Stanley    Loren               1090
I Did It Without Thinking: True Stories About
Impulsive Decisions That Changed Lives             Goodman    Michael             1120
I Double Dare You                                  Lovitt     Chip                1020
I Dream Of Murder                                  Stanley    Loren               1010
I Had Seen Castles                                 Goodman    Michael             1080
I Hadn't Meant To Tell You This                    Goodman    Michael             1150
I Have A Dream (Anthology)                         Goodman    Michael             1200
I Heard The Owl Call My Name                       Potts      Steve               990
I Know What You Did Last Summer                    Lovitt     Chip                1060
I Left My Sneakers In Dimension X                  Stanley    Loren               950
I Love You, I Hate You, Get Lost                   Goodman    Michael             1200
I Rode A Horse Of Milk White Jade                  Goodman    Michael             1040
I Saw Him First                                    Goodman    Michael             1100
I See The Moon                                     Goodman    Michael             1110
I Walk in Dread (Dear America)                     Potts      Steve               980
I Wanna Be Your Shoebox                            Stanley    Loren               940
I Want To Be An Astronaut                          Goodman    Michael             1150
I Want To Be An Astronaut (Anthology)              Lovitt     Chip                970
I Want To Be An Environmentalist                   Potts      Steve               1050
I Want To Live                                     Goodman    Michael             1180
I Want To Live: The Diary Of A Young Girl In
Stalin's Russia                                    Goodman    Michael             1080
I Was A Teenage Professional Wrestler              Goodman    Michael             1110
I Was There                                        Stanley    Loren               1120
I Wear The Morning Star                            Stanley    Loren               920
I Will Call It Georgie's Blues                     Stanley    Loren               890
I Will Remember You                                Stanley    Loren               940
i witness: stories from real diaries (FX)          Krull      Kathleen            1240
I Won't Let Them Hurt You                          Haddix     Margaret Peterson   800
I, Coriander                                       Leapman    Michael             1120
I, Houdini                                         Doherty    Craig A.            1170
I, Juan de Pareja                                  Doherty    Craig A.            1080
I, Q: Independence Hall                            Pascoe     Elaine              1000
I, Too, Sing America: Three Centuries Of African
American Poetry                                    Doherty    Craig A.            1150
I.D.                                               Doherty    Craig A.            1140
Ice                                                Rumsey     Marian              850
Ice Breaker                                        Hunter     Mollie              1220
Ice Climbing                                         Macnow        Glen          850
Ice Cold                                             Aaseng        Nathan        950
Ice Cream Con, The                                   Knapp         Ron           830
Ice Drift                                            Kavanagh      Jack          980
Ice Man, The                                         Fox           Larry         1040
Ice Story: Shackleton's Lost Expedition              Kavanagh      Jack          820
Iceberg And Its Shadow                               Aaseng        Nathan        920
Icebound Land, The                                   McKissack     Fredrick      1190
Ice-Cold Case, The                                   Dyson         John          980
Icefire                                              Wooding       Chris         890
Iceland                                              Smith         Roland        680
Iceland In Pictures (c.1991)                         Applegate     K. A.         530
Icky Squishy Science                                 Lasky         Kathryn       820
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill
You                                                  Applegate     K. A.         470

Ida B. Wells: Mother Of The Civil Rights Movement    Dahl          Michael       640
Idaho                                                Koss          Amy Goldman   730
Idaho (America The Beautiful, Second Series)         Sleator       William       770
Idaho (One Nation)                                   Bellairs      John          820
If A Tree Falls At Lunch Period                      Bellairs      John          880
If An Asteroid Hit The Earth                         Gee           Maurice       620
If Ever I Return Again                               Strickland    Brad          850
If I Forget, You Remember                            Bellairs      John          900
If I Grow Up                                         Soto          Gary
If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where's My
Prince?                                              Sleator       William       620
If I Were You                                        Earle         Sylvia A.     1230
If It Hadn't Been For Yoon Jun                       Baker         Camy          710
If Phyllis Were Here                                 Lobel         Anita         750
If That Breathes Fire, We're Toast!                  Blyton        Enid          880
If This Is Love, I'll Take Spaghetti                 Houston       Gloria        870
If UFOs Are Real...                                  Warner        Sally         770
If We Kiss                                           Peel          John          720
If Winter Comes                                      Day           Lauren        670
If Wishes Were Horses                                Jones         Diana Wynne   800
If You Need Me                                       Paulsen       Gary          1460
If You Only Knew                                     Bauer         Joan          810
If You Please, President Lincoln                     Rinaldi       Ann           580
Iguanas                                              Van Draanen   Wendelin      890
Iliad (McCarty), The                                 Betancourt    Jeanne        620
I'll Be Seeing You                                   Strasser      Todd          580
I'll Pass For Your Comrade: Women Soldiers In The
Civil War                                            Gutman        Dan           690
I'll Sing You One-O                                  Bruchac       Joseph        750
Illegal Procedure                                    Martin        Ann M.        550
Illinois                                             Day           Lauren        650
Illinois (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Martin        Ann M.        530
Illinois (One Nation)                                Korman        Gordon        640
Illusion, The                                        Stanton       Mary          690
Illusions Of Evil                                    Martin        S.R.          1040
Illustrated Mum, The                                 Martin        S.R.          1130
Illustrated World Of Oceans, The                     Paterson      Katherine   860
Illyrian Adventure, The                              Kirkpatrick   Katherine   750
I'm Being Stalked By A Moonshadow                    Hynson        Colin       1010
I'm Emma, I'm A Quint                                Nieuwsma      Milton J.   790
I'm Nobody! Who Are You?                             Coville       Bruce       830
I'm Not Who You Think I Am                           DeFelice      Cynthia     870
Images Of The Moon (Anthology)                       Hoobler       Dorothy     740
Immigrant Kids                                       Auch          Mary Jane   810
Immortal Fire, The                                   Jacques       Brian       920
Imperfections                                        Applegate     K. A.       610
Impossible Journey, The                              Stanley       Diane       810
Impossible Things                                    Yep           Laurence    690
Impossible Things                                    Namioka       Lensey      750
Improving Work Habits                                Kalman        Bobbie      960
In A Flash                                           Kalman        Bobbie      910
In Care Of Cassie Tucker                             Kalman        Bobbie      960
In Colonial New England                              Kalman        Bobbie      950
In Darkness, Death                                   Kalman        Bobbie      980
In Defense Of Liberty: The Story Of America's Bill
Of Rights                                            Kalman        Bobbie      840
In Mike We Trust                                     Kalman        Bobbie      950
In Mozart's Shadow: His Sister's Story               Kalman        Bobbie      990
In My Enemy's House                                  Kalman        Bobbie      930
In My Father's House                                 Kalman        Bobbie      950
In Ned's Head                                        Kalman        Bobbie      900
In Our House Scott Is My Brother                     Kalman        Bobbie      900
In Search Of Andy                                    Kalman        Bobbie      970
In Search Of Mockingbird                             Kalman        Bobbie      980
In Search Of The Black Rose                          Kalman        Bobbie      940
In Search Of The Maiasaurs                           Smith         Debbie      930
In Search Of Troy                                    Smith         Debbie      910
In Search Of Tutankhamun                             Smith         Debbie      960
In The Beginning: Creation Stories From Around The
World                                                Adare         Sierra      970
In The Belly Of The Bloodhound                       Adare         Sierra      1020
In The Cards: Fame                                   Adare         Sierra      990
In The Cards: Life                                   Kalman        Bobbie      950
In The Cards: Love                                   Kalman        Bobbie      920
In the Coils of the Snake                            Kalman        Bobbie      950
In The Days Of The Pharaohs: A Look At Ancient
Egypt                                                Kalman        Bobbie      950
In The Days Of The Vaqueros: America's First True
Cowboys                                              Kalman        Bobbie      930
In The Face Of Danger                                Kalman        Bobbie      990
In The Forests Of The Night                          Kalman        Bobbie      1000
In The Groove                                        Seabrooke     Brenda      580
In The Hand Of The Goddess                           Kehret        Peg         940
In The House Of The Queen's Beasts                   Paulsen       Gary        1000
In The Jungle (Explorers Wanted!)                    Durrant       Lynda       730
In The Land Of The Big Red Apple                     Fletcher      Ralph       590
In The Language Of Loons                             Butts         Nancy       730
In The Line Of Fire: Eight Women War Spies           Nelson        Theresa     780
In The Line Of Fire: Presidents' Lives At Stake     Horvath            Betty                900
In The Middle Colonies                              Haas               Jessie               640
In the Paint                                        Cooper             Susan                1010
In The Rainforest                                   Lowry              Lois                 900
In The Running                                      Vande Velde        Vivian               940
In The Shadow Of The Alamo                          Carbone            Elisa                870
In The Shadow Of The Pali                           Hill               Pamela Smith         780
In The Southern Colonies                            Peck               Richard              650
In The Spanish West                                 Whitney            P.L.                 1140
In The Time Of Dinosaurs                            Williams           Carol Lynch          620
In Trouble Again, Zelda Hammersmith?                Calvert            Patricia             930
In Your Dreams                                      Eckert             Allan W.             1230
Inca Town                                           Grove              Vicki                970
Incantation                                         Lackey             Mercedes             1190
Incident At Hawk's Hill                             Lasky              Kathryn              900
Incident At Loring Groves                           Grove              Vicki                1000
Including Alice                                     Brooke             William J.           880
Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis Of Global Warming,
An (2007 Adaptation)                                Ryden              Hope                 1060
Incredible Captures                                 Dowd               John                 970
Incredible Journey Of Lewis And Clark, The          Ritter             John H.              670
Incredible Journey, The                             Pettit             Jayne                1270
Incredible People (Guinness)                        Koslow             Philip               1250
Independent Nation, An                              Shirley            David                1200
India                                               Gourse             Leslie               950
India In Pictures (2nd Edition)                     Gottfried          Ted                  970
India In Pictures (c.1989)                          Rhodes             Lisa R.              1160
India: Economically Developing Countries            Freedman           Suzanne              1170
India: The Culture                                  McDaniel           Melissa              1070
India: The Land                                     McDaniel           Melissa              1000
India: The People                                   Rau                Dana Meachen         1060
India: Worldfocus                                   Iannone            Catherine            1120
Indian Captive                                      Brooks             Philip               1020
Indian Chiefs                                       Fox                Mary Virginia        1120
Indian Ocean, The                                   Pettit             Jayne                1250
Indian School: Teaching The White Man's Way         Feinberg           Barbara Silberdick   940
Indian Winter, An                                   Santella           Andrew               990
Indiana (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Newman             Gerald               1100
Indiana (America The Beautiful, Third Series)       Parr               Jan                  920
Indiana (One Nation)                                Gottfried          Ted                  1030
Indianapolis 500                                    Bial               Daniel               1070
Indianapolis Colts                                  Meltzer            Milton               1050
Indians Of The Northeast                            Selfridge          John                 1210
Indians Of The Southwest                            Schwartzman        Myron                1160
Indie Girl                                          Crossley-Holland   Kevin                1200
Indigo                                              Rainis             Kenneth G.           980
Indigo Blue                                         Weeks              Sarah                930
Indigo's Star                                       Yep                Laurence             650
Indio                                               Collins            David R.             860
Indonesia                                           Bartoletti         Susan                700
Indonesia In Pictures (c.1990)                      Griffin            Adele                950
Industrial Light & Magic: The Art Of Special Effects   Reisfeld      Randi              890
Indy Cars                                              Partridge     Elizabeth          970
Infernal Devices                                       Barron        T. A.              760
Infield Hit                                            Cohen         Daniel             680
Ingo                                                   Curry         Jane Louise        900
Inheritance, The                                       Applegate     K. A.              520
Inkdeath                                               Paterson      Katherine          890
Inkheart                                               Wilkey        Michael            1100
Ink-Keeper's Apprentice                                Pasnak        William            780
Inkspell                                               Tate          Nikki              660
Inland Valleys Missions In California                  Tate          Nikki              750
Inland Whale, The                                      Tate          Nikki              760
In-Line Skating                                        Tate          Nikki              690
In-Line Skating Basics                                 Tate          Nikki              750
Innkeeper's Daughter, The                              Slade         Arthur G.          460
Innocent Soldier, An                                   Slade         Arthur G.          620
Insects                                                Smith         David John         750
Inside A Car                                           Weir          Joan               830
Inside A Clock                                         Weir          Joan               750
Inside A Compact Disk                                  Wilson        Eric               780
Inside A Computer                                      Wilson        Eric               690
Inside A Construction Machine                          Walters       Eric               690
Inside A Helicopter                                    Wood          Beverley           750
Inside A High-Speed Train                              Hrdlitschka   Shelley            580
Inside A Jet Plane                                     Martin        S.R.               1090
Inside A Powerboat                                     Pierce        Tamora             730
Inside A Rocket                                        Lally         Soinbhe            780
Inside A Satellite                                     Rabinovici    Schoschana         790
Inside A Skyscraper                                    Nye           Naomi Shihab
Inside A Stove                                         Marrin        Albert             960
Inside A Telephone                                     Naylor        Phyllis Reynolds   830
Inside A Television                                    Whitmore      Arvella            630
Inside A Web Site                                      Henderson     Aileen Kilgore     810
Inside The Alamo                                       Fox           Anne L.            860
Inside The Hindenburg                                  Archer        Jules              1150
Inside The Illusion                                    Robinson      W. Wright          1050
Inspirations: Stories About Women Artists              Robinson      W. Wright          990
Instinct For Trouble, An                               Robinson      W. Wright          1050
Instruments & Measurement                              Robinson      W. Wright          1100
Intelligence                                           Robinson      W. Wright          970
Interman, The                                          Pollard       Michael            1150
International Space Station, The                       Otfinoski     Steve              1040
Internet (First Book), The                             Sherrow       Victoria           1070
Internet (Making Contact)                              King          David C.           1050
Internet (Milner), The                                 Doherty       Craig A.           1090
Internet Detective (Anthology)                         Doherty       Craig A.           1140
Internet Safety                                        Doherty       Craig A.           1160
Interstellar Pig                                       Gresko        Marcia S.          1140
Interview With Otzi: A Stone Age Man, An               Doherty       Craig A.           1160
Interviewing For A Job                                 Wilson        Diane Lee          1010
Interviewing For Information                           Mikaelsen     Ben                740
Interworld                                          Warren        Andrea              1020
Into A New Country: Eight Remarkable Women Of
The West                                            Muhlberger    Richard             1140
Into Battle (Seventh Tower)                         Muhlberger    Richard             1080
Into The Candlelit Room                             Burchard      Peter               1220
Into The Dark                                       Chambers      Veronica            730
Into The Dream                                      Shaik         Fatima              720
Into The Land Of Freedom: African Americans In
Reconstruction                                      Klass         Sheila Solomon      660
Into The Land Of The Unicorns                       Brill         Marlene Targ
Into The Mist                                       Hargrove      Jim
Into The Mummy's Tomb                               Clinton       Susan
Into The Ravine                                     Casey         Jane Clark          1040
Into The Storm                                      Sipiera       Paul P.
Into The Volcano                                    Lillegard     Dee
Into The Wild                                       Simon         Charnan
Into the Wild (Warriors)                            Lillegard     Dee
Into The Wind                                       Osinski       Alice               1020
Into The Wind: The Odyssey Of Ben O'Neal            Kent          Zachary
Into The Woods                                      Kent          Zachary
Into Thin Air                                       Clinton       Susan
Intrigue At The Rafter B Ranch                      Kent          Zachary
Introduction To Asia (Usborne)                      Hargrove      Jim
Inuit, The                                          Lillegard     Dee
Inuit: Threatened Cultures                          Kent          Zachary             1020
Invasion Of The Boy Snatchers                       Simon         Charnan
Invasion, The                                       Kent          Zachary
Inventing Elliot                                    Kent          Zachary
Inventing The Future: A Photobiography Of Thomas
Alva Edison                                         Wade          Linda R.
Invention                                           Hargrove      Jim
Invention Of Hugo Cabret, The                       Wade          Linda R.
Inventor's Times: Real-Life Stories Of 30 Amazing
Creations, The                                      Fitz-Gerald   Christine Maloney
Invincible Louisa                                   Kent          Zachary
Invisible Boy                                       Casey         Jane Clark
Invisible Intruder, The                             Fitz-Gerald   Christine Maloney
Invisible Man, The                                  Brill         Marlene Targ        980
Invisible Thread, The                               Kent          Zachary
Invitation To The Game                              Lillegard     Dee
IOUs                                                Hargrove      Jim
Iowa (America The Beautiful, Second Series)         Osinski       Alice
Iowa (One Nation)                                   Kent          Zachary
Iqbal Masih: Crusader For Children (Anthology)      Kent          Zachary
Iran                                                Hargrove      Jim

Iran (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)      Kent          Zachary
Iran In Pictures (c.1988)                           Clinton       Susan
Iran In Pictures (Second Edition)                   Hargrove      Jim                 1020
Iran-Contra Scandal, The                            Kent          Zachary
Iraq                                                Osinski       Alice
Iraq (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)     Kent          Zachary
Iraq In Pictures (c.1990)                          Feinberg      Barbara Silberdick
Iraq In Pictures (Second Edition)                  Flanagan      Alice K.
Ireland                                            Fitz-Gerald   Christine A.
Ireland In Pictures (c.1990)                       Heinrichs     Ann
Iris, Messenger                                    Greenberg     Judith E.
Irish Red                                          Santow        Dan
Irish Setter, The                                  Heinrichs     Ann
Iron Duke, The                                     Santow        Dan
Iron Ring, The                                     Horwitz       Margot F.
Iron: A Gift From The Earth                        Feinberg      Barbara Silberdick
Ironhand (The Stoneheart Trilogy)                  Feinberg      Barbara Silberdick
Iroquois (Watts Library), The                      Sinnott       Susan
Is Anybody There?                                  Kent          Deborah
Is Everyone Moonburned But Me?                     Sinnott       Susan
Is For Aarrgh!, A                                  Flanagan      Alice K.
Is It Hot Enough For You? (24/7: Behind The
Headlines)                                         Kent          Deborah
Is There Life After Boys?                          Santow        Dan
Is There Life On Mars?                             Masters       Nancy Robinson
Is This Ancient Bone The World's First Flute?
(Anthology)                                        George        Charles
Isaac Newton (Giants Of Science)                   Shepherd      Donna Walsh
Isabel Of The Whales                               McNair        Sylvia
Isabel: Jewel Of Castilla                          Heinrichs     Ann
Isabel: Taking Wing                                Reedy         Jerry
Isis & Osiris: To The Ends Of The Earth            McNair        Sylvia
isla como tú, Una                                  Stein         R. Conrad
isla de las montañas azules, La                    Davis         Lucile               1030
isla del tesoro, La                                Blashfield    Jean F.
Island                                             Hintz         Martin
Island Boyz                                        Hintz         Martin
Island Far From Home, An                           Heinrichs     Ann
Island Keeper, The                                 Hintz         Martin
Island Like You, An                                McNair        Sylvia               1020
Island Of Bulls (Anthology), The                   Kent          Deborah
Island Of Dangerous Dreams, The                    Heinrichs     Ann
Island Of Peril                                    Masters       Nancy Robinson
Island Of The Aunts                                Kent          Deborah
Island Of The Blue Dolphins                        Heinrichs     Ann                  960
Island Of The Loons                                Heinrichs     Ann
Island On Bird Street, The                         Stein         R. Conrad
Island Stallion                                    Burgan        Michael
Island, The                                        Hintz         Martin
Islands (Habitats)                                 Stein         R. Conrad
Isolation (Remnants)                               Santella      Andrew               940
Israel                                             Blashfield    Jean F.
Israel (Enchantment Of The World)                  Blashfield    Jean F.

Israel (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)   Hintz         Martin
Israel In Pictures (c.1988)                        Stein         R. Conrad
Israel In Pictures (Second Edition)                Lindquist     Susan Hart    720
Israel: The Culture                                Leverich      Kathleen      540
Israel: The Land                                   Kacer         Kathy         800
Israel: The People                                 Perry         Phyllis J.    980
It Came From Ohio!                                 Landau        Elaine
It Came From The Lab...                            Whitcraft     Melissa       1000
It Only Looks Easy                                 Rawlins       Carol B.
It Was September When We Ran Away The First
Time                                               Landau        Elaine
Italy (Enchantment Of The World)                   Bonar         Samantha      980

Italy (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)    Landau        Elaine
Italy (Modern Nations Of The World)                Landau        Elaine
Italy In Pictures (2nd Edition)                    Landau        Elaine
Italy In Pictures (c.1997)                         Fredericks    Anthony D.
Itch                                               Fredericks    Anthony D.
It's An Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World                  Collard III   Sneed B.
It's Like This, Cat                                Landau        Elaine
It's Not Easy Being Bad                            Rawlins       Carol B.
It's Not Easy Being Mean                           Whitcraft     Melissa
It's Not The End Of The World                      Landau        Elaine        890
It's Only Temporary                                Perry         Phyllis J.
It's Our World, Too! Stories Of Young People Who
Are Making A Difference                            Colman        Penny         1060
It's Raining Benjamins                             Hodge         Merle         820
It's The Fourth Of July!                           Alcock        Vivien        630
Ivan The Terrible: Tsar Of Death                   Dickerson     Karle         690
I've Seen The Promised Land                        Jurmain       Suzanne       970
Ivory Coast In Pic. (2nd Ed.)                      Anderson      M.T.          420
Ivory Lyre, The                                    Holm          Jennifer L.   900
J. K. Rowling (A&E Biography)                      Thomasma      Kenneth       790
J. K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter      Thomasma      Kenneth       580
J.M. Barrie: The Magic Behind Peter Pan            Strasser      Todd

J.R.R. Tolkien: Creator Of Languages And Legends   Thompson      Kate          860
J.R.R. Tolkien: Master Of Fantasy                  Reiss         Kathryn       700
J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Who Created The Lord Of
The Rings                                          Ingold        Jeanette      730
Jack Kerouac (A&E Biography)                       King          David C.      1100
Jack London                                        Sproule       Anna          920
Jack London: A Biography                           Wright        Betty Ren     660
Jack Tales, The                                    Korman        Gordon        580
Jackal In The Garden                               Applegate     K. A.         550
Jackie Joyner Kersee: Superwoman                   Martin        Ann M.        570
Jackie Joyner-Kersee                               Martin        Ann M.        450
Jackie Robinson                                    Applegate     K. A.         480
Jackie Robinson                                    Peel          John          650
Jackie Robinson Breaks The Color Line (Sprint)     Applegate     K. A.         490
Jackie Robinson: From Dreamer To Hero              Watson        Jude          640
Jackie's Nine                                      Martin        Ann M.        490
Jackie's Wild Seattle                              Nixon         Shelley       780
Jack's Black Book                                  Martin        S.R.          1130
Jack's New Power: Stories From A Caribbean Year   Martin        S.R.               930
Jack's Run                                        Clapp         Patricia           1060
Jackson Pollock                                   Naylor        Phyllis Reynolds   700
Jacksonville Jaguars                              Boyd          James              900
Jacob Have I Loved                                Newth         Mette              770
Jacob Ladder, The                                 Herman        John               690
Jacob's Ladder                                    Mahy          Margaret           680
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis                Karwoski      Gail Langer        800
Jacques Cousteau: A Modern Hero                   Matthews      Tom L.             960
Jade Green: A Ghost Story                         Canfield      Jack               760
Jaguar                                            Kline         Lisa Williams      850
Jaguar: The King Of The Cats                      Rapp          Adam               1020
Jaguars                                           Hausman       Gerald             720
Jaguars                                           Williams      Laura E.           560
Jahanara, Princess Of Princesses                  Levine        Anna               670
Jaime Escalante: Sensational Teacher              Zindel        Paul               800
Jakarta Missing                                   Pinkney       Andrea Davis       880
Jake's Orphan                                     Fleck         Earl               900
Jamaica In Pictures (2nd. edition)                Roberts       Katherine          780
Jamaica In Pictures (c.1988)                      Crossman      David A.           690
Jamaica: Worldfocus                               Franklin      Kristine L.        590
James A. Garfield                                 Myers         Anna               680
James A. Garfield                                 Watson        Jude               550

James A. Garfield (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)    Vail          Rachel             760
James Buchanan                                    Betancourt    Jeanne             580
James Buchanan                                    Rinaldi       Ann                680
James Buchanan (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)       McKissack     Patricia C.        680
James Carter (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)         Bartoletti    Susan Campbell     800
James Earl Jones                                  Layden        Joe                1020
James K. Polk                                     Applegate     K. A.              450
James K. Polk                                     Korman        Gordon             570
James K. Polk (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)        Martin        Ann M.             520
James Madison                                     Lasky         Kathryn            830
James Madison                                     Meyer         Carolyn            860
James Madison                                     Colman        Penny              1020
James Madison (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)        Keillor       Garrison           890
James McNeill Whistler                            Bly           Stephen            560
James Monroe                                      Severance     John B.            1130
James Monroe                                      Myers         Anna               660
James Monroe (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)         Mazer         Norma Fox          510
Jamie MacLeod, Highland Lass                      Vande Velde   Vivian             870
Jane Addams: Champion Of Democracy                Selden        George             720
Jane Austen                                       Walsh         Jill Paton         930
Jane Eyre (adapted version)                       Bly           Stephen            560
Jane Goodall: Naturalist                          Vande Velde   Vivian             810
Jane Goodall: Pioneer Researcher                  Burks         Brian              780
Jane Means Appleton Pierce                        Kimmel        Eric A.            650
Jane Of Lantern Hill                              Meyer         Carolyn            830
Jango                                             Reeder        Carolyn            920
Janice VanCleave's Astronomy For Every Kid        Pearson       Gayle              740
Janice VanCleave's Ecology For Every Kid: Easy
Activities That Make Learning About Science Fun     Roberts       Willo Davis        800
Janice VanCleave's Guide To The Best Science Fair
Projects                                            Naylor        Phyllis Reynolds   1040
Janie's Private Eyes                                Matas         Carol              730
Japan (Enchantment Of The World)                    Oppel         Kenneth            680

Japan (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)     Winton        Tim                570
Japan (Modern Nations Of The World)                 Kuhn          Betsy              970
Japan In Pictures (2nd Edition)                     Adler         C. S.              630
Japan In Pictures (c.1989)                          Eboch         Chris              930
Japan: The Culture                                  Bartoletti    Susan Campbell     920
Japan: The Land                                     Macaulay      David              1180
Japan: The People                                   Jones         Charlotte Foltz    900
Japanese American Internment Camps                  Martin        S.R.               1060
Japanese Fairy Book, The                            Branford      Henrietta          760
Japanese Sports Cars: Speed And Style               Chapman       Lynne Ferguson     1160
Jason And The Quest For The Golden Fleece           Willard       Keith              1050
Jason: Quest For The Golden Fleece                  Chapman       Lynne Ferguson     1160
Jason's Gold                                        Chapman       Lynne Ferguson     1150
jaula del unicornio, La                             Willard       Keith              1120
Jayhawker                                           Halfmann      Janet              1000
Jazz Kid, The                                       Halfmann      Janet              1050
Jazzimagination                                     Halfmann      Janet              1040
Jazzimagination (Anthology)                         Richardson    Adele D.           1100
Jazzman: Louis Armstrong                            Richardson    Adele D.           1100
Jean And Johnny                                     Hakkila       Jon                1120
Jeannette Rankin: Political Pioneer                 Bernards      Neal               1070
Jedediah Smith                                      Richardson    Adele D.           1060
Jedera Adventure, The                               Gaines        Ann Graham         1090
Jedi Quest: Path To Truth                           Hakkila       Jon                1060
Jedi Quest: The Dangerous Games                     Hakkila       Jon                1070
Jedi Quest: The Master Of Disguise                  Gibson        Diane              1090
Jedi Quest: The Moment Of Truth                     Gaines        Ann                1190
Jedi Quest: The School Of Fear                      Vander Hook   Sue                1010
Jedi Quest: The Shadow Trap                         Vander Hook   Sue                1080
Jedi Quest: The Trail Of The Jedi                   Gibson        Diane              970
Jedi Quest: The Way Of The Apprentice               Vander Hook   Sue                1050
Jeeps                                               Angliss       Sarah              910
Jeff Gordon                                         Angliss       Sarah              910
Jeffersonian Republicans, 1800-1823, The            Angliss       Sarah              950
Jefferson's Children: The Story Of One American
Family                                              Angliss       Sarah              920
Jelly Belly                                         Angliss       Sarah              940
Jennifer Capriati: Tennis Sensation                 Angliss       Sarah              960
Jennifer Murdley's Toad                             Edwards       Susan              1290
Jennifer Scales And The Ancient Furnace             Dahl          Michael            590
Jennifer The Jerk Is Missing                        Yumoto        Kazumi             710
Jenny Of The Tetons                                 Casanova      Mary               610
Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life                 Patrick       Denise Lewis       550
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher                     Karr          Kathleen           600
Jeremy Visick                                    Katz          William Loren     1140
Jericho                                          Mills         Claudia           700
Jericho Walls                                    Holt          Kimberly Willis   700
Jericho's Journey                                Williams      Laura E.          730
Jerusalem (Cities Of The World)                  Billingsley   Franny            690
Jeruso quiere ser gente                          Hermes        Patricia          640
Jess And The Runaway Grandpa                     Pierce        Meredith Ann      720
Jessa Be Nimble, Rebel Be Quick                  Pierce        Meredith Ann      650
Jesse                                            Eager         Edward            720
Jesse James (Green)                              Eager         Edward            750
Jesse Owens                                      Eager         Edward            740
Jesse Owens, Track And Field Legend              Eager         Edward            790
Jesse Ventura                                    Eager         Edward            860
Jet Set                                          Rinaldi       Ann               590
Jet Watercraft                                   Yolen         Jane              760
Jet-Powered Funny Cars                           Smith         Roland            890
Jigsaw Puzzle (Anthology), The                   Coville       Bruce             740
Jim Bowie: Hero Of The Alamo                     Tate          Nikki             830
Jim Carrey                                       Sotnak        Lewann            760
Jim Carrey (People In The News)                  Wallner       Rosemary          890
Jim Davis: A High-Sea Adventure                  Wallner       Rosemary          760
Jim The Boy: A Novel                             Wendt         Jennifer          800
Jim Thorpe, The Legend Remembered                Wallner       Rosemary          760
Jim Thorpe: 20th-Century Jock                    Dawson        Jim               760
Jim Thorpe: Original All-American                Voeller       Edward            840
Jim-Dandy                                        Sotnak        Lewann            830
Jimi & Me                                        Burgan        Michael           740
Jimi Hendrix                                     Voeller       Edward            800
Jimmy Carter                                     Burgan        Michael           680
Jimmy Carter                                     Weiser        Andrea            710
Jimmy Carter: Beyond The Presidency              Covert        Kim               740
Jimmy D., Sidewinder, And Me                     Burgan        Michael           740
Jimmy Smits                                      Boraas        Tracey            790
Jimmy's Stars                                    Covert        Kim               770
Jingo Django                                     Maurer        Richard           1050
Jinx                                             Fradin        Dennis Brindell   1200
Jinx On The Divide                               Roberts       Willo Davis       770
Jo And The Bandit                                Thomas        Rob               910
Joan Of Arc (DK Biography)                       Oleksy        Walter            1110
Job Hunt (Sprint)                                Durrett       Deanne            1020
Joe Brains                                       Woog          Adam              1110
Joe Dimaggio: Baseball Star                      Roberts       Jack L.           1050
Joe Louis: A Champ For All America               Wukovits      John F.           1110
Joe Montana / Jerry Rice                         Kallen        Stuart A.         1030
John Adams                                       Weaver        Robyn M.          1150
John Adams                                       Uschan        Michael V.        1150
John Adams (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)          Malaspina     Ann               1370

John and Abigail Adams: An American Love Story   Tilton        Rafael            1110
John C. Fremont: Soldier And Pathfinder          Cuffie        Terrasita A.      1160
John Coltrane: A Sound Supreme                   DuTemple      Lesley A.         1260
John F. Kennedy                                  Mitchell      Hayley R.         1270
John F. Kennedy (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)         Levine        Stuart P.       1200
John Glenn: Space Pioneer                            Ake           Anne            1130
John Grisham (People In The News)                    Price-Groff   Claire          1280
John Hancock: A Signature Life                       Barth         Kelly L.        1360
John James Audubon                                   Barghusen     Laura           1360
John Madden's Heroes Of Football                     Levine        Stuart P.       1230
John Muir: My Life With Nature                       Woog          Adam            1160
John Muir: Wilderness Prophet                        Uschan        Michael V.      1210
John Muir: Wilderness Protector                      Holland       Gini            1260
John Quincy Adams                                    Stewart       Gail B.         1190
John Quincy Adams                                    Press         Petra           1300

John Quincy Adams (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)       Uschan        Michael V.      1280
John Steinbeck                                       Hanson        Erica           1170
John Treegate's Musket                               Kallen        Stuart A.       1190
John Tyler                                           Kallen        Stuart A.       1080
John Tyler                                           Kallen        Stuart A.       1200
John Tyler (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)              Vernell       Marjorie        1160
John Wesley Powell                                   Price-Groff   Claire          1200
John Wilkes Booth And The Civil War                  Green         Robert          1190
Johnny Hangtime                                      Thrasher      Thomas          1130
Johnny Tremain                                       Mass          Wendy           1130
Jolted: Newton Starker's Rules For Survival          Woog          Adam            1170
Jonas Salk: Conquering Polio                         Kallen        Stuart A.       1100

Jordan (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)     Uschan        Michael V.      1220
Jordan in Pictures (2nd Edition)                     Kellaher      Karen Burns     1040
Jordan In Pictures (c.1988)                          Kallen        Stuart A.       1130
Jordie's Revenge (Anthology)                         Green         Robert          1190
Jo's Boys                                            Nardo         Don             1310
Jose Canseco: Baseball's 40-40 Man                   Ayer          Eleanor H.      1130
Joseph McCarthy And The Cold War                     Goodwin       William         1290
Joseph Stalin (A&E Biography)                        DuTemple      Lesley A.       1210
Josie's Beau                                         Foster        Leila Merrell   1140
Josie's Journal                                      Corona        Laurel          1380
Journal Of A Teenage Genius                          Grabowski     John F.         1240
Journal Of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis And Clark
Expedition, The                                      Netzley       Patricia D.     1230

Journal Of Biddy Owens, The Negro Leagues, The Kallen              Stuart A.       1020
Journal Of Brian Doyle: A Greenhorn On An
Alaskan Whaling Ship, The                      Kallen              Stuart A.       1160

Journal Of C.J. Jackson: A Dust Bowl Migrant, The    Blackwood     Gary L.         1190
Journal Of Douglas Allen Deeds: The Donner Party
Expedition, The                                      Nardo         Don             1310
Journal Of Finn Reardon, Newsie, The                 Blackwood     Gary L.         1220
Journal Of James Edmond Pease, The                   Streissguth   Thomas          1220
Journal Of Jasper Jonathan Pierce, A Pilgrim Boy,
The                                                  Rebman        Renee C.        1170
Journal Of Jedediah Barstow, An Emigrant On The
Oregon Trail: Overland, 1845, The                    Dunn          John M.         1180
Journal Of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy, The          Kallen        Stuart A.         1140

Journal Of Otto Peltonen: A Finnish Immigrant, The   Currie        Stephen           1070
Journal Of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States
Marine Corps, The                                    English       Karen             660
Journal Of Rufus Rowe: Witness To The Battle Of
Fredricksburg, The                                   Doherty       Craig A.          960
Journal Of Scott Pendleton Collins: A World War II
Soldier, The                                         McLean        Mollie            520
Journal Of Sean Sullivan, A Transcontinental
Railroad Worker, The                                 Steedman      Scott             880
Journal Of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner,
The                                                  Pinkwater     Jill              990
Journey                                              Hanawalt      Barbara A.        1180
Journey (Animorphs), The                             Taylor        Colin             990
Journey Back, The                                    McKee         Tim               1110
Journey In Time: Conversations With Inventors        Milner        Anna              1170
Journey Into Mohawk Country                          Scott         Richard           1120
Journey Into Terror                                  Green         Carl R.           550
Journey Of The Red Wolf                              Green         Carl R.           680
Journey Of The Sparrows                              Walker        Cheryl            860
Journey That Saved Curious George, The               Dolan         Terrance          1300
Journey To America                                   Hansen        Joyce             650
Journey To An 800 Number                             Harlow        Joan Hiatt        600
Journey To Mars                                      Vail          Rachel            860
Journey To The Planets                               Tarbescu      Edith
Journey To The Pole                                  Anderson      Madelyn Klein
Journey To The Pyramids                              Newman        Shirlee P.
Journey To The River Sea                             Seidler       Tor               980
Journey To The Treasure                              Brooks        Bruce             990
Journey To Topaz                                     Naidoo        Beverley          730
Joyride (Action)                                     Snicket       Lemony            1010
Joys Of Love, The                                    Levine        Gail Carson       490
Juan Ponce de Leon                                   Carson        Rachel            1280
Juanita Fights The School Board                      Brooks        Bruce             1100
Jubilee Journey                                      Campbell      Joanna            660
Judge Roy Bean                                       Campbell      Joanna            620
Judgment Day                                         Johnston      Norma             740
Judo                                                 Wynne-Jones   Tim               780
Juggler, The                                         McLaren       Clemence          770
Juli Furtado: Rugged Racer                           Gaeddert      Louann            730
Julia Dent Grant                                     Kerr          M. E.             840
Julia Morgan: Architect Of Dreams                    Lynch         Chris             1030
Julia's Kitchen                                      Ehrlich       Gretel            890
Julie                                                Ricciuti      Edward R.         1130
Julie Krone: Unstoppable Jockey                      Ricciuti      Edward R.         1140
Julie Of The Wolves                                  Ricciuti      Edward R.         1110
Julie y los lobos                                    Kaplan        Elizabeth         1070
Julie's Wolf Pack                                    Patent        Dorothy Hinshaw   1110
Juliet Club, The                                     Patent        Dorothy Hinshaw   1110
Juliet Dove, Queen Of Love                           Patent        Dorothy Hinshaw   1080
Juliet's Moon                                        Patent        Dorothy Hinshaw   1000
Julius Caesar                                     Patent       Dorothy Hinshaw   970

Jump At De Sun: The Story Of Zora Neale Hurston   Patent       Dorothy Hinshaw   1000
Jump Ship To Freedom                              Gallant      Roy A.            1090
Jump The Cracks                                   Gallant      Roy A.            1120
Jumping Tree: A Novel, The                        Gallant      Roy A.            1070
Jumpman Rule #1: Don't Touch Anything             Gallant      Roy A.            1060
Jumpman Rule #2: Don't Even Think About It        Ruth         Maria Mudd        1080
Jungle                                            Katz         Sharon            1060
Jungle Pyramid, The                               Ormsby       Alison            1140
Junior Artist                                     Fielding     Eileen            1010
Junior Seau: High-Voltage Linebacker              Ruth         Maria Mudd        1070
Junior Space Patrol                               Blaustein    Daniel            1150
Juniper                                           Breining     Greg              1110

Juniper Tree And Other Tales From Grimm, The      Skelton      Olivia            1070
Junipero Serra                                    O'Connor     Barbara           620
Jupiter (Watts Library)                           Zemser       Amy Bronwen       840
Just A Pigeon (Anthology)                         Karr         Kathleen          630
Just As Long As We're Together                    Cooney       Caroline B.       600
Just Ask Iris                                     Gherman      Beverly           950
Just Don't Make A Scene, Mum!                     Mack         Tracy             650
Just For Kicks                                    Clinton      Catherine         1140
Just Kidding!                                     Pierce       Tamora            760
Just Like A Real Family                           Weber        Bruce             920
Just Like Martin                                  Bennett      Jill              660
Just My Luck                                      Smith        Sinclair          710
Just So Stories                                   Coville      Bruce             780
Just Talk                                         Greenwood    Kerry             420
Justice And Her Brothers                          Strasser     Dirk              520
Justice For Emily                                 Broderick    Damien            440
Justin Morgan Had A Horse                         Chapman      Andrew            620
Juvie Three, The                                  Hood         Robert            520
Kaiulani: The People's Princess                   Harris       Christine         530
Kalahari Bushmen                                  Taylor       Keith             530
Kaleidoscope Eyes                                 Hill         David             360
Kangaroos (Animal Families)                       Bernard      Patricia          480
Kansai International Airport                      D'Ath        Justin            530
Kansas                                            Webb         Janeen            520
Kansas (America The Beautiful, Second Series)     Parry        Glyn              360
Kansas (America The Beautiful, Third Series)      Clark        Sherryl           470
Kansas (One Nation)                               Clark        Sherryl           400
Kansas City Chiefs                                Clark        Sherryl           480
Karate                                            Collins      Paul              480
Karate Blocks                                     Collins      Paul              500
Karate Kicks                                      Collins      Paul              590
Karate Punches                                    Metzenthen   David             470
Karate Strikes                                    Metzenthen   David             570
Kart Racing                                       Rushby       Pamela            260
Karts                                             Metzenthen   David             410
Kat Got Your Tongue                               Rushby       Pamela            260
Katani's Jamaican Holiday                         Rushby       Pamela            310
Katarína                                          Savage        Jeff               890
Katarina Witt: Magical Skater                     Savage        Jeff               810
Katherine Dunham: Pioneer Of Black Dance          Savage        Jeff               890
Katherine's Story                                 Tagliaferro   Linda              1150
Kathleen: The Celtic Knot                         Boraas        Tracey             850
Kathy's Baby-Sitting Hassle                       Green         Michael            720
Kathy's New Brother                               Green         Michael            730
Kat's Surrender                                   Green         Michael            750
Katy Steding: Pro Basketball Pioneer              Green         Michael            710
Kavik The Wolf Dog                                Wallner       Rosemary           780
Kayaking                                          Boraas        Tracey             800
Kayla Chronicles, The                             Burgan        Michael            800
Kazunomiya (The Royal Diaries)                    Burgan        Michael            830
Keep Smiling Through                              Calvert       Patricia           820
Keeper                                            Philbrick     Rodman             520
Keeper (DeStefano), The                           Tedrow        T.L.               770
Keeper Of The Isis Light                          Tedrow        T.L.               720
Keeper Of The Night (Holt)                        Tedrow        T.L.               630
Keeper, The                                       Banks         Sara H.            710
Keepers Of The Earth                              Sachs         Marilyn            720
Keepers Of The Flame, The                         Watt          Fiona              1170
Keeping Barney                                    Watt          Fiona              1100
Keeping Corner                                    Whitfield     Philip             1160
Keeping Days, The                                 Tomb          Howard             1020
Keeping Score                                     Weber         Bruce              980
Keeping Secrets                                   Wukovits      John F.            1130
Keeping The Night Watch                           Martin        Ann M.             510
Keepsake Chest                                    Peel          John               630
Ken Griffey Junior: All-Around All-Star           Applegate     K. A.              660
Ken Griffey, Jr. Frank Thomas                     Osborne       Mary Pope          720
Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns            Danziger      Paula              660
Kentucky                                          Couloumbis    Audrey             740

Kentucky (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Ewing         Lynne              560
Kentucky (One Nation)                             Hobbs         Will               700
Kentucky Daughter                                 Maynard       Chris              930
Kenya (Enchantment Of The World)                  Raby          Philip             1020
Kenya In Pictures (2nd Edition)                   Raby          Philip             940
Kenya In Pictures (c.1988)                        Bornhoft      Simon              960
Kenya: Worldfocus                                 Wallner       Rosemary           860
Kestrel, The                                      Wallner       Rosemary           780
Keturah And Lord Death                            Bo            Ben                700
Key Is Lost, The                                  Bo            Ben                740
Key To Rondo, The                                 De Trevino    Elizabeth Borton   860
Key To The Indian, The                            Nixon         Joan Lowery        600
Keystone Kids                                     Barron        T. A.              750
Khaki Wings                                       Applegate     Stan               620
Kickboxing                                        Skurzynski    Gloria             700
Kid From Tomkinsville, The                        Shyamalan     M. Night           560
Kid Stories: Biographies Of 20 Young People
You'd Like To Know                                Applegate     K. A.              430
Kid Who Became President, The                     Ruckman       Ivy                700
Kid Who Named Pluto, The                           Cooney           Caroline B.           720
Kid Who Ran For President, The                     Applegate        K. A.                 460
Kidnap Kids                                        Lerangis         Peter                 590
Kidnapped                                          Howarth          Lesley                550
Kidnappers, The                                    Covey            Sean                  850
Kidnapping File: The Graeme Thorne Case (Crime
Solvers)                                           Atwater-Rhodes   Amelia                770
Kidnapping Of Christina Lattimore, The             Morris           Gerald                700
Kids At Work: Lewis Hine And The Crusade Against
Child Labor                                        Sonenklar        Carol                 670
Kids Can!                                          Greenway         Shirley               1120
Kid's Guide To Money, The                          Armstrong        Jennifer              920
Kids in the Spotlight (FX)                         Dessen           Sarah                 1020
Kids On Strike!                                    Farrell          Mame                  650
Kids With Courage: True Stories About Young
People Making A Difference                         Little           Kimberley Griffiths   590
Kiki Strike: Inside The Shadow City                Vande Velde      Vivian                740
Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb                    Many             Paul                  930
Kildee House                                       Smith            KC
Killer At Large                                    Perry            Robert L.
Killer Bees                                        Perry            Robert L.
Killer Lipstick                                    Anderson         Madelyn Klein
Killer Rocks From Outer Space                      Perry            Robert L.
Killer Wallpaper                                   Delgado          James P.
Killer Whales                                      Smith            KC
Killers Of The Dawn (Cirque Du Freak)              Delgado          James P.              950
Killer's Tears, The                                Perry            Robert L.
Killing Freeze, The                                Delgado          James P.
Killing Sea, The                                   Lace             William W.            880
Kilmeny Of The Orchard                             Molzahn          Arlene Bourgeois      970
Kiln, The                                          Aretha           David                 800
Kimchi And Calamari                                Pietrusza        David                 980
Kin                                                DiLorenzo        J. J.                 1100
Kind Of Friends We Used To Be, The                 Rogers           Glenn                 1070
Kind Of Grace (Anthology), A                       Macnow           Glen                  860
Kinderlager: An Oral History Of Young Holocaust
Survivors                                          Sullivan         Michael J.            890
Kindling, The                                      Pietrusza        David                 960
Kindred Spirits                                    Pietrusza        David                 980
King Arthur: Excalibur Unsheathed                  Lace             William W.            870
King George III                                    Aretha           David                 830
King George III: America's Enemy                   Aretha           David                 880
King George: What Was His Problem?                 Lace             William W.            910
King Henry VIII                                    Lace             William W.            820
King Of Dragons, The                               Knapp            Ron                   830
King Of Heart's Heart                              Savage           Jeff                  930
King of Mulberry Street, The                       Young            Jeff C.               990
King Of Shadows                                    Savage           Jeff                  920
King Of The Middle March                           Pietrusza        David                 940
King Of The Stars                                  Pietrusza        David                 1000
King Of The Wind                                   Macnow           Glen                  820
King Pin                                           Reiser           Howard                950
Kingdom Keepers, The                            O'Shei       Tim              920
Kingdom Of Summer                               Owens        Thomas S.        1150
Kingfisher Book Of The Ancient World From The
Ice Age To The Fall Of Rome                     Owens        Thomas S.        1000

Kingfisher Young People's Book Of Oceans, The   Pietrusza    David            1040
Kingfisher's Gift, The                          Hynson       Colin            960
Kings And Queens Of Central Africa              Guy          John             1100
Kings And Queens Of East Africa                 Tall         Jeff             1190
Kings And Queens Of Southern Africa             Welden       Amelie           1050
Kings And Queens Of West Africa                 Ekstrand     Chris            1160
King's Fifth, The                               Jones        Thomas D.        1080
Kings Mountain                                  Dunmore      Helen            690
King's Shadow, The                              Deary        Terry            740
Kipling's Choice                                Clairday     Robynn           670
Kira-Kira                                       Deary        Terry            810
Kirk's Law                                      Day          Lauren           570
Kiss In Time, A                                 Day          Lauren           580
Kiss Me Tomorrow                                Marsden      Julia            1010
Kiss The Clown                                  Applegate    K. A.            640
Kiss The Dust                                   Martin       Ann M.           530
Kissimmee Kid                                   Martin       Ann M.           600
Kissing Booth                                   Applegate    K. A.            630
Kissing Coffins                                 Watson       Jude             630
Kissing Diary, The                              Stanton      Mary             600
Kissing Tennessee And Other Stories From The
Stardust Dance                                  Peel         John             640
Kit Carson: Frontier Scout                      Applegate    K. A.            530
Kite Fighters, The                              Applegate    K. A.            370
Kite Rider, The                                 Stanton      Mary             610
Kit's Wilderness                                Carmi        Daniella         810
Klipfish Code, The                              Philbrick    Rodman           700
Klondike Gold Rush, The                         Martin       Ann M.           420
Knee Holes                                      Brooke       Lauren           560
Knife Of Never Letting Go, The                  Applegate    K. A.            430
Knight                                          Brooke       Lauren           570
Knight (Dress Through The Ages)                 Watson       Jude             620
Knight's Castle                                 Isaacs       Anne             880
Knitting Circle                                 Gold         Alison Leslie    910
Knock It Off!                                   Suzanne      Jamie            480
Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas                  Cooney       Caroline B.      620
Knockout, The                                   Yep          Laurence         570
Knot In The Grain And Other Stories, A          Morris       Deborah          560
Knots In My Yo-Yo String (Anthology)            Yep          Laurence         570
Kofi Annan: The Peacekeeper                     Napoli       Donna Jo         460
Kokopelli's Flute                               Aiken        Joan             800
Komodo Dragons                                  Greene       Bette            890
Kootenay Kidnapper, The                         Snyder       Zilpha Keatley   870
Korean War Veterans Memorial, The               King-Smith   Dick             1100
Korean War, The                                 Rodowsky     Colby            880
Korean War: Limits Of American Power, The       Paulsen      Gary             870
Koya DeLaney And The Good Girl Blues            Sleator      William          610
Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet                               Pierce        Tamora             760
Kraken                                                George        Jean Craighead     650
Kristi Yamaguchi: Artist On Ice                       Roop          Peter              780
Kristina: The Girl King                               Whelan        Gloria             800
Kristy And The Kidnapper                              Kehret        Peg                640
Kristy Power!                                         Almond        David              470
Kristy's Big News                                     Woodson       Jacqueline         680
Kung Fu                                               Snicket       Lemony             1040
Kurds                                                 Cameron       Ann                790
Kurt Busch (Stock Car Racing)                         Lawrence      Iain               640
Kuwait                                                Thesman       Jean               700
Kuwait                                                Alexander     Lloyd              860
Kuwait In Pictures (c.1989)                           Strickland    Brad               730

Kwanzaa: Why We Celebrate It The Way We Do            Wood          June Rae           640
L. Frank Baum: Royal Historian Of Oz                  Tomlinson     Theresa            640
La Linea                                              Lindquist     Susan Hart         920
La Petite Four                                        Fisher        Dorothy Canfield   1000
La Salle: A Life Of Boundless Adventure               Rice          Bebe Faas          660
Lab 6                                                 Ibbotson      Eva                910
Lab, The                                              Delaney       Mark               700
Labrador Retriever, The                               Guy           John               1140
Lacemaker And The Princess, The                       Mills         Claudia            690
Lad, A Dog                                            Kostyal       K. M.              980
Lady Friday                                           Martin        Ann M.             530
Lady Knight                                           Applegate     K. A.              470
Lady Of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior Of The South              Watson        Jude               550
Lady With The Hat, The                                Lerangis      Peter              610
Laggan Lard Butts                                     Rubinstein    Gillian            620
lagos y los ríos, Los                                 Dahl          Michael            610
Laika                                                 Lasky         Kathryn            860
Lake At The End Of The World, The                     Durbin        William            1010
Lake Joy, At Last                                     Montgomery    L. M.              870
Lake Of Souls, The (Cirque Du Freak)                  Evans         Richard Paul       830
Lambkins, The                                         Hite          Sid                880
Lamborghini: The Fastest                              Jaffe         Nina               910
Lamborghinis                                          Peck          Robert Newton      750
Lamp From The Warlock's Tomb, The                     Farley        Steven             640
Lamplighter                                           Aiken         Joan               900
Land & Water Transportation                           Van Draanen   Wendelin           850
Land Of Expectations (Anthology), The                 McDaniel      Lurlene            600
Land Of Hope                                          Lawlor        Laurie             1120
Land Of Loss                                          Bausum        Ann                1080

Land Of The Buffalo Bones: The Diary Of Mary
Ann Elizabeth Rodgers, An English Girl In Minnesota   MacDonald     Alan               660
Land Of The Silver Apples, The                        Applegate     K. A.              610
Land, The                                             Martin        Ann M.             440
Landing Of The Pilgrims, The                          Applegate     K. A.              450
Landing, The                                          Meyer         Carolyn            860
Landsailing                                           Nix           Garth              800
Landslides Slumps & Creep                             Freedman      Russell            1070
Lang Lang: Playing With Flying Keys                Morris       Juddi           1130
Langston Hughes (Poetry For Young People)          Macy         Sue             800
Language Of Goldfish, The                          Jukes        Mavis           540
Lantern Bearers, The                               Lemieux      Anne            810
Laos In Pictures (c.1996)                          Wise         William         1090
largo invierno, El                                 Shreve       Susan           720
Larklight                                          Moon         Pat             690
Lasso The Moon                                     Pullman      Philip          860
Last 500 Years, The                                Durbin       William         880
Last April Dancers                                 Conly        Jane Leslie     530
Last Battle, The                                   Avi          -               770
Last Book In The Universe, The                     Carter       Alden R.        810
Last Dragon, The (De Mari)                         Levine       Gail Carson     490
Last Gasps                                         McKean       Thomas          890
Last Girls Of Pompeii, The                         Ellerbee     Linda           440
Last Invisible Boy, The                            Tomey        Ingrid          620
Last Knight, The                                   Creech       Sharon          830
Last Leaf, The                                     Perkins      Lynne Rae       720
Last Lobo, The                                     Martin       Ann M.          350
Last Man's Reward, The                             Roth         Arthur          710
Last Mile, The                                     Martin       Ann M.          510
Last Of The High Kings, The                        Ehrlich      Amy             930
Last Of The Really Great Whangdoodles, The         Paulsen      Gary            600
Last Rainmaker, The                                MacDonald    Alan            710
Last Safe Place On Earth, The                      Heisel       Sharon E.       750
Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery                    Fox          Paula           830
Last Snake Runner, The                             Lessem       Don             1120
Last Stop                                          Relf         Pat             910
Last Summer At Camp Woodside                       Hynson       Colin           1020
Last Summer With Maizon                            Hynson       Colin           990
Last Summer With Maizon (Anthology)                Keehn        Sally M.        520
Last Wolf Of Ireland, The                          Cormier      Robert          1380
Latin America                                      Lunn         Janet           910
Latin Sensations                                   Caldwell     V. M.           500
Latino New Wave (Anthology), The                   Thompson     Kate            810
Laugh Till You Cry                                 Wooding      Chris           800
Laura Ingalls Wilder Country                       Wooding      Chris           900
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography                  Peel         John            610
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Storyteller Of The Prairie   Benjamin     David           470
Laurie In Charge                                   Wilder       Laura Ingalls   1250
Lay-Ups And Long Shots: An Anthology Of Short
Stories                                            Osborne      Mary Pope       740
Lead The Way                                       McKissack    Patricia C.     750
Leaders Of Black Civil Rights                      Watson       Jude            610
Leap Of Faith                                      Gunston      Bill            1190
Leaping Beauty, And Other Animal Fairy Tales       Poe          Edgar Allan
Learning Martial Arts                              Jarzyna      Dave            590
Learning To Swim: A Memoir                         Rupp         Rebecca         710
Leave It To Christy                                Thompson     Kate            880
Leave The Cooking To Me                            Skurzynski   Gloria          1040
Leave Well Enough Alone                            Swinburne    Stephen R.      1050
Leaving                                            Alexander    Lloyd           740
Leaving And Other Stories, The                       Anderson     Janet S.           600
Leaving Eldorado                                     Chisholm     Jane               960
Leaving Fletchville                                  Rock         Gail               730
Leaving Glorytown: One Boy's Struggle Under
Castro                                               Thesman      Jean               620
Leaving Protection                                   Ryan         Pam Munoz          750
Lebanon In Pictures (c.1988)                         Wallace      Barbara Brooks     940
Lebanon In Pictures (Second Edition)                 McAllister   Margaret           790
Lee Bennett Hopkins: A Children's Poet               Matas        Carol              560
Legacy: Making Wishes Come True, The                 Alexander    Lloyd              880
Legend Of Annie Murphy, The                          Vogel        Carole G.          1050
Legend Of Bass Reeves, The                           Antle        Nancy              620
Legend of Buddy Bush, The                            Dahl         Roald              860
Legend Of Jimmy Spoon, The                           Williams     Carol Lynch        570
Legend Of Lady Ilena, The                            Beil         Karen Magnuson     1010
Legend Of Luke, The                                  Jacques      Brian              880
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (Action), The                Dickinson    Peter              810
Legend Of Tarik, The                                 Woodson      Jacqueline         660
Legend of the Wandering King, The                    Dickinson    Peter              770
Legends Of Dracula                                   Dickinson    Peter              860
Legends Of Santa Claus                               Dowd         John               880
Lemming Condition, The                               Dickinson    Peter              820
Lemonade Mouth                                       Molzahn      Arlene Bourgeois   970

Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography       Torres       John Albert        940
Lemurs                                               Talbert      Marc               710
Lena                                                 Guy          John               1130
Lenguaje animal                                      Willis       Patricia           660
Lennie: In His Own Words (Anthology)                 Pevsner      Stella             540
Len's Democracy Report                               Park         Linda Sue          880
Lenski File, The                                     Cushman      Karen              850
león, la bruja y el ropero, El                       Hahn         Mary Downing       850
Leonardo Da Vinci (Giants Of Science)                Aronson      Marc               1030
Leonardo Da Vinci For Kids: His Life And Ideas: 21
Activities                                           Snicket      Lemony             1120
Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance Genius                Gutman       Dan                750
Leonardo's Shadow                                    Denenberg    Barry              950
Leontyne Price: Opera Superstar                      Robinet      Harriette Gillem   550
Leopold II: Butcher Of The Congo                     Evslin       Bernard            800
LeRoy And The Old Man                                Bunting      Eve                510
Let Him Live                                         Koss         Amy Goldman        710
Let The Hurricane Roar                               Turner       Ann                1160
Let Them Play                                        Bachrach     Susan D.           1280
Let's Put On A Play!                                 Nixon        Joan Lowery        630
Letter From A Concentration Camp (Anthology)         Bowler       Tim                710
Letter Writer, The                                   Marrin       Albert             890
Letter, The Witch, And The Ring, The                 Ruby         Lois               830
Letters From A Slave Boy: The Story Of Joseph
Jacob                                                Snicket      Lemony             1150
Letters From Atlantis                                Meltzer      Milton             1220
Letters From Camp                                    Grove        Vicki              960
Letters From Lila                                    Horowitz     Anthony            610
Letters From Rapunzel                             Kehret        Peg                670
Letters From The Corrugated Castle                Anderson      Laurie Halse       580
Letters From The Inside                           Snicket       Lemony             1000
Letters From The Mountain                         Auch          Mary Jane          690
Letters From Wolfie                               Schwartz      Virginia Frances   610
Letting Swift River Go                            DeFelice      Cynthia            800
Level Playing Field: Sports And Race, A           Lowry         Lois               680
Leven Thumps And The Eyes Of The Want             Green         Carl R.            720
Leven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo               Flynn         Jean               900
Leven Thumps And The Whispered Secret             Sanford       William R.         760
Leven Thumps And The Wrath Of Ezra                Green         Carl R.            600
Lewis And Clark (Watts Library)                   Sanford       William R.         750
Lewis And Clark Expedition (Cornerstones Of
Freedom, Second Series), The                      Sanford       William R.         720
Lewis And Clark: Into The Wilderness              Green         Carl R.            780
Lewis Carroll (Poetry For Young People)           Sanford       William R.         710
Leyla: The Black Tulip                            Savage        Jeff               900
Liar, Liar                                        Green         Carl R.            750
Liars                                             Sanford       William R.         700
Lia's Journey                                     Sanford       William R.         720
Libby On Wednesday                                Green         Carl R.            750
Liberation Of Gabriel King, The                   Savage        Jeff               890
Liberia In Pictures (c.1988)                      Savage        Jeff               860
Liberty Or Death: The American Revolution 1763-
1783                                              Gaines        Ann Graham         1050
Liberty: Blessing Or Burden?                      Sanford       William R.         690
libro de Catherine, El                            Green         Carl R.            760
Libya (Enchantment Of The World)                  Sanford       William R.         730

Libya (Enchantment Of The World, Second Series)   Savage        Jeff               930
Libya In Pictures (c.1996)                        Savage        Jeff               890
Licensed Practical Nurse                          Sanford       William R.         710
Life                                              Sanford       William R.         710
Life Among The Vikings                            Sanford       William R.         680
Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus, The           Savage        Jeff               880
Life and Crimes of Bernetta Wallflower, The       Green         Carl R.            670
Life And Death Of Crazy Horse, The                Green         Carl R.            670
Life And Death Of Stars, The                      Sanford       William R.         700
Life And Words Of Martin Luther King, Jr., The    Arnold        Caroline           1200
Life As We Knew It                                Lester        Julius             720
Life During The Black Death                       Bruchac       Joseph             840
Life History Of A Star, The                       Martin        Ann M.             580
Life In A Medieval Castle (Way People Live)       Wisler        G. Clifton         760
Life In The Amazon Rain Forest                    Yep           Laurence           640
Life In The Desert                                White         Ruth               680
Life In The Wild: George Schaller's Struggle To
Save The Last Great Beasts, A                     Tamar         Erika              530
Life Of A Slave On A Southern Plantation          Pierce        Tamora             730
Life Of Alvin Ailey, The                          Carlson       Richard            1020
Life On Ellis Island                              Wisler        G. Clifton         800
Life On Other Planets                             Jacques       Brian              820
Life On Other Worlds (Out Of This World)          Van Draanen   Wendelin           710
Life On The American Frontier                     Brooke           Lauren            600
Life On The Oregon Trail                          Nix              Garth             790
Life On The Underground Railroad                  Nixon            Joan Lowery       690
Life Processes                                    Silcox-Jarrett   Diane             820
Life Story                                        Armstrong        Jennifer          790
Life Under Ice                                    Dahl             Roald             980
Lifeblood                                         Haugaard         Erik Christian    700
Lifecycles: Reproduction, Birth, And Growth       Wooding          Chris             920
Life's A Funny Proposition, Horatio               Strasser         Todd              540
Life's Lessons (Anthology)                        Heaney           Marie             1050
Lifted Up By Angels                               Scholastic                         880
Light (Eyewitness)                                Korman           Gordon            610
Light Beyond The Forest, The                      Blackwood        Gary L.           870
Light Bulb, The                                   Vos              Ida               500
Light In The Forest, The                          Jenkins          Martin            1130
Lighthouse Land (The Lighthouse Trilogy), The     Glicksman        Jane              1070
LightLand                                         Rinaldi          Ann               590
Lightning Thief, The                              Lawlor           Laurie            580
Lightning Time                                    Lawlor           Laurie            650
Lightning's Last Hope                             Earley           Tony              800
Lights, Camera, Action!: Making Movies And TV
From The Inside Out                               Price            Reynolds          930
Lights, Camera, Amalee                            Park             Barbara           680
Like Mother, Like Daughter                        Doyle            Debra             840
Lily B. On The Brink Of Love                      Giblin           James Cross       1130
Lily B. On The Brink Of Paris                     Asprin           Robert            730
Lily's Ghosts                                     Asprin           Robert            830
Limestone Caves                                   Asprin           Robert            700
Lincoln And Slavery                               Frank            Anne              950
Lincoln Through The Lens                          Koss             Amy Goldman       640
Lincoln: A Photobiography                         Janeczko         Paul B.           910
Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look At Abraham And Mary,
The                                               Jones            Charlotte Foltz   930
Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone                    Frost            Robert
Lindbergh Child, The                              Murphy           Jim               1080
Linger                                            Fraser           Mary Ann          1020
Lion Hunter, The                                  Sterman          Betsy             710
Lion Tamer's Daughter And Other Stories, The      Jenkins          Jerry B.          760
Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, The            Jenkins          Jerry B.          720
Lionboy: The Truth                                Jenkins          Jerry B.          750
Lioness and Her Knight, The                       Applegate        K. A.             500
Lioness Rampant                                   Applegate        K. A.             490
Lions (Animal Families)                           Leroe            Ellen             870
Lion's Whiskers: An Ethiopian Story, The          Whelan           Gloria            870
Lipizzaner Horse, The                             Rinaldi          Ann               600
Lisa's War                                        Mills            Claudia           750
Listen Ear (Anthology)                            Coburn           Broughton         1130
Listen For Rachel                                 Dickinson        Emily
Listen For The Fig Tree                           Anderson         Janet S.          680
Listen For The Singing                            Philbrick        Rodman            740
Listen!                                           Watkins          Richard           1200
Listening For Leroy                               Brown            Bobbi             810
Listening for Lions                                    Vande Velde     Vivian           860
Little (Grrl) Lost                                     Enzensberger    Hans Magnus      860
Little Brother, Big Idea (Anthology)                   Newth           Mette            840
Little By Little                                       Ibbotson        Eva              940
Little Clearing In The Woods                           Asprin          Robert           710
Little Cricket                                         Strickland      Brad             770
Little Farm In The Ozarks                              Hurmence        Belinda          830
Little Green: Growing Up During The Chinese
Cultural Revolution                                    Adler           C. S.            650
Little House Cookbook, The                             Blacklock       Dyan             820
Little House In Brookfield                             Smith           Sherwood         880
Little House In The Big Woods                          DeClements      Barthe           570
Little House On Rocky Ridge                            Hermes          Patricia         800
Little House Reader, A                                 Thomasma        Kenneth          640
Little Little                                          Goodman         Joan Elizabeth   760
Little Lord Fauntleroy                                 Jarvis          Robin            650
Little Myth Marker                                     Fleischman      Paul             1220
Little People And A Lost World                         Canfield        Jack             780
Little Piece Of Ground, A                              Lawrence        Iain             580
Little Prince, The                                     Williams        Laura E.         720
Little Princess, A                                     Karr            Kathleen         640
Little Ship Under Full Sail                            Garfield        Leon             780
Little Town At The Crossroads                          Pullman         Philip           950
Little Town In The Ozarks                              Calhoun         Dia              650
Liv Tyler                                              Gutman          Bill             930
Lives Of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, Rebels
(And What The Neighbors Thought)                       Campbell        Joanna           810
Lives Of The Athletes: Thrills, Spills (And What The
Neighbors Thought)                                     Campbell        Joanna           660
Lives Of The Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times
(And What The Neighbors Thought)                       Lawlor          Laurie           680
Lives Of The Presidents: Fame, Shame (And What
The Neighbors Thought)                                 Lawlor          Laurie           590
Lives Of The Writers: Comedies, Tragedies (And
What The Neighbors Thought)                            Lawlor          Laurie            670
Living In Space                                        Ketchum         Liza              570
Living Nightmare, A (Cirque Du Freak)                  Langton         Jane              810
Living On Your Own                                     Salkeld         Audrey            1040
Living With A Secret                                   Blumberg        Rhoda             1190
Living With Albinism                                   Thimmesh        Catherine         960
Lizabeth's Story                                       Planet Dexter                     1090
Lizard                                                 Wilcox          Charlotte         900
Lizard Flanagan, Supermodel??                          Logue           Mary              470
Lizard Music                                           Goodman         Joan Elizabeth    650
Lizards                                                Appelt          Kathi             820
Lizzie At Last                                         Cabot           Meg               920
Lizzie Bright And The Buckminster Boy                  Kimmel          Elizabeth Cody    640
Lloro por la tierra                                    Haddix          Margaret Peterson 690
Load Of Danger, A                                      Peters          Julie Anne        350
Loamhedge                                              Trueman         Terry             820
lobos también lloran, Los                              Durrant         Lynda             750
Local News                                             McGill          Alice             880
Loch                                                Applegate        K. A.            630
Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster                          Martin           Ann M.           720
Locusts: Insects On The Move                        Holland          Isabelle         590
Lombardo's Law                                      Cutler           Jane             710
London Calling                                      Buchignani       Walter           720
London Connection, The                              Bressler         Karen W.         1100
Lone Sentinel                                       Patneaude        David            530
Lone Star Dinosaurs                                 Barron           T. A.            770
Lonek's Journey: The True Story Of A Boy's Escape
To Freedom                                          Belton           Sandra           660
Loner, The                                          Majoor           Mireille         1100
Long And Uncertain Journey: The 27,000 Mile
Voyage Of Vasco Da Gama, A                          Rock             Gail             870
Long Ball                                           Benjamin         David            510
Long Hard Journey                                   Vande Velde      Vivian           890
Long Journey Home                                   Buffie           Margaret         720
Long Patrol, The                                    Konigsburg       E. L.            810
Long Road To Gettysburg, The                        Yang             Dori Jones       570
Long Shadows (Warriors: Power Of Three)             Vander Pluym     Andrea R.        920
Long Spikes                                         Caselli          Giovanni         1000
Long Walk, The                                      Applegate        K. A.            370
Long Way From Chicago, A                            Watson           Jude             600
Long Way Home, A                                    Cadnum           Michael          990
Longest Ride, The                                   Peck             Richard          610
Longitude Prize, The                                Applegate        K. A.            810
Long-lost Map, The                                  Kipling          Rudyard
Look At Earth (Out Of This World), A                Levine           Ellen            890
Look At Jupiter (Out Of This World), A              Chipman          Dawn             1200
Look At Mars (Out Of This World), A                 Doyle            Debra            870
Look At Mercury (Out Of This World), A              Shapiro          Marc             1060
Look At Minerals: From Galena To Gold, A            Myers            Walter Dean      1030
Look At Moons (Out Of This World), A                Pullman          Philip           740
Look At Neptune (Out Of This World), A              Atkin            S. Beth          850
Look At Pluto (Out Of This World), A                Taylor           Barbara          1200
Look At Rocks: From Coal To Kimberlite, A           LaFaye           A.               840
Look At Saturn (Out Of This World), A               Forrester        Sandra           640
Look At The Sun (Out Of This World), A              Duey             Kathleen         800
Look At Uranus (Out Of This World), A               Panagopoulos     Janie Lynn       770
Look At Venus (Out Of This World), A                Cross            Gillian          650
Look Into The Past: The Greeks/The Romans
(Anthology)                                         Talbert          Marc             640
Look To The Hills: The Diary Of Lozette Moreau, A
French Slave Girl                                   Sachs            Marilyn          750
Looking Back: A Book Of Memories                    Klass            Sheila Solomon   580
Looking For Red                                     Bellairs         John             750
Looking for Seabirds                                Wynne-Jones      Tim              640
Looking Glass Wars, The                             Baum             L. Frank         1000
Lord Brocktree                                      Birdseye         Tom              670
Lord Of The Deep                                    Smallwood, Jr.   John N.          1120
Lord Of The Fries And Other Stories                 Murphy           Rita             710
Lord of The Kill                                    Fogelin          Adrian           650
Lord Of The Nutcracker Men                          Dash             Joan             1160
Lord Of The Shadows (Cirque Du Freak)              Sturtevant    Katherine           860
Lord Of The Sky: Zeus                              Doucet        Sharon Arms         870
Los Angeles (Cities Of The World)                  Doyle         Debra               800
Los Angeles Area Missions                          Hrdlitschka   Shelley             610
Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team, The             King-Smith    Dick                850
Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Team, The            Hesse         Karen               830
Losers' Club, The                                  Winkler       David               610
Loser's Guide To Life And Love, The                Macaulay      David               1260
Losing Forever                                     Carroll       Lewis
Lost And Found (Remnants)                          Philbrick     Rodman              1000
Lost Boy                                           Thompson      Julian F.           980
Lost Bullet (Traces)                               Duey          Kathleen            800
Lost Childhood: A World War II Memoir, The         Skurzynski    Gloria              670
Lost Cities: A Drift House Voyage, The             McElfresh     Lynn E.             560
Lost City Of Faar, The                             Maynard       Christopher         1020
Lost City Of Pompeii                               Levitin       Sonia               670
Lost Garden, The                                   Coman         Carolyn             830
Lost Highrider Mystery, The                        Van Draanen   Wendelin            720
Lost In America                                    Ibbotson      Eva                 890
Lost In Cyberspace                                 Rosen         Sybil               540
Lost In Space (Thrillogy)                          Fradin        Dennis Brindell     1030
Lost In The Barrens                                Sloan         Christopher         1090
Lost In The Devil's Desert                         Strasser      Todd                570
Lost In Time                                       Nix           Garth               670
Lost Island Of Tamarind, The                       Applegate     K. A.               380
Lost Magic                                         Maynard       Christopher         930
Lost On A Mountain In Maine                        Mitton        Jacqueline          1020
Lost Prince, The                                   Bokram        Karen               890
Lost Queen, The                                    Silverstein   Alvin
Lost Star, The                                     Newman        Shirlee P.
Lost Star: The Story Of Amelia Earhart             McPhee        Andrew T.           1010
Lost Temple Of The Aztecs (Anthology)              Newman        Shirlee P.
Lost Years Of Merlin, The                          Diouf         Sylviane Anna
Lotta's Progress                                   Diouf         Sylviane Anna
Loud Silence Of Francine Green, The                Greene        Jacqueline Dembar   1070
Louis Braille (Anthology)                          Diouf         Sylviane Anna
Louis Farrakhan                                    Smith         KC
Louis Pasteur                                      Greene        Jacqueline Dembar
Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams                     Diouf         Sylviane Anna
Louisa May Alcott                                  Silverstein   Alvin
Louisa May Alcott                                  McNair        Sylvia
Louisiana                                          Hintz         Martin
Louisiana                                          Stein         R. Conrad

Louisiana (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Hintz         Martin
Louisiana (One Nation)                             Morris        Gerald              760
Louisiana's Song                                   Wisler        G. Clifton          830
Love Bombers                                       Montgomery    L. M.               930
Love By Any Other Name                             Newman        Shirlee P.
Love Is A Gift                                     Konigsburg    E. L.               700
Love Is A Many Trousered Thing                     Konigsburg    E. L.               730
Love Letters And Other Stories                     Duey          Kathleen            630
Love Me Tender                                   Duey        Kathleen          750
Love That Dog                                    McKay       Hilary            680
Love The Glove                                   Alcock      Vivien            640
Love Thy Neighbor: The Tory Diary Of Prudence
Emerson                                          Terris      Susan             720
Love You Like A Sister                           Greene      Shep              450
Love, Football, And Other Contact Sports         Menick      Stephen           700
Love, Meg                                        Sinykin     Sheri Cooper      610
Lovin' Leo: Your Leonardo DiCaprio Keepsake
Scrapbook                                        Hearne      Betsy              770
Loving Someone Else                              Golding     Theresa Martin     750
Loving Will Shakespeare                          Mazzio      Joann              730
Low Road, The                                    Layefsky    Virginia           810
Lowell Mill Girls: Life In The Factory           Russell     Barbara Timberlake 730
Lowriders                                        Holcomb     Jerry Kimble       570
Lucille Ball: Pioneer Of Comedy                  Engel       Diana              620
Luck (Anthology)                                 Dewey       Jennifer Owings   1030
Luck Follows Me                                  Woodbury    Mary               650
Luck Of The Miss L, The                          Beeler      Cecil Freeman      690
Luck Of Zap And Zoe, The                         Vos         Ida                420
Luckiest Girl, The                               Acheson     Alison             720
Lucky                                            Acheson     Alison             600
Lucky Ones, The                                  Wiseman     Eva                710
Lucky Thirteen                                   Barnes      Joyce Annette      720
Lucky To Be Alive: Stories Of Survival           Johnston    Julie              860
Lucretia Rudolph Garfield                        Cerullo     Mary M.           1150
Lucy Forever And Miss Rosetree, Shrinks          Merriman    Nick              1070
Ludell And Willie                                Putnam      James              960
Ludwig van Beethoven                             Bertrand    Diane Gonzales     780
Lump In The Middle, The                          Corlett     William            680
Lunch Bowl, The                                  Corlett     William            680
Lupa maravillosa                                 Ritter      John H.            590
Lupita Manana                                    Lalicki     Tom               1000
Lush                                             Donaldson   Joan               600
Luz, sonido, electricidad y magnetismo           Henbest     Nigel             1000
Lyddie                                           Levy        Elizabeth          530
Lyddie (Español)                                 Parker      Steve              910
Lyme Disease                                     Wood        Frances M.         540
Lyn St. James: Driven To Be First                Brooke      Lauren             550
Lyndon B. Johnson                                Watson      Jude               540

Lyndon B. Johnson (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)   Stillman    Sarah             990
M Is For Magic: Stories                          Harrison    Michael           680
M.C. Higgins, The Great                          Datlow      Ellen             790
M.E. And Morton                                  Morris      Gerald            700
M.L.K.: Journey Of A King                        Roos        Stephen           480
Machinist                                        Moeri       Louise            1040
Macmillan Book Of Baseball Stories, The          Meltzer     Milton            1090
Mad, Mad Monday                                  Rennison    Louise            700
Madagascar (Enchantment Of The World)            Dash        Joan              1020
Madagascar In Pictures (c.1988)                  Mulford     Philippa Greene   600
Maddigan's Fantasia                              George      Charles & Linda
Madeleine Albright                                Davis        Lucile
Madeleine Albright                                Kent         Deborah
Madeleine Albright: She Speaks For America        Kent         Deborah
Made-Over Chelsea, A                              Heinrichs    Ann
Madrid                                            Heinrichs    Ann
Maestro, The                                      Ingram       W. Scott
Magellan & The Exploration Of South America       Blashfield   Jean F.
Maggie                                            Blashfield   Jean F.
Maggie: Diary Three                               George       Charles & Linda
Maggie: Diary Two                                 Fazio        Wende
Magic And Magicians                               Hintz        Martin
Magic And Perception                              Stein        R. Conrad
Magic By The Lake                                 Myers        Walter Dean       920
Magic Can Be Murder                               Todd         Pamela            670
Magic Circle, The                                 Gilbert      Barbara Snow      710
Magic For Marigold                                Applegate    K. A.             410
Magic In The Andes                                Wilson       Diane Lee         810
Magic Nation Thing, The                           Patneaude    David             580
Magic Steps                                       Martinez     Floyd             740
Magical Adventures Of Pretty Pearl, The           Weeks        Sarah             780
Magical Fellowship                                Whitesel     Cheryl Aylward    760
Magician, The (The Secrets Of The Immortal
Nicholas Flamel)                                  Taylor       Marilyn           860
Magicians And Illusionists                        Harrison     Sue               1160
Magician's Apprentice, The                        Snelling     Lauraine          570
Magician's Nephew, The                            Belton       Sandra            620
Magicians Of Erianne, The                         Fine         Anne              650
Magickers, The                                    Bryant       Bonnie            850
Magnificent Maple                                 Bryant       Bonnie            890
Magnificent Voyage: An American Adventurer On
Captain James Cook's Final Expedition             Bryant       Bonnie            890
Magpie Gabbard And The Quest For The Buried
Moon                                              Bryant       Bonnie            820
Magyk (Septimus Heap)                             Bryant       Bonnie            710
Maid Marian                                       Bell         Mary Reeves       830
Maid Of The North, The                            Snelling     Lauraine          550
Mailbox, The                                      Morris       Willie            1380
Main Street Of America: Route 66, The             Wilson       Budge             650
Maine                                             Heneghan     James             680
Maine                                             Carbone      Elisa             890
Maine (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Pastore      Clare             570
Maine (One Nation)                                Tessendorf   K. C.             1150
Maizon At Blue Hill                               Paulsen      Gary              1230
Major, The Poacher, And The Wonderful One-Trout
River                                             Peck         Richard           790
Make Lemonade                                     Lynch        Chris             690
Make Room for a Makeover (FX)                     Haskins      James             1220
Makeovers By Marcia                               Youngs       Bettie B.         970
Makeup Artist                                     Applegate    K. A.             700
Making Change: Tips From An Underage
Overachiever                                      Cerullo      Mary M.           1180
Making Life: How We Reproduce And Grow            Kennedy      Gregory P.        1250
Making Mountains (Shales)                       Cerullo       Mary M.           1150
Making Of A Writer, The                         Garland       Sherry            880
Making Of America: A History Of The United
States From 1492 To The Present, The            Steele        Michael Anthony   660
Making Peace On Kandok                          Capeci        Anne              580
Making Room For Katherine                       Chorlton      Windsor           1130
Making Strides                                  Stanley       Jerry             1090
Mako Sharks                                     Brooke        Peggy             790
Malawi In Pictures (c.1988)                     Patent        Dorothy Hinshaw   1120
Malaysia                                        Hanley        Victoria          690
Malaysia                                        Feder         Harriet K.        580
Malaysia In Pictures (c.1989)                   Mitten        Christopher       440
Malcolm X                                       Hernandez     Jo Ann Yolanda    440
Malcolm X                                       Sandler       Michael           590
Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary               Cardiff       Pam               570
Maldonado Miracle                               Vail          Rachel            700
Male Olympic Champions                          Stamper       J.B.              630
Mali In Pictures (c.1990)                       Hernandez     Jo Ann Yolanda    390
Malibu Carmie                                   Draper        Sharon M.         280
Mama, Let's Dance                               Allen         Laura             490
Mama's Going To Buy You A Mockingbird           Butler        Susan             860
Mammal                                          Brooks        Martha            670
Mammal Misfits                                  Holt          David             720
Mammals: Insectivores And Bats                  Butler        Charles           590
Mammals: Large Carnivores                       Budiansky     Stephen           1120
Mammals: Large Herbivores                       Blumberg      Rhoda             1020
Mammals: Marsupials                             Pressler      Mirjam            1120
Mammals: Primates                               Wyeth         Sharon Dennis     510
Mammals: Rodents 1                              Mikaelsen     Ben               670
Mammals: Rodents 2 And Lagomorphs               Warner        Sally             690
Mammals: Ruminant (Horned) Herbivores           Van Draanen   Wendelin          750
Mammals: Sea Mammals                            Wiley         Melissa           860
Mammals: Small Carnivores                       Miller        Sara Swan
Mammoths                                        Miller        Sara Swan
Man From Australia, The                         Miller        Sara Swan
Man From Shadow Ridge, The                      Dramer        Kim
Man From The Other Side, The                    Whitcraft     Melissa
Man In The Ceiling, The                         Miller        Sara Swan
Man O' War                                      St. George    Judith            920
Man Of The Family                               Richardson    Sandy             930
Man Who Changed America (Anthology), The        Zindel        Paul              590
Man Who Loved Clowns, The                       Ashabranner   Brent             1200
Man Who Sang In The Dark, The                   Aaseng        Nathan            1190
Man Who Was Poe, The                            Morris        Gerald            760

Man Who Went To The Far Side Of The Moon, The   Jemison       Mae               960
Man Who Wrote "Messiah" (Anthology), The        Rinaldi       Ann               680
Man With The Red Hair, The                      Prince        Maggie            780
Mana's Story                                    Brown         Jordan            420

Manatee (Endangered Animals & Habitats), The    Draper        Sharon M.         320
Manga Touch                                     Kellaher      Karen             410
Mango-Shaped Space, A                             Stawski      Paul E.            810
Maniac Magee                                      Miller       J. C.              620
Mansion In The Mist, The                          Anastasio    Dina               230
Manufacturing & Industry                          Hess         Debra              290
Many Faces Of Tarzan (Anthology), The             Grant        Adam               450
Many Stones                                       Vidal        Graciela           490
Many Thousand Gone                                Zarkh        Evelina            500
Many Waters                                       Myers        Walter Dean        480
Mao Zedong (A&E Biography)                        Stevenson    Robert Louis       320
Maori                                             Spinelli     Jerry              340
Map Of The Known World, A                         Haskins      James              1170
MapHead: The Return                               Pastore      Clare              600
Mapman Travels The Globe                          Lawlor       Laurie             640
Mapping The Seas (Watts Library)                  Larson       Gary               640
Mapping The Skies (Watts Library)                 Warner       Sally              920
Mapping The World (Watts Library)                 Snicket      Lemony             1110
maravilloso mago de Oz, El                        McNichols    Ann                870
Marc Chagall                                      Hoffman      Alice              940
Marc Chagall                                      Walker       Pamela             790
March Toward The Thunder                          Alcock       Vivien             570
Marching In Birmingham                            Nix          Garth              740
Marco's Millions                                  Applegate    K. A.              540
Margaret Bourke-White                             Pierce       Tamora             780
Margaret Bourke-White: A Photographer's Life      Watson       Jude               590
Margaret Bourke-White: Photographer               Rushton      Rosie              810
Margaret Bourke-White: Racing With A Dream        Bennett      Paul               1150

Margaret Mead: Bringing World Cultures Together   Zusak        Markus             460
Margaret Pumphrey's Pilgrim Stories               White        Ellen Emerson      940
Maria Mitchell: The Soul of an Astronomer         Myers        Anna               620
Maria Montessori: Teacher Of Teachers             DiCamillo    Kate               520
Mariah Carey                                      Rodowsky     Colby              900
Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box                       Forrester    Sandra             670
Marian Wright Edelman: Defender Of Children's
Rights                                            Dahlberg     Maurine F.         670
Marie Antoinette: Princess Of Versailles          Stanley      Jerry              1140
Marie Curie (Giants Of Science)                   DeSomma      Vincent V.         1290
Marie Curie And Her Daughter Irene                Lawlor       Laurie             600
Marie Curie And The Discovery Of Radium           Smith        Sherwood           900
Marie Curie And The Science Of Radioactivity      Lisle        Janet Taylor       730
Marie Curie: A Scientific Pioneer                 Skurzynski   Gloria             660
Marie, Dancing                                    Atkins       Jeannine           990
Mariel Of Redwall                                 Lyons        Mary E.            780
Marilyn Monroe: Norma Jeane's Dream               Cornell      Joseph             960
Marine Biologist                                  Lawlor       Laurie             630
Marine Biologist: Swimming With The Sharks        Robinet      Harriette Gillem   610
Mario Lemieux: Beating The Odds                   Graham       Harriet            810
Marismeño                                         Ellis        Sarah              680
Marisol And Magdalena                             Pevsner      Stella             510
Maritcha: A Nineteenth-Century American Girl      Brooke       Lauren             600
Maritime Disasters                                Gilmour      H. B.              620
Mark McGwire                                      Bruchac      Joseph             880
Mark McGwire: Home Run King                        Peyton        K.M.              720
Mark Of The Beast, The                             Peck          Robert Newton     800
Mark Of The Crown, The                             January       Brendan           860
Mark Of The Horse Lord, The                        Robbins       Trina
Mark On The Door, The                              West          Terry M.
Mark Twain                                         Kent          Deborah
Mark Twain                                         Stein         R. Conrad
Mark Twain You Never Knew, The                     Stein         R. Conrad
Marked                                             Stein         R. Conrad         810
Market Stake Out Mystery, The                      Prentzas      G. S.
Marley Z And The Bloodstained Violin               Stein         R. Conrad
Marley: A Dog Like No Other                        Rogers        Stillman D.
Marlfox                                            Kent          Deborah
Maroo Of The Winter Caves                          Kent          Deborah
Marooned (Kraske)                                  Stein         R. Conrad
Marrying Malcolm Murgatroyd                        Stein         R. Conrad
Mars (Watts Library)                               Spangenburg   Ray
Mars And The Search For Life                       Willis        Terri             1060
Marshmallow Muscles, Banana Brainstorms            Oleksy        Walter            1150
Martha Graham: Founder Of Modern Dance             Hintz         Martin            1050
Martha Stewart (A&E Biography)                     Blashfield    Jean F.           1080
Martial Arts (Sprint)                              Hintz         Martin            1070
Martial Arts Sampler, A                            Milivojevic   JoAnn
Martian Broadcast (Anthology), The                 Morrison      Marion            1120
Martin Luther King, Jr.                            Dramer        Kim               1030
Martin Luther King: The Peaceful Warrior           Foster        Leila Merrell     1030
Martin The Warrior                                 Blashfield    Jean F.           1070
Martin Van Buren                                   Carter        David A.          940
Martin Van Buren                                   Gantos        Jack              710
Martin Van Buren (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)      Blashfield    Jean F.
Marvelous Effect, The                              McNair        Sylvia
Marvelous Misadventures Of Sebastian, The          Shepherd      Donna Walsh
Mary Anne's Big Breakup                            Kent          Deborah
Mary Anne's Revenge                                McNair        Sylvia
Mary Cassatt: Portrait Of An American
Impressionist                                      Heinrichs     Ann
Mary Joe Fernandez                                 Dramer        Kim
Mary Mehan Awake                                   Rawlins       Carol B.
Mary Poppins                                       Miller        Sara Swan

Mary Todd Lincoln (Encyclopedia Of First Ladies)   Gourse        Leslie            1010

Mary Tudor: Courageous Queen Or Bloody Mary? Applegate           K. A.             620
Mary, Bloody Mary                            Applegate           K. A.             590

Mary, Queen Of Scots, Queen Without A Country      Vance         Susanna           730
Maryland                                           Williams      Mark London       740
Maryland                                           Rodgers       Mary              680

Maryland (America The Beautiful, Second Series)    Joseph        Lynn              840
Maryland (One Nation)                              Graham        Lorenz
Masked Monkey, The                                 Fradin        Dennis Brindell   1140
Masquerade (Anthology)                            Macaulay        David             1070
Massachusetts                                     Gray            Dianne E.         880
Massachusetts (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                           Bial            Raymond           1100
Massachusetts (One Nation)                        Gregory         Kristiana         790
Master Puppeteer, The                             Dyer            T. A.             720
Mastering Martial Arts                            Strickland      Brad              730
Masterpiece                                       Thesman         Jean              690
Materials Science                                 Jacques         Brian             770
Mates, Dates, And Chocolate Cheats                Gauthier        Gail              850
Mates, Dates, And Cosmic Kisses                   Cummings        Priscilla         680
Mates, Dates, And Designer Divas                  Holt            Kimberly Willis   760
Mates, Dates, And Diamond Destiny                 Applegate       K. A.             590
Mates, Dates, And Great Escapes                   Hart            Alison            620
Mates, Dates, And Inflatable Bras                 Wilson          Eric              580
Mates, Dates, And Mad Mistakes                    Wilson          Eric              670
Mates, Dates, And Sequin Smiles                   Trembath        Don               670
Mates, Dates, And Sizzling Summers                Lawson          Julie             630
Mates, Dates, And Sleepover Secrets               Walters         Eric              650
Mates, Dates, And Sole Survivors                  Downie          Mary Alice        740
Mates, Dates, And Tempting Trouble                Meyer           Carolyn           910
Mathew Brady                                      Funston         Sylvia            1080
Matilda Bone                                      Funston         Sylvia            1070
Matilda O'Neill                                   Goodman         Joan Elizabeth    990
Matter                                            Goodman         Joan Elizabeth    870
Matter Of Honor (Anthology), A                    Burgess         Melvin            520
Matter Of Time, A                                 Teen Magazine                     910
Matthew Henson: Explorer                          Richardson      Bill              550
Matthew Henson: Polar Adventurer                  Bingham         Jane              970
Mattimeo                                          Benjamin        David             600
Maude March On The Run!                           Dowell          Frances O'Roark   980
Maudie In The Middle                              Venokur         Ross              670
Maus II: A Survivor's Tale And Here My Troubles
Began                                             McDaniel        Lurlene           640
Maus: A Survivor's Tale                           Johnston        Norma             780
Max The Mighty                                    Collier         James Lincoln     790
Maximum Ride: Max                                 Powell          Randy             690
Maximum Ride: Saving The World And Other
Extreme Sports                                    Buchanan        Jane              650
Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever              Almond          David             420
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment                Cooney          Caroline B.       730
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning                   Easton          Kelly             650
May Bird Among The Stars                          Rennison        Louise            620
May Bird And The Ever After                       Kurtz           Jane              660
May Bird, Warrior Princess                        Levine          Gail Carson       570
Maya Angelou                                      Horvath         Polly             950
Maya Angelou                                      Colfer          Eoin              600
Maya Angelou (Importance Of)                      Strickland      Brad              730
Maya Angelou (Poetry For Young People)            Wilson          Nancy Hope        620
Maybe I'll Move To The Lost And Found             Haas            Jessie            560
Mayflower And The Pilgrims' New World, The        Shan            Darren            650
Mayflower Compact (Cornerstones Of Freedom,
Second Series), The                           Crisp          Marty          750
Mayflower Project (Remnants), The             Bredeson       Carmen
Mayhem In Motion                              Spangenburg    Ray
Maze In The Heart Of The Castle, The          Spangenburg    Ray
Maze Me: Poems For Girls, A                   Koss           Amy Goldman    590
Maze Of Deception                             Adler          C. S.          650
Maze, The                                     Jennings       Patrick        590
Mazemaker                                     Bawden         Nina           700
McKendree                                     Snicket        Lemony         1080
Me And Billy                                  Pastore        Clare          590
Me And My Name                                Applegate      K. A.          680
Me Two                                        Ayres          Katherine      700
Me, My Sister, And I                          Holmes         Barbara Ware   480
Mean Chicks, Cliques, And Dirty Tricks        Saldana, Jr.   Rene           770
Meat-Eating Plants                            Duane          Diane          820
Mechanical Drafter                            Egan           Louise         920
Medal Of Honor, The                           McGowen        Tom            1310
Medical Assistant                             Skurzynski     Gloria         770
Medical Miracles                              Strasser       Todd           490
Medical Record Technician                     Kelley         James          1110
medicina a través del tiempo, La              Klise          Kate           850
Medicine & Health                             Alexander      Lloyd          720
Medicine (Eyewitness)                         Watson         Jude           610
Medicine And Society In America               Myers          Walter Dean    970
Medicine Walk                                 Nolan          Peggy          590
Medieval Castles                              Lu             Chi Fa         740
Medieval Family, A                            Flake          Sharon G.      650
Medieval Places                               Roberts        Shelly         500
Medieval World                                Garmon         Larry Mike     620
medio ambiente para niños, El                 Garmon         Larry Mike     590
Meditation                                    Hynson         Colin          1040
Mediterranean Sea, The                        Gerberg        Mort           1300
Meerkats (Animal Families)                    Mazer          Norma Fox      600
Meet The Authors And Illustrators Vol 1       Weeks          Sarah          680
Meet The Authors And Illustrators Vol 2       Choldenko      Gennifer       580
Meet The Band                                 Smith          Roland         580
Meet The Stars Of Dawson's Creek              Pierce         Meredith Ann   850
Meet The Stars Of Professional Wrestling      Hoobler        Dorothy        660
Meet The Weird Watsons (Anthology)            Nix            Garth          740
Meet Your Match, Cupid Delaney                Browning       Robert
Meeting Of Minds, A                           Warner         Sally          600
Meeting The Whales                            Rushton        Rosie          780
Meg Parker And Mystery At The Red Barn        Davis          Todd           1180
Meg Parker And The Attic Mystery              Ambrose        Stephen E.     1110
Meg Parker And The Bank Robber's Map          Slepian        Jan            590
Meg Parker And The Hospital Mystery           Sleator        William        640
Meg Parker And The Hub Cap Mystery            Robinson       Sharon         1040
Meg Parker And The Look Alike Mystery         Hausman        Gerald         690
Meg Parker And The Lost Dog Mystery           Voigt          Cynthia        750

Meg Parker And The Mystery Of The Old Book    Briggs         Karen          1250
Meg Parker And The Planetarium Mystery             Snyder      Zilpha Keatley      850
Meg Parker And The Road Sign Mystery               Keller      Helen               1130
Mekong River, The                                  Meltzer     Milton              1090
Melanie's Last Ride                                Halley      Ned                 1100
Melanie's Treasure                                 Pierce      Tamora              730
Melinda Takes A Hand                               Agel        Jerome              1500
Melitte                                            Roberts     Katherine           700
Mella And The N'anga                               Olsson      Soren               400
Meltdown                                           Matas       Carol               690
Meltdown: A Race Against Nuclear Disaster At
Three Mile Island                                  Haddix      Margaret Peterson   620
Melted Coins, The                                  Wallace     Barbara Brooks      850
Melting Of Maggie Bean, The                        Townley     Roderick            620
Melting Stones                                     Greenwood   Barbara             840
Memoirs Of A Bookbat                               Dearen      Patrick             720
Memories Of Anne Frank                             Dearen      Patrick             710
Memories Of Summer                                 Dearen      Patrick             740
Memory                                             Rice        Melinda             660
Men Of Iron (Hitchner)                             Rice        Melinda             590
Mennyms In The Wilderness                          Rice        Melinda             620
Mennyms, The                                       Trout       Richard             780
Mercedes: The First And The Best                   Trout       Richard             750
Merchant Of Death, The                             Lawlor      Laurie              620
Mercury (Watts Library)                            Robinet     Harriette Gillem    550
Mercy On These Teenage Chimps                      Gutman      Dan                 670
Mercy's Mill                                       Watson      Jude                610
Merlin Effect                                      Kent        Deborah             540
Merlin's Dragon                                    Springer    Nancy               760
Mermaid Summer                                     Rosenthal   Michele             1080
Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood, The                Reef        Catherine           1050
Message From Africa                                Mazer       Harry               530
Message From The Mountains                         Khanduri    Kamini              680
Message In Cybertime, A                            Brooks      Felicity            890
Message In The Hollow Oak, The                     Rubel       William             690
Message, The                                       Segal       Lore                1030
Messed Up                                          Hesse       Karen
Messenger                                          Wooding     Chris               940
Messenger                                          Zindel      Paul                840
Messenger On The Battlefield                       Brooke      Lauren              610
Meteors, Meteorites, And Meteoroids (Out Of this
World)                                             Johnson     Sylvia A.           1240
Meteors: The Truth Behind Shooting Stars           Gilmour     H. B.               610

Mexican Revolution, The (The Story Of Mexico)      Applegate   K. A.               610
Mexican War Of Independence, The (The Story Of
Mexico)                                            Griffin     Peni R.             700
Mexicans In America                                Cabot       Meg                 850
Mexico                                             Deans       Sis                 950
Mexico (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                            Horowitz    Anthony             670
Mexico (Modern Nations Of The World)               Zindel      Paul                780
Mexico City (Cities Of The World)                  Knapp       Ron                 840
Mexico In Pictures (Second Version)               Bertrand        Diane Gonzales   710
Mexico: Economically Developing Countries         Gaetz           Dayle Campbell   690
Mexico: The Culture                               Kacer           Kathy            750
Mexico: The Land                                  Skurzynski      Gloria           760
Mexico: The People                                Watson          Jude             650
Mexico: Worldfocus                                Kositsky        Lynne            920
Mia Hamm                                          Zindel          Paul             780
Mia Hamm: Journey Of A Soccer Champion
(Anthology)                                       Boraks-Nemetz   Lillian          670
Mia Hamm: Soccer Superstar (Anthology)            Trembath        Don              600
Mia The Meek                                      Wilson          Eric             690
Mia The Melodramatic                              Wilson          Eric             690
Miami Dolphins                                    Williams        Terry Tempest    830
Miami Dolphins Football Team, The                 Switzer         Ellen            1070
Michael DeBakey: King Of Hearts                   Rosenberg       Jane             910
Michael Jordan                                    Kurelek         William          1080
Michael Jordan / Magic Johnson                    Jaffrey         Madhur           790
Michael Jordan: Basketball Skywalker              Burns           Marilyn          800
Michael, Wait For Me                              Nye             Robert           790
Michelangelo: Genius Of The Renaissance           Ozaki           Yei Theodora     1160
Michelle Kwan                                     Beatty          Patricia         970
Michelle Kwan: Champion On Ice                    Hawthorne       Nathaniel        1260
Michelle Obama: Meet The First Lady               Walsh           Jill Paton       760
Michigan                                          Hale            Janet Campbell   870

Michigan (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Wulffson        Don L.           920
Michigan (One Nation)                             Cooney          Caroline B.      570
Michigan Wolverines Football Team, The            Yolen           Jane             630
Mick Harte Was Here                               Levitin         Sonia            770
Micro Spies                                       Macy            Sue              850
MicroAliens: Dazzling Journeys With An Electron
Microscope                                        Shakespeare     William
Microorganisms: The Unseen World                  Kendall         Martha E.        1030
Microscope, The                                   Kendall         Carol            1020
Middle Ages: An Illustrated History, The          Facklam         Margery          1210
Middle Of Somewhere, The                          Haugaard        Erik Christian   780
Middle Of Somewhere, The                          Wiseman         David            850
Middle Passage, The                               Macaulay        David            1270
Middle Row                                        Perez           N. A.            850
Middle School Blues                               Landau          Elaine           1100
Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf              Eldridge        Jim              810
Middleworld (The Jaguar Stones)                   Beshore         George           1090
Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy)             Yep             Laurence         700
Midnight Children, The                            Kent            Deborah          590
Midnight Magic                                    Corlett         William          660
Midnight Predator                                 Schneider       Mical            760
Midnight Rescue                                   Wooding         Chris            980
Midnight Train Home, The                          Feldman         Ruth Tenzer      1110
Midnight Twins, The                               Tagliaferro     Linda            1200
Midnight's Choice                                 Schultz         Jan Neubert      690
Mid-Semester Night's Dream, A                     Molloy          Michael          730
Midsummer Night's Dork, A                         Denenberg       Barry            990
Midsummer Night's Dream (Action), A                Wooding     Chris               900
Midwife's Apprentice, The                          Hite        Sid                 900
Midwinter Nightingale                              McCarty     Nick                820
Mighty Volcano, The                                Philbrick   Rodman              920
Mighty, The                                        Johnson     Angela              960
Migrant Family                                     Rosenberg   Jane                860
Mijos: San Francisco Field Trip (FX)               Loeper      John J.             910
Mike And Psmith                                    Smith       Cynthia Leitich     860
Mike At Wrykyn                                     Creech      Sharon              1010
Mike Piazza: Hard-Hitting Catcher                  Campbell    Joanna              830
Mike Utley: Against All Odds                       Hoose       Phillip             950
Miles (Anthology)                                  Nelson      Marilyn             890
Miles' Song                                        Taylor      Theodore            1070
Military & Security                                Allen       Paula Gunn          1160
Military Dune Buggies                              Murphy      Jim                 810
Military Motorcycles                               Coville     Bruce               770
Military Police                                    Cooney      Caroline B.         710
Military Robots (High-Tech Military Weapons)       Lasky       Kathryn             850
Military Trucks                                    Crook       Connie Brummel      620
Milkweed                                           Patent      Dorothy Hinshaw     1110
Mill                                               Tunnell     Michael O.          590
Millard Fillmore                                   Alphin      Elaine Marie        750
Millard Fillmore                                   Ibbotson    Eva                 850
Millard Fillmore (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)      Gates       Doris               990
Millicent Min, Girl Genius                         Kaplan      Andrew              990
Million Dollar Kick, The                           Lasky       Kathryn             770
Millions                                           Lawrence    Iain                720
Mimus                                              Watson      Jude                580
minas del rey Salomón, Las                         Salisbury   Graham              540
Mind Games                                         Nixon       Joan Lowery         680
Mind Readers: Science Examines ESP                 Sullivan    George              940
Mind Trap                                          Branzei     Sylvia              800
Mind With Wings, A                                 Caselli     Giovanni            1020
Mine Eyes Have Seen                                Stevenson   Robert Louis        990
Mine For A Song                                    Cox         Clinton             1090
Miner's Daughter, The                              Coville     Bruce               730
Minerva Clark Gets A Clue                          Whitman     Walt
Minerva Clark Gives Up The Ghost                   Hoff        Benjamin            810
Minerva Clark Goes To The Dogs                     Stanley     Diane               650
Miniature Horses                                   Platt       Richard             1080
Mining The Moon                                    Haddix      Margaret Peterson   660
Minnesota                                          Hausman     Gerald              1030

Minnesota (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Gonen       Rivka               1150
Minnesota (America The Beautiful, Third Series)    Avi-Yonah   Michael             1150
Minnesota (One Nation)                             Gilman      Michael             1080
Minnesota Vikings                                  Kirwan      Anna                930
Minu, yo soy de la India                           Nobleman    Marc T.             1000
Minuk: Ashes In The Pathway                        Roberts     Rachel              570
Mir Space Station                                  Whelan      Gloria              820
Mira, Mirror                                       Bruchac     Joseph              730
Miracle Of Time, The                               Lane        Brian               1090
Miracle On 49th Street                               Schwartz     David M.     760
Miracle Wimp                                         Schwartz     David M.     940
Miracle Worker                                       Jacques      Brian        770
Miracle's Boys                                       Hoving       Walter       700
Miracles On Maple Hill                               Woodward     John
Mirror Of Fire & Dreaming, The                       Harris       Tim
Mirror Of Merlin, The                                Woodward     John
Mirror, Mirror: Twisted Tales                        Green        Jen
Misadventures Of Maude March, The                    Giles        Bridget
Miserable Mill, The                                  Green        Jen
Misfits, The                                         Woodward     John
Mislaid Magician Or Ten Years After, The             Gilpin       Daniel
Mismatch                                             Woodward     John
Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller                 Green        Jen
Missing                                              Woodward     John
Missing Abby                                         Giles        Bridget
Missing Chums, The                                   Jackson      John
Missing From Haymarket Square                        Green        Jen
Missing Heiress Mystery, The                         Jackson      Tom
Missing Manatee, The                                 Gilpin       Daniel
Missing May                                          Franck       Irene
Missing Pieces                                       Franck       Irene
Missing Since Monday                                 Franck       Irene
Missing!                                             Franck       Irene
Mission To Mars And Beyond, The                      Franck       Irene
Mission: Earth: Voyage To The Home Planet            Franck       Irene
Mission: Mayhem                                      Franck       Irene
Mississippi                                          Franck       Irene
Mississippi                                          Franck       Irene

Mississippi (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Franck       Irene
Mississippi (One Nation)                             Franck       Irene
Mississippi Challenge                                Franck       Irene
Mississippi Chariot                                  Franck       Irene
Mississippi Jack                                     Franck       Irene
Missouri                                             Franck       Irene

Missouri (America The Beautiful, Second Series)      Franck       Irene
Missouri (America The Beautiful, Third Series)       Gutman       Dan          670
Missouri (One Nation)                                Garmon       Larry Mike   640
Missouri Homestead                                   Snicket      Lemony       1110
Mist Over The Mountains: Appalachia And Its
People                                               Claybourne   Anna         1090
Mistakes That Worked                                 Taylor       Mildred D.   760
Mister Fred                                          Shan         Darren       600
Mister Pip                                           Peck         Richard      670
Mister Wolf And Me                                   Erickson     John R.      640
Mistress Pat                                         McCall       Henrietta    1010
Mixed-Up Doubles                                     Howe         James        960

Mob, The (Feather And Bone: The Crow Chronicles) Bennett          Cherie       550
Moccasin Trail                                   Jarvis           Robin        710
Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies                 Atwater-Rhodes     Amelia            790
Modern Ark, The                                    Strickland         Brad              700
Modern Bombs (High-Tech Military Weapons)          Williams           Mark London       680
Modern Olympics                                    Naidoo             Beverley          710
Mohandas Gandhi                                    Applegate          K. A.             610
Molly Donnelly                                     Strasser           Todd              540
Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day                Skurzynski         Gloria            780
Molly's Fire                                       Athkins            D.E.              430
Mom Is Dating Weird Wayne                          Griffin            Adele             710
Monaco                                             Rubin              Susan Goldman     970
Monarch Butterflies: Mysterious Travelers
(Anthology)                                        Gregory            Deborah           800
Monarchs At Risk                                   Tucker             Tom               1070
Money For Nothing                                  St. George         Judith            990
Money Hungry                                       Beardsley          John              1070
Money To Burn                                      Klausner           Janet             870
Mongolia                                           Freedman           Russell           1180
Monica Seles: Returning Champion                   Krull              Kathleen          1150
Monkey (Stone)                                     Arnold             Caroline          1250
Monkey Island                                      Hickman            Janet             900
Monkey See. Monkey Do                              Amato              Mary              590
Monkey Thief, The                                  Paulsen            Gary              870
Monkey Town                                        Giff               Patricia Reilly   640
Monkey Tree, The                                   Paulsen            Gary              1210
Monks In Space: Trapped In A Fatal Orbit           Roberts            Rachel            580
Monster Hunters                                    Heynen             Jim               930
Monster Madness                                    Van Draanen        Wendelin          720
Monster Truck Drag Racing                          Cooney             Caroline B.       720
Monster Truck Racing                               McDaniel           Lurlene           590
Monster Truck Wars                                 Cormier            Robert            730
Monster Trucks                                     Crossley-Holland   Kevin             640
Monster Vehicles                                   Rushford           Patricia H.       460
Monsters                                           Conford            Ellen             660
Monsters In Cyberspace                             Article
Monsters In The Attic                              Avi                                  320
Monsters Of Morley Manor, The                      Article                              750
monstruo y la bibliotecaria, El                    Vilar              Miguel            670

Montana (America The Beautiful, Second Series)     Cowell             Phyllis Fair      533
Montana (One Nation)                               Jones              Lynda
Montana 1948                                       Brooks             Mary Lou          533
montañas blancas, Las                              Taylor             Theodore
Monterey Bay Area Missions                         Stamper            J.B.              533
Month of Seven Days, A                             Hobbs              Will
Montmorency And The Assassins: Master, Criminal,
Spy?                                               Berger             Melvin & Gilda    630
Montmorency: On The Rocks                          Myers              Walter Dean       750
Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman                Berger             Melvin & Gilda    630
Montmorency's Revenge                              Tarshis            Lauren            730
Montreal (Cities Of The World)                     Berger             Melvin & Gilda    630
Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team, The                Stawski            Paul E.           440
Monument, The                                      Article                              770
Moon Bridge, The                                   Article
Moon By Night, The                                 Garland           Sherry           610
Moon Days                                          Salkin            Allen
Moon Of Two Dark Horses                            Edelman           Bernard
Moon Over Tennessee                                Spinelli          Jerry            380
Moon Riders, The                                   Baily             Cate             750
Moon Without Magic                                 Cardiff           Pam              570
Moon, The                                          Nelson            Portia
Moonlight Man (Wright), The                        Cardiff           Pam              570
Moonlight Man, The                                 Cardiff           Pam              570
Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy)              Welles            Orson
Moonshiner's Gold                                  Myers             Walter Dean
Moonshiner's Son                                   Article
Moonstone Castle Mystery, The                      Williams-Garcia   Rita             640
Moonstones, The                                    Myers             Walter Dean
Moorchild, The                                     Rylant            Cynthia          580
Moose, The                                         Miller            Amy

More Bones: Scary Stories From Around The World    Rylant            Cynthia          580
More Haunted Kids (True Ghost Stories)             Rylant            Cynthia          580
More Horowitz Horror                               Ganz              Debra & Lisa     820
More Minds                                         Article
More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark             Dahlie            Michael
More Tales For The Midnight Hour                   Article                            860
More Than A Horse                                  Article                            520
More Than Meets The Eye                            Mitton            Jacqueline
Morgan Freeman                                     Soto              Gary             810
Morgan Horse, The                                  Hubbard           Jim
Moribito II: Guardian Of The Darkness              Walker            Cassandra
Moribito: Guardian Of The Spirit                   Weber             Bruce            650
Morning In A Different Place                       Beals             Melba Pattillo   880
Morocco (Enchantment Of The World)                 Slater            Rodney E.
Morocco In Pictures (c.1989)                       Jennings          Paul             260
Mortal Engines                                     Yolen             Jane             680
Moscow (Cities Of The World)                       Draper            Sharon M.        710
Mosey: The Remarkable Friendship Of A Boy And
His Elephant                                       Kilcher           Jewel
Mosque                                             Alicea            Gil C.           710
Mosques                                            Uchida            Yoshiko          710
Mosquitoes: Tiny Insect Troublemakers              Hesse             Karen            830
Mosses & Ferns                                     English           June A.
Mossflower                                         Thomas            Piri             830
Most Beautiful Roof In The World: Exploring The
Rainforest Canopy (Anthology), The                 Johnson           Angela
Most Dangerous Storms On Earth, The                Article                            830
Most Rugged All-Terrain Vehicles, The              Castedo           Elena
Most Surprising Thing, The                         Article                            830
Motel Of The Mysteries                             Article                            830

Mother Jones: Fierce Fighter For Workers' Rights   Tanaka            Shelley          820
Mother Teresa (Importance Of)                      Spinelli          Jerry
Mother Teresa: Protector Of The Sick               Article
Mother, Help Me Live                         Article
Mother, May I? (Remnants)                    Article
Mother-Daughter Book Club, The               Article                         860
Mother's Blessing                            Gabhart      Ann
Mother's Courage (Anthology), A              Hernandez    Jo Ann Yolanda     600
Mothstorm: The Horror From Beyond Georgium
Sidus                                        Gaskins      Pearl Fuyo
Motocross Cycles                             Paulsen      Gary               990
Motocross Cycles                             Cave         Hugh B.
Motocross Racing                             Yount        Lisa               1110
Motorbikes (Need For Speed)                  Lee          Barbara            930
Motorcycle Drag Racing                       Soto         Gary               670
Motorcycle Police                            Paul         Caroline           650
Motorcycle Race Mystery, The                 Werner       Herma              500
Motorcycle Racing                            Fradin       Dennis Brindell    500
Motorcycles                                  Seiger       Barbara            500
Motorcycles                                  Hugel        Bob
Motown And Didi                              Jennings     Paul               670
Mount Rushmore                               Yellin       Emily
Mount Rushmore Story, The                    Article                         650
Mountain Biking                              Layden       Joe
Mountain Climb                               Scher        John               660
Mountain Light                               Navarro      Mireya             690
Mountain Men                                 Smith        Jennifer
Mountain Miracle                             Stine        R. L.
Mountain Pose                                Carey        Mariah
Mountains (Habitats)                         Glenn        Mel
Mounted Police                               Pfeffer      Susan Beth         790
Mourning Song                                Vilar        Miguel
Mouse (Stone)                                Gaskins      Pearl Fuyo         680
Mouse Rap, The                               Article                         800
Mouse Woman And The Vanished Princesses      Article
Movers And Shapers                           Curtis       Christopher Paul   820
Moves Make The Man, The                      Namioka      Lensey             820
Movies                                       Article
Movin' On: The Great Migration North         Article                         920
Movin': Teen Poets Take Voice                Walker       Cassandra
Moving Mama To Town                          Sorensen     Kathy
Moving Pictures                              Ciment       James
Moving Target                                Rudolph      Wilma
Mozart Season, The                           Stiefel      Chana              940
Mr. Lincoln's Drummer                        Pfetzer      Mark               790
Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War                  Article                         890
Mr. President                                Dobeck       Maryann            1050
Mr. Revere And I                             Livorse      Kay                950
Mr. Tucket                                   Eisenstark   Reyna              1000
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker                    Cady         Max                1070
Mrs. Portree's Pony                          Burgan       Michael            920
Much Ado About Anne                          Neder        Bill E.            1060
Much Ado About Grubstake                     Dobeck       Maryann            1070
Muckrakers                                   Dunn         Kira               1010
Mud Racing                                   Bancroft     Amy                1040
Mudslide!                                          Pernick       Nancy          1040
Mudville                                           Grober        Keith          1050
Muffin Child, The                                  Holloway      Emma           1010
Muhammad Ali                                       Lawrence      Chris          870
Muhammad Ali: Champion                             Martin        Mary           1010
Mujercitas                                         Levi          Tricia         870
Multimedia Magic                                   Clark         Carolyn        1010
Multiple Births                                    McCoy         David          870
Multiple Choice                                    Michaels      Sasha          880
Mummies                                            Neder         Bill E.        1020
Mummies Unwrapped!: The Science Of Mummy-
Making                                             Scott         Daisy          960
Mummies, Bones, & Body Parts                       Charles       Stephen        1000
Mummies, Tombs, And Treasure                       Miranda       Anne           890
Mummies, Tombs, And Treasure: Secrets Of Ancient
Egypt (Anthology)                                  Rosen         Daniel         1050
Mummy                                              Francis       Stanley        1010
Mummy (Eyewitness)                                 Chase         Elizabeth      1110
Mummy, The Will, And The Crypt, The                Thomas        Anastasia T.   1100
Mummy: Book Of The Dead, The                       Nicholas      Melissa        1010
Mummy's Crown, The                                 Porter        Kelly          920
mundo de los animales, El                          Rosen         Daniel         1130
Murder File: A Killer's Manual (Crime Solvers)     Motil         Rebecca
Murder For Her Majesty, A                          McCoy         David          1000
Murder In Paradise                                 Stuart        Melissa        1140
Murder Of Emmett Till, The                         Marquette     Win            1030
Murder On Ice                                      Hasam         Molly          990
Murder On The Canadian                             Levi          Tricia         1120
Murdered, My Sweet                                 Dobeck        Maryann        1100
Murkmere                                           Pernick       Alice          1170
Muscles: How We Move And Exercise                  Rao           Jessica        1120
museo de Carlota, El                               Goldish       Meish          790
Music                                              Deignan       Martina        1020
Music From A Place Called Half Moon                Hershkowitz   Debra P.       990
Music Thief, The                                   Motil         Rebecca        970
Musical Instruments From Around The World          Smith         Geof           1000
Musician's Daughter, The                           Smith         Geof           1060
Mustang Flats                                      Vincent       Francis        990
Mustang Moon                                       Eisenstark    Reyna          1040
Mustang, Wild Spirit Of The West                   Miranda       Anne           1070
Mustang: Ford's Wild Pony                          Benjamin      Cynthia        1110
Mustangs                                           Clark         Carolyn        1040
Mustangs And Wild Horses                           Vegas         Nadia          1030
Mutation (Animorphs), The                          Motil         Rebecca        900
Mutation (Remnants)                                Lawrence      Chris          950
My 13th Season                                     Clark         Carolyn        800
My Almost Epic Summer                              McCoy         David          840
My Best Friend, The Atlantic Ocean, And Other
Great Bodies Standing Between Me And My Life
With Giulio                                        Rao           Jessica        970
My Bonny Light Horseman                            Montgomery    Erick          870
My Brother Sam Is Dead                             Adams         Seth           860
My Brother's Keeper (McCormick)                  Hershkowitz   Debra P.         960
My Contract With Henry                           Neder         Bill E.          860
My Darlin' Clementine                            Neder         Bill E.          910
My Dog Skip                                      North         Emily            740
My Face To The Wind: The Diary Of Sarah Jane
Price, A Prairie Teacher                         Rogers        Charles          820
My Father's Son                                  Burgan        Michael          890
My Friend Flicka                                 Ramos         Marina           980
My Friend Flicka (Anthology)                     Goldish       Meish            970
My Friend The Enemy                              Ramos         Marina           840
My Friend's Got This Problem, Mr. Candler
(Anthology)                                      Keremes       Constance Andrea 900
My Great Adventure                               Smith         Geof             1110
My Guy                                           Silvers       Alice            1020
My Heart Is On The Ground: The Diary Of Nannie
Little Rose, A Sioux Girl                        Miranda       Anne             670
My Heroes, My People: African Americans And
Native Americans In The West                     North         Emily            660
My Home Is Over Jordan                           Rao           Jessica          970
My House: Poems                                  Shefelman     Janice           620
My Indian Boyhood (New Edition)                  Levin         Betty            770
My Last Skirt                                    Simon         Seymour          940
My Life In Dog Years                             Lawrence      Iain             640
My Life In The 7th Grade                         Watson        Jude             600
My Life Of Crime                                 Kerr          M. E.            700
My Louisiana Sky                                 Holub         Joan             900
My Mother The Cheerleader                        Fletcher      Susan            600
My Name Is Brain Brian                           Allen         Thomas B.        820
My Name Is Not Angelica                          Currie        Stephen          990
My Name Is San Ho                                Layden        Joe              890
My Name Is San Ho (Anthology)                    Gonzalez      Gloria           770
My Name Is Sus5an Smith. The 5 Is Silent         Asimov        Isaac            700
My Native Tongue (Anthology)                     Article                        850
My Nights At The Improv                          Woodson       Jacqueline       540
My One Hundred Adventures                        Whitebird     Mary             620
My Own Worst Enemy                               Lowry         Lois             550
My Secret War: The World War II Diary Of
Madeline Beck                                    Huynh         Quang Nhuong    980
My Side Of The Mountain (Anthology)              Article                       870
My Sister is Driving Me Crazy!                   Steinbach     Alice           840
My So-Called Family                              Soto          Gary            710
My Swordhand Is Singing                          Lauber        Patricia        900
My Teacher Flunked The Planet                    Article                       860
My Teacher Fried My Brains                       Perl          Lila            1150
My Teacher Glows In The Dark                     Steger        Will            880
My Teacher Is An Alien                           Nanus         Susan
My Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir                   Ballard       Robert D.        880
My Trip To The Stone Age                         Article                        790
Mysteries Of Beethoven's Hair, The               Yep           Laurence         690
Mysteries of History                             Oldfield      Pamela           710
Mysteries Of The Mummy Kids                      Scott         Elaine           800
Mysteries Of The Rain Forest: 20th Century
Medicine Man                                      Article                            820
Mysterious Benedict Society And The Perilous
Journey, The                                      O'Hara         Mary                720
Mysterious Benedict Society, The                  Coolidge       Olivia              910
Mysterious Caravan, The                           Jimenez        Francisco           660

Mysterious Case Of The Allbright Academy, The     Article                            900
Mysterious Disappearance Of Leon (I Mean Noel),
The                                               Hoobler        Dorothy             1040
Mysterious Edge Of The Heroic World, The          D'Angelo       Laura               870
Mysterious Hideaway, The                          Nix            Garth               780
Mysterious Mannequin, The                         Coren          Michael             1010
Mysterious Matter Of I. M. Fine, The              Lane           Rose Wilder         770
Mysterious Signal, The                            Keenan         Sheila              980
Mystery At Bear Lake, The                         Welch          Sheila Kelly        630
Mystery At Bellwood Estate                        Miklowitz      Gloria D.           670
Mystery At Devil's Paw                            Rodda          Emily               660
Mystery At Lilac Inn, The                         Chambers       Veronica            630
Mystery At Moorsea Manor                          Wittlinger     Ellen               740
Mystery At Peacock Place, The                     Nir            Yehuda              920
Mystery At The Casa Grande                        Gilmour        H. B.               620
Mystery At The Crystal Palace, The                Watson         Jude                690
Mystery At The Fiesta                             Bingham        Jane                960
Mystery At The Market                             Guy            John                1130
Mystery At The Ski Jump                           Warren         Andrea              820
Mystery From History                              Roberts        Katherine           770
Mystery In Room 512, The                          Corlett        William             630
Mystery In The Woods, The                         Dickinson      Emily
Mystery Of Cabin Island, The                      Lasky          Kathryn             850
Mystery Of Crocodile Island                       Garmon         Larry Mike          640
Mystery Of Drear House, The                       Brooke         Lauren              550
Mystery Of Mars, The                              Kent           Deborah             600
Mystery Of The 99 Steps, The                      Silverman                          660
Mystery Of The Aztec Warrior, The                 Macy           Sue                 1150
Mystery Of The Brass-Bound Trunk                  Stern-LaRosa   Caryl               1040
Mystery Of The Chinese Junk, The                  Dower          Laura               820
Mystery Of The Cupboard, The                      Meltzer        Milton              990
Mystery Of The Czar                               Danziger       Paula               640
Mystery Of The Desert Giant                       Pierce         Tamora              760
Mystery Of The Fan Club                           Durbin         William             1000
Mystery Of The Fire Dragon, The                   Hoffman        Alice               980
Mystery Of The Flying Express                     Herbert        Janis               920
Mystery Of The Fool And The Vanisher, The         Watson         Jude                700
Mystery Of The Glowing Eye                        Pasachoff      Naomi               1320
Mystery Of The Gold Pen, The                      Yenne          Bill                1370
Mystery Of The Ivory Charm, The                   Panzer         Nora
Mystery Of The Jade Tiger, The                    Tate           Eleanora E.         1130
Mystery Of The Lascaux Cave                       Cohen          Daniel              1140
Mystery Of The Lost Satchel, The                  Josephson      Judith Pinkerton    880
Mystery Of The Missing Map                        Haskins        James               1210
Mystery Of The Missing Mascot, The                Greene         Jacqueline Dembar   960
Mystery Of The Moss-Covered Mansion               Lawlor        Laurie              960
Mystery Of The Phantom Gold                       Hasday        Judy L.             1260
Mystery Of The Pirates' Treasure, The             Heinrichs     Ann                 940
Mystery Of The Roman Ransom                       Stein         R. Conrad           1020
Mystery Of The Secret Dolls                       McNair        Sylvia              1000
Mystery Of The Silver Box                         Morrison      Marion              1160
Mystery Of The Spiral Bridge, The                 McNair        Sylvia              1000
Mystery Of The Strange Creature, The              Nardo         Don                 1170
Mystery Of The Third Lucretia, The                Willis        Terri               1080
Mystery Of The Tolling Bell                       Burgan        Michael             930
Mystery Of The Whale Tattoo                       Morrison      Marion              1090
Mystery On Everest: A Photobiography Of
George Mallory                                    Augustin      Byron               900
Mystery On Ice                                    Kummer        Patricia K.         940
Mystery On Maui                                   Rogers        Lura                1100
Mystery On The Menu                               Rogers        Lura                1070
Mystery Ride                                      Heinrichs     Ann                 980
Mystery Thief, The                                Blauer        Ettagale            1020
Mystery Train                                     Morrison      Marion              1100
Mystery With A Dangerous Beat                     Rogers        Barbara Radcliffe   1190
Mystify The Magician                              Stein         R. Conrad           970
Myth Conceptions                                  Blauer        Ettagale            980
Myth Directions                                   Kent          Deborah             1020
Mythical Beasts                                   Kent          Deborah             830
Myth-Ing Persons                                  McNair        Sylvia              950
Myth-Nomers And Im-Pervections                    Stein         R. Conrad           1000
Mythology Smart Junior                            Kent          Deborah             960
Nacky Patcher And The Curse Of The Dry-Land
Boats                                             Rogers        Barbara Radcliffe   1140
Naftali The Storyteller And His Horse, Sus        Blauer        Ettagale            1010
Naked Bunyip Dancing                              Rogers        Lura                1100
Naked Mole-Rat Letters, The                       Kent          Deborah             990
Name That Style: All About Isms In Art            Rogers        Barbara Radcliffe   1190
Nameless Witch, A                                 Trout         Richard             710

Names Upon The Harp, Irish Myth And Legend, The   Lawlor        Laurie              1040
Namibia In Pictures                               Greenberg     Jan                 1100
Naming Maya                                       Vande Velde   Vivian              770
Nancy Pelosi (Gateway Biographies)                Mason         Antony              960
Nancy's Mysterious Letter                         Pelta         Kathy               1120
Napoleon Bonaparte (A&E Biography)                Holm          Jennifer L.         690
Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass
(Action)                                          Plowden       Martha Ward         1060
NASA                                              Jeter         Derek               980
NASA                                              Livo          Norma J.            860
NASCAR (Need For Speed)                           DiConsiglio   John                560
Nate, Steffi, And The Great Pyramid               James         Leslie              310
Nathan Fox: Dangerous Times                       Piven         Joshua              960
Nation                                            Woods         Geraldine           840
Nation Challenged: A Visual History Of 9/11 And
Its Aftermath, A                                  Sonneborn     Liz                 950
Nation Torn: The Story Of How The Civil War
Began, A                                          Trueit       Trudi Strain      1070
National Archives (Watts Library), The            Trueit       Trudi Strain      1180
National Velvet                                   Nardo        Don               1090
Native American Chiefs And Warriors               Nardo        Don               1140
Native American Scientists                        Sonneborn    Liz               940
Native American Shipwrecks                        Souza        D.M.              1110
Native Americans                                  Perry        Phyllis J.        1000
Natural Disasters (Fast Forward)                  Ench         Rick              1030
Natural Enemies                                   Nardo        Don               1010
Natural Force (Anthology), A                      Staub        Frank             950
Nature's Fury: Eyewitness Reports Of Natural
Disasters                                         Souza        D.M.              1100
Nature's Machines                                 Bredeson     Carmen            1020
Navajo (Anthology), The                           Trueit       Trudi Strain      1130
Navajo (Watts Library), The                       Santella     Andrew            860
Navajo Code Talkers                               Trueit       Trudi Strain      1150

Navajo Long Walk: The Tragic Story of a Proud
People's Forced March from Their Homeland         Nardo        Don               1050
Navajo: Visions And Voices Across The Mesa        Kennedy      Mike              800
Naval Warship: FSF-1 Sea Fighter (High-Tech
Military Weapons)                                 Souza        D.M.              1110
Navigator, The                                    Santella     Andrew            790
Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran                  Brimner      Larry Dane        1050
Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936, The                   Nardo        Don               1120
NBA Megastars '98                                 Sakurai      Gail              960
NBA Up-And-Coming: Stars Of The New
Millennium                                        Kennedy      Mike              940
Neandertals: A Prehistoric Puzzle                 Perry        Phyllis J.        990
NEATE To The Rescue                               Jarrow       Gail              990
Nebraska                                          Sonneborn    Liz               940
Nebraska                                          Applegate    K. A.             560

Nebraska (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Belton       Sandra            580
Nebraska (One Nation)                             Egan         Terry             690
Necropolis                                        Fradin       Dennis Brindell   1130
Neddiad, The                                      Ketchum      Liza              1000
Neela: Victory Song                               Fradin       Dennis Brindell   1180
Negro Leagues, The                                Holman       Sheri             950
Negro Leagues, The (Riley)                        Updyke       Rosemary K.       1120
Neighborhood Odes                                 Roth         Arthur            350
Nelda                                             Mallory      Kenneth           1270
Nell Of Branford Hall                             Hobbs        Will              690
Nellie Bly Reports The News                       Norman       Howard            600
Nell's Quilt                                      Morpurgo     Michael           760
Nelson Mandela                                    Sumners      Carolyn           990
Nelson Mandela: No Easy Walk To Freedom           Bunting      Eve               360
Nepal In Pictures                                 Anaya        Rudolfo
Nepal In Pictures (c.1989)                        Anderson     Margaret J.       940
Neptune (Watts Library)                           Scholastic                     610
Neptune's Children                                Blake        Jennifer          390
Netherlands (Enchantment Of The World), The         Sandburg     Carl
Netherlands In Pictures (c.1991)                    Aronson      Billy            740
Networking To Find A Job                            MacQuitty    Miranda          1160
Nevada                                              Challoner    Jack             1090
Nevada                                              Murdoch      David H.         1120

Nevada (America The Beautiful, Second Series)       Rice         Chris           1080
Nevada (One Nation)                                 Allaby       Michael         1150
Never Cry Arp                                       King         Daniel          990
Never Cry Wolf                                      Longfellow   Henry Wadsworth
Never Mind!                                         Franco       Freddie         740
Never War, The                                      Hoobler      Dorothy         1000
Never Were Men So Brave                             Paulsen      Gary            840
Neverending Story, The                              George       Jean Craighead  770
Nevermore: A Photobiography Of Edgar Allan
Poe                                                 Fraser       Mary Ann         870
New Americans, The                                  Freedman     Russell          1040
New Beginnings (Heartland)                          James        Carollyn         670
New Big Book Of U.S. Presidents, The                Cowing       Sheila           950
New Boy                                             Gallant      Roy A.           1100
New Class, The                                      Bisel        Sara C.          1090
New Dawn On Rocky Ridge                             Giblin       James Cross      1050
New Deal: Hope For The Nation, The                  Carter       Dorothy Sharp    870
New Dinosaurs: Skeletons In The Sand                Greene       Bette            810
New England Patriots                                Hurwitz      Johanna          600
New England Transcendentalists: Life Of The Mind
And Of The Spirit                                   Jacobs       William Jay      1040
New Guy, The                                        Hunter       Nigel            950
New Hampshire (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                             Emerson      Kathy Lynn       960
New Hampshire (One Nation)                          Ganeri       Anita            1040
New Jersey                                          Andersen     Hans Christian   760

New Jersey (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Dog          Henry Crow       930
New Jersey (One Nation)                             Charles      Ray              720
New Kids In Town: Oral Histories Of Immigrant
Teens                                               Berreby      David            930
New Leaf, A                                         Penny        Malcolm          1050
New Mexico (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                             Lasky        Kathryn          980

New Mexico (America The Beautiful, Third Series)    Pringle      Laurence         1040
New Mexico (One Nation)                             Pomerantz    Charlotte
New Nation Emerges: 1776-1828, A                    Conrad       Pam              690
New Nation, A                                       Protter      Eric             920
New Orleans (Cities Of The World)                   Soto         Gary             670
New Orleans Saints                                  Morpurgo     Michael          970
New Policeman, The                                  Riley        James A.         1190
New Way Things Work, The                            Murphy       Claire Rudolph   1140
New World                                           Park         Linda Sue        920
New World Monkeys (Nature Watch)                    Murdoch      David            1020
New York                                            Ibbotson     Eva              860
New York (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Gilmour    H. B.        650
New York (One Nation)                             Jenkins    Jerry B.     560
New York City                                     Jenkins    Jerry B.     570
New York City (FX)                                Jenkins    Jerry B.     510
New York Giants                                   Jenkins    Jerry B.     570
New York Jets                                     Jenkins    Jerry B.     570
New York Rangers Hockey Team, The                 Jenkins    Jerry B.     520
New York Subways, The                             Jenkins    Jerry B.     660
New York Yankees Baseball Team, The               Jenkins    Jerry B.     550
New You, The                                      Jenkins    Jerry B.     500
New Zealand                                       Jenkins    Jerry B.     510
New Zealand In Pictures (c.1990)                  Jenkins    Jerry B.     470
Newbery Halloween, A                              Jenkins    Jerry B.     450
Newfoundland, The                                 Jenkins    Jerry B.     570
Next Generation, The                              Jenkins    Jerry B.     770
Next Passage, The                                 Roberts    Rachel       650
Next-Door Neighbors                               Jenkins    Jerry B.     510
Nez Perce, The                                    Jenkins    Jerry B.     580
Niagara River, The                                Lauber     Patricia     850
Nicaragua                                         Jennings   Richard W.   900
Nicaragua In Pictures (c.1987)                    Thesman    Jean         790
Nick Of Time                                      Jimenez    Francisco    750
Nick Of Time                                      Lyons      Mary E.      900
Nickel Plated Beauty                              Cooper     Michael L.   1040
Nicolae High                                      Macaulay   David        880
Nien Cheng: Prisoner In China                     Grant      Adam
Niger (Enchantment Of The World)                  Green      Tamara       1150
Nigeria (Enchantment Of The World)                Jackson    Tom          1010
Nigeria In Pic. (2nd Ed)                          Green      Tamara       1170
Nigeria In Pictures (c.1989)                      Green      Tamara       1190
Nigeria: Economically Developing Countries        Bassett    John         1020
Night Boat To Crete                               Woodford   Chris        990
Night Creatures                                   Green      Tamara       1170
Night Cry                                         Woodford   Chris        1040
Night Flying                                      Green      Tamara       1140
Night Gate                                        Jackson    Tom          1030
Night Hunters                                     Green      Tamara       1180
Night I Freed John Brown, The                     Uttley     Colin        970
Night Of The Bat                                  Green      Tamara       1170
Night Of The Black Bear                           Searle     Bobbi        1030
Night Of The Burning, The                         Green      Tamara       1150
Night Of The Chupacabras                          Flynn      Mike         1160
Night Of The Howling Dogs                         Flynn      Mike         1150
Night Of The Kachina                              Uttley     Colin        940
Night Of The Pomegranate (Anthology), The         Greaves    Keith        1030
Night Of The Shifter's Moon                       Searle     Bobbi        960
Night Of The Soul Stealer                         Seymour    Claire       920
Night Of The Twisters                             Flynn      Mike         1030
Night School                                      Seymour    Claire       980
Night Sky (Usborne), The                          Bassett    John         930
Night Spies, The                                  Arnold     James R.     810
Night Terrors (Murphy)                           Arnold             James R.          870
Night The Heads Came, The                        Arnold             James R.          850
Night The White Deer Died, The                   Arnold             James R.          800
Night Tourist, The                               Walker             Richard           1030
Nightingale (Anthology), The                     Arnold             James R.          810
Nightjohn                                        Arnold             James R.          750
Nightmare                                        Royston            Angela            1080
Nightmare (Nixon)                                Arnold             James R.          940
Nightmare (Saddle Club)                          Walker             Richard           1060
Nightmare (Undercover Girl)                      Arnold             James R.          920
Nightmare Academy                                Walker             Richard           940
Nightmare At Danger Island                       Arnold             James R.          970
Nightmare In New Orleans                         Arnold             James R.          950
Nightmare Mountain                               Baines             Francesca         1090
Nightrise                                        Johnson            Jinny             1090

Nightsong: The Legend Of Orpheus And Eurydice    Walker             Richard           1040
Nikola Tesla: A Spark Of Genius                  Johnson            Jinny             1080
Nine Days A Queen: The Short Life And Reign Of
Lady Jane Grey                                   White              Ellen Emerson     900
Nine Man Tree                                    Carey              Janet Lee         590
Ninjas, Piranhas, And Galileo                    White              Ellen Emerson     930
Ninth Grade Slays (The Chronicles Of Vladimir
Tod)                                             Watson             Jude              720
No Accident (Little Secrets)                     Landau             Elaine            1070
No Better Hope: What The Lincoln Memorial
Means To America                                 Helfer              Ralph            690
No Coins, Please                                 Bartoletti          Susan Campbell   1040
No Cream Puffs                                   Kennedy             Mike             880
No Dragons To Slay                               Jenkins             Jerry B.         610
No Effect                                        Creech              Sharon           660
No Friends For Hannah                            VanCleave           Janice           1020
No Laughing Matter                               Applegate           K. A.            630
No Laughter Here                                 Blumenthal          Scott            840
No Limits: Burton Snowboards' Pro Riders         Young People Of The World            960
No Man's Land                                    Swarthout           Glendon          800
No More Dead Dogs                                Editors Of Larousse                  1070
No More Strangers Now: Young Voices From A
New South Africa                                 Henderson          Aileen Kilgore    820
No Place Cat, The                                VanCleave          Janice            920
No Place For Magic                               Brooke             Lauren            570
No Place Like Home (Remnants)                    Wolfman            Ira               900
No Place To Be: Voices Of Homeless Children      Busch              Phyllis S.        790
No Pretty Pictures: A Child Of War               Havill             Juanita           550
No Return Trail                                  Cullen             Lynn              570
No Strings Attached                              White              Tekla             710
No Time Like Show Time                           Yoshizawa          Linda             500
No Time To Cry                                   Barrett            Joy Durham        810
No Time To Waste (Anthology)                     Riley              Gail Blasser      860
No Turning Back: A Novel Of South Africa         Otfinoski          Steven            810
No Way Out                                       Mattern            Joanne            690
No Way Out                                       Burton             Marilee Robin     560
No, It's Not A Mouse!                           Cary        Alice           550
Noah Writes A B & B Letter (Anthology)          Otfinoski   Steven          690
Nobody Else Can Walk It For You                 Fuerst      Jeffrey B.      720
Nobody Else Has To Know                         Mike        Jan M.          890
Nobody Was Here                                 Nielsen     Nancy J.        600
Nobody's Princess                               Burton      Marilee Robin   690
Nobody's Prize                                  Nayer       Judy            830
Nobody's There                                  Mattern     Joanne          610
No-Guitar Blues (Anthology), The                White       Tekla           600
Noli's Story                                    Willett     Andrew          610
Noman                                           Nielsen     Nancy J.        630
Nora: Maybe A Ghost Story                       Anastasio   Dina            900
Norman Rockwell                                 Sparks      Stacey          720
Norman Rockwell: Storyteller With A Brush       Sacks       Peter           620
Norse Myths, The                                Yoshizawa   Linda           720
North                                           Reda        Sheri           540
North America                                   Gabriel     Nat             590
North American Indian                           Gordon      Sharon          860
North American Indian Games                     Gabriel     Nat             440
North American Indian Music                     Moses       Amy             510
North By Night: A Story Of The Underground
Railroad                                        Nayer       Judy            460
North Carolina (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                         Cary        Alice           460
North Carolina (America The Beautiful, Third
Series)                                         Cary        Alice           640
North Carolina (One Nation)                     Gabriel     Nat             550
North Dakota                                    Havill      Juanita         700
North Dakota (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                         Yoshizawa   Linda           570
North Dakota (One Nation)                       Gabriel     Nat             490
North Korea (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                         Riley       Gail Blasser    480
North Korea In Pictures (2nd Edition)           Riley       Gail Blasser    600
North Pole Was Here, The                        Lawrence    Richard C.      590
North To Freedom                                Smith       Elise           650
Northern Exposures                              Willett     Andrew          530
Northern Forest, The                            Russell     Sharman Apt     660
Northern Ireland In Pictures (c.1991)           Anthony     Steve           450
Norway (Enchantment Of The World)               Otfinoski   Steven          610
Norway In Pictures (2nd Edition)                Mike        Jan M.          700
Norway In Pictures (c.1990)                     Lawrence    Richard C.      750
Not Guilty: Five Times When Justice Failed      Gabriel     Nat             570
Not Just A Summer Crush                         Havill      Juanita         580
Not Just A Witch                                Lott        Linda           540
Not On A White Horse                            Lawrence    Richard C.      470
Not Quite A Stranger                            McDuff      Dona R.         640
Not That I Care                                 Havill      Juanita         570
Notes For Another Life                          Lott        Linda           680
Notes From A Liar And Her Dog                   Barton      Marilee Robin   550
Notes From The Midnight Driver                  Cary        Alice           540
Notes On A Near-Life Experience                 Lott        Linda           530
Nothing But The Truth                             Mattern        Joanne             830
Nothing Grows Here                                Yoshizawa      Linda              600
Nothing To Fear                                   Dokey          Cameron            710
Nothing Will Stop Me!                             Gabriel        Nat                700
Notorious Izzy Fink, The                          Prior          Katherine          1130
Novio Boy                                         Sullivan       George             800
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep                        Mead           Alice              480
Now Is Your Time! The African-American Struggle
For Freedom                                       Gilmour        H. B.                 670
Now You See It...                                 Kehret         Peg                   680
Now You See Them, Now You Don't                   Wilson         Budge                 720
Nowhere Land (Remnants)                           Freedman       Russell               890
Nowhere To Call Home                              Lavies         Bianca                680
Nubes negras                                      Kertzman       Pat                 1080
Nugget Of Gold, A                                 Meyer          Carolyn               950
Nugrl90 (Sadie) (Bloggrls)                        Turner         Glennette Tilley      950
Number 8                                          Uchida         Yoshiko               750
Number Devil, The                                 McKissack                          1030
                                                                 Patricia and Fredrick
Number The Stars (Anthology)                      Samoyault      Tiphaine            1000
Numbering All The Bones                           Olfson         Lewy                  850
Nurse Assistant                                   Rabin          Staton
Nzingha: Warrior Queen Of Matamba                 Lord           Suzanne               930
Oaken Throne, The                                 Garmon         Larry Mike            630
Oakland Raiders                                   Koller         Jackie French         680
Obama: A Promise Of Change                        Enzensberger   Hans Magnus           580
Obnoxious Jerks                                   Steinke        Ann E.                710
Occupational Therapy Aide                         Markle         Sandra                850
Ocean (Eyewitness)                                Silvey         Anita                 770
Ocean Apart, A World Away, An                     Lanier         Shannon               910
Ocean Within, The                                 Osborne        Will                  920
océano, El                                        Medearis       Angela Shelf        1140
Oceanographers And Explorers Of The Sea           Kindl          Patrice               710
Oceans                                            Philip         Neil
Oceans And Seas (Habitats)                        Clinton        Catherine
Oceans In Peril                                   Watson         Jude                  580
Octopus Pie                                       Watson         Jude                  560
Octopus: Phantom Of The Sea, The                  Bernstein      Daryl                 870
Odd Jobs: True Stories About Real Work            Gourley        Catherine             970
Odd Man Out                                       McKissack                          1160
                                                                 Patricia and Fredrick
Oddballs                                          Jeffrey        Laura S.              820
Odder Than Ever                                   Granfield      Linda                 870
Oddest Of All                                     Griffith       Helen V.              810
Oddly Enough                                      Barlow         Steve                 660
Odysseus In The Serpent Maze                      Barlow         Steve                 580
Odysseus: Escaping Poseidon's Curse               Schwartz       Alvin                 860
Odyssey                                           Avi                                  470
Of Nightingales That Weep                         Dyer           Nicole                910
Of Two Minds                                      Meyer          Carolyn               890
Off The Road                                      Uchida         Yoshiko             1070
Off To Oregon!                                    L'Engle        Madeleine             930
Off To War: Voices Of Soldiers' Children          George         Jean Craighead        700
Off-Color                                         Paulsen        Gary                  820
Off-Road Truck Racing                             Hamilton       Virginia           380
Oh Honestly, Angela!                              Morpurgo       Michael            530
Oh, Brother                                       Carr           Terry              890
Oh, Freedom!                                      Kraus          Joanna Halpert
Oh. My. Gods.                                     Thompson       Mark               760
Ohio (America The Beautiful, Second Series)       Soto           Gary               690
Ohio (America The Beautiful, Third Series)        Wynne-Jones    Tim                660
Ohio (One Nation)                                 Bruchac        Joseph             1010
Oil Rigs                                          Freed          Judy               640
Oil Well Mystery, The                             Lyons          Mary E.            730
Oklahoma                                          Cox            Reg                920
Oklahoma                                          Steger         Will               960

Oklahoma (America The Beautiful, Second Series)   Vilar          Miguel             1220
Oklahoma (One Nation)                             De Trevino     Elizabeth Borton   790

Oklahoma City National Memorial (Cornerstones
Of Freedom, Second Series), The                   Getz           David              780
Old African, The                                  Juster         Norton             900
Old Hickory: Andrew Jackson And The American
People                                            Patrick        Denise Lewis       550
Old Ironsides (Cornerstones Of Freedom, Second
Series)                                           Konigsburg     E. L.              910
Old Mr. Muddy                                     Keeler         Stephen            1050
Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats               Yep            Laurence           920
Old Ramon                                         Applegate      K. A.              540
Old Willis Place, The                             Brenner        Barbara
Old Yeller                                        Colfer         Eoin               610
Old Yeller (Anthology)                            Almond         David              630
Oliver's Wars                                     Avi                               780
Olive's Ocean                                     Maze           Stephanie          1210
Olivia (Rushton)                                  Flowers        Pam                840
Olympic Black Women                               Stamfil        Karen              490
Omaha, The                                        Maltesi        Frank              570
Oman (Enchantment Of The World)                   Falstein       Mark               530
On A Mercy Mission (Anthology)                    Stamfil        Karen              430

On Accepting The Newbery Medal (Anthology)        Paris          C. C.              750
On Etruscan Time                                  Gallego        Isabel             740
On Fire                                           Lehmann        Joseph             710
On My Honor                                       Falstein       Mark
On My Journey Now: Looking At African-American
History Through The Spirituals                    Lee            Mona               820
On Rough Seas                                     Gallash        David              530

On The Air: Behind The Scenes At A TV Newscast    Roche-Tombee   Elaine             600
On The Banks Of Plum Creek                        Murray         Eric               510
On The Banks Of The Bayou                         Gallego        Isabel             570
On The Bright Side, I'm Now The Girlfriend Of A
Sex God                                           Stamfil        Karen              450
On The Edge                                       Falstein       Mark               460
On The Frontier With Mr. Audubon                  Roche-Tombee   Elaine             480
On The Limit                                     Benjamin       Cynthia        700
On The Move: Crawling, Running, Flying, And
Leaping                                          Gallego        Isabel         540
On The Old Western Frontier                      Armfast        Neil K.        650
On The Other Side Of The Hill                    Gallego        Isabel         580
On The Pecos Trail                               Falstein       Mark           600
On The Red World                                 Roche-Tombee   Elaine         650
On The Run                                       Chapman        Dusty          710
On The Shuttle: Eight Days in Space              Benjamin       Cynthia        870
On the Street: Poems About Paintings (FX)        Garrison       C. M.          680
On The Track                                     Roche-Tombee   Elaine         520
On The Way Home                                  Stamfil        Karen          610
On The Wings Of Heroes                           Sreyts         Ann            720
On The Wings Of Peace: In Memory Of Hiroshima
And Nagasaki                                     Stamfil        Karen          590
On Tide Mill Lane                                Stevens        Warren R.      720
On Time: From Seasons To Split Seconds           Horowitz       Anthony        610
On To Oregon                                     Roberts        Rachel         680
On Top Of The World: The Conquest Of Mount
Everest (Anthology)                              Greenberg      Dan            390
On Wings Of A Dragon                             Spekes         Miranda        1070

Onboard The Space Shuttle (Out Of This World)    Nielsen        Nancy J.       980
Once A Wolf: How Wildlife Biologists Fought To
Bring Back...Gray Wolf                           Dunham         J.             1100
Once On This Island                              Spekes         Miranda        790
Once On This River                               Spekes         Miranda        950
Once Upon A Curse                                Woodward       Stefan         700
Once Upon A Dark November                        Perryman       Gail
Once Upon A Time In The North                    Hardin         Tristan        780
One Day You'll Know                              Capek          Michael        840
One Eye Laughing, The Other Weeping: The Diary
Of Julie Weiss                                   Martin         Kitty          1000
One Fat Summer                                   Shales         Margot         950
One Last Time                                    Vyzralek       Patti          510
One Man Team, The                                Capek          Michael
One Missing Finger                               DeStefano      Danielle       650
One More River To Cross                          Beckert        Christine      650
One O'Clock Chop, The                            Keeler         Barbara        1050
One Potato, Tu                                   Moore          Lisa           930
One Sister Too Many                              MacDonald      Tess           790
One Small Step                                   Saxon          Vickie         1260
One Thing For Sure                               Basham         Joanne         640
One True Friend                                  McLean         Tim            900
One Unhappy Horse                                Shales         Margot         740
One Where The Kid Nearly Jumps To His Death
And Lands In California, The                     Randall        Katherine A.
One Whole And Perfect Day                        Coulon         Edward         590
One Year In The West                             McLean         Tim            1040
One-Eyed Cat                                     Shales         Margot         650
One-Handed Catch                                 Whitehorn      Emma           980
Onion John                                       Basham         Joanne         680
Onion Tears                                      McLean      Tim            910
Only A Dollar's Worth (Anthology)                Spekes      Miranda        890
Only Child                                       McLean      Tim            1120
Only Outcast, The                                Basham      Joanne         950
Only Way Out, The                                McLean      Tim            1160
Only Witness, The                                Spekes      Miranda        790
Only You Can Save Mankind                        Vyzralek    Patti          880
Only You, Sierra                                 Greenberg   Dan            930
Onward                                           Perryman    Gail           780
Open Court                                       Moore       Lisa           970
Opening A Bank Account                           Moore       Lisa           700
Opening Act (Anthology)                          Dunham      J.             880
Opera, Karate, & Bandits (Anthology)             Vyzralek    Patti          890
Operation Homefront                              Ridart      Liane          1110
Operation Red Jericho                            Capek       Michael        1060
Operation Sherlock                               Randall     Katherine A.   880
Operation Titanic                                Dunham      J.             950
Operation Typhoon Shore                          Elkhart     Tiki           1140
Ophelia                                          McLean      Tim            1140
Oprah Winfrey                                    Keeler      Barbara        980
Oprah Winfrey: A Voice For The People            Moore       Lisa           800
Oprah Winfrey: Television Star                   Perryman    Gail           750
Or Give Me Death: A Novel Of Patrick Henry's
Family                                           Capek       Michael        1100

Orangutan (Endangered Animals & Habitats), The   Spekes      Miranda        910
Order Of Odd-Fish, The                           West        Elizabeth      1000
Orders Is Orders                                 Saxon       Victoria       1090
Ordinary Jack                                    Shales      Margot         1060
Ordinary Miracles                                Vyzralek    Patti          950
Oregon                                           Nafouz      Natalie        860

Oregon (America The Beautiful, Second Series)    Spekes      Miranda        1070
Oregon (America The Beautiful, Third Series)     Basham      Joanne         910
Oregon (One Nation)                              Garcia      Rosa           340
Oren Bell                                        McCarthy    Tara           550
origen de la leyenda (Zorro), El                 Ram         Ajay           580
Original Freddie Ackerman, The                   Liebson     Eva            570
Orinoco River, The                               Champeau    Mary Pat       560
Orphan Ahwak                                     Perez       Sally          600
Orphan Journey Home                              Alba        Ed             490
Orphan Of The Sun                                Trumbauer   Lisa           650
Orson Welles And The War Of The Worlds           Maharan     Helen          510
Orvis                                            Trong       Phillip        560
Orwell's Luck                                    Champeau    Mary Pat       260
Osama Bin Laden                                  Andrews     Miko
Oscar De La Hoya                                 Garrison    C. M.          620
Ostrich Chase, The                               Campoy      F. Isabel      500
Ostriches (Animal Families)                      Devers      Taya           590
Ostriches and Other Flightless Birds             Weisz       Barry          580
Other Bells For Us To Ring                       Ward        Dean
Other Book, The                                  Novato      Pat            580
Other Ones, The                                     Garrison        C. M.               530
Other Shepards, The                                 Sanchez         Marcela             400
Other Side Of Dark, The                             Kim             Benjamin            560
Other Side Of The Family, The                       Hernandez       Cherilyn            760
Other Side Of The Island, The                       Cho             Laura               610
Other Side Of The Story, The                        Corbett         Kathryn             670
Other Side Of Truth, The                            Searl           Duncan              530
Other Side: Shorter Poems, The                      Searl           Duncan              360
Other Victims                                       Corbett         Kathryn             520
Other Worlds                                        Mora            Oscar               520
Other, The                                          Trumbauer       Lisa                340
Others See Us                                       Green           Mark                430
Otherworldlies, The                                 Haddix          Margaret Peterson   690
Ouch! Body Decoration                               Van Draanen     Wendelin            650
Our Country's Founders: A Book Of Advice For
Young People                                        Robinson        Barbara             810
Our Eleanor                                         Namioka         Lensey              670
Our Endangered Planet: Air                          Spinelli        Jerry               820
Our Endangered Planet: Groundwater                  Myers           Walter Dean         680
Our Endangered Planet: Oceans                       Byars           Betsy               830
Our Endangered Planet: Rivers And Lakes             Gipson          Fred                880
Our Endangered Planet: Tropical Rain Forests        Lauber          Patricia            830
Our Farm                                            Macdonald       Fiona               970
Our Living Earth: A Story Of People, Ecology, And
Preservation                                        Nicholson       Robert              960
Our Only May Amelia                                 Kids Discover                       840
Our Poisoned Sky                                    Hicks           Peter               880
Our Secret, Siri Aang                               Nolan           Paul T.
Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies                        George          Jean Craighead      740

Our Stories: A Fiction Workshop For Young Authors   Boyd            Candy Dawson        530
Our White House: Looking In Looking Out             Thimmesh        Catherine           880
Our World Of Mysteries: Fascinating Facts About
The Planet Earth                                    Bernardo        Anilu               630
Out From This Place                                 Lyons           Mary E.             660
Out Of Bounds                                       Pettit          Jayne               980
Out Of Bounds: Seven Stories Of Conflict And
Hope                                                Freedman        Russell             940
Out Of Control                                      Montgomery      L. M.
Out Of Control                                      Anderson        Joan                910
Out Of Darkness                                     Lye             Keith               930
Out Of Darkness: The Story Of Louis Braille
(Anthology)                                         Earle           Sylvia A.           1030
Out Of His League                                   Maze            Stephanie           1010
Out Of Many Waters                                  Ahmad           Nyla                940
Out Of Order                                        Simon           Seymour             750
Out Of Patience                                     Branford        Henrietta           830
Out Of Reach                                        Petersen        P. J.               480
Out Of The Blue                                     Snicket         Lemony              1270
Out Of The Darkness                                 Watts           Claire              1300
Out Of The Darkness: The Story Of Blacks Moving
North, 1890-1940                                    Cabot           Meg                 880
Out Of The Deep                                  Paulsen              Gary                820
Out Of The Dust                                  Bower                Carolyn             900
Out Of The Dust (Anthology)                      Zambo                Tammy               800
Out Of The Storm                                 Myers                Edward              570

Out Of This World: Science Fiction And Fantasy   Burgan               Michael               820
Out Of Time                                      Avi                                        690
Out There (Anthology)                            Roessing             Walter                860
Outbreak                                         Parr                 Jan                   850
Outbreak: Plagues That Changed History           Whitman              Sylvia                970
Outcast (Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness)         Bruchac              Joseph                670
Outcast (Warriors, Power Of Three)               Livingston           Myra Cohn             710
Outcast Of Redwall                               Duckworth            Carolyn               810
Outcasts, The                                    Goodrich             Frances
Outer Shell, The                                 Neuman               Colleen
Outer Space And All That Junk                    Rawls                Wilson                580
Outlaw Princess Of Sherwood                      American Girl Magazine                     940
Outlaw Red                                       Eason                Ariel
Outlaw: The Legend Of Robin Hood                 Soto                 Gary                  660
Outlaws Of Sherwood, The                         Current Health Magazine                    650
Outrageously Alice                               Konigsburg           E. L.                 750
Outside And Inside Giant Squid                   Churchman            Deborah               750
Outside Beauty                                   Tanaka               Shelley               810
Outside Groove, The                              Time Magazine For Kids                     760
Outside Looking In                               Mann                 Elizabeth             850
Outside Shooter                                  McNeill              Sarah                 900
Outside Shot, The                                McKissack                                1050
                                                                      Patricia and Fredrick
Outsiders, The                                   McCaughrean          Geraldine             700
Over Jordan                                      McCaughrean          Geraldine             580
Over Sea, Under Stone                            McCaughrean          Geraldine             890
Over The Edge (Jennie McGrady Mysteries)         Joyner-Kersee        Jackie                770
Over The Edge (Nancy Drew Files)                 Hennessey            Gail                  770
Over The Edge (National Parks Mystery)           Ada                  Alma Flor           1100
Over The Edge: Flying With The Arctic Heroes     Prokos               Anna                  700
Over the River                                   Greenberg            Jan                   780
Over The Top Of The World                        Bonar                Samantha              830
Over The Top Of The World (Anthology)            Lee                  Shao                  550
Over The Wall                                    Spinelli             Jerry                 790
Overkill                                         Ortega               Katherine             820
Overland Escape, The                             King, Jr.            Dr. Martin Luther 1040
Overlord Protocol (H.I.V.E.), The                Wunsch               Susi Trautmann        990
Overnight                                        Herberman            Ethan               1010
Owl Tree, The                                    Palacios             Argentina           1010
Owls In The Family                               Odyssey Magazine                           810
Owl's Song, The                                  Kovacs               Deborah             1110
Oy, Joy!                                         Caloyianis           Nick                1020
P.S. Longer Letter Later                         Taylor               Theodore              720
Pablo Casals                                     Rosenblatt           Roger                 890
Pablo Picasso                                    Archbold             Rick                1060
Pablo Picasso                                    Maze                 Stephanie           1070
Pacific Crossing                                 Parks                Rosa                  850
Pacific Ocean, The                               Maynard              Thane               1240
Pacific Odyssey To California, 1905                  Funke        Cornelia           640
Pack Of Liars, A                                     Danticat     Edwidge            940
Pack Trip                                            Levine       Ellen              760
Pack, The                                            Freedman     Russell            1080
Pack, The (Pow)                                      Young        Karen Romano       1010
Page                                                 Monceaux     Morgan             1120
Page Four                                            Fisher       Leonard Everett    910
Pagoo                                                Byers        Ann                980
Paint                                                Polking      Kirk               1040
Paint By Magic                                       Molloy       Michael            720
Painted Horse                                        Rodda        Emily              560
Painters Of The Caves (Anthology)                    Cooney       Caroline B.        690
Painting Dreams: Minnie Evans, Visionary Artist      Applegate    K. A.              630
Painting The Wild Frontier: The Art And Adventures
Of George Catlin                                     Schneider    Mical                 670
Pakistan                                             Butts        Ellen R.            1030
Pakistan In Pictures (c.1989)                        McKissack                        1170
                                                                  Patricia and Fredrick
Pakistan In Pictures (Second Edition)                Harley       Linda                 470
Pakistan: Worldfocus                                 Goldish      Meish                 470
Palace Of Mirrors                                    Edgar        Amy                   690
Palomino Horse, The                                  Colton       Kitty                 530
Panama Canal, The                                    Arego        Rob                   630
Panama in Pictures (2nd Edition)                     Hanna        Julia                 510
Panama In Pictures (c.1987)                          Logan        Neely                 400
Pandora Of Athens: 399 B.C.                          Motil        Rebecca               400
Panic On Gull Island                                 Lasky        Kathryn               810
Pankration: The Ultimate Game                        Robleda      Margarita             870
Pantheon, The                                        Capaccio     George                770
Panther Glade                                        Makishi      Stanford              870
Pants On Fire                                        Daniels      Patricia              870
Papaíto-piernas-largas                               Arego        Rob                   740
Paper Projects                                       Russell      Ching                 690
Paperboy (Holland)                                   Ellis        Veronica Freeman 500
PaperQuake                                           Arego        Rob                   760
Parade Of Shadows                                    Benitez      Ricardo               540
Paradox Of Jamestown, 1585-1700, The                 Korba        Joanna                640
Paraguay In Pictures (c.1987)                        Vierno       Matthew               600
Paralegal                                            Smith        Geoff                 590
Parallel Journeys                                    McCoy        David                 750
Paralyzed                                            Ride         Sally               1020
Parasite Pig                                         Buchanan     Douglas             1040
Parcel Of Patterns, A                                Pickels      Dwayne E.           1090
Paris                                                Kwan         Michelle              760
Paris, Peewee, And Big Dog                           De Angelis   Therese             1210
Park Naturalist                                      Fang         Linda                 790
Park's Quest                                         Peck         Robert Newton         720
Parliament Of Blood, The                             Stamper      J.B.                  740
Parrots                                              Stamper      J.B.                  700
Parsifal's Page                                      Janke        Katelan               990
Part Of Me                                           Bisson       Terry                 540
Part Of The Sky, A                                   Zeinert      Karen               1280
Partly Cloudy: Poems Of Love And Longing             McDaniel     Lurlene               580
Party Princess                                       Anne Frank House                     1140
Party's Over, The                                    Davis                 Kenneth C.     1030
Parvana's Journey                                    Garmon                Larry Mike     720
Parzival: The Quest Of The Grail Knight              Kent                  Zachary        920
Passion And Poison                                   Anastasio             Dina           570
Passport To Danger                                   Mathieson             David          790
Passport To Paris                                    Humphrey              Kathryn Long   720
Password To Larkspur Lane                            Wells                 Susan          1150
Pat Of Silver Bush                                   Baum                  L. Frank       1000
Path To My African Eyes                              Sonneborn             Liz            1060
Pathki Nana: Kootenai Girl Solves A Mystery          Martin                Ann M.         750
Paths To Peace                                       Gregory               Kristiana      760
Patience, Princess Catherine                         Grolier Educational                  1250
Patricia Ryan Nixon                                  Grolier Educational                  1190
Patrick Roy: Champion Goalie                         Grolier Educational                  1280
Patron Saint Of Butterflies, The                     Grolier Educational                  1220
Patty Dillman Of Hot Dog Fame                        Grolier Educational                  1260
Paul Cezanne                                         Grolier Educational                  1200
Paul Gauguin                                         Grolier Educational                  1190
Paul Kariya: Hockey Magician                         Grolier Educational                  1260
Paul Klee                                            Grolier Educational                  1240
Paula Abdul                                          Grolier Educational                  1280
Pawns                                                Grolier Educational                  1120
Pay the Piper                                        Grolier Educational                  1200
Peace                                                Grolier Educational                  1030
Peace Begins With You                                Grolier Educational                  1050
Peace O River                                        Grolier Educational                  1060
Peace Seekers: The Nobel Peace Prize                 Grolier Educational                  1120
Peace, Love & Baby Ducks                             Grolier Educational                  1170
Peaceful Kingdom                                     Grolier Educational                  1170
Peak                                                 Grolier Educational                  1060
Peak Of Danger                                       Grolier Educational                  1100
Pearl Fuyo Gaskins: Journalist (Anthology)           Grolier Educational                  1060
Pearl Of The Soul Of The World, The                  Grolier Educational                  1140
Pearls Of Lutra                                      Grolier Educational                  1140
Pebble And A Pen, A                                  Grolier Educational                  1090
Pediatrician                                         Grolier Educational                  1090
Peeled                                               Grolier Educational                  1090
Penalty Points                                       Grolier Educational                  1170
Pendragon: Before The War                            Grolier Educational                  1110
Penguins (Animal Families)                           Grolier Educational                  1180
Peninsula Surprise, The                              Grolier Educational                  1150
Pennsylvania                                         Grolier Educational                  1010
Pennsylvania (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                              Grolier Educational                  990

Pennsylvania (America The Beautiful, Third Series)   Grolier Educational                  960
Pennsylvania (One Nation)                            Grolier Educational                  1050
Penny From Heaven                                    Grolier Educational                  1010
Penultimate Peril, The                               Grolier Educational                  980
People Of Africa And Their Food, The                 Grolier Educational                  990
People Of China And Their Food, The                  Grolier Educational                  1010
People Of Mexico And Their Food, The             Grolier Educational                    990
People Of Our Nation                             Rennison              Louise           650
People Of Russia And Their Food, The             Applegate             K. A.            640
People of Sparks, The                            Brooke                Lauren           580
People On The Beach (Anthology), The             Greenberg             Keith Elliot     820
People Person                                    Lear                  Edward
People Therein                                   Clements              Andrew           690
People Who Care                                  Taylor                Cora             780
People's Republic Of China (Enchantment Of The
World)                                           Gaiman                Neil             740
People's Republic Of China (Enchantment Of The
World, Second Series)                            Snyder                Zilpha Keatley   960
pequeño lord, El                                 Rey                   H.A.             1140
Pequots, The                                     Arnold                Caroline         1140
Peregrine                                        Arnold                Caroline         1130
Perfect                                          Hughes                Dean             790
Perfect Answer, The                              Rosen                 Michael          1060
Perfect Friend, A                                Park                  Linda Sue        610
Perfect Girls                                    McCaughrean           Geraldine        900
Perfect Match, The                               Namioka               Lensey           780
Perfect Princess                                 Partridge             Elizabeth        1020
Perfume, The                                     Friesen               Gayle            550
Pericles And The First Democracy                 Ellis                 Deborah          630
Perilous Journey Of The Donner Party, The        Grolier Educational                    1220
Perilous Road, The                               Grolier Educational                    1270
perla negra, La                                  Grolier Educational                    1220
Perseus: The Hunt For Medusa's Head              Grolier Educational                    1260
Persistence Of Memory                            Grolier Educational                    1280
Person In The Potting Shed, The                  Brownstone            David M.         1080
Personal Computer Communications                 Grolier Educational                    1260
Peru (Enchantment Of The World)                  Grolier Educational                    1260
Peru In Pictures (c.1987)                        Brownstone            David M.         1080
Peru: Economically Developing Countries          Brownstone            David M.         1100
Peru: The Land                                   Grolier Educational                    1200
Peru: The People And Culture                     Grolier Educational                    1220
Pet Named Kitty, A                               Brownstone            David M.         1110
Peter And The Secret Of Rundoon                  Grolier Educational                    1210
Peter And The Shadow Thieves                     Brownstone            David M.         1060
Peter And The Starcatchers                       Brownstone            David M.         1090
Peter And Veronica                               Brownstone            David M.         1140
Peter Pan                                        Brownstone            David M.         1080
Peter Pan In Scarlet                             Brownstone            David M.         1110
Peter Raven Under Fire                           Brownstone            David M.         1060
Petey                                            Fox                   Rodney           980
Pets: A Comprehensive Handbook For Kids          Ciment                James            960
Pet-Sitting Peril, The                           Veciana-Suarez        Ana              850
Petty Crimes                                     Bock                  Judy             1060
Phantom Freighter, The                           Paterson              Katherine        670
Phantom Of 86th Street, The                      Osborn                Kevin            1010
Phantom Of Pine Hill, The                        Jennings              Richard W.       920
Phantom Tollbooth (Anthology), The               Gliori                Debi             920
Phantom Victory                                  Crossley-Holland      Kevin            650
Pharaoh's Daughter: A Novel Of Ancient Egypt    Rinaldi       Ann               600
Pharaohs Of Ancient Egypt, The                  Reiss         Kathryn           660
Phenomena: Secrets Of The Senses                Walker        Sally M.          1000
Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Team, The         Jarvis        Robin             840
Philadelphia Adventure, The                     Taylor        Theodore          700
Philadelphia Eagles                             Boston        L. M.             900
Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team, The            Boston        L. M.             850
Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe            Siebold       Jan               510
Philippines (Enchantment Of The World), The     Hamilton      Virginia          400
Philippines In Pictures (c.1989)                Bisson        Terry             620
Phineas Gage: A Gruesome But True Story About
Brain Science                                   Martin        Rafe              590
Phobias                                         McCutchen     H. L.             600
Phoenix And The Carpet                          Masefield     John              950
Phoenix Rising                                  Frank         Mitch             1040
Phoenix Suns Basketball Team, The               Meltzer       Milton            1060
Phone Calls                                     Eberhardt     Thom              840
Photo Finish                                    Santella      Andrew            890
Photographer                                    Gutman        Dan               660
Photographer, The                               Barlow        Steve             690
Photography                                     Roberts       Rachel            640
Photography And Other Lessons (Anthology)       Gilmour       H. B.             730
Photojournalist: A Life In Pictures             Adler         C. S.             650
Photojournalist: In The Middle Of Disaster      Levine        Beth Seidel       940
Physical Therapist Assistant                    Rodda         Emily             700
Physics Lab In A Hardware Store                 Applegate     K. A.             550
Physics Lab In A Housewares Store               McDaniel      Lurlene           800
Physics Lab In The Home                         Giff          Patricia Reilly   650
Physik (Septimus Heap)                          Doyle         Malachy           790
Picabo Street: Downhill Dynamo                  Hiaasen       Carl              760
Picasso                                         Bauer         Joan              520
Pick Of The Litter                              Yolen         Jane              690
Pick Of The Litter                              Chabon        Michael           950
Picking Up The Pieces                           Duane         Diane             820
Pickpocket Mystery                              Gregory       Kristiana         680
Pick-Up Sticks                                  Eige          Lillian           660
Pickup Trucks                                   Vande Velde   Vivian            820
Picture Of Guilt, The                           Griffin       Peni R.           860
Picture Perfect                                 Jacques       Brian             850
Picture Perfect                                 Baskin        Nora Raleigh      650
Picture This!                                   Jarvis        Robin             1010
Pictures Of Hollis Woods                        Jennings      Richard W.        840
Pictures, 1918                                  Montes        Marisa            650

Piece By Piece!: Mosaics Of The Ancient World   McKay         Hilary            630
Piece Of Heaven, A                              Jordan        Sherryl           890
Piece Of The Sky, A                             Ibbotson      Eva               920
Pieces Of Georgia                               Meyer         Carolyn           940
Pieces Of White Shell                           Montgomery    Hugh
Pierced By A Ray Of Sun                         Buffie        Margaret          680
Pig And The Shrink                              Winterfeld    Henry             660
Pig Scrolls By Gryllus The Pig, The             Farley        Walter            810
Pig Who Saved The World By Gryllus The Pig, The   English          June A.            940
Pigboy                                            New York Times                      1130
Pigeon, The                                       Nixon            Joan Lowery        1000
Piggy                                             Watson           Jude               630
Pigman And Me, The                                Frank            Lucy               560
Pigman, The                                       Adler            David A.           970
Pigman's Legacy, The                              Meyer            L. A.              1120
Pilgrim (Dress Through The Ages)                  Alvarez          Julia              890
Pilgrims And Puritans, 1620-1676                  Pierce           Tamora             770
Pilgrims Of Rayne, The                            Murphy           Rita               820
Pilgrim's Progress                                King-Smith       Dick               1200
Pillage                                           Kirkpatrick      Katherine          670
Pilots: Living Dangerously                        Mikaelsen        Ben                690
Pinto Horse, The                                  Hanley           Victoria           630
Pioneer Girl: Growing Up On The Prairie           Schwartz         Virginia Frances   640
Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life Of A Pioneer
Family In 1840, A                                 Tolan            Stephanie S.       820
Pioneering Ocean Depths                           Lawlor           Laurie             980
Pioneering Space                                  Fradin           Dennis B.          1010
Pioneering Women Of The Wild West                 Blacker          Terence            700
Piranhas                                          Naylor           Phyllis Reynolds   910
Pirate                                            Pfitsch          Patricia Curtis    700
Pirate (Dress Through The Ages)                   Farmer           Nancy              660
Pirate Curse (The Wave Walkers)                   Watson           Jude               550
Pirate Emperor (The Wave Walkers)                 Eldridge         Jim                790
Pirate Wars (The Wave Walkers)                    Shaw             Tucker             1120
Pirates (Matthews)                                Mitton           Jacqueline         1070
Pirates Of Crocodile Swamp, The                   Banks            Lynne Reid         860
Pirates Of Pompeii, The                           Fraustino        Lisa Rowe          810
Pirates Of The Retail Wasteland                   Rinaldi          Ann                580
Pirates Of Turtle Rock, The                       Senior           Kathryn            1090
Pirate's Son, The                                 Graham           Ian                1050
Pirates: Most Wanted                              Graham           Ian                1100
Piratica                                          Bergin           Mark               1150
Piratica II: Return To Parrot Island              Malam            John               1000
Pistachio Prescription, The                       Graham           Ian                1100
Pittsburgh Steelers                               Bergin           Mark               1030
Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team, The            Vaughan          Jenny              990
Pizarro: Conquerer Of Peru                        Senior           Kathryn            1050
Place Called Ugly, A                              Graham           Ian                890
Place In The Sun, A                               Graham           Ian                1080
Place My Words Are Looking For, The               Bergin           Mark               1140
Place Not Home, A                                 McGowen          Tom                1030
Place Of Lions, The                               McGowen          Tom                1020
Place To Belong, A                                Sakurai          Gail               980
Place To Belong, A                                Wachtel          Roger              1000
Place To Claim As Home, A                         Santella         Andrew             870
Place To Hide, A                                  Whitcraft        Melissa            1020
Places Of Refuge: Our National Wildlife Refuge
System                                            Stein            R. Conrad          920
Plain City                                        Landau           Elaine             930
Plain Girl                                         De Capua      Sarah          1030
Plains Warrior: Chief Quanah Parker And The
Comanches                                          Santella      Andrew         860
Plainsong For Caitlin                              Applegate     K. A.          640
Planes, Rockets, And Other Flying Machines         Spangenburg   Ray            1080
Planet Earth                                       Spangenburg   Ray            1180
Planet H2O                                         Spangenburg   Ray            1120

Planet Hunters: The Search For Other Worlds, The   Spangenburg   Ray            1030
Planet Of Junior Brown, The                        Spangenburg   Ray            1110
Planet Of The Robots                               Spangenburg   Ray            1170
Planets, Moons And Meteors                         Spangenburg   Ray            1040
Plant Ecology                                      Spangenburg   Ray            1010
Plant Invaders                                     Spangenburg   Ray            1030
Plant Tricksters                                   Spangenburg   Ray            1110
Plants Used By People                              Spangenburg   Ray            1140
Platero Y Yo/ Platero And I                        Spangenburg   Ray            1110
Play Ball!                                         Spangenburg   Ray            1110
Play Ball! (Champeau)                              Spangenburg   Ray            1100
Play Like A Girl: A Celebration Of Women In
Sports                                             Spangenburg   Ray            1100
Play To The Angel                                  Spangenburg   Ray            1090
Playing For Keeps                                  Sleator       William        750
Playing For Keeps (Chestnut Hill)                  Oleksy        Walter         1110
Playing Solitaire                                  Fredericks    Anthony D.     1040
Playing The Field                                  Oleksy        Walter         1180
Playing With Fire (Little Secrets)                 Oleksy        Walter         1170
Playing With Fire (Prue)                           Fredericks    Anthony D.     1010
Playing With Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant)           Schlaepfer    Gloria G.      990
Playmakers Reader (NFL)                            Bonar         Samantha       1070
Plays                                              Tatham        Betty          1080
Please Don't Die                                   Stein         R. Conrad      1080
Please, Please, Please                             Shepherd      Donna Walsh    1000
Pledge Of Allegiance (Cornerstones Of Freedom,
Second Series), The                                January       Brendan        950
Plumber                                            January       Brendan        970
Pluto (Watts Library)                              Stewart       Melissa        1020
Pluto Project, The                                 Bredeson      Carmen         980
Pocahontas                                         Snicket       Lemony         1120
Pocket Babies And Other Amazing Marsupials         Brooke        Lauren         570
Pocket Full Of Seeds, A                            Almond        David          520
Poet Slave Of Cuba, The                            Nordan        Robert         830
Poetic Power (Anthology)                           Ganeri        Anita          910
Poetry U.S.A.                                      Woodson       Jacqueline     640
Point Blank                                        Barlow        Steve          600
Point Spread                                       Nye           Naomi Shihab   910
Poison                                             Shan          Darren         790
Poison                                             Shan          Darren         580
Poison (Wooding)                                   Kehret        Peg            960
Poison Apples, The                                 Bell          Hilari         570
Poison Ivy                                         Shaw          Susan          380
Poison Place, The                                  Schmidt       Gary D.        800
Poisonous Lizards                                     Bauer        Marion Dane           930
Poland                                                McKissack                        1040
                                                                   Patricia and Fredrick
Poland In Pictures (c.1994)                           Gilmour      H. B.                 710
Polar Bear, The                                       Nickerson    Sara                  720
Polar Explorers                                       Couloumbis   Audrey                510
Polar Regions (Habitats)                              Dodd         Quentin               740
Police Dogs                                           Rallison     Janette               720
Political Humor In America                            Kaye         Marilyn               570
Polly Panic                                           Kaye         Marilyn               570
Pompeii: Nightmare At Midday                          Kaye         Marilyn               640
Pompeii: The Day A City Was Buried                    Kaye         Marilyn               570
Pond & River                                          Kaye         Marilyn               590
Pontiac Firebird, The                                 Kaye         Marilyn               510
Pony Express Riders Of The Wild West                  Kaye         Marilyn               580
Pool Of Fire, The                                     Kaye         Marilyn               520
Pop                                                   Kaye         Marilyn               590
Popcorn                                               Kaye         Marilyn               610
Popcorn Days & Buttermilk Nights                      Hill         Kirkpatrick           940
Pope Benedict XVI (A&E Biography)                     Bruchac      Joseph                800
Pope John Paul II (A&E Biography)                     Hawk         Tony                1000
Pope John Paul II And Pope Benedict XVI: Keepers
Of The Faith                                          Alexander    Lloyd              500
Popularity Contest                                    Sloan        Christopher        1160

Population 1.3 Billion (24/7: Behind The Headlines)   Johnston     Robert D.          1160
Por fin es carnaval                                   Spooner      Michael            700
Porcupine                                             Hoffman      Alice              910
Porcupine Year, The                                   Johnson      Dave
Porsche 911, The                                      Denenberg    Barry              1150
Porsche: Fast And Beautiful                           Turner       Ann                850
Portia's Exclusive And Confidential Rules On True
Friendship                                            Ellis        Deborah            740
Portia's Ultra Mysterious Double Life                 Driscoll     Dan                930
Portrait Of A Farm Family                             O'Brien      Cormac             1090
Portrait Of Ivan                                      Walter       Mildred Pitts      770
Portrait Of Jennie                                    Grimes       Nikki              670
Portrait Of Pia, A                                    Graff        Nancy Price        850
Portraits Of African-American Heroes                  Fogelin      Adrian             490
Portugal                                              Tomecek      Stephen M.         1250
Portugal In Pictures (c.1991)                         Brooke       Lauren             570
Po's Story                                            Kaye         Marilyn            600
Posing As Ashley                                      Pierce       Tamora             800
Possibilities Of Sainthood, The                       Woods        Ron                800
Possibles                                             Applegate    K. A.              600
Postcard, The                                         Haas         Jessie             560
Potawatomi, The                                       Skurzynski   Gloria             740
Power & Energy                                        Jenkins      Jerry B.           540
Power Of Nature, The                                  Jenkins      Jerry B.           580
Power of One, The (Condensed)                         Skurzynski   Gloria             740
Power of One: Daisy Bates and the Little Rock
Nine, The                                             Philbrick    Nathaniel          1170
Power Of Two, The                                     Adler        C. S.              650
Power Pack, The                              Paulsen          Gary              1180
Power Play                                   Chen             Da                720
Powerboat Racing                             Hurst            Carol Otis        610
Powerful Words: More Than 200 Years of
Extraordinary Writing by African Americans   Meyer            Carolyn           930
Powers                                       Bolden           Tonya             1130
Powwow: A Good Day To Dance                  Hoeye            Michael           490
Prairie (Ecosystems Of North America), The   Hoeye            Michael           640
Prairie Builders, The                        Morris           Pat               1210
Prairie Dogs (Animal Families)               Morris           Pat               1160
Prairie Whispers                             Morris           Pat               1210
Pray Hard                                    Morris           Pat               1220
Praying Mantises: Hungry Insect Heroes       Morris           Pat               1150
Preacher's Boy                               Morris           Pat               1200
Precious Gold, Precious Jade                 Morris           Pat               1110
Predator, The                                Morris           Pat               1170
PredicKtions                                 Morris           Pat               1220
Prehistoric Animal Life                      Morris           Pat               1190
Prehistoric World                            Watson           Jude              600
Prejudice                                    Naidoo           Beverley          750
Presidency Of The United States, The         Draper           Sharon M.         770
Pretender, The                               Waugh            Sylvia            650
Pretty Committee Strikes Back, The           George           Jean Craighead    580
Pretty Is                                    Aburrow-Newman   Alan              1060
Pretty Like Us                               Myers            Walter Dean       760
Pretty Pennies Picket (Anthology), The       Roberts          Katherine         790
Pride And Promise: The Harlem Renaissance    Bartoletti       Susan Campbell    770
Pride Of Puerto Rico: The Life Of Roberto
Clemente                                     Casanova         Mary              800
Pride's Challenge                            Yep              Laurence          720
Pride's Last Race                            Dalton           Annie             870
Primavera                                    Divakaruni       Chitra Banerjee   740
Prime-Time Crime, The                        Johnson          Lindsay Lee       900
Prince                                       Koss             Amy Goldman       620
Prince Across the Water                      Tanzman          Carol M.          520
Prince And The Pauper, The                   Johnstone        Michael           1130
Prince And The Snowgirl, The                 Hand             Elizabeth         520
Prince Caspian                               Baker            E. D.             710
Prince William, Maximilian Minsky, And Me    Barlow           Steve             640
Princess Academy                             Brooke           Lauren            570
Princess And The Goblin, The                 Atwater-Rhodes   Amelia            780
Princess And The Hound, The                  Fine             Anne              700
Princess And The Peabodys, The               Colman           Penny             1030
Princess Ben                                 Hampton          Wilborn           1090
Princess Diana                               Wilson           Jacqueline        790
Princess Diana: Royal Ambassador             Hawk             Tony              1160
Princess Diaries, The                        Ellis            Deborah           640
Princess From Another Planet                 Pattison         Darcy             670
Princess In Love                             Woods            Brenda            830
Princess In The Pigpen, The                  Barker           Clive             760
Princess In The Spotlight                    Gilson           Jamie             570
Princess In Waiting                          Whelan           Gloria            790
Princess Mia                                        Armstrong     Jennifer         800
Princess Nevermore                                  Delano        Marfe Ferguson   1140
Princess Plot, The                                  McPherson     James M.         970
Princess Present, The                               Masoff        Joy              880

Princess, the Crone and the Dung-Cart Knight, The   Trueit        Trudi Strain     1190
Principal's Kid, The                                Kent          Deborah          1000
Principles Of Democracy: The Constitution And The
Bill Of Rights                                      Landau        Elaine           910
Printing Press, The                                 Sherman       Josepha          1080
Prisoner Of Time                                    Landau        Elaine           990
Prisoner Of Vampires                                Trueit        Trudi Strain     1130
Private Captain: A Story Of Gettysburg              Kent          Deborah          1020
Private Investigator                                Landau        Elaine           940
Private Peaceful                                    Trueit        Trudi Strain     1120
Private Sentences                                   Landau        Elaine           1000
Prizefighter En Mi Casa                             Trueit        Trudi Strain     1160
Pro Football Megastars 1995                         Kent          Deborah          1010
Pro Football Megastars 1997                         Sherman       Josepha          950
Pro Football's All-Time All-Star Team               Evans         Clark J.         1140
Pro Stock Car Racing                                Whitcraft     Melissa          850
Pro Stock Drag Racing                               Santella      Andrew           940
Pro Wrestling: Behind The Scenes                    Stein         R. Conrad        870
Probably Still Nick Swansen                         Webster       Christine        990
Probably The World's Best Story About A Dog And
The Girl Who Loved Me                               McNeese       Tim              990
Probing Deep Space                                  Webster       Christine        900
Problem Of The Pink Post Office, The                Stein         R. Conrad        920
Problem With Paradise, The                          McGowen       Tom              930
problema de los miércoles, El                       Wachtel       Roger            950
Process Of Elimination                              Tabak         John             1080
Production Line, The                                Tabak         John             1050
Programmed For Disaster                             Spangenburg   Ray              1110
Progressive Movement: 1900-1917, The                Tocci         Salvatore        1010
Project 17                                          Tocci         Salvatore        1040
Project Apollo (Out Of This World)                  Skurzynski    Gloria           740
Project Gemini (Out Of This World)                  Skurzynski    Gloria           720
Project Mercury (Out Of This World)                 Skurzynski    Gloria           810
Project Mulberry                                    Applegate     K. A.            590
Project Princess                                    Oppel         Kenneth          670
Promise Me The Moon                                 Skurzynski    Gloria           870
Promise Not To Tell                                 Yep           Laurence         620
Promise Song                                        Rodda         Emily            680
Promised Land, The                                  Brady         Laurel Stowe     880
Promises To Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed
America                                             Rodda         Emily            540
Promises To The Dead                                Jenkins       Jerry B.         640
Prophecy Of The Stones, The                         Jenkins       Jerry B.         690
Prophecy, The                                       Jenkins       Jerry B.         610
Prophet Of Yonwood, The                             Jenkins       Jerry B.         600
Proposal, The                                       Malone        Patricia         740
Proposal, The                                       Sherman       Josepha          1040
Protecting Wildlife (Anthology)                      Auch                Mary Jane         670
Proud Taste For Scarlet And Miniver, A               Lipsyte             Robert            640
Prove It!                                            Fleischman          John              1030
Prove Yourself A Hero                                MacHale             D. J.             660
Przewalski's Horse                                   MacHale             D. J.             650
PT Boats                                             Skurzynski          Gloria            750
Ptolemy's Gate                                       Prue                Sally             580
Puberty                                              Dye                 Dan               1010
Public Enemies (On The Run)                          Pearsall            Shelley           720
Public Enemy Number Two                              Nixon               Joan Lowery       700
Puddlejumpers                                        Vande Velde         Vivian            900
Pudd'nhead Wilson                                    Cushman             Karen             740
puente hasta Terabithia, Un                          Lowry               Lois              870
Puerto Rico                                          Jacques             Brian             770

Puerto Rico (America The Beautiful, Second Series) Myers                 Anna              620

Puerto Rico (America The Beautiful, Third Series)    Watson              Jude              610
Puerto Rico (One Nation)                             Dowell              Frances O'Roark   910
Puerto Rico In Pictures (c.1987)                     Johnson             Angela            740
Puerto Rico in Pictures (Second Edition)             Yolen               Jane              640
Pull Of The Ocean, The                               White               Ruth              760
Pullman's Folly (Anthology)                          Mesmer              Edric S.
Puppet                                               Presnall            Judith Janda      1130
Puppet Master (Anthology)                            Wingate             Philippa          930
Puppies, Dogs, And Blue Northers                     Chandler            Fiona             970
Puppy Love (Anthology)                               Van Steenwyk        Elizabeth         1100
Purchase Of Alaska: Folly Or Bargain?, The           Tessitore           John              1190
Pure Dead Batty                                      Greenberg           Judith E.         1020
Pure Dead Brilliant                                  Rhodes              Lisa R.           1220
Pure Dead Frozen                                     Elfman              Eric              1150
Pure Dead Magic                                      Richardson          Hazel             900
Pure Dead Trouble                                    Lewis               Ian               960
Pure Dead Wicked                                     Murray              Martine           800
Pure Evil                                            Altman              Susan             1040
Purebred                                             Greenberg           Keith Elliot      910
Purple Emperor                                       Rau                 Dana Meachen      990
Pursued                                              Allen               Laura             590
Pursuing Amy                                         Apte                Sunita            580
Pursuit                                              Kellaher            Karen             450
Pushcart War, The                                    Scholastic Action   Editorial         440
Put A Fan In Your Hat! : Inventions, Contraptions,
And Gadgets Kids Can Build                           Cheakalos           Christina         360
Putting On An Act                                    Baicker             Karen             380
Pyramid                                              Poe                 Edgar Allan       450
Pyramid (Eyewitness)                                 Doherty             Katherine M.      900
Pyramid (Macaulay)                                   Shepherd            Donna Walsh       1020
Pyramids (Anthology)                                 Wrede               Patricia C.       720
Pyramids Of Egypt                                    Strasser            Todd              530
Pyramids Of Giza, The                                Yolen               Jane              1010
Pythons                                              Yep                 Laurence          750
Pythons And Boas: Squeezing Snakes (Watts
Library)                                             Griffin       Adele               640
Q Is For Quark: A Science Alphabet Book              Zindel        Paul                650
Quadehar The Sorcerer                                Rennison      Louise              750
Quake!                                               Van Draanen   Wendelin            660
Quaking                                              Mills         Claudia             710
Quanah Parker                                        Yolen         Jane                700
Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening                      Burgess       Melvin              690
Quantum Prophecy: The Gathering                      MacPhail      Catherine           460
Quarter Horse                                        Hobbs         Will                660
Quarterback Walk On                                  Blackman      Malorie             530
Quarters For Everyone                                Brimner       Larry Dane          890
Queen Bee                                            Thompson      Luke                480
Queen Cleopatra                                      Santella      Andrew              480
Queen Elizabeth I                                    Knotts        Bob                 390
Queen Elizabeth I                                    Kennedy       Mike                590
Queen Elizabeth II                                   Stewart       Mark                390
Queen Geek Social Club, The                          Morris        Gerald              800
Queen Latifah                                        Wyss          Thelma Hatch        670
Queen Of Second Place, The                           Yolen         Jane                660
Queen of the Toilet Bowl                             Shan          Darren              830
Queen Victoria                                       Carbone       Elisa               750
Queenie Peavy                                        Yep           Laurence            740
Quest                                                Marrin        Albert              990
Quest Begins, The (Seekers)                          Maurer        Richard             1010
Quest For A Maid                                     MacHale       D. J.               580
Quest For Mach One                                   Applegate     K. A.               490
Quest For The Tree Kangaroo                          Horvath       Polly               870
Quest Of The Fair Unknown, The                       Fuqua         Jonathon Scott      790
Quest Of The Missing Map, The                        Colfer        Eoin                620
Queste                                               Miller        Brandon Marie       950
Question Of Trust, A                                 Springer      Nancy               720
Question Of Will, A                                  Kay           Elizabeth           700
Questors                                             Lawrence      Caroline            720
Quid Pro Quo                                         Cabot         Meg                 970
Quiet Heroes                                         Holt          Kimberly Willis     690
Quillan Games, The                                   Rinaldi       Ann                 530
Quilt, The                                           Frank         E. R.               630
Quinceanera Means Sweet 15                           Murphy        Jim                 1130
Quizá no lo haga                                     Pratchett     Terry               680
Rabbit Tricks (FX)                                   Hull          Robert              950
Rabbit's New Fur: A Native American Tale             Hull          Robert              970
Rabble Starkey                                       Hull          Robert              980
Raccoon Brigade (Anthology), The                     Hull          Robert              920
Race Cars                                            Bradley       Kimberly Brubaker   520
Race For Freedom                                     Alder         Elizabeth           810
Race for the Sky: The Kitty Hawk Diaries of Johnny
Moore                                                Eulo          Elena Yates         670

Race In The Dark: A Play For Two Characters, A       Kisseloff     Jeff                1000
Race Of The Radical                                  Bolotin       Norman              1200
Race To Save The Lord God Bird, The                  Landau        Elaine              1020
Race To The South Pole, The                      Friedman         Mel                 290

Rachel Carson And The Environmental Movement     Myracle          Lauren              240
Rachel Carson: Voice For The Earth               Susser           Deborah Sussman     640
Racing Cars                                      Farrell          Mame                670
Racing Cars (Need For Speed)                     Jenkins          Jerry B.            660
Racing Drivers                                   Jenkins          Jerry B.            690
Racing The Past                                  De Varona        Frank               390
Radiance Descending                              McCollum         Sean                290
Radiant Girl                                     Grant            Adam                260
Radical Reptiles                                 Williams         Zarle               460
Radical Robots                                   Myracle          Lauren
Radigan Cares                                    Murphy           Jim                 1100
Radio Announcer                                  Barlow           Steve               670
Radio Astronomy                                  Rowling          J.K.                950
Radio Station Mystery, The                       Vaupel           Robin               840
Rafael Palmeiro                                  Crowe            Chris               1210
Rag And Bone Shop, The                           Capuzzo          Michael             1200
Rage Of Fire                                     Karr             Kathleen            660
Ragnarok                                         Myers            Walter Dean         680
Ragwitch, The                                    Shusterman       Neal                700
Raid, The                                        Smith            Patricia Clark      1050
Railroad, The                                    Molloy           Michael             800
Railway Children, The                            Applegate        K. A.               570
Rain Catchers, The                               Cooney           Caroline B.         560
Rain Forest (Fast Forward)                       Cooney           Caroline B.         570
Rain Is Not My Indian Name                       Cooney           Caroline B.         620
Rain, Hail, And Snow                             Baier            Lee                 470
Rain, Rain, Go Away (Anthology)                  McCabe           Suzanne             380
Rainbow People, The                              Horowitz         Anthony             630
Rainbow Valley                                   Ibbotson         Eva                 870
Raining Sardines                                 Ritter           John H.             660
Rainy Season                                     Weir             Kirsten             430
Raisin Rodriguez And The Big-Time Smooch         Bertrand         Diane Gonzales      210
Raising Royal Treasures (Anthology)              Myracle          Lauren              260
Raising The Roof: WNBA Action On The Court And
Behind The Scenes                                DiConsiglio      John                420
Raising The Shades                               Nolen            Jerdine             240
Rakkety Tam                                      Watson           Jude                610
Raleigh's Page                                   Grace            Catherine O'Neill   1010
Ramblin Robots                                   Henry            O                   940
Ramsay Scallop                                   Applegate        K. A.               530
Ranch Hands                                      Venables         Stephen             950

Random House Book Of Poetry For Children, The    Fradin           Dennis B.           1030
Ransom Of Mercy Carter, The                      McPhee           Andy                530
Ransom/Five Were Missing                         Atwater-Rhodes   Amelia              930
Raptor                                           Bruchac          Joseph              970
Rapunzel: The One With All The Hair              Demas            Corinne             930
Rapunzel's Revenge                               Freedman         Russell             1270
Rare And Endangered                              Strasser         Todd                630
Rascal                                           Aiken            Joan                810
Rascal, mi tremendo mapache                       Gantos       Jack                580
Rascals From Haskell's Gym                        Hite         Sid                 930
Rash                                              Soto         Gary                810
Rat Boys: A Dating Experiment                     DuPrau       Jeanne              680
Ratha's Creature                                  Yee          Lisa                800
Rats                                              Jennings     Patrick             780
Rat's Tale, A                                     Mack         Tracy               670
Rattle Your Bones                                 Son          John                840
Rattlesnakes                                      Farley       Terri               690
Raven                                             Pattou       Edith               900
Raven And Other Poems, The                        McDonald     Megan               840
Raven Cove Mystery                                Paulsen      Gary                1500
Raven In A Dove House                             Brooke       Lauren              600
Raven Rise                                        L'Homme      Erik                780
Raven's Gate                                      Haddix       Margaret Peterson   650
Raven's Knot, The (Wyrd Museum)                   Cabot        Meg                 1040
Raven's Revenge                                   Collins      Suzanne             630
Ray And Mr. Pit (Anthology)                       Hobbs        Valerie             690
Ray Charles: Soul Man                             Stanley      Jerry               1060
Reach For Tomorrow                                Paulsen      Gary                730
Reaching Dustin                                   Hughes       Pat                 520
Reaching For Sun                                  Rodowsky     Colby               890
Reaching Out                                      Cooper       Michael L.          1070
Reaching Your Goals                               Lawrence     Caroline            680
Reaction, The                                     Lawrence     Caroline            680
Read If You Dare: Twelve Twisted Tales From The
Editors Of Read Magazine                          Hoobler      Dorothy             950
Ready, Shoot, Score!                              Abeel        Samantha            1050
Real American, A                                  Funke        Cornelia            780
Real Benedict Arnold, The                         Myers        Walter Dean         740
Real Estate Sales Agent                           Day          Nancy               880
Real Ghosts                                       Day          Nancy               1020
Real Heroes                                       Day          Nancy               930
Real Jazzy Kid! (Anthology), A                    Paolini      Christopher         710
Real Plato Jones, The                             Shan         Darren              890
Reality Bug, The                                  Strickland   Brad                710
Realm Of The Reaper                               Fleming      Candace             1000
Realms Of The Gods, The                           MacHale      D. J.               580
Reason For Janey, The                             Haddix       Margaret Peterson   630
Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm                        Farley       Terri               740
Rebel (Roberts)                                   Spinelli     Jerry               510
Rebel Hart                                        Hand         Elizabeth           510
Rebel Of Dark Creek                               Divakaruni   Chitra Banerjee     790
Rebel, The                                        Kurtz        Jane                800
Rebel: A Tibetan Odyssey                          Croutier     Alev Lytle          810
Rebels Of The Heavenly Kingdom                    Parkinson    Siobhan             820
Rebel's Tag                                       Henkes       Kevin               680
Rebound                                           Cameron      Ann                 730
Rebound Caper                                     Lubar        David               550
Rebounder                                         Lekuton      Joseph Lemasolai    720
Reconstruction And The Rise Of Jim Crow, 1864-
1896                                              Snicket      Lemony              1150
Reconstruction: Binding The Wounds                   Watson        Jude                  620
Record-Breakers: The Biggest, Fastest, Rarest, And
Deadliest                                            Pierce        Tamora                790
Recycling: Learning The Four R's                     Canfield      Judy                  890
Red Bandanna, The                                    Peck          Richard               740
Red Cap                                              Jacques       Brian                 840
Red Glass                                            Duane         Diane                 810
Red Hot High Tops                                    Coville       Bruce                 670
Red Hot Rod                                          Colfer        Eoin                  520
Red Kayak                                            Ho            Minfong               1020
Red Midnight                                         Applegate     K. A.                 520
Red Moon At Sharpsburg                               Seidler       Tor                   770
Red Necklace: A Story Of The French Revolution,
The                                                  Tanaka        Shelley               930
Red Pony, The                                        Farley        Walter                770
Red Queen's Daughter, The                            Lawrence      Caroline              660
Red Rider's Hood                                     McDaniel      Lurlene               740
Red Rose Box, The                                    Salisbury     Graham                670
Red Scarf Girl, The                                  McDaniel      Lurlene               600
Red Sea, The                                         Van Draanen   Wendelin              620
Red Sky At Morning                                   Nixon         Joan Lowery           710
Red Spikes                                           Seely         Debra                 830
Redhanded                                            Shea          Pegi Deitz            630
Redheaded Princess, The                              Macaulay      David                 1340
Red-Tail Angels: The Story Of The Tuskegee
Airmen Of World War II                               Shusterman    Neal                  830
Redwall                                              George        Kristine O'Connell
Reef Comes To Life, A                                Patneaude     David                 550
Reese Witherspoon                                    Watson        Jude                  580
Reflections On A Gift Of Watermelon Pickle           Watson        Jude                  570
Refugee Workers                                      Watson        Jude                  600
Re-Gifters                                           Brooke        Lauren                640
Regular Guy                                          Frederick     Heather Vogel         1020
Rehearsing For Romance                               Napoli        Donna Jo              720
Reign Of The Sea Dragons                             Little        Kimberley Griffiths   780
Reincarnation                                        Christopher   Matt                  730
Reindeer People, The                                 Torrey        Michele               730
Religion & The Gods                                  Blackwood     Gary                  850
Religions Of The World                               Saldana       Rene                  760
Reluctant God, The                                   Stroud        Jonathan              800
Reluctant Princess, The                              Wolverton     Dave                  690
Reluctantly Alice                                    Toll          Nelly S.              910
REM World                                            Koertge       Ron
Remarkable And Very True Story Of Lucy And
Snowcap, The                                         Hesse         Karen
Remarkable Journey Of Prince Jen, The                McKissack     Patricia C.           670
Remarkable Voyages Of Captain Cook, The              Hale          Shannon               870

Remarkable, Rough-Riding Life Of Theodore
Roosevelt And The Rise Of Empire America, The        Flake         Sharon G.             1060
Remember As You Pass Me By                           Thomas        Joyce Carol           560
Remember Little Big Horn                             Holm          Anne                  980
Remember Little Rock: The Time, The People, The
Stories                                            Cohn          Rachel           860
Remember Me To Harold Square                       Wilhelm       Doug             470
Remember My Name                                   Alphin        Elaine Marie     800
Remember Pearl Harbor: American And Japanese
Survivors Tell Their Stories                       Murphy        Claire Rudolph   640
Remember The Ladies                                Armstrong     Jennifer         760
Remember: The Journey to School Integration        Armstrong     Jennifer         750
Remembering Mog                                    Armstrong     Jennifer         710
Remembering Raquel                                 Greenberg     Jan              980
Remembering The Good Times                         Draper        Sharon M.        760
Reminder, The                                      McCaughrean   Geraldine        780
Renaissance Lady (Dress Through The Ages)          Engdahl       Sylvia           920
Replay                                             Markle        Sandra           920
Repossessed                                        Paulsen       Gary             1180
Representing Superdoll                             Thesman       Jean             780
Reptile                                            Sedgwick      Marcus           620
Reptile Room, The                                  Banks         Kate             510
Res Judicata                                       Aronson       Marc             1180
Rescue (Eyewitness)                                Brenaman      Miriam           730

Rescue From An Avalanche: A Young Girl's Journal   Calhoun       Dia              680
Rescue Josh McGuire                                Smith         Greg Leitich     750
Rescue, The                                        Dunkle        Clare B.         750
Rescue, The (Guardians of Ga'Hoole)                Howe          James            740
Rescue: The Story Of How Gentiles Saved Jews In
The Holocaust                                      Wright        Randall          720
Rescuers, The                                      Davies        Jacqueline       590
Resistance, The                                    Golding       Theresa Martin   700
Resistance, The                                    Reeve         Philip           990
Restless Spirit: The Life And Work Of Dorothea
Lange                                              Murphy        Jim              970
Retail Salesperson                                 Brooke        Lauren           810
Return (Applegate), The                            Cretzmeyer    Stacy            780
Return Of Buddy Bush, The                          Burgan        Michael          870
Return Of Gabriel, The                             Kummer        Patricia K.      1010
Return Of Skeleton Man, The                        Webster       Christine        990
Return Of The Dragon, The                          Landau        Elaine           1060
Return Of The Indian, The                          Kimmel        Heidi            1120
Return Of The Twelves                              Milivojevic   JoAnn            1020
Return To Bitter Creek                             McCollum      Sean             1070
Return To Gone-Away                                Hughes        Libby            1010
Return To Hawk's Hill                              McGowen       Tom              970
Return To Morocco                                  Landau        Elaine           1090
Return To Sender                                   Neri          P.J.             980
Return To Skoki Lake                               Landau        Elaine           1070
Return To The Island                               Stein         R. Conrad        990
Return, The                                        Greenblatt    Miriam           890
Reunion, The                                       Whitcraft     Melissa          980
Revealers, The                                     Trueit        Trudi Strain     1080
Revelation, The                                    Good          Diane L.         1010
Revenge Of The Shadow King, The                    Williams      Suzanne          940
Revenge of the Wannabes                              Santella          Andrew         970
Revenge Of The Whale: The True Story Of The
Whaleship Essex                                      Webster           Christine      960
Revenge Of The Witch                                 Petersen          Christine      1170
Revenge Of The Wizard's Ghost, The                   Fingeroth         Danny          700
Revolt, The                                          Frew              Katherine      840
Revolution                                           Souza             D.M.           1090
Revolution Is Not A Dinner Party                     Graves            Renee          1130
Revolution Of Sabine, The                            Heinrichs         Ann            970
Revolutionary Power                                  Harris            Nathaniel      1030
Rewind                                               Anderson          Robert         1050
Rewind                                               Green             Jen            1050
Reyna's Reward                                       Morrison          Marion         1030
Rhode Island                                         Wachtel           Roger          1150
Rhode Island (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                              Prior             Natalie Jane   1170

Rhode Island (America The Beautiful, Third Series)   Somervill         Barbara A.     1010
Rhode Island (One Nation)                            Yacowitz          Caryn          1000
Rhyming Season, The                                  Ingram            W. Scott       1120
Ribbajack And Other Curious Yarns, The               Morrison          Marion         1040
Ribbons                                              Santella          Andrew         1060
Rice Without Rain                                    DeKeyser          Stacy          880
Rich Cake Mystery                                    Orr               Tamra          1070
Richard King: Texas Cattle Rancher                   Blashfield        Jean F.        1040
Richard Nixon (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)           Tatham            Betty          1090
Riddle And The Rune                                  Oliver            Clare          1040
Riddle In The Rare Book, The                         Andrews           Linda Wasmer   880
Riddle Of Penncroft Farm, The                        Andrews           Linda Wasmer   930
Riddle Of The Rosetta Stone, The                     Souza             D.M.           1090
Riddle Of The Rosetta Stone: Key To Ancient Egypt
(Anthology), The                                     O'Reilly          Sally          1070
Riddle Of The Ruby Gazelle, The                      Bolton            Linda          1050
Riddle, The                                          Thomson           Ruth           1070
Riddles In Rome                                      Hodge             Susie          1020
Riddles Of Epsilon, The                              Santella          Andrew         990
Ride Into Morning: The Story Of Tempe Wick           Foa               Emma           1040
Ride the Whale (FX)                                  Ling              Bettina        1120
Riding The Flume                                     Haven             Kendall        1110
Riding With The Dolphins                             January           Brendan        1050
Riding With The Vaqueros (Anthology)                 Whitcraft         Melissa        1050
Rifle, The                                           Tocci             Salvatore      1100
Right Bite, The                                      Fingeroth         Danny          790
Righteous Revenge Of Artemis Bonner, The             McNeese           Tim            1170
Right-Under Club, The                                Williams          Suzanne M.     800
Riley Park                                           Nardo             Don            1060
Rilla Of Ingleside                                   Landau            Elaine         1080
Rimwalkers                                           Graves            Renee          1100
rincón de las lilas, El                              Augustin          Byron          990
Ringmaster's Secret, The                             Ryan, Jr.         Bernard        1130
Ringside 1925: Views From The Scopes Trial           Saylor-Marchant   Linda          1070
Rio De Janeiro                                       Hasday            Judy L.        1050
río de los castores, El                       Welton           Jude                1120
Rio Grande Stories                            Trueit           Trudi Strain        1070
Rio, Here We Come!                            Kahn             Ada P.              1040
Riot                                          Carruthers       Margaret W.         1040
Rip Van Winkle (Kelley)                       Waugh            Ingela              790
Rise Of A Hero                                Rivera           Ursula              830
Rise Of Industry, 1860-1900, The              Macaulay         Ellen               1010
Rise Of Lubchenko, The                        Hanson-Harding   Alexandra           1000
Rise Of The Black Wolf, The                   Shannon          Terry Miller        970
Rise Of The Golden Cobra                      Weatherly        Myra S.             1030
Rise To World Power: 1891-1917                Blashfield       Jean F.             1050
Rising Force, The                             Collier          James Lincoln       920
Rising Storm (Warriors)                       Ditchfield       Christin            930
Rising Tide                                   Greenblatt       Miriam              910
Rising Water                                  Orr              Tamra               1120
Risk N' Roses                                 Milivojevic      JoAnn               990
Risky Prescription: Sports And Health, A      Weintraub        Aileen              810
Rita Moreno                                   Trueit           Trudi Strain        1120
Rits                                          Lynch            Doris               900
River                                         Nelson           Sharlene and Ted    940
River And The Trace, The                      Heinrichs        Ann                 950
River At Green Knowe, The                     Doherty          Kieran              1030
River Between Us, The                         Rogers           Stillman D.         1160
River Boy                                     Rivera           Ursula              850
River Danger                                  Lassieur         Allison             990
River Of No Return (Anthology)                Ochester         Betsy               1040
River Patrol Boats                            Somervill        Barbara A.          990
River Quest                                   Donald           Rhonda Lucas        1020
River Rats                                    Nelson           Sharlene and Ted    970
River Rats (Stevermer)                        Wachtel          Roger               960
River Rats Inc.                               Tocci            Salvatore           780
River Secrets                                 Hintz            Martin              1040
River Thunder                                 Heinrichs        Ann                 890
River, The                                    Hallinan         Val                 1030
Rivers And Lakes (Habitats)                   Miller           Amy                 1010
River's Gift, The                             Willis           Terri               1040
Rivers of Zadaa, The                          Hintz            Martin              1130
Road Aces And A Bag Of Diamonds, The          Stein            R. Conrad           1040
Road Aces And Find Terry! He's Lost!, The     Zucker           Faye                1180
Road Aces And The Car Race Mystery, The       Price-Groff      Claire              1180
Road Aces And The Circus Mystery, The         Rogers           Barbara Radcliffe   1130
Road Aces And The Classic Car Mystery, The    Davidson         Tish                1170
Road Aces And The County Fair Mystery, The    Borenstein       Gerri C.            1030
Road Aces And The Glass Knight Mystery, The   Silverman        Robin Landew        940
Road Aces And The Missing Cash Box, The       McGowen          Tom                 1270

Road Aces And The Movie Maker Mystery, The    Kummer           Patricia K.         900
Road Aces And The Stolen Computers, The       Collier          James Lincoln       930
Road Kill                                     Scarborough      Kate                1050
Road Of Bones, The                            Souza            D.M.                1150
Road To Balinor, The                          Shepherd         Donna Walsh         1030
Road To Camlann                               Davidson         Tish                1180
Road To Damietta, The                             Welton        Jude                 1070
Road To Home, The                                 Laidlaw       Jill A.              1070
Road To Independence, The                         Gaff          Jackie               1090
Road To Memphis, The                              Willis        Terri                1030
Road To Rebellion, The                            McNair        Sylvia               1060
Road To San Jacinto: Texas Gains Independence,
The                                               Halfmann      Janet                950
Road To The Majors, The                           Kennedy       Mike                 1040
Road To Valley Forge, The                         Collier       James Lincoln        970
Road To Yesterday                                 Collier       James Lincoln        940
Roadside Valentine                                Willis        Terri                1040
Roar Of The Crowd (Winning Season), The           Lago          Mary Ellen           990
Robber And Me, The                                Somervill     Barbara A.           980
Robbers Of The Giant Cactus                       Strong        Amy                  1110

Robbery File: The Museum Heist (Crime Solvers)    Santow        Dan                  1090
Robert Browning (Poetry For Young People)         DiConsiglio   John                 1080
Robert Frost (Poetry For Young People)            Otfinoski     Steven               1030
Robert H. Jackson: New Deal Lawyer, Supreme
Court Justice, Nuremburg Prosecutor               Nardo         Don                  1070
Robert Louis Stevenson: Finding Treasure Island   Kent          Deborah              1010
Robert Rodriguez                                  Lassieur      Allison              1010
Roberto Clemente (West)                           Kops          Deborah              1090
Robespierre: Master Of The Guillotine             McCollum      Sean                 1040
Robin Hood: Outlaw Of Sherwood Forest             Riehecky      Janet                1020
Robo World                                        Otfinoski     Steven               1040
Robot Trouble                                     January       Brendan              980
Robots                                            January       Brendan              1000
Robyn's Book                                      Otfinoski     Steven               1070
Rock And The River, The                           Feinberg      Barbara Silberdick   1070
Rock Climbing                                     Souza         D.M.                 1130
Rock Rules!: The Ultimate Rock Band Book          Swan          Erin Pembrey         1030
Rocket Man: The Mercury Adventure Of John
Glenn                                             Blauer        Ettagale             1060
Rocking Horse                                     Heinrichs     Ann                  1030
Rocks & Minerals                                  Silas         Elizabeth            910
Rocks, Gems, And Minerals                         Landau        Elaine               980
Rodeo Clown: Laughs And Danger In The Ring        Venezia       Mike                 900
Rodeo Road (Action)                               Somervill     Barbara A.           1030
Rodeos: The Greatest Show On Dirt                 Favor         Lesli J.             1070
Rodzina                                           De Capua      Sarah                970
Rogue's Home                                      Carruthers    Margaret W.          1090
Rogues, The                                       Silverman     Robin Landew         1070
Roll Call (Traces)                                Webster       Christine            1030
Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry                      Ditchfield    Christin             910
Roller Coasters                                   Binns         Tristan Boyer        980
Roller Hockey                                     Seidman       David                1060
Roller Hockey (Sports Alive)                      Mara          Wil                  1020
Roller Hockey (Watts Library)                     Yannuzzi      Della                1090
Roller Skating                                    Mara          Wil                  1080
Rolling Thunder                                   Anderson      Robert               1000
Rolls-Royce: Leader In Luxury                     Laidlaw       Jill A.              1060
Roman Amphitheaters                             DeFelice           Cynthia            750
Roman Army: The Legendary Soldiers Who
Created an Empire                               Lekich             John               830
Roman Life                                      Schyffert          Bea Uusma          850
Roman Myths, Heroes, And Legends                Ghigna             Charles
Roman Soldier (Dress Through The Ages)          Collier            Kristi             580
Roman Town                                      Tower              S.D.               950
Romania (Enchantment Of The World)              Cannon             A. E.              680
Romania In Pictures (c.1993)                    Hoffman            Mary               920
Romans, The                                     Patrick            James              890
Romare Bearden: Celebrating The Victory         Easton             Richard            610
Rome (Cities Of The World)                      Blum               Jonathan           660
Rome Antics                                     Alphonso           Sophie             580
Romeo And Juliet Together (And Alive) At Last   Bambara            Toni Cade          580
Romeo! Raps To Riches                           O'Donoghue         K.S.               650
Romeo's Ex: Rosaline's Story                    Leviton            Michael            530
Ronald Reagan                                   Mand               Adrienne           610
Ronald Reagan (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)      Hay                Seek               540
Ronda And The Garden Of The Gulf                Burkett            Kathy              520
ronda de cada día, La                           Chamberlain        J.L.               490
Ronnie And Rosey                                Campbell           Julia              420
Ron's Story: Talking Baseball                   Flood              Walt               250
Rookie Arrives, The                             Zavatto            Amy                220
Rookie Summer                                   Onion              Amanda             410
Room in the Heart                               Leviton            Michael            290
Root Cellar (Stamfil), The                      DiConsiglio        John               360
Root Cellar, The                                Feltes             Kim                280
Roots And Wings                                 Thomas             Piri               240
Roots, Stems, & Leaves                          Leviton            Michael            450
Rope Trick, The                                 Fuerst             Jeffrey B.         410
Rosa Parks (Goldish)                            Boushell           Mike               1030
Rose Beyond The Wall                            Breton             Marcos             1120
Rose For Melinda, A                             Miller             Brandon Marie      1030
Rose In Bloom                                   Ruth               Amy                990
Roseanne                                        Aller              Susan Bivin        1040
Rose's Story                                    Streissguth        Tom                1100
Rosie O'Donnell                                 Marquez            Heron              1090
Rosie O'Donnell                                 Ruth               Amy                1010
Rosie O'Donnell                                 Martin             Christopher        950
Rosie O'Donnell (People In The News)            Krohn              Katherine E.       990
Rosie The Riveter                               Whitman            Sylvia             1120
Rosie The Riveter Revisited                     Streissguth        Tom                1040
Rottweiler, The                                 Jeffers            H. Paul            1070
Roundhill, The                                  Ruth               Amy                1020
Rover                                           Markel             Rita J.            1020
Roving Robot Mystery, The                       Roberts            Jeremy             920
Rowan And The Keeper Of The Crystal             Marquez            Heron              1120
Rowan And The Travelers                         Dommermuth-Costa   Carol              1120
Rowan And The Zebak                             Braun              Eric               740
Rowan Hood, Outlaw Girl Of Sherwood Forest      Finlayson          Reggie             930
Rowan Of Rin                                    Anderson           Catherine Corley   1020
Roxie And The Red Rose Mystery                  Roberts            Jeremy             980
Roxie's Mall Madness                              Ruth               Amy                1130

Royal Diaries: Cleopatra VII: Daughter Of The Nile Donaldson         Madeline           750

Royal Kingdoms Of Ghana, Mali, And Songhay:
Life In Medieval Africa (Anthology), The          Greene             Meg                1140
Royal Pain                                        Colfer             Eoin               650
Royal Revenge                                     Marquez            Heron              1190
Rubber Houses                                     Tagliaferro        Linda              1140
Ruby Electric                                     Braun              Eric               1150
Ruby Holler                                       Taus-Bolstad       Stacy              1170
Ruby In The Smoke, The                            Sherman            Josepha            1040
Ruby Key, The                                     Campbell           Kumari             1270
Ruby Parker Hits The Small Time                   Hamilton           Janice             1120
Ruby Raven, The                                   Markel             Rita J.            1200
Ruby Tuesday                                      Sherman            Josepha            1060
Rucker Park Setup                                 Day                Nancy              860
Rudyard Kipling (Poetry For Young People)         Day                Nancy              1000
Ruins At Machu Picchu, The                        Day                Nancy              1050
Ruins Of Gorlan, The                              Markel             Rita J.            940
Ruler Of The Realm                                Markel             Rita J.            990
Rules                                             Streissguth        Tom                1290
Rules For Life                                    Taus-Bolstad       Stacy              1160
Rules Of The Road                                 Behnke             Alison             1210
Rules Of The Universe By Austin W. Hale           Taus-Bolstad       Stacy              1160
Rumble Fish                                       Streissguth        Tom                1240
Rumpelstiltskin Problem, The                      Taus-Bolstad       Stacy              1130
Run Far, Run Fast                                 Hamilton           Janice             1190
Run For Your Life                                 Hamilton           Janice             1170
Run If You Dare                                   Benson             Michael            1070
Run The Blockade                                  Balliett           Blue               770
Run, Boy, Run                                     Harrah             Madge              930
Runaround                                         Roberts            Jeremy             980
Runaway                                           Havelin            Kate               1040
Runaway                                           Gherman            Beverly            1050
Runaway (Benjamin)                                Behrman            Carol H.           890
Runaway Clown, The                                Darby              Jean               940
Runaway Girl: The Artist Louise Bourgeois         Benson             Michael            930
Runaway Princess, The                             Lubar              David              630
Runaway Stallion                                  Levy               Debbie             1030
Runaway To Freedom: A Story Of The
Underground Railway                               Roberts            Jeremy             980
Runaway Train                                     Dommermuth-Costa   Carol              1010
Runaways, The                                     Behrman            Carol H.           940
Runemarks                                         Friedlander        Mark P., Jr.       1120
Runner                                            Koppes             Steven N.          1120
Running Back To Ludie                             Friedlander        Mark P., Jr.       1030
Running Before The Wind                           Thompson           Sharon Elaine      1040
Running Man, The                                  Agenbroad          Larry D.           1180
Running On Eggs                                   Bohannon           Lisa Frederiksen   1050
Running Out Of Time                               DuTemple           Lesley A.          1100
Running Scared                                    DuTemple           Lesley A.          1000
Running Scared (National Parks Mystery)            Childress      Diana             1140
Running Wild                                       Feldman        Ruth Tenzer       1070
Runs With Horses                                   DuTemple       Lesley A.         1050
Russia                                             DuTemple       Lesley A.         1100
Russia In Pictures (Second Edition)                DuTemple       Lesley A.         1100
Rusty Fertlanger, Lady's Man                       Goldstein      Margaret J.       1080
Rutherford B. Hayes                                Donovan        Sandy             1060
Rutherford B. Hayes                                DuTemple       Lesley A.         1070

Rutherford B. Hayes (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)   DuTemple       Lesley A.         1030

Ruthie Bolton-Holifield: Sharpshooting Playmaker   Taus-Bolstad   Stacy             1160
RVs And Vans                                       Sherman        Josepha           1000
S.O.R. Losers (Anthology)                          Feldman        Ruth Tenzer       1060
Saami Of Lapland                                   Levy           Debbie            1020
Saba: Under The Hyena's Foot                       La Pierre      Yvette            1170
Sabatini Prophecy, The                             Halls          Kelly Milner      1070
Sabotage At Sea                                    Milton         Bess              930
Sacagawea                                          Rivera         Ursula            920
Sacagawea: Native American Hero                    Fine           Jil               780
Sacajawea                                          Abraham        Philip            860
Sacred Leaf                                        Weiner         Vicki             760
Sacred Shadows                                     Abraham        Philip            960
Sacrifice (Animorphs), The                         Nipaul         Devi              860
Saddam Hussein                                     Poulakidas     Georgene          890
Saddle Sore                                        Waugh          John C.           820
Saddlebag Salesmen                                 Fine           Jil               790
Safe House                                         Greenberg      Keith Elliot      1000
Safe Return                                        Krohn          Katherine E.      1010
Saffy's Angel                                      Krohn          Katherine E.      910
Sagebrush Rebellion, The                           Streissguth    Tom               1060
Saint Bernard, The                                 Lesinski       Jeanne M.         1010
Saint Of Dragons, The                              White          Dana              1090
Salamandastron                                     Kite           L. Patricia       1060
Salamander Spell, The                              Wisler         G. Clifton        700
Salma Hayek                                        Butts          Ellen R.          1020
Salome                                             Hobbs          Will              770
saltamontes verde, El                              Orlev          Uri               570
Salvador Dali                                      Cumyn          Alan              880
Sam and Jack (FX)                                  Howard         Megan             1100
Sam Houston: Texas Hero                            Cunningham     Chet              1100
Samantha's Journey                                 Streissguth    Tom               980
Samantha's Pride                                   Benson         Michael           1060
Same Stuff As Stars, The                           Streissguth    Tom               1110
Samir And Yonatan                                  Benson         Michael           1030
Sammy Keyes And The Art Of Deception               Franklin       Kristine L.       650
Sammy Keyes And The Cold Hard Cash                 Dahlstrom      Halene Petersen   750

Sammy Keyes And The Curse Of Moustache Mary        Myers          Anna              690
Sammy Keyes And The Dead Giveaway                  Nimmo          Jenny             720
Sammy Keyes And The Hollywood Mummy                Collins        Suzanne           680
Sammy Keyes And The Hotel Thief                    Mazer          Harry             530
Sammy Keyes And The Psycho Kitty Queen      Stewart        Robert
Sammy Keyes And The Runaway Elf             Sharp          Anne Wallace       970
Sammy Keyes And The Search For Snake Eyes   Baker          Beth              1040
Sammy Keyes And The Sisters Of Mercy        Woolf          Alex              1200
Sammy Keyes And The Skeleton Man            Anderson       Dale               970
Sammy Keyes And The Wild Things             Havelin        Kate              1010
Sammy Sosa                                  Edge           Laura B.          1080
Sammy Sosa: Home Run Hero                   Finkelstein    Norman H.         1070
Sammy Sosa: Home Run Hero (Anthology)       Tagliaferro    Linda             1110
Samoyed, The                                Kenyon         Karen Smith       1090
Samuel de Champlain                         Stewart        Whitney           1060
Samurai                                     McPherson                         990
                                                           Stephanie Sammartino
Samurai (Dress Through The Ages)            Wakeman        Nancy              940
Samurai Never Fears Death, A                Josephson      Judith Pinkerton   980
Samurai: Fighters Of Old Japan, The         Headlam        George            1120
Samurai's Tale                              Hudson         Wade              1130
San Antonio Spurs Basketball Team, The      Martin         Ann M.             790
San Diego Chargers                          O'Connor       Barbara           1000
San Francisco                               O'Connor       Barbara            990
San Francisco 49ers                         Alper          Ann Fitzpatrick    990
San Francisco 49ers Football Team, The      Johnson        Rebecca            890
San Francisco Adventure                     McPherson                         950
                                                           Stephanie Sammartino
San Francisco Bay Area Missions             Peretti        Frank E.           820
San Francisco Giants Baseball Team, The     Johnson        Angela             710
Sanctuary Tree, The                         Hoose          Phillip           1160
Sand And Fog                                Bath           K. P.              970
Sand Dollar Summer                          Ibbotson       Eva                880
Sand On The Move                            Rosoff         Meg               1620
Sandpiper                                   Haddix         Margaret Peterson 730
Sandra Cisneros: Storyteller (Anthology)    Wallace        Rich               680
Sandry's Book                               Shusterman     Neal               790
Sands Of Time, The                          Hahn           Mary Downing       630
Sandy And The Rock Star                     Leavitt        Martine            610
Sandy Bottom Orchestra, The                 Westerfeld     Scott              770
Sandy Koufax                                Durbin         William            790
Santa Fe Trail                              Behnke         Alison             940
Sarah And Me And The Lady From The Sea      Behnke         Alison            1170
Sarah Bishop                                Havelin        Kate              1020
Sarah Childress Polk                        Landau         Elaine            1000
Sarah On Her Own                            Goldstein      Margaret J.       1090
Sarah With An H                             Stewart        Melissa           1130
Sarah's Boat                                Walker         Sally M.          1120
Sarah's Ground                              Stuart         Dee               1170
Saratoga Secret                             Zuehlke        Jeffrey           1210
Sarny: A Life Remembered                    Kerns          Ann               1140
Sasquatch                                   Goldstein      Margaret J.       1080
Satellite Communications                    Taus-Bolstad   Stacy             1180
Saturday Night Dirt                         Gallo          Donald R.          820
Saturdays, The                              Farmer         Nancy              670
Saturn (Watts Library)                      Morpurgo       Michael            860
Saturnalia                                  McKay          Hilary             740
Saudi Arabia                                Skurzynski     Gloria            1170
Saudi Arabia In Pictures (2nd Edition)            Horowitz          Anthony           690
Saudi Arabia In Pictures (c.1989)                 Lowry             Lois              720
Savage Carrot                                     Kerr              P.B.              900
Savage Damsel And The Dwarf, The                  Flood             Pansie Hart       680
Savage Sam                                        Steele            William O.        750
Savage Satire: The Story Of Jonathan Swift        Bolden            Tonya             1140
Savage Waters (Restless Sea)                      Robinson          Sharon            1030
Savage, The                                       Korman            Gordon            680
Save Halloween                                    Creech            Sharon
Save The Earth                                    Snicket           Lemony            1120
Saving Birds: Heroes Around The World             Giblin            James Cross       1100
Saving Damaris                                    Allen             Thomas B.         1100
Saving Dove                                       Lasky             Kathryn           840
Saving Jessica                                    Giff              Patricia Reilly   750
Saving Juliet                                     Napoli            Donna Jo          800
Saving Our Wetlands                               Jung              Reinhardt         950
Saving Shiloh                                     Nelson            Marilyn
Saving The American Wilderness                    Marrin            Albert            980
Saving The Sound (Anthology)                      Kehret            Peg               760
Savvy                                             Morgan            Clay              650
Say Goodnight, Gracie                             Arrington         Frances           560
Say Yes                                           Baker             E. D.             840
Say You Are My Sister                             Lasky             Kathryn           850
Scared Serious                                    Fogelin           Adrian            650
Scared Stiff                                      Lisle             Janet Taylor      770
Scariest Night, The                               Curry             Jane Louise       890
Scarlet Slipper Mystery, The                      Alvarez           Julia             770
Scarlett                                          Lauber            Patricia          910
Scat                                              Bruchac           Joseph            1030
Scheme Team, The (Chestnut Hill)                  de Guzman         Michael           610
Schernoff Discoveries, The                        Wilhelm           Doug              580
Scholastic Atlas Of Earth                         Rees              Douglas           620
Scholastic Atlas Of Space                         Collier           James Lincoln     760
Scholastic Atlas Of The World                     Paulsen           Gary              960
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of Space                  Lupica            Mike              930
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of Sports In The United
States                                            Shaw              Susan             470
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of The Civil War          Yolen             Jane              790
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of The North American
Indian                                            Stolz             Joelle            920
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of The United States      Hicks             Betty             660
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of The United States At
War                                               Fradin            Judith Bloom      1110
School Conflict                                   Ryan              Pam Munoz         830
School Of Wizardry                                Barry             Dave              770
School Play (Anthology), The                      Allen             M.E.              580
Schooled                                          Smith             Roland            750
Schwa Was Here, The                               Wallace-Brodeur   Ruth              640

Science Behind Extreme Sports (Anthology), The    Jacques           Brian             950
Science Fair                                      Vande Velde       Vivian            950
Science In Ancient China                          Rinaldi           Ann               710
Science In Ancient Egypt                        Taylor             Theodore          890
Science In Ancient Greece                       Meltzer            Milton            1060
Science In Ancient India                        Butler             Amy               700
Science In Ancient Mesopotamia                  Butler             Dori Hillestad    580
Science In Ancient Rome                         Swallow            Pamela Curtis     670
Science In Early Islamic Cultures               Moranville         Sharelle Byars    870
Science Of Twins (Anthology), The               Moore              Elaine            690
Science Warriors: The Battle Against Invasive
Species                                         Carman             Patrick           940
Science, Technology, And Everyday Life          Smith              Charles R., Jr.
Scientists And Explorers                        Elish              Dan               630
Scientists Of The Ancient World                 Halliday           John              860
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Art
Thieves                                         McLaren            Clemence          770
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Case Of
The Missing Trophy                              MacPhail           Catherine         510
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Case Of
The Runaway                                     Rinaldi            Ann               670
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Case Of
The Smoke Bomber                                Choldenko          Gennifer          600
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Creature
In The Forest                                   Montgomery         Sy                890
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The
Kidnapped Bus                                   Roach              Mary              1230
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The
Marathon                                        Arnold             Caroline          1060
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Mystery
Of The Inca Moonstone                           Berman             Ruth              1070
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The Mystery
Of The Poisoned River                           Arnold             Caroline          1060
Scoop Doogan And Skip Malone And The
Unfriendly Town                                 McDaniel           Lurlene           760
Scopes Trial, The                               Updale             Eleanor           1100
Score! The Greatest Athletes Of All Time        Philbrick          Rodman            800
Scorpia                                         McWhorter          Diane             1220
Scorpions                                       Crossley-Holland   Kevin             680
Scotland (Enchantment Of The World)             Dunkle             Clare B.          810
Scotland In Pictures (c.1991)                   Feinstein          John              760
Scott Hamilton                                  Wrede              Patricia C.       900
Scottie Pippen: Reluctant Superstar             Schmidt            Gary D.           1000
Scotty And The Gypsy Bandit                     Kadohata           Cynthia           740
Scout                                           Freedman           Russell           1180
Scouts Of The Wild West                         Erickson           John R.           870
Scrambled Eggs At Midnight                      Hale               Marian            820
Scream Museum, The                              Sedgwick           Marcus            730
Scrib                                           Hightman           Jason             730
Scrub Dog Of Alaska                             Snyder             Zilpha Keatley    990
Scum                                            Pierce             Tamora            840
Scuttle, The Memorable Hamster                  Fisher             Catherine         600
Sea Change                                      Rabin              Staton            770
Sea Gift                                        Oppel              Kenneth           760
Sea Glass                                       Hartnett           Sonya             1010
Sea Horse                                         Weston            Martha         770
Sea Jellies Rainbows In The Sea                   Bredsdorff        Bodil          810
Sea Of Gold And Other Tales From Japan            Sherlock          Patti          760
Sea Of Grass, The                                 Stahler Jr.       David          860
Sea Of Monsters, The                              Fox               Helen          690
Sea Of Treasures                                  Denenberg         Barry          1000
Sea Of Trolls, The                                Mills             Claudia        760
Sea So Far, A                                     Bruchac           Joseph         910
Sea Soup: Phytoplankton                           Walker            Sally M.       1060
Sea Soup: Zooplankton                             Flake             Sharon G.      650
Sea Wolf, The                                     Grimes            Nikki
Sealed With A Diss                                Myers             Walter Dean
Seaman: The Dog Who Explored The West With
Lewis & Clark                                     Williams-Garcia   Rita           690
Séance, The                                       Zahn              Timothy        800
Search And Rescue                                 Van Draanen       Wendelin       760
Search And Rescue Dogs                            Durbin            William        900
Search for Belle Prater, The                      Talbert           Marc           1130
Search For Early Americans (Anthology), The       Sloan             Christopher    1150
Search For Jim McGwynn                            Wilson            John           790
Search For Senna                                  Whelan            Gloria         870
Search For The Red Dragon, The                    Weeks             Sarah          860
Search For The Shadowman                          Townley           Roderick       660
Search For The Snow Leopard, The                  Tocher            Timothy        820
Search Without Fear                               Stroud            Jonathan       800
Search, The                                       Pratchett         Terry          820
Searching For Atticus                             Janeczko          Paul B.
Searching For David's Heart                       Hahn              Mary Downing   700
Searching For Dragons                             Crum              Shutta         760
Sears Tower, The                                  Drake             Ernest         1220
Seas And Oceans                                   Almond            David          520
Season For Goodbye, A                             Bausum            Ann            1080
Season Of Comebacks, A                            Corbett           Sue            800
Season of Hope, A                                 Anderson          M. T.          760
Season Of The Spider                              Van Maarsen       Jacqueline     1040
Seasons Of Splendour                              Blacker           Terence        830
Seattle                                           Lerangis          Peter          760
Seattle Seahawks                                  O'Meara           Donna          960
Seattle SuperSonics Basketball Team, The          DeFelice          Cynthia        830
Sebastian Darke: Prince Of Fools                  Scieszka          Jon            920
Second Bend In The River, The                     Gutman            Dan            880
Second Chance                                     Mass              Wendy          770
Second Cousins                                    Updale            Eleanor        930
Second Daughter: The Story Of A Slave Girl        Bell              Hilari         830
Second Fiddle                                     Clinton           Cathryn        540
Second Fiddle Or How To Tell A Blackbird From A
Sausage                                           Seabrooke         Brenda         680
Second Mrs. Giaconda, The                         Hughes            Pat            640
Second Siege, The (The Tapestry)                  Williams          Maiya          740
Second Sight: Stories For A New Millennium        Blacklock         Dyan           1060
Second Stringer                                   Kinsey-Warnock    Natalie        990
Secret Agent On Flight 101, The                   Harrison          Lisi           790
Secret Agent, The (Zullo)                 Haddix        Margaret Peterson   750
Secret Blog Of Raisin Rodriguez, The      Jarvis        Robin               1030
Secret Code Mystery                       Jarvis        Robin               1070
Secret Garden, The                        Jarvis        Robin               1050
Secret Heart                              White         Ruth                830
Secret Hideout, The                       Harrison      Lisi                790
Secret Holes                              Harrison      Lisi                750
Secret In St. Something                   Campbell      Kumari              1240
Secret In The Old Attic, The              Behnke        Alison              1240
Secret In The Old Lace, The               Streissguth   Tom                 1200
Secret Life Of Amanda K. Woods, The       Zuehlke       Jeffrey             1230
Secret Life Of Dr. Demented, The          Zuehlke       Jeffrey             1230
Secret Life Of Guys                       Engfer        Lee                 1210
Secret Life Of Owen Skye, The             Behnke        Alison              1250
Secret Life Of Sparrow Delaney, The       Behnke        Alison              1250
Secret Life Of The Underwear Champ, The   Broberg       Catherine           1270
Secret Of Candlelight Inn, The            Streissguth   Tom                 1350
Secret Of Castle Cant, The                Hamilton      Janice              1170
Secret Of Gabi's Dresser, The             Broberg       Catherine           1260
Secret Of Mirror Bay, The                 Behnke        Alison              1310
Secret Of Pirates' Hill, The              Braun         Eric                1210
Secret Of Platform 13, The                Behnke        Alison              1280
Secret Of Red Gate Farm, The              Di Piazza     Francesca           1230
Secret Of Sanctuary Island, The           Aalgaard      Wendy               1220
Secret Of Shadow Ranch, The               Bolstad       Stacy Taus          1170
Secret Of Sigma Seven, The                Kent          Deborah             1000
Secret Of Skull Mountain, The             Calvert       Patricia            1130
Secret Of The Caves, The                  Calvert       Patricia            1120
Secret Of The Desert Stone, The           Schomp        Virginia            1070
Secret Of The Devil's Triangle, The       Sonneborn     Liz                 1090
Secret Of The Forgotten Cave, The         Conley        Robyn               1120
Secret Of The Forgotten City, The         Broach        Elise               620
Secret Of The Golden Pavilion, The        Rinaldi       Ann                 600
Secret Of The Howling Cave, The           Park          Linda Sue           690
Secret Of The Indian, The                 Wallace       Rich                720
Secret Of The Lost Tunnel, The            Deans         Sis                 960
Secret Of The Missing Grave, The          McMullan      Margaret            860
Secret Of The Old Clock, The              Morris        Gerald              840
Secret Of The Old Mill, The               Warren        Andrea              930
Secret Of The Old Rifle, The              Shange        Ntozake
Secret Of The Pyramid                     Soto          Gary                780
Secret Of The Samurai Sword               Korman        Gordon              760
Secret Of The Sirens                      Horowitz      Anthony             620
Secret Of The Stallion, The               Nix           Garth               900
Secret Of The Tibetan Treasure, The       Winerip       Michael             830
Secret Of The Tiger's Eye                 Boyce         Frank Cottrell      650
Secret Of The Tower                       Matthews      L. S.               980
Secret Of The Underground Room, The       Levitin       Sonia               690
Secret Of The Unicorn, The                Shearer       Alex                840
Secret Of The Unknown Ghost, The          Pollet        Alison              860
Secret Of The Wooden Lady, The            Calkhoven     Laurie              1100
Secret Of Wildcat Swamp, The              Randall       David               820
Secret Panel, The                               Sonnenblick   Jordan           940
Secret Project Notebook, The                    Bledsoe       Lucy Jane        630
Secret Road, The                                Bruchac       Joseph           880
Secret Santa                                    Collard III   Sneed B.         1090
Secret Selves                                   Turner        Pamela S.        910
Secret Silent Screams                           Giblin        James Cross      1130
Secret Soldier: The Story Of Deborah Sampson,
The                                             Attanas       John             630
Secret Solution, The                            Lawrence      Iain             720
Secret Staircase                                Reef          Catherine        1160
Secret Subway                                   Major         Kevin            740
Secret Tunnel Mystery, The                      Ashby         Ruth             870
Secret Twin, The                                Paratore      Coleen Murtagh   780
Secret Voice Of Gina Zhang, The                 Brennan       Herbie           830
Secret Warning, The                             Gregory       Leland H.        1130
Secret Within, The                              Hansen        Joyce            720
Secret, The                                     Greenberg     Dan              1200
Secrets (Undercover Girl)                       Yan           Ma               720
Secrets At Hidden Valley                        Gormley       Beatrice         1150
Secrets Can Kill                                YES Mag                        960
Secrets In The House Of Delgado                 Avi                            620
Secrets In The Sky                              Powers        Tom              880
Secrets In The Tomb, The                        Benson        Michael          980
Secrets Of A Civil War Submarine: Solving The
Mysteries Of The H. L. Huntley                  Roberts       Jeremy           970
Secrets Of My Hollywood Life                    Roberts       Jeremy           930
Secrets Of My Hollywood Life: Family Affairs    Benson        Michael          980
Secrets Of My Hollywood Life: On Location       Wittlinger    Ellen            710
Secrets Of New Babylon                          DuPrau        Jeanne           760
Secrets Of The Cirque Medrano                   Colfer        Eoin             770
Secrets Of The Ice Man                          Friend        Natasha          590
Secrets Of The Matterhorn                       Mowll         Joshua           850
Secrets Of The Mummies (Anthology)              Smith         Jeff             360
Secrets Of The Rain Forest                      Mazer         Harry            650
Secrets Of The Sphinx                           Rodman        Mary Ann         550
Secrets Of Vesuvius, The                        Wishinsky     Frieda           560
Secrets, Lies And My Sister Kate                Rud           Jeff             940
Secrets, Lies, Gizmos, And Spies                Withers       Pam              850
Secuestrado (Adapted Version)                   Napoli        Donna Jo         620
Security Guard                                  Constable     Kate             910
See No Evil                                     Fridell       Ron              1090
See No Evil                                     Sands         Emily            1180
Seedfolks                                       Whelan        Gloria           900
Seeds Of Hope: The Gold Rush Diary Of Susanna
Fairchild                                       Dowswell      Paul             1110
Seeds of Peace (FX)                             Drake         Ernest           1210
Seeing Earth From Space                         Streissguth   Tom              1140
Seeing Is Deceiving                             Hamilton      Janice           1190
Seeing Redd                                     Behnke        Alison           1250
Seeing Stone (Crossley-Holland), The            Zuehlke       Jeffrey          1240
Seeing Summer, The                              Di Piazza     Francesca        1170
Seeker                                          Pratchett     Terry            600
Seeker (Buffie), The                                    Amato        Mary                670
Seer And The Sword, The                                 Wallace      Bill                680
Seer Of Shadows, The                                    Wardlaw      Lee                 700
Seer, The                                               Chester      Jonathan            1150
Seesaw Girl                                             Tunnell      Michael O.          740
Seine River, The                                        Klise        Kate                690
Selected Poems Of Langston Hughes                       d'Lacey      Chris               690
Selena                                                  Coville      Bruce               870
Selkie Girl                                             Canfield     Jack                860
Selma And The Voting Rights Act                         Hill         Kirkpatrick         970
selvas (ency animal salvaje), Las                       Rosen        Michael             1130
Seminole (Watts Library), The                           Skurzynski   Gloria              840
Semiprecious                                            Hunter       Erin                790
Send One Angel Down                                     Ruby         Laura               710
Sender Unknown                                          Nimmo        Jenny               770
Sending Of Dragons, A                                   Mazer        Norma Fox
Senegal In Pictures (c.1988)                            Duane        Diane               840
Senegal: Worldfocus                                     Bloor        Edward              730
Sense Of Wonder, The                                    Meyer        Carolyn             1030
Senses: How We Connect With The World                   Allen        Will                700
Sentries                                                Wilkinson    Carole              760
Separate But Not Equal                                  Haddix       Margaret Peterson   810
Separation, The                                         Peet         Mal                 780
Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet                      Pascoe       Elaine              900
Sequoyah's Gift: A Portrait Of The Cherokee
Leader                                                  Rowling      J.K.                1030
Serafina67 (Urgently Requires Life)                     Taylor       Theodore            790
Serbia                                                  Melling      O. R.               700
Serbia (Enchantment Of The World)                       Sage         Angie               640
Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family
Stories, The                                            Ellis        Sarah               690
Serial Killer File: The Doctor Of Death Investigation
(Crime Solvers)                                         Martin       Ann M.              930
Serpent Never Sleeps, The                               Rennison     Louise              800
Serpent's Children                                      Mikaelsen    Ben                 880
Setting Career Goals                                    Gruber       Michael             990
Seven Days To A Brand New Me                            Rook         Sebastian           760
Seven Paths To Death                                    Rook         Sebastian           770
Seven Songs Of Merlin, The                              Johnson      Angela              1060
Seven Tears Into the Sea                                Rook         Sebastian           790
Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World, The                 Wooding      Chris               870
Seven-Day Magic                                         Collins      Suzanne             710
Seventeenth Summer                                      Garcia       Laura Gallego       900
Seventh Grade (Anthology)                               Hoobler      Dorothy             760
Seventh-Grade Penny Drive, The                          Cummings     Priscilla           770
Seventh-Grade Tango                                     Salisbury    Graham              630
Seventh-Grade Weirdo                                    Pearsall     Shelley             910
Several Lives of Orphan Jack, The                       Fortin       Caroline            1120
Seward's Folly                                          Grant        K. M.               930
Sewer Rats                                              Hicks        Betty               680
Shackleton's Stowaway                                   Sullivan     George              950
Shade, The                                              Harkrader    L. D.               700
Shades Of Gray                                  Wolfson     Jill           700
Shadow Beast (Invisible Detective)              Stone       Jeff           800
Shadow Children                                 Brooke      Lauren         750
Shadow Club Rising, The                         Hollander   John
Shadow Club, The                                Brooke      Lauren         870
Shadow Horse                                    Gregory     Kristiana      800
Shadow In Hawthorn Bay                          Brooke      Lauren         850
Shadow In The North, The                        Gregory     Kristiana      840
Shadow Kiss                                     Brooke      Lauren         770
Shadow Life: A Portrait of Anne Frank and Her
Fami                                            Brooke      Lauren         800
Shadow Like A Leopard                           Harlow      Joan Hiatt     700
Shadow Of A Bull                                LaFaye      A.             830
Shadow Of A Unicorn                             Zullo       Allan          1070
Shadow Of The Red Moon                          Patterson   James          700
Shadow Place, The                               Smith       Jeff
Shadow Speaker, The                             Blevins     Wiley          30
Shadow Spinner                                  Posner      Tina           130
Shadow Thieves, The                             Carangelo   Audrey         310
Shadow Warrior                                  Harris      Christine      550
Shadow-Catcher                                  Sandler     Michael        30
Shadowed Summer                                 Harris      Christine      550
Shadowed Unicorn, The                           Moriarty    Julie          160
Shadowlands, The                                Carangelo   Audrey         260
Shadowmaker                                     Mercado     Nancy E.       750
Shadowmancer Returns: The Curse Of Salamander
Street, The                                     Lindop      Laurie         1200
Shadows In The Garden                           Lindop      Laurie         1220
Shadows In The Twilight                         Avi                        960
Shadows In The Water                            Blumberg    Rhoda          1110
Shadows of Ghadames, The                        Kraft       Betsy Harvey   980
Shadows On The Pond                             Zahn        Timothy        810
Shadows On The Sea                              Riordan     Rick           740
Shadows Over Balinor                            Webb        Sophie         1020
Shakespeare Bats Cleanup                        Yolen       Jane           750
Shakespeare Stealer, The                        Parker      Jeff
Shakespeare Stories                             Nardo       Don            1310
Shakespeare: His Work & His World               Chapman     Cindy          380
Shakespeare's Scribe                            Johnson     Jennifer       400
Shakespeare's Secret                            Valle       Elsie          390
Shakespeare's Spy                               Whittier    A. J.          350
Shakira                                         Culver      Sloan          100
Shanghaied To The Moon                          Blevins     Wiley          420
Shania Twain                                    Cavasin     Maimouna       350
Shantymen Of Cache Lake                         Wade        Angela         400
Shaper                                          Sandler     Michael        430
Shaping The Earth                               Feltes      Kim            340
Shaquille O'Neal/ Larry Johnson                 Robbins     Trina          450
Shaquille O'Neal: Center Of Attention           Apte        Sunita         350
Share Of Freedom, A                             Blevins     Wiley          440
Shark                                           Gonzales    David          450
Shark Attack                                    Umansky     Kaye           600
Shark Beneath The Reef                            Spiegler     Louise          750
Shark Callers                                     Reiss        Kathryn         800
Shark Girl                                        Pattou       Edith           890
Sharkman                                          Pattou       Edith           790
Sharks (Nature Watch)                             Liberatore   Theresa         430
Sharks Under Ice (Anthology)                      Daley        Patrick         230
Sharks! (Sprint)                                  Moriarty     Julie           450
Sharks: Challengers Of The Deep                   Woods        Jackie          420
Sharks: Informania                                Erdrich      Louise          900
Shattered Helmet, The                             Abrahams     Peter           680
Shattered Mirror                                  Lester       Julius
Shattered Peace, The                              Horvath      Polly           1040
Shattered: Stories Of Children And War            Moses        Shelia P.       760
Shatterglass                                      Brooke       Lauren          910
She Died Too Young                                DiTocco      Robyn           900
She Flew No Flags                                 Bortz        Fred            1030
She Touched The World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf-
Blind Pioneer                                     Ebersole     Rene            1080
Sheila E.                                         Brown        Jordan D.       1040
Shelf Life: Stories By The Book                   Hopping      Lorraine Jean   950
Shells (Anthology)                                O' Connell   Diane           1020

Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories Of Adopted Strays   O' Connell   Diane           1050
Shepherd Moon                                     Morrison     Toni            660
Sheriffs And Deputy Sheriffs                      Paolini      Christopher     970
Sherlock Holmes And The Red-Headed League
(Anthology)                                       Berman       Len             960
She's My Sister                                   Courtenay    Bryce           940
She's The Boss! (Anthology)                       Couloumbis   Audrey          810
Shetland Pony                                     Korman       Gordon          740
Shetland Sheepdog, The                            Barker       Clive           830
Shield Of Stars                                   Meyer        Carolyn         920
Shifting Shores (Restless Sea)                    Ryan         Darlene         610
Shifty                                            Funke        Cornelia        890
Shiloh Season                                     Fortin       Caroline        1100
Shining Season, A                                 Testa        Maria
Shining Stars                                     Rupp         Rebecca         680
Shining's Orphan                                  Myers        Walter Dean     1100
Ship                                              Brooke       Lauren          890
Ships And Submarines                              Merlin                       1180
Shipwreck                                         Morris       Gerald          860
Shipwrecked!: The True Adventures Of A Japanese
Boy                                               Pierce       Tamora          850
Shipwrecks From The Westward Movement             Pierce       Tamora          790
Shipwrecks Of The Explorers                       Pierce       Tamora          720
Shoebag                                           Yee          Lisa            650
Shooting Star: A Novel About Annie Oakley, A      Finney       Patricia        910
Shooting The Moon                                 Finney       Patricia        900
Shopaholic                                        Finney       Patricia        910
Shore Road Mystery, The                           Holub        Josef           640
Short & Shivery                                   Farley       Terri           800
Short Circuits: Thirteen Shocking Stories         Taylor       G.P.            920
Short Season                                        Brooke           Lauren             850
Short Stature: From Folklore To Fact                Williams         Dar                680
Short Walk Around The Pyramids And Through The
World Of Art, A                                     Burchett         Jan                900
Shorter Poems (Anthology)                           Murray           Aaron R.           980
Short-Wave Mystery, The                             Dunkle           Clare B.           820
Shot And Framed                                     Macy             Sue                1300
Shot Heard Around The World, The                    Carman           Patrick            1000
Show Me The Evidence                                Herrera          Juan Felipe        740
Showdown, The                                       Coy              John               490
Shug                                                Divakaruni       Chitra Banerjee    900
Shuteyes, The                                       Napoli           Donna Jo           560
Shying At Trouble                                   Schmidt          Gary               850
Siamese Turtle Mystery, The                         Tamar            Erika              560
Siberia: A Novel                                    Tamar            Erika              670
Siberian Husky, The                                 Kay              Elizabeth          790
Sickness, The                                       Kay              Elizabeth          800
Side Effects                                        Sleator          William            750
Side Kick                                           Alcott           Louisa May         1260
Sidecar Motorcycles                                 Alcott           Louisa May         1360
Siege, The (Guardians of Ga'Hoole)                  Hopkinson        Deborah            740
Sienna's Rescue                                     Fraustino        Lisa Rowe          910

Sierra Club Kids Guide To Planet Care And Repair    Shan             Darren             880
Sierra's Steeplechase                               Shan             Darren             820
Sieur de la Salle                                   Shan             Darren             870
Sight, The (Warriors: Power Of Three)               Shan             Darren             920
Sights                                              Sutcliff         Rosemary           1120
Sigmund Freud (Giants Of Science)                   Sutcliff         Rosemary           1110
Sigmund Freud: Pioneer Of The Mind                  Levin            Betty              770
Sign Of The Chrysanthemum, The                      Jennings         Paul               420
Sign Of The Crooked Arrow, The                      Jennings         Paul               360
Sign Of The Dove                                    Glimm            Adele              1050
Sign Of The Falcon, The                             Skelton          Renee              890
Sign Of The Sinister Sorcerer, The                  Parks            Deborah            980
Sign Of The Twisted Candles, The                    Hopping          Lorraine Jean      990
Signers: The 56 Stories Behind The Declaration Of
Independence, The                                   Rennison         Louise             770
Signs Animals Leave, The                            Moss             Marissa
Silent Boy, The                                     Atwater-Rhodes   Amelia             870
Silent In An Evil Time: The Brave War Of Edith
Cavell                                              Karres           Erika V. Shearin   920
Silent Spillbills, The                              Hunter           Erin               880
Silent Storm, The                                   Limb             Sue                660
Silent Stranger                                     Korman           Gordon             770
Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story                   Kraske           Robert             960
Silent To The Bone                                  Napoli           Donna Jo           600
Silent Witness                                      Zullo            Allan              830
Silvabamba                                          Zullo            Allan              830
Silver                                              Snicket          Lemony             1280
Silver Branch, The                                  Rodda            Emily              620
Silver Buckle Mystery                               Rodda            Emily              620
Silver Chair, The                               Rodda        Emily               620
Silver Days                                     Korman       Gordon              790
Silver Donkey, The                              Fleming      Candace             1040
Silver Door, The                                O'Keefe      Susan Heyboer       720
Silver On The Tree                              Rappaport    Doreen              910
Silver Pencil, The                              Tamar        Erika               590
Silver Skateboard Mystery, The                  Kerr         P.B.                940
Silver Spoon of Solomon Snow, The               Creech       Sharon              850
Silver Stirrups                                 Bradman      Tony                830
Silverboy                                       Holm         Jennifer L.         840
SilverFin (Young Bond)                          Gorman       Carol               620
Silverwing                                      Wait         Lea                 780
Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper                 Whitesel     Cheryl Aylward      800
Simon Bolivar                                   MacHale      D. J.               680
Simon Bolivar: The Liberator                    MacHale      D. J.               650
Simply Alice                                    Lawrence     Iain                710
Sin Eater, The                                  Jackson      Donna M.            1190
Sinbad                                          Benz         Derek               860
Sinbad: Sailing Into Peril                      Doyle        Debra               800
Sing A Song Of Tuna Fish                        Oppel        Kenneth             750
Sing Down The Moon                              Baskin       Nora Raleigh        580
Sing Me A Death Song                            Calonita     Jen                 790
Sing Me A Story                                 Collier      James Lincoln       960
Singapore                                       Collier      James Lincoln       910
Singer                                          Collier      James Lincoln       960
Singer of All Songs                             Collier      James Lincoln       900
Singing Hands                                   Lassieur     Allison             950
Single Shard, A                                 Binns        Tristan Boyer       950
Singularity                                     Sonneborn    Liz                 1050
Sinister Signpost, The                          Lassieur     Allison             1020
Sink Or Swim                                    January      Brendan             1000
Sir Edmund Hillary: To Everest And Beyond       Anderson     Christopher C. L.   1170
Sir Francis Drake: Slave Trader And Pirate      Seidman      David               1090
Sir Galahad, Mr. Longfellow, And Me             Binns        Tristan Boyer       970

Sir Walter Ralegh And The Quest For El Dorado   Otfinoski    Steven              1160
Siren Song, The                                 Binns        Tristan Boyer       850
Sirena                                          Ditchfield   Christin            910
Sirens Of Surrentum, The                        Schomp       Virginia            1040
Sister                                          Perl         Lila                1320
Sister Of The Bride                             Lassieur     Allison             1060
Sister Of The Quints                            Schomp       Virginia            1090
Sister Spider Knows All                         Perl         Lila                1380
Sister Wife                                     Lassieur     Allison             1090
Sisterland                                      Schomp       Virginia            1080
Sisters And Brothers: The Ultimate Guide To
Understanding Your Siblings And Yourself        Masters      Nancy Robinson      1070
Sisters Long Ago                                Kummer       Patricia K.         980
Sisters Of The Sword                            Mara         Wil                 1060
Sisu                                            Trueit       Trudi Strain        1170
Sitting Bull And His World                      Matthews     John                970
Sitting Bull You Never Knew, The                Heinrichs    Ann                 840
Sitting Bull: Lakota Leader                           Matthews     John                1070
Six Innings: A Game In The Life                       Orr          Tamra               1110
Six Months To Live                                    Clugston     Chynna
Sixteen And Dying                                     Martin       Rafe                720
Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You                       Prue         Sally               670
Sixth Grade Secrets                                   Cadnum       Michael             1170
Sixth Sense, The                                      Yancey       Rick                810
Sixth-Grade: Glammers, Norks, And Me                  Krull        Kathleen            1010
Sizzle And Splat                                      Gregory      Kristiana           870
Skate Freak                                           Danticat     Edwidge             1080
Skateboarding                                         Hughes       Mark Peter          680
Skateboarding (Sprint)                                Lasky        Kathryn             890
Skateboarding (Watts Library)                         Banks        Lynne Reid          840
Skateboarding Basics                                  Aveni        Anthony             1080
Skateboarding Streetstyle                             Allison      Jennifer            1000
Skeeter                                               Roberts      Willo Davis         940
Skeleton Key                                          Dowswell     Paul                1080
Skeleton Man                                          Findlay      Jamieson            760
Skeleton: Our Body's Framework                        Reiche       Dietlof             740
Sketch Work (Anthology)                               Packer       Tina                770
Skill Of Pericles (Anthology), The                    Colfer       Eoin                760
Skin Deep                                             Dowell       Frances O'Roark     860
Skin Hunger                                           Gardner      Sally               860

Skin You're In: Staying Healthy Inside And Out, The   Dawson       Sarah               1250
Skulduggery Pleasant                                  Hanlin       Mark                1020
Skull Of Truth, The                                   Hansen       Joyce               1010
Skullcrack                                            Lester       Julius              920
Skullduggery                                          Caputo       Philip              1210
Skullduggery (The Bloodwater Mysteries)               Going        K. L.               780
Skulls And Skeletons                                  Hunter       Erin                840
Sky (Townley)                                         Hunter       Erin                810
Sky Inside, The                                       Hunter       Erin                890
Sky Is Falling, The                                   Hunter       Erin                900
Sky Is Falling, The                                   Garland      Sherry              910
Sky Kings                                             Horowitz     Anthony             640
Sky Life: Living In Space                             Haddix       Margaret Peterson   760
Sky Phantom, The                                      Horowitz     Anthony             680
Sky Rider                                             Voigt        Cynthia             780
Sky Surfing                                           Horowitz     Anthony             580
Sky Village, The                                      Gorman       Carol               640
Skybreaker                                            Freedman     Russell             1170
Skydiving                                             Harrington   Jane                950
Skyscraper                                            White        Andrea              670
Skyscrapers                                           Paulsen      Gary                880
Slake's Limbo                                         Wilson       Diane Lee           860
Slam Dunk                                             Vega         Denise              690
Slam Dunk Trivia                                      Shange       Ntozake             780
Slam!                                                 Roberts      Kristi              730
Slam! (Anthology)                                     Prue         Sally               670
Slap Your Sides                                       L'Homme      Erik                920
Slave Dancer, The                                     Wallace      Rich                680
Slave Narratives: The Journey To Freedom          Smith           Jeff
Slave Spirituals And The Jubilee Singers          Meacham         Margaret         530
Slavery And The Coming Of The Civil War, 1831-
1861                                              Ursu            Anne             850
Slavery And The Coming Storm                      Harris          Christine        550
Slavery In Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia          Rallison        Janette          820
Slavery In Ancient Greece And Rome                Grimes          Nikki
Slavery In The United States                      Bernier-Grand   Carmen T.
Slavery Time When I Was Chillun                   Canales         Viola            830
Sleepers Wake                                     Corbett         Sue              800
Sleeping Beauty: The One Who Took The Really
Long Nap                                          Fradin          Judith Bloom     1130
Sliding Into Home                                 Bolden          Tonya            1190
Slightly True Story Of Cedar B. Hartley, Who
Planned To Live An Unusual Life, The              Harris          Christine        530
Slippery Slope, The                               Lupica          Mike             940
Slipping                                          Perkins         Lynne Rae        820
Slob                                              Jurmain         Suzanne          920
Slopes Of War, The                                Marcus          Leonard S.       940
Sloths                                            Hale            Shannon          890
Slovakia In Pictures (c.1995)                     Bondoux         Anne-Laure       760
Slovenia                                          Hayes           Joe              920
Sluggers Club: A Sports Mystery                   Weyn            Suzanne          880
Slump                                             Weyn            Suzanne          720
Small Change                                      Brown           Jeremy           850
Small Eternities                                  Canfield        Jack             830
Small Faces                                       Butler          Dori Hillestad   600
Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio                 Smith           Jeff
Small White Scar, A                               Bradman         Tony             920
Small Wildcats (Watts Library)                    Lasky           Kathryn          850
Small Worlds: Maps And Mapmaking                  Chapman         Simon            1030
Smart Money                                       Lee             Celeste          1120
Smelly Feat (Anthology)                           Richards        Justin           780
Smiffy Blue And The Case Of The Missing Formula
(Anthology)                                       Myers           Walter Dean      1010
Smiffy Blue And The Case Of The Missing Ruby
(Anthology)                                       Hughes          Langston
Smile And Say Murder                              Petersen        Chris            1080
Smile, The                                        Williams        Mark London      680
Smiler's Bones                                    Mass            Wendy            780
Smiles To Go                                      Zullo           Allan            840
Smitty                                            Kowitt          Holly            640
Smitty II: The Olympics                           Zullo           Allan            980
Smoke From The Chimney                            Zullo           Allan            930
Smoke Jumper (Anthology)                          Kummer          Patricia K.      1010
Smoke Screen                                      Brook           Henry            1120
Smoke Screen Mystery, The                         Dunbar          Fiona            720
Smokejumper: Firefighter From The Sky             Chapman         Simon            1150
Smoky The Cowhorse                                Williams        Laura E.         700
Smugglers' Island                                 Canfield        Jack             1010
Smugglers, The                                    Balliett        Blue             870
Snail Mail No More                                Kladstrup       Kristin          720
Snake (Stone)                                      Weatherly       Lee               750
Snake Scientist (Anthology)                        Waite           Judy              600
Snake Stone, The                                   Stroud          Jonathan          730
Snakehead                                          Flanagan        John              920
Snakehead                                          Cummings        Priscilla         800
Snapshot: America Discovers The Camera             Fredericks      Mariah            480
Snatched (The Bloodwater Mysteries)                Patneaude       David             620
Snow                                               Myers           Anna              700
Snow Baby, The                                     Adoff           Jaime
Snow Bound                                         Burchett        Jan               840
Snow Cats, The                                     Bartek          Mary              720
Snow Dog                                           Deem            James M.          1120
Snow Goose, The                                    Krull           Kathleen          1000
Snow Mountain Biking                               Delano          Marfe Ferguson    1030
Snow Ride                                          Schmemann       Serge             1240
Snow Treasure                                      Revkin          Andrew C.         1300
Snow, The                                          McClafferty     Carla Killough    1050
Snowbird                                           Kadohata        Cynthia           750
Snowboard Show (FX), A                             Hunter          Erin              810
Snowboard!                                         Hunter          Erin              860
Snowboarding                                       Hunter          Erin              880
Snowboarding Basics                                Winthrop        Elizabeth         760
Snowbone                                           Jacques         Brian             960
Snowbound (Roth)                                   Collins         Suzanne           730

Snowbound: The Tragic Story Of The Donner Party    Huxford         Colette L.
Snowflake Man, The                                 Johnson         Dolores           1070
Snowmobile Racing                                  Paulsen         Gary              1160
Snow-Walker                                        Newquist        Harvey P.         1070
So B. It: A Novel                                  Lowry           Lois              660
So Far From Home: The Diary Of Mary Driscoll, An
Irish Mill Girl                                    Hardinge        Frances           1080
So Hard To Say                                     Reiss           Kathryn           800
So Long At The Fair                                Lee             Tanith            760
So Much To Live For                                Stewart         Mark              1180
So Much To Tell You                                Rosen           Michael J.        1100
So Totally Emily Ebers                             Lipsyte         Robert            1080
So Yesterday                                       Sturtevant      Katherine         950
So You Want To Be A Wizard                         Hobbs           Will              670
Soccer (Watts Library)                             Myers           Anna              730
Soccer Chick Rules                                 McKernan        Victoria          740
Soccer Duel                                        Ferber          Brenda            620
Social Smarts: Manners For Today's Kids            Wallace         Rich              720
Sofia's Heart                                      Medicine Crow   Joseph            950
Softwire: Betrayal On Orbis 2, The                 Engle           Margarita
Softwire: Virus On Orbis 1, The                    Griffin         Adele             870
Sojourner Truth And The Struggle for Freedom       Sage            Angie             950
sol de los venados, El                             Grandits        John
Soldier Boy                                        Smith           Charles R., Jr.
Soldier Boys                                       Fogelin         Adrian            620
Soldier Mom                                        Brown           Jackie            1010
Soldier's Heart                                    Carey           Janet Lee         770
Soldier's Life, A                                  Thurlo        David            870
Solid Gold Kid                                     Cooper        Michael L.       1120
Solitary Blue, A                                   Cabot         Meg              1030
Solomon (Shaw)                                     McDonald      Joyce            740
Solomon Snow And The Stolen Jewel                  Torrey        Michele          770
Solomon System                                     Bruchac       Joseph           820
Solution, The                                      Booth         Martin           910
Some Of The Kinder Planets                         Booth         Martin           920
Somebody                                           Riordan       Rick             740
Somebody Help Me                                   Stauffacher   Sue              860
Somebody's Brother                                 Nye           Naomi Shihab
Someday                                            Thal          Lilli            900
Somehow Tenderness Survives: Stories Of Southern
Africa                                             Cheng         Andrea           600
Someone Dies, Someone Lives                        Myracle       Lauren           680
Someone Is Hiding On Alcatraz Island               Bechard       Margaret         500
Someone Named Eva                                  Hunter        Erin             890
Someone Was Watching                               Meyer         Kai              840
Someone's Mother Is Missing                        Jaramillo     Ann              650
Something About America                            Shusterman    Neal             760
Something For Joey                                 Shusterman    Neal             710
Something Out Of Nothing: Marie Curie And
Radium                                             McCutcheon    Marc             1020
Something Special Horse, The                       Richards      Justin           780
Something To Blog About                            Reilly        Matthew          930
Something To Sing About                            Carbone       Elisa            820
Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name                   Schlosser     Eric             1110
Somewhere Between Life And Death                   Wilson        Jacqueline       670
Somewhere In The Darkness                          Menchu        Rigoberta        860
Son Of Interflux                                   Nicholson     William          750
Son Of The Black Stallion                          Hautman       Pete             730
Sondok, Princess Of The Moon And Stars             Haber         Melissa Glenn    840
Song And Poem By Jewel (Anthology), A              Stone         Jeff             700
Song Of Sampo Lake                                 Stone         Jeff             700
Song Of The Gargoyle                               Shaw          Marilyn Bishop   870
Song Of The Magdalene                              Carman        Patrick          910
Song Of The Molimo, The                            Miles         Victoria         1150
Song Of The Sea                                    Horowitz      Anthony          680
Song Of The Sparrow                                Brooke        Lauren           960
Song Of The Wanderer                               Nolan         Han              950
Song Quest                                         Sheth         Kashmira         740
Songhay Empire, The                                Trueit        Trudi Strain     1060
Songs Of Power                                     Masters       Nancy Robinson   1210
Sons From Afar                                     McCaffrey     Laura Williams   620
Sons Of Destiny (Cirque Du Freak)                  Whittenberg   Allison          590
Sons Of Liberty                                    Brugman       Alyssa           640
Soon Be Free                                       Namioka       Lensey           790
Sooner                                             Durbin        William          770
Sooner Or Later                                    Ford          Christine        810
Sophie (Rushton)                                   Marino        Peter            820
Sophie Pitt-Turnbull Discovers America             Carter        Alden R.         640
Sophisticated Ladies: The Great Women Of Jazz       Stanley         Diane               950
Sorcerer King, The                                  Houston         Julian              990
Sorcerer Of The North, The                          Rubalcaba       Jill                650
Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (Raven Hill)             Springer        Nancy               850

Sorcery & Cecelia Or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot    Choyce          Lesley              570
Sorrel (In The Shadow Of The Bear)                  Brouwer         Sigmund             560
Sort Of Forever                                     Walsh           Ann                 600
SOS Titanic                                         Gaetz           Dayle Campbell      540
Soul Eater                                          Horowitz        Anthony             570
Soul Moon Soup                                      Horowitz        Anthony             620
Soul Searching                                      Kuijer          Guus                530

Soul Searching: A Girl's Guide To Finding Herself   Lord            Cynthia             780
Soul Stealer                                        Walters         Eric                610
Soul Surfer                                         Blake           Emily               730
Soulfire                                            Blake           Emily               680
Sound Of Flutes (Anthology), The                    Papademetriou   Lisa                650
Sound The Jubilee                                   Anderson        Jodi Lynn           810
Sounder                                             Armistead       John                700
South Africa                                        Brouwer         Sigmund             530
South Africa (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                             Spafford-Fitz   Karen               520
South Africa (Modern Nations Of The World)          Butcher         Kristin             650
South Africa In Pictures (2nd Edition)              Bruchac         Joseph              760
South Africa In Pictures (c.1988)                   Abrahams        Peter               650
South Africa: Worldfocus                            Acampora        Paul                650
South By Southeast                                  St. Anthony     Jane                720
South Carolina (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                             DuPrau          Jeanne              760
South Carolina (America The Beautiful, Third
Series)                                             Augustin        Byron               1030
South Carolina (One Nation)                         King            David C.            1070
South Dakota                                        Hintz           Martin              1040
South Dakota (America The Beautiful, Second
Series)                                             Heinrichs       Ann                 900
South Dakota (One Nation)                           Hintz           Martin              1070
South Korea (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                             Blauer          Ettagale            990
South Korea In Pictures (2nd Edition)               Lisle           Janet Taylor        790
South Korea In Pictures (c.1989)                    Sedgwick        Marcus              690

South Korea: Economically Developing Countries      Murdock         Catherine Gilbert   990
Southern Coast Missions In California               Bruchac         Joseph              950
Space And Underwater                                Abbott          Tony                670
Space Challenger: The Story Of Guion Bluford        Russell         Christopher         890
Space Demons                                        Meehl           Brian               770
Space Disasters                                     Simmons         Michael             730
Space Exploration (Anthology)                       Thimmesh        Catherine           1060
Space Pirates, The                                  Garcia          Laura Gallego       770
Space Race (Cornerstones Of Freedom, Second
Series), The                                           Sandler          Martin W.         1240
Space Rocks                                            Cooper           Susan             1010
Space Shuttle                                          Young            Steve             650
Space Shuttle (Fast Forward)                           Halls            Kelly Milner      1160
Space Station Science: Life In Free Fall               Esckilsen        Erik E.           950
Space Station Seventh Grade                            Cooney           Caroline B.       790
Spacer And Rat                                         Langrish         Katherine         730
Spaghetti (Anthology)                                  Langrish         Katherine         680
Spain (Enchantment Of The World)                       Kerr             M. E.             810
Spain (Modern Nations Of The World)                    Ray              Delia             960
Spain In Pictures ( 2nd.ed.)                           Peters           Julie Anne        470
Spain In Pictures (c.1995)                             Bausum           Ann               1090
Spain: Modern Industrial World                         Mlynowski        Sarah             610
Spanish Hoof                                           Fisher           Catherine         670
Spare Parts For People                                 Durrant          Lynda             760
Sparrow Hawk Red                                       Codell           Esme Raji         960
Sparrow: A Novel                                       Fradin           Dennis Brindell   1130
Sparrows In The Scullery                               Peck             Richard           780
Special Fate:Chiune Sugihara: Hero Of The
Holocaust, A                                           Alegria          Malin             690
Specter From The Magician's Museum, The                Herrera          Juan Felipe
Speed Of Light                                         Patterson        James             660
Speed Show: How NASCAR Won The Heart Of
America                                                Cabot            Meg               870
Speeding Bullet                                        Cabot            Meg               800
Spell Book Of Listen Taylor, The                       Havill           Juanita           710
Spell Of The Sorcerer's Skull, The                     Curry            Jane Louise       1020
Spell Of The Yukon, The                                Ketchum          Liza              550
Spell Pressure!                                        Mlynowski        Sarah             640
Spellbinder: The Life Of Harry Houdini                 Howe             James             910
Spelldown                                              Flanagan         John              870
Spellfall                                              Colfer           Eoin              620
Spells & Sleeping Bags                                 Sloan            Christopher       1090
Spellsinger                                            Fisher           Catherine         650
Spellspam (Worldweavers)                               Platt            Richard           1100
Sphere Of Secrets, The                                 Matthews         John              1300
Spider Sapphire Mystery, The                           Freedman         Russell           1110
Spider Sparrow                                         Sullivan         George            1050
Spiders In The Hairdo: Modern Urban Legends            Harlow           Joan Hiatt        670
Spider's Web, The                                      Kimmel           Elizabeth Cody    770
Spies And Special Forces!: True Stories Of Intrigue,
Courage, And Camouflage                                Naidoo           Beverley          710
Spike It!                                              Kidd             Ronald            740
Spike Lee: On His Own Terms                            MacHale          D. J.             660
Spin The Bottle                                        Goldenberg       Linda             1100
Spindrift                                              Stott            Carole            1000
Spiral                                                 Abouzeid         Chris             820
Spirit Horse                                           Voake            Steve             980
Spirit House, The                                      Glass            Linzi             930
Spirit Line, The                                       Buckley-Archer   Linda             960
Spirit Of 1776, The                                    Ritter           John H.           750
Spirit Of Endurance                     Ives           David           930
Spirit Seeker                           Brockmeier     Kevin           960
Spirit Walker                           Doeden         Matt            960
Spirits And Spells                      Fletcher       Susan           760
Spirits Of The High Mesa                Paulsen        Gary            950
Spite Fences                            Mass           Wendy           810
Spitting Cobras Of Africa, The          Karwoski       Gail Langer     1060
Spitting Image                          Shecter        Vicky Alvear    900
Splat!                                  Marston        Elsa            760
Split Second, The                       Dash           Joan            1200
Spoiled Rotten (Gaetz)                  Wittlinger     Ellen           750
Sporting Chance: Sports And Gender, A   Simmons        Michael         820
Sports Bloopers                         Cabot          Meg             970
Sports Cars                             Myers          Walter Dean     1130
Sports Great Barry Sanders              Shinn          Sharon          920
Sports Great Bobby Bonilla              Carson         Mary Kay        1040
Sports Great Cal Ripken, Jr.            Krishnaswami   Uma             770
Sports Great Charles Barkley            Dhami          Narinder        660
Sports Great David Robinson             Delaney        Joseph          840
Sports Great Hakeem Olajuwon            Paulsen        Gary            780
Sports Great Jerry Rice                 Shinn          Sharon          860
Sports Great Jim Abbott                 Grant          K. M.           860
Sports Great Joe Montana                Oppenheim      Joanne          1040
Sports Great John Elway                 Cushman        Karen           750
Sports Great Kirby Puckett              Avi                            730
Sports Great Larry Bird                 Rorby          Ginny           870
Sports Great Michael Jordan             Leavitt        Martine         810
Sports Great Nolan Ryan                 Horowitz       Anthony         680
Sports Great Orel Hershiser             Kogler         Jennifer Anne   840
Sports Shorts                           Tchana         Katrin Hyman    890
Sports Technology                       Barry          Dave            780
Spotting The Leopard                    Bell           Hilari          900
Spring Paint (Anthology)                Bell           Hilari          930
Spring Pearl: The Last Flower           Collins        Thomas M.       1090
Spring Tone, The                        Streissguth    Tom             1070
Spy                                     Zuehlke        Jeffrey         1030
Spy Goddess: Live And Let Shop          Stewart        Whitney         1010
Spy Goddess: To Hawaii, With Love       Finkelstein    Norman H.       1130
Spy Planes                              Hamilton       Janice          1100
Spy Who Came In From The Sea, The       Sexton         Colleen         1010
Spy!                                    Donovan        Sandy           1030
Spyhole Secrets                         Behnke         Alison          1120
Spying Game, The                        Roberts        Jeremy          1000
Spying On Miss Muller                   Lazo           Caroline        1090
Squashed                                Guernsey       JoAnn Bren      1050
Squeeze Play                            Butts          Ellen R.        1090
Squire                                  Landau         Elaine          990
Squire, His Knight, & His Lady, The     Fleischman     Sid             940
Squire's Tale, The                      Glatshteyn     Yankev          720
Sri Lanka In Pictures (c.1989)          Fardell        John            880
St. Louis Rams                          Jones          Kimberly K.     790
St. Petersburg                          Valentine      James           730
Stable Farewell                                  Shahan        Sherry         650
Stable Groom                                     Woodworth     Chris          720
Stable Hearts                                    Higson        Charlie        830
Stacey And The Boyfriend Trap                    Zalben        Jane Breskin   1150
Stacey vs. Claudia                               Grant         Vicki          760
Stacey's Problem                                 Valentine     James          730
Staircase, The                                   Gardner       Graham         690
Stan Lee: Comic Book Genius                      Feinstein     John           760
Stand Tall                                       Coleman       Janet Wyman    990
Standard Hero Behavior                           Nix           Garth          1020
Standardbred Horse, The                          Rose          Malcolm        770
Standing Against The Wind                        Rose          Malcolm        760
Standing Tall                                    Richards      Justin         800
Standing Tall: Unusually Tall People             Higson        Charlie        900
Standing Up To Mr. O.                            Lasky         Kathryn        750
Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time                    Fitzgerald    Dawn           980
Star Fisher, The                                 McKinley      Robin          1110
Star In The Storm                                Mah           Adeline Yen    850
Star Of Kazan, The                               Halam         Ann            750
Star Of Luis                                     Myers         Anna           790
Star Of Shadowbrook Farm                         Grunwell      Jeanne Marie   760
Star Split                                       Rose          Malcolm        770
Star Wars: Legacy Of The Jedi                    McCormick     Patricia       1010
Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Vehicles And
Vessels                                          Sonnenblick   Jordan         930
Starclimber                                      Bobrick       Benson         1130
Starcross                                        Hartnett      Sonya          740
Starfall                                         Fitzgerald    Dawn           950
Stargazer                                        Schlitz       Laura Amy      690
Starlight (Warriors: The New Prophecy)           Koss          Amy Goldman    760
Starlight Christmas                              Firth         Rachel         960
Starplace, The                                   Davis         Sampson        860
Stars & Planets (Stott)                          Spillebeen    Geert          820
Stars From Mars, The                             Vaught        Susan          720
Stars: A New Way To See Them, The                Roberts       Laura Peyton   740
Startled By His Furry Shorts                     Schumacher    Julie          680
States Of Ethiopia                               Nimmo         Jenny          720
Statue Of Liberty (Building America), The        Lasky         Kathryn        760
Statue Of Liberty, The                           Polzer        Tim            1240
Statue Walks At Night                            Hale          Shannon        860
Stay True: Short Stories For Strong Girls        Molloy        Michael        1010
Staying Strong: Real-Life Stories About Teens
(Sprint)                                         Schumacher    Julie          630
Steal Away Home                                  Cabot         Meg            860
Steal Away To Freedom                            Williams      Dar            790
Stealing Freedom                                 Baccalario    Pierdomenico   630
Stealing Home: The Story Of Jackie Robinson      Denenberg     Barry          990
Stealing South: A Story Of The Underground
Railroad                                         Paterson      Katherine      810
Stealing Thunder                                 Krull         Kathleen       1080
Steam Engine, The                                Reeve         Philip         1170
Steel Drumming At The Apollo                     Madden        John           1150
Steel Town Rock And Roll                        Pfeffer                Susan Beth        770
Steel Trapp: The Challenge                      Smelcer                John              1100
Stefan's Story                                  Collier                Kristi            620
Stegosaurus And Other Jurassic Plant-Eaters     Freedman               Russell           1270
Steinbeck's Ghost                               Hale                   Shannon           800
Stella Stands Alone                             Roy                    Jennifer          710
Stephen Hawking (A&E Biography)                 Bryant                 Jen               1160
Stephen King                                    Love                   D. Anne           860
Steps Up The Chimney, The                       Demi                                     1060
Steps, The                                      Nemeth                 Sally             800
Sterling's Second Chance                        Levine                 Gail Carson       590
Steve Young: Complete Quarterback               Auch                   Mary Jane         710
Steven Spielberg (Powers)                       Skurzynski             Gloria            870
Steven Spielberg: Master Storyteller            Russon                 Penni             800
Stick And Whittle                               Resau                  Laura             750
Stick Insects: Masters Of Defense               Roberts                Katherine         870
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers      Schanback              Mindy             680
Still Crazy For Horses                          Hemingway              Edith Morris      930
Still More Tales For The Midnight Hour          Lupica                 Mike              790
Still More Two-Minute Mysteries                 Krisher                Trudy             890
Still The Greatest: Muhammad Ali/Rigoberta
Menchu: The Voice Of Her People                 Gwaltney               Doris             680
Sting Of The Scorpion, The                      Cornish                D.M.              970
Stink Alley                                     Skelton                Matthew           870
Stinker From Space                              Hunter                 Erin              830
Stitch in Time, A                               Miller                 Kirsten           890
Stock Car Racing                                Colfer                 Eoin              740
Stock Cars                                      Almond                 David             490
Stolen                                          Lester                 Julius            870
Stolen Affections                               Zullo                  Allan             820
Stolen By The Sea                               Friend                 Natasha           550
Stolen Children                                 Matthews               L. S.             910
Stolen Kiss, The                                Shafer                 Audrey            790
Stolen Life, A                                  Mass                   Wendy             770
Stomp Your Feet To The Latin Beat (Anthology)   Larson                 Kirby             700
Stone Age Farmers Beside The Sea: Scotland's
Prehistoric Village Of Skara Brae               Allen                  Thomas            1120
Stone Age News (Anthology), The                 Zullo                  Allan             770
Stone Goddess, The                              Zullo                  Allan             780
Stone in My Hand, A                             Smith                  Roland            720
Stone Light, The                                Snicket                Lemony            1370
Stone Pony, The                                 Shreve                 Susan             950
Stone Soup Book Of Friendship Stories, The      Le Guin                Ursula K.         890
Stone Water                                     Scholastic Editorial                     1100
Stoneheart                                      Canfield               Jack              1050
Stonehenge: Mystery Unsolved?                   Dokey                  Cameron           760
Stones In Water                                 Croggon                Alison            920
Stonewalkers, The                               Clements               Andrew            770
Stonewall                                       Shan                   Darren            840
Stonewolf                                       Shan                   Darren            790
Stop In The Name Of Pants!                      Nuzum                  K.A.              790
Stories For Children                            Giff                   Patricia Reilly   740
Stories From El Barrio                            Hahn             Mary Downing        710
Stories In Stone: Rock Art Pictures By Early
Americans                                         Atwater-Rhodes   Amelia             870
Stories In Stone: The World Of Animal Fossils     Patent           Dorothy Hinshaw 1120
Stories Of Mummies And The Living Dead            Govenar          Alan               930
Storm At The Edge Of Time                         Morris           Gerald             840
Storm Chaser: Into The Eye Of A Hurricane         Meyer            L. A.             1040
Storm Chasers (Watts Library)                     Ellis            Deborah            800
Storm Over Venezuela                              Montgomery       Sy                 830
Storm Runners                                     Curlee           Lynn              1200
Storm Thief                                       McPherson                           880
                                                                   Stephanie Sammartino
Storm Warriors                                    Streissguth      Tom                940
Storm Without Rain, A                             Havelin          Kate               970
Storm: The Ghost Machine                          Andryszewski     Tricia            1320
Storm: The Infinity Code                          Elliott          L.M.               810
Storm-A-Dust (Anthology)                          Bell             Hilari             720
Stormbreaker                                      Spradlin         Michael P.         730
Stormwitch                                        Pow              Tom                850
Stormy                                            Zahn             Timothy            830
Story Girl                                        Bruchac          Joseph             880
Story Of Courage, Bravery, Strength, And
Heroism...(Anthology), A                          Bruchac          Joseph              870
Story Of George Washington Carver, The            Ferguson         Alane               800
Story Of Rachel Carson And The Environmental
Movement, The                                     Ellis            Deborah             800
Story Of Team USA                                 Brown            Don                 830
Story Of The Amulet                               Trout            Richard             910
Story Of The Challenger Disaster, The             Heinrichs        Ann                 940
Story Of The Horse, The                           Blashfield       Jean F.             980
Story Of The London Bridge, The                   Kent             Deborah             1020
Story Of The Trapp Family Singers, The            Kras             Sara Louise         920
Story Painter: The Life Of Jacob Lawrence         Kummer           Patricia K.         960
Story Time                                        Stein            R. Conrad           940
Storyteller                                       Dramer           Kim                 970
Storyteller's Beads, The                          Van Draanen      Wendelin            740
Storyteller's Daughter, The                       McCaughrean      Geraldine           930
Stowaway                                          Haddix           Margaret Peterson   810
Stowaway Solution, The (On the Run)               Bloor            Edward              640
Stowaway, The                                     McCaughrean      Geraldine           830
Straight Along A Crooked Road                     Hamilton         Bethany             960
Stranded                                          Wooding          Chris               800
Stranded                                          Ferguson         Alane               770
Strange And Wonderful Aircraft                    Napoli           Donna Jo            600
Strange Attractors                                Shusterman       Neal                860
Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, The      Soto             Gary                800
Strange Case Of The Reluctant Partners, The       Timberlake       Amy                 830
Strange Invaders                                  Durrant          Lynda               690

Strange Life Of Undersea Vents, The (Anthology)   Walker           Paul Robert         1170
Strange Memories                                  Frost            Helen               730
Strange Message In The Parchment, The             Allison          Jennifer            960
Strange Night Writing Of Jessamine Coulter, The      Osborne         Mary Pope      760
Strange Objects                                      Soto            Gary           780
Strange Stories Of Alaska And The Yukon              Welsh           T.K.           640
Stranger At Green Knowe, A                           Hausman         Gerald         820
Stranger At The Window                               Spradlin        Michael P.     760
Stranger Here, A                                     Corder          Zizou          760
Stranger In Dadland                                  Shull           Megan          720
Stranger Next Door, The                              Papademetriou   Lisa           760
Stranger, The                                        Nixon           Joan Lowery    750
Stranger, The                                        Moses           Shelia P.      780

Strangest Stories From The Weirdest School, The      Borden          Louise         950
Stravaganza: City Of Flowers                         Jarvis          Robin          1210
Stravaganza: City Of Masks                           Jarvis          Robin          1010
Stravaganza: City Of Secrets                         Klise           Kate           690
Stravaganza: City Of Stars                           Keehn           Sally M.       950
Straw Into Gold                                      Holm            Jennifer L.    730
Stray (Anthology)                                    Pratchett       Terry          770
Strays Like Us                                       Key             Watt           720
Streams To The River, River To The Sea               Jarvis          Robin          900
Street Bikes                                         Han             Jenny          680
Street Child                                         Salisbury       Graham         610
Street Family                                        Dunmore         Helen          640
Street Luge Racing                                   Fardell         John           990
Street Magic                                         Gregory         Nan            750
Stress Point                                         Sachs           Marilyn        720
Strictest School In The World, The                   Fradin          Judith Bloom   1190
Strictly For Laughs                                  Kerr            P.B.           910
Strike Zone                                          Bennett         Holly          860
String In The Harp, A                                Bennett         Holly          890
Striped Ice Cream                                    Raven           Margot Theis   1100
Stripes of the Sidestep Wolf                         Skye            Obert          850
Strong Force                                         Immel           Mary Blair     860

Struggle For Religious Freedom In America, The       Kehret          Peg            790
Stuck In Neutral                                     De Mari         Silvana        950
Students On Strike: Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Brown,
And Me                                               Skye            Obert          860
Stuff: The Life Of A Cool Demented Dude              Montgomery      Claire         900
Stunt Performers: Living Dangerously                 Pierce          Tamora         700
Su Dongpo                                            Grey            Christopher    810
Submariners: Life In Submarines                      Auch            MJ             740
Submarines                                           Beddor          Frank          1010
Substitute, The                                      Bruchac         Joseph         900
Subtle                                               Gray            Dianne E.      990
Subtle Knife, The                                    Barrett         Tracy          790
Sudan In Pictures (c.1988)                           Wolfson         Jill           740
Sudden Change Of Family, A                           Whiteman        Dorit Bader    830
Sudden Impact                                        Winterson       Jeanette       850
Suds                                                 Kantor          Melissa        850
Suite Scarlett                                       Bell            Hilari         1010
Summer Ball                                 Steer         Dugald A.        910
Summer Day, A                               Chima         Cinda Williams   730
Summer Girl                                 Carter        Ally             1000
Summer Girls                                Enthoven      Sam              800
Summer Horse                                Smith         D. James         950
Summer I Turned Pretty, The                 Bunting       Eve              580
Summer King, The                            Sanchez       Alex             690
Summer Of Fire: Yellowstone 1988            Fleming       Thomas           1080
Summer Of Kings, A                          Hill          Kirkpatrick      850
Summer Of My German Soldier                 Kadohata      Cynthia          730
Summer Of The Monkeys                       Heneghan      James            750
Summer Of The Swans (Anthology), The        Grant         Vicki            500
Summer Of The Swans, The                    Withers       Pam              650
Summer On Wheels                            Bossley       Michele Martin   620
Summer Promise                              Young         Diane            560
Summer Rider                                Kirkpatrick   Katherine        1050
Summer Sherman Loved Me, The                McCaughrean   Geraldine        850
Summer Soldiers                             Reef          Catherine        1130
Summer Song                                 Gourley       Catherine        850
Summer Stargazing                           Couloumbis    Audrey           850
Summer Switch                               Regan         Dian Curtis      840
Summer To Die, A                            Madden        Kerry            950
Summer Without Horses, A                    Shusterman    Neal             900
Summerland                                  Lyon          Steve            640
Summer's End                                Patneaude     David            600
Summoning, The                              Van Draanen   Wendelin         850
Summoning, The (Sisters Of Isis)            Rodowsky      Colby            1020
Sumo Wrestling                              Hoffman       Mary             890
Sun (Watts Library), The                    Ashby         John             830
Sun And Moon, Ice And Snow                  Cindrich      Lisa             710
Sunburned Prayer, A                         Gordon        Amy              770
Sunchaser's Quest                           Buffie        Margaret         670
Sunita Experiment, The / The Not-So-Star-
Spangled Life Of Sunita Sen                 Mowll         Joshua           830
Sunjata: Warrior King Of Mali               Siegel        Siena Cherson    610
Sunny                                       Wright        Randall          680
Sunny: Diary Two                            Zullo         Allan            970
Sunset (Warriors: The New Prophecy)         Hoffman       Mary             900
Sunwing                                     White         Steve            990
Super Bike                                  Fine          Jil              960
Super Bikes                                 Somervill     Barbara A.       930
Super Bowl Switch: I Was Dan Marino         White         Steve            1000
Super Jobs In Comic Books                   Weintraub     Aileen           970
Super Sport Trucks                          Abraham       Philip           890
Super Sports Cars                           Fine          Jil              990
Super Stock Rookie                          Shea          Therese          940
Super Structures                            Levy          Janey            830
Super Trucks                                Buckman       Virginia         900
Supercouple                                 Buckman       Virginia         980
Supercroc and the Origin of Crocodiles      Hama          Larry            900
Superior Saturday                           Mattern       Joanne           950
Supernaturalist, The                        Levy          Janey            870
Superpower: 1959-1982                                  Otfinoski           Steven             1130
Superpuppy: How To Choose, Raise, And Train The
Best Possible Dog For You                              Selznick            Brian              820
Supreme Court Of The United States, The                Zinnen              Linda              720
Sure Fire                                              Pearson             Ridley             640
Sure Thing?: Sports And Gambling, A                    Velmans             Hester             710
Surfing                                                Smith               Jeff
Surfing Corpse, The                                    San Souci           Robert D.          910
Surgeon (Dress Through The Ages)                       Auerbacher          Inge               950
Surgical Technician                                    Krulik              Nancy              640
Surprise Party (Sachs)                                 Brown               Susan Taylor
Surrender At Appomattox, The                           Charlton-Trujillo   E.E.               690
Surrender At Yorktown, The                             Codell              Esme Raji          860
Surrender Tree, The                                    Coombs              Kate               700
Survival (Remnants)                                    Ellis               Deborah            760
Survival In The Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary Of
Grace Edwards                                          Ellis               Sarah              620
Survival Of The Fittest                                McKay               Hilary             850
Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083                  Paver               Michelle           710

Surviving Hitler: A Boy In The Nazi Death Camps        Pearsall            Shelley          1000
Surviving Sharks (Zullo)                               Tolan               Stephanie S.      910
Surviving The Applewhites                              Woodworth           Chris             630
Survivor                                               Bogaert             Harmen Meyndertsz van

Survivors: True Stories Of Children In The Holocaust   Zoehfeld            Kathleen Weidner   1240
Susannah                                               Maestro             Betsy              1060
Susannah (Hickman)                                     Dalby               Elizabeth          1150
Suspicion, The                                         Vogel               Carole G.          1080
Suth's Story                                           Vogel               Carole G.          1090
Swahili For Beginners                                  Vogel               Carole G.          1080
Swamp (Survival!)                                      Vogel               Carole G.          1150
Swampland                                              Mourlevat           Jean-Claude        620
Swan Kingdom, The                                      Paver               Michelle           660
Swan Maiden, The                                       Walters             Eric               640
SWAT Teams                                             Tingle              Rebecca            930
Swear To Howdy                                         DeSaix              Deborah Durland    830
Sweden                                                 Hostetter           Joyce Moyer        780
Sweden (Modern Nations Of The World)                   Ditchfield          Christin           940
Sweden In Pictures (c.1990)                            Behnke              Alison             980
Sweeping Pittsburgh Clean (Anthology)                  Lesinski            Jeanne M.          1030
Sweet And Sour: Tales From China                       Goldstein           Margaret J.        1010
Sweet Bells Jangled Out Of Tune                        Krohn               Katherine          940
Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge                         Kerns               Ann                960
Sweet Sixteen Princess                                 Halls               Kelly Milner       1150
Sweet Thang                                            Hoobler             Dorothy            800
Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely
Lost It, The                                           Keehn               Sally M.           770
Sweetly Sings The Donkey                               Hunter              Erin               840
Swift Rivers                                           Wrede               Patricia C.        1090
Swiftly Tilting Planet, A                              Meyer               Kai                890
Swimming And Diving                                    Cabot               Meg                960
Swimming For The Gold (Anthology)                 Laird        Elizabeth          830
Swimming Upstream: Middle School Poems            Updale       Eleanor            880
Swindle                                           Kimmel       Elizabeth Cody     860
Swindler's Treasure                               Fiedler      Lisa               910
Swiped                                            Bonk         John J.            810
Swiss Mist                                        Cabot        Meg                1200
Swiss Secrets                                     Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   890
Switch, The                                       Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   850
Switchers                                         Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   870
Switching Well                                    Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   810
Switzerland (Enchantment Of The World)            Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   860
Switzerland In Pictures (c.1996)                  White        Steve              1000
Sword                                             De Palma     Toni               840
Sword And The Circle, The                         Kessler      Cristina           990
Sword Of Bedwyr                                   Cooney       Caroline B.        760
Sword Of The Rightful King: A Novel Of King
Arthur                                            Marillier    Juliet             770
Sword Of The Samurai: Adventure Stories From
Japan                                             Delaney      Joseph             850
Sword Of Waters                                   Dahl         Lesley             860
Swords For Hire                                   Torrey       Michele            850
Sworn Enemies                                     Johnston     Julie              740
Sydney                                            Hoffman      Alice              730
Sydney, Herself                                   Nelson       Theresa            750
Sydney, Invincible                                Hoffman      Alice              750
Sylvia Earle: Guardian Of The Sea                 Druitt       Tobias             760
Symphony Weekend                                  Aykroyd      Clarissa           1190
Syria in Pictures (2nd edition)                   Gorman       Carol              660
Syria In Pictures (c.1990)                        Rinaldi      Ann                740
T4: A Novel In Verse                              Jacques      Brian              900
Tadpole                                           Hart         J.V.               1020
Tae Kwon Do                                       Wilce        Ysabeau S.         910
Tae's Sonata                                      Bonk         John J.            730
Tagged For Terror                                 Martini      Clem               900
Taggerung                                         Pratchett    Terry              610
Taiga (Biomes Of The World)                       Pratchett    Terry              660
Taiwan (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                           Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   830
Taiwan In Pictures (c.1989)                       Naylor       Phyllis Reynolds   750
Taj Mahal, The                                    Rinaldi      Ann                690
Take A Chance, Gramps!                            Collins      Pat Lowery         930
Take A Hike!                                      Couloumbis   Audrey             720
Take A Walk In Their Shoes                        Lester       Julius             890
Take To The Sky                                   Fisher       Catherine          620
Taken                                             Cheaney      J.B.               860
Takeoffs And Landings                             Wulf         Linda Press        810
Taking Care Of Terrific                           Harvey       Gill               750
Taking Chances                                    Orenstein    Denise Gosliner    1050
Taking Hold: My Journey Into Blindness            Hama         Larry              940
Taking Liberty: The Story Of Oney Judge, George
Washington's Runaway Slave                        Beller       Susan Provost      1150
Taking Responsibility                             Mallin       Jay                960
Taking Sides                                    Winget      Mary             940
Taking Terri Mueller                            Burns       Loree Griffin    1200
Taking Up Arms                                  Lupica      Mike             910
Tale Of Gold, A                                 Kinney      Jeff
Talent                                          Tarshis     Lauren           830
Tales For The Midnight Hour                     Laskas      Gretchen Moran   850
Tales For The Seventh Day                       Beam        Matt             730
Tales From Beyond                               Myers       Anna             760
Tales From Outer Suburbia                       Luddy       Karon            880
Tales From Shakespeare (Packer)                 Schreiber   Ellen            760
Tales Mummies Tell                              Levine      Gail Carson      780
Tales Of A Korean Grandmother                   Paver       Michelle         690
Tales Of Ancient Greece                         Brennan     Herbie           730
Tales Of Animals                                Schreiber   Ellen            750
Tales Of Escape                                 Hampshire   Anthony          930
Tales Of Explorers                              Hampshire   Anthony          920
Tales Of Flying                                 Bolden      Tonya            1140
Tales Of Invention                              Druitt      Tobias           780
Tales Of King Arthur                            Soto        Gary             780
Tales Of Mystery And Terror                     Stone       Jeff             770
Tales Of Pirates                                Jones       Traci L.         780
Tales Of Railroads                              Peck        Richard          730
Tales Of Real Escape                            Schreiber   Ellen            760
Tales Of Rescue                                 Ruby        Laura            770
Tales Of Shipwreck                              Lyons       Mary E.          710
Tales Of Speed                                  Keaney      Brian            750
Tales Of Spies                                  Hechtman    Betty Jacobson   750
Tales Of The Cryptids                           Reeder      Carolyn          960
Tales Of The Trojan War                         Hampshire   Anthony          900
Talk To Me                                      MacDonald   Andy             990
Talkin' Union: The American Labor Movement      Murphy      Jim              860
Talking Bones: The Science Of Forensic
Anthropology                                    Alexander   Lloyd            820
Talking Earth, The                              Farley      Walter           830
Talking Table Mystery                           Farley      Walter           910
Talking To Dragons                              Farley      Walter           820
Talking To The Sun                              Farley      Walter           800
Tall Tale America                               Farley      Walter           860
Tall Tales                                      Matas       Carol            610
Tamarack Tree                                   Colfer      Eoin             600
Taming The Star Runner                          LaFevers    R.L.             800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers                            Hart        Alison           730
Ta-Na-E-Ka (Anthology)                          Umansky     Kaye             640
Tangerine                                       Kerley      Barbara          650
Tangled Threads: A Hmong Girl's Story           Nimmo       Jenny            860
Tangled Web                                     Brooke      Lauren           870
Tangled Web, A                                  Yee         Lisa             660
Tanglewood Tales                                Nix         Garth            940
Tanglewreck                                     Updale      Eleanor          760
Tank Of Tomorrow: Stryker (High-Tech Military
Weapons)                                        Mitchell    Todd             770
Tanzania In Pictures (c.1988)                   d'Lacey     Chris            740
Tao Of Pooh, The                                 Cooney               Caroline B.    720
Taran Wanderer                                   Benz                 Derek          910
Tarantula Scientist, The                         Morpurgo             Michael        1090
Tarantulas                                       Brooke               Lauren         890
Tarantulas On The Brain                          Brooke               Lauren         860
Tarot Says Beware                                Brooke               Lauren         890
Tarragon Island                                  McAllister           M. I.          780
Tarzan Of The Apes                               McAllister           M. I.          870
Taste Berries For Teens                          Harrison             Lisi           750
Taste For Rabbit, A                              Harrison             Lisi           810
Taste For Terror, A                              Harrison             Lisi           680
Taste Of Daylight, A                             Harrison             Lisi           730
Taste Of Salt                                    Croce                Nicholas       1090
Taste Of Smoke, A                                Sommers              Michael A.     1170
Tasting The Sky: A Palestinian Childhood         Cobb                 Allan B.       1120
T-Backs, T-Shirts, Coat, And Suit                Robinson             Matthew        1300
Teacup Full Of Roses                             Levin                Judith N.      1340
Team Moon                                        Glass                Sherri         1330
Team Picture                                     Wingate              Brian          970
Team Player, The                                 Turner               Cherie         1160
Team Skydiving                                   Galiano, Pharm. D.   Nicole         1250
Team USA 2000                                    Stair                Nancy L.       1210
Team, Yes!                                       Levy                 Janey          1030
Technical Foul (Winning Season)                  Meyer                Jared          1340
Technically, It's Not My Fault: Concrete Poems   Casil                Amy Sterling   1330
Techno Terror                                    Rosenberg            Aaron          1020
Technology                                       Meyer                Jared          1250
Tecumseh You Never Knew, The                     Roza                 Greg           1160
Teen Court: The Cheater (Anthology)              Alagna               Magdalena      1180
Teen Model Mystery, The                          O'Conner             Patricia T.    750
Teen, Inc.                                       Smith                Roland         780
Teens At War                                     Rinaldi              Ann            690
tele de Fred, La                                 Volponi              Paul           790
Telecommunications                               Metzger              Lois           720
Telephone Call (Anthology), The                  Treaster             Joseph B.      1170
Telephone, The                                   Thompson             Kate           730
Television                                       Lee                  Tanith         810
Television And Movies                            Woodson              Jacqueline     760
Television Production Assistant                  Rennison             Louise         760
Tell All The Children Our Story                  Jocelyn              Marthe         740
Tell Me Everything                               Mason                Prue           750
Tell Me This Isn't Happening!                    Lubar                David          590
Tell No One Who You Are: The Hidden Childhood
Of Régine Miller                                 Anderson             Jodi Lynn      840
Tell Them We Remember: The Story Of The
Holocaust                                        Coleman              Rowan          800
Telling Christina Goodbye                        Fredericks           Mariah         650
Telling Pool, The                                Fergus               Maureen        1200
Templar's Apprentice, A                          Sage                 Angie          1030
Ten Kings: And The Worlds They Ruled             Peck                 Dale           910
Ten Mile River                                   Mieville             China          630
Ten Miles From Winnemucca                        Pinkwater            Daniel         870
Ten Queens                                           Mead            Alice            620
Ten Things I Hate About Me                           Herrick         Steven           700
Ten Thousand Children                                Paratore        Coleen Murtagh   630

Tennessee (America The Beautiful, Second Series)     White           Ruth             820
Tennessee (One Nation)                               Flores-Galbis   Enrique          820
Tennessee Oilers                                     Stewart         Trenton Lee      840
Tennessee Walking Horse, The                         Collins         Suzanne          730
Tennis Shoes On The Trail                            Freeman         Martha           790
Tennyson                                             Torrey          Michele          840
Tent, The                                            Hunter          Erin             770
Tenth City, The                                      Riordan         Rick             630
Tequila Worm, The                                    Tetrick         Byron            1070
Terrell Davis: TD                                    Rosenbloom      Fiona            730

Terrible, Wonderful Tellin' At Hog Hammock, The      Melling         O. R.            670
Terrier (Beka Cooper)                                Smith           Jeff
Terror In The High Sierras                           Rowling         J.K.             980
Terror In The Sky                                    Haas            Jessie           650
Terror In The Stadium                                Parkinson       Siobhan          810
Terror Of The Spanish Main: Sir Henry Morgan
And His Buccaneers                                   Newton          Robert           750
Terror On Track                                      Bell            Hilari           830
Terrorist File: The Lockerbie Investigation (Crime
Solvers)                                             Aronson         Marc             1030
Terrorist, The                                       Nau             Thomas           1020
Terrors Of Nature                                    Bossley         Michele Martin   620
Terry And The Pirates                                Patneaude       David            680
Tessa                                                Barakat         Ibtisam          870
Test                                                 Hughes          Mark Peter       800
Test (Animorphs), The                                Olson           Gretchen         780
Test Pilot: Taking Chances In The Air                Tate            Eleanora E.      780
Tex                                                  Greenwood       Barbara          850
Texas (America The Beautiful, Second Series)         Hahn            Mary Downing     650
Texas (America The Beautiful, Third Series)          Jinks           Catherine        720
Texas (One Nation)                                   Bowers          Laura            780
Thailand                                             Avi                              810
Thailand (Enchantment Of The World, Second
Series)                                              Daley           Michael J.       600
Thailand In Pictures (c.1989)                        Baker           E. D.            870
Thailand In Pictures (Second Edition)                Baker           E. D.            890
Thames Doesn't Rhyme With James                      Cheshire        Simon            770
Thanks To My Mother                                  Gourse          Leslie           1000
Thanksgiving Treasure, The                           Morley          David            1140
Thanksgiving: Why We Celebrate It The Way We
Do                                                   Lourie          Peter            1040
Thar She Blows: American Whaling In The
Nineteenth Century                                   Hershey         Mary             660
That Fernhill Summer                                 Bingham         Kelly
That Girl Lucy Moon                                  Wells           Rosemary         760
That Horse Whiskey!                                  Giovanni        Nikki            920
That Man                                             Hemphill        Helen            670
That Summer                                           Skurzynski   Gloria           880
That's Science? Bad Hair Days And Other
Experiments                                           Landy        Derek            760
Theater Shoes                                         Kent         Rose             750
Theaters                                              Grant        K. M.            930
Them (Remnants)                                       Mackey       Weezie Kerr      720
Then Again, Maybe I Won't                             Aubin        Henry T.         810
Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers                         Carroll      Michael          630
Theodor Herzl: Architect Of A Nation                  Foyt         Victoria         850
Theodore Roosevelt                                    Krulik       Nancy            610

Theodore Roosevelt (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)       Nicholson    William          730
Theodore Roosevelt (Kraft)                            Newbery      Linda            770
Theodosia And The Serpents Of Chaos                   Clippinger   Carol            570
Theodosia And The Staff Of Osiris                     Lugovskaya   Nina             1000
Therapy                                               Beckhorn     Susan Williams   900

There Comes A Time: The Struggle For Civil Rights     Tolan        Stephanie S.     930
There's A Bat In Bunk Five                            Stead        Rebecca          760

There's A Dead Person Following My Sister Around      Wolf         Joan M.          820
There's A Fungus Among Us!                            Lee          Jamie            830
There's A Girl In My Hammerlock                       Nelson       Libby            1110
There's A Girl In My Hammerlock (Anthology)           Behrens      June             640

There's A Girl In My Hammerlock/Wheel Trouble         Brower       Pauline          680
There's A Hair In My Dirt! A Worm's Story             MacMillan    Dianne M.        710
These Are The Rules                                   Abbink       Emily            660
These High, Green Hills                               White        Tekla            720
Theseus: Battling The Minotaur                        Lemke        Nancy            650
They Built America (Anthology)                        McElroy      Lisa Tucker      920
They Came From Below                                  Limke        Jeff             490

They Came In Chains: The Story Of The Slave Ships Storrie          Paul D.          700
They Dance In The Sky: Native American Star
Myths                                             Jolley           Dan              640
They Had A Dream: The Civil Rights Struggle       Croall           Marie P.         570

They Led The Way: Fourteen American Women             Limke        Jeff             470
They Never Gave Up                                    Krensky      Stephen          830

They Saw The Future: Oracles, Psychics, Scientists,
Great Thinkers & Pretty Good Guessers                 Krensky      Stephen          930
They Shaped The Game                                  Krensky      Stephen          840
They Sought A New World                               Krensky      Stephen          960
Thicker Than Water                                    Krensky      Stephen          840
Thief In The Brown Van, The                           Nelson       Sara             950
Thief In The Village: And Other Stories Of
Jamaica, A                                            Winner       Cherie           880
Thief Lord, The                                       Walker       Sally M.         880
Thief Of Always, The                                  Stewart      Melissa          980
Thief Of Dreams                                       Tanaka       Shelley          940
Thief Of Hearts                                     Wiles         Deborah         750
Thief Queen's Daughter, The (The Lost Journals Of
Ven Polypheme)                                      Fienberg      Anna            740
Thief, The                                          Schlitz       Laura Amy
Thieves Of Ostia: A Roman Mystery, The              Holm          Jennifer L.
Thin Wood Walls                                     Spagenburg    Ray             1190
Things                                              Steiger       Brad            1230
Things Hoped For                                    Feinstein     John            780
Things Not Seen                                     Vaupel        Robin           920
Things That Are                                     Blos          Joan W.         1000
Thinkers                                            Yancey        Rick            840
Third Planet                                        Gutman        Dan             660
Thirteen                                            Van Draanen   Wendelin        800
Thirteen Going On Seven                             Schreiber     Ellen           800
Thirteen: 13 Tales Of Horror                        Ellsworth     Loretta         680
Thirteenth Child                                    Zimmer        Tracie Vaughn
Thirteenth Pearl, The                               Gardner       Lyn             930
This Book Is About Time                             de Guzman     Michael         560
This Book Really Sucks!                             St. John      Lauren          940
This Is Graceanne's Book                            Harrison      Lisi            820
This Is What I Did                                  MacHale       D. J.           620
This Is Who I Am                                    Abadzis       Nick
This Is Your Captain Speaking                       Coburn        Ann             930
This Land Is Your Land: The American Conservation
Movement                                            Love          D. Anne         860
This Land Was Made For You And Me: The Life
And Songs Of Woody Guthrie                          Erskine       Kathryn         640
This Place Has No Atmosphere                        Scott         Michael         890
This Same Sky: A Collection Of Poems From Around
The World                                           Meyer         Kai             840
This Time Of Darkness                               Vande Velde   Vivian          1010
Thomas                                              Harris        Christine       620
Thomas Alva Edison: Great American Inventor         Calonita      Jen             880
Thomas Alva Edison: Great Inventor                  Meyer         Kai             860
Thomas Alva Edison: Inventor And Entrepreneur       Knox          Elizabeth       850

Thomas Edison: Inventor Of The Age Of Electricity   Knox          Elizabeth       880
Thomas Jefferson                                    Howard        Amanda          760
Thomas Jefferson                                    Nicholson     Edward          810
Thomas Jefferson (Behrman)                          Howard        Amanda          840
Thomas Jefferson (Encyclopedia Of Presidents)       Howard        Amanda          820
Thomas Nast: Cartoonist And Illustrator             Gordon        Olivia          830
Thor & Loki: In The Land Of The Giants              Sitford       Mikaela         840
Thoreau At Walden                                   Elliott       Patricia        800
Thorn                                               St. Anthony   Jane            650
Thorn Ogres Of Hagwood                              Strong        Jeremy          610
Thornspell                                          Elliott       Patricia        770
Thoroughbred Horse: Born To Run, The                Smith         Sherri L.       600
Those Darn Dithers                                  Randall       David           780
Those Remarkable Women Of The American
Revolution                                          Singer        Marilyn         1110
Those Who Love The Game                             Bennett       Veronica        930
Thought Lab Of Planet Glise, The                      Fleischman    Sid                 610
Thousand Never Evers, A                               Alexander     Lloyd               650
Thousand Shades Of Blue, A                            Patterson     James               740
Threat To The Sea Otters                              Grogan        John                760
Threat Within, The                                    Oppel         Kenneth             730
Threat, The                                           Salisbury     Graham              530
Three Across                                          Heldring      Thatcher            680
Three Against The Tide                                Hart          Alison              730
Three Cups Of Tea (Adaptation)                        Bruchac       Joseph              850
Three Dog Winter                                      Yolen         Jane                850
Three Lives To Live                                   Rahlens       Holly-Jane          690
Three Mile House                                      Hampton       Wilborn             1120
Three Of Diamonds                                     Green         Tim                 800
Three Orbits Of John Glenn, The                       Deming        Sarah               730

Three Thrillers From Poe, Master Of Horror (Sprint)   Parker        Robert B.           580
Three Wishes: Palestinian And Israeli Children
Speak                                                 Porter        Tracey              930
Through Alexandra's Eyes                              Williams      Mark London         900
Through Maggie's Eyes                                 Bradley       Kimberly Brubaker   630
Through The Eyes Of Your Ancestors                    Harlow        Joan Hiatt          730
Through The Flames                                    Crocker       Nancy               820
Through The Lock                                      Selzer        Adam                980
Through The Wilderness                                Gormley       Beatrice            820
Throw A Hungry Loop                                   Friesner      Esther              910
Throwing Like A Girl                                  Miller        Sarah               890
Throwing Shadows                                      Schmidt       Gary D.             990
Throwing Stones                                       Matthews      John                1220
Thunder Cave                                          Haydon        Elizabeth           870
Thunder Falls                                         Haydon        Elizabeth           850
Thunder From the Sea                                  Rayburn       Tricia              1010
Thunder Ice                                           Hollander     John
Thunder Lake                                          Maynard       John
Thunder On The Tennessee                              Wilson        Edwin Graves
Thunder Rolling In The Mountains                      Collard III   Sneed B.            1030
Thunderbird: The High-Flying Ford                     Cheaney       J.B.                900
Thurgood Marshall, Champion Of Justice                Cabot         Meg                 850
Thurgood Marshall: Champion For Civil Rights          Goldschmidt   Judy                760
Thwonk                                                Holmes        Elizabeth           870
Tibet                                                 Goldschmidt   Judy                670
Tibet                                                 Goldschmidt   Judy                750
Tibetans                                              Stein         R. Conrad           990
Tidal Camp                                            Stein         R. Conrad           1040
Tide Knot, The                                        Salmansohn    Pete                1190
Tide Of Terror                                        Cerullo       Mary M.             1160
Tierra (origen y evolución), La                       Cerullo       Mary M.             1120
tierra de nadie, La                                   Cerullo       Mary M.             1170
Ties That Bind, The                                   Alvord        Douglas             950
Ties That Bind, Ties That Break                       Voake         Steve               1000
Tiffany's Table Manners For Teenagers                 Sinykin       Sheri Cooper        600
Tiger (Endangered Animals & Habitats), The            Godwin        Jane                540
Tiger Eyes                                            Carlson       Drew                640
Tiger In The Sky                                      Cooney        Caroline B.         750
Tiger In The Well, The                                Berman        Len                 820
Tiger Rising, The                                     Murphy        Pat                 630
Tiger Sharks                                          Konigsburg    E. L.               910
Tiger Woods                                           Meyer         L. A.               1020
Tiger Woods (People In The News)                      Bauer         Michael Gerard      890
Tiger Woods: A Biography                              Bell          Hilari              910
Tiger Woods: An American Master                       Hale          Shannon             850
Tiger Woods: Driving Force (Sprint)                   Petrucha      Stefan              820
Tiger Woods: King Of The Course                       Armstrong     Alan                750
Tiger, The (Stone)                                    Smith         Roland              750
Tiger, Tiger (Banks)                                  Easton        Kelly               610
Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright                          Prevost       Guillaume           830
Tiger's Apprentice, The                               Carman        Patrick             1030
Tiger's Eye, The Bird's Fist: A Beginner's Guide To
The Martial Arts, The                                 Crowley       Suzanne             800
Tigris And Euphrates Rivers, The                      Reeve         Philip              1000
Tikta Liktak: An Eskimo Legend                        Snyder        Zilpha Keatley      1030
Till Death Do Us Part                                 Ewing         Lynne               800
Till The Leaves Change                                Ewing         Lynne               790
Tiltawhirl John                                       Taylor        G.P.                780
Tim Allen                                             Gantos        Jack                950
Tim, Defender Of The Earth                            Littman       Sarah Darer         930
Time And Space                                        Le Guin       Ursula K.           950
Time Apart, A                                         Day           Karen               570
Time Bike, The                                        Horwood       William             1360
Time Capsule, The                                     Cullen        Lynn                790
Time Cat                                              Bruchac       Joseph              860
Time Enough For Drums                                 Flanagan      John                950
Time For Andrew: A Ghost Story                        Allison       Jennifer            990
Time For Courage: The Diary Of Kathleen Bowen,
A                                                     Madden        Kerry               940
Time Garden, The                                      Wein          Elizabeth E.        850
Time Ghost                                            Beddor        Frank               1080
Time Hackers, The                                     Ursu          Anne                970
Time Machine, The                                     Korman        Gordon              740
Time Of Fire                                          Gaiman        Neil                880
Time Of The Cranes, The                               Zullo         Allan               940
Time Out                                              Krulik        Nancy               660
Time Pieces                                           Krulik        Nancy               680
Time Shifter, The                                     Krulik        Nancy               680
Time Stops For No Mouse                               Reeve         Philip              1000
Time Thief, The                                       Brande        Robin               800
Time To Die, A                                        Bradley       Kimberly Brubaker   630
Time To Keep Silent, A                                Farmer        Nancy               710
Time To Let Go                                        Stahler Jr.   David               790

Time To Love: Stories From The Old Testament, A       Compestine    Ying Chang          740
Time Windows                                          Choldenko     Gennifer            530
Time Witches, The                                     Shanahan      Lisa                730
Time Zones                                            Fletcher      Charlie             860
Timequake                                             Taylor        Laini               920
Time's Memory                                     Hampton       Wilborn           1120
Time's Up                                         Stephenson    Lynda             820
Timmy O'Dowd And The Big Ditch                    Lasky         Kathryn           780
Timon's Tide                                      Miklowitz     Gloria D.         720
Timothy Of The Cay                                Ehrenberg     Pamela            820
Tin Grin (Anthology)                              Krulik        Nancy             640
Tina Turner                                       Leonard       Elise             520
Tipi: A Center Of Native American Life            Leonard       Elise             410
Titanic                                           Leonard       Elise             410
Titanic Crossing                                  Swanson       Julie A.          650
Titanic Journey Across The Sea, 1912, A           Whelan        Gloria            840
Titanic: The Long Night                           Whelan        Gloria            750
Titan's Curse, The                                Stein         R. Conrad         1070
                        Title                     Stein         R. Conrad         1080
To Be A Slave                                     Nelson        Blake             570
To Catch A Mugger                                 Verrillo      Erica             750
To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel             Mull          Brandon           700
To Jess, With Love And Memories                   Skye          Obert             760
To Live Again                                     Whitlock      Dean              610
To Love This Life                                 Mull          Brandon           730
To Ride The Gods' Own Stallion                    Hemingway     Edith Morris      860
To Space And Back                                 Holt          Kimberly Willis   770
To The Edge Of The World                          Purtill       C. Leigh          720
To The Pole! (Anthology)                          Park          Linda Sue         750
To The Rescue!                                    Voelkel       J&P               750
To The Summit                                     Schmatz       Pat               610
To The Top Of The World (Mora)                    Sheldon       Dyan              810

To The Top Of The World: Climbing Mount Everest   Lurie         April             820
To The Top: The Story Of Everest                  Kemp          Kristen           800
Toby Scudder, Ultimate Warrior                    Anderson      Jodi Lynn         910
Toby Wheeler, Eighth-Grade Benchwarmer            Casanova      Mary              770
Today's Technology                                Fletcher      Ralph             620
Toe Tagged                                        Sonnenblick   Jordan            840
Tokyo (Cities Of The World)                       Draper        Sharon M.         830
Tolkien                                           Hunter        Erin              830
Tom Cringle: The Pirate And The Patriot           Caldwell      Dave              1120
Tom Cruise                                        Sheldon       Dyan              790
Tomas De Torquemada: Architect Of Torture
During The Spanish Inquisition                    Applegate     Katherine
Tomb Of The Emperor, The                          Johnston      Tony              680
Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, The                  Carter        Ally              940
Tombs Of Anak, The                                Ephron        Delia             770
Tommy Nuñez                                       Gould         Emily             840
Tomorrow Code, The                                Lawrence      Michael           940
Tomorrow, The River                               Kephart       Beth              940
Tomorrowland: Ten Stories About The Future        Lawrence      Michael           1020
Tomorrow's Magic                                  Hodgkins      Fran              1140
Tomorrow's Promise                                Carson        Mary Kay          910
Tom's Midnight Garden                             Winerip       Michael           730
Toni Morrison: Great American Writer              Anderson      John David        900
Tonight, By Sea                                   Peacock       Shane             760
Toning The Sweep                                       Adkins        Jan