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					 Hammer & Nail
  City of Boise Planning & Development Services
  Summer 2007 Vol. 13, No. 3

Planning Division is Updating Ordinances

It has been ten
years since the last
                       Blueprint Boise
                       The update to the Boise City Compre-
                       hensive Plan and development codes is
                       underway! It has been 10 years since the
Comprehensive          last plan was adopted, and during that time
Plan was adopted.      Boise has added 47,000 residents, 10,700

                       new homes and over 28,000 new jobs.
                       Over the next 20 years, Boise is forecasted
                       to add 75,000 residents, 30,000 new homes
                       and 80,000 new jobs.
                       Consulting team Clarion Associates visited     Boise has added 47,000 residents, 10,700
                       in late May to interview staff, the Planning   new homes, and over 28,000 new jobs in the
                       & Zoning Commission and the Mayor and          last ten years.
 Summer                City Council to determine focus areas and
                       project expectations. They also attended       Substandard Lot Ordinance
                       a neighborhood town meeting and heard        The Substandard Lot Ordinance required
                       concerns about Boise’s future from neigh-    staff and subcommittee review one year
 2                     borhood leaders. Over the next few weeks,
 Going “Green” in                                                   after implementation by the City Council.
 Boise                 the project team will prepare a scope of     The Substandard Lot Ordinance Sub-
                       work for the first phase of the project.     committee , made up of neighborhood
 3                                                                  representatives, developers and city staff,
 Erosion Control       Subdivision Ordinance                        reconvened and worked through several
 Requirements for      The Ordinance Review Committee has concerns; including notification of neigh-
                       met three times to consider changes to bors, two-story structures, parcels with no
                       subdivision ordinance standards. The alleys, lot coverage and open space.
 4                     committee membership includes neigh-
                       borhood representatives, developers, ar- The Planning & Zoning Commission rec-
 Inspector Phone
                       chitects, and engineers as well as Council ommended approval to the City Council,
 Numbers               Member Alan Shealy and city staff from which met June 12, 2007 to hear this item.
                       PDS and Fire. Specific areas of review The City Council deferred their decision
 5                     include standards to promote product for 30 days, requesting the subcommittee
 Fire Division         diversity, open space, street connectivity, reconvene to try to come to an agreement
                       and lot design elements. Call Patricia Nils- regarding lot coverage of the units. This
 New Idaho APA
                       son, PDS Comprehensive Planning Man- item will be back on City Council’s agenda
                       ager, at 384-3830 for more information.      for a July hearing.      Continued on page 6
2   The Hammer & Nail: Summer 2007

Committee Reviews Green Building Guidelines
                    Earlier this year Mayor David Bieter formed     The committee meets twice monthly and
                    the Boise Climate Protection Advisory Com-      will present their findings to the Mayor and
                    mittee to research and provide Green Build-     City Council by the end of summer. The
                    ing Guidelines and other climate protection     committee is currently chaired by Beth
                    strategy recommendations to the Mayor and       Baird, and the Public Works Department
                    City Council. The committee’s objective is      will serve as the committee’s staff support.
                    to evaluate six overarching and interrelated    Beth welcomes your questions, comments
                    principals of Green design to assist the City   or concerns. Contact her at 384-3984.
                    in creating a sustainable built environment.
                                                                    The Principals of Green Design
                    Committee membership includes profession-       • Optimize Site Potential
                    als from the environmental science, design      •   Minimize Energy Use and Renewable
                    and development fields. One committee               Energy Strategies
                    member, Gary Christensen, brings a wealth
                                                                    •   Conserve and Protect Water
                    of information to the table as his team con-
                    structed the LEED (Leadership in Energy         •   Use Environmentally Preferable Products
                    and Environmental Design) “Platinum Certi-      •   Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality
                    fied” Banner Bank Building and has another
                                                                    •   Optimize Operations and Maintenance
                    LEED or “Green” project in the design phase
                    in Boise City.

Developing Residential Green Standards
                       The National Association of Home Build-      a national set of standards for home builders
                        ers (NAHB) and the International Code       and jurisdictions wishing to adopt “above-
                           Council (ICC) have announced the         code” practices as it relates to “green” con-
                                   creation of the Consensus        struction practices. “Above code” in this
                                   Committee on National            case means more stringent requirements
                                  Green Building Standards.         than are currently found in the International
                                The committee’s ultimate goal       Energy Conservation Code and other build-
                             is to develop and publish an           ing codes.
                         American National Standards Institute
                                                                    Green Building Resources
                    (ANSI) approved standard. The full list of
                                                                    The ICC has also launched a new web
                    members can be found at www.nahbrc.org/
                                                                    page dedicated to green buildings. The site
                                                                    includes an ICC Green Building Survey, a
                    This is another step in the NAHB and the        Green Building Policy Position Statement
                    International Code Council’s ongoing effort     and a Green Building White Paper as well
                    to develop and publish a residential green      as related links. The page is located at www.
                    building standard. The effort will result in    iccsafe.org/green.
3   The Hammer & Nail: Summer 2007

 Demolitions Require Erosion Control Permits
The Construction Site Erosion Control Ordinance (Boise Municipal
Code 8-17) addresses demolition projects as land disturbing activities
requiring permits. The following categories determine the erosion
and sediment control permit and information from the applicant for
demolition permits that is required.
1. Single Family Homes and Duplexes: A general ESC permit will
   be issued with an attached set of conditions that lists the ESC
2. Apartment Complexes/Multiple Home Developments/Commercial
   Sites: An ESC Plan is required; an Erosion permit will be issued
   upon approval of the ESC plan.
Waiver Requests
An ESC plan requirements waiver can be requested if the owner or 3. Swales or other areas that transport con-
contractor feels that the extent of the demolition work is minimal.         centrated flow will be stabilized with an
The waiver request must be submitted in writing in lieu of the ESC          approved BMP.
plan and will be reviewed by Erosion staff. If approved, a permit
will still be issued, but no plan will be required. The permit fee and Final Inspection Required
waiver fee will then be assessed.                                      Demolition contractors are also required to
                                                                       have a final ESC inspection in conjunction
Final Stabilization                                                    with their final BLD or demo inspection. The
Final stabilization is a permit condition on all demolition projects. Erosion inspector will visit the site to ensure
This requirement is found on the second page of attached conditions that proper stabilization has been achieved. If
that is included with all demolition permits. It reads as follows:     the site is indeed stabilized, the ESC permit
                                                                       will be closed. If the site is unacceptable the
1. Temporary or permanent stabilization of the construction site
                                                                       contractor will be notified and appropriate
    shall be completed to the surface of all disturbed areas not ac-
                                                                       measures will be required before the permit
    tively under construction. Permanent site stabilization must occur
                                                                       is closed.
    within 30 days of removal of temporary measures unless other
    arrangements have been made with the City of Boise.                The above requirements are clearly addressed
                                                                       in the local ordinance and ESC permit con-
2. Specific stabilization recommendations may be found in the
                                                                       ditions. If you have any questions, please
    Erosion and Sediment Control field manual or in other approved
                                                                       contact Steve Webb at 794-9491.
    BMP manuals.

 Determining Mechanical Ventilation Air Flow
Q:    According to the 2003 IMC, how is the      occupant load, the net floor area of the space, or other parameters as
                                                 stated in the table. The net floor area is defined as the actual occupied
minimum outdoor air flow rate determined
                                                 area, not including unoccupied accessory areas or thicknesses of walls.
for ventilation? What role does the “occupied    The ventilation system is required to be designed to supply the required
zone” play?                                      rate of ventilation air continuously during the period the building is
A: The minimum outdoor airflow rate is de-       occupied. Although the “occupied zone” as defined by the 2003 IMC
                                                 is not used for determining outdoor airflow rates, ventilation supply
termined in accordance with 2003 IMC Table
                                                 systems are required to be designed to deliver the required outdoor
403.3 based on the occupancy of the space, the   airflow rate to the “occupied zone.”
4   The Hammer & Nail: Summer 2007

 Department Bulletins                                                       Phone Numbers
Attach Subcontractor Permits to the                                         Structural Inspection
Proper Building Permit                                                      George Slane (305)      794-6239
                                                                            Jim Storey (301)        794-9490
We’ve discovered that electrical, fire, plumbing and mechanical sub-        Tom Arcoraci (408)      794-9368
contractors are taking out online permits without attaching them to a       David Hannah (425)      794-1967
building permit. This creates problems for our permit staff, who must       Jim Sly (316)           794-9465
sort out which subcontractor permit goes with which building permit.        Tony Young (415)        794-9462
Whether you’re online or on the phone with one of our clerks, make          Michael Jordan (450)    794-9473
sure you have your job’s building permit number. If you’re working on
a building shell, your permit must be attached to the shell’s structural    Plumbing Inspection
building permit; if you’re doing a tenant improvement, your permit          Lee Rice (309)          794-9486
must be attached to the tenant improvement building permit. It is           Daryl Spivey (353)      794-9485
your responsibility to make sure your permit is attached to the correct     Jim Johnson (360)       794-9476
building permit.                                                            Bill Vandegrift (330)   794-9372
                                                                            Eric J. Strole (380)    794-9379
If you start structural construction without a subcontractor permit
attached to a structural permit, our Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical     Mechanical Inspection
Inspectors will post a Stop Work Order until the subcontractor’s permit     Alan Hauser (350)       794-9453
is attached to the correct structural permit. A $46.31 administrative fee   Dixie Fellows (411)     794-6208
will also be assessed to make the necessary changes to your permits.        Troy James (435)        794-9461

                                                                            Electrical Inspection
Building Plans for Narrow Lots
                                                                            Jim Schmer (324)        794-9423
Over the last year, an increased number of single family dwellings were     Jack Frank (315)        794-1930
constructed on infill properties with reduced setbacks due to zoning        Mike Kinnear (412)      794-1379
ordinance changes. Reducing setbacks to less than 5 feet (and at times,     Pat Lass (336)          794-9478
less than 3 feet) means that some building design changes must be           Bob Reichert (370)      794-1923
made to comply with the 2003 International Residential Code. Changes        Bill Thomas (432)       794-9492
may include requiring rated wall construction, protected eaves, and no
window or door openings.
                                                                            Fire Inspection
                                                                            Sam Rogers              395-7809
Submitted plans must include these construction details, and approved       Forrest France (410)    794-1981
plans must be provided to the job site’s construction workforce. Our        Troy Cobbley (430)      794-9483
policy now requires the contractor and/or designer to make these chang-
es to the building construction drawings before we issue the building       Erosion & Sediment Control
permit. Contact Plan Review at 384-3801 with any questions.                 Steve Webb (420)        794-9491
                                                                            Aimee Hughes (436)      794-8996
Staff Changes
                                                                            Special Projects
Planning Division                                                           Bob Archibald   (325)   794-9459
Neighborhood Planner Lance Evans is leaving the City to take a job
with Hawkins Companies. Ryan McDaniel joined our Comprehensive              Code Enforcement
Planning division as a Planner I.                                           Mike Meloy              794-9488
Design Review Analyst Gregory Johnson left to go to Nashville               Scott Brown             794-9484
and Matt Halitsky from Alaska will be joining the DR team on                Dena Gambrel            794-4052
                                                                            Carol Montgomery        794-9481
July 9th.
                                                                            Michael Garner          514-9835
Planning Analyst Angela Wood has taken a job with Idaho Power.              Joe Venneman            794-1195
5   The Hammer & Nail: Summer 2007

Fire Division Updates
Good News for Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Contractors                               should be shown. In any case, the more accurate
To speed up the permitting process, PDS/Fire will accept, review and           and complete your plans are, the more likely
issue Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Permit applications independently of            your submittal will be approved. Boise’s Fire
the Building Permit process. This means you no longer have to wait             Alarm Permit applications list the information
for the building permit to be issued before submitting sprinkler and           that should be included.
fire alarm permit applications. Caution: When sprinkler and alarm
plans are submitted prior to the “approved” building plans being               Fire Alarm Plans Designed and
reviewed and the permit issued, you are assuming some risk because             Sealed By a Professional Engineer
your sprinkler or alarm plans may not be in accordance with any                The City of Boise has agreed to follow the
changes made to the building plans after they are first submitted.             requirements issued by the Idaho State Board
                                                                               of Professional Engineers dated November 17th
                                                                               2006. That order states:
PDS/Fire will accept, review and issue Sprinkler and Fire                      1. When fire alarm plans are prepared by a
Alarm Permit applications independently of the Building                           licensee (a licensed professional engineer)
Permit process.                                                                   acting as the engineer of record the licensee
                                                                                  shall provide fire alarm system engineering
                                                                                  documents that define the design concept
                                                                                  adequate for working plan preparation by
It is your responsibility to review the approved building plans after
they are issued, to verify the occupancy group, occupant load, floor
plans and other details match the fire and sprinkler plans you have            2. The licensee shall not seal the working
submitted. Any necessary plan modifications should be resubmitted                 plans unless prepared under the respon-
as soon as possible to avoid last minute surprises when you attempt to            sibility of the licensee. A letter of review
get a final inspection.                                                           must be prepared and sealed indicating the
                                                                                  licensee’s acceptance of the working plans
Fire Alarm Designers: Please Note                                                 as being in accordance with the design con-
When submitting relatively small Tenant Improvement Fire Alarm                    cept. Such review letter must be submitted
Plans, be sure the information on the shop drawings and one line riser            with working plans to appropriate jurisdic-
diagram is accurate and complete enough to allow the plan reviewer                tional authorities and interested parties.
to verify that the system will support the proposed alterations. For
example, when initiating devices are added, the riser must indicate the        Note: We are finding that step 2 is often over-
proposed zone or SLC device address and how many other devices                 looked by fire alarm contractors. Please ensure
may be on that circuit, to verify the circuit will not be overloaded. If       that the Professional Engineer who designed
you intend to trigger a new NAC panel from an existing FACP or NAC             the system provides the required review and
booster panel circuit, you need to field verify that a spare circuit exists.   sign-off of the shop drawings before submitting
If you intend to loop the trigger in with an existing NAC circuit, this        plans for a permit.

 New Idaho APA Chapter
The American Planning Association formally approved the creation               members, of which 63 are members of AICP,
of the Idaho Chapter, effective May 1, 2007. The Idaho Planning                and an additional 66 chapter-only members.
Association was a section of the 5-state APA Western Central Chap-             Patricia Nilsson, PDS Comprehensive Plan-
ter, and with this action has been transformed into APA Idaho. The             ning Manager, is the chapter president. For
Board is busy developing an election calendar and work program                 more information on the American Planning
for the coming year. A new website will be hosted by APA. Look for             Association, please visit their web site at
newsletters over the coming year. The chapter currently has 198 APA            www.planning.org.
6   The Hammer & Nail: Summer 2007

Planning Division Ordinance Updates
Continued from page 1
Historic Preservation Ordinance                                          Landscape Ordinance
The Historic Preservation Ordinance was heard by the Historic Pres-      Several years ago, a Landscape Ordinance
ervation Commission on June 18, 2007. The proposal completely            Subcommittee of architects, landscape
repeals the existing ordinance and replaces it with new language.        architects, and city staff was formed to cre-
The main proposed change would increase the City’s responsibility        ate a landscape ordinance. However, due to
for notifying the neighbors from adjacent properties to a 300’ radius.   staffing and workload issues, the ordinance
The ordinance provides more detailed requirements for requests           was placed on hold. The Subcommittee has
involving demolitions.                                                   reformed, and the City is hoping to have the
                                                                         ordinance to a public hearing by November.
Current ordinance language requires the Historic Preservation Com-       This ordinance amendment will consolidate
mission to find the project to be “congruous” with the Historic Dis-     existing landscaping requirements and new
trict. The proposed ordinance language has findings for alterations,     regulations into one chapter of the Zoning
demolition or relocation, change in use, and “HD” overlay zones.         Ordinance, making it easier to understand
These findings, along with the Design Guidelines for Residential         the City’s planting requirements.
Historic Districts adopted in April 2006, should assist homeowners
and developers with understanding what the Historic Preservation For information about the Substandard Lot,
Commission is looking for when reviewing projects.                   Historic Preservation or Landscape Ordi-
                                                                     nances, contact Sarah Schafer at 384-3830.

                                                                                                     Maryanne Jordan
                                                                                                     Bisterfeldt, Alan Shealy
                                                                                                     Jim Tibbs, Vernon
                                                                                                            David Eberle
                                                                                                            Council ProTem
                                                                                                                Elaine Clegg
                                                                                                      Boise City Council
                                                                                                             David H. Bieter
                                                                                                         Mayor of Boise
                                                                                                         Bruce D. Chatterton
                                                                                                            PDS Director
                                                                                                 Archibald, Sarah Schafer
                                                                                                 Marlene Southard, Bob
                                                                                                 George Slane, Tricia Nilsson
                                                                                                 Aimee Hughes, Sam Rogers
                                                                                                        Deanna L. Gutierrez
                                                                Return Service Requested
 Permit No. 533                                                                                    TDD/TTY: 800/377-3529
                                                Boise, Idaho 83701-0500
    Boise ID                                                                                       Phone: 208/384-3830
     PAID                                       P. O. Box 500
                                                                                                             Contact PDS
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