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					Creating         Create New         Create a new presentation and add the words                   1
Presentations    Presentations      "Outlander Spices" in the title area.
Creating         Create             Create a new Marketing Plan presentation from the             2
Presentations    AutoContent        AutoContent Wizard for on-screen presentation. Add the
                 Presentations      words "New Markets" in the title area and "February
                                    2003" in the footer.
Creating         Use Design         Create a new presentation using the Digital Dots design       3
Presentations    Templates to       template. Add the title "Outlander Spices" and the
                 Create             subtitle "Project Plan."
Creating         Display          Display the Outlander Spices presentation in Slide              4
Presentations    Presentations in Sorter view, Normal view, and Slide Show view.
                 Different Views
Creating         Change Views       Display the current presentation in Slide Sorter view.        5
Creating         Add Slides in      Add a new Slide 2 to the Outlander Spices presentation.       6
Presentations    Normal View
Creating         Delete Slides in   Delete Slide 7 from the Outlander Spices presentation.        7
Presentations    Slide Sorter
Creating         Use Slide          Add a new Slide 2 to the Outlander Spices presentation        8
Presentations    Layouts to         and apply the Title and 2-Column Text slide layout to
                 Design Slides      the new slide.
Creating         Use the Outline    Add a new Slide 4 to the presentation and enter               9
Presentations    Pane to Add        "Performance" in the Outline pane as the title for the
                 Text to Slides     new slide.
Creating         Copy Slides to     Copy Slide 4 of the Outlander Spices presentation to the      10
Presentations    Other              slide following Slide 1 in the Progress report.ppt file.
Creating         Add Text to        Enter "Outlander Spices" as the footer in the slide           11
Presentations    Footers            master.
Creating         Add the Current Add a date that updates automatically to the footer of           12
Presentations    Date to         all slides except the title slide.
Creating         Add Slide          Add a slide number to the footer of all slides except the     13
Presentations    Numbers to         title slide.
Creating         Delete Footers    Remove the footer area from the title slide.                   14
Presentations    from Title Slides
Inserting and    Create             Insert an outline from the Spices outline.doc file into the   15
Modifying Text   Presentations      current presentation after Slide 1.
                 Using Word
Inserting and    Add Slide Text     Enter the text "Outstanding issues" as the fourth             16
Modifying Text                      bulleted item on Slide 2.
Inserting and    Edit Existing      Replace the word "explanation" with the word                  17
Modifying Text   Text on Slides     "justification" on Slide 2.
Inserting and    Center Title       Center the title text "Outlander Spices" on Slide 2.          18
Modifying Text   Text
Inserting and    Italicize Text    Italicize the title text "Outlander spices" on Slide 2.         19
Modifying Text
Inserting and    Edit Footers      Replace the word "spices" with the word "Spices" in the         20
Modifying Text                     footer of all slides except the title slide.
Inserting and    Find and          Find all occurrences of the text "ISP" and replace with         21
Modifying Text   Replace Text in   the words "Internet Service Provider" in the
                 a Presentation    presentation.
Inserting and    Correct Spelling Use the spelling checker to change the spelling of the           22
Modifying Text   Errors           misspelled word "Asembled" to "Assembled."
Inserting and    Copy Text         Copy the format applied to the word "Exotic" on Slide 1         23
Modifying Text   Formatting        to the words "spices" (to the right of the word "Exotic"),
                                   "Gourmet," and "foods."
Inserting and    Demote Text       Demote the bulleted item "Progress-to-date" in the              24
Modifying Text                     Outline pane.
Inserting and    Create            Change the bulleted items on Slide 1 to numbered                25
Modifying Text   Numbered Lists    items.
Inserting and    Create Bulleted   Change the bullets of the bulleted items on Slide 1 to          26
Modifying Text   Lists Using       picture bullets.
                 Picture Bullets
Inserting and    Add Tables to     Insert a table with two columns and two rows on Slide           27
Modifying        Slides            2. Enter the text "Price" in the first cell of the first row,
Visual                             and enter the text "Lower than ever!" in the second cell
Elements                           of the first row.
Inserting and    Insert Graphics   Search for clip art associated with the theme                   28
Modifying        on Slides         "celebration" and insert one of the resulting clip art
Visual                             images to the right of the bulleted text on Slide 2.
Inserting and    Insert Charts on Insert a chart on the current slide. Enter "Outlander            29
Modifying        Slides           Spices" in the East cell of the Performance.ppt
Visual                            datasheet and "Competitors" in the West cell. Delete
Elements                          the third row in the datasheet. Enter the value "28.8" in
                                  cell B1 and the value "32.5" in cell B2. Delete the chart
Inserting and    Add Images to     Insert the bitmap image file payment.bmp on the                 30
Modifying        Slides            current slide.
Inserting and    Modify Chart      Change the purple slice of the pie chart on Slide 5 to          31
Modifying        Colors            display with a 50% pattern fill.
Inserting and    Format            Insert an organization chart on Slide 5. Enter "Kathy           32
Modifying        Organization      Sinclair" and "President" as two lines in the superior
Visual           Charts            shape, "Ann Salinski" and "VP Financial Services" as two
Elements                           lines in the first subordinate shape, and "Jack Thomas"
                                   and "VP Sales" as two lines in the second subordinate
                                   shape. Delete the third subordinate shape.
Inserting and    Modify            Apply the Bookend Fills diagram style to the                    33
Modifying        Organization      organization chart on Slide 5.
Visual           Charts
Inserting and   Insert an Image Search for clip art associated with the theme "success"           34
Modifying       on Every Slide  and insert one of the resulting clip art images on the
Visual                          lower-right corner of Slide 1, the master slide. Size the
Elements                        image so that it is 1.5 inches wide.
Inserting and   Insert Images      Insert the bitmap graphic file kiosk.bmp on Slide 1, the       35
Modifying       on Slide           master slide. Position the image in the upper-right
Visual          Backgrounds        corner of the slide and size the image so that it is 2.25
Elements                           inches high.
Inserting and   Add Text to        Add a text box containing the text "Outlander Spices           36
Modifying       Slides Using       grows again" to the lower-left corner of Slide 2. Change
Visual          Text Boxes         the text to 24-point bold font.
Inserting and   Modify Text in     Wrap the text in the rounded rectangle AutoShape.              37
Modifying       Text Boxes
Inserting and   Create Custom      Change the border line width to a 3-point line and apply       38
Modifying       Table Formats      the tan fill color to the cells of the table's first column.
Modifying       Apply Custom       Change the font size of the subtitle text on Slide 1 to        39
Presentation    Formats to         48-point font.
Formats         Slides
Modifying       Customize          Apply a new color scheme to all the slides in the              40
Presentation    Templates          Training.ppt presentation.
Modifying       Modify             Apply a new background color to the title slide.               41
Presentation    Individual Slide
Formats         Formats
Modifying       Apply Multiple     Apply the Blends design template to Slide 1 and the            42
Presentation    Design             Capsules design template to Slides 2 through 6.
Formats         Templates
Modifying       Animate            Apply the Dissolve in animation scheme to Slide 3.             43
Presentation    Individual
Formats         Slides
Modifying       Animate            Apply the Ascend animation scheme to Slide 2 and Slide         44
Presentation    Multiple Slides    3.
Modifying       Animate All        Apply the Fade in all animation scheme to all the slides       45
Presentation    Slides in a        in the presentation.
Formats         Presentation
Modifying       Apply              Apply the Blinds Horizontal slide transition to Slide 3.       46
Presentation    Transitions to
Formats         Individual
Modifying       Apply              Apply the Box In slide transition to Slides 2, 3, 4, and 5.    47
Presentation    Transitions to
Formats         Multiple Slides
Modifying       Apply              Apply the Box Out slide transition to all the slides in the    48
Presentation    Transitions to     presentation.
Formats         all Presentation
Modifying      Create a           Apply a custom background color (red value 204 and          49
Presentation   Custom             green value 204) to all the slides in the presentation.
Formats        Background
               Slide Color
Modifying      Remove             Remove background graphics associated with the              50
Presentation   Background         Gesture design template from all the slides in the
Formats        Graphics from      presentation.
Modifying      Create More        Insert a new slide master, Slide 3, and apply a pale blue   51
Presentation   than One Slide     background. Apply the Custom Design design template
Formats        Master             to Slides 2 through 5.
Modifying      Manage More        Rename the slide master from Blends to Presentation         52
Presentation   than One Slide     Content, delete the Edge slide master, and apply the
Formats        Master             Presentation Content design template to Slide 1, the
                                  title slide.
Modifying      Modify Slide       Change the font in the first-level bulleted paragraph of    53
Presentation   Master Text        the slide master to 32-point Futura font.
Modifying      Use Slide Show     Set the slide show to advance automatically after a two-    54
Presentation   View               second delay and then view the slide show.
Modifying      Rearrange          Move Slide 4 to follow Slide 5 in Slide Sorter view.        55
Presentation   Slides in a
Formats        Presentation
Modifying      Change Slide    Move Slide 2 to follow Slide 4 in the Outline pane.            56
Presentation   Order Using the
Formats        Outline Pane
Modifying      Apply Slide        Change the layout of Slide 2 to the Title and 2-Column      57
Presentation   Layouts            Text layout.
Modifying      Create             Add a hyperlink to the phrase "Click here to learn more     58
Presentation   Hyperlinks on      about us" on Slide 1 that links to the internet address
Formats        Slides   
Modifying      Use Action         Add a Home action button to Slide 4 to return to Slide 1    59
Presentation   Buttons to         in Slide Show view.
Formats        Navigate to
Printing       Print All Slides   Print all the slides in the Annual Meeting.ppt              60
Presentaions   in a               presentation.
Printing       Print Handouts     Print handouts for the Annual Meeting.ppt presentation      61
Presentaions   for a              that includes three slides per page.
Printing       Print Speaker      Print speaker notes pages for the Annual Meeting.ppt        62
Presentaions   Notes for a        presentation.
Printing       Print Comments Print Slide 2 and its comment page.                             63
Working with    Embed Excel      Embed the chart from the Overview.xls file, which is         64
Data from       Charts in        located in the My Documents folder, on Slide 6.
Other Sources   Presentations
Working with    Link Excel       Copy a chart from the Overview.xls workbook as a             65
Data from       Charts in        linked object onto Slide 6.
Other Sources   Presentations
Working with    Enhance          Add the audio file applause.wav, which is located in the     66
Data from       Presentations    My Documents folder, on Slide 6.
Other Sources   with Sound
Working with    Enhance          Insert a movie clip on Slide 6. Size the movie clip icon     67
Data from       Presentations    so that it is 2 inches high.
Other Sources   with Video
Working with    Embed Word       Insert a table with two columns and one row in the           68
Data from       Tables in        Word document object on Slide 6. Enter the word
Other Sources   Presentations    "Celebration" in the first cell in the table.
Working with    Link Word        Insert the contents of the Word document                     69
Data from       Tables in        Celebration.doc, which is located in the My Documents
Other Sources   Presentations    folder, as a linked object on Slide 6. Replace the word
                                 "Celebration" in the first cell in the table with the word
Working with    Export Slide     Save the current file as an Outline/RTF file named           70
Data from       Text as Outlines Presentation Outline.rtf in the My Documents folder.
Other Sources
Managing and    Set             Set up the current file as a presentation that must be        71
Delivering      Presentation    advanced manually by the speaker.
Presentations   Viewing Options
Managing and    Set Transitions Set up the current file as a slide show to advance            72
Delivering      for Presentation automatically after a three-second delay using the
Presentations   Delivery         Blinds Horizontal slide transition.
Managing and    View             Run the current presentation as a slide show with            73
Delivering      Presentations    manual advancement.
Presentations   as Slide Shows
Managing and    Save             Save the current presentation, Benefits.ppt, in a new        74
Delivering      Presentations to folder named Presentations.
Presentations   New Folders
Managing and    Embed Fonts in   Save the current presentation with the fonts used to         75
Delivering      Presentations    create the presentation.
Managing and    Save             Save the current presentation as a Web Page named            76
Delivering      Presentations    Web Presentation.htm in the My Documents folder.
Presentations   as HTML Files
Managing and    Distribute       Use the Pack and Go Wizard to save and compress the          77
Delivering      Presentations    current Benefits presentation with linked files,
Presentations   Using Pack and   embedded fonts, and the PowerPoint Viewer in the My
                Go               Documents folder as two files, Pres0.ppz and
Workgroup       Route            E-mail the current presentation for review and               78
Collaboration   Presentations    automatic return to two recipients, Jill Curry and Ron
                for Review       Timmons, at the same time. Add a routing slip with the
                                 text "Please review this presentation."
Workgroup       Distribute       E-mail the current presentation for review to the e-mail   79
Collaboration   Presentations    address ""
                for Review
Workgroup       Review Changes   Merge the current presentation with the Web                80
Collaboration   Made by          sales(CT).ppt presentation, which is located in the My
                Presentation     Documents folder. Apply the same design template to
                Reviewers        the current presentation as applied to the Web
                                 sales(CT).ppt file. Review comments from the Web
                                 sales(CT).ppt file.
Workgroup       Accept Changes Apply all changes made to the current presentation.          81
Collaboration   Made by
Workgroup       Create an        Name the lobby page "Outlander Spices Web Sales            82
Collaboration   Online           Presentation" for the current presentation's online
                Broadcast        broadcast. Save the broadcast files for the presentation
                                 in "\\OutlanderSpices\Broadcasts." Invite Angela Smith,
                                 whose e-mail address is,
                                 to view the online broadcast.
Workgroup       Save             Publish the current presentation as a Web Page in the      82
Collaboration   Presentations    My Documents folder.
                for the Web

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