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					            Company                Activities              Products                 Contact Person                  E-mail               Telephone

                                                                               Albert Handal / Jean-   albert.handal@haitian‐; 
Aplus Garments S.A.              CMT            Pants, Placket shirts          Edouard Handal          jed.handal@haitian‐        +509 3-766-9320

Astro Carton d'Haiti S.A.        Cartons        Cartons                        John Park                  +509 3-701-6596
                                 and screen
Astro Embroidery S.A.            printing       Any garments                   John Park                  +509 3-701-6596

Caribbean Apparel Manufacturing CMT and full Polo shirts, briefs, childrens
S.A. (CAMSA)                    package      wear                              Clifford Apaid              +509 2-250-1076

                                 CMT and full
CODEVI                           package      Pants, t-shirts, and underwear Fernando Capellan

                                                Men suit, top coat, blazer,
DKDR HAITI S.A.                  CMT            pants                          Chun Ho Lee              +509 3-803-7230

Genesis                          CMT          T-shirt                      Gerald Apaid                   +509 3-701-7533
                                              Underwear (round neck and v-
                                 CMT and full neck t-shirts), Sportswear,
Global Manufacturers Corp.       package      printable t-shirts           Andy Apaid                          +509 3-701-3696

                                                Pants, Women's coats,
Interamerican Tailors            CMT            Uniforms                       Clifford Apaid              +509 3-701-3696

Interamerican Wovens             CMT            Uniform pants, medical gowns Michel Apaid                    +509 3-867-7790
                                 CMT and
                                 limited full
Island Apparel S.A.              package        Pants and shirts (uniforms)    Andy Ansaldi            ansaldi@island‐        +509 3-701-1700

                                                Fleece Pants and Hoods,
Johan Company                    CMT            Assorted Knits                 John Handal                      +509 3-701-5646
                                                Medical uniforms, sports wear,
                                                military pants and jackets,
Magic Sewing                     CMT            panties, shorts                Carine Bellefleur             +509 3-730-5623

                                CMT and Full
Modas Gloria Apparel (MGA) S.A. Package      Pants, Medical uniforms, skirts Fermin Park      +509 3-761-5313
                                CMT and full
                                package,     Tees, shirts, jackets, pants,
Multiwear S.A.                  design       knit tops                       Richard Coles                  +509 3-757-3435

                                 CMT and full pants, shirts, scrubs and
One World Apparel                package      uniforms                         Charles Baker              +509 3-443-0869

                                 Full Package,
Pacific Sports Haiti S.A.        CMT           T-shirts                        Rosa Lee                   +509 3-358-0663

Palm Apparel S.A                 Assembly       T-Shirts                       Alain Villard      +509 3-736-5000

Premium Apparel                  CMT            T-Shirts                       Jean-Robert Godefroy              +509 3-757-3915

Quick Response Manufacturing                    Cargo shorts, boy's pants,                   ; 
S.A.                             CMT            medical scrubs                 Wayne Cooperman                  +509 3-701-6265

Sewing International S.A. (SISA) Assembly       T-Shirts                       Alain Villard      +509 3-736-5000

Team Manufacturing S.A.          CMT            Knit tops and bottoms          Maxime Condé                 +509 3-402-9595

Textrade Manufacturing S.A.      CMT            Medical uniforms, sports wear Anthony Bouchereau       tonyb@textrade‐             +509 3-3443-3555

Will-Bes Haitian S.A.            Full Package       Knit tops and bottoms    Hui Choi Yang                   +509 -2-250-6732
                                                Placket Shirts,Men'sWear and
Haitian International Mfg Sa     CMT            Medical Uniforms             Albert Handal             albert.handal@haitian‐     +509 3-766-9320

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