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					                                                                     Policy number: 4.16
                                                                  Effective Date: 6/01/03

                          UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL

                             HOSPITAL SCRUB POLICY


          To designate areas where scrub attire is required and set guidelines for
          the issuing, distribution, and laundering of such attire.


I.        Personnel in the following departments are required to wear scrubs
          provided by the Medical Center as designated below:

                LOCATION                               SCRUB COLOR

Patient Protection: Restricted Areas Requiring a Cover Garment

          Operating Rooms (including Anesthesia)                Adobe
          Burn Center (OR)                               Adobe
          Cardiac Cath Lab                               Misty Green (Gray)
          Radiology Special Procedures                   Misty Green (Gray)
          Labor and Delivery                             Jade Green

Employee Protection: Non-Restricted Area (No Cover Garment Required)

          Oral Surgery                                   Misty Green (Gray)
          Renal Unit                                     Misty Green (Gray)
          CMS                                            Misty Green (Gray)
          NICU                                           Jade Green

II.       General Guidelines

1.        Hospital issued scrubs shall be marked “Property of LSUMC” and shall be
          laundered, maintained, distributed and issued by the Medical Center
          Laundry Service Department. (See distribution guidelines in the Laundry
          Service Department manual.)

2.        Hospital issued scrubs shall not be worn and/or taken outside the medical
          center. University police is authorized to question personnel leaving the

                                                                   Policy number: 4.16
                                                                Effective Date: 6/01/03

       facility in these scrubs. The appropriate department manager will be
       notified if any employee is seen leaving the premises and will be
       responsible for taking appropriate disciplinary action.

3.     Personnel from unauthorized departments observed wearing authorized
       scrubs should be reported to their immediate supervisor for appropriate

4.     The Medical Center does not provide scrubs for non-designated areas.
       Department directors may permit scrubs as part of the dress code;
       however, the employee will be responsible for purchasing a non-
       designated color and laundering.

5.     Non-official scrubs may be temporarily provided to staff that soil their
       uniform during working hours. (Hospital Policy 7.13) Non-LSU scrubs will
       be available through the Laundry Department for discharged patients who
       require clothing.

6.     Scrub suits are not considered personal protective attire.

III.   Requirements For Scrubs Worn In Restricted Areas Requiring A
       Cover Garment.

1.     When a staff member who works in a restricted area requiring a cover
       garment must go to another area of the facility, they must wear a cover
       garment to cover the scrubs. The garment must be buttoned and clean.
       Upon return to the restricted area, the cover garment shall be removed
       before entering. In an emergency situation scrubs may be worn outside
       the area without a cover garment, however the staff must change into
       clean scrubs before re-entering the restricted area.

2.     When a staff member from another area must enter a restricted area
       scrubs must be obtained from that area upon entering. Prior to leaving,
       scrubs shall be removed and deposited in the soiled laundry receptacle
       for that area.

                                                                    Policy number: 4.16
                                                                 Effective Date: 6/01/03

3.    Restricted scrubs will not be issued to visitors with the following

      a.     Participants during delivery in the Labor Unit.
      b.     Sponsored individuals, who for business purposes, must enter a
             restricted area (the sponsoring department is responsible for
             making appropriate arrangements for such situations.)

Reference: Association for Operating Room Nurses. Denver, CO. AORN
Standards, Recommended Practices & Guidelines for Surgical Attire. (1999).



Written: 3/00
Revised: 4/03
Approved by Clinical Board: 5/20/03

       Policy number: 4.16
    Effective Date: 6/01/03


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