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                                                        Updated Feb/2011

                                 SUMMER PROGRAMS BULLETIN
This Summer Programs Bulletin serves only as a means of circulating information received at the College & Career
Center, not as a program endorsement, and it is not a comprehensive list of all possible summer programs. Entries
are listed in alphabetical order. Some programs are highly selective, accepting only those students who meet
specific academic standards; other programs are open to those who apply and pay the fees on a first-come/first-
served basis. Some programs offer scholarships which usually have an earlier application deadline. A sample
application/brochure for each program may be available in the College & Career Center. To receive an application
and/or current program information, call the number listed at the end of the entry or visit the website. We
continue to receive literature on a variety of summer programs. Please stop by the CCC to learn about them.

Special thanks to Leslie Afzali for updating this list!

Also, a good website listing summer opportunities is

ABBEY ROAD OVERSEAS PROGRAMS, West Hollywood, CA. - Language immersion and pre-college programs in Canada,
France, Greece, Italy and Spain. 888-462-2239;

ACADEMIC STUDY ASSOCIATES (ASA) , New York - Pre-college programs for all high school students at: U Mass, Columbia,
Princeton, Tufts, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, and Oxford. Also has Cultural Immersion Programs in France, Spain and Italy. 800-752-
2250 or See also Summerfuel.

ACADEMIC TREKS/BROADREACH, Raleigh, NC - Academic and community service programs. Academic Treks, a division of
Broadreach, offers college-accredited summer adventures abroad for high school students. Backed by sixteen years of experience
in running educational programs for thousands of teenagers, Academic Treks combines the finest elements of experiential
learning, traditional classroom learning and service learning with wilderness adventure, international travel and cultural exchange
to create extraordinary expeditions. Offers programs in Marine Science, Language Immersion, and Community Service . 888-833-
1908; 888-833-1907

ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY, San Francisco, CA. - Advertising, fashion, fine art, graphic design, photography motion
pictures and video. Limited number of full & partial tuition grants available. 800-544-2787.

ACADEMY OF BUSINESS LEADERSHIP - ABL enables kids from all socio-economic backgrounds to learn from each other in a
loving and nurturing environment that fosters better understanding and the breaking down of stereotypes on all sides. In all of its
programs, ABL promotes a real world environment of diversity to train our future leaders to work together with people from all
walks of life. Learn how to write a professional business plan, invest in the stock market, network and interact with executives,
and become a dynamic transformational leader. 5 week program taught at various colleges in Los Angeles. Grades 5th-12 .
(626) 302-4437,

ACADEMIE DE PARIS, Paris, France – Academic programs for grades 9-12 which introduce students to the French culture and
Parisian lifestyle. Fee includes tuition, room and board, books and material, excursion and activities. For more information call:

ACTIONQUEST, Sarasota, Fl - Offers adventure programs, adventure trips and adventure camps for teenagers and teen
adventure travel and specialized in sailing camps, scuba camps, community service camps, waterskiing, wakeboarding,
windsurfing, hiking, trekking, snorkeling and island exploration. Accredited marine science camps, marine biology camps and
oceanography programs. Offers programs in the Caribbean, Australia, the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, and the Mediterranean (800)

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS, Hollywood or New York - The Summer Program is designed for teenagers and
adults who would like to begin studying acting and for those who want to test their interest and ability in an environment of
professional study and training. The six-week course includes classes in acting, vocal production, voice/speech and movement.
Classes are also offered in areas like Fencing, Mime, Make-up and Musical Theatre. At the end of the program, students appear in
a presentation of scenes. 800-463-8990 (New York); 800-222-2867 (Los Angeles).

AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE (AFS) INTERCULTURAL PROGRAMS - International student exchange programs in school
abroad choices and home stay options for summers. AFS is run by a network of volunteer based organizations in more than 50
countries. Please direct your inquiries to the AFS office by phone at 1-800-AFS-INFO, by email at: or by visiting
their website at www.afsusa/org . AFS International is based in New York City.

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN STUDY, (AIFS) Stamford, CT – Study abroad in several locations: Europe, China, and
Russia. Earn College Credit. 1-866-906-2437,

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN STUDY (AIFS) Stamford, CT 800-913-7151Summer Institute for the Gifted AIFS
also offers an enrichment program for academically accelerated students called Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG). This is a
three-week program where students grades 4-11 get to experience college life by living at a top-ranked college campus, including
UCLA, UC Berkeley, Princeton, or many other top universities across the United States. Students grades K-6 can attend one of our
day programs at various locations. Students take 5 courses in various disciplines, such as the arts, sciences, physical education,
and performing arts. For more information about SIG, please refer to website at

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY – SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION, Washington D.C. or Los Angeles – Summer programs and
courses in all areas of communication – writing, film, public speaking, photography. 202-
885-2098. For more information about the School of Communication's Summer in L.A. program, contact:

AMERICORPS NATIONAL SERVICE - For Students 17 and older. Earn money for college, and gain valuable experience and
skills that are vital in today‘s job market. Tel.: 1-800-942-2677. Email:;

AMP – ACADEMY OF MEDIA PRODUCTION - Boston University, College of Communication. 4 week summer program for high
school students on writing, producing, directing, journalism. Fiction/Non Fiction. 1-800-992-6514.

ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - Early College Program Summer Institute is a 2 or 3 week program that provides high school
students the chance to expand their creative talents by studying with the School‘s outstanding faculty. For 10 th through 12th
grade. College credit awarded. 312-899-7458. or

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, Tucson, AZ - A Summer of Excellence. Pre-college program offered to those students completing
their junior year, who have a GPA of 3.5 or above. Students enroll in a fully transferable college level class of their own choice,
live on campus and take part in various social and cultural events. Has a wide variety courses including English, individuals and
societies, natural science, traditions and culture. Call: 520-621-6901 or Email for more information.

ASSE- International Student Exchange Programs. Get first hand experience of a country‘s culture, way of live and improve
your foreign language skills. In some countries, they can place you with a family whose second language is English. 15-18 ½
years old, B average, studied a foreign language helpful but not essential. (800) 333-3802 ext. 219 or (949) 497-1699.

AUSTRLEARN, Westminster, CO. - AustraLearn provides college/university students with study abroad opportunities in Australia,
New Zealand, and the South Pacific. 800-980-0033.

AVIATION CAREER EDUCATION - One week day camp at LAX that introduces students to the world of aviation. Sponsored by
the Air Transport Association. For more information call Gail Gaddi at (310) 646-5742 or see

BARNARD COLLEGE, New York, NY - Coed ―Summer in New York‖ program for current sophomores and juniors. Take courses
and discover New York City. One or four week session. Also available a one week Women‘s Leadership Institute. Offers courses
in screening writing, english, environmental studies, computer science, architecture, anthropology, film study and theatre, mixed
media, physics, etc. Early application advised. 212-854-8866 or Email
BERKLEY, University of California - Pre-Collegiate Program. Join the community of up to 300 high school students who spend
their summer enjoying the San Francisco Bay Area while earning college credit and a UC Berkeley transcript of completed
coursework.* Take college level courses with world-renowned Berkeley professors. You can also receive a personal commendation
letter from the Director of UC Berkeley Summer Sessions upon passing your courses. You are eligible if you have completed the
10th grade by the start of summer classes, have a B average or better, and have a positive recommendation from your high
school. The Pre-Collegiate Program requires enrollment in Session C and/or D. (510) 642-5611.

BOSTON COLLEGE - The Boston College Experience is a six-week program offered to high school students who have completed
the eleventh grade and have outstanding academic records. The college experience introduces students to a campus environment
and encourages personal exploration, growth and discovery of new interests. The experience helps students develop strategies for
dealing with the more intense and special demands of college study, and provides an unusual opportunity for high-school
students to immerse themselves in activities that are important to them. (617) 552-3800.

BOSTON CONSERVATORY - The Boston Conservatory trains exceptional young performing artists for careers that enrich and
transform the human experience. Summer programs in dance and vocal/choral. (617) 912-9153.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Boston, MA – For Seniors: a 6-week Honors Program or a 2-week Summer Challenge Program for 10-
12th graders. Honors program offers wide variety of courses ranging from advertising to women studies. Also offers a 6 week
research intership in science and engineering. The Summer Challenge program offers seminars in abnormal psychology,
business, creative writing, engineering, infectious diseases, international politics, journalism, law, mass communication, persuasive
writing, nutrition, philosophy, and visual arts.617-353-1378.

  PROMYS Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists: (617) 353-2563 or email

   Tanglewood Institute: Young Artist‘s Wind Ensemble- challenging program aimed to stimulate development of student‘s
creative and artistic potential. (617) 353-3386. Application deadline Feb.

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY, Genesis at Brandeis program - Open to 10th-12 graders interested in the arts, humanities, Jewish
studies, and social action. First applications deadline in Jan and second applications deadline in March. Call 781-736-8416 or Email: for more information.

BIMA at Brandeis is a summer arts institute for high school students. Participants are talented high school artists who will pursue
one of five arts majors: film, music(instrumental and choral), writing, visual arts, and theater. BIMA is structured similarly to
Genesis with workshops and a program of community education.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY, Provo, UT – Our Honors program puts on a High School Student Program that allows students
to come and take a 1 week intensive, 1 credit course. There are classes ranging from art, science, and literature. They are a fun
way for students to get a taste of college and experience what college classes will consist of. Also has a Young Musician
Summerfest, Theatre Workshop, Young Ambassadors for musical dance theatre. Contact the Honors office at (801) 422-7692.

BRONFMAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIPS, Delmar, NY - Offers a 5-week summer program in Israel that educates and inspires
exceptional young Jews from diverse backgrounds to become active participants in Jewish culture throughout their lives, and to
contribute their talents and vision to the Jewish community and to the world at large. Participants spend the summer before their
high school senior year traveling through Israel, exploring their Jewish Identity, and engaging with thinkers, authors, artists, and
educators in an ALL EXPENSES PAID, 5 week Israel experience that will change their lives. 518-475-7212.

BROWN UNIVERSITY, Providence, RI – Several Pre-college programs. Brown also has study abroad programs in Italy, Spain,
and Greece. 401-863-7900, or email: or

BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, Pennsylvania - Several Summer Programs – Writing, science and more. For female high school
students and recent graduates. 610/526-7329/7330. or
Broadreach – See Academic Treks. (888) 833-1907 or

BUCKENELL, Lewisburg, PA - High School Students interested in applying to take undergraduate courses as a non-degree
undergraduate student should contact Kathy Gathman in the Registrar‘s Office, 570-577-3350, for an appointment. Continuing
high school students with outstanding academic records may apply to enroll for college credits. Such students should apply for
admission through their high school guidance counselors. Information and application forms may be obtained from the Registrar‘s
Office. 570.577.2000.

Bucknell as has a residential engineering camp. For 7-9th graders between ages 13-16. Acceptance based on academic records
and teacher and guidence counselor recommendations. Also has a concurrent program for students finishing 10-11th grades.
(507) 577-1644 or

CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE PROGRAM, US office: Chicago, Il - Programs for both academic and leadership during their high school
years. Also offers an excusion to Paris. 800-922-3552.

CAL POLY, SAN LUIS OBISPO – Summer Architecture Career Workshop, for current high school students. Applicants are
encouraged to apply early., email:

CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF THE ARTS Oakland, CA – Summer Program Pre-College for current sophomores, juniors and
seniors. Students choose from a wide range of studios: drawing, painting, architecture, and fashion design. Also, Ceramics,
Sculpture, Graphic Design (including digital design), illustration-Painting, Industrial Design, Jewelry/Metal Arts, Photography,
Printmaking and Video and Creative Writing. Four week June-July program granting 3 units college credit. 800.447.1ART or

CAL STATE, DOMINGUEZ HILLS - The Young Scholar Program provides high school and Community College students with a
"B" average or better an opportunity to enroll in 2 distance learning courses and earn up to 6 units of college credit for only $3.50.
Credits will be recorded on a transcript at Cal State Dominguez Hills and are fully transferable to other colleges and universities.

CAL STATE, SACRAMENTO, (CSUS) – See Youth Leadership Forum.


CALIFORNIA STATE SUMMER SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS (CSSSA) – Innerspark. California Institute of the Arts, Valencia
hosts this premiere summer arts institute for the study of animation, music, dance, film & video, theatre, creative writing and the
visual and fine arts. credit. Scholarships. Application deadline: February. 916-274-5815 or email

CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE PROGRAM, US office: Chicago, Il - Programs for both academic and leadership during their high school
years. Also offers an excusion to Paris. 800-922-3552.

CAMBRIDGE TRADITION– Cambridge Academic Summer Program for Grades 10 - 12 at Cambridge University in Cambridge, also
in Oxford, Paris, or Barcelona. 212-932-3049 or 800-828-8349 or Email:

CARNEGIE MELLON, Pittsburgh, PA – Pre-college academic and fine art six-week residential programs for current sophomores and
juniors. Classes in Math, Science, Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, Music or learn about video game industry at the National High
School Game Academy. Call: 412-268-2082 or e-mail: or

CAMP SHAKESPEARE, Utah - Three day and week long camps studying and performing Shakespeare at Southern Utah
University. 661-654-2121.

CHICANO LATINO YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, Sacremento, CA - The Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project, Inc.
(CLYLP) was organized in 1982 with the primary purpose of preparing students to participate in California‘s economic, social and
political development. CLYLP is guided by the overall theme "Future Leaders," and the leadership training emphasizes the
importance of culture, community, college and careers. To date more than 2,000 students have gone through the program. (916)
446-1640 or 1-800-MY-CLYLP (1-800-692-5957).
Choate Rosemary Hall – Wallingford, Conn. For students entering grades 9-12. 2 or 5 week programs. Various programs
include documentary film making, study abroad, academic enrichment, math and science enrichment for girls, John F. Kennedy
Institute in government, and football. (203) 697-2365 or

COLGATE UNIVERSITY. Eastern U.S. Music Camp - Performing groups: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Choir,
Jazz Ensembles, Vocal Jazz, Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Studio Orchestra, Madrigal Choir, Women‘s, Men‘s, and Chamber Choir.
866-777-7841. Email:

COLLEGE DISCOVERY EXPERIENCE, THE PRINCETON REVIEW, Los Angeles – Two week college admissions prep program at
UCLA, featuring college visits. Summer Discovery (516) 621-3939.

COLLEGE HORIZONS - College Horizons is a pre-college workshop for Native American Students giving you a 5-day ‗crash
course‘ in preparing for college. Locations: Yale University and Whitman College. Call 505-401-3854 or


COLLEGE PREVIEW: College tour programs provide students with the knowledge and information they will need to find their
BEST match college. Traveling without parents, our programs encourage students to take ownership of the process and learn how
to evaluate colleges based upon their own preferences.

BLACK COLLEGE TOURS, North Hills, CA. 818-891-8087.

COLORADO COLLEGE, Colorado Springs, CO – Courses offered in a variety of areas for college credit. A busy outdoor recreation
program augments the academic schedule. Based on block system. 719-389-6655 or (877) 894-8727 or Courses include International Study, Art, Architecture, Philosophy, Creative Writing,
Language, Science, Theatre, and Dance.

UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, BOULDER. Boulder, CO – Offering 3 week precollege program including enrichment classes,
Kaplan SAT/ACT prep , community service plus great recreational activities. 800-666-2556.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, New York, NY – A pre-college program for students entering grades 9-12 who are interested in
intensive summer study. Also has study abroad in Barcelona and in the Middle East. Admission is selective. 212-854-9889.

CONTACT FOOTBALL CAMP, various locations. - Our full contact football camp is the top rated instructional camp (#1 by Sports
Illustrated) for kids to veterans stressing conditioning and football technique for every position both individually and as a team. If
you are between 8 and 18 years of age and have not started your college freshman year, you are eligible to attend. Attending our
camp is very helpful in initiating future football scholarships. 800-433-6060.

CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FOUNDATION (CRF), - Youth Intership Program. Paid internship program in prestigious law
firms, corporations, and non-profit organizations with educational seminars. Some criteria include: must be a soph or junior in
Los Angeles area high school and neither parents has graduated from college. Offers a Summer Law Institute but not for 2011.
213- 316- 2109

CORNELL UNIVERSITY, Ithaca, NY – Summer College for current sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Three-week and six-week
sessions available. 607-255-6203.

Also: THE CURIE ACADEMY. One week residential program for high school girls who excel in math and science. For additional
information, contact or 607-255-6403.

Also: THE CATALYST ACADEMY. One week summer residential program focused on underrepresented minority high school
students who excel in math/science, wanting to learn more about careers in engineering.

COSMOS – California State Summer School for Math and Sciences. This intensive experience is intended to encourage the
brightest and most promising young minds to continue their interest in these fields. Located on four University of California
campuses (Davis, Irvine, San Diego and Santa Cruz) Four-week residential experience.
CULINARY ARTS – See Johnson & Wales.

CUSHING ACADEMY SUMMER SESSION. Ashburn, MA.- Offers College Prep programs. Critical Skills in English, Math, Study
techniques and Technology. English as a second language, Studio Art and portfolio prep. 978-827-7700.

DIGITAL MEDIA ACADEMY, Campbell, CA. The Digital Media Academy is The Summer Computer Camp for Teens. No other
computer camp offers DMA's unique, high-tech summer camp experience. At DMA teens can explore possible career paths,
prepare for college, gain practical work skills and even earn certification. Various University Locations in California and US. 1-866-

DUKE TIP (Talent Identification Program) Durham, NC – Summer programs for gifted and talented students. To
develop leadership skills, immerse yourself in a foreign culture, or examine the complexities of science. (919) 668-9100

EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Rochester, NY - Eastman Community Music School courses are noncredit. Programs are
designed to challenge students, to build skills in career-track high school students, and to nurture the musical abilities of devoted
adult amateurs. Housing and meals for both programs are available in the Student Living Center. (585) 274-1400, (800) 246-4706.

ECOMONMICS FOR LEADERS, Davis, California - These one-week, residential programs provide high school students between
their junior and senior years with an exceptional opportunity to learn important leadership skills. Through interactive and engaging
lesson plans, participants attain an understanding of economic reasoning principles and how to employ these concepts for
successful and effective leadership. 530-757-4630.

EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL EXPERIENCES (ECI) – 3-4 week Study Abroad and Immersion Programs in Spain, France, and
Costa Rica. (866) 343-8990 or 510-845-2230

EMAGINATION COMPUTER CAMPS - Computer camps located across the U.S. 877-248-0206 or email;

EMERSON COLLEGE –SUMMER JOURNALISM INSTITUTE – Boston, MA – Two week program for high school students
providing students with basic in journalistic techniques and approaches to produce journalism in a variety of formats. For students
entering 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. (617) 824-8280

Also has a Political Communication Program which is a one week program aimed at high school students who wish to understand
the crucial role of communication in politics, advocacy, and leadership ina democratic society. The Institute is centered upon a
number of important issues, including public service, social advocacy, civic engagement, crisis management, public policy, golbal
politics, and communicating with the media.

EMORY Pre-college Program, Atlanta, Georgia - Applicants must be sixteen years of age by the date of registration and must
be rising juniors or seniors in high school. Students should be highly motivated and committed to engaging in college-level work
during the summer. 404-727-0671.

EF INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SCHOOLS, Boston, MA – A variety of foreign language programs offered in Spain, Italy,
France, and Germany for students 16 years of age and older. Programs and prices vary. (800) 457-1300

EL CAMINO COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Community education. (310) 660-6460


EXPLORERS PROGRAM – Law Enforcement, Hawthorne - Goal of Law Enforcement Exploring - The Law Enforcement
Exploring Program (L.E.E.P.) is a special interest phase of the Boy Scouts of America. The primary goal of the program is to
expose young adults to the many facets of law enforcement by providing them with training and exposure to police functions. As
an Explorer, you will assist personnel within the police department. Emphasis is placed on career development. Police Exploring is
an experience that will last a lifetime. (310) 349-2821.
FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING. - Three day seminar on four campuses on Fashion and
Marketing. Located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego. 800-262-3436.

FBI VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP, Los Angeles, CA - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) Los Angeles Division (LA) is
offering several unpaid volunteer positions to qualifying students. Participants will assist the Los Angeles FBI in achieving its
mission by providing administrative support related to office management and operations. The student must be at least 16 years
old when hired and must be enrolled at least halftime in a local qualified academic institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The
applicant must be a U.S. citizen. (310) 477-6565.


         AmeriSpan Unlimited (800) 879-6640

         Language Link (800) 552-2051

         Foreign Language Study Abroad Service (800) 282-1090

         National Registration Center for Study Abroad (414) 278-0631

         Language Liaison (800) 284-4448

         Language Studies Abroad (760) 325-4328

On the Internet – and

FRANKLIN COLLEGE, Switzerland. Each year between June and August, students earn up to 12 college credits at Franklin
College. (212) 922-9650.

GENE BLACK MEDICAL CAREER PROGRAM. Program to encourage high school students to pursue careers in the health
professions. Spend a month in a hospital observing health care professionals at work at 18-20 different hospitals in the Los
Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. (310)347-8087.

GEORGETOWN, Washington, D.C. – Variety of summer programs, institutes, and sessions available: Law, Science, Politics,
Business, Arts and Humanities. Also has college prep, forensic science, sports industry management, national security and
counter-intelligence, arabic and chinese language and culture, entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics, environmental science,
writing, broadcast journalism, just to name a few. Enrollment is limited, it is critical to submit applications early. (202) 687-8600

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, Washington, D.C. – The George Washington Summer Scholars Pre-College Program
offers opportunities for academically motivated high school students. One week to six week programs. (202) 994-6360.

GRAMMY CAMP, Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, New York – GRAMMY Camp, a residential summer camp for U.S. high school
students has a focus on the music industry. It is now offered in two unique sessions in Los Angeles and New York. GRAMMY
Camp L.A. is an exciting ten-day music industry program hosted by the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music
with various performance and non-performance Career Tracks culminating in an album recording and showcase concert –
GRAMMY Camp NY is a seven-day fully integrated music career experience hosted by Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, NY
where campers work in multi-disciplinary Industry Teams to take a music project from creation to promotion culminating with a
launch party. Both sessions are taught by top music professionals from multiple industry disciplines. Financial assistance is
available as well as a discounted tuition for participation in both sessions. (800) 423-2017 Email:

HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Cambridge MA – Summer school programs for 4 or 8 weeks. Live and learn with students from around
the world while exploring Harvard University. 617-495-3192 or email
HARVARD DESIGN SCHOOL. An intensive summer program to explore design careers in Architecture, Landscape Architecture
and Urban Planning and Design. Career Discovery is open to anyone graduating high school or older with an interest in design or
planning. Harvard University Graduate School of Design. (617) 495-5453 Email: or

HOLLINS UNIVERSITY – Roanoke, VA – Open to high school girls who take two non-credit classes. Two sessions offered.
Courses include creative writing, pottery, dance, leadership, forensic chemistry, digital storytelling, photography, psychology, and
video production (800) 456-9595.

HOTCHKISS SUMMER, Lakeville, Connecticut – Summer Portals Program. Chamber music and Environmental Science program.

IDYLLWILD ARTS ACADEMY, Idyllwild, CA. - Idyllwild's Youth Arts Center gives students 13-18 the professional direction and
focus to realize their inner artist through dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and creative writing. This immersive program, while
demanding, provides a competition-free environment. 951.659.2171.

INNERSPARK, CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS, Valencia, CA. – The California State Summer School for the Arts is
seeking students for a 4 week program to study the arts and earn credit. Competitive Application program. 916-274-5815.

INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATIONAL ADVANCEMENT (IEA) South Pasadena, Ca 3-4 week residential summer program for gifted
high school students an opportunity to work with professionals in medicine, industrial design, science, law and business at some
of the nation's leading universities, corporations, and research facilities. Participants reside in college dormitories. (626) 403-8900

INTERN EXCHANGE, Boca Raton, FL - Internships in London. Internships include culinary arts, archeology, business finance,
law, medicine, hotel management, teaching, IT, art gallery, and veternary medicine etc. 561-477-2434.

ITHACA COLLEGE. Summer College for High School Students for current sophomores and juniors. Earn up to 6 college credits.
Classes include art, music, media production, photography, workshop in sports media. 607-274-3143 or

JOHNS HOPKINS, Baltimore, MD – Pre-college credit programs in Medical Science, American Government / Pre-Law, Physics and
Astronomy, Art History, Creative Writing, Computer Applications, and more. Pre-college residential program for current
sophomores, juniors, and seniors who will be 16 by June 1 and have at least a 3.0 GPA. Call for information and fees: (410) 516-
4548 or (800) 548-0548 or e-mail Visit the website at

JOHNSON & WALES, Denver, CO - If you would like to get a jump-start on your college education, you should look into the
Early Enrollment Program (EEP) at Johnson & Wales University. Through the EEP program, high school seniors can enroll full-time
at JWU to begin their college education during their senior year of high school. Students earn both high school and college credits
at the same time. Also, Culinary Arts. (401) 598-1000 .

JUNIOR STATESMAN, San Mateo, CA. – Experience first hand the drama, the power, and the excitement of
politics and government. You may take this program at four different campuses. Scholarships available. (800) 334-

KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE, Kansas City, MO – High School Summer Residency Program for current freshmen,
sophomores, and juniors. (816) 802-3505.

LA BIOMED For graduating seniors. Students work in biomed research labs assisting with research. Full-time. (310) 222-
3602 Fellowhip

L’ACADEMIE PARIS. Residential summer program in the heart of Paris for high school students completing grades 10
to 12. Structured identically to its sister programs at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, curriculum designed to introduce
students to French and Parisian culture and society. Seventeen courses to choose from. or
LAKE FOREST COLLEGE, Chicago - Lake Forest Summer Sessions offer college-level courses in an exciting and
fast-paced setting. Also has a Writing and Thinking Workshop. 847-735-5020.

LANDMARK COLLEGE- Not everyone learns the same way. Our experience working with students who learn differently
shows that understanding how you learn can make a big difference in your grades, and ultimately, in your success in school.
This program encourages students to develop a lifelong appreciation of learning through experiential and practical activities.
For high school junior and seniors and features a variety of courses. Some more academic and some more experiential.
Every student takes 3 courses. (802) 387-6718

LAWRENCE TECH FORENSIC SCIENCE, Southfield - Forensic Summer Science Workshop for Students: Designed for
serious biology, chemistry, and physics high school students, Lawrence Tech‘s Forensic Summer Science Institute offers
you the opportunity to study with outstanding university professors and top students from other schools. (248) 204-3600

and its partners have fostered the development of talented, driven, and civic-minded pool of African American, Hispanic,
historically underrepresented Asian American, and Native American high school students from across the country. Summer
Engineering Institute (SEI) is a 3 week on campus residency program for 10th-11th graders and works with partnership with
corporations such as Google, DuPont, as well as universities. Topics in electrical, mechanical, civil, and computer engineering and
associated systems such as chemical, biomolecular and aerospace systems. Summer Business Institute (SBI) is 3-4 weeks
residential program for juniors with topics in finance, marketing, to e-commerce, and entrepreneurship (215) 753-2490

LEARNING PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL, Austin, Texas - Established in 1989 to provide an academically
challenging and cultural study abroad program for American high school students. Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico,
France.and Italy (512) 74-1041 or (800) 259-4439.

LEWIS & CLARK COLLEGE, Portland, OR – Fir Acres Workshop in Writing and Thinking for current high school
students. Two- week July program emphasizes creative and critical writing, collaborative learning, and reading and
writing across disciplines. (503) 768-7200.

LEYSIN AMERICAN SCHOOL IN SWITZERLAND – Summer in Switzerland program for ages 14 –19, and Alpine
Adventure program for ages 9 –13 emphasize leadership training or language courses, combined with sports, activities and
travel. (603) 431-7654 or (888) 642-4142 or email;

LIFEWORKS INTERNATIONAL, Sarasota, Fl - International summer camp adventures combine community service projects
and summer service learning programs with adventure camp and travel program activities such as language immersion, cultural
immersion, sightseeing, sailing, hiking, biking, rafting, snorkeling, island exploration, as well as other adventure sports and teen
travel tour activities (800) 808-2115

MARIE Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Summer Seminar - The Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Summer Seminar
is a scholarship program available to all artistically gifted high school juniors. The seminar is designed as an institute to
offer an intensive visual art studio program for the students. Two week Program in Colorado Springs, CO.. Applications
due in early April. For additional information, call (719) 635-3220.

MEREDITH MANOR EQUESTRIAN, Waverly, WV - Meredith Manor is a nationally accredited equestrian career college
dedicated exclusively to preparing students for successful careers with horses. 800.679.2603.

MICHIGAN MATH AND SCIENCE SCHOLARS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Two week sessions for high
school students taught by University of Michigan faculty and gifted instructors in math and science. ( 734) 647-4466

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston, MA – MITE‘S Program. A rigorous six-week free program
designed to give minority high school students who have completed the eleventh grade an introduction to engineering
and science as a potential career. (617) 253-3298.
MIAMI UNIVERSITY, Oxford, OH – Junior Scholars Program for students completing their junior year in high school
and who have at least a 3.5 GPA. (513) 529-5825 or

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, Middlebury,Vermont – Several summer programs offered. Middlebury College offers
top-quality summer language immersion—for middle and high school students. For four amazing weeks, you'll
live on a college campus. You'll take the famous Middlebury College Language Pledge®. You'll be challenged,
but supported all the way! ( 802) 443 -2900 The Bread Loaf, School of English
for writers. 802-443-3071

MOUNT HOLYOKE, South Hadley, Massachusetts - The SEARCH program at Mount Holyoke College is
designed for high school girls who have done well in mathematics and who would like to see a different aspect of
the mathematical world. 413-538-2608.

UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, Missoula - 2008 STEER Summer Program: The Center for Environmental Health Sciences
(CEHS) at The University of Montana – through funding from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
(NIEHS) – is offering a summer educational experience for outstanding high school. ―Short Term Educational Experiences
for Research‖ (STEER) is a national program designed to attract high school students to research careers in the
environmental health sciences. 406.243.4033.

Moore College of Art & Design – Phila, Penn. The Summer Art & Design Institute is open to young women who have just
completed their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. The Institute allows dedicated students who are passionate about their artwork to
spend four weeks developing their skills as artists and designers. Students choose a studio concentration emphasizing one of four
areas: Animation & Illustration; Fashion Design; Fine Arts: Painting & Printmaking; or Photography (215) 965-4030 Email:

MUSIKER DISCOVERY PROGRAMS, Roslyn, NY - Summer trips for teens at various colleges emphasizing different
majors and careers; also community service abroad. See Summer Discovery. (516) 621-3939.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC STUDENT EXPEDITIONS – Summer expeditions for students that combine adventure, cultural
immersion, and learning with a project in either photography, film-making, creative writing, people and culture, or wildlife
conservation. (877) 877-8759

NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION, Washington, DC - Students to Leaders (S2L), all expenses-paid educational
workshops designed to introduce future Italian language educators in the U.S. to the inner workings of their future profession,
while helping them to develop effective leadership and networking skills. (202) 387-0600 Also, Voyage of Discovery: sponsored by
the National Italian American Foundation. This all-expenses paid trip for Italian American students covers round-trip airfare
between Italy and America and 10 days of programs. (202) 387-0600

NATIONAL HISPANIC INSTITUTE. A program for Hispanic sophomores and juniors. Call (512) 357-6137.                    www.nhi-

NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, Stokes Educational Scholarship Program. Open to high school seniors planning on majoring in
computer science or computer/electrical engineering. Must be a US citizen, minimun SAT 1600 or ACT 25. 3.0 GPA preferred.
Eligible to be granted a security clearance. Will attend college full time, then work for NSA 12 hours week. Must work for NSA for
11/2 times the length of study after college graduation. Will pay for college tuition, textbook reimbursement up to $1500.00,
housing during summer employment. (866) NSA-HIRE or (410) 854-4725

NATIONAL STUDENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - Academic and Leadership Programs at various universities
in USA. Also study abroad programs. Call 1-800-994-NSLC.

NATIONAL WRITING AND THINKING NETWORK - Young Writer‘s Workshop held at Simon‘s Rock College of Bard 413-

NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY - Los Angeles/Universal Studios and various locations. An intensive film-making
workshop in which students write, direct, and edit their own short 16-mm films. Offering 4-week, 6-week and 8-
week programs and small classes taught by award-winning instructors. Ages 16-18. West Coast: (818) 733-2600,
Email East Coast: (212) 674-4300 or Email .

NEW YORK UNIVERSITY – Summer Programs, Three different programs: Summer recess is an excellent time for high
school students to concentrate their learning in a favorite subject or explore a new topic. A number of programs are
offered for students who would like to experience NYU.
          NYU Precollege: 212-998-2292.
          The Tisch School of the Arts: Acting, Animation, Dramatic Writing, Film, Musical Theatre, Photography.
 Residential program. 212-998-1500.
          Steinhardt Art, Music, and Theater Summer Programs: a variety of residential programs. ( 2 1 2 ) 9 9 8 - 5 4 2 4

NORTHFIELD MOUNT HERMAN SCHOOL, Northfield, MA – A prep school that offers a variety of enrichment programs
offered, including a strong ESL program, extracurricular activities, off-campus trips and a college fair. Also offers college
prep sports, contemporary dance program, and study abroad in New Zealand
Call (413) 498-3290.

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Evanston, IL – The College Preparation Program at Northwestern University is designed
for high school students who want new academic challenges and the experience of real college life. You'll earn college
credit for the courses you take. To apply, you must have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 and have
completed your junior year of high school. Application deadlline: April. 847-467-6703

OJAI VALLEY SCHOOL, Ojai, CA – Summer School & Camp for current freshmen through juniors (ages 14-18). 2-week,
4-week, and 6-week sessions. Competitive Equestrian Program and International English Language Study. Tour also
offered during sessions. 805 - 646-1423 or email

OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN, Los Angeles, CA – Summer of Art programs for college credit offer classes in
painting, photography, graphic and computer arts, comic book and cartoon illustrations, etc. Students must be 16 years
or older. Scholarships available. Call (800) 527-OTIS; (310) 665-6864.

OVERLAND - Offers a variety of programs with clearly defined goals: hike to the summit of a mountain peak, reach
out to a community in need, master another language in a small, supportive group setting. Apply early. (800) 458-

OXBRIDGE ACADEMIC PROGRAM, Oxford University, England – Pre-college program for grades 10-12. Program
designed to immerse students in two academic subjects or creative arts while taking advantage of the city‘s enormous
cultural resources. (800) 828-8349 or

OXFORD ADVANCED STUDIES PROGRAM, Oxford, England. Allows students 16 years old and older to stay at Brasenose
College, Oxford. Variety of courses and workshops and opportunities to explore the city. +44 1865-793333

OXFORD TRADITION, Oxford University, England – Pre-college program for grades 10-12. Program designed to immerse
students in two academic subjects or creative arts while taking advantage of the city‘s enormous cultural resources.. (800) 828-
8349 or

PACE UNIVERSITY, New York City, New York – Summer Scholars Institute. For juniors and seniors. 2 week program. Rigorous
and challenging program of study for students, which include 9-10 ―majors‖ or fields of study to choose from. (212) 346-1192

PASSPORT EDUCATIONAL GROUP TRAVEL, Spencer, Mass – Provides travel tours for high school students, college students,
teachers, professors and adults. Offers year around tours in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Carribean, Asia, and Australia (800) 332-

PASSPORT TO SUMMER, Washington DC - Passport to Summer welcomes students from Washington, DC and beyond,
affording a unique international and multicultural experience and a wide range of programs to students of all ages. Offers a
counselor in training program and English for Speakers of other Languages. (202) 243-1727
PENN STATE - The Penn Summer High School Programs, open to both residential and commuting students, offer an
outstanding academic challenge in an Ivy League environment. Science, Theater, Art, Arch and more. 516-621-3939

PHILIPS ACADEMY, Andover, MA – An academic, coeducational enrichment program for boarding and day students
who are entering grades 8 through 12. Here for five weeks, students with ambitious academic goals prepare for the
rigors of the best colleges and for the rigors of leading and serving in this complex world. Also offers The Andover Bread
Loaf Writing Workshop 978-749-4400

PHILIPS EXETER ACADEMY, Exeter, NH – Coeducational boarding school. A variety of summer programs for
Students. Over 100 courses offered in art, computer studies, drama and dance, English and writing skills, English for
non-native speakers, history and social sciences, foreign languages, mathematics, music, psychology, and science.
Courses are for enrichment and not intended to be taken for high school credit. (603) 777-3488 or (800)828-4325 ext.

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY, Cannon Beach, OR – The Department of Music organizes and hosts several
special programs throughout the year for intensive study in specific areas. These programs are open to aspiring
young musicians and the general public. Programs include Haystack Summer Program on beautiful north Oregon
Coast. 503.725.3000 (800) 547-8887.

PRATT INSTITUTE, New York City - Art, design & architecture, creative writing, critical & visual studies. Combines academic
excellence and hands on studio work. Start preparing your portfolio this summer. Earn 4 college credits. 718 636-3453


PROJECTS ABROAD – High school, college students, and young adults. Volunteer opportunities and internships abroad in
teaching, medicine and healthcare, conservation and environment, business and law, human rights, journalism, and archeology.
888.839.3535. Email:

PUTNEY SCHOOL Putney, Vermont - Summer programs in the arts and international education in Vermont.
W o r k s h o p s i n c l u d e v i s u a l a n d p e r f o r m i n g a r t s , c r e a t i v e w r i t i n g , f a r m p r o g r a m . (802) 387-

ROBERT E. COOK HONORS COLLEGE, Indiana, University of Pennsylvania - Two sessions offered. Discipline designed
courses to prepare students for college life and get an intensive exploration of academics. 800-487-9122

RUSTIC PATHWAYS - Rustic Pathways offers travel programs for high school students, families, groups and college
students. Summer programs are available for students from 12 years of age. (800) 321-4353.

S.A.C.I. (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) Summer High School Programs - Work on your portfolio and earn
college credit. (312) 899-7458

S.A.C.I. (STUDIO ART CENTER INSTITUTE), New York - SACI Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy, was
founded in Tuscany in 1975 and incorporated in 1976 as a U.S. non-profit 501 c (3) educational institution for
undergraduate and graduate university-level students seeking fully accredited studio art, design, and liberal arts
instruction. SACI offers five different programs of study to meet the diverse needs of students: Academic Year Abroad,
Academic Semester Abroad, Post-Baccalaureate Program, MFA Program, and Summer Studies (including summer term
non-credit study programs which you must be over the age of 18). (877) 257-7225 (toll free within US).

SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE OF CA SUMMER MATH CAMP, Moraga, CA – A free one week residential math enrichment
program for the mathematically gifted. Must be either 10th or 11th grade, who has completed Algebra II and has a strong
interest in math. (925) 631-4000
SAIL CARRIBEAN, Northport, NY - Sail Caribbean is a summer adventure camp for teenagers. Since 1979, we have
led thousands on summer adventures focusing on learning, leadership and personal growth at our teen sailing camps,
scuba camps, marine biology camps and community service camps. Living aboard yachts, teens develop seamanship
skills in the idyllic British Virgin Islands, Leeward and Windward Islands. In addition to the full suite of scuba diving
courses, our teen sailing adventures offer cultural immersion, marine biology and community service. Our land-based
Eleuthera program combines marine biology study with youth outreach and environmental service. No experience is
necessary, just a thirst for adventure! (800) 321 0994.

SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE, SFAI‘s Summer Institute offers a variety of programs—both credit and noncredit—for
SFAI students and the general public from May to August. ( 4 1 5 ) 7 4 9 - 4 5 5 4

SANTA MONICA COLLEGE. All free!! O f f e r s c o l l e g e c l a s s e s f o r h i g h s c h o o l s t u d e n t s . ( 3 1 0 ) 4 3 4 - 3 5 0 1$1=185

SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN, Savannah, GA – Two summer programs for students who are
interested in pursuing an education and career in the visual arts. (800) 869-7223.

SCHOOL OF CINEMA AND PERFORMING ARTS. Performing Arts Camp. Includes filmmaking, urban dance, Music
Video, Acting for Film and photography. 800-718-2787 or

SCHOOL FOR FIELD STUDIES, Salem, MA - Work with professors to help p r o t e c t t h e environment in Costa Rica,
the Turks and Caicos Islands, Kenya, Mexico or Australia. 1-800-989-4418.

SCHOOL OF THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Boston. Pre-College Art Program in partnership with Tufts University.
Live in the Artists‘ Residence Hall. Build your portfolio. Experiment with media. Experience Boston. Deadline April. 617-
369-3643 or www.

SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS – NY, NY - SVA‘s pre-college program is designed for high school students who want to enhance
their creative skills, learm more about a particular field of art, develop a portfolio, and/or experience the challenges and triumps
that exist at one ofthe dynamic college Summer program open to students entering their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade (800) 436-4204

SCOTTISH STUDIES SUMMER PROGRAM. (See University of St. Andrews).

SKIDMORE COLLEGE, Saratoga Springs, NY – Several summer programs for the arts. Scholarships available. (518) 580-

SMITH COLLEGE, Northhampton, MA – Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program for high school girls entering
grades 9-12. Four-week residential program. ( 413) 585-3060. E-mail- or

SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS (SAME). Engineering and Construction Summer camp. These one
week camps are led by professional staff of engineers from both private industry and military services. Each camp has
their own unique focus and theme. US Army Camp in Miss., US Air Force Academy Camp in Colorado, and US Navy
Seebees Camp in Calif. M u s t h a v e c o m p l e t e d t h e i r f r e s h m a n y e a r with intent to pursue a degree in
architecture, engineering or related field. Click on engineering/construction camps. E m a i l : 703-549-3800.

SOPHIA UNIVERSITY. Tokyo, Japan. Asian Studies +81-3-3238-4090               

ST. HUGH’S COLLEGE, University of Oxford - The Summer School is a three week academic program offered by St Hugh‘s
College, one of the more than forty colleges and permanent private halls that go to make up the University of Oxford.
While the program is intended for high school students who have completed their junior or senior year and for teachers at
all levels, it is not limited to either group. College students and interested adults are also invited to apply. www.sthughs-
STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Stanford, CA – Eight week. Current high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply;
applications from accomplished and mature high school sophomores will also be considered. Students must be at least age
16 by the start of the quarter. Participants explore the sciences, humanities, arts, and languages. Also Stanford admission
officers meet with program participants to discuss the college application process. (650) 723-3109.
Education Program for Gifted Youth Summer Programs (EPGY) – 3-4 week residential programs for academicallly talented and
motivated students. Summer institute study areas include art and humanities, business, computer science, engineering, legal
studies, math, social science, physical and biological science, and writing . (800) 372-3749 ext. 19325

STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION (SCA), Charleston, New Hampshire - National Conservation Crew. Hands –on
approach to preserving America‘s National Parks, forests, and wildlife refuges. Programs are 2-5 weeks for ages 15-19 years old.
(603) 543-1700

SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY, Madrid Campus – Learn Spanish, explore culture. (617) 570-4839

SUMMER DISCOVERY – Many Pre-college Enrichment Programs at UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Vermont,
Georgetown University, Cambridge University, University of Vermont and UC San Diego, University of Sydney-Australia.
Programs range from 3-weeks to 6-weeks. (516) 621-3939 or

SUMMERFUEL, New York, NY – Offers programs that emphasize self discovery, academic enrichment, cultural immersion,
travel, exploration, varied activities, language study, personal growth, and leadership skills. Also has college prep programs.
Offers programs at UC Berkeley, Amherst, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Tufts and abroad in Spain, France, Italy and Oxford. (800)
752-2250 See also (Academic Study Associations, ASA)

SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR THE GIFTED – Three week pre-college experience. College Gifted Programs offered in Six
sessions beginning in June Held at Vassar College, Bryn Mawr College, Emory University, Princeton, UC Berkley, UCLA,
University of Texas, Yale, and Amherst College. (866) 303-4744 or e-mail;

SUPER CAMP - Powerful programs for junior high, high school and college-age students. Curriculum is a
combination of academic courses and life skills that help students meet all of these challenges with confidence. In
California, Super Camp is offered at Stanford University, U C L A , a n d L o y o l a M a r y m o u n t 800-285-3276 or

SUMMER STUDY PROGRAM, Melville, New York - Attending a pre-college program anywhere is a wonderful summer
experience. Attending a SUMMER STUDY program at Penn State University, University of Colorado at Boulder,
U n i v e r s i t y o f V e r m o n t , or The Sorbonne in Paris, is A SUMMER LIKE NEVER BEFORE! (800) 666-2556.

THE SORBONNE, Paris – Offers two summer study programs. Also summer programs available at Penn State and
University of Colorado. Summer Study Programs: (800) 666-2556. Melville, New York.

SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, Syracuse, NY – Summer College Programs for all high school students interested in:
acting/musical theatre, architecture, engineering, law, liberal arts, management, music, policy studies, public
communications, and visual arts. 315-443-4181 or

TELLURIDE ASSOCIATION SUMMER PROGRAMS – Ithaca, NY. Telluride Association sponsors a variety of
opportunities for high school sophomores and juniors. Free academic opportunity for high school juniors. TASS program
– For 10th graders. Works with university faculty to create exciting courses designed to inspire young people to explore the the
histories, politics and cultural experiences of people of African descent and a variety of other topics. Because we believe that
students should have the opportunity to pursue their ideals, we cover all the program costs, including tuition, books, room and
board, field trips, and facilities fees. TASP program - for 11th graders. Each program is designed to bring together young
people from around the world who share a passion for learning. Telluride students, or TASPers, attend a seminar led by college
and university faculty members and participate in many other educational and social activities outside the classroom At Cornell,
U of Michigan, Indiana University. 607-273-5011.

THOMAS MORE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS - The Collegiate Summer Program for High School Students Courses
inLiterature,   Philosophy, American Political Tradition, and Apologetics. 800-880-8308.           Email:

TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Medford, MA – Every summer, dozens of motivated high school students flock to Tufts to
experience their first taste of college life with Tufts Summer Study. College-bound juniors and seniors can improve their
writing skills, learn about a career in health-sciences, v e t e r n a r y s c i c e n c e , explore global and ethical issues - and
even earn undergraduate credit.
Also: TUFTS SUMMER PROGRAMS IN THE FRENCH ALPS offers a variety of courses and schedules abroad,
including: Tufts in Talloires, Tufts in Annecy, Landscape Painting, and Tufts Summit. (617) 627-3290 or email;

abroad programs.

U.S. AIR FORCE, USAF Academy, CO – Falcon Sports camp (719) 333-2116 or

U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY, West Point, NY—Summer Leaders Seminar, An introduction to life at the U.S. Military
Academy, Males and females, (845) 938-4041 or Email
U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY, Annapolis, MD – Navy Water Polo Camp. Males and females. (410) 293-5558 or email

U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY – Summer Seminar. Offers the opportunity for high school seniors to visit the Naval Academy
for one week during the summer. (410) 293-4361

UC SUMMER PROGRAMS - all campuses: The University of California is expanding summer instruction, with more
classes and sections. Students can enroll in an array of courses with variable schedules, ranging from three to ten

UC BERKLEY - Join a community of approximately 150 high school students who will take classes at UC Berkeley this
summer! Spend your summer enjoying the San Francisco Bay Area, and earn college credit at the same time. (510)

UC DAVIS – Young Scholars Program - An Interdisciplinary Summer Research Program in Biological, Agricultural, and
Environmental Sciences. For sophomores and juniors. (530) 752-0622.

UC IRVINE, U C D A V I S , U C S D , UCS C C O S M O . Gifted/talented students of math and science. Studies include
Computer Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, a n d Marine Science.

UCLA MEDIA WORKSHOPS – Four one-week residential programs exploring the fields of motion pictures,
television, journalism, music/records, and the Internet.

UCLA SUMMER SESSIONS and INSTITUTES –UCLA Summer Sessions and Special Programs offers summer programs to
motivated high school students who would like to get a jump-start on their college career and gain enrichment in a variety
of interesting and challenging subjects. UCLA also offers a number of summer institutes for high school students such as
Summer Mock Trial Institute, Acting, Dance, Stem Cell Science, Writing Workshops, World Music Summer Institute, The
Sci/Art/Nano Lab, and Art Institute. (310) 825-4101 or

UC RIVERSIDE. Summer Academy for High School Students. The Summer Academy Program at UCR is specially
designed for high school students entering 10-12 grade. GPA: 3.5 req. Call: 951-827-3044,
UC SAN DIEGO – Pre-college Summer Scholars Program for current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Offers a
variety of courses. GPA of 3.3 is required for all programs. 858-534-5258
Also: Academic Connections: Summer Residential Program provides an opportunity for eligible students maintaining a
cumulative min. 3.3 GPA, grades 10-12, to explore some of the best UCSD has to offer. 858-534-0804.

UC SANTA BARBARA – Pre-college and enrichment programs for current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Research
Mentorship programs. ( 8 0 5 ) 8 9 3 - 2 3 7 7 .

UC SANTA CRUZ – Pre-college and enrichment programs for current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. ( 8 3 1 ) 4 5 9 -
2 5 2 4

for academically exceptional rising high school seniors interested in obtaining an education and pursuing a career in business.
(205) 348-6679

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO - During the summer, the University of Chicago offers numerous opportunities to
accomplished high school students. Tomorrow's undergraduates can immerse themselves in the University of Chicago's
unique atmosphere as early as this summer. Choose from among the following undergraduate-level, credit-bearing
programs. Programs include collegiate writing, paleontology, reseach in biological sciences, and American Law. ( 773) 834-
3792 or
UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS – The University of Dallas offers a variety of summer programs, both study abroad
programs and academic programs in Irving, Texas for high school students. ( 9 7 2 ) 7 2 1 - 5 1 8 1

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - A Variety of programs: Math and Science, Engineering, Musical Theatre, Art and
Architecture. 734-764-1817.

UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME –Various pre-college programs. Twelve different two week tracts. A l s o h a s L a t i n o
Community Leadership Seminar, Seminar f or African American Scholars, Introduction to Engineering
574-631-0990. C a r e e r D i s c o v e r y i n A r c h i t e c t u r e No prerequisites. For students who have
completed their sophomore, junior or senior year by June. (574) 631-6137.

UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC – High school students are allowed to enroll in courses numbered below 100 for purposes
of earning college credit, sampling college experience, or accelerate college program. (209) 946-2211

UNIVERSITY OF ST. ANDREWS, Fife, Scotland – Scottish Studies Summer Program for students who have completed
10th grade. Four-week residential program focuses on the history and culture of Scotland and includes full social and
recreational program. Telephone: +44 (0)1334 462275 or e-mail:

USC, Los Angeles, CA – Get a taste of Trojan life on USC's University Park or Catalina Island campuses. 4 w e e k
courses in architecture, engineering, business, journalism, prelaw, performing arts,
p r e h e a l t h / s c i e n c e , w r i t i n g , a n d v i s u a l a r t s . Academic institutes: earn elective credit. ( 213) 740-5679.

Also: School of Cinema-Television. Over 30 filmmaking classes cover all aspects of filmmaking, screenwriting, computer
graphics/animation and gaming, film and television business and film studies. Students will experience the business of film
and the most cutting edge digital technologies. 213-740-3327 or

US PERFORMING ARTS CAMP, Corte Madera, CA (Various Locations) - US Performing Arts Camps is now considered
one of the best in the world at training young people in the arts. Our programs are taught by the university or college
departments and their professional faculty and guest professionals in their fields. We also offer programs and locations
where we have partnered with topnotch professional program directors. Offers programs in filmmaking, animation, muscial
theatre, dance, acting etc. 888-497-3553.

VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY, Nashville, TN – Pre-college PAVE Program offers a Summer Program in Engineering, Science,
and Technology for high school students. (615) 322-7827 or Email or

WALKING TREE TRAVEL, Denver, CO - Specializes in programs based in communities. They combine living in local
communities, signficant service projects, cultural activities and education. Located in Costa Rica, China, Mexico, Peru, Guatamela
and Senegal.
(303) 396-5653

WALNUT HILL, Boston - The nation's premier summer arts intensive for young artists, Walnut Hill draws students from
around the world. Programs include dance, writing, opera, theatre, and Chinese performing Arts Academy. (508) 650-5020.

WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS - High School Summer Scholars Program. Earn College credit in courses in
Languages, Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age at the time of
application, and be a current high school junior. Applicants should have an academic average of B+ or better. Applicants
should have a combined SAT score of at least 1800 (includes Critical Reading, Math, and Writing), a combined PSAT score
of 180, or an ACT or PLAN composite score of at least 25. (866) 209-0691.

Also: Architecture Discovery Program. Designed for high school students between junior and senior year, the
Architecture Discovery Program introduces you to studio and a community where important ethical dimensions of
architecture are realized through passion and compassion in design. (314) 935-4643.

WASHINGTON WORKSHOPS - Arranges 3-6 week Congressional internship programs and offers a one week leadership
seminar during summer. Washington D.C. (800) 368-5688.

WAYNESBURG UNIVERSITY – CSI Camp, for students interested in forensic science and criminal justice. (724) 852-3373.

WEST COAST SPORTS MEDICINE FOUNDATION. West Coast Sports Medicine Summer Mentoring program for High School
Students interested in the field of Sports Medicine. Class is set in a summer workshop style (lab/lecture) Schedule TBD (week long
classes, and weekend workshops) Location: WCSMF 1200 Rosecrans Ave #206, Manhattan Beach, CA. 90266; 310-726-0750 or

WEST POINT, See US Military Academy.

WINDSOR MOUNTAIN - International camp based in New England. Also offers special programs such as sailing camp,
leadership camp, film camp, performing arts camp and visual arts camp. Also offers traveling
programs to China, Caribean, Europe, Ecuador, Peru, New England Traveling Theatre, New Orleans/Gulf Coast Relief, Cycling from
Seattle to San Francisco (800) 862-7760

WORLD AFFAIRS SEMINAR for High school Students - An International Service and Youth Project for Service
Organizations and Schools at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI. Study and discuss world issues at the World Affairs
Seminar with 1,000 young people from North America in association with 250 foreign exchange students from
throughout the world. For information phone 414-453-4984.

YALE UNIVERSITY, N e w H a v e n , C T – Exploration Senior Program. - For Entering Grades 10-12. Choose 2 of
over 80 different academic workshops to attend in the morning and in the afternoon have the choice of enrolling in a 3-
week college seminar, a 3-week Princeton Review test preparation course or a three 1-week mini-courses which range in
subject matter from pe r fo rm in g a rt s to f i r s t a i d t r a i n i n g to Culinary Arts and Ultimate Frisbee. Special events in
the late afternoons and evenings that allow you to craft a summer experience that is unique for you. (781)762-7400.

Yale University, New Haven, CT – Precollege Program, To apply, you must be in your junior or senior year of high school at the
time of application. Rising juniors are not eligible to attend. You will be taking Yale College courses for credit in the company of
college students. Yale does not offer pre-college courses. You will be held to the same academic standards as college students.

YOUNG JUDEA SUMMER IN ISRAEL, New York, NY - With summer and year-round programs in both the US and Israel,
from 3rd grade to college and beyond, Young Judaea is truly unique in its ability to offer a fun, safe, social environment that
also includes a distinct focus on education, leadership, and social action. 212-303-8014.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM, Cal State University, Sacramento – For students with disabilities. 5 day program,
expenses are paid. ( 8 0 0)695-0350.

YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING – International student exchange program offers over 30 programs worldwide, from
language immersion to specific interest or adventures programs, some requiring no language experience. Summer
programs range from two to six weeks, and tuition and application deadlines vary. (800) TEENAGE.; email:

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