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									Hospital News                                   plan of care with the them, as well as with the patient and their family. “Dr. Saxena truly
                                                cares about his patients. It’s not just a ‘job’ with him.”
Congratulations to the
JanuarY PhYsiCians of                           restraint CoMMittee
the Month
                                                Both Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers have established Restraint
Chandler regional Medical Center:               Committees to review and monitor patient restraint practices. The committees are both
Dr. steve torres                                committed to reducing restraint use, as well as increasing staff and physician awareness
                                                of processes, among other goals.
                              Dr. Torres em-
                              braces his role   For more information about the Mercy Gilbert Restraint Committee, please contact
                              as a physician,   Committee Chair Victor Garcia (480.728.8329), or our ad hoc physicians Dr. Jed Bayasi
                              and it is evi-    (480.686.6660) and Dr. Judy Messer (
                              dent in his in-   To find out more about the Chandler Regional Restraint Committee, please contact
                              teractions with   Karen Bauer (480.728.3314).
                              patients each
                              day. A recent     Pain specialty services at CrMC and MgMC
                              letter from the   Pain is the number one symptom for which patients seek medical attention. Over the past
parents of a three-year-old patient in whom     four decades, many surveys have demonstrated that the incidence of under treated pain
he diagnosed a rare disease that could have     remains the same, despite increasing awareness and JCAHO mandates. Pain outcomes
been easily overlooked points out many of       can be dramatically improved if patients have access to a pain specialist evaluation. Our
the attributes that qualify Dr. Torres as       hospitals are among the very few that offer medical pain management, including consul-
an excellent physician. The parents rec-        tation. Some of the specific benefits you and your patients can expect include:
ognized the care provided as competent,
                                                • Improved patient satisfaction and quality of life
caring and efficient, and they “appreciated
                                                • Assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of complex pain disorders
being taken so seriously when in fact they
                                                • Reduction in post-operative complications such as delayed healing and ambulation,
felt ‘helpless.’”
                                                  infection and ileus
Mercy gilbert Medical Center:                   • Provision of information for the wide array of available treatments to alleviate pain
Dr. rajesh saxena                               • Decreased length of stay
                                                • Reduction in opioid induced adverse events
Dr. Saxena is
                                                • Patient education regarding the proper use, benefits and side effects of prescribed
being recog-
nized for his
                                                • Referral to an interventional pain specialist when indicated
empathy and
                                                • Referral to an addictionologist when appropriate
care for each
patient he en-
counters. He
                                                 Physician Lounge and Cafeteria Meals
                                                 Our hospitals are proud to provide physicians with courtesy food from the lounge
                                                 or cafeteria while working in our facilities. If you would like additional meals as
the importance of each member of a pa-
                                                 take-out from the cafeteria, you will be charged regular price minus the 15 percent
tient’s care team and eagerly discusses the
                                                 employee discount.
Hospital News (Continued)                                                                     If they are not, the wound must be opened
                                                                                              and explored to remove the missing seg-
WelCoMe neW MeDiCal staff MeMbers                                                             ment. Please remember that any retained
Welcome to the 14 new physicians appointed to our medical staff, in January.                  foreign body from a surgery is considered a
Jay Boyer, M.D. – CRMC & MGMC                  Dale Payne, M.D. – CRMC & MGMC                 sentinel event and is therefore reportable
Specialty: Radiology                           Specialty: Cardiothoracic Surgery              to the hospital Board as well as CHW.
Affiliation: Chandler Radiology                Dean Prater, M.D. – CRMC & MGMC
Associates                                     Specialty: Pulmonary Disease
                                                                                              Things to Do
William Ciccone, M.D. – CRMC                   Affiliation: Gilbert Respiratory               februarY CMe events
(Currently at MGMC)                            Frank Raia, M.D. – CRMC                        February 13, 7 to 8 a.m.
Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery                  (Currently at MGMC)                            Live at Chandler Regional
Affiliation: The Core Institute                Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery                  Morrison Auditorium
Scott Coole, D.O. – CRMC & MGMC                Affiliation: The Core Institute                Cardiac Cath Conference: Case
Specialty: Pulmonary Disease                   Kevin Rodriguez, M.D. – CRMC                   Presentations from Drs. John Nigro
Affiliation: Coole Medical                     & MGMC                                         and James Mathewson
Rama Devineni, M.D. – MGMC                     Specialty: Emergency Medicine                  February 18, noon to 1 p.m.
(Currently at CRMC)                            Affiliation: Premier Emergency Medical         Live at Chandler Regional Learning
Specialty: Internal Medicine                   Specialists                                    Resource Center
Affiliation: Chandler Primary Care             Mohammad I. Uddin, M.D. – CRMC                 Via videoconference at Mercy Gilbert
Chinwe Egbo, M.D. – CRMC & MGMC                & MGMC                                         McAuley Auditorium
Specialty: Pediatrics                          Specialty: Physical Medicine & Rehabili-       General Grand Rounds with Rebecca
Affiliation: IPC/The Hospitalist Company       tation                                         Pauly, PharmD, BCPS:
                                               Affiliation: Arizona Physical Medicine         CHEST Guideline Update and the Impact
Pierre Gilles, M.D. – CRMC & MGMC
                                               & Rehabilitation                               of National Patient Safety Goal 3E
Specialty: General Surgery
Affiliation: Cigna Healthcare                  Xuan Vu, M.D. – CRMC                           uPCoMing PhYsiCian foruMs
Holly McDaniel, M.D. – CRMC                    Specialty: Family Practice
                                                                                              Tuesday, February 10, 2009 –
& MGMC                                         Affiliation: Fountains Family Care
                                                                                              noon to 12:30 p.m.
Specialty: Pathology                                                                          Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Affiliation: Clin-Path Associates                                                             Physician Lounge
Forrest Moore, M.D. – CRMC & MGMC                                                             Friday, March 20, 2009 – noon to 1 p.m.
Specialty: Critical Care Medicine                                                             Chandler Regional Medical Center
Affiliation: Associated Chest &                                                               Physician Lounge
Critical Care
                                                                                              Physician Forums provide an opportunity
                                                                                              to meet informally with administrators
Policies and Procedures                                                                       to discuss physician satisfaction, market
Pain PuMP Catheter insertion inforMation                                                      initiatives, master facility plans, new tech-
                                                                                              nologies and more. With questions, please
In a recent review of surgical procedures, an opportunity to improve the consistency in
                                                                                              contact the physician hotline at 480.728.
the manner which pain pumps are inserted was identified. Please take the time to make
                                                                                              CALL (2255).
yourself aware of the manufacturers’ recommendations for implanting the catheters for
the continuous infusion pain pumps (On-Q and Solace). Both manufacturers state that           We hope physicians will take advantage of
the peel-away sheath should be removed from the puncture site PRIOR to splitting the          this opportunity to receive regular updates
sheath and removing it. If the sheath is torn underneath the skin, a portion can break        on what is happening at CHW’s East Val-
off and be retained in the patient. The sheath is not radiopaque so it cannot be detected     ley hospitals.
on x-ray.                                                                                     Will Writing WorkshoPs
The hospitals are currently educating all OR staff, including OB, to be mindful of this
                                                                                              CHW Foundation-East Valley, in conjunc-
potential problem. We recommend that whenever one of these catheters is placed, that
                                                                                              tion with Leave a Legacy Arizona, will
the surgeon or their assistant inspect the peel-away sections to be sure they are complete.

Things to Do (Continued)                      neW PoliCY regarDing hosPital suPPlieD surgiCal sCrubs

offer two free workshops to anyone inter-     Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert have recently developed a new policy for hospital
ested in learning how to prepare a will.      supplied surgical scrubs to address the safety of our patients. The new policy, which will
Attend yourself, or tell your staff and pa-   go into effect in March 2009, will better define who is authorized to wear hospital sup-
tients about it.                              plied surgical scrubs and establishes the following guidelines:

All participants will receive a complimen-    • Hospital supplied surgical scrubs provided under this policy shall remain the property
tary will preparation workbook. Topics          of the hospital.
will include reduction of taxes, appointing   • Maintenance of these scrubs will be through the hospital laundry service.
guardians, expressing specific requests and   • These scrubs shall not be worn outside the building.
state laws of descent and distribution.       • Protocols for changing these uniforms prior to entry into a sterile environment must
                                                be followed.
Two convenient times and locations:
                                              This policy is not to be confused with Mercy Gilbert’s existing Dress Code for Nursing
Thursday, March 19, 2009 – 1 to 3 p.m.        Personnel (6100-D-13m). Although prohibited in the current policy, it is widely known
Chandler Regional Medical Center              that staff and physicians take hospital supplied surgical scrubs out of the hospital. For
Main Entrance, Lower Level                    the safety of our patients, we ask that they be returned to the hospital. Scrubs may be re-
Conference Rooms 1 & 2                        turned anonymously between February 16th – 18th to a bin located inside both hospitals’
Thursday, March 26, 2009 – 1 to 3 p.m.        main points of entry, as well as outside of the surgical suites. Compliance with this policy
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center                  will be closely monitored.
Medical Office Building, 3rd Floor
McAuley Auditorium Room B
                                              IT Update
Caring for Patients With                      MeDiCal reCorD nuMber exPansion
Congenital heart Disease
                                              In late February, we will be converting our medical record number from seven charac-
                                              ters to ten characters. For example, medical record number M123456 will be converted
Monday, February 23, 2009 – Noon to 1 p.m.    to M000123456. The new format will include the alpha prefix as before (M for Chandler
Presented by the Scott and Laura Eller        Regional and G for Mercy Gilbert) followed by nine digits which will include the ad-
Congenital Heart Center                       dition of several zeros in front of older medical record numbers. This will allow us to
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, Medical Of-     expand the amount of medical record numbers we have available. The conversion will
fice Building, Third Floor McAuley B (live)   take approximately 13 days and during that time you will be able to look up patients
Chandler Regional Medical Center, Morri-      by their existing medical record number. For more information, please contact Rich
son Building, Learning Resource Center (by    Patla at 480.728.3402.
video broadcast)
                                              finDing raDiologY rePorts in PCi
RSVP to Heather Hilpp at 602.406.3457
with name, title and location you will        To find radiology reports for your current patients, please select Orders, then select the
attend.                                       Category, and then select the Procedure to view the report. If you wish to see reports
                                              prior to December 2, 2008, select the Category and then Archives. From there, select the
Physician Resources                           Procedure to view the archived report.

And Support
Don’t forget to be sure you are enrolled
in the ResourceLink Information and
Referral Service and that your profile is
up to date. We want to refer patients to
you! Contact Tawnya Schafer, physician
profile coordinator, at 602.406.7362 or
Sharon Hughart, ResourceLink manager,
at 480.728.2091 with any questions.

IT Update (Continued)                                                                  To access these files, follow these simple steps.
                                                                                       1. Open your Internet browser and go to:
                                                                                       2. Type in your network User Name and Password.

Connecting YOU…IT Advancements
New DirectcoNNect Desktop
We heard you! Your feedback helped enhance the desktop’s key functions, allowing
you to deliver care more efficiently.
How does this help you?
• Unlock computers with the ability to log off the previous user
• Standardizes clinical computer workstations
• Allows flexibility to choose which features to use based upon your needs
                                                                                       3. Type in your network User Name and Password once more to
New enhancements include:
• Single button log out feature
                                                                                          enter into Direct Connect. If you get prompted by Windows
• Ability to choose your own path                                                         to save this password, select YES so you won’t get prompted
  : Choose to go directly to a certain application (Meditech, Emageon/PACS,
    Logicare) by using your individual password for each; or                              to enter your password twice in the future.
  : Choose to initiate DirectConnect single sign-on to all applications.

Your new desktop!                           What does each button mean?

                                                Log off
                                                Launch DirectConnect
                                                Logicare (new)
                                                Emageon (PACS)

To request support, call 480.728.2ASK (2275).

                                                                                       4. The DirectConnect viewer screen will open. You may pro-
                                                                                          ceed to find patients and information derived from Meditech.
                                                                                          Unlike on the network, you will not be able to open native
use DireCtConneCt to vieW Patient health
                                                                                          Meditech or Ultravisual Emageon PACS systems.
inforMation froM Your offiCe or hoMe.
DirectConnect offers physicians access to their patients’ health
information from remote locations.
To begin, you must have the following items:
• Network User ID and Password
• Meditech User ID and Password
If you do not have the above user ID and Passwords, please
contact Leilani Wilson at 480.728.7160.
Once access is granted, if you have password problems please call
CHW IT Help Desk at 1.888.307.0222 or 480.728.4357.
If you have program concerns, comments, problems or instruction-
                                                                                             PhYsiCian hotline
al needs, please contact the Clinical Informatics Meditech Special-                          480.728.CALL (2255)
ist on pager 602.656.0040 for assistance.


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