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					Study Number 6125
Young Consumers Study, 2002-2004
Griffin, C.

Birmingham Interviews
Interview                                       Year    Interview                                                    Date of       No of Text File
ID        Gender and Ethnicity      School      Group   Type      Notes   Interview Summary                          Interview     Pages Name
B1                                  Bradford    12      Group
                                                                          Shopping, local area, pocket money,
          4 White Males                                                   spending habits, school uniform, style
          1 Asian Male                                                    groups, stop and search.                   01/03/2002    53     6125int001
B2        1 Afro-Caribbean Female   Bradford    8       Group
          1 Asian Female
          1 Chinese Female                                                Shopping, spending habits, parental
          1 White Female                                                  control, advertising.                      3/15/2002     16     6125int002
B3                                  Bradford    8       Group

                                                                          Style groups, quite a lot of talk about guns
          1 Mixed Parentage Male                                          and aggression, brand names and
          3 White Males                                                   popular/unpopular brand identity.            3/15/2002   45     6125int003
B4        1 White Male              Bradford    8       Individual        Negotiation with parents spending, style
                                                                          groups.                                      5/31/2002   7      6125int004
B5        1 White Male              Bradford    8       Individual
                                                                          Leisure interests, negotiation in families. 5/17/2002    8      6125int005
B6        6 White Females           Sheffield   8       Group             Style, bullying, brand names, shopping at
                                                                          Merry Hill, parental views on style, some
                                                                          discussion of music.                        4/19/2002    38     6125int006
B7        1 Mixed Parentage Male 5 Sheffield    8       Group             Partial interview: Style items mobile
          White Males                                                     phones designer gear.                       4/19/2002    9      6125int007
B8                                 Bradford     8       Group
          5 White Females                                                 Spending habits places to shop, brands,
          4 White Males                                                   negotiation with parents, earning money.   2/22/2002     27     6125int008
B9                                 Bradford     8       Individual        Spending habits and negotiation with
          1 White Female                                                  parents.                                   2/24/2002     5      6125int009
B10a                                Tynne       8       Group             Discussion around Kevs/Shazza’s and
                                                                          skaters mainly to do with style, and
          1 Mixed Parentage                                               clothing. Dialogue about differences
          Female                                                          between girls and boys in parental
          2 White Females                                                 attitude, shopping etc. plus disputes
          3 White Males                                                   between the participants on this.          7/11/2002     29     6125int010
B10b                                Tynne               Group
                                                                          A lot of discussion arising about group
                                                                          definitions – skaters (vs) Sharon's and
                                                                          kev's and how this impacts upon how
                                                                          people behave, are seen, shop
                                                                          availability, brands etc so loads on style
                                                                          categories. A tension between the
                                                                          Sharon's and the skaters (from the
                                                                          skaters’ point of view) is bought up (and
                                                                          often contradicted). Sharon's as
          1 Mixed Parentage                                               other/skaters as self directed. Also
          Female                                                          discussion on age process and effects on
          5 White Females                                                 style with direct relation to school.      6/13/2002     37     6125int011
Interview                                         Year    Interview                                                                                              Date of       No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity      School      Group   Type      Notes                                            Interview Summary                           Interview     Pages Name
B11         1 Asian Female            Bradford    12      Group
            1 Mixed Parentage
            Female                                                                                                   Shopping, styles and labels, talk on
            1 White Female                                                                                           comparative amounts of money that
            1 Afro-Caribbean Male                                                                                    young people have, copying styles,
            2 White Males                                                                                            celebrities, advertising.                   3/22/2002     33     6125int012
B12a.boy                              Sheffield   8       Individual                                                 Negotiation with parents, shopping style
            White Male (Sid)                                                                                         groups.                                     6/14/2002     8      6125int013
B12a.girl                             Sheffield   8       Individual
                                                                                                                     Plays football, and at times emphasises
                                                                                                                     the different consumer behaviour
                                                                                                                     according to gender. Disagrees with Dad
            White Female (Kate)                                                                                      and his girlfriend about ‘everything’.  6/14/2002         8      6125int014
B12b.boy    White Male                Sheffield   8       Individual                                                 Leisure, shopping, family negotiation.      6/14/2002     5      6125int015
B12b.girl   White Female              Sheffield   8       Individual                                                 Leisure, shopping, family negotiation.      6/14/2002     5      6125int016
B12c.boy                              Sheffield   8       Individual                                                 Leisure interests, shopping , negotiation
            White Male                                                                                               in families.                                6/14/2002     5      6125int017
B12c.girl                             Sheffield   8       Individual                                                 Leisure interests; gender image is an
                                                                                                                     issue with her Mum – who would like her
            White Female                                                                                             to wear some ‘nice’ clothes.                6/14/2002     9      6125int018
B13         4 Asian Females           Heather     12      Group                                                      Asian culture, local area, music, style
                                      Edge                                                                           groups, labels, advertising, mobiles.       11/18/2002    36     6125int019
B14         6 Asian Males             Heather     8       Group
                                      Edge                             Predominantly Asian and Muslim school in
                                                                       ethnically diverse working class inner city
                                                                       area. Not a very comprehensible interview     Not a great deal of consumer based
                                                                       due to background noise in dining room,       discussion. Money comes up. Consumer
                                                                       and virtually impossible to distinguish       identity doesn’t but there may be identity
                                                                       voices realistically.                         ‘at work’.                                 11/25/2002     25     6125int020
B15         5 White Females           Bradford    12      Group                                                      Spending, shopping habits, style and
                                                                                                                     style groups-Sharon and Kev's, gender
                                                                                                                     differences in attitudes to style and
                                                                       F4 and F5 very quiet.                         shopping, earning money.                   3/1/2002       37     6125int021
B16                                   Bradford    12      Group
                                                                       Female 1 had participated in a group (all
                                                                       female) interview the week before. The        Style groups, celebrities, shopping,
            2 White Females                                            class was short of girls to take part. She    music, labels, differences in family income
            2 White Males 1 African                                    was a friend (and was there grudgingly) for   and financial pressures on parents and
            Caribbean Male                                             ‘moral support’ for female 2.                 young people.                               3/8/2002      37     6125int022
B17a - CG                             Hartford    8       Group
            3 Asian Females                                                                                          Style labels, shops, style groups, includes
            1 Mixed Parentage                                                                                        a break for hand cream and some
            Female                                                                                                   discussion of style ethnicity and football
            2 White Females                                                                                          support.                                    6/21/2002     40     6125int023
B17b - JH                             Hartford    8
                                                                                                                     Labels, style and quite a bit on not being
            1 Black Female                                                                                           tarty, also some on uniform and the
            3 Mixed Parentage                                                                                        differences between Asian and white
            Females                                                                                                  style. Some discussion of racism. Also
            2 White Females                               Group                                                      quite a lot on the merits of different shops. 6/21/2002   34     6125int024
Interview                                           Year    Interview                                                                                      Date of             No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity       School       Group   Type      Notes                                       Interview Summary                        Interview           Pages Name
                                                                                                                  Not a very comprehensible interview. The
                                                                                                                  boys didn’t engage it on a serious level
                                                                                                                  and many inaudible and unrelated
                                                                                                                  answers. The three Asian boys (M1, M2,
            3 Asian Males                                                                                         M4) continued to participate in the
            1 Black Male                                                 1 Rasta Afro-Caribbean male who sat with camera work). Some discussion of
B18         1 Mixed Parentage Male     Rutherford   8       Group        the group but chose not to join in       labels.                                  12/9/2002           18     6125int025

                                                                         Predominantly Asian Muslim inner city
                                                                         school. Not that comprehensible… a LOT
                                                                         of background noise as was held in gym.       Interview covers style – some discussion
                                                                         Discussion didn’t really open up as girls     of Asian style brand names and shops,
                                       Heather                           were very quiet. Virtually impossible to      negotiation in families and jobs round the
B19         6 Asian Females            Edge         8       Group        figure out who is speaking.                   house.                                     11/25/2002   14     6125int026
            1 Asian Female
            1 half Asian half Kenyan
            1 Black Female                                                                                             Mention of a few brands. Emphasis on
            2 Mixed Parentage                                                                                          individual relations to consumption, not
            Females                                                      Ethnically diverse working class inner city   much on group styles. (Most of these
B20         1 Other (Vietnamese)       Rutherford   8       Group        school                                        girls also did the camera work)            12/2/2002    15     6125int027
                                                                                                                       A focus on brand names and self
                                       Heather                           Predominantly Asian Muslim inner city         expression rather than group/style
B21         4 Asian Males              Edge         12      Group        school                                        expression.                                11/18/2002   22     6125int028

                                                                                                                       Shopping –shops and brands, local area,
            4 Asian Females                                                                                            ethnic differences in style and some
            2 Mixed Parentage                                                                                          discussion of what boys and girls are
B22         Females                    Rutherford   11      Group                                                      expected to do around the house.        1/20/2003       19     6125int029

                                                                                                                   This interview has quite a ‘street’ feel to it.
                                                                                                                   Often the conversation steers itself
                                                                                                                   towards street behaviour and how style is
                                                                                                                   used in this way on quite an individual
                                                                                                                   level. More emphasis on this than group
                                                                                                                   style. Talk on what affects choice of
                                                                                                                   image and how, including people/friends
            1 Asian Male                                                                                           and music. Seems slightly older in the
            2 Black Males                                                                                          sense that the main talkers brings in a lot
            1 Mixed Parentage Male                                     Working class ethnically diverse inner city of ‘outside’ references rather than in-
B23         1 White Male               Rutherford   11      Group      school                                      school and talk of making own choices.          1/20/2003   27     6125int030
                                                                                                                   Leisure interests, shopping negotiation in
B24         1 White Male               Sheffield    8       Individual                                             families, style groups.                         7/12/2002   7      6125int031

                                                                                                                       Explanation of the negotiations between
                                                                                                                       the girl and her Mum over money, buying
B25         1 White Female             Sheffield    8       Individual                                                 things, what’s ok to buy etc.            7/12/2002      6      6125int032
                                                                                                                       Identity work based on drawing and
                                                                                                                       power drills. Illustrations about how he
B26         1 White Male               Sheffield    8       Individual                                                 and his parents negotiate.               7/12/2002      6      6125int033
Interview                                            Year    Interview                                                                                         Date of       No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity        School       Group   Type      Notes                                       Interview Summary                           Interview     Pages Name
                                                                       Includes style groups Goths, Kevs,
            3 White Females                                            Sharons and brands (positioning around      Shopping, spending, local area, style
B27         3 White Males               Sheffield    8       Group     real and fake ones).                        groups.                                   4/12/2002       44     6125int034
                                                                                                                   Discusses the different types of groups,
                                                                                                                   especially skaters, and how brands play a
B28         6 White Males               Tynne        8       Group                                                 part in who you are.                      6/27/2002       27     6125int035

                                                                                                                   A lot of talk about logos (especially in the
                                                                       Two working class ‘townies’, who were       construction of the sporty image), also
B29         2 White Females             Sheffield    12      Group     good friends.                               music and mixing between groups.             11/22/2002   22     6125int036
                                                                                                                   Photos of bedroom computer, play
B30         1 Asian Male (B-)           Rutherford   8       Camera    Favourite item= teddy                       station, Liverpool banner.                   6/9/2003     7      6125int037
            1 half Asian half Kenyan
B31         Female (Taz)                Rutherford   8       Camera                                              Photo's of school friends.                    6/5/2003      14     6125int038
            1 Black Female (Cheryl)                                    The 2 boys in conversation are Riccie and
B32         (1st Interview)             Rutherford   8       Camera    Troy                                      Very short, little information.               6/5/2003      2      6125int039
                                                                       Sonia, Nina int046 and Tanya int052 were Photos of school friends taken at school
B33         1 Asian Female (Sonia)      Rutherford   8       Camera    interviewed together in int064.           and some of her family.                       6/5/2003      6      6125int040
            1 Asian Female (Shaz)                                                                                Photos of school friends taken at school
B34                                     Rutherford   8       Camera                                              and some of her family.                       6/5/2003      7      6125int041
            1 Asian Male (James)                                                                                 Photos of his model cars taken in his
B35                                     Rutherford   8       Camera                                              bedroom.                                      6/5/2003      7      6125int042
            1 Black Female (Veronica)
B36                                     Rutherford   8       Camera                                                Photos of shoes, jewellery and friends.     6/5/2003      9      6125int043
            1 Black Female (Cheryl)                                                                                Photos of her bedroom and of friends in
B37         (2nd Interview)             Rutherford   8       Camera                                                the playground.                             6/5/2003      9      6125int044
                                                                                                                   Photographs of her mother’s graduation
B38         1 Black Female (Sheena)     Rutherford   8       Camera                                                ceremony and her family.                    6/5/2003      9      6125int045

            1 Vietnamese Female                              Camera/   Nina, Sonia int040 and Tanya int052 were    Photographs of friends at school and a
B39         (Nina)                      Rutherford   8       ethno     interviewed together in int064.             trip to Leeds to her Grandfather’s grave.   6/5/2003      11     6125int046
                                                                       Two white girls aged 14 & 12. Two parent
                                                                       working class family with younger brother   Negotiation within the family, the
B40         Daughters of Mrs D          -            -       Family    aged 9.                                     importance of labels, style groups.         9/16/2003     11     6125int047

                                                                       This interview is a continuation from int050
            2 White Females                                            without F3 and F4. The 2 boys were
            2 White Males (1 of whom                                   Rockers/Greebo's and this was particularly Style types Shaz’s and Kevin's, shopping
            leaves the interview early)                                striking in M2, the 2 girls were more        patterns, music, negotiation with parents,
B41         (…Continues from int050) Sheffield       12      Group     Shazza/townie)                               ambitions.                                 11/22/2002    25     6125int048

                                                                                                                   Style groups, influence of logos and
            3 White Females                                                                                        labels, 'metallers', music, negotiation with
B42         1 White Male             Sheffield       12      Group                                                 parents and working to buy own clothes. 11/22/2002        21     6125int049
            1 Mixed Parentage
            Female (F3)
            3 White Females (F1, F2
            & F4)                                                                                                  Informal interview which brings in a lot of
            2 White Males (Continues                                                                               discussion about style groups, how to
            on 22.11.02 - see                                          This interview continues on to int048       recognise etc, age, also a massive
B43         int048…)                 Sheffield       12      Group     without F3 and F4)                          section on racism.                          11/8/2002     44     6125int050
                                                             Camera/                                               Photos of self and neighbourhood, model
B44         1 Asian Male (Ronjon)       Rutherford   8       ethno                                                 cars and a lot of his dog.                  6/5/2003      9      6125int051
Interview                                           Year     Interview                                                                                          Date of      No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity       School       Group    Type      Notes                                      Interview Summary                             Interview    Pages Name
                                                                                                                  Photos of friends at school and of a family
                                                             Camera/   Tanya, Sonia int040 and Nina int046 were birthday. Some discussion of where
B45         1 Asian Female (Tanya)     Rutherford   8        ethno     interviewed together in int064.            Tanya shops.                                  6/5/2003     13     6125int052
                                                                                                                  Photos of commodities/possessions,
            1 Black African Female                                                                                friends, church attended by one
            1 Philipino Female                               Camera/                                              participant, talk on the new Bull Ring,
B46         3 White Males              Bradford     12       ethno     F1 - Philipino Female, F2 - African Female shops and future ambitions.                   10/14/2003   29     6125int053
                                                                                                                  Differences in spending, saving, style,
                                                                       Middle class white mother, 3 children, son chores and leisure activities in both
B47         Parent E (Ms)              Queens       -        Parent    13, daughters 11 and 5                     children.                                     11/28/2003   10     6125int054
                                                                       Five children, four girls 16 (int66), 13
                                                                       (int67), 12 (int067) and 7, one boy 5, one Family negotiation, pocket money,
                                                                       parent family, white mother – research     phones, age differences in the way the
B48         Parent Ms B                                      Parent    fellow                                     children are treated, limited budget.         8/22/2003    16     6125int055
            1 Asian Male,
            3 White Males
B49         2 White Females            Queens (Int2) 12      Group                                                Style groups, shopping                        10/10/2003   26     6125int056
            1 Mixed Parentage
            Female                                                                                                Shopping, locality, age based style
            4 White Females                                                                                       differences, style groups, skaters 'Kev's
B50         1 White Male               Queens (Int3) 12      Group                                                and Sharons', negotiation with parents.       10/10/2003   29     6125int057
                                                                                                                  Family negotiation, chores, leisure
                                                                                                                  interests, differences between mother’s
                                                                       Two parent white family, parents           and son’s attitudes to money and
B51         Parent Mrs A                            -        Parent    separated, 2 boys aged 15 and 16.          budgeting.                                    8/1/2003     16     6125int058
                                                                                                                  Shopping, locality, going out in the
            1 Asian Male                                                                                          evenings, working earning, style groups,
            1 Black Female                                                                                        comparison of school and locality,
B52         3 White Males              Queens (Int4) 12      Group                                                celebrities as style leaders.                 10/10/2003   20     6125int059
            1 Black Male
            1 White Female                                                                                        Shopping, earning money, style groups,
B53         2 White Males              Queens (Int5) 12      Group                                                'Kev's and Shazza's', logo's.                 10/10/2003   12     6125int060
            1 Asian Male                                                                                          Shopping, helping at home, ambitions,
            1 Black Female                                                                                        style groups, age related style
            3 White Female                                                                                        differences, working, negotiating with
B54         1 White Male               Queens (Int1) 12      Group                                                parents, advertising.                         10/10/2003   32     6125int061
            Parent Ms F
                                                                       Two parent white family, one daughter      Daughter’s leisure interests, spending,
B55                                                 12       Parent    Rachel 16. Daughter's interview Int063     household chores, pressures on parents. 3/2/2004           9      6125int062
            Daughter of Ms F, Rachel                                                                              Spending habits, savings, differences
                                                                       White female aged 16. Mother's interview between young people in terms of
B56                                                 12       Family    Int062                                     spending power.                         3/2/2004           8      6125int063
                                                                       Actual photo discussion pages 35-43.
                                                                       Sonia – Asian Sikh girl, Nina – Vietnamese
            2 Asian Females (Sonia                                     Buddhist girl and Tanya - Asian Christian Discussion of shopping in the Bull Ring
            and Tanya)                                                 girl. All three girls were interviewed     and the Palisades, some discussion of
            1 Vietnamese Female                     9 (moved Camera/   separately as well, Sonia int040, Nina     grandparents. Photos of family and of
B57         (Nina)                     Rutherford   up a year) ethno   int046 and Tanya int052.                   church attended.                        01/10/2003         45     6125int064

                                                                                                                  Negotiation in families between siblings
                                                                                                                  over pocket money and appropriate
                                                                       Two parent family with two daughter's in   spending, parent’s own childhood
B58         Mrs C                                            Parent    years 7 and 5.                             experiences vis a vis spending.               7/7/2002     15     6125int065
Interview                                           Year    Interview                                                                                         Date of      No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity         School     Group   Type      Notes                                    Interview Summary                              Interview    Pages Name
                                                                                                               Spending leisure interests, pressures on
B59         Daughter of Mrs B, Emily                12      Family   Emily aged 16. Mother's interview Int055 young people, style groups.                     09/09/2003   12      6125int066
            Daughters of Mrs B, Isabel                               Isabel 13 & Nadine 12. Mother's interview Negotiation in families, leisure activities,
B60         & Nadine                                8       Family   Int055                                    spending.                                      09/09/2004   17      6125int067
Oxford Milton Keynes Interviews
Interview                                           Year    Interview                                                                                         Date of      No of Text File
ID         Gender and Ethnicity          School     Group   Type      Notes                                      Interview Summary                            Interview    Pages Name

                                                                                                                 Long discussion about personal style,
                                                                                                                 popular and unpopular people and about
            3 White Males                                                                                        being genuine, leaders and followers and
            2 White Females                                          G3-Adah, Black African Female. Adah is      friendship, social exclusion, also some
MK/OX 4     1 Black (African) Female     Clare 1    8       Group    also interviewed as individual in Int099.   discussion about age related changes.      7/10/2002           31 6125int068
                                                                                                                 Personal style and being popular, musical
                                                                                                                 taste, age related changes, class -
                                                                                                                 different styles posh schools, some
            3 White Males                                                                                        discussion of class by area with reference
MK/OX 5     3 White Females              Clare 2    8       Group                                                to living on a council estate.             7/10/2002           31 6125int069
            3 White Males                                                                                        Personal style, going out and earning
MK/OX 6     4 White Females              Clare 3    8       Group                                                money, being popular, music.               10/3/2002           20 6125int070

                                                                                                                 Style groups and whether they would fit
                                                                                                                 themselves into these groups, some
                                                                                                                 discussion of race around ‘Gippos’, quite
                                                                                                                 a lot on class and not appearing to be
                                                                                                                 poor, discussion of good and bad schools
                                                                                                                 and the relationship between uniform
                                                                                                                 academic success and style, a lot about
                                                                                                                 fitting in and how this is achieved, also
            3 White Males                                                                                        some stuff on drinking and smoking as
MK/OX 7     3 White Females              Keats 1    8       Group                                                markers of teenage identity.                7/8/2002           29 6125int071
                                                                                                                 Mostly about spending saving negotiation
                                                                                                                 in families, some on age related spending
                                                                                                                 cinemas videos etc, awareness of
            3 White Males                                                                                        limitations on the family budget, also lots
MK/OX 8     3 White Females              Keats 2    8       Group                                                about Greebo's.                             7/8/2002           23 6125int072

                                                                                                                 Local area, savings, work paid/unpaid,
                                                                                                                 style groups-Greebo's, self-classification,
                                                                                                                 mobile phones, style value for money,
                                                                                                                 value for money generally, getting picked
                                                                                                                 on for not having the right thing, shame
            4 White Males                                                                                        and shameful shops, age related
MK/OX 9     4 White Females              Keats 3    8       Group                                                changes in consumption.                     7/8/2002           26 6125int073
                                                                                                                 Shortcomings in what the local area
                                                                                                                 provides for young people, greebos and
                                                                                                                 personal style, age related changes in
         3 White Males                                                                                           consumption, a bit on music and golden
MK/OX 10 3 White Females                 Larkin 1   8       Group                                                oldies.                                     5/29/2002          19 6125int074

                                                                                                                 Local area and its shortcomings, a bit on
         4 White Males                                                                                           race and gender, quite a lot on greebos
MK/OX 11 2 White Females                 Larkin 2   8       Group                                                being popular and peer group influences. 5/29/2002             17 6125int075
Interview                                       Year    Interview                                                                         Date of     No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity   School       Group   Type      Notes                    Interview Summary                              Interview   Pages Name

                                                                                           Discussion on being unpopular and
                                                                                           popular entwined with talk about money
                                                                                           not having enough and not fitting in,
                                                                                           criticism of local semi-rural area, a bit on
         3 White Males                                                                     gender around piercing, negotiating with
MK/OX 12 3 White Females           Larkin 3     8       Group                              parents and age related consumption.           5/29/2002       16 6125int076
         3 White Males
         2 White Females                                                                   Style groups and popularity, a bit on
MK/OX 13 1 Black Female            Lovelace 1   8       Group    Interrupted by drilling   changing styles as you get older.          7/13/2002           13 6125int077
                                                                                           Local area, logos and showing off, quite a
                                                                                           lot on age related differences in
                                                                                           consumption, what they're allowed and
                                                                                           not allowed to do, a lot on mobile phones,
         3 White Males                                                                     negotiation in families around money and
MK/OX 14 3 White Females           Lovelace 2   8       Group                              personal safety.                           7/13/2002           21 6125int078

                                                                                           Different groups and personal styles,
                                                                                           mention of boffs as a group and getting
                                                                                           picked on, some talk about social class
         1 White Males                                                                     linked with school and description of
         1 Mixed race Male                                                                 people who live on income support linked
MK/OX 15 2 White Females           Lovelace 3   8       Group                              with the work ethic.                        7/13/2002          17 6125int079
                                                                                           Local area, value for money and not
                                                                                           getting done, quite a lot on class and not
                                                                                           having enough money to spend and
                                                                                           therefore not fitting in, discussion of car
         1 White Male                                                                      makes and what they say about you,
         1 Asian Male                                                                      negotiation in families around appropriate
MK/OX 16 2 Asian Females           Rossetti 1   8       Group                              viewing.                                    5/1/2002           15 6125int080

                                                                                           Discussion of uniform and its role, local
         1 White Male                                                                      area's style groups, who your friends are
         2 Asian Females                                                                   and if this is a based on style, advertising
MK/OX 17 1 White Female            Rossetti 2   8       Group                              and whether commodities are worth it.        5/1/2002          15 6125int081
         2 White Males
         I Black Male                                                                      Style groups, spending money, hanging
MK/OX 18 2 White Females           Shelley 1    8       Group                              out in the city centre, leisure pursuits.     7/1/2002         50 6125int082
                                                                                           Class and being in a single parent family,
                                                                                           the perils of being a boff, quite a lot about
         3 White Males                                                                     different schools and also on struggling to
MK/OX 19 3 White Females           Shelley 2    8       Group                              make ends meet.                               7/1/2002         27 6125int083
                                                                                           Greebo's. Interesting exchange about
                                                                                           sunglasses, confronting a boy who is
                                                                                           seen to take too much notice of logos.
                                                                                           Quite a lot about how groups don’t matter
                                                                                           too much in year 12, about the local area
                                                                                           and how little there is for young people
         3 White Males                                                                     their age to do, venues colonised by
MK/OX 20 2 White Females           Keats 1      12      Group                              younger teenagers etc.                        9/23/2002        30 6125int084
Interview                                       Year    Interview                                                    Date of       No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity   School       Group   Type      Notes   Interview Summary                          Interview     Pages Name

                                                                          Strong age related narrative, discussion
                                                                          of mobile phones, girls and the cost of
                                                                          texting friends, one girl very musical and
                                                                          goes to live gigs, unusual spending
                                                                          pattern. One boy creating a skater
                                                                          identity as main spending choice,
                                                                          individual's tension around receiving
                                                                          money from parents, being independent,
                                                                          in-talk about earnings and allowances,
                                                                          work - a moral issue, encourages social
                                                                          skills, good for you. Quite specific
                                                                          discussion of the local area in terms of
         3 White Males                                                    choice of music venues and clubs and
MK/OX 21 3 White Females           Keats 2      12      Group             style implications towards the end.         9/23/2002        25 6125int085
                                                                          Jobs and what they earn and whether this
                                                                          is adequate, styles age related to year 12,
                                                                          avoidance of too close an association
                                                                          with a particular style, independence
         3 White Males                                                    narrative about not asking for money from
MK/OX 22 2 White Females           Keats 3      12      Group             their parents.                              9/23/2002        18 6125int086

                                                                          The costs of going out to the city, the local
                                                                          area as a stigmatised area, and some talk
                                                                          about the Royal family and how they
         3 White Males                                                    wouldn’t come to the area, quite a lot on
MK/OX 23 1 White Females           Lovelace 1   12      Group             under aged drinking getting into clubs etc. 9/13/2002        20 6125int087

                                                                          Local area ambitions in the sixth form
                                                                          college, financial pressures and career
                                                                          choices, the stigma of living in the local
                                                                          area, pressures of drugs and the difficulty
                                                                          of staying out of this life and focussing on
                                                                          school, also strong narrative of
                                                                          development into more discerning
         3 White Males                                                    consumers more aware of money and
MK/OX 24 3 White Females           Lovelace 2   12      Group             less enslaved by style in the sixth form.    9/16/2002       26 6125int088
                                                                          Stigma attached to the local area and
                                                                          racial fights. Ambitions to get out and go
                                                                          to college and financial pressures on
                                                                          young people. Strong self-reliant
                                                                          narrative around work, and age narrative
         3 White Males                                                    around moving on from being style
MK/OX 25 3 White Females           Lovelace 3   12      Group             victims.                                   9/16/2002         28 6125int089
                                                                          Pressures and ambitions, plus the cost of
                                                                          staying on to the sixth form, the need for
                                                                          subsidies for young people like
                                                                          themselves on low incomes, also a bit on
         3 White Males                                                    theft of mobile phones and on designer
MK/OX 26 3 White Females           Ovid 1       12      Group             clothing.                                  11/8/2002         26 6125int090
Interview                                       Year    Interview                                                                                           Date of       No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity   School       Group   Type      Notes                                          Interview Summary                          Interview     Pages Name
                                                                                                                 Going out and age related leisure
                                                                                                                 activities, ambitions one girl wants to go
                                                                                                                 to Oxford University, long section towards
                                                                                                                 the end where the differences between
                                                                   This is a working class ethnically mixed      themselves and other locals including
         3 White Males                                             and until recently failing school. White girl one private school are discussed where
         1 White Female                                            G1: Jane who is interviewed as an             school and locality serve as markers for
MK/OX 27 2 Asian Females           Ovid 2       12      Group      individual in Int098.                         class.                                     11/15/2002        31 6125int091
                                                                                                                 Importance of designer gear and having
         3 White Males                                                                                           the latest thing, conspicuous
         2 Asian Males                                                                                           consumption, logos etc, some talk about
MK/OX 28 1 Black Male              Ovid 3       12      Group                                                    theft.                                     11/22/2002        36 6125int092

                                                                                                                  Saving for university jobs, value for
                                                                                                                  money on mobile phones, quite a lot
         2 White Males                                                                                            about what parents will pay for particularly
MK/OX 29 2 White Females           Rossetti 1   12      Group                                                     around cars and driving lessons.             7/9/2002       12 6125int093
                                                                   Two white males, 1 Asian male, friends
                                                                   who talk quite freely about social exclusion   Good discussion about fads - there isn't
                                                                   being in the group who can't afford to go      a fad at the moment its quite peaceful
                                                                   out and spend money and how other              and a nostalgic look at fads round Pogs
         2 White Males                                             people with more money rub their noses in      and other items they used to be into when
MK/OX 30 I Asian Male              Rossetti 2   12      Group      it.                                            they were younger.                        7/9/2002          18 6125int094

                                                                                                                  Where they shop, different style groups,
                                                                                                                  Townies-Goths, some negation in
                                                                                                                  families, how expensive everything is and
         4 White Males                                                                                            a discussion about college and whether
MK/OX 31 3 White Females           Sappho 1     12      Group                                                     they can or should fund this themselves. 2/7/2003           30 6125int095

                                                                                                                  Spending saving going out, strong
                                                                                                                  personal narrative from Ashmah of
                                                                                                                  socialising as an investment and also of
                                                                                                                  self reliance working and helping the
                                                                                                                  family, saving for an arranged marriage,
                                                                                                                  serious group who work hard and think
         2 White Males                                                                                            about the future from a poor area, strong
         1 Bangladeshi-Yemeni                                                                                     narrative throughout of work as character
         Male                                                      Boy 2 Ashmah is also interviewed as            forming, strong on ambitions and getting
MK/OX 32 3 White Females           Shelley 1    12      Group      individual in Int102.                          out of the local area.                    6/18/2002         18 6125int096
                                                                   One parent family, lives with his Dad who
                                                                   works the nightshift, Nan and Granddad,
                                                                   younger sister 16 and older brother who        Greebo's and townies, music, working
MK/OX 33 White Male (Wayne)        Lovelace     12      Individual works full-time.                               and self-respect, style on a budget.       10/29/2002       16 6125int097

                                                                   Two parent family, 1 brother 1 sister, both
                                                                   parents working. Jane's group interview        Paid work, ambitions, college, savings,
MK/OX 34 White Female (Jane)       Ovid         12      Individual Int091.                                        her art work and holidays with rangers.    3/20/2003        20 6125int098
Interview                                      Year    Interview                                                                                              Date of     No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity    School     Group   Type      Notes                                          Interview Summary                             Interview   Pages Name

                                                                                                                Family values, popular people, stereo
                                                                  Two parent family, one sister 6 and one       types, race, age, appropriate behaviour,
                                                                  brother 11. Adah Also interviewed with        attitudes to money and to family life,
MK/OX 36 Nigerian Female (Adah)     Clare      8       Individual group in Int068.                              negotiation within the family.                10/8/2002       24 6125int099
         2 White Males (Dave and                                  Allan also interviewed as individual in       Pocket money spending and negotiation
MK/OX 37 Allan)                     Clare      8       Individual int110                                        within the family.                            5/30/2003        8 6125int100

                                                                                                             Clothes, music preferences and groups.
                                                                                                             Strong narrative of self as an individual
                                                                                                             who doesn't feel the need to join the
                                                                  1st interview (2nd int105 - photos). Both popular group and has her own group of
         Iranian Female (Melinda)                                 parents are college lecturers, one brother like minded friends, also some on
MK/OX 38 2nd interview int104       Rossetti   8       Individual aged 10.                                   negotiating money from parents.                  1/9/2003        27 6125int101
                                                                                                             Paid work and a lot on bargains and
                                                                  Non-photo interview 1. Youngest in family value for money. A lot about family
                                                                  with seven brother and three sisters.      values and importance of contributing to
                                                                  Mother widowed 10 years ago when           the family. Some differences between
         Bangladeshi-Yemeni Male                                  Ashmah was 9. Also interviewed with        Asian and British family life in terms of
MK/OX 39 (Ashmah)                Shelley       12      Individual group in Int096.                           consumerism.                                     9/13/2002       25 6125int102
                                                                  Single mother with 4 children 16, 14, 10      A lot about family values what you need
                                                                  and 7. Works as teaching assistant in a       as opposed to what you want. Working
         Saffron (mother) with                                    special needs school. One child has           together as a family, simple holidays,
         Tamara, Averil and Kyle                                  African Caribbean father the rest are         some anti-consumerism and quite a lot
MK/OX 63 contributing                                  Mother     white.                                        about family negotiation.                     9/26/2003       33 6125int103

                                                                  Emily is the daughter of Lara Int118. Both
                                                                  girls come from two parent professional
         2 White Females (Emily                        Camera/    families. School friend Ruth Int114 is     Photos of shopping and favourite bands
MK/OX 40 and Ruth)                  Rossetti   8       ethno      present throughout interview.              also camera phone as a wished for item.          9/26/2003       10 6125int104
                                                                  2nd interview (1st int101 - individual).
         Iranian Female (Melinda)                      Camera/    Both parents are college lecturers, one
MK/OX 41 1st interview int101       Rossetti   8       ethno      brother aged 10.                           Photos mainly in school of school friends.       2/8/2003        11 6125int105
                                                                                                             Fair trade, ethical consumerism, family
                                                                  Two parent family father technician mother get-togethers, loss of family possessions
                                                       Camera/    nurse one sister aged 16. Mother           in flood, also Woodcraft folk and
MK/OX 42 White Female (Natalie)     Osiris     8       ethno      interviewed Int122.                        shopping.                                        7/22/2003       17 6125int106
                                                                                                             Photos of her room, books, posters, a lot
                                                                                                             about video games, also some of her art
                                                       Camera/                                               work, discussion of spending habits,
MK/OX 43 White Female (Jane)        Ovid       12      ethno                                                 hobbies and ambitions.                           9/13/2002       18 6125int107
                                                                  Present and taking part occasionally is
                                                                  Uri’s white 18 year old friend Bob who        Discussion of photos of local deli friends,
                                                       Camera/    attends the same school and features in       also of the synagogue and of
MK/OX 44 Israeli Male (Uri)         Links      12      ethno      some of the photographs.                      religion/culture.                            7/25/2003        13 6125int108
                                                                                                                Covers rock music, moshing nights out at
                                                       Camera/                                                  the pits and street life in general, most of
MK/OX 45 White Male (Keith)         ?          12      ethno      Greebo. Mother is single mother.              the photos are of this.                      10/26/2002       15 6125int109
                                                                  One parent family, two brother's, one older
                                                       Camera/    15 and one younger 6. Allan also              Cover photos and favourite possession,
MK/OX 46 White Male (Allan)         Clare      8       ethno      interviewed in group in int100.               pets.                                         6/24/2003        6 6125int110
                                                       Camera/    Two working professional parents, one         Photos of family, friends, sleepovers, trip
MK/OX 47 White Female (Clodagh)     Clare      8       ethno      sister aged 4.                                to the ice rink.                              3/4/2003        10 6125int111
Interview                                     Year    Interview                                                                                           Date of     No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity   School     Group   Type      Notes                                         Interview Summary                           Interview   Pages Name

         White Female (Julie),                        Camera/   One parent family, no siblings, living on a   Discusses the problems of living on a
MK/OX 48 Mexican Grandmother       Scholars   8       ethno     house boat. Mother interviewed Int117.        boat, photos of her friends and bullying.   7/10/2003        7 6125int112
                                                      Camera/                                                 Photos of locality, bedroom, friends,
MK/OX 49 Male (Mike)               -          12      ethno                                                   discussion of camera phone.                 7/24/2003       13 6125int113
         2 White Females (Ruth                        Camera/   School friend Emily int104 is present         Photos, make-up, clothes, mainly talk
MK/OX 50 and Emily)                Rossetti   8       ethno     throughout.                                   about special item for her brother.         9/30/2003       11 6125int114
                                                                Two parent family, mother is a teacher,
                                                                father currently unemployed. Two children Parental, socialist and religious values,
MK/OX 51 Female (Astrid) Ox        -                  Mother    Emer 19 and Jack 14.                       ethical fair-trade charity.                    7/29/2003       21 6125int115
                                                                                                           Negotiation in the family, family history
                                                                Two children, Lee aged 14 and Ruth aged and values regarding money, children’s
                                                                10. Two parent family, father is a teacher style and spending habits and mothers
                                                                and mother a homemaker, both have          attitudes towards logos and ostentatious
MK/OX 52 Female (Clara) Ox                            Mother    degrees.                                   display.                                       8/18/2003       23 6125int116
                                                                Single parent Oxford, works part time as a Some style and some group definitions,
                                                                Teaching Assistant, lives on a houseboat. clash between consumer culture and
         White Female (Harriet,                                 One daughter aged 13 Julie, interviewed mothers' values, issues around age,
MK/OX 53 Mexican Mother) Ox                           Mother    Int112.                                    gender.                                        6/26/2003       23 6125int117

                                                                                                           Budgeting and trying to get daughter to
                                                                                                           budget for herself – age related
                                                                                                           differences in teenage consumption,
                                                                                                           negotiation within the family and a lot on
                                                                Two parent family, both University         family values, the conflict between left
                                                                lecturers, two children 13 and 4. Daughter principles and consumerism and different
MK/OX 54 Female (Lara) MK                             Mother    Emily aged 13 interviewed Int104.          styles in both parent's original families. 8/22/2003           21 6125int118

                                                                                                            Mother's attitude to money and trying to
                                                                                                            provide what she never had, quite a lot
                                                                                                            about style, fitting in and particularly
                                                                Two parent family, mother and step-father trainers. Attitudes to work paid and
                                                                both working in manual clerical jobs, one unpaid in the house also a bit on mobile
MK/OX 55 Female (Miriam) Ox                           Mother    boy Ian aged 14.                            phones and personal safety.               10/14/2003          27 6125int119
                                                                Two parent family both working full time.
                                                                Three children, two at home, boy year 8     Negotiation in family values, differences
                                                      Mother    and girl 15, boy 19 left home. Live on a    on attitudes to money between father and
MK/OX 56 Mother and son MK         Byron      8       and son   large housing estate.                       mother, attitudes to spending and saving. 10/21/2002          23 6125int120
                                                                                                            Negotiation in families, differences in
                                                      Mother    Two parent family, boy 14 and girl 19, both parental and child attitudes to spending
MK/OX 57 Mother and Stan MK        Byron      8       and son   parents working, home owners.               and saving.                               0/10/2002           21 6125int121

                                                                                                         Family negotiation and values regarding
                                                                                                         value for money, quite a lot about gender
                                                                                                         in discussion of appropriate and
                                                                Two parent family both working, father   inappropriate dress, and a lot about class
                                                                school technician and mother breast care in the discussion about private schools
                                                                nurse, two daughters 15 and 12. Daughter and the choice of friends, described in
MK/OX 58 Female (Maude) Ox                            Mother    Natalie aged 12 interviewed Int106.      terms of value differences.                5/12/2003             41 6125int122
                                                                                                         Spending, saving, what is reasonable on
                                                                                                         a budget. Class, family values from
                                                                Single parent, Health visitor works full parents and expectations about work and
MK/OX 59 Female (Sadie) Ox                            Mother    time, one child boy aged 13.             contributing to the family.                8/8/2003              14 6125int123
Interview                                        Year    Interview                                                                                          Date of     No of Text File
ID          Gender and Ethnicity       School    Group   Type      Notes                                        Interview Summary                           Interview   Pages Name

                                                                                                                Attitudes to paid work and children’s
                                                                    Two parent family, father teacher, mother   contribution to chores arising from the
                                                                    currently not working but takes lodgers,    family background of both parents. Some
                                                                    two children, girl Petra aged 15 and boy    discussion of different approaches of
MK/OX 60 Female (Sabrina) Ox                             Mother     Guy aged 13.                                father and others to this issue.        6/26/2003           25 6125int124

                                                                    White mother (Shona) father (Stan) and      Discussion of attitude to money work and
                                                         Mother,    daughter . Couple have one other            finances. Daughter’s photo interview
                                                         Father     daughter Leonie aged 12. Father             narrative around make up and feeling
         Shona (mother), Stan                            and        unemployed at the time of the interview .   good in expensive items, photos of
MK/OX 61 (father) & Kezia (daughter)                     daughter   Two parent family, professional couple.     friends clubbing, family birthday.       7/9/2003           36 6125int125

                                                                                                              Daughters’ attitudes to spending and
                                                                                                              saving and a lot on the mother's attitude
                                                                                                              to spending and the way this intertwines
                                                                                                              with the family's Christian values. Quite a
                                                                    Mother works part time, husband works for bit on the daughters' ethical stance on
MK/OX 62 Female (Sian) OX                                Mother     a charity, 2 daughters 19 and 17.         consumerism and charity.                    6/23/2003         23 6125int126
                                                                                                                Personal style, Greebo's and some stuff
                                                                                                                on gender and what parents approve of,
            4 White Males                                                                                       also a bit on music and social exclusion,
MK/ OX 1    3 White Females            Byron 1   8       Group                                                  not fitting in.                             5/15/2002       28 6125int127

                                                                                                                Local area and the comparison between
                                                                                                                a semi-rural area and the city, group
                                                                                                                identities violence and getting picked up,
                                                                                                                some gender issues around piercing and
            4 White Males                                                                                       clothes, social exclusion because of age,
MK/OX 2     4 White Females            Byron 2   8       Group                                                  living in dodgy areas and personal safety. 5/15/2002        29 6125int128
                                                                                                                Shopping and local area, differences in
            2 White Males                                                                                       amount of money given from parents,
            I African Caribbean Male                                                                            personal style, clothing and social
MK/OX 3     3 White Females            Byron 3   8       Group      B3-Black male                               exclusion, Greebo's and music.              5/15/2002       23 6125int129

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