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Tips on starting a home business.

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Some helpful tips for those just starting their home based business. Each of these tips help me to build a
solid foundation for my business.

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I have been working in MLM for only two months. Previously my career choice was in Emergency Medical
Services as a Paramedic. I worked in EMS right out of high school and that was the only career I was trained
to do. After 10 years I realized that even though I enjoyed helping others immensely, I wasn’t financially
stable. Paying my monthly bills was a struggle that was continually there. So I decided to find a home
business that I could start and work part time.

That is when I came across MLM. Like everybody else I heard about the MLM scams and horrors. I knew I
didn’t want to hound my family and friends to join a network program. Having no sales experience, I didn’t
know where to start.

So I started researching. First, I researched several programs until I found the one that seemed to fit my
needs and offered the training I needed. Next, I researched the company to make sure they weren’t a scam.
With that done, I felt comfortable joining the company I am currently working with.

Now I as ready to let the money flow in. Boy, was I wrong. There really is work in netWORK marketing. So
the doubts started to kick in. Can I do this? Is this worth it? What have I gotten myself into? It was really
overwhelming. Instead of giving up, I started asking around for help and suggestions.

Some of the key ideas that I found that worked for me are rather simply and easy. First, you have to create a
schedule for your time. Pick a couple of hours each day and schedule them to your business. Make sure your
home office is in place that is quiet and you are disturbed as little as possible. And include time to learn new
skills. Consistent training helps you stay on top.

Next, break your week down so that you complete certain tasks each day. This helps to make sure all the
tasks needed to build your business are completed. I spend the first 20 minutes of each working day
checking and answering emails, so I know that my communication is always open. On one day I prospect
for customers, the next day I work on my web page content, another day I do follow-ups, and so on. By
keeping a schedule and staying on top of your tasks, helps keep everything from getting out of control.

Be sure to know your products or services. Spend some time each week learning a product or two. The more
knowledge you have about your products, the more professional you will sound to your potential customers.

Always ask for help from those that have the knowledge to help you. You cannot expect handouts, you have
to work your own business, and that includes asking for help.

As I said earlier, I have only been in this business for two months, so I am no professional. But, hopefully
these key points that have helped me get organized and heading in the right direction, can help someone else
get their home business started on a solid foundation.

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