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					                    Preparation for Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Keeping your attire simple allows for the focus to stay on you and your belly and not draw
the eye to patterns and colors in fabrics. Your wardrobe should be free of logos, pictures
and writing. For black & white photos – black, white and mid-toned pastels photograph
beautifully. Tone on tone patterns appear interesting without being distracting.

Beware of wearing items that constrict your skin leaving behind marks. E.g. socks,

A buttoned down blouse/shirt (soft, flowing, drapey fabrics/linen/cotton-one of your own
or one of his works well too.) This can have an interesting sleeve or tone on tone pattern/
stitching/ruffles, or a long sweater that can be fastened above your belly. Fitted and
cropped blouses are great for showing off your belly too.

A tank top or T-shirt that is tight fitting for covering your top and exposing your belly (too
loose and your belly will no longer be the focus.)

Jeans, slacks, drawstring pants, soft skirts. Linen and other fabrics that drape look feminine
and soft.

Wraps are GREAT! Wraps that drape and can work as long skirts or can be used to cover
parts of you, if modesty is preferred, can be very pretty.

I have various fabrics in the studio to chose from as well.

Your pants/jeans/skirts should not have maternity panels – they do no photograph well.
Instead, wear regular pants that can pull down under your belly. Button fly jeans work very

Use flesh toned bra and panties for use with sheer fabrics. Black panties are good because
a little sliver of them may be visible with unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans. Bring thong style
panties if you would like to do some, artful “implied nude” poses without actually being

A smooth bra and panties without bows or lace details can be useful for silhouetted images
(where the background is very bright, but the subject is a dark outline). A silhouette does not
provide any detail or definition, just shape. Many women choose to do a nude silhouette to
truly showcase their beautiful shape without revealing any detail. However, I can also create
gorgeous silhouettes of expectant moms wearing a smooth bra and fitted panties or pants.

Lacy or sheer robes are wonderful for your maternity shoot.

For larger busted women – a strapless bra, or equivalent (or one that we can tuck the straps
into the cups) will give you support while shooting with fabric wraps.

Try to coordinate with each other. Drawstring drapey pants, linens and soft fabrics look good
on him too. Avoid the work shirt.

They should coordinate with you as well and have simple attire. Make sure their eyes, nose,
finger and toenails are clean and groomed. Lotion and lip balm will help with close-ups.

A baby’s skin photographs beautifully. I recommend that your baby/toddler wear a diaper
cover (I always have various on hand.) or cloth diaper and be barefoot. Make sure their
eyes, nose, finger and toenails are clean and groomed. Lotion and lip balm will help with

Everyone should be barefoot.

You should have at least one change of clothes or two so that if we find something is not
working...we can            change it on the spot and it also gives you different “looks” to
                             choose from later.

                               HAIR & MAKE UP
                               Make -up - should be classic and clean. Finger and toenails
                               groomed. Lotion and lip balm will help with close-ups. Hair the
                               same --loose is best...we can pick it up to suit a shot at that
                               time. If you like, bring hats for outdoor shots.

                                Recommendations for a professional make-up artist can be
                                made and is advised.

                                I highly recommend drinking lots of extra water for the prior
                                 two will make your skin look particularly beautiful!

                                  Be creative, the more you bring the more options we have.
                                  If you have something sentimental or something that shows
                                   off your personality bring it!

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