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									       Bicycle safety tips
                                                    The Auburn Bicycle Committee is a group of
                                                    citizens and City staff who work together to make
                                                    Auburn a better place to cycle. Get involved by
•	 Always wear a helmet to protect your             joining a meeting at 7pm the last Tuesday of each
   head. Helmets can reduce head injury by up       month. Meetings are held at 171 N Ross Street.
   to 85%. A helmet will not protect your head      Additional information in available online at
   if it is not properly fit . Make sure that the
   helmet fits on top of the head, not tipped
   back.                                            This information is also brought to you in part
                                                    by the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau,
•	 Always perform an ABC Quick Check.               a proud partner of the City of Auburn and
   A: air in the tires. B: brakes and brake pads.   the Bicycle Loaner program. The Auburn-
   C: cranks, chain and cassette. Quick: quick      Opelika Tourism Bureau is a non-profit service
   releases. Check: check it over by taking a       organzation driving economic success and
   quick ride.                                      enhancing the quality of life in our community
                                                    through tourism and travel. Visit them online at
•	 Ride	with	traffic,	not	against	it.     
•	 Do not ride on the sidewalk. Sidewalks

   are not always the safest place to ride.
   Riding bicycles on sidewalks is prohibited in
   Auburn’s downtown business district.
                                                             City of Auburn
•	 Use	 a	 light	 when	 biking	 at	 night.
   It’s not just smart; it’s the law. Minimum          365-B North Donahue Drive
   requirements are a white light visible from a           Auburn,	AL	36830
   distance of at least 500 feet from the front              334-501-3024
   and a red reflective device on the rear.  
                                                                                                        City of Auburn

•	 Obey	all	traffic	laws. The same laws that
   apply to motorists apply to cyclists. Only         Sign	up	for	the	Bicycle	Auburn	e-Notifier	at	
                                          	to	receive	

   about 17% of bicycle crashes involve motor
                                                     email	announcements	with	the	latest	cycling	
   vehicles, and half of those can be avoided by
   obeying traffic laws.

•	 Make some noise! When passing a
   pedestrian, call out so they will be aware of
   your presence.

Bicycle Loaner Program                                Frequently asked Questions                          I s there a fee?
                                                                                                          This program is absolutely free to visitors and
In 2008 the City of Auburn launched its Bicycle       H ow do I participate?                              residents. We are able to provide this service by
Loaner program in conjunction with the League                                                             utilizing unclaimed, recovered property. Each
of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Month.™         To borrow a bicycle and helmet, contact the City    bicycle is thoroughly inspected and repaired if
The program allows visitors and residents to          of Auburn Public Works Department:                  necessary with assistance from The Bike Shop in
borrow a bicycle and helmet for up to two weeks       365-B North Donahue Drive                           downtown Auburn.
for the purposes of commuting or recreation.          Monday-Friday 7am-3:30pm
                                                                                                          H ow long can I keep the bike?
                                                      Participants must sign a waiver, be at least 19     Bicycles and helmets are available for use for two
The City of Auburn                                    years of age, and provide a valid photo ID. The     weeks at a time.
is committed to                                       waiver is available for viewing at the Bicycle
providing its citizens
with    a    superior
                                                      Auburn website:                                     W hat i f I want t o k e e p m y bike
quality    of      life.                                                                                  longer ?
Bicycling is part of
that commitment.                                      W here can I bike in A uburn?                       Prior to the end of a two-week loaner period,
                                                                                                          participants may contact the City of Auburn to
                                                      The City of Auburn offers over 30 miles of bike     ensure that enough bicycles and helmets are on
                                                      and multi-use paths for residents and visitors      hand to accommodate other requests, in which
                                                      to enjoy. A copy of the Auburn Bicycle Tours        case we will be happy to provide an extension.
                                                      Guide is available for additional information and
Since 2000, Auburn                                    maps on where to bike in Auburn. These guides       H ow many bikes are available?
has been designated                                   are available at Dean Road Rec Center, The Bike
                                                                                                          Five adult bicycles, locks, and helmets are
a Bicycle Friendly                                    Shop, Development Services Building, Public
                                                                                                          currently available for use. We also provide a
Community by the                                      Works Construction & Maintenance Facility, City
                                                                                                          waiting list if no
League of American                                    Hall, and the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau.
                                                                                                          bike is immediately
Bicyclists.  Auburn                                   The Auburn Bicycle Tours Guide and safety
                                                                                                          available.   There
is one of the only                                    materials will be provided with each bike.
                                                                                                          are no children’s
communities in the
                                                                                                          bikes available at
state of Alabama to
                                                                                                          this time.
have received this

The Bicycle Friendly Community program is
revolutionizing the way communities evaluate
their quality of life and transportation network.
Only a select few communities in a limited
number of states hold this prestigious title.
The League awards this four-year designation
to communities that have made impressive,
measurable efforts to integrate bicyclists into the

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