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									Protection of its identity thieves

Recently there has been lots of news and stories circulated all over the country in relation to identity
theft. Many shared their real experiences on unauthorized use of your credit accounts, bank accounts
and other services that involve money. At least 5 of every 100 people suffer from this type of unwanted
fraudulent activity.

Thieves will never be after your identity if you will not get any benefit from it. They need your name,
date of birth, address, etc. to open its financial accounts. Keep in mind that these inputs are important
personal identification to validate your account. Thieves do not how that can only steal your identity and
your money.

Your security depends on you. In this type of crime, no one can help them immediately, save yourself.
Prevention and protection of identity thieves depends on how wise it is to manage all the important
information about you.

Here are some things one must be careful to protect themselves from identity theft:

1) You must keep a photocopy of all your credit cards, bank account numbers and other important
information in a safe place. In short, to do a disk backup of all your personal information and personnel
numbers. Backup will help you track and cancel lost or stolen cards, or whatever. Nor should we forget
that even a simple identification card or driver's license is very important and can be a source of
information that can be stolen.

2) Eliminate credit card receipts correctly. Do not throw your receipts lying around or could be taken by
thieves. Receipts contain information about you and your account. This information can help thieves to
steal your identity possible. The shredding invoices and receipts may not be practical at all. When a bill
shreds the paper is all destroyed, but the content is not. You can retrieve all the shredded paper sticking
together. Instead of crushing the Bills, on how best to totally destroy your accounts is put to the fire.
There is no way to retrieve information in the ashes.
3) Stay in touch with your lender. When applying for a credit card and does not come immediately to
you, contact your lender and relay the problem. In this way, you can prevent any fraudulent activity can

4) Create a good mix of numbers for your PIN or passwords. Make sure you choose difficult to guess the
PIN. Dates of birth, mother's maiden name, pet's name, usual combinations of numbers or famous, etc,
should not be used for your PIN or password.

5) Consider all the personal details of personal information. Do not give your personal information to
anyone who sends you an email and mail. Never give out personal information over the phone. Add to
your e-mail offering quality promotions should be ignored. Do not be tempted by their offerings of
flowers that are only intended to steal personal information about you.

6) Secure the area around the ATM before using it. Make sure nobody is looking around while
transactions at the ATM. Ensure that equipment is not unusual illegally connected to the ATM. It has
been reported about the electronic devices connected illegally to slot the card into the ATM. It has
cameras that can record the PIN as you type it in.

7) Invoices should be checked every month. All entries in the bill must be made with permission. If there
are charges included in the bill that you did not, report it immediately to your lender and ask for an

Cheques 8) and canceled stored properly. Some banks offer a service like this.

9) Keep all important documents in your car in good condition. Do not put anything that might contain
information about you to sight in your car. You can use the security glove box to keep the important
things. Never leave it unlocked.

10) Secure all your personal information in your mobile phone and laptop with a password. Remember
that laptops and mobile phones are personal devices that will be used only by you. To maintain a
personal touch.
What is needed is a sense of responsibility to their belongings, property and identity to completely
prevent these illegal activities. The value of your identity is equivalent to the value of his life.

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