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									                                                        LIST OF STATIONERY & DRAWING ITEMS
                                                                                                       Appendix “A” to HQ DGAR Tender
                                                                                                       Notice No.IV.11015/10/2010-11/EST(N)
                                                                                                       dated 20th Jun 2010.

Ser                Description of Articles              Brand     Whether    Accounting     Quantity   Rates in           Rates in word
No.                                                               sample     Unit           required   figure
(a)                         (b)                           (c)         (d)         (e)                     (f)                  (g)
 1.   Duplicating Paper (21.5 x 34.5 cms)2.3 kg       Hindustan      Yes       Per Ream        3000

 2    Typewriting paper (20.5 X 33 cms)               Hindustan      Yes       Per Ream        100
      1.4 Kg
 3    Paper Kraft Photostat ( FS Size) 500 Sheets       ITC          Yes       Per Ream        3000

 4    DFC Paper white                                 Hindustan      Yes       Per Ream         20
      (44 X 59.4 cms) 6.3 Kg
 5    DFC Paper Ruled(42x59.5 cms) Ruled both         Hindustan      Yes       Per Ream         20
      side 6.3 Kg
 6.   Photostat Paper A-4 (210x297 cm) 500 sheets        JK          Yes       Per Ream        1000
 7    Photostat Paper FS (215x345mm,500 sheets)          JK          Yes       Per Ream        3000
      2.8 Kg
 8    Photostat Paper A -3 Size (42x29) GSM 75           JK          Yes        Per Ream       100

 9    Stencil Paper (3 x21.1 cms)                       Kores        Yes        Per piece      200

10.   File cover assorted co lour DGAR etc printing       -          Yes          Each        10000
      on the bilingual, inner cloth bound (as per
11    Typewriting Ribbon Black (Silk/Cotton)            Kores        Yes        Per piece      50
12.   Carbon Paper Blue one side (420X330mm) –         Safari/       Yes     Box of 100        500
      Safari, Munix blue (big)                          munix                sheets
13    Sketch Pen Set                                      -          Yes         Per set       50
14     Carbon Paper Blue one side (29.7X21 cms)        Kores/        Yes                       100
15    File Board with cloth flap (thick quality)      Neelgagan      Yes          Each         1000


16.   Note sheet Pad with margin(Blue) (Azurelaid          -      Yes   Pad of 100     3000
      paper)                                                            sheets
17.   Pen holders with jotter refill(Red/Blue/Black)     Renko    Yes        Each       50
18    Pen holders with plastic pointed refill            Renko    Yes        Each       50
19    Add Gel Pen (Achiever)                            Add gel   Yes                  2000
20    Add Gel Refill Blue/Black                         Add Gel   Yes        Each      5000

21.   Ball pen Cello Maxriter                            Cello    Yes        Each      2000
22.   Hi-tec pen pilot(assorted colour)                  Luxor    Yes        Each      500

23    Hi-tech Pilot Pen (V-5) assorted colour            Luxor    Yes        Each      500

24    Pointed Plastic Refill (Large Size)                Renko    Yes        Each      10000

25.   Jotter Refill (assorted colour)                    Renko    Yes        Each      100

26.   Pointed Plastic Refill (assorted colour) -          Linc    Yes        Each      6000
      medium size
27.   Pilot Pen Ink (assorted colour)                    Luxor    Yes        Each      100

28    Alpin (steel) 100 gms without rustt                Kings    Yes       Per pkt    1500

29.   Gems Clip (steel) 100gms superior quality          Cripex   Yes        Each      1000

30.   Gems Clip (plastic Coated)                       Cripex     Yes       Pkt of 4   1000

31.   Information Folder with plastic leaf               Cello       Yes        Each
32    Correction Pen                                     Kores       Yes       Per pkt       100
33.   Register ruled No.10 (200 pages)                 Neelgagan      -         Each        1000

34.   Register plain No.10 (200 pages)                 Neelgagan      -         Each        100

35.   Register Ruled No. 8 (160 pages)                 Neelgagan      -         Each        1000

36.   Register Plain No.8 (160 pages)                  Neelgagan      -         Each        100

37.    Register No. 20 (Plain)                         Neelgagan     Yes        Each        100

38.    Register No.20 (Ruled)                          Neelgagan     Yes        Each        1000

39.   Register No..24 (Plain)                          Neelgagan     Yes        Each        100

40.   Register No..24 (Ruled)                          Neelgagan     Yes        Each        1000

41.   Envelope thick inner cloth bound good quality        -         Yes   Per 100 Nos     10000
      SE-8 (12 “X 16”)
42.   Envelope Plain SE-8 (12”x 16”) Plastic Coated        -         Yes   Per 100 Nos      1000

43.   Envelope Plain SE-6 (51/2 x11”) Brown Colour         -         Yes   Per 1000 os     20000

44.   Envelope Plain SE-5 (41/2x 9”) Brown Colour          -         Yes   Per 1000 Nos    10000

45.   Envelope Plain SE-6 (51/2”x 11”) Plastic             -         Yes   Per 1000 Nos    1000
46.   Envelope Plain SE-5 (41/2”x 9”) Plastic coated       -         Yes   Per 1000 Nos    1000

47.   Gum liquid paste 700 ml btl                       Camel        Yes      Per bottle   100

                                                                                                   Cont ….4/-
    48   Gum liquid paste 300 ml bottle              Camel            Yes   Per bottle   300

   49.   Gum Tube Synthetic 20ml                      Fevi            Yes   Per tube     500

    50   Fevi Quick                                     -             Yes     Each       50

   51.   Diamond Ball Pen Roller                     Add gel          Yes     Each        100

    52   Parker Pen                                  Parker           Yes     Each        100

   53.   Stapler Machine (24 X 6”)HP 45             Kangaroo           -      Each        200

    54   Stapler Machine No.10                       Max-10            -      Each        100

Stappler Stapler Machine No.HP-45 (Big size)        Kangaroo           -      Each            20

    56   Stapler Pin (24 X 6”)                       Eagle            Yes    Per Pkt      1000

    57   Stapler pin No. 10                          Max-10           Yes    Per Pkt      500

    58   Pin Cushion Plastic with magnet (Touche)    Gripex           Yes     Each        200

   59.   Pencil Wooden (Soft) HB                     Natraj           Yes     Each        5000

   60.   Eraser (621 Plasto)                         Natraj           Yes     Each        3000

   61.   Stamp Pad plastic body (big)               Corporate         Yes     Each        200

   62.   Stamp Pad plastic body (small)             Corporate         Yes     Each        100

    63   Stamp Pad Ink 700 ml                        Camel            Yes    Per Btl     50

   64.   Stamp Pad - Ink 60 ml                       Camel            Yes    Per Btl     500

    65   Scissor – Big                                  -             Yes     Each       50

                                                                                                   Cont …5/-

66    Scissor Medium                              -                              100
67    Pencil Stand                              Omega          Yes     Each      50

68    Scale plastic 12”(thick quality)          Natraj         Yes     Each      300

69.   Scale Steel 12”                                          Yes     Each       100

70    Clip board plastic good quality           Omega          Yes     Each       200

71    Removal page marker-4 colours                            Yes      Pkt       1000

72.   Removable Self Adhesive Kores-                           Yes      Pkt       500
73    Removable Self Adhesive Kores-                           Yes      Pkt       500
74    Removable Self Adhesive Kores-                           Yes      Pkt
      75mmx75mm                                                                   500
75.   Lamination Sheet( I/D Size)                              Yes   Per Sheet    500

76.   Lamination Sheet (Big)                                   Yes   Per sheet    200

77    Lamination Roll                                          Yes    Per roll     10

78    Drawing Sheet white colour best quality     -            Yes   Per sheet    500

79    OHP marker ( 5 pens pkt) No. 2300           -            Yes    Per pkt     100

80.   White Board Marker Pen                      -            Yes    Per Set     100

81.   Talc Sheet (thick quality)                  -            Yes    Per mtr     300

82.   Correcting fluid pen                      Luxor           -     Per No      100


83.   Scotch magic tape 199mm X 32.9 mm                     -        -    Per Roll   50

84.   Parker Pen Roller Rifils                            Parker     -     Per No    100

85.   Glue stick, 15 gms                                 Corpoate    -     Per No    1000

86.   Cello tapeTransparent Big size(12 mm x              Kores      -    Per Roll   500
      65 Mtr) Red/blue/black/green
87.   Letter Embossing gun tape       (best               Kores      -    Per Roll   10
88.   Wooden Pencil H/2H                                  Stadle     -     Per pkt   30

89.   Clutch Pencil 0.5                                  Rotring    Yes    Per No    20

90.   Pen stand with two holder fitted with jotter          -       Yes     Each     50
      refill (Executive)
91.   Jute (Sutli)                                          -        -     Per Kg    200

92.   Sealing wax                                         Gripix     -     Per Pkt   300

93.   Cartridge Paper (Court Paper)                         -       Yes   Per Ream    30

94.   Colour Pencil (wooden 24 shade) product            Camlin      -     Per pkt    5
      No.1030 FSC-24
95    Board Pin Golden Tip (best quality with               -       Yes    Per pkt    50
      round lead coloured)
96    HP Plotter Paper Roll (42” long with Inner           HP       Yes   Per Roll    5
      Core dia 2” )
97    HP Plotter Paper Roll (36” long with Inner           HP       Yes   Per Roll    5
      Core dia 3” )
98    HP Plotter Designjet T610( vivera) Ink               HP       Yes     Each      5
      Cartridge Matte Black 130ml

99    Photo Black (130 ml)                HP       Yes   Each    5
100   Cyam          ( 130ml )             HP       Yes   Each    5
101. Magenta       (130ml )               HP       Yes   Each    5
102   Gray         (130ml )               HP       Yes   Each    5
103   Yellow       (130ml)                HP       Yes   Each    5
104. Letter Stencil s (0.1 to 1mm)      Rotring    Yes   Each    5

105. Rotring Pen (0.1 to 0.8mm)         Rotring    Yes   Each    5

106   Wooden Pencil                     Stadler    Yes   Each   20

107. Ring Folder Plastic                 Cello     Yes   Each   60

108   Spring Folder Plastic              Cello     Yes   Each   50

109   Tape Dispenser (Small)               -       Yes   Each   50

110. Table Pencil Sharpeners            Omaga      Yes   Each   50

111   Punching Machine                  Kangaro    Yes   Each   20

112   Punching Machine Single Hole      Kangaro    Yes   Each   20

113. Damper (Counting Sponge)              -       Yes   Each   100

114   Counting Glue stick                  -                    30

115. Paper Cutter Medium Size              -       Yes   Each   200

116   Desk Organizer Multi Pen Holder    Cello     Yes   Each   50

                                                                      Cont ….8/-
117. Glue Stick 30 ml              Kores             Yes     Each      500

118   Paper Cutter( Steel Body)    Kores             Yes     Each      50

119   Executive Folders               -              Yes     Each      200

120   Table Calling Bell           Omega             Yes     Each      50

121   Paper Cutter (Small)         Kores             Yes     Each      300

122. Paper Cutter Blade (Small)       -              Yes     Each      20

123. Paper Cutter Blade (Big)         -              Yes     Each      20

124. Cello Tape (Small)               -              Yes   Per Roll    300

125. Packing Tape (Big)               -              Yes    Per Roll   100

126   Tape Dispenser (Big Size)       -              Yes     Each      20

127. Brown Paper Plastic Coated     Kraft            Yes    Per 100    5000

128. Gloliter Pen 12 Colors Pkt                      Yes    Per Pkt    200

129. Photo Glossy Paper A4 Size   Prisma Jet          -     Per pkt    100

130. Soft File Cover                  -              Yes   Per Dozen   100

131. Short hand book                  -              Yes     Each      100

132. Rubber Band                      -              Yes    Per Kg     20

133   White File Cover ( Plain)       -              Yes     Each      500

                                                                              Cont ..9/-
134. Pencil lead 0.5                      -       Yes     Per pkt      20

135   Stick File FS Size                  -       Yes      Each       100

136   Stick File A4 Size                 _        Yes      Each       100

137   Tag Cotton Without Rust             -       Yes     Per Bdl     10000

138. Thread Ball                          -       Yes    Per Doz       50

139. Poker Plastic Handle                 -       Yes    Per Doz       50

140. Eraser Non-Dust Jumbo Eraser      Apsara     Yes      Each       100

141   Tracing Paper 90/100 gm         Gate Way    Yes    Per Roll      10

142. Auto Clip Folder                 Neelgagan   Yes      Each       300

143. Four Side Folder                 Neelgagan   Yes      Each       300

144. Auto Clip Folder( Ring)          Neelgagan   Yes      Each        50

145. Eraz Ex Fluid and Dilutor 15ml     Kores     Yes    Per bottle   300

                TO HQ DGAR FOR THE YEAR 2010-2011

 IV.11015/10/2010-11/Tender/Sty/Est(N)                    Dated Shillong _20 Jun 2010

 1.     Sealed tenders are hereby invited for the supply of Stationery/Drawing items for
 Directorate General Assam Rifles, Laitkor Shillong as per Appendix attached to this
 tender notice.

 2.    In this tender notice, Contract Operating Officer means Head of the Office
 (HOO) or any other officer authorised by him on his behalf.

 3.    Tender forms can be obtained from DIRECTORATE GENERAL ASSAM
 1200 hrs of 05 July 2010 and will be opened on the same day at 1530 hrs by a Board
 of Officers constituted for the purpose in presence of the tenderers or their

 4.     Rates quoted in the tender should include all taxes and other charges. Rate
 quoted and accepted shall remain valid for 90 days from opening of Tender. The period
 of contract will be 01 Jul 2010 to 31 Mar 2011. However, DGAR may extend the
 operation of contract beyond 31 Mar 2011 till 31 May 2011 and in that case the
 contractor will be bound to supply the contracted items at the same contracted rates
 and under the same terms and conditions.

 5.    Taxes imposed by State Govt from time to time on contracted items will be
deducted from the contractor’s bills at source and shall be deposited to State Govt.
account under appropriate budget head/revenue head.

 6.    The tenderers shall have to submit the samples and quoted rates against each
 for approval by a board of officers. The supplies will be taken strictly as per the
 approved samples. The rate to be quoted keeping in view the samples submitted.

 7.      The successful tenderer shall have to deliver the demanded items at
 Establishment Branch (Nazir Sec), HQ DGAR at Laitkor, Shillong. Items supplied by
 the successful tenderer will be physically checked by a board of officers at HQ DGAR,
 Shillong for their correctness. Any discrepancies of any nature found by the board of
 officers will be borne by the Supplier. Bills for the items supplied will be cleared only
 after the discrepancies are made up by the Supplier.

 8.     Tenders received after the stipulated date and time shall not be considered. In
 case less than three tenders are received, the DGAR shall call for further additional
 tenders. The tenders earlier received in response to original call shall remain valid for
 a period of 60 days.

 9.    Documents to Accompany Tender
       (a)  Tender fee
       (b)    Earnest money
       (c)    Tender Notice
       (d)   Tenderer should quote their PAN (Permanent Account Number) issued by
       Income Tax Department.
       (e)   Tender should quote their core banking Account No. through which
       payment to be made.
       (f)   Up-to-date Financial Stability Certificate from any Scheduled/Nationalised
       Bank mentioning the approximate value upto which the tenderer is capable to
       undertake contracts will be submitted alongwith tenders.


      (g)     A power of attorney in favour of signatory or signatories of the tender in
      case the tender is signed by a person other than the actual tenderer.

      (h)    A passport size photograph of the signatory of the tender shall be pasted
      and will be attested by a First Class Gazetted Officer.

      (i)   Attested copy of valid Trading License for the concerned state to be

      (j)    Copy of Challan duly attested will be enclosed with each tender.

10     Full name and status of the person signing the tender documents must be
clearly mentioned in the tender.

11.    In case of submission of any photocopies of any document the same should be
attested by a class one Gazetted Officer. No attested copy should be photocopied. All
attestations should be ink signed only and in original.

12.    All cutting/amendments/alteration of rates before submission of tender must be
authenticated by affixing signature in full by the tenderer and thereafter by the
Presiding Officer of the Board opening tenders, without which, tender will be
considered invalid.

13.   No alterations or modifications of rates will be allowed once the tenders are

14.   Tenders received after the stipulated date and time shall not be considered for

15.    The tenders must be furnished under a strong cover securely fastened, sealed
with distinctive device and conspicuously marked as “Tender for Supply of
Stationery/Drawing Items” on the top of the envelope. Tenders shall be addressed to
Directorate General Assam Rifles.

16.    Required Items given in annexure is approximate which may increase or
decrease according to actual requirement. Successful tenderers shall have to supply
the items at approved rates without any charge/compensation whatsoever in case the
requirement is more or less than the quantity shown in annexure.

17.   Tenderers should quote the rates both in words and in figures in the tender form.
The rates should be inclusive of all taxes and duties.

18.     The approved firm will have to supply the items on bill system. Payment will be
made by cheque/draft accordingly on receipt of bills/stores. Bank charges for bank
draft to be borne by the suppliers.

19.   Tender Fee

      (a)   Tender fee as fixed for must be deposited by tenderers in State Bank of
      India under the “Head-0055-Police(Central) Assam Rifles Revenue Receipt
      Tender Fee” to be attested by any Officer of Establishment Branch, HQ DGAR
      on the body of the challan and a copy of Challan should accompany the letter
      asking for tender form. Payment in no other form shall be accepted.

      (b)    The tender fee shall be of Rs. 100.00 (Rupees One hundred) only per

                                              - 3–

20.    Earnest Money /Release of Earnest Money

       (a)   The Earnest Money shall be of Rs.68,180/- (Rupees sixty eight thousand
       one hundred eighty) only per tender.

       (b)   The tenderers must send with the tenders the amount of earnest money
       pledged in favour of the DGAR. Which should valid for minimum 135 days. Non
       submission of requisite earnest money may render a tender invalid. The earnest
       money may be submitted in any of the following forms :-

              (i)    Government Securities.
              (ii)   Postal Saving Account
              (iii) Deposit at Call Receipt from a Scheduled/Nationalised Bank
              pledged in favour of the DGAR.

       (c)    Payment in no other form shall be accepted.

       (d)   The earnest money of the successful tenderer will be refunded as soon
       as the security deposit has been furnished. The earnest money of other
       tenderers will be refunded on finalisation of contract or on expiry of validity of
       tenders whichever is earlier.

       (e)    Earnest Money deposited less than specified amount will also render a
       tender invalid.

21.    Security Deposit

        The approved contractors will have to furnish security deposit duly pledged in
favour of Director General Assam Rifles before execution of contract. Ten percent of
total value of the contract calculated on the basis of approximate requirement shown in
annexure will have to be deposited as security deposit in any of the following
forms :-

       (a)    Government Securities.
       (b)    Demand Drafts on any Nationalized/Scheduled Bank.
       (c) The validity of the security money should be beyond 60 days from expiry of
contract period.
       Non submission of above security deposit will render forfeiture of Earnest money
of the Tenderer.

22.    Acceptance of Tender and Signing of Contract Deed.

       (a)    Acceptance of tender of the successful tenderers will be intimated by a
       letter of acceptance of his tender by the Establishment Officer, HQ DGAR,
       Laitkor, Shillong.

       (b)    The successful tenderers will have to sign a Deed of Agreement at
       Directorate General Assam Rifles within 15 (fifteen days) from the date of award
       of contract and must abide by terms and conditions as laid down in the tender
       notice and Deed of Agreement.

23.    Penal Action for Non-compliance of Terms and Conditions of Contract

       In case a Contractor fails to comply with any demand or indent placed by the
Contract Operating Officer or to perform his part of the contract to the entire satisfaction
of the Department or to abide by any terms of the Contract, he shall be liable to all or
any of the following actions as may be decided by the DGAR :-

                                                                               Contd …4/-

      (i)     Forfeiture of Security Deposit in whole or in part.
      (ii)    To make good the loss caused to the Government.
      (iii)   Cancellation of the Contract without any prior notice to the Contractors.
24.     Samples of the items mentioned in the Appx attached will also be examined and
recommended by the Board of Officers on the same day of opening tender. Tenders
without required number of samples will be rejected at the discretion of the board of

25.    Any dispute arising out of the contract at any time between the parties hereto
touching or arising out of this agreement shall be referred to an arbitrator to be
nominated by the Director General Assam Rifles and the decision and award of such
an arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties hereto and the provision of the
Indian Arbitration Act 1996 shall apply in the Arbitration proceedings.

26.   All disputes between the parties shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Guwahati
High Court, Shillong Bench only.

27.    Director General Assam Rifles, Shillong reserves the right to cancel/reject any
tender without assigning any reason thereof.

                                                               (Uttam Chand)
                                                               Dy Comdt
                                                               SO 2 (EST)
                                                               For Director General

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