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                      2011 SEOUL SUMMER PROGRAM

Welcome to Santa Clara Law School’s 2011 Seoul Summer program.

Professor Philip Jimenez will be directing the Seoul program, arriving on June 11 and leaving
Seoul on July 9th. Professor Jimenez may be reached via e mail
Although I have included my phone number, this is my contact number on the Santa Clara
University campus, and therefore only good until May 30th or so:; 408-554-4084

Once in Seoul, I will give you local contact information, including a local phone number.

During the course and internship period of the program, our Local Director Professor
Shin will be available to assist you, and will generally be available should you need his
assistance or guidance. Contact information will provided upon your arrival in Seoul


As you know, our course commences on Sunday June 12th. We will hold an orientation on
that evening and classes start on Monday June 13th. From Monday June 13th to Friday July
30th you will be taking classes at Kookmin University. The first week will introduce you to
the Korean legal system. The second and third, International Trade, Investment, and
Transactions. If you are registered for an internship, these commence on July 4 th, and
continue through July 31st.


Arriving in Seoul. You will likely arrive at the Incheon Airport, rated one of the best
airports in the world. You will very quickly pass through immigration and customs. You will
then need to figure out how to get to your accommodation downtown. You can certainly get
assistance at the airport, but if you would like to review your options ahead of time, you will
find this site helpful.

The ride from Incheon Airport to downtown Seoul is about an hour-and-half, or longer
during rush hour. To get to Kookmin University and downtown Seoul, you will either take a
Limousine Bus, a Taxi, or the Airport Railroad Express. The Limousine Bus (Standard or
KAL Deluxe) is probably your best bet; the Deluxe Limousine Bus (KAL) goes only to
major hotels, while the Standard Limousine Bus stops at various locations along the way.
These limousine buses are available immediately outside the terminal, and you will locate
them easily upon arrival. Taxis from the airport are very expensive, and for that reason we
don’t recommend that you use a taxi to and from the airport.

Kookmin University is located in Sungbuk-gu, Seoul. The address is 861-1, Jeongneung-
Dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul (Jungnung-Dong, Sungbuk-Ku, Seoul). To get to Kookmin
University, you may do one of the following (listed in the order we recommend them): (1)
take the Deluxe Limousine Bus (KAL) to Downtown (by City Hall) Lotte Hotel, and than
take a taxi to the Kookmin University Guest House if you are staying there. The taxi will
cost approximately Won 14,000-15,000, (black taxi’s are more expensive) or (2) take the
Limousine Bus to Gireum (Kirum). You will then take a taxi for a short 5-minute ride to the

Seoungbuk-gu, location of Kookmin University (pink)

Below is a link to the Kookmin University campus map. On-campus housing (Guest House)
is marked number 17 on the map (far right on the screen), and our classes are held in the
building marked number 8 on the screen (far left). If you are taking a taxi, you will probably
come up the main road marked number 22, and can give your cab driver directions

                                                                      Kookmin University

About and Around in Seoul

Taxis are relatively inexpensive in Seoul. However, it may take 45 minutes or so to get from
Kookmin to Gangnam, or south of the river that divides the north from the south. (It is
important to keep this in mind when looking for hotels during the course or internship period;
some of your internship placements may be in the Gangnam. Area).

Seoul has an extensive subway system. Kookmin is a few minutes away from Line 4, Gireum
(Kirum) station.


You can opt to stay at Kookmin University’s Guest House. The rooms are utilitarian and
clean. They have a kitchenette attached, and there is a small market and convenience store
close to the Guest House. There are many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.

Kookmin Guest House rooms may be reserved upon request, by contacting the Santa Clara
Program Manager Monica Davis Rooms are single and cost approximately
$25. per night. Time and mode of payment will be provided shortly. The Guest House is
especially convenient during the course period, and you may elect to stay throughout the
internship period.


Seoul is the seat of the government of South Korea. It is a bustling city – modern, while
retaining some of the old charm of days gone by. We have a number of interesting site visits
planned for you. However, here are some additional things for you to consider seeing and
doing in Seoul.


Money Matters

Cash reigns supreme. Although credit cards are widely accepted, you may often find
establishments that do not accept them. It is a good idea to bring along Traveler’s Checks,

which can easily be cashed at banks. Use of ATM cards may be limited, and you may find it
frustrating if you are depending on your ATM card to withdraw cash. Checks are virtually
useless in South Korea.

Summer Weather and What to Wear

Expect it to be hot, humid and rainy during the summer in Seoul. Bring an umbrella and/or
rain jacket, and comfortable shoes. You can dress comfortably for classes, but always err on
the side of more formal clothing. For example, shorts and sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops will
be frowned upon in the classroom. You will be expected to dress conservatively and in
professional attire on our field trips. If you are staying on for an internship, a business suit is
mandatory unless your employer specifically indicates otherwise.

Cell Phones, Laptops

Cell phones and SIM cards can be easily rented in Seoul. In fact, you can do so at the
airport, although it is probably cheaper to rent them downtown. Laptops are not mandatory,
although many students choose to bring them along.

Business Cards

Students are encouraged to bring along some business cards with your contact information.
It is quite customary to exchange business cards in Seoul.


Gifts ands small tokens of appreciation are frequently exchanged, and it is a good idea to
bring along some small items for your key contacts in Seoul. Employers and administrative
staff would appreciate receiving a small token from you.

Important Documents

As always, when traveling overseas make sure you keep a copy of your travel documents
(including passport) in a safe place, and separate from the actual documents.

Travel safe, and we look forward to seeing you in Seoul!

                                                   - Your Program Directors


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