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					            SJVLS Collection Development Committee Meeting
                           February 16, 2005


Members present: Georgia Wages – Kern County, Melanie Wells – Porterville,
Jeanne Johnson and Terrence Eckman – Fresno County

Not represented: Madera County, Mariposa County, Coalinga, Tulare Public, Kings
County, and Tulare County.

Quorum was not attained.

       The meeting was called to order by Jeanne Johnson at 10:05 A.M, and the agenda
was accepted without changes.

        Before addressing the agenda, Georgia Wages discussed Kern County’s purchase
of all university press orders through with a credit card as a way to save
money due to the significant price difference with traditional vendors such as Baker &
Taylor. Mention was also made of using online vendors like and Barnes & for the purchase of video materials, especially the popular TV series collected
on DVD.

       The committee discussed the handling of collection complaints. All present
members agreed that each complaint needed to be handled in a case-by-case manner, with
an appropriate review of the materials in question. Reputable review sources are used in
the examination of the complaint.

Agenda Items

        The committee reviewed eBook statistics for the entire system. The committee
discussed the lack of titles and found dissatisfaction with the present system. Two noted
defects include the overall price of the system, and the fact that the system has no
ownership of the eBooks that have been purchased; if the contract is not renewed, access
to the eBooks are lost. It was noted that Baker & Taylor representative Anthony Halstead
has stated that B&T will be changing the way they handle eBooks, possibly partnering
with Netlibrary. The committee has not been contacted officially about this.

        Terrence Eckman discussed the issue of empty bib records within the SJVLS
catalog. Often bib records exist due to time delays between ordering items and linking
them in the system. To help alleviate the problem, Fresno County Library has begun
altering their work flow to reduce the number of empty bib records. Additionally,
System recently purged a significant amount of older empty bib records from the Horizon
database. Isolated cases will continue to exist (for example, Fresno County downloads
some of Madera County’s records into Horizon, but linking does not take place until
several days later), but with the above changes, empty bib records should be few in

        Jeanne Johnson initiated a discussion on policies for self-published books. Fresno
County adds all local authors to the collection, and in few instances purchases additional
copies. Kern County reviews each book on its merits before deciding whether to add it to
the collection; however, Kern does add all local history books, and usually purchases
additional copies of these titles. Porterville Public Library adds local history works to the
collection as donations after evaluating each title.

       Special Collections: Tabled at this time; only three library systems were
represented at this meeting.

        The committee reviewed the standing order programs of the present library
systems. Both Kern County and Porterville maintain standing orders plans for audio-
books, large print books, and some law titles (Nolo Press). At this time, Fresno County
only has reference materials on standing order. Kern and Porterville expressed
satisfaction with their current systems as time and money saving. Other benefits of
standing orders with some vendors include free materials or additional discounts on back-
catalog items.

Next meeting date is June 1, 2005 at the Porterville Public Library

The meeting adjourned at 12:03 P.M.

Terrence Eckman

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