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Howards Storage World Launches 2010 Catalogue C Offering Clever by sdfgsg234


									          Howards Storage World Launches 2010 Catalogue –
            Offering Clever Ideas for a Simpler, Easier Life
The NEW Howards Storage World 2010 catalogue is now available offering hundreds
of clever ideas for a simpler, easier life!

Howards’ resident home organisation expert, Cathy Player, says each page of the
2010 catalogue inspires a fresh and simple approach to organised living.

“Environmentally sustainable bamboo organisers make an exciting addition to this
year’s catalogue, adding texture and warmth to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.
Plus we are excited to launch the new elfa freestanding range which takes flexible
storage solutions to a whole new level. Now Swedish designed elfa can be used
anywhere,” says Cathy Player.

“Every product featured in the catalogue has been carefully selected for its ability to
help you have a totally organised home. The 2010 product range features innovative
new products along with our most popular existing items making it easy to plan your
very own organised oasis. The website ( has also been enriched
with new ideas and resources. The catalogue is a great first step to achieving a clutter
free and organised life – pick up a copy in-store or request one online”.

Covering every room in the house, here are some fresh inspirations for an Organised

The Kitchen:
Food storage, cooking and cleaning up, are the three main organisational focus areas
for a smooth running kitchen. No matter the size of your kitchen, great storage
solutions can maximise your space and make everything easy to find. These are
essential ingredients for a happy kitchen that’s a joy to cook in.

The perfect pantry can quickly be achieved by planning your space, sorting items into
groups, then storing them appropriately. The same principles apply in the fridge and
kitchen cupboards. This simple approach will quickly save you valuable time, space
and money.

Howards’ extensive range of food storers including the new Oxo Pop and Snapware
Fliptop Containers are specially designed to prolong the life of groceries by keeping
food airtight and as the range is transparent and stackable, you can create space and
order in your pantry. Other clever space saving storage ideas include Howards’ new
Linus range of caddies, expandable shelves and packet tidies – all perfectly designed
to sort and store smaller items on your pantry shelves.

New eco-friendly bamboo items for the kitchen include a Bamboo Utility Caddy, Roll
Top Bread Bin, Spice Rack, Tea Storers, Expandable 3 Step Shelf and Dish
Rack. Embracing ‘green’ living easily goes hand in hand with lovely design.

Take a more economical approach to 2010 and make the most of every meal. The
Thermo Glass collection comes with microwave safe lids so that you can keep
leftovers fresh in the fridge and re-heat when needed. Similarly the Rosti Loomm
Bowl is a revolutionary new way to eat. Winning design awards for its ergonomic

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handle and thermal outer bowl, it goes from fridge to microwave to the table, office or
picnic! And, there’s no better way to limit unnecessary spending than by creating a
weekly menu and shopping list. Howards new Umbra Bulletin Board accepts
magnets and pins and can be mounted on the kitchen wall so that your menu and
shopping lists are never far from view.

For some clever kitchen helpers that make food preparation easier, look no further
than Howards’ Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper, practical Avocado Saver, Poach Pods
and the ‘must have’ Onion Goggles for no more tears.

The Bathroom:
Give your bathroom drawers an instant makeover with Howards’ new Allure In
Drawer Organiser. Available in varying shaped compartments, including the
removable lipstick caddy, they cater to both beauty queens and busy mums.

Add colour, texture and sophistication to your bathroom with Howards’ bamboo range,
featuring the Shamboo Shower Caddy, Bath Mat, Fold Up Hamper and Aquala
Bath Bridge. As you soak away your cares, keep your bathroom essentials tidily
tucked away with your choice of the Bamboo Caddy, Tiered Shelf or Trolley – all
made from highly durable, water resistant bamboo.

Other helpful bathroom accessories include the Everlock Suction Collection that
includes a range of ‘in shower’ baskets and caddies and a Hairdryer Holder to keep
your hairdryer suctioned safely to the wall. This new range of super suction products
can hold up to 20kg! The Natura Bathroom Range featuring Lotion Dispenser,
Soap Dish, Toilet Brush and Cotton Jar gives your bathroom the 5 star hotel finish.

The Bedroom:
The ultimate organisational system for the bedroom is elfa. Ideal for the walk-in or in-
cupboard wardrobe, it makes the most of all your space. This year, we also show you
how to create the boutique bedroom look using elfa in the main part of your bedroom.
The smooth timber finishes of the elfa décor range create a dressing table, shelving
and drawer system in one, without the need for heavy furniture. Furthermore, it can be
reconfigured as your needs change which is the hallmark of a flexible storage solution.

Another practical project to inject organisation into your bedroom is organising your
drawers. Howards proves yet again that they are the specialists with seven solutions
to help you store your most delicate lingerie all the way through to your trinkets and
jewellery. Choose from modular trays in bamboo or faux leather, plastic cubicle trays,
or the new Dream Drawers extendible arms.

Ideal for the spare room, Howards is introducing a new range of freestanding open
wardrobes in 2010. Sourced from renewable, eco-friendly bamboo crops this beautiful
collection includes three wardrobe designs (Boat, Small and Large), a 4 Tier Ladder
Shelf and a 4 Drawer Storage Unit.

For the kids’ room, decorate with Howards new chalkboard stickers. This fun
collection features A3 sized stickers in a host of animal shapes. Leaving messages
like “tidy up your room” now looks more fun!

The Living Room:
Love your living space and create a room for everyone to enjoy with simple and stylish
storage solutions. Howards’ Resin range includes multi-sized Resin Shelves for
smart storage of reading material and the Resin Media Unit offers a chic base for
your television and AV equipment.

For your treasured wine collection, keep your favourite drops on hand with Howards’ 6
or 9 bottle Bamboo Racks or try the ingenious Wine Wedge to keep bottles safely

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stacked on any surface. And as usual, you can also fit out the whole cellar with
bordex or modularack.

The Home Office:
For those who like a tidy desktop, new Bamboo Desktop Office Organisers look
great. And for a new approach to charging your phones, collect up to four chargers
together into a Charger Station, allowing you to hide away messy cords and
transformers with a power board and keep them all in one accessible place.

If you are looking for a total office solution, you’ll be impressed by the quality and
flexibility of the Swedish designed and built elfa system. This year the Howards
Catalogue showcases the new elfa freestanding Office Island which provides a
workspace for two people as well as shelves and filing room for each. Add fashionable
Bigso boxes and within no time you have created a functional work environment that
can easily be changed or relocated as your needs change.

The Laundry:
A well organised laundry is easy to achieve at Howards. The catalogue shows you
how you can add both storage and organisation into a busy laundry by thinking about
the workflow. Start with a sorting station such as a Three Divider Laundry Cart
(where everyone helps by pre-sorting their own washing) next to the washing machine.
Then, create a folding station next to the dryer. Next comes the distribution station
where folded laundry sits ready to go to each person’s room. Hampton Baskets on
shelves make this task simple. Lastly, a hanging station for ironed clothes ensures that
your efforts are preserved. All this can be customised to your space with the easy-
build Shelving System making laundry easier and faster than ever.

With your washing complete you can whisk it off to the line with Howards’ new
Hamper with Wheels or the Stacking Laundry Baskets with Wheels. And, take
pleasure in hanging your valuable clothing and linen on the Leifheit Sensitive Airer
which has been specially designed to care for delicate laundry.

The latest Howards Storage World catalogue features hundreds of simple and cost
effective storage options for every room in the house - from the kitchen to the
bedroom, kids rooms and the garage. So for a simpler, easier life visit Howards
Storage World (, home of great products and expert advice to create
an Organised Home.


Media Information: Simone Larmer, Double Edge PR, Ph. 02 9957 1352
or via email:

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