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Undergraduate Nursing
  Student Handbook
        Corridor Campuses
(Bloomington, Columbus, and IUPUI)

                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
WELCOME ................................................................................................................................................................1
   Purpose of Student Handbook ..............................................................................................................................1
CORRIDOR INFORMATION .....................................................................................................................................2
   School of Nursing - Mission...................................................................................................................................2
   School of Nursing – Diversity Statement ...............................................................................................................2
   Academic Integrity and Evaluation ........................................................................................................................8
   Student Assistance..............................................................................................................................................10
   Support Services .................................................................................................................................................10
   School of Nursing Student Activities....................................................................................................................11
   Progression Policies and Procedures..................................................................................................................11
   Appeal Process ...................................................................................................................................................12
   Summer Courses ................................................................................................................................................15
   Student Records..................................................................................................................................................15
   Student Rights.....................................................................................................................................................15
   Honors Program ..................................................................................................................................................15
   Minors .................................................................................................................................................................15
   LPN-ASN Program (Columbus Campus) ............................................................................................................15
   BSN Program (Bloomington and IUPUI Campus) ...............................................................................................16
   Math Competency………..………………………………………………………………………………………………..18
   Accelerated BSN Mobility Option (IUPUI Campus) .............................................................................................19
   RN-BSN Program (Columbus and IUPUI Campus).............................................................................................21
   Campus Specific Information...............................................................................................................................23
   Guidelines for Nursing Major ...............................................................................................................................23
   Academic Integrity...............................................................................................................................................25
   Student Assistance..............................................................................................................................................25
   Progression Policies and Procedures..................................................................................................................26
   Student Activities.................................................................................................................................................26
COLUMBUS ............................................................................................................................................................27
   Campus Specific Information...............................................................................................................................27
   Guidelines for Nursing Major ...............................................................................................................................27
   Academic Integrity...............................................................................................................................................28
   Student Assistance..............................................................................................................................................28
IUPUI .......................................................................................................................................................................29
   Campus Specific Information...............................................................................................................................29
   Guidelines for Nursing Major ...............................................................................................................................33
   Academic Integrity...............................................................................................................................................35
   Student Assistance..............................................................................................................................................35
INDEX ........................................................................................................................................................................36

                                                            Purpose of Student Handbook
Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the
                                                            The purpose of this handbook is to assist nursing
material in this handbook. However, some types of
                                                            students in understanding more fully the policies,
information, such as office hours and phone numbers,
                                                            practices, and procedures of the School of Nursing.
are subject to change without notice. The handbook
will be updated each year, so if errors are found, or if
                                                            This handbook is not all-inclusive and does not
you have ideas for additions or changes that would be
                                                            replace the Indiana University School of Nursing
helpful to students, or you have general comments
                                                            Bulletin ( default.htm),
about the handbook, please contact: Assistant Dean
                                                            Indiana University’s Code of Student Rights,
for Student Affairs, (317) 274-1550 – NU – 146 –
                                                            Responsibilities, and Conduct, nor any nursing course
IUPUI or email This
                                                            syllabus. In instances where there is a conflict
handbook is in effect for students admitted for
                                                            between this handbook and any University or School
2004/2005 academic year.
                                                            document (i.e., Code of Student Rights,
                                                            Responsibilities, and Conduct, syllabus, etc.), the
                                                            University or School document shall take precedence.

Welcome                                                1
                                             CORRIDOR INFORMATION

                                                                      To serve as a model for collaboration and
School of Nursing - Mission                                           interdisciplinary work
Indiana University School of Nursing on the                           To build understanding and respect in
campuses of IUPU-Indianapolis/Columbus and IU-                        academic and human relationships through
Bloomington functions in most respects as one                         the appreciation and celebration of diversity.
administrative unit, known as the Corridor. The
mission of the Corridor is to create a community of           School of Nursing – Diversity Statement
learning that addresses society’s need for caring and         Recognizing the rapidly increasing diversity of
scientifically prepared nurse professionals, as well as       America and of higher education, and in support of
the educational and developmental needs of students,          the mission of Indiana University School of Nursing,
faculty, staff, and alumni from diverse backgrounds.          faculty and staff are committed to promoting an
Through the scholarship of creative pedagogy,                 educational environment that values, respects, and
discovery, application, and integration, the Corridor         reflects a global view of diversity.
will improve the health and quality of life for the
citizens of central Indiana, the state, the nation, and       Diversity includes consideration of socioeconomic
beyond by meeting society’s need for nurses at                class, gender, age, religious belief, sexual orientation,
different educational levels prepared to be effective in      and... disabilities, as well as race and ethnicity.
a range of practice settings.                                 Diversity recognizes that individuals learn from
                                                              exposure to and interaction with others who have
As the core campus of the largest multipurpose                backgrounds and characteristics different from their
school of nursing in the country, the Corridor seeks to       own. Recognizing and valuing diversity.... also means
have top-ranked programs in nursing education and             acknowledgment, appreciation, and support of
research. Toward that end, the Corridor emphasizes:           different learning styles, ways of interaction, and
        Superior and innovative teaching                      stimulating forms of discourse derived from interaction
        Health behavior research                              and collaboration with persons from diverse
        Interdisciplinary collaboration                       backgrounds and experiences. (American Association
        Partnerships with the community                       of Colleges of Nursing’s Statement on Diversity and
        Lifelong learning                                     Equal Opportunity, 1997, (p.1).
The Corridor seeks to be known for:                           In order to fulfill this commitment, Indiana University
       Creative problem-solving through critical              School of Nursing:
       thinking and innovative use of information                      Promotes curriculum content that reflects
       technology                                                      diversity.
       Best practice models for culturally appropriate                 Develops a comprehensive academic
       health services, from local to international                    success model.
       arenas                                                          Recruits, retains, and graduates students
       Nursing knowledge development related to                        from diverse backgrounds in all programs with
       healthy lifestyles, self-care, functional                       attention to transition across degrees.
       enhancement, effective symptom                                  Recruits and retains faculty and staff from
       management, and delivery systems                                diverse backgrounds.
       Leadership in health policy                                     Establishes and maintains linkages with the
                                                                       diverse communities of the city, the state, the
The mission and values of nursing are consistent with                  nation, and the world.
campus aspirations toward quality, collaboration,                      Identifies local, regional, national, and
centrality, and identity. They further the overall                     international resources that support diversity,
mission:                                                               promote academic excellence, and enrich the
         To raise educational achievement and                          academic environment for all members of the
         intellectual aspiration in Indianapolis, the                  School of Nursing community.
         state, and beyond through leadership,                         Promotes research that reflects cultural
         access, and commitment to lifelong learning                   diversity.
         To develop and apply knowledge to ever-                       Promotes culturally competent practice
         changing issues of health and economic and                    among students, graduates, and faculty.
         social well-being through teaching, research,
         and service                                          We believe that this statement is congruent with the
         To enhance the professional and personal             Indiana University’s Strategic Directions Charter
         lives of students by offering the state’s most       (1996) (
         comprehensive range of effective academic            directions/) relating to the community of learning and
         programs                                             responsibilities of excellence, in which one of the

Corridor                                                  2
recommendations is to “Ensure that Indiana                           determined by professional standards of
University reflects the diversity of American society....”           practice.
(p.14)                                                               Essential intellectual/conceptual skills to
                                                                     include: ability to measure, calculate, analyze,
6/8/98 Approved by Dean’s Council                                    synthesize, and evaluate to engage
                                                                     competently in the safe practice of nursing.
Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and                        Other essential behavioral attributes: ability to
Conduct                                                              engage in activities consistent with safe
Students are subject to the standards of conduct as                  nursing practice without demonstrated
defined in Indiana University's Code of Student                      behaviors of addiction to, abuse of, or
Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Due process                   dependence on alcohol or other drugs that
will be followed for any student found to be in violation            may impair behavior or judgment. The
of this code. All Indiana University students are                    student must demonstrate responsibility and
responsible for acquainting themselves with and                      accountability for actions as a student in the
adhering to policies outlined in this document.                      School of Nursing and as a developing
Students receive the Code of Student Rights,                         professional nurse consistent with accepted
Responsibilities, and Conduct with their original                    standards of practice.
Orientation packet. Students may also see the
Academic Advisor to obtain a copy.                           Students questioning their ability to meet the essential
                                                             abilities criteria are encouraged to address inquiries to
Essential Abilities Policy                                   the Academic Advisor. Students failing to meet these
The School of Nursing faculty has specified essential        criteria at any point in their academic program may
abilities critical to the success of students in any IU      have their progress interrupted until they have
nursing program. Students must demonstrate these             demonstrated these essential abilities within
essential abilities to succeed in their program of           negotiated time frames.
study. Qualified applicants are expected to meet all
admission criteria and matriculating students are            Students will be dismissed from their program of
expected to meet all progression criteria, as well as        study if the faculty determine students are unable to
these essential abilities with or without reasonable         meet these essential abilities even if reasonable
accommodations. Each student who enters the                  accommodations are made. Students failing to
program must sign an Essential Abilities form, which         demonstrate these essential abilities may appeal this
will be kept in the student’s permanent file.                adverse determination in accordance with Indiana
          Essential judgment skills to include: ability to   University's appeal procedures. Policy U-VI-A-15
          identify, assess, and comprehend conditions
          surrounding patient situations for the purpose     Writing Expectations
          of problem solving around patient conditions       (Also see Columbus section for campus specific
          and coming to appropriate conclusions and/or       information)
          courses of action.                                 Writing competency is an expected outcome of the
          Essential physical/neurological functions to       nursing program, and the University. In an effort to
          include: ability to use the senses of seeing,      prepare students well in this area, faculty have
          hearing, touch, and smell to make correct          developed the following writing criteria to be used in
          judgments regarding patient conditions and         assessing all student writing:
          meet physical expectations to perform                      The writing has a focus.
          required interventions for the purpose of                  The writing should be organized with an
          demonstrating competence to safely engage                  introduction, purpose, sense of audience,
          in the practice of nursing. Behaviors that                 thesis, and conclusion.
          demonstrate essential neurological and                     The writing shows development, organization,
          physical functions include, but are not limited            and detail; the writing reveals the student's
          to observation, listening, understanding                   ability to develop ideas with balanced and
          relationships, writing, and psychomotor                    specific arguments.
          abilities consistent with course and program               The writing is clear.
          expectations.                                              There is coherence within and between
          Essential communication skills to include:                 paragraphs.
          ability to communicate effectively with fellow             The writing reflects critical thinking, linking the
          students, faculty, patients, and all members of            specific to the general.
          the health care team. Skills include verbal,               The writing contains appropriate sentence
          written, and non-verbal abilities as well as               structure, variety, punctuation, and spelling; it
          information technology skills consistent with              is free from errors in grammar and
          effective communication.                                   punctuation.
          Essential emotional coping skills: ability to              The writing follows APA style and format
          demonstrate the mental health necessary to                 unless another style and format is specified
          safely engage in the practice of nursing as                for a particular purpose.

Corridor                                                 3
           The writing demonstrates original work, and            from all nursing classes. Below is a list of the
           where ideas or materials of others are used,           required immunizations:
           appropriate credit is given to original sources.       Tetanus          Required. Must have been
                                                                                   immunized within the last ten years.
Indiana University has specific and strict policies and           Rubella           Required. Either a Rubella
penalties regarding alcohol and other drugs. The                                    Titre or Rubella Vaccine must be
policies are described in the “Code of Student Rights,                              documented. (The current
Responsibilities, and Conduct”. For a list of specific                              standard at IU - rubella
campus and community groups that can be helpful                                     immunization is required if the titre
with questions, concerns, or counseling needs in                                    indicates susceptibility to the
relation to drug or substance abuse, please see the                                 disease.)
Assistant Dean for Students Affairs on the IUPUI
campus, the Alcohol-Drug Information Center (812-                 Rubeola           Required. Anyone born after
855-4465) on the Bloomington campus, or the director              (measles)         December 31, 1956,
of student services on the Columbus campus. Any                                     must document proof of one
student showing evidence of alcohol/drug use and/or                                 measles vaccine after 1980. A
behaviors that might be related to such may be                                      positive antibody titer to measles is
dismissed from scheduled learning experiences,                                      acceptable as proof of
subject to disciplinary procedures.                                                 immunization

Sex Offenders (Zachary’s Law)                                     Mumps             Immunization/titer or history of
During the Fall 1996-97 semester, the School of                                     disease for students born
Nursing implemented the Sex Offenders Screening                                     after December 31, 1956.
Policy. This policy simply states that any student
enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program who                  Tuberculosis      Required. All students must have a
has been convicted of a sex offense against children                                PPD Tuberculin Skin Test within
shall be dismissed from the program. Further                                        three months of beginning their
declarations of this policy include:                                                clinical experiences. Must be
         The School of Nursing will review the Indiana                              updated annually. If you have a
         Sex Offenders Registry for each nursing                                    newly positive reaction to the skin
         student prior to admission and periodically                                test, a chest x-ray is required and a
         after admission.                                                           report of the results included with
         Any student whose name appears in the                                      your immunization record. Your
         Registry will be ineligible for admission to any                           physician should indicate what
         undergraduate or graduate nursing program.                                 treatment, if any, has been
         Any student requesting transfer to another                                 prescribed for you as a result
         nursing program whose name appears in the                                  of a positive skin test or chest x-ray.
         Registry will be denied transfer.
         Any student already admitted to an                       Hepatitis B       Required. The vaccine is
         undergraduate nursing program, whose name                                  administered in a series of three
         appears on the Registry during the time of                                 injections over a six-month period.
         enrollment in the nursing major, shall be                                  The series only needs to be started
         ineligible for continuation or completion of                               (i.e., received the first shot) prior to
         his/her current course work.                                               beginning the major.

Students affected by this policy shall be notified of             Chicken Pox       Recommend vaccine if student has
their ineligibility and the reason for such ineligibility.                             not had disease.
Students having questions or concerns regarding this
policy are encouraged to discuss specific issues with             All immunizations are at the student's expense.
the Academic Advisor.
                                                                  CPR Requirements
Immunizations                                                     Current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Immunizations are required to protect both students               (CPR) is required. To meet this requirement students
and clients. Additionally, clinical agencies and the              must be certified through an approved course or
School of Nursing also require updated                            instructor. The approved courses are American Red
immunizations. Each student must have a current                   Cross Professional Rescuer and American Heart
copy of his/her immunization record on file with the              Association Health Care Provider. CPR training must
School of Nursing. Students who do not have a                     include:
record on file or do not have all required                                 Infant.
immunizations will be administratively withdrawn                           Child.

Corridor                                                      4
           Individual rescue.                                       Any modifications in clinical activity must take
           Two-person rescue.                                       into account the nature of the clinical activity,
                                                                    the technical expertise of the infected student,
CPR certification must be current throughout the                    the risks imposed by HIV or HBV carriage,
entire two years of nursing major courses. Evidence                 functional disabilities, and the transmissibility
of certification must be filed with the School of                   of simultaneously carried infectious agents.
Nursing prior to beginning the clinical experiences.
Students must also file evidence of recertification prior   Liability Insurance
to entering the second year of the major. Students          Indiana University provides liability insurance to each
who do not have a record on file or do not have             nursing student while in the clinical setting, provided
current CPR certification will not be permitted in          that the student is enrolled in clinical course work.
the clinical setting.                                       Students not enrolled in clinical courses are not
                                                            covered by liability insurance and will not be allowed
HIV – or HBV Positive                                       into the clinical setting.
Patient Care
No nursing student may refuse to treat a patient solely     Students who are employed in a health care facility
because the patient is at risk of contracting, or already   should check with their employer regarding liability
has contracted, an infectious condition such as HIV,        insurance requirements. IU does not cover students
AIDS, or hepatitis B. Appropriate use of universal          beyond classroom and/or clinical settings!
precautions (see Universal Precautions in this
section) should prevent exposure to infection and           Health Insurance
should be incorporated into clinical practice as            Health insurance is mandatory and students are
appropriate. Students are held responsible for              expected to demonstrate insurance coverage on
appropriately implementing universal precautions in         entrance to the program and continued coverage
caring for patients.                                        throughout the program.
Students                                                    Limited Criminal Background Check
Qualified individuals will not be denied admission to       Students are responsible for furnishing an up-to-date
nursing courses solely because they have positive           criminal background history at any time during their
HIV or hepatitis B status. According to the U.S.            program if requested.
Centers for Disease Control, there is no scientific
evidence that health care workers infected with HIV or      Occupational Health
hepatitis B place patients at risk, as long as: 1) they     Contaminated Injury Care and Follow-Up (Also see
do not perform specific invasive procedures                 Bloomington and IUPUI sections for campus specific
considered to be "exposure-prone" (as defined by            information)
each clinical agency); and 2) they adhere to universal      A contaminated injury is an unprotected contact with
precautions (see Universal Precautions in this              blood or body fluid from a patient by: penetration of
section) while caring for patients.                         skin with a needle or other object; splash to mucus
                                                            membranes (eyes, nose or mouth); or contact with an
The appropriate procedures to be followed in this           open lesion (e.g., dermatitis).
situation are as follows:
         Any student involved in clinical practice who      All contaminated injuries involving students are
         believes that he/she may be at risk of HIV or      handled differently by each campus. On the
         HBV infection is encouraged to seek                Bloomington campus please call (812) 855-4011 and
         voluntary testing for confirmation.                for either the Columbus or IUPUI campus, please call
         The student who is seropositive for HIV or         (317) 274-5887. Please refer to specific campus.
         hepatitis B infection is encouraged to
         voluntarily report this status to the Assistant    Bloodborne Pathogen
         Dean for Student Affairs – IUPUI campus,           On December 6, 1991, the Occupational Safety and
         director on Bloomington campus, or the             Health Administration (OSHA) promulgated a final
         coordinator on the Columbus campus. Effort         rule entitled Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne
         will be made to ensure that:                       Pathogens. The purpose of this standard is to
               All infection information is kept            minimize occupational exposure to the hepatitis B
               confidential;                                virus (HBV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),
               The student is receiving appropriate         and other bloodborne pathogens. Staff with
               treatment and counseling from a qualified    occupational exposure to blood and other potentially
               healthcare professional;                     infectious materials containing bloodborne pathogens
               The student uses universal precautions       face a significant health risk. This risk can be
               consistently in clinical practice;           minimized or eliminated using a combination of
               Responsibilities of the infected student     engineering and work practice controls, personal
               do not require the performance of            protective equipment (PPE), training, monitoring of
               exposure-prone invasive procedures.

Corridor                                                5
compliance, hepatitis B vaccination, biohazard                         Persons with chronic conditions requiring
labeling, and other provisions described.                              continuous or intermittent catherization.
                                                                       Persons with Myelomeningoule or
The Indiana State Department of Health Universal                       Meningocele.
Precautions Rule requires health care providers to                     Persons with a history of allergies or asthma--
comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen                               allergies to avocados, bananas, chestnuts,
Standard. This Rule also requires the posting of                       kiwi, and other tropical fruits are at particularly
signage “Patient Rights and Universal Precautions.”                    high risk for a latex allergy.
                                                                       Persons with a history of reactions to latex
Universal (Standard) Precautions is the primary                        products (balloons, condoms, gloves).
strategy for preventing the transmission of infectious                 Those who are female gender - 75% with
agents, including bloodborne pathogens, from one                       allergy are female.
person to another in the process of providing health          Many people believe that they are allergic to powder
care related services.                                        because they have had problems (coughing,
                                                              wheezing, skin reactions) when they are around
Students are required to update their training                powdered latex gloves. It is actually the latex proteins
annually. This is provided in select courses.                 that are carried by the powder through the air that
                                                              causes reactions in most people.
Universal Precautions
(Also see IUPUI section for campus specific                   Once a person has developed a latex sensitivity of
information)                                                  any form, it is impossible to predict if the allergy will
"Universal precautions" is the term used for particular       continue to cause only localized symptoms or if more
procedures that must be followed by healthcare                serious reactions may occur at a later date.
workers, including students, during patient care
activities in order to prevent transmission of human          Anyone who experiences symptoms that may indicate
immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or Hepatitis B Virus             a latex allergy should complete an accident/exposure
(HBV). Students must receive training in these                report form and report to IU Occupational Health
precautions before beginning their nursing courses            Services for evaluation as soon as possible.
and every year thereafter. This mandatory training
will include the appropriate use of hand washing and          The student should notify clinical faculty for
protective barriers (such as masks and gloves), as            accommodations.
well as proper disposal of needles and other sharp
instruments.                                                  Class/Practicum Attendance
                                                              The nursing profession is challenging and complex,
Latex Allergies                                               as is the nursing curriculum. Class and practicum
Latex allergies involve any physical reaction from the        attendance are critical to a student’s ability to succeed
exposure to latex products (including rubber                  in the nursing program. School of Nursing faculty
products). The symptoms may range from localized              expect students to attend class and to be prepared to
skin reactions to nonlocalized reactions. Symptoms            participate in classroom discussions or practicum
may include any of the following:                             demonstrations.
        Contact dermatitis (skin reactions) including
        dry, crusting, thickening, or peeling skin,           School of Nursing policy specifies that students who
        scabbing sores, swelling and raised areas of          are absent from 20% of their practicum experiences
        skin that may be pink or blanched (white).            will either need to withdraw from the course or receive
        Nonlocalized reactions such as the                    a failing grade.
        development of hives over parts of the body
        that did not come into contact with the latex,        Faculty members feel that education is the beginning
        tearing, itchy eyes, swelling of the eyelids, lips    of each student’s nursing career. Therefore faculty
        or face, runny nose, cough, or wheezing.              expect to be notified of all absences (regardless of
        Increased symptoms of a nonlocalized                  reason), prior to the scheduled class time. This
        reaction may include nausea, abdominal                mirrors the professional requirement of notifying an
        cramps, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate,       employer of absences from work.
        sudden decreased blood pressure, and
        shock.                                                 Additionally, practicum orientations are typically
                                                              scheduled during the first week of class. These
Anyone has the potential to be latex sensitive.               orientations are required by clinical facilities, are
However the following seem to have an increased risk          difficult to arrange, and nearly impossible to
of being latex sensitive:                                     reschedule. Students who miss their practicum
        Anyone who is frequently exposed to latex             orientation may find themselves unable to continue in
        products such as healthcare workers or                the clinical courses due to their inability to meet the
        persons with a history of several surgical or         requirements of the clinical agency. This could put
        urological procedures.                                the student in a position of missing more than 20% of

Corridor                                                  6
the practicum experience which would require                      Communications
withdrawal from the course.                                       (Also see Bloomington, Columbus and IUPUI sections
                                                                  for campus specific information)
Each student will comply will all policies and                    Use of Email as Official Correspondence with
procedures of clinical site assigned. (This may                   Students
include HIPPA, OSHA, and other training as specified              Indiana University in December 2003 initiated the
by clinical agency.)                                              following policy regarding official corresponding with
                                                                  students via email. “Email shall be considered an
Uniforms                                                          appropriate mechanism for official
(Also see Columbus sections for campus specific                   communication by Indiana University with IU
information)                                                      students unless otherwise prohibited by law. The
Students are required to wear the official IU uniform             University reserves the right to send official
during all clinical learning experiences, unless clinical         communications to students by email with the full
sites indicate otherwise. The student nurses’ uniform             expectation that students will receive email and
is cardinal red hospital scrubs. Students may wish to             read these emails in a timely fashion.” Students
wear a white short or long sleeve shirt under the                 are expected to check their email on a frequent and
scrubs. A white scrub dress is also an option for                 consistent basis in order to stay current with
female students who may prefer to wear a dress. All               university-related communications. Students who
students need at least one complete uniform and a                 choose to have their email forwarded to a private
finger-tip length white lab coat. Students may also               (unofficial) email address outside the official
wear a red polo shirt and tan khaki pants on some                 university network address, do so at their own
community experiences. Some students prefer to                    risk.
have two uniforms since, in most semesters, students
will have two clinical days per week.                             Appropriate Computer Conduct and E-mail
Nursing students must wear a nametag on the left                  Legal Use
side of their uniform top. Additionally, an IU School of          Computing resources and network capacity may not
Nursing patch is to be worn on the right upper arm                be used for illegal purposes. Examples of illegal
sleeve of each uniform top. The patch needs to be                 purposes include:
oriented so that the word UNIVERSITATIS is on top,                        Intentional harassment of other users.
toward the edge of the shoulder.                                          Intentional destruction of or damage to
                                                                          equipment, software, or data belonging to IU
White socks (or white hose for women who chose the                        or other users.
scrub dress option) and white shoes of a low heel                         Intentional disruption or unauthorized
oxford or slip-on style are worn with the uniform.                        monitoring of electronic communications.
Tennis shoes are permitted as long as they don't                          Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material.
display stripes or logos. No open toe or open heel
shoes (clogs are allowed in some clinical settings) are           Ethical Use
allowed. White lab coats, with student name pin, are              Computing resources and network capacity should be
worn over street clothes (no jeans) for visits to the             used in accordance with the high ethical standards of
clinical areas in preparation for clinical experience.            the University community as described in the “Code of
                                                                  Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct” and
Students will also obtain the equipment specified by              the “Academic Handbook”. Examples of unethical use
their campus. A wristwatch with a second hand or                  follow; some of them may also be illegal.
LED second readout is also needed.                                         Violations of computer system security.
                                                                           Unauthorized use of computer accounts,
The only acceptable jewelry includes wedding bands                         access codes, and network identification
and small pierced earrings. Hair is to be worn off the                     numbers assigned to others.
collar in such a fashion that it will not fall forward into                Intentional use of computer
a working area or brush across a client, make-up                           telecommunication facilities in ways that
should not be excessive, no perfume or aftershave,                         unnecessarily impede the computing activities
nails should be short, and shoes and uniform clean.                        of others (randomly initiating interactive
                                                                           electronic communications or e-mail
When in the clinical setting, nametags are to be worn                      exchanges, overuse of interactive network
at all times.                                                              utilities, and so forth).
                                                                           Use of computing facilities for private
Students assigned to clinical learning experiences in                      business purposes unrelated to the mission of
community-based settings must adhere to the dress                          the University or University life.
code of the respective agency.                                             Academic dishonesty (plagiarism, cheating).
                                                                           Violation of software license agreements.
                                                                           Violation of network usage policies and

Corridor                                                      7
           Violation of another user’s privacy.             Other Resources
                                                            The system administrators of departmental and
General Policies                                            individual computing resources are responsible for the
Computer and network use has become an essential            security of information stored on those resources, the
part of many University activities. While much              making appropriate information on security
computing is now done on privately controlled               procedures available to users of those systems, and
computers (personal computers, workstations, and so         for keeping those systems free from unauthorized
forth) most information sources and                         access.
telecommunications systems reside on shared,
central computers, or use shared networks.                  Confidentially
Distributed resources such as microcomputer clusters        In general, information stored on computers is
provided additional computing tools. University             considered confidential, whether protected by the
Information Technology Services (UITS), together            computer operating system or not, unless the owner
with computing centers at each campus, as well as           intentionally makes that information available to other
many academic departments and administrative units,         groups or individuals. Indiana University will assume
have responsibility for providing and maintaining           that computer users wish the information they store
shared computing tools. General policies regarding          on central and campus shared computing resources
the resources IU provides are outlined below.               to remain confidential. IU computing centers will
         Access – Indiana University will provide           maintain the confidentiality of all information stored on
         access to appropriate central and campus           their computing resources.
         computing resources, and to their attached
         networks, to all members of the University         Scholarships
         community whose work requires it. Fees are         A number of nursing scholarships are available to IU
         charged for some services.                         School of Nursing undergraduate students, most of
         Availability- Indiana University will make its     which are awarded on an annual basis.
         central and campus computing resources and         All scholarship applications are reviewed and
         networks available to users with fewest            recipients selected by the Scholarship Committee of
         interruptions possible.                            the School of Nursing, which is a subcommittee of the
                                                            Student Affairs Committee. Although there is a very
Emergency Preparedness                                      wide range, the median amount of the individual
Indiana University has created a web page to provide        scholarship awards over the past few years has been
resources for you about emergency preparedness.             approximately $500. Scholarships are awarded on
Information will be updated as needed. See campus           the basis of the availability of funds in each
specific web site for more information.                     scholarship account. The amount of each scholarship
                                                            may vary from year to year and, furthermore, if
Security                                                    adequate funds are not available, some scholarships
Central and Campus Resources                                may not be awarded every year.
Indiana University will help users of its central and
campus shared computing resources protect the               Scholarship application forms and further information
information they store on those resources from              may be obtained from the Office of Educational
accidental loss, tampering, or unauthorized search, or      Services (NU 122). To apply for a scholarship, simply
other access. Appropriate information on the security       complete the form, making certain that you include
procedures implemented on each central or campus            evidence that you meet the criteria for that award, and
shared computing resource will be made available by         return to the Office of Educational Services.
the system administrator.
                                                            Academic Integrity and Evaluation
In the event of inadvertent or non-malicious actions        Academic Integrity
resulting in the loss of or damage to that information,     (Also see Bloomington, Columbus and IUPUI sections
or the invasion of the user’s privacy, the IU computing     for campus specific information)
centers will make a reasonable effort to mitigate the       Indiana University and the School of Nursing are
loss or damage. The University will provide an              obligated to protect the integrity of the University and
industry-standard level of system security on               view academic misconduct as a serious issue. The
University-maintained systems. Users are responsible        Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and
for maintaining properly the protections under their        Conduct expressly prohibits academic misconduct
control, specific to files associated with their computer   and students who fail to follow the Code risk severe
accounts. Users may request that arrangements be            penalties, such as course failure, suspension, or
made to protect information stored on such resources.       expulsion from IU. Students who commit academic
These requests will be honored at the discretion of         misconduct face great personal loss and jeopardize
the unit that manages the resource.                         their future.

Corridor                                                8
Academic Difficulty                                            Course Grades
Students having academic difficulties in a particular          Any questions about the transcript record on the
course are strongly urged to contact their professor as        IUPUI campus should be addressed to Helen
soon as possible for advice and assistance.                    McKuras in the Office of Educational Services, NU
                                                               126, or the IUPUI Registrar, Cavanaugh 141.
Academic Misconduct                                            Questions about the transcript record on the
Academic misconduct includes cheating, plagiarism,             Bloomington Campus should be addressed to Shirley
unauthorized collaboration, facilitation, and                  Wines in the School of Nursing Office or the IUBL
fabrication. Below is a non-comprehensive listing of           Registrar, Franklin Hall 100.
examples of student academic misconduct:
         Copying another person’s test.                        Incomplete Grades
         Downloading a paper from the WEB.                     In accordance with University policy, a grade of "I" (or
         Writing a paper for another student.                  Incomplete) may be given in unusual situations such
         Handing in the same paper for more than one           as illness. Students who have incomplete grades will
         class.                                                become "out of sequence" (page 11). Incomplete
         Fabricating data to fit your results.                 grades are given at the discretion of the faculty after
         Insufficiently documenting sources.                   appropriate consultation.
         Doing a project with a classmate after being
         told collaboration is not allowed.                    Satisfactory/Fail Grades
         Signing in for someone else.                          Some courses, such as clinical/practicum courses,
         Submitting someone else’s work as your own.           are best evaluated by using satisfactory/fail grades
         Violating course rules as stated by the faculty       rather than letter grades. Students must pass
         member teaching the course.                           clinical/practicum courses at a satisfactory level to
         Downloading exams and other materials                 progress.
         expressly prohibited by faculty.
Some important definitions related to academic                 Evaluations
integrity:                                                     Faculty evaluation of each student’s performance in
                                                               the clinical setting, highlighting strengths and
Cheat             “to deprive of something valuable            weaknesses, occurs throughout the semester with the
                  by the use of deceit or fraud; to            majority of this feedback being verbal. If, at any time
                  influence or lead by deceit, trick, or       during the semester, a student is identified as failing
                  artifice.”                                   to meet course and/or program standards, the faculty
                                                               will complete a written assessment contract with the
Dishonest         “characterized by lack of truth,             student. After the faculty member and student sign
                  honesty, or trustworthiness; unfair,         the assessment, the faculty member will make two
                  deceptive.”                                  copies of the form. One copy will be maintained by
                                                               the faculty in the student’s folder. The second copy
Fabricate         “invent, create; to make up for the          will be given to the student.
                  purpose of deception.”
                                                               Student Consent for Retention and Use of Course
Plagiarize        “to steal and pass off (the ideas or         Related Work
                  words of another) as one’s own:              In order to comply with national and state
                  use (another’s production) without           accreditation guidelines, it is necessary for the School
                  crediting the source; to commit              of Nursing to retain samples of student work.
                  literary theft: present as new and           Additionally, faculty may hold student work as an
                  original an idea or product derived          example for a future class. Regardless of the
                  from an existing source.”                    purpose, retention and use of a student's work by a
Definitions from Merriam-Webster Online, 2000                  faculty member requires the student's written consent.
                                                               This consent may be obtained by using the Student
All academic misconduct will be pursued, and may               Consent for Retention and Use of Course Related
result in dismissal from the nursing program.                  Work form.

Grading Scale for Nursing Major Courses                        The permission form requires the signature of the
           97-100       A+       77 - 79       C+              student and faculty member. The faculty member will
           93 - 96      A        73 - 76       C               make three copies of the form. One copy is kept with
           90 - 92      A-       70 - 72       C-              the student's work, the second is placed in the
           87 - 89      B+       67 - 69       D+              student’s personal folder, and the third is given to the
           83 - 86      B        63 - 66       D               student. Consent to retain student work is voluntary
           80 - 82      B-       60 - 62       D-               and refusal of consent will not affect the student’s
                        59 or below F                          grade(s).

Corridor                                                   9
Student Assistance                                           current School of Nursing and alumni activities. The
(Also see Bloomington, Columbus and IUPUI sections           IU Alumni Association office on the IUPUI campus is
for campus specific information)                             located on the 2nd floor of the University Place
Process for Resolving Conflict                               Conference Center, (317) 274-5060, and in
There may be times when students and/or faculty              Bloomington at 1000 East 17th Street, (812) 855-
have concerns regarding a particular academic                4822.
situation. It is extremely important for individuals to
have a process where conflict can be resolved in a           Life-Long Learning
constructive manner. The following are identified as         The School of Nursing's Office of Life-Long Learning
constructive steps to be used in resolving conflicts         (IUPUI - NU 347) offers non-credit continuing
that may arise:                                              education programs to registered nurses and other
         Identify and document the essence of the            health-related personnel from around the state and
         problem, clearly stating objective as well as       nation. If you practice nursing in the state of Indiana
         subjective data.                                    after graduation, you will no doubt be attending many
         Meet with the person(s) involved in the             of these programs. Students are invited to the all-day
         conflict to seek resolution of the issue(s) at      research conference that the department co-sponsors
         hand. If the conflict is with a faculty member,     each fall with University Hospitals and others. The
         it is recommended that the student meet with        Office also sponsors the (free) Jean E. Schweer
         faculty during office hours or arrange an           Distinguished Lectureship each year, featuring an
         appointment at a mutually convenient time.          address and discussion period with a prominent
         If the conflict is not resolved after the initial   national nursing leader, and students are invited to
         meeting, consult the Code of Student Rights,        this presentation. Students usually find both of these
         Responsibilities, and Conduct or contact the        events very interesting and educational.
         Academic Advisor for assistance with the next
         level of the appeals process.                       Development Office
                                                             The School of Nursing Development Office (IUPUI -
Remember, objective information, a constructive              NU 101) collaborates with the Indiana University
approach, and seeking the appropriate resource               Foundation in fundraising efforts. Objectives of the
person are most likely to result in constructive conflict    office are to promote an active School of Nursing
resolution.                                                  alumni association, promote involvement of School of
                                                             Nursing faculty in community service and external
Students with Learning Disabilities                          relations, and participate in building a financial base
(Also see Bloomington section for campus specific            for endowed chairs, visiting professorships,
information)                                                 scholarships, and development activities. The office
If students feel they need any special                       maintains records, accepts gifts for the school, and
accommodations due to a disability, please contact           assumes responsibility for ensuring that these gifts
the following:                                               are used for the purpose requested by the donor.

Bloomington campus, Disabled Student Services                Research Center
(812) 855-7578.                                              The Center for Nursing Research (IUPUI - NU 338) is
IUPUI or Columbus campus – Adaptive Educational              the central location for all research-related information
Services (317) 274-3241.                                     at the School of Nursing. Information about
                                                             educational opportunities, upcoming conferences,
                                                             research assistant positions, faculty research
Support Services
                                                             activities, grant application procedures, and other
Alumni Association                                           materials may be obtained there. The Center is
The School of Nursing Alumni Association, which now          responsible for school research programming and
has over 18,000 members, is a constituent member of          hosts two Student Research Days each year. The
the Indiana University Alumni Association. It meets          Center library contains nursing dissertations and
several times a year and is open to all persons with a       thesis.
degree from the School of Nursing. Its purposes are
to advance the goals of the School of Nursing,               On the Bloomington campus, students are
promote and fund activities appropriate to the needs         encouraged to check out the Research and University
of the school and the profession, participate in the         Graduate School (RUGS) grants at the following site
recruitment and retention of students, promote      Faculty
research and other scholarly endeavors, and meet             may be contacted for more information.
selected individual needs through a broad
comprehensive program. The Alumni Association                Telecourses
presents awards annually to students and graduates           The School of Nursing broadcasts selected courses in
for outstanding accomplishments in the school, the           the BSN and MSN programs statewide using the
profession, and the community. It also publishes the         Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications
Pulse, a periodical newsletter featuring news about          Network and over telephone lines to all 8 IU

Corridor                                                10
campuses as a live two-way interactive                     on evaluation of individual situations. Students who
videoconference. Orientation materials are available       are readmitted must adhere to the current policies
for any student enrolling in courses offered on IHETS      and curriculum of the School of Nursing in effect at
or as a videoconference.                                   the time of re-entry. Readmitted students will be
                                                           expected to apply all knowledge and skills from
School of Nursing Student Activities                       previous courses.
Within the School of Nursing there are also several
                                                           Clinical Absence Policy
active student organizations, described in the
                                                           It is expected that students will participate in all
following paragraphs. Several of these organizations
                                                           required (regularly scheduled or substituted)
serve as liaisons between students and faculty.
                                                           practicum/clinical experiences (orientation). Failure to
Individual students also can work with faculty on
                                                           complete all regularly scheduled or substituted
organizational matters as representatives to the
                                                           experiences places students at risk for not meeting
school's Curriculum Committee or Student Affairs
                                                           course objectives. Students absent from more than
Committee, or on one of the ad hoc committees set
                                                           20 percent of scheduled practicum/clinical experience
up for specific purposes. Student input is very much
                                                           will receive a failing grade, or be allowed to withdraw
needed in many situations around the school and,
                                                           according to IU School of Nursing Corridor Policy VI-
again, students are encouraged to become involved.
                                                           A-12, or take an incomplete according to university
                                                           policy dictated by the timing of and circumstances
Student Nurses’ Association
                                                           surround the absences.
All nursing undergraduate students are eligible for
membership in the National Student Nurses'
                                                           At the discretion of the respective faculty, students
Association (NSNA), the Indiana Association of
                                                           absent from clinical learning experiences including
Nursing Students, and IU's local chapter. The chief
                                                           orientation may be required to make up any or all of
purpose of the organization is to aid in the preparation
                                                           the missed clinical time.
of students for the assumption of professional
responsibilities. Among other activities, the
                                                           Course Withdrawals
organization sponsors educational, legislative, and
                                                           Students wishing to withdraw from any or all courses
scholarship programs. Contact the Assistant Dean for
                                                           must complete the official withdrawal form by the
Student Affairs in NU 144 at (317) 274-8094 on the
                                                           deadline dates printed in the current class schedule.
IUPUI campus, and the advisor (812) 855-2592 on
                                                           A grade of “W” will appear on student transcripts
the Bloomington campus for more information.
                                                           when students complete the official withdrawal forms
                                                           and obtain the appropriate signatures. Once the
Progression Policies and Procedures                        deadline for course withdrawals has passed, the
Interruption of Progress - Toward the Degree               student will need the permission of the Program
(Also see Bloomington section for campus specific          Director to withdraw and a grade of either “F” or “W”
information)                                               will be awarded as determined by the instructor. “W”
Any period of absence that prevents a student from         is an option after the withdrawal deadline only if the
meeting course objectives may result in withdrawal or      student is passing. A grade of “FN” will be recorded
an incomplete grade in the course. Sustained               on the official transcript if a student stops attending
absence, as defined by campus nursing faculty, may         but does not officially withdraw from the class.
result in course failure. Failure to register in each
sequential semester, excluding summer sessions,            More than three academic withdrawals in a semester
also constitutes an interruption in the student's          are considered lack of progress toward the degree. If
program. Students who fail to register should write a      a student withdraws from a clinical course alone, the
letter to the Admission, Progression, and Graduation       withdrawal is counted as one withdrawal. If a student
(APG) Committee of their intent.                           withdraws from a didactic course it requires an
                                                           automatic withdrawal from a concurrent clinical
Students who have interrupted their program of study,      course, this withdrawal will also be considered as one
for any reason, must submit a written request to           withdrawal.
re-enter the program to the chairperson of the APG
Committee of the School of Nursing at the campus           Program Withdrawals
where readmission is desired. (Corridor campuses           Students planning to withdraw from the nursing
share a common APG committee.) Such requests will          program should review the School of Nursing Bulletin
be evaluated on the basis of the availability of           section of the IUPUI Bulletin for withdrawal policy.
resources. Re-entry of students who have interrupted       Additionally, students who wish to withdraw from all
their study, for any reason, is not guaranteed, and        courses are required to make an appointment and
may require a refresher course and/or documentation        meet with their academic advisor.
of current competencies.
                                                           Repeating Nursing Courses
Curriculum changes during the interruption may result      A student who receives a grade lower than C (2.0) in
in review and revision of degree requirements based        nursing didactic courses or lower than S in clinical

Corridor                                              11
courses will be required to repeat the courses.                Grade Changes
Failure to receive the minimum-passing grade upon              Occasionally, errors are made during the calculation
repeating a nursing course or failure in two nursing           of a student’s exam and/or course grade. The School
theory or clinical nursing courses will result in              of Nursing encourages all nursing students to monitor
dismissal. Validation examinations may not be used             their academic performance and to bring any such
as substitutes for repeating any nursing course.               calculation errors to light immediately.
Students who need to repeat a nursing course must              Nursing faculty will only change a student’s exam
contact the Academic Advisor for placement in the              and/or course grade if there is evidence that a
course to be repeated. The request to repeat a                 miscalculation was made in the computing of the
course is granted on a space available basis and all           grade. Faculty are responsible for informing students
future enrollment in the nursing major will be based           of their performance on each test, assignment, and/or
on space availability. Additionally, students who do           learning assessment as the semester progresses.
not earn at least a C grade in an upper division-              Students are responsible for knowing their standing
nursing course or an S grade in a clinical section will        within each class, based on the grading scale outlined
be limited in their course enrollment for the next             in the course syllabus.
                                                               Given that faculty members may retire, resign, take a
Appeal Process                                                 leave of absence, etc., it is imperative that any
                                                               student who feels a semester grade is incorrect seek
Academic Appeals
                                                               to correct such an error in accordance with the
Problems related to a student's academic and
                                                               deadline outlined above in the Academic Appeals
professional status that emerge during enrollment in
the undergraduate nursing program are handled
through an appeals process.
                                                               Nursing Major Course
                                                               Credit for courses required by Indiana University
The appeals process is designed to assist in
                                                               School of Nursing will be awarded when courses from
academic and/or professional-standing problems. An
                                                               other programs are judged to be comparable to the IU
appeal is appropriate in a situation in which a student
                                                               courses. Course faculty teaching in the relevant
believes that he or she has been treated in a way that
                                                               course(s) will participate in the course comparability
has negatively affected the student’s grade or
                                                               review and evaluation. See your academic advisor
professional image. The formal appeals procedure
                                                               for further details. (Policy U-III-A-1).
can be summarized as follows:
        The student attempts to resolve the problem
                                                               Curricular Sequencing
        with the faculty member involved within 21
                                                               Any student wishing to take courses out of curricular
        calendar days of the incident.
                                                               sequence must have approval to do so by the
        If the problem is not resolved in a manner
                                                               Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee.
        satisfactory to the student, he or she may
                                                               The student is to submit the request in writing to the
        request mediation by the faculty member’s
                                                               chairperson of the Admission, Progression, and
        immediate administrative supervisor. The
                                                               Graduation Committee for consideration. The student
        student should begin this process within 21
                                                               will be notified of the Committee's decision in writing.
        calendar days after the initial meeting.
                                                               If students are not satisfied with the Committee's
        If the situation is still not resolved
                                                               decision, students should appeal to the appropriate
        satisfactorily, the student should contact,
                                                               person on their respective campus for further
        within 21 calendar days, the Associate Dean
        for Undergraduate Programs who will discuss
        with the student how to proceed at that point.
                                                               Portfolio Review Process
                                                               The portfolio review process is available to all
The appeals process is for matters related to student
                                                               undergraduate students who believe that they have
academic and/or professional performance.
                                                               already met the learning objectives/competencies
Academic problems are defined as those that
                                                               required of a specific nursing course within their
threaten the quality of a student’s academic standing.
                                                               program of study. The portfolio is a mechanism used
Professional problems are defined as those that
                                                               to validate the acquisition of prior knowledge and
threaten the student’s professional reputation or
                                                               skills congruent with course expectations and student
status. Problems involving personality conflicts
                                                               learning outcomes. The portfolio provides objective
should be handled on the student-faculty level, unless
                                                               evidence that students have acquired the content and
directly related to academic or professional matters.
                                                               the skills through prior learning and/or practice
                                                               experiences. The decision to accept the
Students who need assistance in filing an appeal or
                                                               documentation provided is based on determination of
clarifying the appeals process should consult with the
                                                               the equivalency of this prior knowledge and skill that
Academic Advisor.
                                                               the student would be expected to demonstrate at the
                                                               completion of a specific course. The portfolio review

Corridor                                                  12
option does not take the place of course                            Have you ever been convicted of, pled guilty,
equivalency reviews or transfer credit.                             or nolo contendre to:
                                                                          A violation of any federal, state, or local
Portfolio Guidelines may be found at                                      law relating to the use, manufacturing, under Academic Programs.                           distribution, or dispensing of controlled
                                                                          substances, alcohol, or other drugs?
Independent Study                                                         To any offense, misdemeanor, or felony
Students interested in taking a nursing course on an                      in any state (except for minor violations
independent study basis should obtain an agreement                        of traffic laws resulting in fines)?
form in the Office of Educational Services on the                   Have you ever been denied staff membership
IUPUI campus, and the academic advisor on the                       or privileges in any hospital or health care
Bloomington campus. Students must make formal                       facility or had such membership or privilege
arrangements for independent study courses with the                 revoked, suspended, or subjected to any
faculty member with whom they wish to study. Both                   restrictions, probation, or other type of
must sign the agreement form and return the                         discipline or limitations?
completed form to Office of Educational Services on                 Have you ever had a malpractice judgment
the IUPUI campus, and the academic advisor on the                   against you or settled any malpractice action?
Bloomington campus before the student may register
for the course.                                             Licensure Examination Applications
                                                            Non-RN students graduating from the IUPUI ASN or
Graduation and Licensing                                    BSN program who intend to practice as RNs must
The National Council Licensing Exam for                     take the National Council of Licensure Examination
Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)                                for Registered Nurses (NCLEX). The student should
The licensing exam for registered nursing is a national     complete the "Application for Licensure Examination"
exam that is administered by the National Council of        (which will be distributed by faculty during the last
State Boards of Nursing. The testing is available           semester before graduation) and mail it to the
year-round via computerized adaptive testing (CAT)          nursing-licensing agency in the state where licensure
and will take from two to five hours to complete. The       is desired. After verification of graduation (which the
cost of the exam at the printing of this handbook was       School of Nursing will send to the board), Pearson
$ 200.00. The fee charged for licensure may vary            Vue will notify the student to schedule a time to take
from state to state. The Indiana Health Professions         the NCLEX. The current law does not allow graduate
Bureau, which approves licensing for RN's in Indiana,       nurses to work as nurses until the graduate has taken
charges a $50.00 processing fee. For updated fees           the examination and received a permanent license to
please check            practice.

Legal Limitations for Clinical Placement(s) and/or          Dates and times to complete the necessary
Licensure                                                   applications for the NCLEX-RN will be announced
Some criminal offenses could limit a student’s clinical     during the second semester of the last year of the
placement opportunities and/or jeopardize earning a         nursing major.
Registered Nurse license. Additionally, some clinical
agencies require limited criminal background checks         IMPORTANT: If the student has been placed on the
to be completed prior to student placement in that          checklist for any financial obligation, e.g., parking
agency.                                                     fines, default on loan payments, library fines, special
                                                            credit fees, etc., the student's record will not be
The State Board of Nursing includes the following           cleared. Without clearance, the student will be unable
questions on licensing applications. If the student         to be licensed by the National Council of State Boards
cannot answer "no" to all questions, the student            of Nursing. Not only must the student pay the
should discuss these potential problems with the            financial obligation but the student must also be
Academic Advisor.                                           removed from the checklist and cleared through the
        Has disciplinary action ever been taken             computer. This process takes time so the student
        regarding any health license, certificate,          should not wait until the last minute to pay any
        registration, or permit that you hold or have       outstanding fees. In addition, diplomas and official
        held?                                               transcripts will NOT be released until indebtedness is
        Have you ever been denied a license,                cleared through the computer.
        certificate, registration, or permit to practice
        as a nurse or any regulated health occupation       Honors
        in any state (including Indiana) or country?        Students have the opportunity to be recognized for
        Are there charges pending against you               academic excellence during their program of study
        regarding a violation of any federal, state, or     and at graduation. Full-time nursing students will be
        local law relating to the use, manufacturing,       placed on the Dean's List for each semester that they
        distribution, or dispensing of controlled           earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Part-time students are
        substances, alcohol, or other drugs?                eligible for the Dean's List after the completion of 12

Corridor                                               13
credit hours and for each semester they have
accumulated an additional 12 credit hours of course
work with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Baccalaureate degree candidates have the
opportunity to graduate with academic distinction.
Academic distinction maybe awarded to the top ten
percent (10%) of those undergraduate degree
candidates in any particular semester. To be
considered for academic distinction graduation
candidates must have completed at least 50 percent
of their degree requirements on the campus awarding
the degree. (Please note that IUPUI/BL/and IUPUC
are a corridor campus and therefore considered one
campus – 50% taken at IUBL equals 50% taken at

Grade point averages used in determining the
categories of academic distinction awarded are:

           3.83 - 4.00     Highest Distinction
           3.66 - 3.82     High Distinction
           3.50 - 3.65     Distinction

The grade point average used for determining
academic distinction is based on all grades in courses
taken at Indiana University that meet degree
requirements. This includes FX grades as well as
grades in courses that are repeated. The GPA
excludes transfer grades and grades received in
courses that must be repeated because of program

Courses taken that do not count toward the degree
will not be calculated for honors. Please direct
questions to the Office of Educational Services on the
IUPUI campus. Awards and honors are also given at
the time of graduation.

Entry Level Jobs and Internships for Nursing has been designed solely to service
the needs of nursing students/entry-level health care
students and potential employers industry wide. For
job information please see

Corridor                                                14

Summer Courses                                               booklet. These rights include freedom from
Course offerings at the School of Nursing during the         discrimination or harassment based on age, color,
two summer sessions are limited; they are usually            disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national
elective courses reserved primarily for BSN students         origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran
who have completed their 6th semester (Junior year).         status. Students who believe one of these rights has
Selected required BSN courses may also be offered,           been violated and who have not been able to resolve
primarily for RN-to-BSN mobility students. Basic BSN         the issue informally may file a formal complaint by
students must obtain permission to register for these        following the procedures in Part II of the "IU Code of
courses. If you happen to inappropriately register for       Student Ethics" and IUPUI Code of Student Rights,
one of these offerings you will be administratively          Responsibilities, and Conduct” booklets. Students
withdrawn. During spring semester descriptions of            also may contact the Affirmative Action Office on
summer courses to be offered are distributed to all          campus for assistance in such situations.
students along with summer and fall registration
                                                             Honors Program
Student Records                                              (see IUPUI section for campus specific information)
Certain student information maintained in the Office of      Indiana University Bachelor of Science in Nursing
the Registrar is considered public and will be released      (BSN) students on the Indianapolis (IUPUI),
upon request. This information includes name,                Columbus (IUPUC), and Bloomington (IUB)
address, whether currently enrolled, whether full- or        campuses are encouraged to pursue honors
part-time, class standing, dates of previous                 study. Students interested in pursuing honors study
enrollment, and degree received. Name, dates of              on the IUB campus should contact an academic
attendance, enrollment status, and degrees cannot be         advisor on that campus by calling (812) 855-1736.
restricted by the student and, furthermore, IU faculty
and staff with a legitimate need to know cannot be           BSN students who pursue honors study at IUSON
restricted from access to the other information. With        enjoy a supportive environment and close
these exceptions, however, a student who wishes to           relationships with faculty. Those who successfully
restrict the release of particular information may file a    complete the honors option receive conditional
"restrainer" with the Office of the Registrar.               acceptance into the MSN or PhD program upon
A detailed description of the policies and procedures
followed by the University in its attempts to provide
appropriate access to student records, while                 Minors
protecting their confidentiality, can be found in            The School of Nursing encourages minors and
Appendix 4 of the "IU Code of Student Ethics and             students should consult the academic advisor on their
IUPUI Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and          specific campus for program requirements.
Conduct" (
studcode/sctest2.htm or
                                                             LPN-ASN Program (Columbus Campus)
                                                             Program Statement
Transfer of Student Records                                  The Indiana University School of Nursing LPN-ASN
The School of Nursing will maintain academic records         Mobility Option on the Columbus Campus is designed
for all students admitted to the nursing major.              to help the LPN build on previous education and
Individuals whose records were previously in other           experience to become a Registered Nurse. Upon
schools or departments will have their records               completion of remaining general education courses
transferred to the School of Nursing after they accept       and the LPN Transition to ASN Practice course, the
admission to the nursing major. All future program           student receives sixteen credit hours for nursing
planning, course registration information, academic          classes taken in LPN training. The remaining ASN
advising, etc., will be accomplished through School of       classes on the Columbus campus can be completed
Nursing personnel.                                           in two semesters in a one-year option or in four
                                                             semesters in the two-year option.
Student Rights
                                                             Degree Requirements
The legal rights of Indiana University students are          Graduates of the LPN to ASN Mobility Option are
described in detail in Part I and in the Appendix of the     expected to demonstrate competencies consistent
"IU Code of Student Ethics and IUPUI Code of                 with being a critical thinker; an effective communicator
Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct"               who listens actively and responds appropriately to
                                                             messages being transmitted; a culturally competent

Programs                                                15
person who recognizes and respects differences                skills, and creativity in framing problems.
within and between groups of people; competent
provider of nursing care; a conscientious practitioner         OUTCOME 2: A culturally competent person who
who practices within the legal and ethical parameters         provides holistic nursing care to a variety of
of nursing; and an accountable/responsible manager            individuals, families, and communities.
of care.
                                                              OUTCOME 3:         A knowledgeable care coordinator
Graduates are able to give direct care in collaboration       who facilitates access to resources necessary to meet
with clients, families, and other members of the health       health care needs of individuals’, families’ and
care team to achieve therapeutic outcomes. The                communities.
competencies are consistent with the American
Nurses’ Association’s Standards of Nursing practice           OUTCOME 4:         An individual who understands the
and the Code of Ethics.                                       political dynamics in various settings and participates
                                                              in the change process to shape health care policy.

BSN Program (Bloomington and IUPUI Campus)                    OUTCOME 5:        An individual who practices within
                                                              an ethical and legal framework for the nursing
Program Statement
Baccalaureate nursing education provides a broad
foundation in the sciences and liberal arts necessary
                                                              OUTCOME 6:        An effective communicator who is
for preparing professional nurses who are capable of
                                                              able to share accurate information.
practicing in a competent and responsible fashion as
informed citizens in a dynamic and diverse society.
                                                              OUTCOME 7:         A competent provider of nursing
Graduates of the baccalaureate nursing program are
                                                              care who functions in various professional nurse roles
expected to demonstrate competencies consistent
                                                              in structured or semi-structured health care settings.
with being a critical thinker; a culturally competent
person; a knowledgeable coordinator of community
                                                              OUTCOME 8:        A professional role model who
resources; a politically aware professional; a
                                                              promotes a positive public image of nursing.
beginning practitioner whose actions are consistent
with professional legal and ethical standards; an
                                                              OUTCOME 9:         A responsible manager who
effective communicator; a competent provider of
                                                              balances human, fiscal, and material resources
health care; and a person who exemplifies a positive
                                                              to achieve quality health care outcomes.
public image. These competencies are consistent
with the 1998 American Association of Colleges of
Nursing “Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for
                                                              After admission to the BSN nursing major, placement
Professional Nursing Practice and the American
                                                              in upper-division nursing courses will be based on the
Nurses’ Association’s 1989 “Standards of Nursing
                                                              following priority ranking.
Practice” and the ANA 2001 Code of Ethics.
                                                                   1.  Full-time regularly progressing students.
                                                                       (Regularly progressing students are those
Baccalaureate graduates assist individuals, families,
                                                                       who have completed each nursing course
and communities in attaining mutually established
                                                                       with a minimum grade of C (2.0) and are
health goals and in facilitating the highest level of
                                                                       ready for the next semester.
functioning for individuals, families, and communities
                                                                   2.  Part-time regularly progressing students.
toward the maximization of their health potential.
                                                                   3.  Students who have interrupted their studies,
Baccalaureate education must prepare graduates to
                                                                       but are in good academic standing.
be knowledgeable workers, processors of information,
                                                                   4.  Students who withdrew from one or more
and navigate complex health care systems using
                                                                       nursing courses.
available technologies as they design and develop
                                                                   5.  Students who have failed and successfully
more efficient and effective approaches to the delivery
                                                                       repeated one or more courses.
of health care services independently or in
                                                                   6.  Students who need to repeat one nursing
conjunction with others.
                                                                   7.  Students who need to repeat two nursing
Program Outcomes
                                                   1                   courses.
At the completion of the BSN program, the graduate
                                                                   8.  Students who have been dismissed and
must demonstrate the following qualities:
                                                                       have been reinstated.
                                                                   9.  Intercampus transfers.
OUTCOME 1:          A critical thinker who demonstrates
                                                                   10. Transfers from other baccalaureate nursing
intellectual curiosity, rational inquiry, problem-solving

           1                                                  Intercampus Transfer
           Each competency represents the senior-level
                                                              Nursing students in good academic standing may
                                                              seek intercampus transfer by petitioning the

Programs                                                 16
Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG)                        or IU’s Code of Student Rights,
Committee at least one semester in advance of the                   Responsibilities, and Conduct. In particular,
requested transfer. Due to the difference in course                 falsification of records and reports, plagiarism,
sequencing, students seeking an intercampus transfer                or cheating on an examination, quiz, or any
should do so only at the completion of all nursing                  other assignment is cause for dismissal.
courses required in the sophomore or junior year.                   Failure to demonstrate personal integrity or
Intercampus transfer requests submitted to the APG                  conduct befitting the profession of nursing.
that ask for mid-year transfer consideration is
discouraged. Students wishing to transfer within an         A student may be dismissed without prior
academic year may be required to complete                   probationary status when any of the above conditions
supplemental course work due to course sequencing           exist.
Intercampus transfer requests will be evaluated             A student who has been dismissed from the School of
individually on the basis of the student’s academic         Nursing for academic failure or any other reason may
record, the availability of space in the required           request reinstatement by petitioning the School of
courses; faculty and facility resources to meet the         Nursing’s APG committee. Reinstatement by one
student’s needs and program outcomes and                    campus is not binding on other campuses. This
competencies.                                               written request must be received by July 1 for fall
                                                            reinstatement, April 1 for summer reinstatement, and
Students seeking an intra-corridor transfer (between        October 1 for spring reinstatement. Reinstatement
Bloomington and IUPUI or IUPUI and Bloomington)             will be based on faculty recommendations at the time
must fill out the form supplied by the academic             of dismissal, as well as on availability of resources.
advisor from their home campus.                             Reinstatement is not guaranteed, and no student may
                                                            be reinstated more than once. A reinstated student
Dismissal                                                   will be dismissed upon failure (grade of C- or lower) of
A student will be dismissed from the School of              one additional required course. Students who are
Nursing when there is a lack of progress toward the         reinstated must adhere to the policies and curriculum
degree. Evidence of lack of progress consists of one        of the School of Nursing in effect at the time of
or more of the following:                                   reinstatement.
        Failure to attain a 2.0 semester GPA in any
        two consecutive semesters.                          Degree Requirements
        Failure to attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at        Students are responsible for meeting all degree
        the completion of any two semesters of              requirements. All candidates for the Bachelor of
        course work.                                        Science in Nursing must fulfill the following
        Need to repeat more than 15 credit hours of         requirements:
        general education courses (including B231,                  Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 125
        H355, and S474) to achieve a grade of C                     (credit hour requirements may vary slightly
        (2.0). Students may repeat no more than 11                  among campuses) credit hours that apply to
        credit hours (only 2 failures will be allowed in            the degree. Credits earned in remedial
        science course work) of the 15 total hours,                 learning skills do not apply to the degree.
        prior to admission to the nursing major.                    Credits from courses that have been repeated
        Failure to attain a minimum grade of C (2.0)                may be counted only one time to meet the
        upon repeating a didactic nursing course or to              credit hour requirement.
        attain a grade of S upon repeating a                        Achievement of a minimum cumulative grade
        practicum nursing course (i.e., two                         point average of C (2.0).
        unsatisfactory grades in the same course)                   Achievement of a minimum of C (2.0) in each
        Failure to obtain a minimum grade of C (2.0)                required course or equivalent by the second
        in any required general education course for                completed attempt
        the degree.                                                 Removal of all incomplete, deferred grades,
        Failure to attain a minimum grade of C (2.0)                and special credit course grades in nursing
        (didactic course) or a grade of S (satisfactory)            courses by three weeks prior to the end of the
        (practicum course) in two nursing courses                   student's last semester before graduation.
        (i.e., unsatisfactory grades in two separate                Completion of all course work within six years
        courses).                                                   after the enrollment in upper-division courses.
        Failure to meet the School of Nursing’s                     Completion of a minimum of 51 percent of
        Essential Abilities with or without specified               courses in the nursing major on the IU
        accommodations.                                             campus that grants the degree (Please note
        Inability to conduct oneself in a professional              that IUPUI/BL/and IUPUC are a corridor
        fashion consistent with the American Nurses’s               campus and therefore considered one
        Association Code of Nurses, IUPUI’s Code of                 campus – 51% taken at IUBL equals 51%
        Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct               taken at IUPUI.) .

Programs                                               17
        Application for the degree at the beginning of                         Completion of the NCLEX Readiness
        the final semester.                                                    Examination and NCLEX Review.

BSN Required Courses
 Course#  Course Title                                                                   CR      Department
 B230     Developmental Issues and Health                                                4       Family Health
 B231     Communication Skill for the Health Professionals                               3       Environments for
 B232         Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing: Theory, Practice, Research      3       Adult Health
 B233         Health and Wellness                                                        4       Family Health
 B244         Comprehensive Health Assessment                                            2       Family Health
 B245         Comprehensive Health Assessment: Practicum                                 2       Family Health
 B248         Science and Technology of Nursing                                          2       Adult Health
 B249         Science and Technology of Nursing: Practicum                               2       Adult Health
 H351         Alterations in Neuro-Psychological Health                                  3       Environments for
 H352         Alterations in Neuro-Psychological Health: The Practicum                   2       Environments for
 H353         Alterations in Health I                                                    3       Adult Health
 H354         Alterations in Health I: The Practicum                                     2       Adult Health
 H355         Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Health Care Research                3       Environments for
 H361         Alterations in Health II                                                   3       Adult Health
 H362         Alterations in Health II: The Practicum                                    2       Adult Health
 H363         The Developing Family and Child                                            4       Family Health
 H364         The Developing Family and Child: the Practicum                             3       Family Health
 H365         Nursing Research                                                           3       Environments for
 S470         Restorative Health Related to Multi-System Failures                        3       Adult Health
 S471         Restorative Health Related to Multi-System Failures: The Practicum         2       Adult Health
 S472         A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community                     3       Environments for
 S473         A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community: Practicum          2       Environments for

 S474         Applied Health Care Ethics                                                 3       Family Health
 S481         Nursing Management                                                         2       Environments for
 S482         Nursing Management: The Practicum                                          3       Environments for
 S483         Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone                                         3       Environments for
 S484         Research Utilization Seminar                                               1-2     Environments for
 S485         Professional Growth and Empowerment                                        3       Environments for

Math Competency                                                       2.    Students may take a pen/pencil and basic
Students must pass a mathematics competency examination                     calculator (nonprogrammable) if math is
each semester in which one is administered with a score of                  included to their seat in the exam room.
90% or better within three attempts. Failure to do so will                  Examples of items not allowed at their exam
result in the need for the student to withdraw from all                     desk are book bags, coats, hats, food, drinks, or
nursing didactic and practicum courses that semester.                       palm pilots. Items such as these must be left at
Students may continue in all non- nursing courses.                          the front of the room.
                                                                      3.    A minimum of two proctors will be present for
                                                                            each exam. Exam proctors will:
Standard Test Strategies
                                                                            a. Distribute the exam (separate versions, at
The baccalaureate faculty have established the
                                                                                 least two) and answer sheet individually to
following guidelines for administering exams:
                                                                                 each student
1.    Seating charts will be used for all exams.
                                                                            b. Announce corrections to the exam
      a. Seating chart varies for each exam
                                                                            c. Give any instructions and/or corrections to
      b. Students sign in on the seating chart as
                                                                                 the exam prior to start of the exam
          they enter the room

Programs                                                  18
4.    All students will begin the exam at the same            Sigma Theta Tau International
      time.                                                   Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) is the only
5.    Students arriving late for the exam will:               honor society of nursing. It is considered the Phi Beta
      a. Wait until all initial directions are given and      Kappa of nursing. Its mission/ purpose is to foster
             questions answered                               excellence, scholarship and leadership in nursing to
      b. Be given no additional verbal directions             improve health care worldwide. Alpha chapter was
      c. Be given no additional time extension to             founded at Indiana University in 1922 by six nursing
             complete the exam                                students STTI is the second largest nursing
6.    Students may leave the exam room only when              organization in the world with over 320,000 inducted
      their exam is completed.                                members in over 94 countries around the world. (The
7.    No talking is allowed during the exam.                  current President, Dr. Daniel Pesut is a faculty
8.    In general, faculty will not answer questions           member at our school.) Students in baccalaureate
      about the exam during the exam. Only                    programs are invited to membership in STTI when
      questions regarding clarification may be                they have demonstrated excellence in their nursing
      considered.                                             programs and have shown superior academic and
9.    An ESL dictionary will be provided at the exam.         personal records of achievement as well as
10.   It is the student’s responsibility to protect the       completion of over half of their nursing program. They
      integrity of their own exam sheet and protect           must be in the top 35% of their class. Alpha students
      their answers from other students. Students             are inducted from all regional campuses offering the
      should be discouraged from large writing on             BSN program. Inductions are twice a year.
      their exam booklets that may be seen more
      easily by other students.                               Accelerated BSN Mobility Option (IUPUI Campus)
11.   Students are expected to attend all exams.
                                                              Program Statement
      Under extraordinary circumstances then:
                                                              The accelerated BSN mobility option is specially
      a. Students shall notify the instructor prior to
                                                              designed for men and women who have earned a
             the start of the exam
                                                              bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. The
      b. Make-up exams are at the discretion of the
                                                              graduate of this program will be prepared to meet the
             faculty. An alternate version of the exam
                                                              current and future health needs of society. The
             will be given as a make-up. This could
                                                              curriculum is designed so that the graduate will obtain
             include an essay exam.
                                                              a solid academic foundation in the practice, science,
      c. Students missing more than one exam may
                                                              and technology of nursing. The 18 month plan of
             receive “0” for those exams at the discretion
                                                              study will emphasize health promotion, disease
             of the course faculty.
                                                              prevention, maintaining maximum levels of wellness,
12.   Use the following statements on the face sheet
                                                              and regaining health in adults, children, and families.
      of the exam:
      It is the responsibility of the student to refrain
                                                              Degree Requirements
      from behaviors that raise suspicion of cheating
                                                              Students are responsible for meeting all degree
      (talking, signaling in any way, looking at another
      student or their exam paper, not covering one’s
                                                                      Satisfactory completion of 125 credit hours of
      own answer sheet). If a student is suspected of
                                                                      which 65 credit hours are nursing courses
      cheating, their paper will be taken from them
                                                                      that apply to the degree;
      and they will receive a “0” for the exam.
                                                                      Achievement of a minimum cumulative grade
                                                                      point of C (2.0);
      Your (the student’s) signature is required and
                                                                      Achievement of a minimum of C (2.0) in each
      confirms the following:
                                                                      required course or equivalent by second
      United in the spirit of mutual trust, mindful of the
                                                                      completed attempt;
      values of a true education and the values
                                                                      Removal of all incomplete, deferred grades,
      associated with the nursing profession, I agree
                                                                      and special credit course grades in nursing
      to accept the responsibilities for honorable
                                                                      courses by three weeks prior to the end of the
      conduct during the completion of this exam,
                                                                      student’s last semester before graduation;
      maintaining and promoting personal integrity. I
                                                                      Completion of all course work within six years
      have not given or received aid when taking this
                                                                      after the enrollment in the first nursing major
                                                                      Application for the degree at the beginning of
      Student’s Signature              Date
                                                                      the final semester;
                                                                      Completion of the NCLEX Readiness
                                                                      Examination and NCLES Review.

Programs                                                 19
Accelerated BSN Mobility Option Required Courses

 General Education/Cluster Courses – 60 credits
 Course#     Course Title                                                          CR   Department
 B232        Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing: Theory, Practice, Research 3    Adult Health
 B233        Health and Wellness                                                   4    Family Health
 B244        Comprehensive Health Assessment                                       2    Family Health
 B245        Comprehensive Health Assessment: Practicum                            2    Family Health
 B248        Science and Technology of Nursing                                     2    Adult Health
 B249        Science and Technology of Nursing: Practicum                          2    Adult Health
 H351        Alterations in Neuro-Psychological Health                             3    Environments for
 H352        Alterations in Neuro-Psychological Health: The Practicum             2     Environments for
 H353        Alterations in Health I                                              3     Adult Health
 H354        Alterations in Health I: The Practicum                               2     Adult Health
 H361        Alterations in Health II                                             3     Adult Health
 H362        Alterations in Health II: The Practicum                              2     Adult Health
 H363        The Developing Family and Child                                      4     Family Health
 H364        The Developing Family and Child: the Practicum                       3     Family Health
 H365        Nursing Research                                                     3     Environments for
 S470        Restorative Health Related to Multi-System Failures                  3     Adult Health
 S471        Restorative Health Related to Multi-System Failures: The Practicum   2     Adult Health
 S472        A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community               3     Environments for
 S473        A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community: Practicum    2     Environments for

 S474        Applied Health Care Ethics                                           3     Family Health
 S481        Nursing Management                                                   2     Environments for
 S482        Nursing Management: The Practicum                                    3     Environments for
 S483        Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone                                   3     Environments for
 S484        Research Utilization Seminar                                         1     Environments for
 S485        Professional Growth and Empowerment                                  3     Environments for

Programs                                                20
                                                                 nursing courses and 6 credit hours of lower division
RN-BSN Program (Columbus and IUPUI Campus)                       nursing courses. Independent study via
                                                                 correspondence courses will not count toward the
Program Statement
                                                                 thirty (30) hour residency requirement in nursing.
The mobility program offers a creative curriculum
delivered primarily through distance education for the
                                                                 Curricular Change
education of professional nurses competent in
                                                                 Every effort is made to keep this information sheet
meeting the current and future health needs of
                                                                 current. Students who interrupt their program, pursue
society. It prepares a nurse to begin the practice of
                                                                 part time study, or full time students who take more
professional nursing in a variety of areas and health
                                                                 than two years to complete nursing prerequisite
care settings. The BSN program also builds a
                                                                 requirements are subject to policy and curriculum
leadership foundation and prepares graduates for
                                                                 changes as they occur. Check with your academic
graduate study. The graduate possesses a broad
                                                                 counselor for policy and curriculum changes.
knowledge of the humanities, biological and social
sciences, and nursing. As a beginning practitioner
                                                                 Portfolio Review Process
the graduate will be skilled in using problem solving
                                                                 By submitting a portfolio to a designated faculty
skills in caring for patients, evaluating the role of the
                                                                 member, you may be able to meet course
professional nurse in the holistic approach to health
                                                                 expectations through documented evidence of your
care, and participating as an informed citizen in
                                                                 nursing skills and experience. A portfolio may be
                                                                 submitted for any of the upper division nursing
                                                                 courses. For more details, please refer to
Degree Requirements
                                                        Academic Programs.
The minimum requirement for the Bachelor of Science
in Nursing is 123 credit hours. Students with less
                                                                 Required Course Work
than 123 credit hours must take additional course
                                                                 RN-BSN degree coursework consists of general
work to meet requirements. Students beginning the
                                                                 education requirements (59-61 credit hours) and
upper division nursing courses must complete all
                                                                 nursing courses (30-31 credit hours.) Requirements
coursework within six years.
                                                                 appear in the table below.
Failure to register in each sequential semester,
                                                                 All courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0)
excluding summer sessions, constitutes an
                                                                 or above by the second attempt. Course numbers and
interruption in the program. Students who reenter
                                                                 credit hours for the general education courses may
must adhere to the policies and curriculum in effect at
                                                                 vary from campus to campus therefore, it is best to
the time of reentry. Students who interrupt their
                                                                 check with the School of Nursing academic counselor
program of study may jeopardize their chances of
                                                                 on each campus. General education courses
completing all upper division nursing courses within
                                                                 completed at other universities may be applicable
six years.
                                                                 toward your degree program if credits are accepted
                                                                 by the Office of Admissions or determined to be
There is a thirty (30) hour residency requirement in
                                                                 equivalent by the School of Nursing
nursing. The residency requirement will be met by
completion of the 25 credit hours of upper division

Programs                                                    21
RN-BSN – Required Courses Mobility Option
General Education Courses (59-61 credits required)

Cluster 1 - Critical/Analytical/Science (23-25 credits required)
Required Courses                                  Course #                    Cr. Hrs.
Anatomy                                           Biol N261                   5
Physiology                                        Biol N217                   5
Microbiology                                      Micr J210                   4
Data Analysis (Stats)                             Nurs H355                   3
Choose 6-8 additional credit hours from list maintained by academic advisor

Cluster 2 - Communication (9 credits required)
English Composition                            Eng W131                       3
Nursing Communications                            Nurs B231                   3
Choose 3 additional credit hours from list maintained by academic advisor.

Cluster 3 - Cultural Diversity (6 credits required)
Choose 6 credit hours from list maintained by academic advisor.

Cluster 4 - Social Competence (9 credits required)
Introduction to Psychology                      B104/B105                     3
Introduction to Sociology                       R100                          3
Choose 3 additional credit hours from list maintained by academic advisor

Cluster 5 - Humanistic Appreciation (6 credits required)
Ethics & Health Care                            S474                          3
Choose 3 additional credit hours from list maintained by academic advisor

Cluster 6 - Open Electives (6 credits required)
Choose 6 credit hours from list maintained by academic advisor.
Nursing Course (30-31 credits required)
Professional Nursing Seminar I                    B304                        3
Professional Nursing Seminar II                   B404                        3
Health Assessment (take with B245)                B244                        2
Health Assessment Practicum (take with B244)      B245                        2
Nursing Research (pre-req H355)                   H365                        3
Health of the Community*                          S472                        3
Health of the Community Practicum*                S473                        2
Nursing Management*                               S482                        2
Nursing Management Practicum                      S483                        3
Research Utilization (take with S483)*            S484                        1-2
Professional Growth & Empowerment*                S485                        3
*Senior year course – Total Degree requirement 123-126 credit hours

Programs                                            22
                                                             Nursing Bloomington campus web site
Campus Specific Information                                  (
The IU-Bloomington School of Nursing is located in            Although students certainly may share information
Sycamore Hall at 1033 East Third Street,                     with their peers, individual students are responsible
Bloomington, IN 47405-7005. Faculty, advising, and           for ensuring they are aware of all posted information.
business offices are located on the 4 floor of the east
wing of Sycamore. The nursing learning resource              Occupational Health
center is located in room 0003 in the basement level         Contaminated Injury Care and Follow-Up Phone
of the east wing of Sycamore. The main number for            Number: (812) 855-4011
the School of Nursing at Bloomington is (812) 855-
1736.                                                        Students must follow agency policy and procedures.
                                                             For first aid consult your instructor/supervisor in
General Information                                          charge of your unit.
Office Hours – Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00
p.m. Please note scheduled meetings might occur              Practicum Experiences
throughout the academic year, requiring offices to be        Practicum experiences are designed to give students
closed for a period of time. Although walk-ins are           "hands on" learning opportunities in various settings.
welcome, we would suggest calling for an                     During these experiences, students apply theory
appointment if you wish to meet with the program             learned in the classroom to specific client care
director or academic advisor.                                situations.

Directory                                                    In most cases, students go to a hospital, health care,
Secretary:                                                   or clinical facility a day prior to the scheduled
Shirley Hughes     SY439              (812) 855-6875         experience to pick up their assignment or to select a
Office Manager/Recorder:                                     client. Client selection is based on specific learning
Shirley Wines      SY437              (812) 855-1736         objectives. The student should obtain the client's
Program Director:                                            permission to provide care, with the understanding
Dr. Joyce Krothe   SY400              (812) 855-1731
Assistant Director of Student Services (Academic
                                                             that the client has the right of refusal. Preparation for
Advisor):                                                    clinical experiences includes reading the client's chart,
Lisa Wrasse        SY401              (812) 855-2592         as well as textbooks and references, to learn about
                                                             the client's condition, medications, and treatments.
Who to See About What                                        Clinical preparation can take approximately one to
Advising, course offerings, School of Nursing                two hours in the clinical setting plus several hours at
scholarships - see the academic advisor. Please              home for preparation and paperwork. Personal
call the secretary or office manager to schedule an          schedules may need to be adjusted accordingly.
appointment.                                                 Students should not plan to work for pay the evening
Registration procedures and forms – see the                  or night before a clinical day.
academic advisor or recorder.
Immunization/CPR records, intercampus transfers              Students will be expected to discuss the problems
– see the recorder.                                          that their client might experience and the nursing
Uniform/Equipment orders – see the secretary.                interventions to help deal with these problems.
Assistance contacting instructors – see the                  Students will also be expected to know: the actions
secretary or office manager.                                 and side effects of any drugs the client is receiving
Transcripts – obtain from the Office of the Registrar        and how to administer them; the purpose of
(Franklin Hall 100).                                         treatments; the results of pertinent lab tests; and how
General Financial Aid – see the Student Office of            to implement technical procedures.
Financial Assistance (Franklin Hall 208).                    During clinical study all students will be supervised
Tuition Information – see the Office of the Bursar           and assisted by their practicum instructor and
(Franklin Hall 002).                                         selected hospital staff. Specific student
                                                             responsibilities will include those that have been
Guidelines for Nursing Major                                 studied in class and/or mastered in the Nursing
                                                             Learning Resource Center. By the second clinical
                                                             course experience, students will be assuming
Nursing students must have a functional e-mail
                                                             responsibility for most of their client’s nursing care.
account and are expected to know how to navigate
                                                             All information acquired in the clinical situation is
the World Wide Web. Notice of activities and events,
                                                             privileged, confidential, and is not to be discussed
or other pertinent information, will be posted on the e-
                                                             except during clinical hours with persons on a "need
mail student distribution lists and on the School of
                                                             to know" basis and in associated clinical conferences.

Bloomington                                             23
                                                                     determine the last student to register for the
The clinical day is usually followed by a post-                      overloaded section or sections.
conference during which students process selected                    The School of Nursing will then
situations. Students share their experiences and                     administratively switch the last student
discuss various approaches to patient-related                        registered to the section with low enrollment.
problems. Students will also be expected to
participate in a number of non-scheduled experiences         Balancing practicum blocks is necessary to ensure
and must adjust their schedules accordingly. These           that all nursing majors receive high quality practicum
expectations are noted in course syllabi.                    instruction and rewarding clinical experiences.

Following clinical absences, students may be required        Cancellation of Classes
to provide written documentation that it is safe for         If Indiana University announces that classes are
them to return to clinical practice. For example,            canceled, then all classes including theory, laboratory,
following surgery a student would need to provide a          and clinical, are canceled for nursing majors.
written statement from their surgeon that they may
return to clinical practice without restriction.             In the event that the University cancels classes but
                                                             students and faculty have already left for or arrived on
Specific Schedule Issues                                     the clinical unit, the faculty and students will mutually
School of Nursing faculty work throughout the                determine whether to complete the educational
academic year to ensure that students are exposed to         experience.
the best learning opportunities and environments
available. On some occasions, valuable learning              In the event that a decision must be made before a
experiences are not available during a regularly             formal university announcement is delivered, the
scheduled class time. Therefore, when the Schedule           following will apply:
of Classes is built, each practicum section will have                 Within guidelines of reasonable safety, each
the following note below its scheduled time:                          person will have to evaluate conditions in
         Practicum experiences may vary according to                  relation to his/her locale and make the
         availability of clinical resources.                          decision to attend or not to attend the
                                                                      scheduled learning experience.
This note is to remind students that, although a
practicum section is scheduled from 7:00am - 2:00pm          Upon the decision not to attend, the student will notify
on Thursday, there may be times during the semester          the faculty and/or clinical setting staff according to the
when the practicum will need to meet outside of the          plan established at the beginning of the course.
scheduled parameters. Nursing faculty are
responsible for informing students of these situations       Basic Assumptions:
at the beginning of each semester.                                    Missed laboratory (skill/clinical) days will be
                                                                      made up at the discretion of faculty.
Balancing Clinical Block Enrollment                                   Make-up dates will be mutually determined by
The School of Nursing limits enrollment in all                        the faculty and students according to
practicum sections to ten students. When students                     availability of clinical facilities.
register for classes, they are assured that they will                 During orientation to the course, the faculty
receive all the required nursing courses they need.                   will:
However, they are not assured of receiving a specific                       Explain the process of communication to
practicum block.                                                            be used by students.
Additionally, the practicum blocks may become                If a nursing faculty member, for whatever reason,
unbalanced after registration is complete due to             needs to cancel a particular class meeting, theory,
students failures, incompletes, or withdrawals.              laboratory, and/or clinical experience, students will be
(Example: four blocks of ten students, and one block         notified via the process outlined during orientation to
with five.) If for any reason, students do not progress      the course.
into the next set of classes it may become necessary
for the School of Nursing to balance the practicum           NOTE: The faculty member must be present in order
sections. (In the above example, this would mean             for students to complete the educational experience.
establishing five blocks with nine students each.)           Therefore, if students do not receive the cancellation
This is done in accordance with the following                notification, they should contact their instructor and/or
guidelines:                                                  the School of Nursing to determine the status of the
         First, the School of Nursing will ask for           scheduled learning experience.
         volunteers from the overloaded section or
         sections.                                           Interactive Video
         If there are no student volunteers for the          To further reinforce concepts and skills, the School of
         section change, the School of Nursing will          Nursing has several Interactive Video Discs and
         contact the Office of the Registrar to              Computer Assisted Instructional programs available to

Bloomington                                             24
nursing majors in the Nursing Learning Resource               Academic Integrity
Center Ivy’s and CIA’s contain case studies,                  Exams
procedural demonstrations, scenarios, etc., which             Scores
allow students to learn nursing and decision-making           Computer grading and computer analysis may be
skills in a safe environment.                                 used with examinations. If computer grading is used,
                                                              the computer graded score will be the official score
Students are required to present a student ID when            recorded. Examination scores will be made available
checking out these materials, which cannot be                 to students at the earliest possible time after the
removed from Nursing Learning Resource Center.                exam.
Please remember that other nursing students may
also need these items. These discs are very                   Reviews
expensive!!! If there are questions or concerns,              Students have a right to review examinations. The
students should consult the laboratory staff for              method of exam review will be determined by the
assistance. Students may be held liable for damage            course faculty.
resulting from incorrect or improper use of the
equipment.                                                    Absence
                                                              If a student is absent on the day of an examination it
Reviewing/Issuing Video                                       is the responsibility of the student to arrange make-up
The School of Nursing has a TV/VCR, camcorder,                of the examination with the faculty member. The
and camera tripod available for a variety of                  student should anticipate taking an alternate
teaching/learning experiences. To ensure both                 examination.
availability and security of this equipment, individuals
wishing to use any of the above items must follow the         A student repeatedly absent during examinations will
guidelines below:                                             be referred to the Program Director and the student's
         Video equipment (TV, camcorder, and/or               pattern of absence and academic progress will be
         camera tripod) cannot be used without a              reviewed.
         reservation. To make a reservation contact
         the Nursing Learning Resource Center at              Lateness
         856-4374.                                            A student who is late for an examination will be
         Video equipment cannot be removed from the           required to complete the examination in the remaining
         Nursing Learning Resource Center without             examination period.
         prior approval.
         Individuals wishing to use this equipment            Projects/Written Work
         must sign for the equipment needed through           In many courses students will be expected to
         the laboratory staff.                                complete projects such as oral presentations,
         Individuals using the camcorder are                  research papers, group or individual projects, etc.
         responsible for providing their own VHS tape.        These will be graded according to IU School of
         When finished using the equipment, contact           Nursing policy for writing assignments and/or by
         the laboratory staff who will verify the return of   criteria that are considered professionally acceptable.
         the borrowed items and sign in the material.
Individuals checking out video equipment may be held          Program/Faculty Evaluation
liable for any items broken, and/or missing.                  Faculty view evaluation and feedback as an integral
                                                              part of education and self-growth. Students have the
Removal of Materials                                          opportunity to provide such feedback through end of
Occasionally, students may need supplies from the             course evaluations and/or through other means.
Nursing Learning Resource Center for a class project          Regardless of the medium, student evaluations are
or presentation. When a student needs Nursing                 anonymous and are treated with strict confidentiality.
Learning Resource Center materials or supplies, the
student must contact the instructor from the course in
                                                              Student Assistance
which the supplies are needed. The instructor will
then retrieve the necessary items and both the                The School of Nursing faculty and staff maintain
instructor and the student will sign them out. The            regular office hours and are available to students for
course instructor will also ensure that all items are         individual assistance. The individual student must
returned in a timely manner. When the items are               take responsibility in initiating the request for
returned, both the instructor and the student will sign       assistance. Although student walk-ins will be seen on
for their return. Students who do not return the              a time available basis, it is strongly suggested that
materials or supplies will be placed on checklist until       scheduled appointments be made for student
the items are returned. Students may be held liable           assistance. Students are encouraged to contact
for non-returned, lost, and/or stolen items.                  personally course faculty, the Academic Advisor,
                                                              and/or the Program Director whenever they are in
                                                              need of assistance.

Bloomington                                              25
As students begin the second semester of the nursing           Graduation
curriculum, they will see that the expectations of             Intent to Graduate Graduation, Cap and Gown,
academic performance have increased since the first            Diplomas, Pins and Announcements, Student
semester. The expectations of academic                         Awards Program, Recognition and
performance are greater each semester until the                Commencement Ceremonies, Pictures, Preparing
terminal objectives of the curriculum have been                to Take the NCLEX
achieved. It will be necessary for the student to reach        Students will be given information on procedure
these terminal objectives in order to meet the                 starting in semester 7. Also, please watch the
requirements for graduation.                                   Bloomington IU School of Nursing Web site for
If academic and/or personal problems jeopardize
students' academic success, the faculty advise
                                                               Student Activities
students to seek assistance immediately. There are
resources available to assist students with study              Class Officers
habits, test-taking skills, and/or personal concerns. It       Class officers will be elected by the end of fall
is important to seek assistance early, conscientiously,        semester of the sophomore year.
and consistently.

Faculty also make referrals to resources when they
identify a student's need for assistance. It is the
student's responsibility, however, to follow through in
seeking this assistance.

IUB Nursing Honors program
Nursing students at Bloomington with a 3.3 overall
GPA are eligible to pursue departmental honors in
nursing. Departmental honors students must work
with a faculty sponsor, and achieve each of the
following: complete Nursing Honors Proposal
Development (3 cr.), complete Nursing Honors
Research (3 cr.), write a satisfactory honors thesis or
article for publication, and provide a copy to the
faculty sponsor and the Assistant Director of Student
Services. In order to graduate with departmental
honors students must maintain a minimum 3.3 overall
GPA and minimum 3.5 GPA in nursing honors course

Students with Learning Disabilities
Evaluation of Accommodation Plan
At the end of each semester, faculty providing
accommodations must submit a list of the
accommodations used, their subsequent outcomes,
and any further recommendations to the Academic
Advisor and the Program Director. The advisor, the
director, and the student will meet to review and make
any necessary revisions to the accommodation plan.
If revisions to the accommodation plan are made, the
advisor will send a copy to the appropriate faculty for
the next semester’s courses.

Progression Policies and Procedures
Interruption of Progress Toward the Degree
Students who need to interrupt their studies for any
reason should write a letter to the chairperson of the
Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee
of the School of Nursing to apprise the committee of
the student’s situation. Students are advised to
consult the academic advisor for additional

Bloomington                                               26

                                                             LPN-ASN Mobility Option
Campus Specific Information                                  Completed entirely at Columbus campus.
Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus,             BSN
created in 1970, is administratively and academically        Only the general education courses are offered on the
linked with IUPUI. Faculty members are part of their         Columbus campus.
related departments in Indianapolis. The service area        RN-BSN
of IUPUColumbus includes the 10 counties of                  Completed in conjunction with IUPUI web-based
Bartholomew, Dearborn, Decatur, Jackson, Jennings,           courses.
Johnson, Ohio, Ripley, Shelby, and Switzerland. This
commuter campus serves a student body of about               Guidelines for Nursing Major
2000 with many of them being older and/or part-time.         Communication
The students appreciate the smaller classes with             Nursing students must have a functional e-mail
individual attention from faculty.                           account and are expected to know how to navigate
                                                             the World Wide Web. Each student is responsible for
Physical Organization of the Building                        seeking information related to the operations of the
IUPUColumbus is located on the northeast edge of             School of Nursing, scheduling for registration,
Columbus adjacent to the Columbus Airport. The               meeting notices, room changes, special events, and
two-story, red brick building surrounds a center             CPR classes, for example. Notice of activities and
courtyard.                                                   events, or other pertinent information, will be posted
                                                             on the following:
1st Floor     rooms and offices are numbered 100 to                  Student e-mail, therefore, students are
              198. The Business Office, bookstore, café,             responsible for checking their e-mail on a
              conference room (143A/143B), library, and              regular basis.
              Student Services are all entered from the              Bulletin board located outside the Nursing
              corridor on the south side of the building.            office.
2     Floor   rooms and offices are numbered 201 to                  School of Nursing World Wide Web (WWW)
              290. The nursing lab (201) is located in               page.
              the northwest corner of the building. The              (
              Nursing Office (250) is located in the                 sing/)
              southeast corner of the building.                      Bulletin Board in Nursing Lab
Directory                                                    Although students certainly may share information
For off-campus long distance access, you may use             with their peers, each individual student is responsible
the university’s 800 number 1-800-414-8782. The              for ensuring they are aware of all posted information!
extension number will be the last four digits of the
local number. For example, if the local number is            Uniforms
348-7271, then the long distance extension is 7271.          Clinical
Main Switchboard             (812) 372-8266                           Overall Clothing: Clean, neatly pressed, in
Bookstore                    (812) 348-7275
Business Office              (812) 348-7224
                                                                      good repair and appropriate size.
Financial Aid Advisor        (812) 348-7222                           Nametags: Worn in an easily visible spot (e.g.
Library                      (812) 348-7222                           shoulder, chest) on outer layer of clothing.
Student Services             (812) 348-7271                           Hair: Neat, natural style in a symmetrical
NURSING:                                                              Hair longer than shoulder length: Should be
Secretary                    (812) 348-7250                           confined so it will not interfere with customer
Academic Counselor           (812) 348-7259                           service.
LPN-ASN Coordinator          (812) 348-7309
Nursing Lab                  (812) 348-7241
                                                                      Men: Hair longer than shoulder length should
                                                                      always be confined in a neat manner
Who to See About What                                                 (ponytail). Beards, sideburns, and mustaches
Your academic counselor will be able to answer most                   should be neatly trimmed.
of your questions or will direct you to the appropriate               Fingernails: Clean and trimmed nails that do
person.                                                               not exceed the tip of the finger for men and ¼
                                                                      inch beyond the fingertip for women.
Programs                                                              Perfume, after-shave, deodorant: Use of
                                                                      deodorant and light, mild perfume or after-
ASN                                                                   shave.
Only the general education courses are offered on the
Columbus campus.

Columbus                                                27
        Jewelry: Men/Women -Wedding ring and                   Writing Center
        small post earring or small hoop.                      The writing center is available to assist students with
        Shoes: Clean, polished and of a moderate               any level of writing project. The Writing Center staff
        heel, with laces tied.                                 does not proofread, but rather empowers students to
        Hosiery: White or natural toned stockings.             become better, more independent writers.
        Make-up: Complimentary to natural features
        that create a fresh, natural appearance.
        Skirt : Skirt must be of modest length.
        Pants: Tailored pant which is long enough to
        cover the ankle.
        Fabrics: Fabrics should be those traditionally
        acceptable for business or standard hospital
        Undergarments: Appropriate undergarment
        must be worn.

All students must have a current copy of their LPN or
RN license on file.

Each student is to have a picture on file.

Removal of Materials
Occasionally, students may need supplies from the
Nursing Learning Laboratory for a class project or
presentation. When a student needs Nursing
Learning Laboratory material or supplies, the student
must contact the instructor from the course in which
the supplies are needed. The instructor will then
retrieve the necessary items and both the instructor
and the student will sign them out. The course
instructor will also ensure that all items are returned in
a timely manner. When the items are returned, both
the instructor or nursing secretary and the student will
sign for their return. Students who do not return the
materials or supplies will be placed on checklist until
the items are returned. Students may be held liable
for non-returned, lost, and/or stolen items.

Academic Integrity
Dishonesty of any kind with respect to examinations,
course assignments, or alteration of records shall be
considered cheating. It is the responsibility of the
student to not only abstain from cheating but, also, to
avoid the appearance of cheating and to guard
against making it possible for others to cheat. Any
student who helps another student to cheat is as
guilty of cheating as the student he or she assists.

Student Assistance
The School of Nursing faculty and staff maintain
regular office hours Monday through Thursday, 8:00
a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to be available to students for
individual assistance. Students are encouraged to
personally contact the course faculty, the Academic
Advisor, and/or the Nursing Secretary whenever they
are in need of assistance.

Columbus                                                  28

                                                                          4th Floor - most faculty offices; conference
Campus Specific Information                                               rooms, main offices for the Departments of
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis                         Adult Health and Environments for Health.
(IUPUI) is one of eight campuses around the state
that comprise the Indiana University system. IUPUI               Directory
has more than 27,000 students, many of whom are                  Frequently Called Numbers
"non-traditional," i.e., older and/or part-time. It is an        General Information
urban and primarily commuter campus, which is an
advantage in some ways (such as more                             Computerize Directory Assistance for
                                                                          IUSON                          274-8371
evening/weekend course offerings and a very                      Computer Laboratory          NU 342     274-3493
interesting and diverse student body) and a                      Departments
disadvantage in other ways (students have to make                Adult Health                  NU 408    274-0024
special efforts to get to know their peers and to                Family Health                 NU 451    274-4839
participate in campus activities).                                                             NU 317    274-1848
                                                                 Environments for Health       NU 403    274-8040
In 2003-04, there were over 600 undergraduate                    Educational Services          NU 122    274-2806
nursing students at IUPUI, out of a total of more than           Office
1,200 undergraduate nursing students on the eight IU             (See following section for individual counselors.)
                                                                 Learning Laboratory NU 341                274-4585
campuses with nursing programs around the state.
Indianapolis offers the following nursing programs:              Office of Educational Services
baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral. The LPN-to-
ASN mobility option, on the Columbus campus, is                  Office Hours
considered to be a part of IUPUI's nursing offerings.            Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please note
Students who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Science              scheduled meetings might occur throughout the
in Nursing (BSN) who have a baccalaureate or higher              academic year, requiring OES to be closed for a
degree in another area may begin their studies in                period of time. Every effort will be made to announce
graduate non-degree.                                             this in advance. .
Physical Organization of the Building                            Receptionist:
There are four floors and a basement in the School of                      Kim Ferguson               NU 122 274-2806
Nursing Building, as well as stairways at all four               Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs:
corners of the building and elevators at the NE and                        Dr. Donna Boland           NU 140 274-8010
SE corners. Directories on each floor by the elevators           Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean
list names and office numbers. The room numbering                          Donna Anderson             NU 138 274-8010
system is not easy to memorize, but there are signs              Assistant Dean for Student Affairs:
                                                                           Dr. Beth Richardson        NU 144 274-8094
with arrows at every hallway corner throughout the               Director of Diversity/Enrichment:
building, and these are helpful in finding particular                      Dr. Lillian Stokes         NU 147 278-2206
room numbers. Restrooms can be found on all floors.              Administrative Secretary for Student
A general guide to what can be found on each floor               Affairs/Diversity/Enrichment:
follows:                                                                   Annie Combs                NU 146 274-1550
         Basement - entrances to campus tunnel                   Academic Counselors
         system, ground floor entrance to the large                        Greg Wible                 NU 124 274-2806
         lecture hall (NU103), student locker rooms -                      Andrea Beckett             NU 125 274-2806
                                                                           Helen McKuras              NU 126 274-2806
         men's and women's;                                      Coordinator of Student Assessment and Evaluation
         1st Floor - administrative offices, Office of                     Marla Zimmerman            NU 123 278-2170
         Educational Services, student lounge,
         vending machines, telephones, faculty                   Academic Counselor Joint School of Nursing and
         lounge, main floor entrances to large lecture           University College
         hall (NU 103), three classrooms;                                 Janet Moon                NU 123 278-2170
         2nd Floor - mostly classrooms, a few faculty            Graduate, RN-to-MSN
         offices;                                                         Myrna Hobbs               NU 143 274-2806
                                                                          Betsy Joyce               NU 143 274-2806
         3rd Floor - Learning Laboratory, computer                        Norma Wallman             NU 143 274-2806
         cluster, Center for Research, Office of                          Bev Linde                 NU 143 274-2806
         Continuing Education, main office of                    Who to See About What
         Department of Family Health, and a few                         Courses to take and academic
         faculty offices;                                               advisement-see the academic counselor for
                                                                        your program (above).

IUPUI                                                       29
        Emergency short-term loan - see your                contains information on crime statistics, campus law
        academic counselor or Administrative                enforcement, alcohol and drug issues, crime reporting
        Assistant to Associate Dean (above).                and other related issues at IUPUI. Safety at IUPUI is
        Financial Aid from the School of Nursing -          available on the Web at:
        see Assistant Dean for Student Affairs              http://www.police, or in hard copy
        (above).                                            upon request from the IUPUI 1232 West Michigan
        General Financial Aid – see Financial Aid           Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202, voice 317-274-2058,
        Office, Cavanaugh 103.                              Fax 317-274-8031, email:
        Graduation - For questions about graduation
        procedures not answered in this handbook            Medical/Ambulance            9-911
        see the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs                 Do not move seriously injured persons unless
        (above).                                                   they are in a life-threatening situation.
        Instructor names and courses - see the                     If trained people or an ambulance are needed
        academic counselor for your program                        in the area, call the Wishard Ambulance
        (above).                                                   Service (634-1313) and the IUPUI Public
        Locker assignments - see receptionist                      Safety Dispatch Center (274-7911).
        (above).                                                   For a less-serious illness or injury, students
        Registration procedures and forms - see                    may go to the Student Health Service, 1140
        the academic counselor for your program                    W. Michigan, between 8:30 and 5 weekdays
        (above).                                                   or to the Wishard Hospital Emergency Room
        Transcripts - obtain from the Office of the                at other times.
        Registrar, Cavanaugh 133. For questions
        about degree requirements or credits toward
        graduation, see your academic counselor
                                                            The School of Nursing has a mechanism in place to
                                                            directly receive tornado warning alert messages in the
                                                            administrative offices area, and these will be
Emergency                                                   announced over the loudspeaker immediately. If you
Phone Numbers                                               hear this announcement or have any reason to
Fire   274-2311                                             believe that a tornado is nearby, seek shelter in a
      Upon discovering a fire, smoke or explosion           sturdy building, away from windows and exterior
      in the building, activate the fire alarm system.      doors. If possible, go to a basement or a small
      After sounding the alarm call 274-2311 and            interior room on a lower floor of the building.
      report the building name, floor, room number
      and type of problem. Also notify the nearest          Adverse Weather
      faculty or staff person in the building.              Adverse weather conditions may cause university
      There are many fire extinguishers on the              classes to be cancelled. Class cancellations will be
      walls of the School of Nursing Building (in           announced by means of area television and radio. We
      recessed cabinets). Attempt to use one                have established a special phone number, (317) 278-
      ONLY if the fire is very small and you are sure       1600, which will give the latest open or closed status
      that you know how to use the equipment.               for the campus. Please understand that none of these
      When a fire alarm sounds walk to the nearest          options will address individual courses. Be sure to
      stairway exit and proceed to ground level.            keep your phone number current and check your
      Close doors and windows as you leave. DO              IUPUI e-mail for announcements from individual
      NOT USE ELEVATORS. Leave the building                 faculty who may not be able to make it to campus.
      and follow the directions of the fire officers or     This information may appear on the WEB via
      police.                                               Oncourse or other course pages. In some cases the
                                                            information might be maintained by the department
Police        274-7911                                      teaching the course. All IUPUI courses taught off-
The campus police emergency number is 274-7911.             campus in area schools follow the decision of the
Do not hesitate to call this number if you see a            individual school system. This means that if a school
suspicious person, you believe a crime may be               system has closed for the day, any IUPUI courses
occurring, you notice a safety hazard such as an open       taught in that system's schools are also cancelled
manhole cover, or simply if you feel uneasy for any         even if IUPUI is still open for on-campus classes.
reason. There are over 40 yellow emergency
telephones scattered around campus parking lots,            Escort Service
many of which have a distinctive blue light above           Upon request, the University will provide safety
them. These are free and have a direct line to the          escorts to your car or on-campus housing 24 hours a
IUPUI Public Safety Dispatch Center. (Also see              day. You are particularly encouraged to take
Escort Service below.)                                      advantage of this service if you must walk alone to
                                                            your car after dark. A safety escort is available by
IUPUI provides information about safety and security        calling 274-SAFE (7233).
in the publication Safety at IUPUI. This publication

IUPUI                                                  30
Health Services                                             Notary
Student Health Services (SHS) is a primary care clinic      There are two notaries in the School of Nursing
that serves the entire student population (including        Building: Donna Anderson (NU 138) and Mary Ramp
graduate, part-time, or full time) of the IUPUI campus.     (NU 129). They do not charge a fee. Notary service
Students are seen for their health care needs on an         also can be obtained for a small fee at the IUPUI
appointment basis, although walk-ins will be seen if        Registrar's Office, Cavanaugh Hall, Rm 133.
possible. Many students already have a health care
provider and are certainly encouraged to continue           Photocopying
such care. However, if you are unable to visit your         There are two coin- or card-operated (10¢/page)
health care provider or do not have one, S.H.S. would       photocopy machines available for student use at the
be happy to see you.                                        School of Nursing, both in the Learning Resource
                                                            area on 3rd floor. These machines accept bills,
All services are on a fee for service basis. This           change, or copy cards. Cards may be bought at
means that payment is expected at time of service.          campus bookstores. Public use copy machines are
They are aware of student budget constraints and            also located at all libraries and elsewhere throughout
therefore set their fees as low as possible. They           the IUPUI campus.
accept cash, checks, Visa, and Mastercard.
                                                            Cash Policy
The hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and               The OES has implemented a cash policy that adheres
Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Thursday            to University policies regarding the safeguarding of
from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The first appointment is        University funds. The following practices are followed
scheduled at the time they open and the last                when receiving money from students for locker rental,
appointment is scheduled 30 minutes before they             diploma mailing or tutorial services.
close. If you have questions, or need to schedule an                Students are encouraged to pay any charges
appointment, please call 274-8214. A member of the                  by personal check or money order.
nursing staff is also available 24 hours a day on pager             The OES receptionist in NU 122 is
591-2760. You can also look up us on our web site at                responsible for collecting all monies except                                            tutoring. Transactions involving the collection
                                                                    of cash or checks can only be made
Lockers                                                             between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.
A limited number of lockers for students are available              Monday through Thursday.
in the basement of the School of Nursing building for               The receptionist will issue the student an
a nominal fee. You may obtain a locker from the                     official university receipt.
receptionist in the Office of Educational Services, NU              Checks can be mailed to the Office of
122. Checks should be made payable to the Indiana                   Educational Services, Indiana University
University School of Nursing and will only be                       School of Nursing, 1111 Middle Drive,
accepted Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.                  Indianapolis, IN 46202. Be sure to include
(Cash Policy, on this page.) Fees are goof for one                  information about the purpose of the check.
Lost/Found                                                  Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the School of
The receptionist in the Office of Educational Services      Nursing building at IUPUI or in the hospitals where
(NU 122) is the person to contact about lost and            nursing students receive their practice experiences.
found articles at the School of Nursing. There is no        Ashtrays by outside entrances should be used to
campus-wide lost and found service at IUPUI. You            extinguish cigarettes before entering the School of
may turn in items found or report/look for lost items at    Nursing building. Persons who violate this rule may
the campus police (1232 West Michigan Street.), the         be subject to disciplinary procedures.
office or desk nearest the main entrance of each
building, the building supervisor, or the Student Affairs   Shuttle Services
Office in each school.                                      The Campus Shuttle service operates during the
                                                            academic year when classes are in session. The
Lounge                                                      shuttle runs 3 different routes between the hours of
The Student Lounge at the School of Nursing is in NU        6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. making stops at the
109. It contains food vending machines, a microwave         following locations about every 15 minutes. See
oven, a bill changer, a Sagamore student newspaper          website for up to date schedule.
rack, and limited seating. There is a free campus 
phone in the hallway directly outside the lounge, as
well as pay phones by the two nearest outside doors.
The bulletin boards for student use are in the hallway
outside the lounge.

IUPUI                                                  31
Support Services
Learning Resources Center                                     Review Sessions
The School of Nursing at IUPUI provides extensive             Group review sessions give students opportunities to
learning resources to support classroom and clinical          review particular course content and to increase their
learning. The resources include instructional media,          understanding of concepts presented in the course.
computers and copy machines, as well as the support           Student peers who have demonstrated expertise in
staff to assist students in accessing the resources.          the content area facilitate group sessions. Sessions
The Learning Resources Center is located on the               are scheduled based on examination dates, student
third floor of the nursing building, and its component        needs, and availability of reviewers. Students may
parts are as follows:                                         register and pay for review sessions in the Office of
Learning Laboratory: NU 300                                   Educational Services, NU 122. Registration will be
The Learning Lab is a multi-media resource center             limited to 15 students per session. Two-hour session
where students have access to audiovisual material.           cost $10.00 and payment must be made in full within
The lab has eight simulated patient care units where          five working days of the session attended, to avoid
students can practice nursing skills. It also houses a        being checklisted. NO WALK-INS WILL BE
collection of books, pamphlets, videotapes, and               PERMITTED AT SCHEDULED GROUP SESSIONS.
articles. When your professor makes assignments to            Registered students will be expected to sign an
use these resources, they will be held on reserve for         attendance roster at the session. Information about
you to check out and read or duplicate. Learning Lab          review session schedules can be obtained from
hours during the school year are 8 a.m.-7:30 p.m.             faculty or from student bulletin boards on the first and
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Friday, and 10              third floors.
a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.
                                                              Early Warning System
Computer Cluster: NU 342                                      The early warning program is designed to identify
The computer cluster, supported in part by student            students in academic difficulty early in a course, so
technology fees, has IBM and Macintosh computers              that academic support can be sought early enough to
connected to the campus computer network. A                   prevent failure. Students are strongly encouraged to
consultant is available during open hours. The cluster        use self-referral to this program.
has an extensive collection of software, including
word processing, spreadsheets, databases,                     Tutorial Service
presentation systems, computer-assisted instruction           A tutorial service is offered (as tutors are available) for
(CAI) case studies, and review software for the               a fee. The program uses peer tutors, faculty, and
nursing licensure exams. Students may use the                 other professionals to assist students who are having
computers to complete writing assignments, access             difficulty in particular courses. Tutorial sessions help
the library or Internet, use electronic mail (E-Mail)         students clarify and review content materials and
complete required assignments such as case studies,           prepare for class presentations and exams. Practice
and register for classes. Computer area hours are 8           application questions are also provided to enhance
a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.                critical thinking and test-taking skills. Registration for
Friday. There are no weekend hours.                           these sessions may be done in NU 146. Payment is
Summer schedule is Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.           expected after service, $10.00 for two-hour review
                                                              session, and $6.00 per hour for individual. Checks
Study Room                                                    should be made payable to the Indiana University
A Quiet study room IS available on the third floor (NU        School of Nursing and will only be accepted Monday
319).                                                         through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Cash Policy,
                                                              page 31.)
Academic Success Assistance Programs
The School of Nursing offers several support                  School of Nursing Student Activities
programs designed to enhance students’ academic               There are many campus wide student organizations
potential. Please refer to the brochure “Indiana              at IUPUI, and nursing students are strongly
University School of Nursing Academic Success                 encouraged to become involved in them. The Student
Assistance Programs” or contact Lillian Stokes,               Activities Office has information on over 130 of these
Director, Diversity and Enrichment, NU 147, 278-              groups, including, for example, the Student Council
2206, for further information about any of these              and Student Assembly, sororities and fraternities,
programs.                                                     Black Student Union, International Student Union,
                                                              Native American Student Organization, Nursing
Empowerment Sessions                                          Christian Fellowship, and the Interfaith Council.
Specific empowerment sessions are scheduled twice
each semester to increase skills in critical thinking,        Chi-Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.
time management, test-taking, and stress                      This international nursing sorority, although it has
management. Announcements are made at the                     primarily an African-American membership, welcomes
beginning of each semester regarding the date, time,          nursing students of all cultural backgrounds who
and place of these sessions.                                  demonstrate excellence in the practical application of

IUPUI                                                    32
nursing, maintain an acceptable grade point average,         Honors Option
demonstrate leadership, and participate in campus            Students enrolled in H-option honors courses must
and community activities. Chi Eta Phi affords                achieve grades of A, B, or S (Satisfactory) in the
students an opportunity to engage in service activities      regular course work and grades of A or B in honors
and to promote interest in the field of nursing.             work.

Minority Nursing Student Organization                        Academic Difficulty
The purpose of the Minority Nursing Student                  The Office of Educational Services has designed a
Organization (MNSO) is to serve as a peer support            system, called the "Early Warning System," to assist
group for pre-nursing, undergraduate, and graduate           students who may be having academic difficulty at the
minority students. The organization strives to               earliest possible stage. Faculty submit names of
enhance the members' growth as individuals and also          students who have performed poorly on exams to the
serves as a liaison between minority nursing students        Office of Educational Services. These students will
and interested persons, groups, and organizations in         then receive a letter, which will describe the tutoring
the community. The motto of the group is, "We strive         and counseling help available, and ask the student to
to gain the highest gift, to each other we give the lift."   make an appointment with the ASN or BSN
The MNSO sponsors regular social events, as well as          counselor. Although the tutoring program is
fund-raising activities such as bake sales.                  voluntary, those students not performing well are
*Seasonal gatherings are currently held four times           strongly encouraged to take advantage of this
each academic year and will fulfill the mission of           resource when available.
MNSO until further notice.
Presidents’ Council
The Presidents' Council is composed of the                   Graduation and Licensing
presidents of School of Nursing student organizations,       All students must complete an Intent to Graduate form
class officers, faculty advisors, and representatives        before mid-term of their last semester. Removal of
from school committees that deal with student                incomplete grades, deferred grades, grade changes,
matters. The purpose of this group is to be a liaison        and/or independent study (correspondence) grades
between various student groups, the faculty, and             must be received no later than three weeks prior to
administration of the school. Class presidents are           the end of classes during the final semester.
expected to keep classmates informed of issues and           Students who expect to complete degree
to act as advocates for their peers.                         requirements in March, May, June, or August must file
                                                             an "Intent to Graduate Application" form with the
Guidelines for Nursing Major                                 Office of Educational Services by December 1 of the
                                                             preceding year. Those students anticipating
Advising                                                     completing degree requirements in October or
Once admitted to the BSN program, undergraduate              December must file by September 30. The student
students are assigned School of Nursing advisors in          must notify the School of Nursing's Office of
the Office of Educational Services who help in               Educational Services if the expected degree date
program planning, follow student progress, and               changes.
provide academic advising. (Office of Educational
Services, page 40). Students also may seek                   Please note degree requirements are listed under the
information from faculty in the area in which they are       Program section of this handbook.
taking course work or contemplating study. The
School's Director of Diversity and Enrichment is             Cap and Gown
available to assist minority students with special           After the "Intent to Graduate" form is completed by the
needs plus coordinates the undergraduate tutoring            student and sent to the Office of Educational Services
program. In addition, students may consult the Career        (OES), the Indiana University Alumni Association
Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, or            Office will send the student an order form for cap and
other IUPUI departments for specialized counseling.          gown. Caps and gowns are then ordered through the
                                                             Alumni Association.
The Student Advising System is a means by which
students can conveniently check their academic               Diplomas
progress toward a degree through the IU computer             Diplomas can be picked up in the OES, NU122. The
system. Through the Student Advising System                  OES will send your diploma to you via certified mail
students may obtain information, for example, about          for a nominal fee (phone 317-274-2806 for current
which courses they have completed toward a degree,           fee), if you are unable to pick it up from their office.
which courses remain to be completed, current                Checks should be made payable to the Indiana
course enrollments and their cumulative grade point          University School of Nursing and will only be
average.                                                     accepted Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                                             (cash policy on page 31.).

IUPUI                                                   33
Pins and Announcements                                        Center. If a student fails a nursing course they will be
Students will receive an order form from the School's         required to demonstrate knowledge in identified areas
representative to order a school pin and/or graduation        prior to progressing to the next level of course work.
announcements after the student submits the "Intent
to Graduate" form to the OES.
Student Awards Program, Recognition and                       Here are the technical specs on using OSHA Online:
Commencement Ceremonies                                       How to Access
The Student Awards Program occurs in the spring               To access the OSHA Online training, visit the Nursing
semester and honors students receiving awards                 Online Web site:
through the IU School of Nursing and IU School of   
Nursing Alumni Association. Graduating students
have the opportunity to attend a "Recognition                 HIPAA
Ceremony", which, although not an official graduation         Third and fourth semester students are required to
ceremony, is sponsored by the School of Nursing. At           complete HIPAA training at the beginning of the
this time undergraduates receive their IU School of           semester. Third semester students must complete
Nursing pins. The University commencement                     modules 1, 2, 3, and 11. Fourth semester students
ceremony includes students from all IUPUI schools.            must complete modules 4, 5, 6, 7, and 11.
Students are encouraged to attend both ceremonies.            To access the HIPAA training, visit the Nursing Online
Graduating students will receive a letter from the            Web site:
Office of Educational Services with details regarding
dates, times, and places for these ceremonies.
Please note that IUPUI has only one official                  What You Need
graduation/ commencement ceremony, which takes                In order to access the OSHA and HIPAA Online
place at the completion of the spring semester. IU            training, you must
policy stipulates that students completing degree                      Use a PC-compatible computer
requirements before May, or in May, June, or August                    Use the latest version of Internet Explorer or
can participate in May ceremonies. Exceptions will                     Netscape Navigator browser (IE 4 or
not be made. Those who finish degree requirements                      Netscape 4 or above)
in December or earlier can participate in December
recognition ceremonies.                                       Trouble shooting
                                                              If you are unable to access the OSHA and HIPAA
Transcripts                                                   Online training, check the following:
Each student may receive one free official transcript                  Web browsers running on Macintosh
upon graduation. There will be a charge for additional                 computers do not appear to work
copies. Requests for transcripts can be made                           Be sure you have JavaScript enabled
through the IUPUI Office of the Registrar, Cavanaugh                   Be sure you have cookies enabled
Hall, RM 133, 274-1520.
                                                              If you are still unable to access OSHA and/or HIPPA
Pictures                                                      Online, you will need to complete the training in
The State Board of Nursing requires that all                  person at the school.
applications for the National Council of Licensure
Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)                  Record
include pictures. Photographers will be available at          If you successfully complete the training and the test
the School of Nursing on designated dates for                 at the end of the training, you will receive an
individual photo sessions. Class officers are                 electronic certificate certifying that you have
responsible for notifying students of dates and times.        completed the training. A record of this completion
All students graduating in December or May have               will automatically be reported to the Office of
their pictures taken at the beginning of the fall             Educational Services. You should print out the
semester.                                                     electronic certificate as proof of your completion in
                                                              case technical problems prevent OES from being
Preparing to Take the NCLEX                                   notified automatically.
ASN and BSN students in the last semester of their
program are required to take a simulated NCLEX                Occupational Health
examination at a school sponsored review session.             Contaminated Injury Care and Follow-Up
The examination includes practice questions similar to        Phone number: (317) 274-5887.
the NCLEX. Students who receive a low score will              All contaminated injuries involving students should be
receive a letter from the School requiring them to            handled in the following manner:
make an appointment with a faculty member to design                    Report to your supervisor.
a plan of study for the exam. A variety of NCLEX                       Page 12-OUCH (12-6824) immediately. You
review software and review books are available in the                  may also go through the Medical Center
Learning Laboratory and the Computer Learning                          operator (274-5000, ask for pager #6824).

IUPUI                                                    34
        This pager is carried 24 hours a day by a                     course number. At the beginning of the
        member of the IU Occupational Health                          semester or module, information such as
        Services (formerly Student Employee Health                    room numbers or times also may be posted.
        Services) nursing or medical staff. The OHS                   Open bulletin board - There is one large,
        staff member will ask for the following                       accessible bulletin board by the Student
        information:                                                  Lounge on which students may post
             Index patient’s name (if known). (The                    miscellaneous types of information or ads
             index patient is the individual who is the               (e.g., books or a uniform for sale). Material
             source of the blood or body fluid.)                      should be dated, and will be removed after
             Index patient’s medical record number (if                one month.
             known).                                                  Timely campus or School of Nursing
             Hospital/location where injury was                       announcements (such as classroom changes)
             sustained.                                               - in entryways by each of the five outer doors
             Nature of the injury.                                    on first floor. Postings on these bulletin
             Pertinent medical history of the index                   boards are by faculty, staff, and
             patient (if known).                                      administration only; other material will be
             Pertinent medical history of the injured                 removed.
             student.                                                 In addition - There are changing display
                                                                      cases on the 1st floor related to Sigma Theta
An OHS staff member will counsel the student as to                    Tau International, faculty activities, and other
the risk represented by this injury and appropriate                   topical subjects.
treatment (if any) and follow up. Because some
treatments of contaminated injuries are time sensitive,       Sagamore
it is imperative that the student contact OHS                 The Sagamore is the free IUPUI weekly student
immediately after the injury is sustained.                    newspaper, published each Monday during the school
                                                              year. The papers are available at various sites
Communications                                                around campus, including the student lounge at the
Bulletin Boards                                               School of Nursing.
Bulletin boards are located on every floor in the
School of Nursing, and students new to the school
                                                              Academic Integrity
might find it helpful to take a walking tour to familiarize
themselves with their locations. Specific types of
information are posted in the following areas:                Final Grade by Phone
         General school-related or professional
         information - 1st floor by the Dean's Office.        Touchtone grade reporting is no longer available.
         Financial aid and scholarship information - 1st      Students who used this system should visit insite to
         floor by the Office of Educational Services.         get acquainted with IU's online student information
         University news and calendar of events - 1st         transaction environment. From insite a student can
         floor, north hall.                                   track grades, get a copy of their schedule, view their
         Class-specific information (e.g., BSN senior         account statement, and more.
         year) - 1st floor by student lounge.       
         Dean's lists - 1st floor, south hall.
         Information specific to departments - on
         bulletin board nearest each department's             Student Assistance
         office complex                                       IUPUI Support Resources
         Course information - on 4th floor bulletin           For IUPUI support resources please consult your
         boards in the east and west halls labeled by         IUPUI Bulletin on line at

IUPUI                                                    35
                                                                        Empowerment Sessions, 32
                         C                                              Review Sessions, 32
                                                                        Tutorial Service, 32
Campus Specific                                                      Advising, 33
  Bloomington                                                        Communications
     Class Officers, 28                                                 Bulletin Boards, 35
     Classes, Cancellation of, 24                                       Sagamore, 35
     Communications, 23                                              Diplomas
     Directory, 23                                                      Pick-up, 34
     Exams, 25                                                       Directory, 29
        Absence, 25                                                  Emergencies
        Lateness, 25                                                    Adverse Weather, 30
        Reviews, 25                                                  Emergency, 30
        Scores, 25                                                      Fire, 30
     General Information, 23                                            Medical/Ambulance, 30
     Intent to Graduate                                                 Police, 30
        Graduation                                                      Tornado, 30
           Cap and Gown                                              Escort Service, 31
              Diplomas                                               Final Grade by Phone, 35
                 Pins and Announcements, 26                          Gap and Gown, 34
     Interactive Video, 29                                           Graduation and Licensing, 33
     Interruption of Progress Toward the Degree, 26                  Health Services, 31
     Learning Disabilities                                           Lockers, 31
        Accommodations                                               Lost/Found, 31
           Evaluation of Plan, 26                                    Lounge, 31
     Location, 23                                                    NCLEX
     Occupational Health                                                Preparing to Take, 34
        Contaminated Injury Care/Follow-Up Phone                     Notary:, 31
           Number), 23                                               Occupational Health
     Practicum                                                          Contaminated Injury Care/Follow-Up, 35
        Balancing Clinical Block Enrollment, 24                      Office of Educational Services, 29
        Experiences, 23                                                 Cash Policy, 31
        Schedule Issues, 24                                             Directory, 29
     Program/Faculty Evaluation, 26                                     Office Hours, 29
     Projects/Written Work, 25                                       OSHA
     Removal of Materials, 24                                           Access, how to, 34
     Reviewing/Issuing Video, 24                                        Record, 35
     Student Assistance, 26                                             Trouble-shooting, 35
     Who to See About What, 23                                          What you need, 34
  Columbus                                                           Photocopying, 31
     Academic Integrity, 28                                          Physical Organization of the Building, 29
     Communication, 27                                               Pictures
     Directory, 27                                                      Students, 34
     Licensure, 328                                                  Shuttle Services, 32
     Physical Organization of the Building, 27                       Smoking, 31
     Practicum Uniforms, 27                                          Student
     Programs, 27                                                       Commencement Ceremony, 34
     Removal of Materials, 28                                        Student Activities, 33
     Student Assistance, 28                                             Chi-Eta Phi Sorority, 33
        Writing Center, 28                                              Minority Nursing Student Organization, 33
     Student Picture, 28                                             Student Assistance
     Who to See About What, 27                                          Support Resources, 36
  IUPUI                                                              Support Services
        Student Activities                                              Computer Cluster, 32
           Presidents’ Council, 33                                      Learning Laboratory, 32
        Honors                                                          Learning Resources Center, 32
           Option, 33                                                   Study Room, 32
     Academic Difficulty, 33                                         Transcripts, 34
     Academic Success Assistance Programs, 32                        Who to See About What, 30
        Early Warning System, 32                                   IUPUI, 29

Index                                                 36
  IUPUI                                                       Legal Limitations
      Diplomas                                                   Clinical Placement, 13
         Mailing of, 34                                          Licensure, 13
  IUPUI                                                   Occupational Health
      Student                                                 Contaminated Injury Care/Follow-Up, 5
         Recognition Ceremony, 34                         Portfolio
Campus Specific                                               Review Process, 13
  IUPUI Graduation                                        Program Withdrawals, 11
      Pins and Announcements, 34                          Repeating Nursing Courses, 12
Campus Specific                                           Resolving Conflict
  IUPUI                                                       Process, 9
      Student                                             Satisfactory/Fail Grades, 9
         Awards Program, 34                               Scholarships, 8
Corridor                                                  School of Nursing
  Academic Appeals, 12                                        Diversity Statement, 2
  Academic Difficulty, 8                                      Mission, 2
  Academic Integrity, 8                                   Sex Offenders, 4
  Academic Misconduct, 8                                  Student Activities, 11
  Attendance                                                  Student Nurses’ Association, 11
      Class/Practicum, 6                                  Student Consent
  Bloodborne Pathogen, 5                                      Retention/Use of Course Related Work, 9
  Clinical Absence Policy, 11                             Support Services
  Code of Students Rights, Responsibilities, and              Alumni Association, 10
      Conduct, 3                                              Development Office, 10
  Communications, 7                                           Life-Long Learning, 10
      Computer/E-mail, 7                                      Research Center, 10
         Confidentially, 8                                    Telecourse, 10
         Ethical Use, 7                                   Uniforms, 7
         General Policies, 7                              Universal Precautions, 6
         Legal use, 7                                     Writing Expectations, 3
         Security                                         Zachary’s Law, 4
            Central and Campus Resources, 8             Corridor
            Other Resources, 8                            Occupational Health, 5
  Course Grades, 9                                      Corridor
  Course Withdrawals, 11                                  NCLEX, 13
      Requirements, 4                                                              I
  Curricular Equivalencies
      Nursing Major Course, 12                          Intercampus Transfer, 17
      Prenursing Courses, 12
  Curricular Sequencing, 12                                                        P
  Drugs/Alcohol, 4
  Entry Level Jobs and Internships, 14
                                                          Accelerated BSN Mobility Option
  Essential Abilities Policy, 3
                                                             Degree Requirements, 19
  Evaluations, 9
                                                             Program Statement, 19
  Grade Changes, 12
                                                             Required Courses, 20
  Grading Scale, 9
  Health Insurance, 5
                                                             Degree Requirements, 17
                                                             Dismissal, 17
      Patient Care, 5
                                                             Program Outcomes, 16
      Students, 5
                                                             Program Statement, 16
                                                             Progression, 16
      Dean’s List, 14
                                                             Reinstatement, 17
  Immunizations, 4
                                                             Required Courses, 18
  Incomplete Grades, 9
                                                             Student Activities
  Independent Study, 13
                                                                Sigma Theta Tau International, 19
  Interruption of Progress Toward the Degree, 11
  Latex Allergies, 6
                                                             Program, 15
  Liability Insurance, 5
  Limited Criminal Background Check, 5
                                                             Degree Requirements, 15
      Applications, 13
                                                                Statement, 14

Index                                              37
  Math Competency, 18                     Student Records, 15
  Minors, 19                                 Transfer of, 15
  RN-BSN                                  Student Rights, 15
    Curricular Change, 21                 Summer Courses, 15
    Degree Requirements, 21
    Portfolio Review Process, 21                                S
    Program Statement:, 21
    Required Course Work, 21            Student Handbook
    Required Courses, 22                   Purpose of, 1

Index                              38

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