M AY     -   JU NE   ' 0 9      VO L U M E       1 8 ,     NO .   3

                                        Sector One Bowls for Fun
THE      N E WS LET TE R         FO R   REG I O N         T H REE
       CONT       T

REGIONAL COORDINATOR                                                                          DISCLAIMER
FCPT Reed Bates ........................................
                                                                                              Fleet Channels is the official electronic
VICE-REGIONAL COORDINATORS                                                                    bi-monthly publication of Region Three.
                                                                                              This newsletter is written solely for the
VRC (North): RADM Robyn Winans ..................                            entertainment of the Regional staff, the
VRC (South): COMM Robert Graham                                      members of Regional Three and as-
VRC (West): COL John Johnston .....................                          sorted friends. This publication is not
                                                                                              intended to infringe on the copyrights
REGIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                  or trademarks of Star TrekTM, as held by
                                                                                              Paramount Pictures Corporation. Fleet
Chief of Staff: OPEN AT THIS TIME ....................                        Channels is copyrighted as an original
Deputy Chief of Staff: OPEN AT THIS TIME ......                              production. Permission is hereby grant-
Operations: OPEN AT THIS TIME ....................                            ed to anyone who wishes to reproduce
Acting Communications: FCPT Trisha Tunis ..............                      the original material herein, provided that
Shakedown Operations: FCPT Beau Thacker ...........                          the source of the material is included. All
Computer Operations: LGN Aaron Murphy ........                            other copyrighted material, trademarks,
Senior Enlisted Advisor: OPEN AT THIS TIME ............                       and/or service marks cited herein are
                                                                                              registered to their respective owners.
                                                                                              Certain uncredited material may be writ-
Awards Coordinator: RADM Billie Clifton ............                       ten by the editor. The opinions presented
Counselor: OPEN AT THIS TIME ......................                       in this newsletter are not necessarily
Financial Officer: OPEN AT THIS TIME ..............                       those of Region Three or STARFLEET:
Judge Adv. General: LCDR Jesse Gutierrez ........                             The International Star Trek Fan Asso-
Quartermaster: CAPT Reed Bates .....................                           ciation.
Special Forces Officer: BDR Jeff Schnoor ..........
Special Projects Officer: OPEN AT THIS TIME ...                   Address corrections, Letters to the Edi-
Youth Services Director: COMM Robert Ybarra ..                         tor, articles and/or artwork are strongly
                                                                                              encouraged and should be sent to Fleet
REGIONAL DEPARTMENT CHIEFS                                                                    Channels, 18240 Shadow Creek Ave-
                                                                                              nue, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Unsolicited
Operations: OPEN AT THIS TIME ..........................                     submissions will not be returned unless
Engineering: VADM Bill A. "Mac" Schwab ..........                     accompanied by a S.A.S.E. Deadline
Communications: OPEN AT THIS TIME .............                             for submissions is the first of each month
Security: FCPT Beau Thacker ............................                 prior to the next issue.
Science: OPEN AT THIS TIME ..................................
Medical: LT Terrie Thomas ..................................            Submissions are respectfully requested
                                                                                            in the form of an ASCII Text file or Word
REGIONAL E-MAIL ADDRESSES                                                                   document that can be sent via the IN-
                                                                                            TERNET to
Monthly Status Reports ......................................               If you cannot upload a file then send it to
Shakedown Status Reports ................................                  me at the above address on a CDROM
Promotions Requests ........................................         or carefully typed on white paper with at
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                                                                                            -- in cursive will not be accepted under
There are currently two mailing lists:, the general information any circumstances!
list for Region Three and, for all prospective and current
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        2                                                                                                     FLEET CHANNELS
                                                                                                       RC REPORT

                            From the RC
                               to You
                          by: FCPT Reed Bates, Regional Coordinator

Hello, my friends in Region 3.              Open Communications                       Many of our REC also have Facebook
                                            We all must be more proactive about       pages, and are linked to mine. Please
I want to thank everyone who voted for      communication in this region-From         take advantage of this free service,
me and helped me win the election,          the top down, and also from the           and you can “friend” us. If there is an
as it could not have done it without        general member up to the Regional         interest, a Facebook Organizational
your support. I fell in love with you       Executive Committee.                      Page for Region 3 could be created
bunch of rascals and want to see this                                                 where we can communicate with non-
organization flourish and continue its      Several easy ways to accomplish this:     Fleet friends as another way to recruit.
traditions and frivolity. I wish to do my     • Sign up for the Region 3 General
very best to make that happen.                  Discussion List and keep              The revised website will be more
                                                informed firsthand about what is      dynamic, and include a calendar of
I also wish to thank my opponent Aaron          going on.                             events of the Region, the chapters,
Murphy for putting on a good fight            • Post your chapter’s event to          and any other conventions of interest
and look forward to working with him.           our website calendar (soon            so that you, the members, will have
He will continue on staff to support            to come) and an email to the          one location to see what is going on
of our mutual goals. I believe that by          Region 3 General Discussion List      everywhere in the Region. Regional
combining our efforts, he will be a great       inviting others in the Region to      staff members will be encouraged to
asset for our Regional team.                    attend. Even if you do not think      submit content to the website so you
                                                anyone will come, post it to let      know how they are working for you to
I have three goals for this region that         everyone know that you are doing      better the Region.
I would like to accomplish in the first         something. You never know
year. Specifically, they are:                   who might have an interest and        On the Road Again...
   • Grow the Region.                           attend.                               By traveling to each of your chapter’s
   • Keep all communications lines            • If no one on your chapter is          cities to visit with you and experience
     open and honest.                           signed up for the Regional 3          everyone's fun and friendship. This
   • Personally visit each chapter in the       General Discussion List, then         goal I really wish to accomplish,
     Region.                                    insist your CO, XO, or RVA            but it also depends on my personal
                                                be signed up and for them to          finances. If Chapters could please
Grow the Region                                 forward informational messages        inform me of their schedules of their
Let's increase our membership by                to your chapter’s email listing. In   events, meetings, and outings so
10%. That would be 40 people. How               addition, if your email or Internet   that I may plan my year it would be
do we do that? First, by capitalizing           is down, you should always be         appreciated. The calendar mentioned
on the new Movie as best we can. We             able to pick up the phone and call    above, will allow myself and my staff
make our presence known to others,              a crewmember, Regional friend,        properly plan the visit. If someone
by announcing our meetings in local             or a staff member to inquire if       from your chapter would like to put
community bulletins, attend events              anything is going on and they can     me up for a night, that would definitely
with fliers and business cards, and             communicate to the Region for         help. I want you to know that I am a
high visibility events. When the Star           you.                                  person just like you and am interested
Trek DVD comes out, host Movie                                                        in how and what you are doing.
Watching Parties and invite friends.        To start the process, I will be posting
Networking is one of the best sources       to the Regional list at least once per    Please stay tuned to more news from
for membership.                             week, even if just to say, hi.            Region 3 and me.

  FLEET CHANNELS                                                                                                     3
 Senior Vice-Regional Coordinator
 Vice-Regional Coordinator, North
     by: RADM Robyn Winans
                   Well its been a         We are looking at doing the event          Paul Cornell veteran Dr. Who writer.
                   whirl wind the last     possibly quarterly.                        How you like to learn about jewerly
                   two months.                                                        making, how to craft with just about
                                           IC will soon be upon us and I am           anyhing. Join a costume panel and
                     Congrats to Reed      sure Reed will have much to report to      learn how you put to together one heck
                     Bates. There's alot   us in August when she returns.             of an outfit for the Alienball without
                     of new and exiting                                               ever learning to sew.
                     things ahead          The Dallas Comic Con held on Aug
                     of us. May was        15th and 16th looks to be the best
awesome. Thanks to Starfleet's             one yet this year with DS9 veterans        Keep those feet on the ground as you
public relations efforts. Regal movie      Rene Auberjonois and Nana Visitor.         reach for those stars.
Theaters in the DFW area called
and we responded. The Regulator            Summit information is out on the
reported they had a great time at the      website with the registration page up
Fossil Creek in North Fort Worth           and running. Get those Registration
Area. The Trinity River manned the         rolling in and join in the discussion to
Keystone Regal in Richardson/Dallas.       be had on the Region lists.
We saw many folks and the movie got
very positive reviews from the folks we    What activities would you like to
talked with.                               participate in. Would you like to
                                           be on a panel with Star Trek Writer
June saw the Sector 1 Bowling/Trinity      Keith RA DeCandio to talk about
River launch anniversary. We               Engineering, Klingons or the like.
had a ton of fun and pictures can be       How about discussing the qualities
found here in Fleet Channels.              you like in Dr Who and Trek with

          USS Regulator Bowling Team                              USS Trinity River Bowling Team

      4                                                                                            FLEET CHANNELS
                                                                                                VRC REPORTS

                                                   Go West
SOUTHERN SPACEDOCK                                                                     MONEY MATTERS
  Vice-Regional Coordinator, South                Young Man!
    by: COMM Robert C.Graham                Vice-Regional Coordinator, West                       by: COL John Johnston

                   Hello Region                              Greetings from the    Checking Account Date: 5/29/2009
                   Three,                                    West!
                   As we enter the                                                 Beginning May Balance: $1,149.21
                   Summer season,                             First of all, I am
                   we welcome our                             very pleased with    Deposit: $20 (Cash Donation)
                   new Regional                               the efforts of the
                   Coordinator,Fleet                          entire Fleet in      Ending May Balance: $1,169.21
                   Captain Reed                               helping to promote
                   Bates aboard.                              the new Star Trek    Savings Account (Quarterly State-
                                          movie! Every chapter who                 ment) Date: 3/31/2009
The new movie brought out many            participated in this effort gained new
chapters ready to recruit new             recruits. Some have even doubled         Beginning Balance Quarter:
members & enjoy a great Film all          their memberships!                       $1,273.78
in one day. Many of those new
members ended up on the Fleet's           Second, I wish to congratulate Fleet     Interest Paid 3/31/2009: $.15
Unassigned List. So if your chapter       Captain Reed Bates on being chosen
is expecting some new members             to be the new Region 3 Coordinator!      End Balance Quarter: $1,273.92
please e-mail either myself, Robyn,       May your guidance keep the Third
or John privately and we will work        Fleet on the course of righteousness!    Paypal Account: $20.12
with you & Operations to see that         BTW, sorry you’re going to be
those members are assigned to their       stuck in all the ECAB meetings at        Total Funds for Region 3: $2,463.26
appropriate chapters that recruited       every IC you go to while you’re RC.
                                          Finally, I am looking forward to this
In closing, I would like to mention       year’s Summit at the Crowne Plaza
that in the South we have a 97%           Hotel in Addison. I had an
reporting rate among the Southern         opportunity to preview this hotel at
Chapters getting their MSR's in & on      another convention earlier this year,
time. That is a good rate but I know      and it seemed like a very nice hotel.
do much better than that. So lets all
work together to get the reporting rate
                                          Be sure you register right away at                 Fleet
                                 to be
among the Southern chapters up to         sure you get a good price on the con             Channels
                                          and the hotel rooms!

Until next time, take care of             That’s all that’s on the desk of the
yourselves & each other.                  West. Until next dust devil blows          The following is a list of the upcoming
                                          news my way…                               deadlines for Fleet Channels:

                                                                                     July/August Issue -- August 30, 2009
                                                                                     September/Oct Issue -- Oct. 31,

                                                                                     ALL e-mail submissions should be
                                                                                     sent to:

                                                                                     Note: Reminders of approaching
                                                                                     deadlines will be posted on the R3

 FLEET CHANNELS                                                                                                     5

     Open Frequencies                          At the Keyboard
   Regional Communications Report         Regional Computer Operations Report
        by: FCPT Trisha Tunis                   by: LGN Aaron Murphy             

                      Ahoy there                            Greetings Third         should go out to the Chapter list and
                      Mateys!                               Fleet,                  confirm your chapter's information.
                                                                                    If you have updates that need to be
                      Once more into                        Well, the election      made, don't hesitate to e-mail me
                      the breach I go,                      is now behind           directly or contact me from the
                      getting another                       us. I would like        Contact Us page on the website.
                      issue of Fleet                        to congratulation
                      Channels out.                         FCPT Bates on           Well, that's going to do it for now. If
                      Many thanks to                        her victory. I would    you have any questions, updates, or
those that contributed, and especially                      also like to thank      suggestions, don't hesitate to contact
those that turned in material BEFORE      everyone who participated in the          me.
the deadline. Bravo Zulu!                 election process by asking questions,
                                          making us think, and keeping us           See you again in sixty!
The movie may be done, but my             honest. It is an honor to serve in a
understanding is that there are several   region such as ours.
conventions coming up that Region 3
and its chapters can take advantage       In the regional CompOps HQ, we've
of.                                       been busy working on the website.
                                          One of the issues that we've had with
Remember when setting up an               the site has been spam submissions
information table to always keep it       sent through the Contact Us and
                                                                                             JAG REPORT
                                                                                        Regional JAG Officer Report
neat, and well stocked with flyers,       Award Submission forms. A solution
                                                                                        by: LCDR Jesse Gutierrez
brochures, and have a calendar of         has been rolled out live that requires
Regional events handy. CompOps is         the person submitting a form to
working on an online calendar that will   complete a CAPTCHA submission             Greetings Fleeters of Region Three,
be updated frequently, so that will be    (those fields that say "type what you
a very handy resource to tell potential   think these distorted letters are").      I wanted to introduce myself. I am
members about all the enjoyable           This should significantly decrease        LCDR Jesse Gutierrez. I currently
events here in the Region.                spam sent through the forms, as           serve as the Executive Officer of the
                                          well as lessening the occurrences of      USS Bexar in San Antonio. I am the
The Communications Department is          incomplete form entries.                  JAG for the region.
being reviewed by the new Regional
Coordinator and possibly may have its     Other website news             If there is a matter that comes up
mission redefined to better serve the     includes the addition of the Summit       that you members feel needs to be
Chapters. I know I've been suggesting     2009 index and registration pages.        addressed feel free to drop me at
changing it to more of the marketing      You can reach the Summit homepage         line at
arm, and less "just the newsletter        either from the link on the
editor" department. To make this          homepage or by going directly to
happen, we need feedback from you, The
the members and the chapters. What        registration page is linked off the
do you need help with? How can this       Summit site navigation. You can also
office make your lives easier?            find links to FenCon, the convention
                                          hosting this year's summit and the
Be sure to share your input with the      host hotel.
new Regional Coordinator and Chief
of Communications.                        Finally, there are more ongoing and
                                          future updates in the works. The
                                          regional Staff List will be updated as
                                          appointments are made. Chapter

       6                                                                                          FLEET CHANNELS
                                                                                                  S AFF REPORTS

     REED'S SHOP On                                                                                S.C.O.P.E
                                                                                          Shakedown Operations Report
     the PROMENADE                                                                           by: FCPT Beau Thacker
   Regional Quartermaster Report                                                    
      by: FCPT Reed L. Bates

                       This should The winner will                                The Region should
                       be my last          be announced within a week of the                             be seeing some
                       article as your     deadline and then sales of t-shirts,                          new chapters rising
                       Quartermaster.      hats, and other garb will commence.                           in the next few
                       It's been a         Must be original artwork designed by                          months, as the
                       mighty fun          you and able to be copyrighted by the                         chapters USS
                       ride! I learned     Region. The artwork you submit to us                          Rachel Garrett
                       about state         must meet these requirements:                                 under Marion
                       sales taxes                                                                       Murphy's command,
                       and online             • The maximum dimensions can be                            and the USS Lefitte
shirt design to website creation and            10" X 10"                              under JustinToney are working
salesmanship.                                 • Accepted file types: Vector art,       toward their requirements, Both
                                                high resolution bitmap images,         Pre-Chapters have their class, ship
One of the most remembered                      and digital photos                     name and NCC approved from Fleet
promotions was an idea my husband             • Resolution: 100 DPI or Better          command.
Lloyd started during my first stint at
Quartermastering. I had to leave the       Also, please note about the artwork         Also this year the USS Serenty will be
quartermaster table to teach a panel       that white will be transparent on a         commissioning soon.
on costuming and while I was away, I       t-shirt, so the color of the t-shirt will
left Lloyd in charge. Big mistake, you     show through. Many in the Region            I hope to see other chapters grow, as
ask? Heck no! When I came back he          prefer not to have white shirts, but the    we enjoy this gift from StarTrek...
had started figuring out 100 different     shirts will also not be dark. Please
uses for the Region 3 Frisbees. He         keep all these details in mind when
came up with suggestions to use the        designing your logo. And, best of luck           Security Details
Frisbees for dog bowls, snow shoes,        to you. May the best design win.                  Regional Security Report
paper plate holders, flat chested                                                            by: FCPT Beau Thacker
Madonna bras, and princess Leia hair       Main Street: For details on the           
buns...think about that last one. It was   sale of the Region 3 t-shirts, hats,
hilarious and he even demonstrated         medical scrubs, cups, mugs, mini             Security update: Summer is here, so
them. Then many of the customers           mouse pads, etc. please visit the            take shelter and drink water because
were asked for their ideas of uses         Quartermaster's page on the Region's         of the extreme heat. We don't want
for the Frisbees. We actually sold         website at and click         anyone to fall out during there 12
about 20 of them that first time out.      on Quartermaster. But check with             mile road march. Then again, skip the
My husband has been a great help to        the CompOps because he's working             workout...use the jet packs instead!
me as the Quartermaster. He even           on a new website, so I hear. We              Now where did we put them...?
started calling himself my assistant. I    also have a Cafe press site setup at
thank him for all his help.       If
                                           you see something you want added             Roleplay on....
We're Having a Contest: a Summit           to either the Cafe Press selections          There has been reports a lot of break
Logo Design Contest. The Prize will        or the Region 3 selections from any          ins while we are away serving our
be a free Region 3 t-shirt and maybe       vendor or even from,          tours on our ships. I'm advising ev-
some other prizes may surface.             please let me, your new RC know, or          eryone to lock up their quarters, and
                                           whomever the new Quartermaster may           make sure you secure and record
Look over the FenCon website at            be.                                          your items. Free pads are given out and look at their
                                                                                        by your security agent..
logo, then design a Region 3 Summit/       I thank you for your patronage.
FenCon 2009 Logo. The deadline
to submit your proposed design is
July 30, 2009. Please submit it to

  FLEET CHANNELS                                                                                                     7

    USS Ark Angel, NCC-1889                 USS Corsair, NCC-26556                   USS Joan of Arc, NCC-73289
   Sector 5 -- Round Rock, TX.            Sector 3 -- Baton Rouge, LA.              Sector 6 -- Corpus Christi, TX.
    CO -- LGN Aaron Murphy                  CO -- FCPT Trisha Tunis                 CO -- FCPT Robin Van Cleave                        
       XO -- LCDR Dixie Hill             XO -- COMM Edward C. Tunis III                XO -- LCDR Tahnya Abbott
Commissioning Date: January 1, 2001     Commissioning Date: April 19, 2008      Commissioning Date: January 6, 1994
   Motto: "The Price of Freedom                                                         Motto: "Legends Endure"
    is Eternal Vigilance"-- JFK         The USS Corsair past few months          The Joan of Arc's members went to
                                        were spent preparing for the new         a house warming for their April event
 The Ark Angel had a meeting June       Star Trek movie, and it was worth        in Victoria. Several of the Marine
 20th and discussed upcoming            all the effort! The USS Corsair          contingent combined forces as well
                                        camped out at the local Rave             as finances to buy a huge 6 bedroom
 events, like a picnic for our August   Motion Pictures for the opening          house with dual kitchens as well as
 meeting, Summit at Fencon in Sep-      weekend. We proudly showed               two large family/living areas. The club
 tember, and our annual camping trip    our own Shuttle (still unnamed..)        assisted in breaking in their home
 in October.                            distributed new flyers, and created      by having a bar-b-que/games night.
                                        an interactive information table for     Morning came complete with the smell
                                        the crowds to enjoy. Our display         of potato & egg tacositos drifting from
  Afterwards, we visited our new lo-    included the usual communicators,        the kitchen.YUMMY!!
 cal LAN center, Titan Gaming and       tricorders, and action figures, but
 played games. We discovered that       our Chief of Communications LT          May was busy as ever since we had
 the only thing more fun than kill-     Jennifer Tenney decided to get          a general crew meeting, the movie
 ing zombies in WWII is killing them    creative with a few of our tribbles     premier, the may birthday bash,
                                        and create a "Klingon Detector".        & the month still wasn't over. The
 with modern weapons and unlimited      The Chapter was featured in             crew meeting was held at the Butter
 ammo.                                  several local media outlets,            Churn on the first Sat of the month in
                                        including a live remote. The theater    Sinton. The meeting went rather well
 We are planning on going to            was wonderful, and treated us to a      considering the A/c was down & we
 Georgetown Lake in either August       private showing of the movie since      had only ceiling fans for cooling.
                                        all the theaters showing it were sold
 or September for the picnic. When      out. (editor's note...YESSS!!) Trek     Plans for the Star Trek movie premier
 the weather turns cooler, we will be   is Back!                                were finalized and events later in the
 returning to Bastrop State Park in                                             month discussed. Everyone was eager
 October for our camping trip.                                                  for the new movie to start...
                                        The following weekend, we had our
                                        own "Geek Retreat" with a showing       Finally the premier arrived with the
 Stay tuned for more fun events.        of Fanboys and Rock Band. Much          Joan welcoming it with a four day
                                        bad singing, and good food was          marathon recruiting effort.Thurs
                                        had.                                    afternoon thru Sunday evening at
                                                                                various intervals, found crew members
                                        June's highlighted activity was a       promoting both the movie as well as
                                        trip to Stennis Space Centger in        the club itself. Saturday was the largest
                                        Mississippi. Crewman Derek Kyzar        & longest day. We had two recruiting
                                        successfully landed the Shuttle in      tables due to the movie theatre design
                                        the simulation several times and        staffed from 11a. to 10:30p after the
                                        had the high score of the day. His      last showing started. It was a real blast
                                        application is into NASA now for the    but long hours too. Close to 90% of the
                                        next mission.                           crew was involved over the entire time
                                        The next big away mission for
                                        the crew will be BabelCon in July,      OH! I almost forgot...There was a
                                        where they will be assisting in         reporter & photographer that went to
                                        coordinating the Sci Fi Track and       Robin & Jim's home to see how a real
                                        running panels.                         Star Trekker would live!. This resulted
                                                                                in a front page article on the local

      8                                                                                       FLEET CHANNELS
                                                                                                      VESSEL REPORTS
section of the paper the week of the                                                         Happily,the management agreed to re-
opening movie. WOW!!                              W Y
                                                 A A MISSION                                 run the show for that screen. It was after
 May has always had the most                        REPORT                                   1a. when the show ended but truly worth
                                                                                             the effort.
birthdays plus graduatations. Here
we have a HUGE party to celebrate              USS JOAN OF ARC-
everything at once hence the name               T
                                               S AR TREK MOVIE                                Saturday was the big push where the
                                                                                             club manned two recruiting tables due
"May Birthday Bash!! This year we had
7 birthdays from May 5th to a double                                                         to the design of the theatre itself. There
on May 25th. Since the Marines had                                                           was a team at each table that would pass
plenty of room to sleep everyone                                                             out flyers, visit with the movie patrons,
plus room for the cadets to run in the        WOW! That was some weekend!! As                & answer questions when brave souls
party was held in Victoria. Dinner was        noted in the vessel report, the USS            came up to the table to see a living,
several types of bar-be-que,potatoe           Joan of Arc had an away team at the            breathing Klingon! The tables were
salad, an assortment of drinks( both
kid friendly & adult) and of course           Cine' 16 theatre for various times from        manned from 11a.until 10:30p. after
birthday cupcakes. Each celebrant had         Thursday May 8th to Sunday May 10th.           the last showing went in. If you had a
his/her single candle to wish on. The                                                        persona, this was the day to wear them..
traditional Happy Birthday song was           Due to the heat, the theatre relaxed           We had Humans, Andorians, Ferenguis,
a try to sing to 7 people in       it's ruling that patrons in costumes           Klingons, & Kinder from Dr. Who., quite
the same song!!. After bedding down           that covered their faces be denied             an assortment of races together.
the cadets except Alex the adults had         entry.. Our resident Klingon, Robert
a boisterious D&D game far into the           Shaver, was at the theatre Thursday            Sunday being Mother's day,was almost
night.                                        evening from 5p until 9p. Together             as busy as Saturday. The first two shows
                                              with Rear Admiral Jim Van Cleave, Lt.          were completely sold out on both sides
The next event was the wilderness
challenge run by the Marine unit of           Commander Diane Beets & myself, we             of the theatre. It seems that it was over
the Joan of Arc. Unfortunately, only          handed out flyers & chatted with people        whelmingly popular to take MOM out to
a few of themembers could attend              about mostly the Joan of Arc club as we        see the latest Trek show! Tables were
due to various reasons but those who          didn't want any spoilers on the movie.         manned same as Sat. from 11a until
did, reported they had an interesting/                                                       7:30p when the weary crew members
challenging weekend!!.                        Friday mostly followed the same plan           closed the tables to go their separate
                                              as Thursday. Crew members showed               ways;home,dinner or see the show
Back here in Corpus Christi, at the           up in two groups to see the show               just once more. Only time will tell how
Sirloin Stockade, the June meeting            &promote the club.The 'early group'            effective the effort was by the number of
was held. Plans for June included a
poker night about mid June and the            went to the 7"30 showing since most of         possible recruits that visit the following
rest of the month in summer Shore             them had to work the following day or          general crew meetings.
leave to allow families to take vacation      lived out of own. They were letting out.
together & a break from all the events        when the late group (those whose jobs          Submitted by FCPT Kris Dobie,RVA
happening earlier.                            ended after7p) stood at the theatre door
                                              pretending to handout flyers....
This is the final Cadet's Excellence
in Education report until school starts       After visiting briefly, the rest f the club
again for the fall semester. Alex earned      went into see the show. There was
three honors, one being named the             a battle on the movie screen close to
most improved player on the 7th
grade tennis team; being nominated            35-40 minutes into the show when the
to the Junior National Honor Society.         ENTIRE screen went completely black!!
& making the A-B yearly Honor Roll.           All the people in that screen room
Congratulations to Alex. His brother          thought it was part of the show so we
Christopher made the first grade              stayed there until the management sent
Chess team as well as making the A-B          an usher to inform us that all 16 screens
Honor Roll. The final school age cadet        had lost electricity!!! Out came the cell
Isabo, did well in her classes also.          phones as people used the as mini-
Next year we will add one more cadet          flashlights.
to this list...Isabo's brother William will
be starting recieving letter grades in
First grade. We expect great thing            Unknown to us at the time, there was an
from our cadets in the fall Check back        auto accident where a car crashed into
later to see if the predictions come          a light pole disrupting electricity not only
true.                                         at the theatre,about 1/4 of the city & a
                                              string of restaurants near the theatre.
I will file the next report after Summer      Our group was near the end of the
Shore leave....Enjoy your Summer              line waiting for refunds when the lights
                                              began flickering back on.
Submitted by FCPT Kris Dobie, RVA

 FLEET CHANNELS                                                                                                               9
                                                                                         artists. Summit 2009 is also in Dallas
                                                                                         and we look forward to seeing
                                                                                         y'all here for the festivities. It will
                                                                                         be all the fun and fellowship of a
                                                                                         regular Summit plus the opportunities
                                                                                         and activities of FenCon in one big,
                                                  USS Trinity River, NCC-6425            inexpensive bundle.
                                                     Sector 1 -- Dallas, TX.
                                                  CO -- RADM Robyn Winans                Oh, and we're happy that the RC
                                                                                         election is finally over so we can
                                                       have our CO back. The crew wishes
Space Station Freedom III, NCC-SS001              XO -- FCPT Elizabeth Weber             Reed good luck and good fortune as
  Regional Correspondence Vessel                Commissioning Date: February 12,         she takes the helm of the Region
                                                               2004                      from acting RC Robyn Winans.
     CO -- FCPT Evan Richards                     Motto: "One and Indivisible"
       XO -- FCPT Reed Bates
 Commissioning Date: March 25, 1995            It's been an exciting few months here
     Motto: "Let Freedom Ring"                 in Dallas for the crew of the
                                               USS Trinity River. Like so many other
 Greetings Region Three!                       ships, our May activities
 Here on the Freedom III we are                revolved around getting the word out
 again undergoing a change and                 about Starfleet in conjunction
 rejuvenation. Yes, it's been said             with the release of the new movie.
 before, but this time we mean it. We          The ships of Sector One worked
 aren't really all just retired Starfleeters   with the local Regal Theaters on this
 any longer. Our XO FCPT Reed Bates            promotion. The TR crew was at
 has just been elected as our Regional         the Regal Keystone all of opening         Kira Norman, author Rachel Caine, and
 Coordinator and that makes our                week to hand out flyers, talk to          Chanda Norman at Legacy Books in Plano,
 Station the Flag Ship of the Region.          people, and raise awareness of the        Texas.
 We are very proud to hold that honor          organization. A number of people
 once again.                                   expressed interest in joining SFI and
                                               lots of folks posed with Admiral
 Our CO, Fleet Captain Evan                    Robyn Winans in her "monster
 Richards, is working with his XO              maroon" uniform.
 FCPT Reed Bates and with the
 new Operations Officer, Captain               In June, several crew members
 Lloyd Bates, to update the Freedom            attended a book release party for
 III's website, which is http://www.           "New York Times" best-selling author It has had a good            Rachel Caine. Her latest book,
 start but lacks some content and              "Carpe Corpus", is the sixth book in
 newsletter archives. We are also              her popular Morganville Vampires
 in the process of starting up a               series, a favorite among many TR
 new version of our newsletter, The            crew members.                             Dan Stockelman, Kira Norman, Dan
 Freedom Press.                                                                          Dreesbach, and Chanda Norman take a break
                                               We also took time in June to              at the recruiting table between screenings of
 Our members may meet in Dallas                try out our new crew bowling shirts by    the new Star Trek movie at the Regal Keystone
 area some time in July to have a              actually going bowling. The
 steak dinner and play some darts. Or          USS Trinity River crew enjoyed an
 maybe go bowling with the Sector 1            afternoon of bowling with the crew
 crowd.                                        of the USS Regulator at AMF Euless
                                               Lanes in the mid-cities. Scores
 We are sad to report that VADM Mark           improved dramatically in the second
 A. Vinson has decided to retire from          game when the gutter bumpers were
 Starfleet and we wish him all the best.       raised on two of the three lanes.
 We have, however, gained a new                We're not ready to take on the PBA
 member named Kasey Like. She's                Tour quite yet but we're ready to face
 from the Lubbock area and we are              off against any other ship in
 glad to have her stationed with us.           the Region.

 See You in the Funny Pages                    The rest of the summer should be just
 FCPT Reed Bates                               as exciting as we prepare for            The crew of the USS Trinity River at the Regal
                                               the Dallas Comic Con in August.          Keystone movie theater in Dallas.
                                               Special guests include Rene
                                               Auberjonois and Nana Visitor from
                                               "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" plus
                                               actor Barry Bostwick, actress Yancy
                                               Butler, and a dozen top comics
       10                                                                                                FLEET CHANNELS

                              Calender of
                                    July 17-19
                                Baton Rouge, LA

                                    July 25
                              Sector One Meeting
                             Euless, Texas (TENT)

                                     July 25
                   G4 TV Star Wars ComicCon panel broadcast

                                   July 31
          Jeff and Mary Webb (USS ARK ANGEL)'s wedding anniversary

                                    July 31
               Due Date for Summit/FENCON logo design contest.
            Please refer to R3 Quartermaster website for information.

                                August 6-9
                    STARFLEET's International Conference
                             Greensboro, NC

                                   August 6-9
                              Star Trek Convention
                                 Las Vegas, NV

                                  August 15-16
                               Dallas Comic Con
                   Richardson Civic Center, Richardson, TX

                              September 18-20
                          FENCON/Region 3 Summit
                                Addison, Texas

FLEET CHANNELS                                                          11
               FLEET CHANNELS                                      Stamp
               18240 Shadow Creek Avenue                            Here
               Baton Rouge, LA 70816



           deadline for the July/August issue is August 30, 2009

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