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 How To ‘Place
Bet’ On Favorites

For a Living…
Discover How $15 Is Very Safely
   Turned Into $157.28 From
     5 Highly Secure Bets!

        By Mohammed Ali
Bonus Chapter One - 4 Things You Should Know Before Placing a Single
Analysis of Betting Terms                                            5
Evaluation of Common Betting Statistics                              6
5 Strategies for Consistent Winning                                  8
Analysis of the Betting Market                                       10

Bonus Chapter Two - 8 Critical Factors That Affect Your Chances of
Determining the Best Type of Track Condition                         12
Exploring the Field Size                                             13
Finding the Best Barrier Draw                                        15
Minimizing the Negative Impact of Changing Race Distance             15
Why Form Should Not be Used as a Means to an End in Itself           16
How to Ride the Winning Wave of a Peak Performer                     16
How Much Extra Weight is too Much                                    18
How to Spot a Good Winning Jockey                                    18

Chapter Three - How to ‘Place Bet’ on Favorites for a Living
Overall Betting Strategy                                             19
Identifying Favorites                                                20
7 Rules of the Strategy                                              21
How I Collect 96.35% of all My Place Bets                            21
3 Variations of Applying My Strategy                                 22
Staking Plan                                                         22
Single and Multiple Runs                                             24
How I Turned $15.00 into $265.12 in Just One Hour                    25
How to Make $151.00 on a Saturday Afternoon with ZERO Risk           26
How to Safely Turn $15 into $157.28 Securely Using Place Bets        27

Extra Special Super Bonus - The Incredible Trifecta System           28

Frequently Asked Questions                                           30
Making money from racing is now a reality. Millions of dollars are being paid out each
day to successful punters. There are far more successful punters now then ever before.
You don’t need to pay thousands for computer software systems that don’t work. You
don’t even need to be particularly clever in mathematics or have thousands of dollars to
start with. You can start right now and build your own betting empire with a well-
organized plan and the right attitude. You see, making money from racing is no different
from other forms of investments. With the right mindset and resources, only the sky is the
limit to how much money you can make. Slowly but surely you could earn a steady
income from it year after year.

However, like any other business venture, racing has its fair share of risks too. In fact
betting on the horses is probably one of the most risky ways to earn a living. Don’t let
anyone else tell you other wise! Especially a salesperson at the other end of the telephone
trying to sell you betting software for $10,000. Being such a risky business punters still
pursue it because of one main reason. It is probably the most rewarding and fulfilling
moneymaking venture anyone can get into - only if you can make it work that is!

Horse racing is gambling, not investing. And so is buying Yahoo! shares or buying a
McDonald’s franchise. Almost everything in life is a gamble, more so with money
matters. With gambling comes risks and nothing is ever 100% guaranteed to work.
However, you can dramatically reduce your risks by taking calculated risks only. When
you take calculated risks you base your decisions on sound research and evidence, not
intuition. So what is the difference between betting on the horses and other gambling
ventures? Well unlike other gambling pursuits, horserace wagering is not fully relied
upon chance. The better informed the player is, the better chance he/she has at making

Please Note: In all forms of investment and gambling there is always an element of risk.
The author, publisher and editor of this publication accepts no responsibility or liability
whatsoever for the future result of any horse race or for any losses incurred by the
purchaser or user.

For USA & UK users – please check the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for
explanation of some of your country specific terminology…
                                 Bonus Chapter One - 4 Things You Should Know Before Placing a Single Bet

Bonus Chapter One – 4 Things You Should Know Before Placing
a Single Bet

Analysis Of Betting Terms
Through out this chapter you will find certain betting jargons repetitively used. In this
part we fully explain what each one of these terms mean and its importance in relation to
how winning horses are selected.

Horse Number: Every horse in a race is allocated a number. It starts from the number 1
and goes up including all the horses in the field.

Field: Field refers to all the horses at a particular race. It does not refer to the horses in
the entire racecourse. An example could be Saturday race number four with ten horses
being a field. Obviously a larger field would consist of more horses when compared to a
smaller one.

Barrier Draw: Horses are allocated barriers or lanes, which they stand in just before the
race. You could think of barriers as lanes used in sports running events such as the 100-
meter sprint.

Form: Form is information about a horse’s past performance. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are
used to represent first, second and third when showing past results.

Distance of Race: As the wording states, this is the distance over which the race will be
run or the distance over which the race was run at some stage.

Weight: This refers to the weight the horse has to carry.

Track Condition: Track condition is the state of the track. It is usually classed as “firm”
(F), “easy” (E) or “soft” (S). Sometimes the term “fast” (F) is used instead of firm but
both words refer to similar track conditions. “Heavy” (H) is used to describe extremely
soft tracks or at times water bogged ones.

Favorite: This is simply the most favored horse to win by the betting public in a
particular race. Favorites usually pay lower dividends when compared to the rest of the

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                                 Bonus Chapter One - 4 Things You Should Know Before Placing a Single Bet

Race Types:
   ● OHCP- Open Handicap                          ● RHCP- Restricted Handicap
   ● Cup Race                                     ● WFA- Weight for Age Race
   ● Mdn- Maiden Race                             ● Juvenile- Two Year Olds
   ● Class Race- Class1, Class2, Class3…etc       ● High Weight Races
   ● Three Year Events                            ● Steeple Chase- Jumping Events
   ● Welter Weight Races
   ● Harness Racing (Trotting or pacing horses pulling a sulky around the track)
   ● Hurdles- Jumping Events

If you are new to racing then your first glance at the form guide may look like a language
from outer space! Believe me; everyone panics when they see these mixed up letters,
numbers and symbols for the first time. The good news is that all reputable racing
newspapers have their own guide to reading form guides published in their respective
publications. All you need to do is to ask your local betting agency where you can get
hold of a Horse Racing FORM GUIDE.

You may even find detailed form information published in metropolitan newspapers.
Betting agencies should also have a comprehensive list of information on horses that run
on a particular day. You may also find form guides on the Internet. This is usually on the
websites of major betting agencies or bookmakers. If you have difficulties reading form
guides then simply ask for help at your betting shop. They are usually more than happy to

Please never try to guess your way through reading a horse’s past performance as getting
correct information is vital. The information is needed to carefully select winning horses
and acquiring wrong information could be fatal to your investments.

Evaluation of Common Betting Statistics
Win Bet
This is where you select a horse to win. Win bet dividends are usually high and could get
up to a hundred dollars or more. The average win dividend is around $10.00.

Place Bet
Place bets are used when you back a horse to come first, second or third. Dividends are
normally lower than what you would get from a win bet. Usually pays around one third
of the win dividend with the average being around $3.00.

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