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					                                 Personal Budget Planner

A Where do I get money? (Fill in how much money you get from each of the following, each week)
                                              *If you only get gifts at special
    1 Allowance                       $0.00   occasions (e.g. birthday, winter                $0.00
    2 Gifts*                          $0.00   holiday, etc…), enter the total
    3 Jobs                            $0.00   amount for the year here:

    4 Other                           $0.00                                                   $0.00

    5           Weekly TOTAL:         $0.00
                                                                          Here's how much
B Where do I spend my money?                                              you then get per
                                                                          week for gifts.
    6 Clothes                         $0.00                               Enter that amount
                                                                          in Box 2 (Gifts).
    7 Video Games                     $0.00
    8 Other Toys and Games            $0.00
    9 Movies                          $0.00
   10 Music                           $0.00
   11 Food and Candy                  $0.00
   12 Other Toys and Games            $0.00

   13           Weekly TOTAL:         $0.00

   14 Total amount I get:             $0.00
   15 Total amount I spend:           $0.00

   16 Difference between 14 and 15:               $0.00

C Do you spend more than you get or get more than you spend?

   17   Spend more than I get:
   18   Get more than I spend:

D What can you do to save some money for college each week?
   19 List ideas here:
E What is a realistic amount of money you think you can save every week?

F This is the amount you think you can save each year: (your amount times 52 weeks)

G This is how much you think you can save by the time you graduate from high school:

   This is only if you continue to get the same amount you are
   getting now. If you find a job that pays more, you can save
   even more!

   If you don't already have a savings account, you may want
   to open one. A savings account is a good place to keep the
   money you put aside. Your savings will earn interest each
g, each week)



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