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Bodyshop Manager


Some repairers
are flexible about plastic.

Painting plastic isn’t a problem with the new Permasolid® Elastic Primer. It’s efficient, effective and
adaptable. No wonder some refinishers are now a little more relaxed about plastic repairs.

                                                                 Spies Hecker – simply closer.

         Spies Hecker - DuPont Performance Coatings - Wedgwood Way - Stevenage - Herts SG1 4QN -
                                                                                                                         RS 02
                                                                                                                                    July/August 2008 Vol 89 Number 6

                                                                       News                                       BodyBuilder
                                                                       04 Stagnating Demand for                   18 Dyson Group Opens
                                                                                                                                                                 06 Irish Bodyshop Accolade
         Front Cover                                                      Crash Repairs                              New Premises

          3M Total Process Solutions gives                             04 Gerry Braddock                          19 BodyBuilder News
          you the power to radically improve                              Awarded Fellowship
          your business performance. It drives                                                                    20 Tipmaster Advice:
          efficiency gains by eliminating time                         06 Body Repairers in the                      Prepare for WVTA
          and material wastage and
          unnecessary steps in your repair
          and finishing operations. Backed by
          full 3M training and technical                               10 Eddieʼs Progress with                   Profiles
          support, youʼll be able to achieve                              Estimator ATA                                                                          12 Standox Repanet Conf
          new levels of productivity. And the                                                                     22 The Brench Interview:
          finishing touch? Itʼs completely free.                       10 Body Repair Forum at                       Jamie Miles, Miles
                                                                          AutoMechanika                              Accident Repair, Surrey
          To find out how 3M performance can
          improve your profitability, speak to
          one of our local specialists today.
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          3M United Kingdom PLC
          0845 603 9714
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                                                                                    34 The Welding Hotline:                       16 Thatcham FOCUS Exhibition
                                                                       12 2nd International                          Butters AMT Technical
                                                                          Repanet Conference                         Helpline

                                                                       14 Motorcare: View on                      38 Wheely Perfect:
                                                                          Industry Dynamics                          SmartTech GB, Ltd,
                                                                       16 Thatcham FOCUS
                                                                          Exhibition and Seminar                  44 VBRA Members
                                                                                                                     Celebrate 50 Years
                                                                                                                                                                 22 Tipmaster Acts on WVTA
                                                                       24 Health Check: PPE in
                                                                          the Mixing Room
                                                                       26 Made to Measure &
                                                                          Straighten                              40 Product News
                                                                                                                  42 Product News
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                                                                                                                                                       BODY Magazine July/August 2008 3
                                                                                                Award for
                                                                                                Gerry Braddock
                                                                                                In acknowledgement of his outstanding
                                                                                                service and contribution to the motor
                                                                                                industry’s professional association for
 Crash Repair Demand                                                                            over 40 years, the Institute of the Motor

 Stagnant Despite More Cars                                                                     Industry (IMI) has awarded Gerry
                                                                                                Braddock its highest award, Honorary
                                                                                                Fellowship. He received the award from
 The UK car population increased by 18%         to 0.79 million, representing 17% of all        the Institute’s Patron, HRH Prince Michael
 between 1998 and 2008, but the number          motor insurance accident damage claims.         of Kent, as part of the annual
 of collision repairs to cars rose only 1%,     If claims for theft, glass and personal         Outstanding Achiever Awards ceremony
 thanks to a 10% decrease in the average        injury are deducted, write-offs account for     for the IMI’s qualifications business, IMI
 distance travelled per car over the same       virtually a quarter (24%) of claims.            Awards Ltd. Gerry works for the VBRA as
 period. That in turn has been caused in                                                        Project & NW Area Manager.
                                                The £6.8bn estimated current value of
 part by growth in the number of cars
                                                the UK body repair market is only 4%            Elected a member of the IMI in 1967,
 owned per household. As a result of this
                                                higher after inflation than in 1998, and        Gerry became a Fellow in 1984, the
 static market and ongoing margin pressure
                                                the number of repairs this year – to            same year he also joined the Institute’s
 the UK analyst Trend Tracker forecasts a
                                                5.78m vehicles – is set to remain below         former Council of Management. He is now
 decline of over one-fifth in the number of
                                                the peak of 5.83m in 1999.                      Chairman of the Professional Standards
 bodyshops over the next five years, leading
 to seasonal shortfalls in repair capacity as   Current average repair costs of £1,175          and Grading Committee and a member of
 soon as 2010. These are just some of the       (including fleet and private cars, excess       the IMI’s Executive Board. Paying tribute,
 many facts and figures reported by the         payments and VAT, but excluding claims for      Sarah Sillars, IMI Chief Executive, said:
 latest, 2008 edition of the biennial mfbi      motor theft, glass and personal injury) are     “Through his tireless work in the industry,
 study The UK Car Body Repair Market just       in real terms only 3% higher than a decade      Gerry has been a great ambassador for
 published by the independent research firm     ago, after cuts in replacement parts prices     the Institute and its pursuit of improving
 Trend Tracker Limited.                         brought prices down in 2004 and 2005.           standards of professionalism and
                                                                                                continues to do much to promote the
 Why the number of repairs has fallen           *These insurance-related crash repair           value of membership in his local region.
 away in relation to the distance travelled     statistics do not take into account the         Honorary Fellowship is reserved only for
 by cars is partly due to what many will        volumes of work undertaken by repairers         those individuals who have truly made an
 see as an astonishing rise in insurance        for private car owners and motor trade          outstanding contribution and he has
 write-offs. Annual total losses declared by    dealers. Many ‘write-offs’ end up in the        earned this recognition with distinction.”
 insurance companies increased by 86%           repair chain albeit not in the insurer-
 between 1998 and this year, to a total of      controlled sector of the bodyshop market.

Audatex To Tell Customers More
The Audatex Technical Committee, which is a customer forum dedicated to resolving matters
of a technical nature relating to Audatex products and services, has unveiled a brand new
information resource to provide greater transparency of the previous good work achieved by
the group; and moving forward, a visible effort to maintain this openness. The Committee also
welcomed on-board new member Andy Pennell, Group Operations Manager, Balgores Motors.
The information pages held on Audatex’ website, provide a wealth of regularly updated
information, including a ‘work-in-progress’ document, covering all issues being
investigated and validated by the Committee at any one time, with associated dates and
progress. The pages also include a guide to the appropriate processes to raise an issue
for consideration via the Audatex Service Desk, a ‘who’s who’ of the Committee and a            PPD Enforcecment
library of presentations and other informative documents.
                                                                                                The VBRA has been informed by Defra that
Audatex users are easily able to access the information generated by the committee              the Paint Products Directive will be enforced
from or via a direct link from company’s claims management                    more rigorously in coming months ‘as a
solution, Global Claims Centre.                                                                 priority’. Earlier this year, district councils in
                                                                                                Northern Ireland were delegated the power
                                                                                                to enforce the Directive’s requirements at a
 Photocard Licences Expire                                                                      more local level and this has, or is about
                                                                                                to, commence. Defra is currently liaising
 DVLA reminds everyone that the ‘new-style’ photocard licences are now 10 years old.            with the devolved administrations in
 Businesses accepting photocard licences as a form of id or for insurance purposes              Scotland and Wales to help ensure that the
 are advised to check them carefully to ensure they are not expired.                            rest of the UK will follow suit before the end
                                                                                                of this year.

4 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
3M Automotive Aftermarket
3M Automotive Aftermarket                                                                         RS 05

3M™ Hookit™ E-Coat Abrasive Discs
3M Hookit E-Coat Abrasive Discs

3M’s new E-Coat disc is
  ten times tougher
                            than any other disc
Peter Needham, Managing Director and Guy Piton, Senior Paint Technician
Peter Needham, Managing Director and Guy Piton, Senior Paint Technician
Wedd               Works           approved
Wedd & White Coach Works Ltd, (VW approved bodyshop)

3M™ E-Coat Abrasive Discs
Newly             H      E-Coat          offer
Newly developed Hookit E-Coat Discs offer unrivalled sanding                                 y
                                                                          Just one disc to key
performance ne    ew
performance on new OEM panels that use the toughest E-Coat
                                    that       t           E-Coat         a whole bonnet
primers, such as tho used on Volkswagen, Audi and Volvo – saving
                 those          Volkswagen,            Volvo savingg
                                                                          Keys          leave
                                                                          Keys panel to leave
                 using                 To
time and cost of using multiple discs. Tough discs for tough jobs.
                                                                                    matt fin
                                                                          excellent matt finish

0845 6039714                                                              Outstanding cut llife

                 RT     R              WAY
                                                                                                               In Brief
                                                                                                               • Volkswagen’s top Retailers have
                                                   NARC-ed by                                                  been to the company’s headquarters in
                                                                                                               Wolfsburg, Germany, to receive a
                                                   Dust No Longer                                              prestigious award in recognition of their
 County Coach                                                                                                  performance in customer satisfaction
                                                                                                               and aftersales activities. Ten Retailers
 Gets Kitemarked                                                                                               from across the UK have been selected
 County Coach Automotive Ltd of Barrow                                                                         from 100 aftersales customer service
 in Furness, Cumbria is proud to have                                                                          businesses across Europe to receive
 achieved PAS 125 Kitemark and passed                                                                          the accolades, emphasising
 their first unannounced BSI audit in June.                                                                    Volkswagen’s commitment to aftersales
 Director Dean Fawcett says the company                                                                        and customer satisfaction. Amongst
 was spurred to undertake the                                                                                  the ten winners was Sinclair Garages
 commitment after encouragement from                                                                           of Swansea, a VBRA member.
                                                   Andy Beswick – NARC with Lee Snaith Mirka
 some of their work providers. “As one of                                                                      • The Hull branch of Just Car Clinics
 the largest bodyshops in the area we                                                                          (JCC) is the first amongst the UK’s
 also felt it was appropriate that we set          Following successful technical and
                                                   commercial viability trials Northern Accident               second largest independent collision
 the pace”, confirmed Dean. Coincident                                                                         repair chain to acquire the BSI
 with this landmark, the company also              Repair Centres (NARC) in conjunction with
                                                   OMC Ford has signed a contract to switch to                 Kitemark. Barry Whittles, JCC’s chief
 gained Mercedes Benz approval. Mr                                                                             executive, added: “The work at Hull is
 Fawcett says it’s taken the company 12            Mirka dust-free sanding technology
                                                   throughout its six sites covering West                      just the start and we expect to achieve
 months to get everything in order but the                                                                     the Kitemark at all of our sites by the
 preparation and effort has paid off.              Yorkshire and the Greater Manchester area.
                                                   NARC undertook trials at two of its                         end of the year.
 Addressing training issues was a big part
 of the project, often confusing as the            branches. Cost and process savings                          • Morelli Group and Peugeot have
 training criteria for Kitemark have evolved       occurred so Mirka developed a tailored                      signed a new trading agreement and
 over the last few months.                         proposal that minimised stock and defined a                 have launched a Paint Distribution
                                                   bespoke product list. Custom process charts                 Programme for the Peugeot approved
 County Coach was formed around 50                 were developed for each site to optimise                    repairer network. Adrian Mossop,
 years ago but has been run by Mr                  efficiencies. Central to the deal is an on                  Peugeot Manager Bodyshop
 Fawcett since July 2005 when he                   going training programme with competency                    Development says, “Morelli Group, are
 purchased the business. The company               certificates for every member of staff and                  a long-standing and well regarded
 employs around 30 staff, and repairs 50           long term technical support to ensure that                  national distributor with excellent
 – 60 vehicles per week, a mix of                  up front benefits continue to be enjoyed and                credentials and the ability to deliver
 insurance and private/retail.                     operating practices are maintained.                         industry leading service. The
                                                                                                               agreement is a preferred distribution
                                                                                                               partner led arrangement that brings
                      Stem Award for NI Bodyshop                                                               many benefits over our existing
                                                                                                               arrangement and we expect a large
                        Stephen Morrison Body and Bumper Repairs, Portadown, Northern Ireland                  number of our approved bodyshops to
                        has won an award for their commitment to improved environmental                        transfer over to the new programme”.
                        practices in their daily business. The company, profiled in BODY June                  The Peugeot owned network of
                        issue, undertook to achieve BS8555 accreditation, which is a standard                  bodyshops Robins and Day have
                        specifically designed to enable smaller companies to work towards the                  already changed over to the Morelli
                        larger commitment of achieving ISO 14001. Morrisons won the award for                  Group.
                        commitment to the STEM project alongside 8 other companies out of a
                        total of 233 participating companies in NI, all of which have achieved                 • As part of continued company
                        BS8555 in the last 3 years. Stephen Morrison is delighted by the                       growth, vehicle conversion specialists
 recognition: “We were up against some very large and highly respected businesses so needless                  Qi Van Systems is nearing completion
 to say we’re absolutely delighted that a wee family owned & run bodyshop like ours can compete                of a large new unit at its Midlands
 with the big boys on important issues such as this.”                                                          base. The specially insulated, energy
                                                                                                               efficient building with plastic coated
                                                                                                               walls, will provided 120m2 floor space
Standox Golf Challenge Winner                                                                                  with room for a new spray lining centre.
                                                                                                               Qi provide vehicle racking and storage
Terry Ryan is the winner of the English heat of the Standox                                                    solutions for large fleet customers
Golf Challenge 2008. Playing at Brocket Hall in                                                                including The Highways Agency, Severn
Hertfordshire Terry, of Denver Body Repairs, topped a                                                          Trent, Kwik-Fit and Scottish Water.
crowded field of some of England’s top refinishers to take
his prize. The winning team on the day with 84 points         Terry Ryan (centre) pictured with Neil Marcus,
                                                              Standox Country Business Manager UK and
consisted of Ken Hammond, Christopher Horrocks, Paul
                                                              Ireland (left), and Neville Dickson, Marketing
Thomas and Keith Vingley. The Beat the Pro prize went to      Manager, Standox UK.
Vince Catton.

6 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 07
Regular Body Repairers in the News

Energy Efficiency Important for A&M                                                      In Brief
Avonmouth accident repairs outfit, A&M Motors has invested in an all-new energy
                                                                                         • Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes is now offering an
efficient second premises. The new 18,000 sq ft facility is adjacent to A&M’s
                                                                                         insurance product designed exclusively for its
current works and features a host of eco-friendly repairs equipment. “Small
                                                                                         Acoat partners - Acoat Motor Trade Plus. The
shops have to differentiate themselves a lot more today in order to draw new
                                                                                         policy is offered as part of Acoat’s new Fusion
business,” explains Adrian Witcombe, A&M’s managing director. “That’s why
                                                                                         procurement service. Underwritten by leading
we’ve pushed ourselves to invest in the latest technology.”
                                                                                         insurer, AIG Insurance Services, Acoat Motor
A&M has been trading for nearly 20 years and currently employs over 30 staff,            Trade Plus was devised by London brokerage,
including 18 dedicated bodyshop specialists and will take on additional staff to         Oxygen Insurance. Using the collective
work in the new facility. A&M has been using Sikkens paints for about five years         purchasing power of the Acoat selected network,
as part of a multiple offering, but has recently been using them exclusively as a        AkzoNobel is now able to offer highly competitive
                                                       result of the RBS                 premium rates, guaranteeing a saving of at least
                                                       changeover. When it opens         10% on customers’ next renewal price.
                                                       in July, A&M will be able to
                                                                                         • Bradleys SMART held an open day at their
                                                       service an additional 60
                                                                                         Head Office to introduce the company’s new
                                                       vehicles per week, on top
                                                                                         owner. Sales and Marketing Director Andrew
                                                       of its current weekly
                                                                                         East says “over 150 customers visited from
                                                       throughput of 45 cars. In
                                                                                         all over the UK to inspect the recently
                                                       addition to accident repairs,
                                                                                         refurbished warehouse, telesales, training and
                                                       the company also offers a
                                                                                         office complex whilst reviewing our extensive
                                                       24 hour recovery service.
                                                                                         product range including new products and
                                                       The company is currently
                                                                                         demonstrations” Tecalemit Garage Equipment
                                                       working towards PAS 125
                                                                                         Ltd, the UK’s leader in MoT and garage
                                                       accreditation for both its
                                                                                         equipment, has supplied specialist mobility
                                                       current and new facilities.
                                                                                         company Allied Vehicles with a range of garage
                                                                                         equipment for its new Glasgow facility. The
                                                                                         new 100,000 sq ft site will benefit from a
                                                                                         workshop kitted out with the latest Tecalemit
Alton Cars Grows to 5                                                                    equipment, including 28 Azur 2.8 tonne 2-post
                                                                                         lifts. Allied Vehicles provides a range of new
Leeds-based Alton Cars Group has purchased Huddersfield Accident Repairs. The            and used wheelchair accessible vehicles.
acquisition comes as part of a growth plan that began nine years ago with the
purchase of Minister Coachworks in York in 1999, continuing with Knaresborough
Body Repairs in 2004, Barnsley-bodyshop RC Jones last year, in addition to
Huddersfield in April this year. The company now has complete coverage across
Yorkshire and North Humberside – an area of 3,500 square miles.
The Huddersfield acquisition includes a fully refurbished 18,000 sq ft bodyshop,
which has been completely renovated by Alton to include a state-of-the-art
workshop, with all-new plant and equipment. Managing director, Tony Parish aims
to apply an already successful strategy to the company’s newest investment.
“Our credentials speak for themselves,” he says. ”But continued growth means
implementing best practice across all of our sites in order to sustain profitability.”                                  Bradleys Training Room

                                                                                         • In front of the Deputy Mayor of Barking and
 Full Spectrum is Green                                                                  Dagenham and over 150 guests and staff,
                                                                                         Ford’s newest and greenest UK car dealership
 The start of 2008 has been busy for Spectrum Vehicle Repairers; not only did            and bodyshop was officially opened in early July
 it make the choice to use DuPont Refinish as its sole paint supplier, but it            at a gala charity fund-raising event. The new £5.3
 also moved into new, environmentally-conscious premises. Spectrum, based in             million eco-friendly Dagenham Motors dealership
 West Thurrock, Essex, is a commercial vehicle accident repair centre and                on Ripple Road was opened by Ford of Britain
 bodyshop. With two recovery vehicles for large vans and two full-time drivers, it       chairman and managing director, Roelant de
 covers London and the South East. In today’s environment, being a profitable            Waard, who unveiled a plaque at the state-of-the-
 bodyshop isn’t sufficient, and bodyshop owners need to be aware of the                  art superstore. The new dealership incorporates
 impact their businesses                                                                 many sustainable features including a 30m high
 have on the environment.                                                                wind turbine, a rain water harvester that provides
 Spectrum proves it is                                                                   water for sanitary use and car washing, and a
 committed to being an                                                                   central heating system which operates on waste
 environmentally-aware                                                                   engine oil. The building also makes use of the
 bodyshop by using                                                                       latest insulation materials and utilises low energy
 Cromax®, the DuPont                                                                     equipment to make it highly energy efficient.
 Refinish fully-compliant
 waterborne basecoat                                                                     • Autodex Ascot, part of the Accident Repair
 range, and by installing a                                                              Centre Group, Autodex Limited, has recently
 Carbon Trust award-                                                                     been appointed as an Approved Repairer for
 winning spraybooth.                                                                     the premium brand manufacturer, BMW.

8 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                               RS 09

The perfect solution.
Standox has the answer. High technology Standox systems match accurate,
waterborne colours with fast lacquers and expert primers for cars, bikes
and vans. You can rely on Standox to give you the best result – and the
solutions your business needs.
For more information visit                               The Art of Refinishing.
                                              Regular News

                                               Body Repair Forum at
                                               Automechanika 2008
                                               Between 16 and 21 September, organiser Messe Frankfurt
                                               expects over 4,600 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors to attend
                                               what will be the 20th Automechanika in Frankfurt. Since making
                                               its debut in 1971, the show has gained a well-deserved
                                               reputation as one of the best international aftermarket events,
                                               and this year it will focus on the impact of global warming.
                                               To help visitors easily find the products they are looking for, the
                                               show will be divided into five separate sectors: ‘Parts &
                                               Systems’, ‘Accessories & Tuning’, ‘Repair & Maintenance’, ‘IT
                                               & Management’, and ‘Service Station & Car Wash’. Of most
                                               interest to bodyshops will be the Repair & Maintenance area,
                                               which will cover tools, vehicle diagnostic systems, bodywork
                                               repair equipment, surface treatments and paintwork.
                                               A highlight of the show will be the ‘Body Repair & ColorTec
                                               2008 – Live’, a forum for the paintwork and body repair sector
                                               where experts will have the opportunity to showcase their
                                               skills. This is being held in Hall 9.2 with live demonstrations of
                                               vintage vehicle restorations complemented by a competition
                                               being hosted by the German body repairers association, ZKF.

                                              Eddie’s Progress
                                              Following his attendance at Thatcham Nuneaton on their
                                              estimator training course (B47), VBRA Area Manager Eddie
                                              Lambert has been back to take his first test as part of his
                                              progress towards Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) for
                                              estimators. To achieve Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA) ATA,
                                              candidates must pass an online theory test before they are

   Warning!                                   eligible to sit the final stage, which is a practical exam.

                                              The online test consists of 7 modules of multi-choice questions;
                                              20 minutes is allowed for each module. There is a non-negotiable
   Don’t throw away money                     70% pass mark and not everyone is passing first time. Eddie
                                              advises all candidates to do their homework before attending.
                                              “The test is as much about making commercial insurance claim
   The motor industry is facing higher        decisions as it is about uncovering damage and making decisions
                                              on repair methods. Candidates need to know about salvage
   waste bills, increasing legislation, and   categories and vehicle valuation if they are to pass. The best
   growing pressure from customers to         preparation is to attend the Thatcham B47 course but if this is
                                              not possible it would be wise to look at the IMI ATA website and
   become more environmentally friendly.      practice on the sample questions available there.”

                                              “Don’t make the mistake of thinking the VDA ATA is just about
   Specialist Waste Recycling is the only     estimating vehicle damage. It covers all the commercial aspects
   one-stop-shop dedicated to recycling       of the insurance claim process. Send your top lad but help him
   Bodyshop waste.                            prepare. Once he’s passed he can pass the benefit of his
                                              experience on to other staff.”

                                              Eddie was greatly relieved when Les Minton, the Thatcham
                                              training manager, informed him that he'd passed this first stage.
                                              We'll bring you news of the next part of his accreditation journey
                                              once he's been back to Thatcham, hopefully in the autumn. VBRA
                                              members can call Eddie for more detailed advice about
                                              estimating generally or the accreditation process.

   Check out
                                               • The IMI launched a consumer campaign to raise awareness
   ring Jenny on 0800 4320550 or                 of the ATA qualifications available to those pursuing careers
   email her at                in the motor trade at the British Motor Show.

10 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                           Regular News

                                                                                   W INN
                                                                                   WINN solicitor s
                                                                                        onal S pecialist A ccident C ompensation S olicito s
                                                                                    National Specialist Accident & Compensation Solicitors

                                                                            REEPHONE 0          7
                                                                          FREEPHONE 0800 917 8177
                                                                          F REEPHO

                                                                              U SE OU R VIRTUAL
                                                                              USE OUR VIRT AL
                                                                                       TO C APTURE
                                                                           RECEPTION TO CAPTURE
                                                                          FAULT CLAIMS
                                                                          FAULT CLAIM AS WELL AS
                                                                              L      MS           S
Automotive Technician Accreditation training and testing                           L
                                                                                FAULT AND MAXIMISE
                                                                          NON FAULT A              E
is carried out at Thatcham’s new site in Nuneaton.

                                                                           YOUR CONVERSION RAT
                                                                           YOUR CONV            ATE
                                                                                      VERSION RATE
They will be showing a crash damaged vehicle and inviting
Show visitors to estimate the value of repairing the damage.
At the briefing, Automechanika director Thomas Aukamm
commented: “We want to represent the market not protect it, so
we let in Chinese, Indian and Turkish exhibitors because they are
most competitive on price, but we also try to keep the quality.”

AIRC Input into EU Standard
for Vehicle Repair Data
On 8 and 9 July a delegation of AIRC (Association Internationale
des Réparateurs en Carrosserie) took part in a two-day meeting in
Frankfurt, for the start of a standardization project on the supply
of technical information. Under supervision of CEN (European
Committee for Standardization), a technical format should be
produced within a period of three years on basis of which the
vehicle manufacturers must supply technical information.
                                                                               GAIN MORE BUSINESS
This project is a continuation on the OASIS project set up four years
ago. Unfortunately this project was not successful due to the                  IMPROVE YOUR PROFIT MARGINS
position of the vehicle manufacturers. Nevertheless, the European
Commission thinks that a standardization process must be arranged
for the whole automotive market including the after market.                    ENHANCE YOUR REPUTATION
At OASIS the aim was only the development of a standard format
for the supply of emission related technical information of private
cars. The new project CEN/TC301 goes much further. Besides
                                                                               GAIN AND KEEP REPAIRS FROM YOUR
attention for emission and non emission related technical                      CUSTOM BASE
information regarding OBD, repair and maintenance of private
cars, the standardization process also refers to heavy duty
vehicles, agricultural vehicles and motorcycles.                               OBTAIN NEW RETAIL CUSTOMERS
The VBRA, Thatcham, RAC (now owned by Norwich Union) and 4
other auto industry representatives are participating in the UK
technical committee that is contributing to this standard.
                                                                          G ARA G E A C CIDE
                                                                                           ENT MAN A G E M ENT
                                                                          GARAGE ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT         T
                                                                          If                      wanting an estimate we can
                                                                          If a customer attends wan nting               we
 Barnfield College                                                        capture the repair for you even if it is a ‘fault’ claim
                                                                          capture                   u
                                                                                       repair for you even            fault claim.
 Top Trainee                                                              We will take details from the customer, report and
                                                                          We       take         from
                                                                                              insure r
                                                                                                          customer, repor t
                                                                          confirm to his/her insurer and if he/she wants you to
 Charli Davis is the winner of the
                                                                                  repair. I n
                                                                                       r           ca
                                                                                                    ases you keep        repair.
                                                                          do the repair. In 99%+ cases you keep the repair.
 Barnfield College body repair trainee of
 the year. She is seen here receiving
 her award from VBRA Area Manager
 John Morecroft. Congratulations also to
 Charli who has secured a traineeship
                                                                           www. winns
 at Sky Ford in Hemel Hempstead.                                                  
                                                                                  solicitors@                 m
                                                                          email |

                                                                                                        BODY Magazine July/August 2008 11
                                            elcoming delegates Julio            bodyshops are no longer restricted to
                                            Salcedas, Brand Manager             the regional or national level but are of
                                            Standox GmbH said, “A lot has       truly international relevance. And the
Come Together                       evolved in the past few years. In           major “key players” in our industry,
                                    Repanet, we have created a European         such as the automotive industry or fleet
Think Global Act Local              seal of quality for bodyshops working to    managers, leasing companies and car
                                    the highest standards in their individual   insurance companies also operate on
                                    countries. In the meantime, our network     an international level.
                                    is active in twelve countries. About 600
           tandox invited           bodyshops sharing the same                  But in spite of this truly international

     S     Repanet members
           to their 2nd
     International Conference
                                    commitment to high quality today project
                                    a unified image to the public and offer
                                    perfect repairs at fair prices everywhere
                                                                                approach, one thing must be certain:
                                                                                we will not try to patronise the Repanet
                                                                                organisations in the individual
     in Sardinia in mid-May.        - from Scandinavia to Italy and Spain.      countries. The regional and national
     Presentations were given       The Repanet bodyshops have always           roots of Repanet must not be cut. After
     by internationally-            seen themselves as “Centers of              all, we are well aware that the situation
     renowned accident              Excellence” and have assumed the role       is not the same everywhere and that
     management professional        of a pioneer in the industry.               national market situations differ.
     Matthew Whittal, CEO of
     the Innovation Group, NE       The motto of our event is “Think global     If you have read our motto carefully, you
     Europe; David Lingham,         – act local!” You all know that our         will have noticed that we added another
     whose knowledge of global      industry has experienced an                 important aspect to it. The full wording
     automotive companies           unprecedented process of change in the      reads: “Come together! Think global -
     and their suppliers has        past few years: increasing requirements     act local.” Initiating, managing and
     been honed over many           through innovative refinishing              establishing the international exchange
     years; and Standox             technologies, stricter environmental        of experience among our members
     national country               regulations, cost pressures, the growing    remains one of the main tasks of
     managers including the         influence exerted by key accounts such      Repanet. These activities are managed
     UK’s Neville Dickson who       as insurance companies, the changes         by national Repanet coordinators who
     presented a case study on      due to the opening of the frontiers, the    meet at regular intervals to share new
     how UK Repanet                 introduction of the Euro and the            experiences and developments and
     members worked together        establishment of a single European          agree on joint strategies. Once a new
     to win a substantial           market. It is certainly no exaggeration     offer has been developed on the
     national contract for          to speak of radical changes here.           national or international level, we
     re-livery of a large fleet.                                                present it to all national organisations,
                                    The ensuing challenges for our member       so that each country can decide
                                                                                whether or not to introduce it locally.

12 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
More on page 14

                                                                    Communication with the customer in a                                     Reflecting on the 2nd International
                                                                    changing market becomes a key                                            Repanet conference for
                                                                    challenge and task for bodyshops. This                                   independent bodyshops, delegates
                                                                    insight has led to the launch of the                                     will realise that there was a
                                                                                                                                             pertinent message for business
                                                                    Repanet marketing campaign. We want to
                                                                                                                                             owners – despite the growing
                                                                    support our member bodyshops in
                                                                                                                                             sophistication and complication of
                                                                    identifying and winning new customers.                                   today’s motor cars, when a car is
                                                                    Repanet coordinators Margarita Bott                                      damaged the owner or buyer of the
                                                                    from Germany and Neville Dickson from                                    repair wants your total and
                                                                    the UK present the Repanet marketing                                     undivided attention to solve their
                                                                    support model as well as promising                                       problem.
                                                                    approaches for generating new business.
UK Repanet Coordinator Neville Dickson (R) presented a case study
on a national re-liverying contract won in the UK when Repanet
                                                                    However, the final step towards the                                      That means ‘back to basics’:
bodyshops worked together.                                          customer needs to be taken by the
                                                                    members themselves - this is something                                   • Understand your customers’
Repanet also develops comprehensive                                 we cannot and do not want to do for                                        requirements
service and training for its members so                             them. The same applies to key accounts:                                  • Pitch your solution to them in
that they are able to hold their own against                        we will continue to advertise Repanet,                                     their language not yours
the competition and improve their                                   meet with key accounts, lobby for the                                    • Do the job you’ve said you’ll do
prospects for the future. In this area the                          network and open doors for our members
network benefits from the expertise of the                          - but we will not funnel work to their                                   “Communication with the customer in
international Standox organisation. The                             shops.                                                                   a changing market becomes a key
tools offered by Standox Consulting cover
all sectors - refinishing and bodyshop                              We have expanded Repanet prudently in                                    challenge and task for bodyshops.”
technology as well as business                                      the past few years, focusing on the                                      Julio Salcedas, Brand Manager Standox
management, health and safety, and                                  integration of the national initiatives. The
environmental issues. B.O.S.S. is a very                            task is now to further establish the
successful example. This is a multi-day                             existing association in the countries and
seminar for the improvement of business                             make the network and its services known                                  “Measure your performance, enhance
processes. Seminar attendants manage a                              to key accounts operating on an                                          the good aspects, improve the less good.
virtual company in the form of a business                           international scale. As these companies
                                                                                                                                             Get all your employees involved. Tell
simulation to improve their management                              pursue long-term strategies, they are
skills. Business management optimisation                            looking for reliable partners with long-                                 everyone how good your service is.”
is one of the main tasks of Repanet.                                term perspectives.”                                                      David Lingham, Orbis Worldwide.

                                                                    What is Repanet?
                                                                    Repanet is a network of independent bodyshops, all of whom are Standox customers.
                                                                    Standox offer Repanet member bodyshops marketing and business tools, aiming to
                                                                    make Repanet bodyshops more efficient, successful and profitable. There are around
                                                                    60 Repanet bodyshops in the UK. Standox operates Repanet in 12 countries across

                                                                    Julio Salcedas, Standox Global Brand Manager, Torsten Schrauf, Head of
                                                                    Standox Bodyshop Programmes International, and Hans Bach, Standox
                                                                    Head of Communications.

                                                                                                                                                  BODY Magazine     July/August 2008 13
                                                the floor’ – he may have saved        • Claims are being seen by insurers
                                                them $4bn short term but look at        as a key part of their future
                 atthew Whittal,

        M        CEO NE Europe, The
                 Innovation Group
        gave a valuable insight to
                                                their position now, supplier
                                                relationships have really suffered.

                                              The ‘Battle for the Customer’ has
                                                                                        strategy. Accident managers who
                                                                                        don’t offer real customer benefits
                                                                                        - contributing to better claims
                                                                                        management – will fail.
        Repanet repairers into how a
        reputable accident
                                              Insurer vs vehicle manufacturer vs      Bodyshops Should:
        management sector can offer
                                              ‘others’ eg brand extenders such as     • aim for a balance of customers
        benefits to both insurers and
                                              Tesco. Brand extenders have many          and never undertake non-
        bodyshops. He concludes
                                              advantages and will increase their        profitable business.
        with an opinion on the way
                                              influence.                              • Always question the potential
        forward for the independent
                                                                                        volume of your clients before
                                              Conclusions                               giving any discounts.
                                              • Accident management will grow         • Differentiate your business by
     Insurers and fleets want to be             across Europe, with the number of       offering ‘special’ services such as
     treated as ‘wholesale buyers’ of           potential walk-in private customers     collection and delivery on time
     accident repairs.                          for bodyshops declining                 using smart staff; keep the driver
     • It’s easier for them to deal with      • Insurers will gain more influence       and work provider informed of
       one accident management                  and brand extenders will also play      progress; follow up a week later to
       company than a number of smaller         a stronger role in insurance buying     check the customer is satisfied.
       repair businesses.                       across Europe                         • Surprise good customers – offer a
     • Insurers are not ‘simple’ clients;     • Vehicle manufacturers will try to       discount if guaranteed volumes
       you need to understand their             influence but their control over        are available.
       structure and politics to work with      dealer networks is overestimated
       them.                                  • Accident management will focus        “Tell them you enjoy working for
     • There are few truly European             on customer satisfaction, average     them – even evil work providers
       insurers; most have accepted that        repair costs (!), turnaround times,   appreciate a bit of praise
       a 100% standardized service              process consistency                   occasionally.”
       across Europe is unrealistic.
     • There are multinational fleets who
       would like central billing.

     The ‘Fair Model’ Relationship with
     • Better services and price from
       bodyshop in return for a clear
       increase in volume.
     • This includes competitive but
       viable hourly rates; consistent
       good service with no complaints;
       clear division of roles with no
       ‘micro-management’ by insurer;
       consistent standard process = low
       admin costs for insurer; simpler
       but relevant controls; balanced
       approach to quality improvement
     • Insurers are starting to realize
       that fairness isn’t a bad thing. For
       example, look at the GM boss who
       went in to ‘streamline costs’
       saying he wanted to ‘see blood on
                                                                                             See more on Repanet - page 12/13

14 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
              Late payments compromising your business?

     With Bodyshop Finance from Bibby they don’t have to.

Why should you wait to be paid? It’s putting the brakes on your business. That’s why at Bibby Financial Services we’ve
developed Bodyshop Finance – a unique funding, collections and bad debt protection tool that’s been designed
specifically for the Bodyshop industry. And we can offer this service confidentially. With 200 years trading experience,
we know we can help you. To speak to a specialist Bodyshop Finance advisor today call 0800 91 95 92.

              FOR YOUR BUSINESS
                                                                                                                                             The new Glass Aid proposal
                                    competitors, who were                             equipment and alternative                                                            ‘From This’

         he 2008                    spotted in the audience.                          parts. They are now offering
         Thatcham Focus             Electro-coated primers,                           Repair Equipment
         Exhibition and             commonly known as E-Coats,                        Accreditation ‘to help
  Seminars in June was              provide protection against                        bodyshop owners and repair
  a meeting point for the           corrosion for new OEM panels.                     technicians identify robust,
  repair industry and               Increasingly regarded as part                     quality tools and equipment,
  there were some                   of the warranty repair system,                    suitable to meet their needs
  interesting exhibitors            E-Coats should not be                             and with the build quality to
  and speakers in                   completely removed. However,                      last in daily use within a tough
  attendance with new               it is common practice to key                      working environment.’ The first
  ideas and equipment.              the surface and remove any                        three products to satisfy
                                    imperfections to ensure                           Thatcham’s criteria are Sykes-
                                    optimum paint adhesion.                           Pickavant’s Body repair kit,
New Profit Centre                                                                     Stanners’ MI-100 Spot Welder
Wil Miller of Glass Aid (GB) Ltd    But E-Coats are tough                             and Deltalyo’s DL3000WB
has honed his ideas and             customers and can make                            spraygun.
experience to present               short work of standard
traditional bodyshops with the      abrasive discs. In fact, it can                   New Welding Centre
ability to set up an entire         take up to ten standard discs                     Basic Welding Services (BWS)                                                             ‘To This’
‘smart’ repair operation,           of a grade P320 to prepare a                      have recently moved
within their workshop. His          bonnet for painting. So 3M                        premises. Jason Bowes says,                         Sales Manager), Darren
premise is that using mobile        has developed a new product                       "Due to the rapid growth in                         Cunningham (Welding
sub-contractors is not really       with such amazing abrasive                        sales and the introduction of                       Examiner, UKAS approved)
the most cost-effective             qualities that it can key the                     an on-site training centre, we                      and Jean Page (Office
solution. “If repairers use our     hardest E-Coat bonnet using                       have moved premises,                                Manager.)
programme to set up an              just one disc. The Hookit E-                      increasing our floor space by
overall SMART repair solution       Coat Abrasive Disc from 3M                        3 fold. We currently provide                        Unique Crash Parts Supplier
offering same day repairs to        delivers a finish equivalent to                   British Standard Certification                      Hadrian Group, the crash
their customers, they will          P320, without the need for                        & Boron Awareness training /                        parts supplier established
create a new profit centre          coarser grades beforehand.                        testing, at our customers                           almost 40 years ago by
within their business.” Glass       An added bonus is that the                        premises; but experience has                        Dennis and Dorothy Bowman,
Aid has put together an entire      new disc can also be used to                      also shown a need for Pre-Ata                       were promoting the use of
package of equipment,               remove the new generation of                      welder training, which we can                       alternative crash repair parts -
consumables and                     scratch-resistant and ceramic                     now deliver on-site in                              both Thatcham Accredited
management information              clear coats.                                      Manchester. Courses will be                         Parts and their insurance-
under the ‘rapide smart’                                                              organized in groups to help                         approved A-Parts range. With
banner.                             Quality Expansion                                 the bodyshop reduce their                           the recent closure of the
                                    Thatcham themselves                               costs of training."                                 Surepart SVG division of
Economic Sanding                    announced a new category for                                                                          Unipart Automotive, the
3M demonstrated their new           their Quality Accreditation                       BWS has, in-line with their                         Hadrian Group are currently
Hookit E-Coat abrasive disc, to     programme, which previously                       expansion plans, recently                           the only remaining UK panels
visitors including some of their    focussed on vehicle security                      employed Neil Ellis (Internal                       supplier with Thatcham

                                                JTape supply a unique range of masking products to repairers via a UK   KAH Systems offer a system for pre- and post-repair inspections. This
                                                network of motor factors.                                               allows repairers to cover themselves against vehicle owners who might
                                                                                                                        claim the vehicle was damaged in the bodyshop.

16 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                                            feature continues on page 18

Trevor Ferris and Phil Watchorn of Eco Repair Systems are working together to provide
ecological and economical repair solutions for the body repair industry.

Dean Lander presents John Stanners with the new Thatcham equipment accreditation
certificate for the Elektron MI-100 inverter spot welder

                                                  It’s probably hard to see in this photo
                                                  but the finished surface on the left,
                                                  achieved with one E-Coat disc, is also
                                                  a more refined result than that on the
                                                  right, which took 10 conventional

Andrew Barber is doing the work while James Cheesman explains the process to the

                                                                                            RS 17

                                                                                                    BODY Magazine    July/August 2008 17
                                                                                                                                   from page 17

Accredited Distributor status        estimating platforms and
for the supply of alternative        electronic catalogues.
crash parts.
                                     Following on from the Focus
The Group supplies panels from       event, Hadrian are in
their 3 UK warehouses                discussions with a number of
(Northumberland, Midlands and        insurers. In an everchanging
Wiltshire) to bodyshops via 800      market, they are confident that
UK distributors. Business            the quality of their product and
Development Manager Jackie           their service will see them
Davidson explains that they prefer   going strong - for at least the
to use local stockists so that       next 40 years.                       Kashy Bains who runs Hadrian Midlands, Dennis Bowman, company founder and
body repairers have a local                                               Jackie Davidson, Business Development Manager.
contact offering personal service.   Eco Repair Products
                                     Eco Repair Systems had a             years of use.” Phil Watchorn (ex-      high temperature panels that
Hadrian source their panels          couple of intriguing products;       CIS chief engineer) is managing        can be retrofitted into existing
from a wide range of quality         Flatliner and                        sales in the north of the UK and       spraybooths. This system uses
accredited manufacturers,            IRDHT Plus. Flatliner is a           he told BODY one of the main           electricity enabling users to
located throughout the world.        complete system for repairing        advantages to the system is            dispense with the need for gas
Manufacturers’ processes and         body panels, rather than             “when you weld the [pulling]           or oil to heat the booth thus
products are quality                 replacing them. This speeds up       keys onto the panel 90% of the         greatly reducing running costs,
accredited by Thatcham and           the repair process whilst            weld is on the key not the panel.      drying times, and carbon
other recognised                     making cost savings.                 So there’s less ‘making good’          footprint! Keith says, “With
organisations such as TUV                                                 at the end of the repair”.             rising energy costs this system
and Centro Zaragoza. They are        Flatliner is made in Italy but was   Flatliner is available on a free       is, without doubt, the future for
in the process of a major IT         designed and engineered in           10 day trial.                          bodyshops”. Systems have
investment that will allow           Switzerland. UK importer Trevor                                             been installed in the UK and
online parts ordering by             Ferris of Eco Repair Systems         Eco Repair Systems is also             are available for inspection.
distributors and will also           says, “It’s good quality kit, well   distributing CADIF IRDHT Plus,         More on this next issue in our
support a number of                  engineered and will withstand        a system of infra red drying,          Paint Drying & Curing Feature

Grand Dyson Opening Celebration
                                                  a £3.5 million investment and

           oger Dyson Group, the UK’s             redevelopment programme stretching
           largest manufacturer of                over 3 years and including a new stores
           recovery vehicle systems,              facility, steel preparation plant, shot
  unveiled its long awaited new vehicle           blasting, paint and sub assembly
  showroom and sales facility in                  building, which in turn has freed up extra
  Droitwich, Worcestershire on                    space for enhancing their after sales
  Thursday 12th June, with a grand                services and final assembly process.
  opening celebration and showcase
  hosted by the legendary ‘Sally                  Simply the Best for Customers
  Traffic’ from BBC Radio 2.                      Sally Traffic (pictured) performed the
                                                  honours to declare the showroom
  BODY’s roving reporter John Barrett             officially open at 2.00pm, followed by a
  was on hand to view the impressive              horn-blaring stock Kenworth T800 roaring
  new facility.                                   out of the showroom to the anthem of
                                                  Tina Turners ‘Simply the Best’.
                                                  Commenting on the opening of the new
Over 200 people from the recovery and             facility, Roger Dyson (pictured right) said
road transport industry attended the              “The new showroom enables customers
event, with guests travelling from every          to see and experience our complete
corner of the UK and Europe and as far            range all on one site in complete
afield as Canada and the U.S.A.                   comfort. Our offer is unique - customers
                                                  can literally walk into the showroom in
Culmination of 3 Year Investment Plan             the morning and drive out with a new
The state of the art 20,000 sq. ft. facility      vehicle that very same day. It’s been
is the first of its kind in the country,          fantastic to share this great moment with
boasting the ability to house all of the          so many of our customers and suppliers,
Dyson range under one roof with up to 75          time is such an important factor in this
new and used vehicles on display at any           industry and I really appreciate the time
one time. The showroom is the climax of           they have spent with us here today.”

18 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                                          IN BRIEF
                                                                                                          • June vehicle
                                                                                                          registrations show
                               Shadow MP Visits Scania                                                    “Healthy truck order books
                                                                                                          suggest we’ll see stable
                                                                                  Conservative            demand and strong
    VOSA CASH                                                                     leader the Rt.
                                                                                  Hon. David
                                                                                                          registrations for some time
                                                                                                          while van registrations
    Road Safety                                                                   Cameron MP              have stabilised at record
    Minister Jim                                                                  made a fact-            levels,” said Paul Everitt,
    Fitzpatrick said:                                                             finding visit to        SMMT chief executive.
    "I am delighted to                                                            the Technical           “The van and truck sector
    announce                                                                      Training                is in good shape and
    improvements to                                                               Centre of               although businesses are
    bus and lorry                                                                 truck, bus              wary about the economy,
    testing services,                                                             and coach               we expect tough
    supported by up to                                                            manufacturer            challenges, not
    £64m for the               Scania in Loughborough ahead of the launch of the Conservative             catastrophe.”
    Vehicle and                Green Paper on Skills Training. Scania recently became the first
    Operator Services          commercial vehicle manufacturer to be awarded the Learning                 • Martin Merrick has
    Agency (VOSA). The         and Skills Council Training Quality Standard.                              been appointed Managing
    Agency plays a vital                                                                                  Director for Volvo Truck
    role in road safety                                                                                   and Bus Centre – North in
    by ensuring lorries
    and buses meet the
                               Step Ahead for Stedall                                                     Darlington. He replaces
                                                                                                          Glyn Parker, who will retire
    necessary                                                          AVS Steps, the automotive          after nearly 23 years in the
    standards. Today's                                                 step specialist, has signed        industry.
    announcement                                                       an exclusive distribution
    means we can build                                                 deal with bodybuilder              • To protect truck drivers
    on VOSA's                                                          component supplier Stedall         against intrusions and
    strengths and                                                      Ltd, to provide its market         robberies in their cabs,
    respond more                                                       leading electric and manual        DAF has become the first
    flexibly to the                                                    cassette steps. The                truck manufacturer to
    requirements of            relationship will see Stedall blending its sales and distribution          introduce a night lock for
    industry to create a       expertise with AVS’s manufacturing capability to market a new              the doors. It can be easily
    testing service fit        dual-branded slim line cassette step. Andrew Leahy, Managing               and quickly mounted to
    for the 21st               Director, Stedall, said: “It is important to Stedall that the              every DAF XF105.
    century."                  products we sell are fit for purpose, good quality and supported.
                               We know we have this assurance with AVS Steps. The KS step                 • 2008 marks the 40th
    At the same time,          has broad appeal and can be installed on most types of                     anniversary celebrations of
    the House of               vehicles. It will complement our existing product range and help           GE’s TIP Trailer Services
    Commons Transport          us to meet the changing needs of our customers.”                           presence in the trailer
                                                                                            RS 19A
    Committee will be                                                                                     leasing and rental industry.
    conducting an                                                                                         The rental company has
    inquiry into the                                                                                      more than 74,000 trailer
    enforcement                Stone Hardy Opens New Site                                                 units on the road.
    activities of the
    Vehicle Operator                                                    Stone Hardy’s new site in
                                                                        Avonmouth was officially          • DAF Trucks is increasing
    and Services                                                                                          its production by five% in
    Agency (VOSA), with                                                 opened by Sir Stirling
                                                                        Moss OBE, renowned                September to meet strong
    particular emphasis                                                                                   customer demand. Aad
    on enforcement                                                      retired motor racing driver
                                                                        who raced from 1948 to            Goudriaan, DAF president,
    checks and annual                                                                                     commented, “DAF is
    testing of buses                                                    1962 and won 16 Formula
                                                                        One Grands Prix. The site         growing in Western and
    and lorries.                                                                                          Central European markets
    Interested parties                                                  covers over half an acre.
                               The purpose built four bay workshop for the service and repair of          as customers realize the
    are invited to                                                                                        benefits from DAF vehicles
    submit evidence by         tail lifts and shutters, is capable of accommodating all sizes of
                               vehicles up to 13.6m lifting deck trailers. The facility benefits          industry-leading product
    Monday 22                                                                                             quality and low cost of
    September.                 from modern office accommodation and a comprehensive stores
                               facility covering all major manufacturers.                                 operation.”
                                                                                            RS 19B

BB News continues on page 20                                                                          BODY Magazine July/August 2008 19
      More BB News on page 19

                                                                                            IN BRIEF
Prepare for Whole Vehicle Type Approval                                                     • Dennis Eagle Chief Exec Mike
                                                                                            Molesworth has been promoted to the
                                                                                            role of Chief Exec of the Equipment
Matthew Terry, sales director at                turn, means that we can target a higher     Division of Ros Roca. His position at
Tipmaster, first encountered the EC             number of sales in the longer term.”        the helm of Dennis Eagle has been
Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA)                                                        assumed by Norman Thoday.
Directive a few years ago through the           Though it has deployed its own quality
Vehicle Builders and Repairers                  management system for a number of           • Fast growing national rental
Association (VBRA). He then began to            years, Tipmaster has been reviewing its     company Burnt Tree Vehicle Solutions
take note of the increasing attention           current production processes to comply      is putting 100 factory-bodied DAF
which the Directive was picking up in           with ECWVTA. The firm is bringing in an     LF45s into its 8,000 vehicle fleet.
trade media in 2006 and 2007, and               external consultant to ensure that its
has recently taken advantage of                 processes meet ISO/9001 standards,          • The Freight Transport Association's
information made available on the               and has already hired a new design and      annual series of Transport Manager
Department for Transport (DfT) website.         quality manager to oversee any              seminars will take place at 12 UK
                                                upgrades to its procedures.                 locations between 17 September and
                                                                                            4 December. Subjects featured will be
                                                Another Step in the Company’s               noise reduction, carbon reduction,
                                                Evolution                                   urban deliveries and a general round-
                                                “If we need to bring in even more           up of forthcoming legislation.
                                                members of staff to get ready for           Attendance is open to members of FTA
                                                ECWVTA, then that’s something we’ll         at £309 plus VAT and to non-members
                                                do,” Terry declares. “At the end of the     at £370 plus VAT. Call the FTA Member
                                                day, businesses have to evolve to           Service Centre on 08717 112222 for
                                                survive and this is just another stage in   registration.
                                                Tipmaster’s evolution.”
                                                                                            • GRP says their 6 month old
                                Matthew Terry   With changes already being made and         operation covering the buying and
                                                more potentially ahead, Terry expects       selling of used refrigerated vehicles
                                                the total cost of Tipmaster’s               that are specified with GRP van
“When more and more parties began to            preparations for ECWVTA to be in the        conversions has attracted buyers from
talk about ECWVTA we realised it was            region of £50,000 but believes that         all over the UK, and also from a
something that we should take a lot of          every penny spent has been worth it.        number of overseas customers. The
notice of as it was going to affect our                                                     bulk of the vehicles in the GRP Used
livelihood,” he explains. “Essentially          “The changes have been integrated           Vehicles Programme tend to be panel
the EU is trying to pull everything             smoothly into the Tipmaster way of life,    vans or car derived vans.
together under three forms of approval          but that’s because we took the
for commercial vehicles – full ECWVTA,          decision to start preparing early,” Terry   • Montracon has started low volume
National Small Series Type Approval             says. “Over the course of the last year     production of a high capacity 55m3
(NSSTA) and Individual Vehicle Approval         or so we’ve made big steps towards          (72yd3), heavy duty tipping semi-trailer
(IVA). The Directive streamlines the            changing both our thinking and our          targeted specifically at ‘niche’ industry
whole approval process and makes it             systems in light of ECWVTA.                 sectors such as metal recycling. Its
easier for businesses to trade in other                                                     construction features extensive use of
parts of the EU.”                               My Advice                                   hard steels, namely Hardox and Domex.
                                                “If I could give any advice to other
The Tipmaster Solution                          businesses that are not yet aware of
Terry expects Tipmaster to follow the           what the Directive means for them, it
NSSTA route for the majority of its             would be to find out as soon as
vehicle types, with IVA applications on a       possible because there is plenty of
few models. And, for Tipmaster                  work to be done. My trade association,
specifically, he believes that achieving        the VBRA, has been a great source of
standards set out in the Directive is of        help and support and the more
paramount importance.                           bodybuilders they can assist, the better
                                                shape the industry will be in to meet
“ECWVTA allows us to achieve an                 the new regulations.”
internationally-recognised standard of                                                      • The Renault Trucks Trucksline
product, which will give added                  For further information visit               number for bodybuilding enquiries has
confidence to our customers. This, in                  been changed to 0844 800 0303. The
                                                                                            options then are 2 and then 2 again.
                                                                                            Trucksline will connect you with the
   Tipmaster Ltd, based in Leyton, London, is one of the UK’s leading                       first available Engineer and is not
   manufacturers of tipper bodies and other special-purpose vehicles used                   person specific.
   for industrial services. The company, which sells almost 1,000 units a
   year, has been in operation since 1968 and employs a workforce of 25                     • Renault Trucks continues to expand its
   people.                                                                                  UK dealer network with the appointment
                                                                                            of The Allports Group, Staffs as a full
                                                                                            Renault Trucks distributor.

20 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                                                 BB News      REGULAR

                                                                  New Hella Light Units
   Lightweight Composites for Military Vehicles
   Caparo, a British multinational manufacturer of specialist
   components for aerospace, marine and vehicle
   applications, is bringing its advanced lightweight materials
   and technologies into the military arena. Responding to
   the need for service vehicles that offer significant weight
   reduction, greater fuel economy and better emissions
   performance, Caparo will focus on developing and
   manufacturing pressings, fabrications, tubes, tube
   structures, fastening systems and vehicle braking
   systems using a range of lightweight materials including
   aluminium, titanium, advanced steels and carbon

   Caparo has developed a world-leading capability in the
   production of affordable carbon composite components.
   "One of the biggest benefits of carbon composites is their
   ability to absorb large amounts of energy: typically around    Long service life, 40 percent less power consumption,
   five to six times more per kilogram than steel and two to      homogenous warning signal and a uniform light
   three times more than aluminium," explains Ben Scott-
                                                                  distribution. These are the combined advantages of the
   Geddes, Caparo's engineering director for vehicle
   technologies. "Climatic compatibility is excellent and
                                                                  new special signalling equipment RTK-QS LED from Hella.
   fatigue life is longer than for both aluminium and steel.      The efficient LED module requires around 40% less power
   Weight reduction leads to improved performance, reduced        than the single-reflector rotary mirror technology with
   running costs, reduced fuel requirement, easier in-field       halogen bulb making an important contribution to reducing
   maintenance, improved vehicle agility and the flexibility to   fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. There are 5
   offer extra protection or payload. Knock-on effects are        different optical signal modules including a LED flash with
   also positive, such as reduced costs of logistics for both     trough parabolic reflector. These have been developed
   vehicles and spares."                                          particularly for use on medium to large fire brigade and
                                                                  rescue vehicles.                                        RS 21

                                                                           3M High Visibility Vehicle Marking Tape
    Whole Vehicle Type
  Approval Training Toolkit
   Practical cost effective guidance to implementing
                WVTA in your business

     What it is                       Fees
     What it means for you            Managing Change
     Choosing your route              Technical Files and
     Quality System                   Folders
     Conformity of                    Certification…and
     Production                       much more…
     Defining and selecting
     Types                            £850 +Vat (to VBRA
     Application Procedures           members)

               Contact VBRA Area Manager
                       or Su Bradd
                  Tel: 0113 253 8333                                                      Tel 01833 694707
                Email:                                                    Email
                                                                  Material Distribution    Graphic Solutions       Sign Solutions
RS 21A                                                            RS 21B
                                                                                                   BODY Magazine July/August 2008 21
Interview   The Brench Interview

The Brench Interview
Gary Brench talks to repairers about topical issues

                                      some vehicles in that have                had no experience. We then
              iles Accident Repair,   reversed into things even with            started a Polish guy as a valeter
              Woking, Surrey was      parking sensors fitted! Safety and        and through this a Polish panel
              established in 1997     environmental factors are now             beater and a Polish mechanic
  and is now run by Shaun and         higher on the list of desirable           walked in and enquired. They work
  Jamie Miles. The operation          features it seems.                        differently. They will have one area
  employs 14 staff, runs 22                                                     they excel at, but they can do it all,
  courtesy cars and produces 30       What do you think about recent            which allows us to pull the work
  repairs per week. Being south       network consolidation?                    through. We now have four. It may
  west of London the shop is          Volume deals and insurers                 be that we have been lucky. They
  always busy, and is a happy,        dropping repairers to work with a         are a happy, hard working lot and a
  hard working environment with       limited few is making me think            real asset to our company. You can
  plenty of repeat business. Here,    differently about working with            go too far of course. A local
  Jamie Miles comments on             insurers. Insurers are not the only       bodyshop to us employed Polish
  aspects of the industry that        source of work. Of course, we want        productive staff across the board
  influence how he operates and       to keep working with insurance            and got into difficulties when they
  sees the future.                    companies, but feel we have to            threatened a walk out en masse
                                      look wider and locally to safeguard       unless they got a pay rise. I think
                                      our future. The bigger shops seem         we have a good balance. They all
How has the growth of Credit Hire     to be hoovering up more insurance         have visas and lived here before
affected you?                         work. Fixed price repairs are             they started working for us. Two of
It allows us to operate with less     turning some insurers on. I’m not         them lived in London and caught
courtesy cars than before. Insurers   sure if the overall result is better or   the train to get to us for 7:30.
are now working with credit hire      worse and I don’t know if the trend       Following the trial they found a
providers. At least those that are    will continue. The industry is less       place nearby. I feel there is no
run more ethically. Some of the       stable and more unpredictable             more risk employing Polish than
approaches we have had are            than it used to be.                       English. They have a fantastic work
disgusting. One in particular that                                              ethic. A lot of energy and drive –
handles insurer first party work      How are you finding cash flow?            you should see what they eat! Not
said we would not get this work       Not too good at the moment. Some          once have I seen them down. They
unless we introduced credit hire      customers are good, others not so.        get on well with the rest of the
and personal injury cases to them.    We have to continually chase. Our         guys, so we are fortunate to have
We certainly have a growing ‘where    management system helps us                a very good team.
there is blame there is a claim’      keep track - all off one screen. We
culture and there are more and        probably spend about 24 hours a           What does the future hold?
more vultures out there ready to      month chasing outstanding debt.           Local markets is where the future
take advantage. The insurers we       This takes us away from other             is. We have always been 95%
work with seem to be switched on      work. It’s easy to say drop those         insurance, but we need to look
to this and will use the better-      that don’t pay and I think when it        further afield given the current
known credit hire suppliers. There    comes down to it we are going to          trends. It’s just good business
are obviously companies that are      have to. Most are okay, but one in        practice to keep all avenues open.
more ethical than others.             particular is quick to quote              We didn’t do this before, but we
                                      contract terms when we are                now have to. People come back to
Will the increase in crash            juggling 20 cars and they want a          us because of how we treat them –
avoidance technology mean             car collected, while they are             how helpful we are – and the
substantially less accidents?         holding our money well beyond             quality of our work. When they
I get worried when I see these        normal business terms. I think it         come back, or their friends a family
adverts, but looking at it from the   has to work both ways and if it           use us, we look to deal with their
vehicle manufacturers point of view   doesn’t work you have got to walk         insurers on reasonable terms, as
it’s really a gimmick to sell more    away.                                     we always have.
cars. They make more out of parts
sales than car sales, so I have       You say you use foreign workers.
been told, so why would they allow    How has this worked out?                    Gary can be contacted on
one market to dry up for the sake     Best thing we ever did. A couple of         0773 664 1827 or email
of another…If you look at parking     years ago we advertised
sensors, they have probably had       everywhere for skilled staff and  
some effect, although we still get    had one phone call and the guy

22 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 23A                                                                   RS 23B

                               NOW YOU HAVE
                           TWO ABRASIVE OPTIONS.
                              THEY BOTH SUCK.
                   Introducing a breakthrough abrasive product – for the ART market ONLY.
                        OPTION 1: DUSTY                                           OPTION 2: DUST-FREE
                  Why put up with it any longer?                    With new Autonet you have never had it this good.
     Why stick with the old ‘paper’ ways? After all, where you   Welcome to life after ‘paper’. With over 24,000 holes on its
    have dust, you also have health hazards, higher costs, and surface, Autonet sucks up virtually all the unwanted dust and
    the constant headache of stop-start working. It’s a massive debris as you sand. And just wait until you see the impact it’ll
          price to pay for sticking with what you know.         have on your quality finish, your workspace and your profits.

                                                                                  MIRKA. Visibly better for your business.
     It's time to see your options more clearly. With the launch of
     Autonet – a breakthrough product designed specifically for the                    Mirka Abrasives Ltd
     Auto market – you have the most powerful and cost-effective                         7 Holdom Avenue
                                                                                  Bletchley Milton Keynes
     abrasive of its kind. And for no more than the cost of a                                    MK1 1QU
     traditional paper product.                                                            T: 01908 375533
                                                                                           F: 01908 376611
         So don’t be a sucker. Be a part of a dust-free revolution instead.         E:
                       Call for a free personal demo today.                            W:

RS 23C

                                                                                                     BODY Magazine July/August 2008 23
     Stirring Things Up in                   example. It may not look it, but the   to natural rubber, so latex gloves
                                             mixing room is a potentially           may not be suitable.
     the Mixing Room                         dangerous and health threatening
                                             area.                                  Finally, when pouring and stirring
                                                                                    liquids, there’s always a possibility

                                             Obviously when dealing with            of chemicals splashing up at the
                 s part of the               solvents, it is important that the     face, where the eyes are particularly
                 occasional series of        room is well ventilated, with an       vulnerable. Goggles or face shields
                 articles exploring          extractor hood or fan located over     should be selected because safety
         occupational health and             the mixing area. Without sufficient    spectacles are not rated for
         safety in the bodyshop, this        ventilation, there’s a danger that     protection against liquid splashes.
                                             harmful levels of solvent vapour may
         month’s 3M Health Check
                                             build up. Solvent vapours in the air
         focuses on the mixing               have a narcotic effect and
         room.                               operatives may feel drowsy and
                                             uncoordinated. Operatives can
                                             become desensitised and may not
     There can be few people working in      be able to smell that the air is
     the refinishing industry who are        tainted. Solvent vapours can
     unaware of the potential hazards of     damage organs such as the liver
     paint spraying. The danger of           and kidneys.
     inhaling isocyanates when spraying
     2-pack paint has been well              In mixing situations with inadequate
     publicised. Quite rightly so, when      ventilation, a gas and vapour
     you consider that, according to the     respirator is often used to protect
     Health & Safety Executive, vehicle      operators from harmful vapours. A
     paint sprayers are a staggering 80      disposable dust respirator will not
     times more likely to develop            provide protection against vapours.
     occupational asthma than the
     average worker.

     Exposure to isocyanates can lead to
     the person becoming sensitised,                                                   If you are concerned that your
     which means that further exposure,                                               bodyshop may not be a safe
     even to very small amounts, can                                                  working environment, why not
     lead to breathing difficulties                                                   ask your local 3M
     associated with asthma. But                                                      representative to carry out a
     ironically, the emphasis on safety in                                            PPE Health Check? They will
     the spraybooth may lead to other                                                 visit your bodyshop and carry
     areas of the bodyshop being                                                      out a complete assessment of
     neglected. So whilst the paint                                                   the use of Personal Protective
     sprayer will make sure he’s well                                                 Equipment. The ‘free of charge’
     protected with an air-fed mask,         Skin protection must also be             PPE Health Check will examine
     protective equipment used during        considered. Some solvents can also       current working practices and
     other tasks in the bodyshop may be      be absorbed through the skin and         suggest where improvements
     inadequate.                             transfer into the blood and others       should be made. They can also
                                             have a “de-fatting” action on the        arrange specific PPE training
     This may go some way to explain         skin and can lead to the skin            should it be required. 3M also
     why one in ten bodyshop workers         condition psoriasis. The wearing of      provides a wide selection of
     who develop occupational asthma         the correct protective gloves and        guidance materials such as
     are not actually involved in paint      clothing is essential. But don’t         posters and brochures. RS 24
     spraying. Take the mixing room for      forget that some people are allergic

24 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 25
                                                                                          systems is Blackhawk. The company’s
                                                                                          products range from the Minipost, for
                                                                                          small specialist bodyshops, right
                                                                                          through to the Powercage, aimed at
                                                                                          large commercial vehicle repair
                                            undoubtedly changed the landscape of          facilities. However, the famous Korek ‘in
                                            damage repair work within the UK, with        floor’ pulling system remains
                                            far less heavy damage repair work being       Blackhawk’s best-selling repair system.
                                            undertaken today. This has meant an
  Made to Measure and Straighten            increased demand for chassis                  The company says this is due to the
  Top notch measuring and                   measuring and straightening equipment         Korek’s ability to act as a normal bay
  straightening kit can be the key to       that is fast to use, does not tie up floor    with a lift, as a fast pull system, or,
  success for modern bodyshops.             space and offers documented pre- and          when coupled with a Shark
  Neil Kennett looks at some of the         post-repair measurements.                     Computerised Measuring System, as a
                                                                                          powerful and accurate jig. A multi-bay
  latest options.
                                            ‘Damage Diagnosis’ Vital for Estimate Stage   Korek also helps to eliminate expensive
                                            Paul Neal, one of Power-Tec’s most            vehicle movements within the bodyshop
                                                                                          during the repair process, a point often

                                            experienced automotive collision
          hen asked about recent            damage repair technicians, says               overlooked when trying to get the most
          developments in measuring         measuring a damaged vehicle starts at         from limited floorspace.
          and straightening equipment,      the estimating stage to diagnose the
Mark Hopewell, of Farnsfield Garage in      condition of the vehicle. He comments:        Documenting the Damage & Repair
Mansfield, describes a dramatic change      “If you are not taking measurements           Russ Coad, of Automotive Equipment
in the market over the last five years,     you are just guessing at the extent of        Solutions UK (AES), says: “Measuring
saying: “Chassis straightening is           the damage. If you use a tram gauge to        systems that are capable of giving print
something we used to do a lot of, but       show your customer the physical               outs are good for documentation and so
we will not back down to insurance          evidence of a sway in the front end, he       good for PAS 125.” On the general state
companies on price. We still do             or she can at least understand why your       of the market, he says: “It is not
mechanical and accident repairs but not     estimate may be a little higher than the      particularly buoyant at them moment,
as much jig work, and we are even           guy down the road.”                           even though we try to be better value
selling our equipment.”                                                                   than comparable products.”
                                            He continues: “Better still, if you use a
Mark’s comments will chime with             digital or computer-based measuring           In addition to measuring systems such
others’ experiences. Conversely, this       system, you can print a sheet showing         as the Allvis, Allvis Light, Upperbody
trend to economic write-off has been an     the extent of the damage, compared
opportunity for many repairers to forge     with the vehicle manufacturers’
closer ties with the vehicle owner. Many    specifications.” Neal concludes:
are extremely grateful if the repairer      “Measuring and diagnosing damage
negotiates with the insurer on their        should be part of the repair procedure
behalf to save the vehicle from write-off   in returning the vehicle to its factory
to a repair using alternative               specification.”
replacement parts.
                                            Floor Space Can be Maximized
Nevertheless insurers’ use of valuation     One of the oldest names in vehicle
figures versus repair costs has             accident repair pulling and measuring


26 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                  feature continues on page 28

Laser and Monocross, and benches                repairers must
such as the Codhe MiniBench, Codhe              invest in equipment
Super Rapid and Codhe 3000, AES also            that can be
offers training and a new equipment             employed easily
calibration service.                            inside a clean
The mini bench features an integral
scissor lift with a 2500kg capacity and         For example, the all-
its adjustable sill clamps and easy             makes Globaljig
loading bench arms offer secure                 Mobile is a five
anchorage for heavy pulls. The Allvis           metre jig and
measuring software can access more              measuring system
than 5,000 vehicle data sheets from             combination that
over 70 manufacturers. The company              can be moved
says this can help decide the correct           easily around.
repair method, guarantee that the right         Masterson says:
spare parts are ordered, and increase           “Traditionally, the                                         RS 27A
the quality of estimates.                       majority of Globaljig
                                                Mobile sales were
Vehicle Value Dictates Repairability            to small
One interesting developing trend in the         independent
bodyshop industry is the strong focus on        bodyshops short on
repairs at the high performance end of          floorspace and keen
the market, where there is a lot of equity      to make best use of
in the vehicles. Jim Masterson, director        limited resources.
at Tri-Sphere, comments: “Insurers are          However, the larger
thinking more in terms of write-offs at         slice is now to high
the lower end of the market.”                   performance car
                                                repairers who still
If an Aston Martin or a Jaguar, for             want the efficiency
example, costs £80-100,000 to buy new,          that a Globaljig
insurers believe it is well worth spending      Mobile can deliver,
around 60% of the value of the car on a         but also need to
sizeable repair. A new car of that value is     exploit its flexibility
likely to include a high proportion of alloys   to maximise their
and carbon fibre in its construction, to        large investment in
enhance the styling and keep the weight         clean room
down. To work on these vehicles, body           technology.”                                                RS 27B

                                                                                                            RS 27C

                                                                          BODY Magazine    July/August 2008 27
                                                                                                                               from page 27

                                              vehicles, including those already designed
             hen choosing a major

                                              and developed, such as the new Honda            For more information about
             piece of equipment such          CRV & Mercedes C Class, will only work          chassis measuring and straightening
             as a new measuring or            on the new MZ+ System.                          equipment, use our FREE reader
  straightening system, take your             The company continues, “It is essential         information card service.
  time to survey the market. After            for every body shop using the Celette
  all, this is a hefty outlay on kit          Bracket Repair Method to purchase their         AES UK Ltd RS 28A
  that should serve you well for              own set of the NEW MZ+ Universal                Bench & Booth Ltd RS 28B
  years. With the general economic            Pistons immediately or they will be             Blackhawk RS 28C
  outlook looking less than rosy, the         unable to fit the new MZ+ Brackets, and
                                                                                              Bodyshop Solutions/Celette RS 28D
  good news for bodyshops is that             repair any of the new vehicles launched
  the time is right to drive a hard                                                           Car-O-Liner UK RS 28E
                                              in the UK. These pistons are not
  bargain on price, training and              available for rental from our Hire Centre.”     Power-Tec RS 28F
  optional extras.                                                                            Tri-Sphere/Global Jig RS 28G

  With regard to PAS 125,
  Thatcham’s position is that:
  “Chassis straightening equipment,
  as with all equipment, needs to be
  suitable and capable and relevant to
  the scope of the repair work.” BSi
  adds that the equipment at an
  approved business has to keep pace
  with any new technologies
  introduced by vehicle manufacturers.

  Expanding on this point, BSi says
  that if specialist equipment is not                                                          Friday 12th September 2008
  available on site, for example, to
  undertake repairs to structural                                                               The VBRA Charity Golf Day to be held at Moor
                                                                                                        Allerton Golf Club, Leeds.
  aluminium, these jobs can be sub-
  contracted out, subject to there                                                            Proceeds from the day will as usual be donated to
                                                                                              the VBRA Benevolent Fund, the Association's own
  being “robust agreements between                                                               charity established many years ago to assist
  the repairer and the contractor.”                                                                employees of VBRA members and former
                                                                                                members who may have fallen on hard times.

  PAS 125 also requires that all
  equipment is maintained to the
  highest possible standard, so               Free Data & Software Offer
  service plans and inspection records        P2P™ (point to point) is an affordable,                 sponsoring the Charity Raffle and
  must be available.                          computerised autobody measuring system,
                                              designed to be used with a simple tram
                                              gauge or with the latest CROSSFIRE quick
News Update                                   measure system. It can be used at the
                                              estimating stage to identify, record and
                                                                                                  sponsoring the Presentation Dinner wine

                                                                                               The following companies/organisations are also
MZ+ Alert                                     print any damage to the vehicle chassis or        supporting the event with hole sponsorship:
It has been 6 months since Bodyshop           mechanical components and then used on             Akzo Nobel Coatings Ltd; Audatex (UK) Ltd;
Solutions announced that the Celette MZ       any jig or pulling system as a repair tool to   Beta Group Ltd; BODY Magazine; Duffield Printers;
                                                                                               Enterprise rent-a-car; E Brand Automotives Ltd;
Bracket System was changing in the UK.        correctly align the vehicle and provide a            F&G Commercials Ltd; FMG Support Ltd;
The company says, “We would like to take      print out of all measured points.                Giles Insurance Brokers; Grove Motor Colours;
                                                                                                    Yell Ltd; Mex Print Ltd; Spies Hecker;
this opportunity to re-announce the new                                                         Supertune Automotive Ltd; The Trade Group;
system to those who have yet to acquire       For a                                                           VBRA Golf Society
the new MZ Pistons for their existing         limited
Celette jig bench. Our aim is to help each    period,
individual bodyshop avoid any delay in        P2P™
vehicle repair due to not being aware of      software
the new technology required.”                 and data
All new Celette brackets systems will be      £995) will
designed and manufactured to the new          be given
MZ+ Specification, which incorporates the     away FREE                                                      SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                                             ARE STILL AVAILABLE - for more
existing MZ Towers, new universal MZ          with every                                                   details contact Daphne MacLean on
pistons and the vehicle-specific unique       CROSSFIRE
                                                                                                            • Tel: 0113 253 8333 • Fax: 0113 238
bracket set. Existing brackets designed for   Quick                                                            0496 • Email:
all vehicle models prior to 2006-07 will      Measure                                                     or to make an advance reservation to
remain the same but for 2007-08 and the       System by                                                         play, contact Daphne as above.

future, all brackets for new models of        Power-Tec.
                                                                                                                                          RS 28

28 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 29A

RS 29B   RS 29C

                  BODY Magazine July/August 2008 29
                                                                                                                           New Welding Kit
                                                                                                                           • The new Cebora MIG
                                                                                                                           3240/T Pulse inverter
                                                                                                                           based synergic pulsed
Welding Training: Case Study                                                                                               compact welding power
                                                                                                                           source completes Wilkinson
It’s always great to meet enthusiasts who                                                                                  Star’s range of MIG Pulse
enjoy their work, and this story is filled                                                                                 welding power sources,
with passionate professionals.                                                                                             which includes 400A and
                                                                                                                           500A models with separate
Danny McKenna owns Mandale Bodyshop                                                                                        wire feed units and
in Keighley, West Yorkshire. As well as                                                                                    compact single phase 200A
managing this progressive body repair                                                                                      model.
business he finds time to mentor
apprentices, with help and assistance from
Keighley and District Training Association
(KADTAL). Danny is keen to encourage
young people to become successful at
work, and he will offer them opportunities
in the workplace that will challenge and                                   just for this fantastic achievement but the
motivate them.                                                             enthusiasm and professionalism that they
                                                                           demonstrated reflects well on them all.
One such recent oppor tunity presented
itself when the skilled panel technicians                                  Bob Morris has been running RPM Welding
at Mandale needed to have their welding                                    for 12 years, and confides that it is the
qualifications renewed. After consultation                                 individual delegates that keep his
with VBRA area manager Eddie Lamber t,                                     enthusiasm high. “At the end of a long
Danny asked Bob Morris of RPM Welding                                      day’s training and testing, there’s no better
to come to Keighley to conduct a day’s                                     thanks than being approached by a               • The new Murex 171,
training and re-accreditation for the                                      delegate who tells me ‘I know more now          201, and 251 Tradesmigs
skilled technicians and five young                                         that I did when we started.’ Being able to      are step regulated welding
apprentices.                                                               pass on knowledge and make someone’s            power sources for
                                                                           job easier is the fuel that keeps me going.”    MIG/MAG welding. They
Eddie takes up the stor y. “These young                                                                                    feature a built-in wire feeder
lads have only been with Danny for                                         All of Bob’s training and test days are         and their low weight makes
approximately one year and they all                                        carried out onsite at the customer’s            them highly practical for
successfully passed their BSI welding                                      premises. A training and testing day            use in body repair shops
certification for spot and MIG welding.                                    comprises approx an hour’s presentation         and for light production
They also sat an examination paper                                         when Bob explains the different metals          welding applications in
following Boron awareness training and on                                  used in vehicle construction, and the           many different industries.
top of all that undertook training on MIG                                  different welding techniques that might be      They can weld steel,
brazing.” Congratulations to them all, not                                 used during the repair process. Bob says        stainless steel and
                                                                           that the length of the introductory session     aluminium as well as
                                                                           depends on the knowledge base of                undertake MIG brazing
                                                                           delegates and how many questions they           duties.
                                                                           ask. After a multiple choice questionnaire
                                                                           to ensure that delegates have understood
                                                                           and remember the theoretical elements,
                                                                           the day moves on to practical sessions.

                                                                           Bob will start with the welding machines in
                                                                           the bodyshop, explaining how they work and
                                                                           the correct way to use them. He then
                                                                           demonstrates the different type/s of welds
                                                                           that delegates will be tested on. This can
The 5 young trainees from Mandale Bodyshop cluster around as Bob           include any combination of spot and MIG
Morris (far right) explains a point to them. They are Amir Javed, Thomas
Dean, Damian Thompson, Liam Hall and Luke Graham all successfully          welding, MIG brazing depending on what is
completed the tests.                                                       required in each particular bodyshop.

                                                                                              story continues on page 32

30 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 31A

RS 31B                 RS 31C

                                BODY Magazine July/August 2008 31
  more Welding news on page 30                                                                                               more welding news on page 34

 Welding Training: Case Study, continued from page 30
                                                                        Vehicle Manufacturer
 Once delegates are confident they’ve                                                                                      New Welding Kit
 practised their welding skills, they are                               Welding Guidelines                                 • The TEKA Caremaster
 allowed up to 3 test weld pieces, of which
 one must be submitted as their ‘exam’                                                           and the use of high       SF-W is a new BIA
 piece. Bob explains that most experienced                                                       strength steels (HSS)     European Standard
 panelbeaters have no problem passing the                                                        in vehicle body           approved static wall
 current industry-standard welding                                                               production is             mounted one way welding
 accreditation tests (BS4872 and BS1140).                                                        becoming more             fume extractor from
 “If there is a problem it may be down to                                                        prevalent. Currently      Flextraction Ltd, the
 ‘exam nerves’ but more usually I find that                                                      Ford is using hot         Melton Mowbray suppliers
 the more mature candidates may have an                                                          stamped boron, micro      and manufacturers of
 eyesight issue that has snuck up on them.                                                       alloyed, high strength    Local Exhaust Ventilation
 Once identified it’s easy to sort out.”                                                         and cold formed dual      (LEV) products for both
                                                                                                 phase steels, while       dust and fume extraction
 Bob ends by complimenting the young                                                             studies into other        in the work-place.
 trainees at Mandale Bodyshop. “It was a                                BODY asked John          grades such as X-IP, L-
 really long day and they all maintained                                Powell, Ford Accident    IP and Quiet Steel are    • 3M has introduced an
 their concentration for the duration. They                             Repair Centre            ongoing. These            improved zinc primer to
 really put a lot of effort in and this I                               Programme Manager,       materials require both    provide long lasting
 found most impressive.”                                                to tell us what help     specialist procedures     corrosion protection
                                                                        and advice on welding    and equipment when        between metal surfaces
                                                                        equipment and            being worked.             that are to be welded.
                                                                                                                           3M™ Weld Thru ll 50410
     Feeling on Top                                                     techniques is
                                                                        available to Ford        Bulletins issued by       can be used for both spot
     of the Weld!                                                       accident repair
                                                                                                 FMC, (available on        and MIG welding
                                                                                                                           applications. The highly
                                                                                                 Ford’s technical
     The new Speedglas Super Light welding                                                       system ETIS*),            concentrated coating
     shield is a pleasure to use, whether it’s                          Ford Motor Company       indicate those areas      achieves the required
     for just a few minutes a day or for longer                         has been working with    where HSS is being        coverage, without runs,
     periods, says 3M Automotive. Weighing                              the Ford Accident        used and how it           quickly and easily from an
     just 360 g, it’s 25% lighter than any
                                                                        Repair Centres           should be repaired. It    aerosol spray can.
     other Speedglas welding shield, which
     makes it comfortable enough to wear all                            (FARC's) over the last   is anticipated that
                                                                        18 months to ensure      their use will be much    3M’s July Swistek
     day if required.
                                                                        that the network is      more widespread in        recently visited Just Car
     The new Speedglas SL packs in some                                 fully equipped to deal   future vehicles.          Clinic, Nottingham where
     highly sophisticated electronics. A major                          with every aspect of                               Panel Technicians Alex
     feature is the high quality of the lens.                           the repair of Ford       Ford recommends the       Millar and Mark Ingram
     This automatically darkening liquid                                motor vehicles, in       use of an                 said: “Used and abused
     crystal lens is able to detect the welding
                                                                        terms of both            induction/inverter        it, didn’t shake or purge
     arc as it is struck, changing from light to                                                                           the aerosol nozzle and yet
     dark in less than a millisecond.                                   equipment and            spot welder. John
                                                                        training. This is        explains, “To work        it still sprays well.
                                                                        especially relevant      high strength steel, a    Delivers plenty of product
                          Other advantages are a
                             motion detector that                       when dealing with the    welder should be          quickly and efficiently,
                                 turns the filter on                    technically advanced     capable of providing a    without runs”. While Scott
                                     and off                            materials and            minimum of 10,000         Chapman and Dave
                                       automatically,                   methods involved in      amps at the tips.         Smith, Panel Beaters at
                                        a headband
                                                                        the construction of      However, Ford strongly    Stratstone Honda,
                                        with an                                                                            Mansfield commented,
                                        especially                      Ford vehicles. The       recommends for its
                                                                        new FARC Standards       premium sites the         “Better than other
                                                                        detail the minimum       purchase of a 12,000      products – there’s
                                        fit and a
 Prize                                  selection of                    specifications on        amp welder with           minimal spatter when MIG
 Give                                   shade and                       welding equipment        automatic impedance       welding, and that’s
Away!                                  sensitivity                      required in order to     to accommodate            important”.
                                      options.                          deal with this           future product
                                                                        element. Over 100 of     developments. Full
     BODY Magazine has one of these new 3M
     welding shields to give away. To enter our                         the 160 repair centres   specification details
     free draw*, simply mark RS 32 on your                              have identified areas    are available from the
     freepost reader service card and post it to                        where they had           FSE website.”
     reach us by Monday Sept 29. You can also                           shortfalls, and have
     email to enter.                                    now invested heavily     * Further information
                                                                        in new equipment to      on the Ford ETIS
     *The editor’s decision is final; no correspondence entered into.
                                                                        meet the new             system can be found
                                                                        standards.               on
  The Welding Institute has re-newed its
                                                                                                 There is also a Ford
  website, to give users a better search                                The complexity of        technical helpline that
  capability.                                             vehicle construction     can be rung, for a fee.

 32 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 33A   RS 33B

RS 33C

                  BODY Magazine July/August 2008 33
                                                                                                      more Welding news on page 32

    The Welding Hotline
    Whilst much has been written on the      welding as soon as possible to stop
    subject of welding in the vehicle        the aluminium re-oxidising –
    repair industry there still seems to     compromising the quality of the weld.
    be a few uncertainties. To explore the
    matter we asked welding equipment        Also, aluminium is a good thermal
    specialists, and VBRA member,            conductor, so as you weld you’re
    Butters AMT which questions are          creating a kind of thermal ‘bow wave’
    keeping its technical support line       which could cause a blow through
    busy.                                    towards the end of the run. Heat is
                                             also an important issue when
    BODY: What is the most common            welding boron-coated steels, as too
    question you get asked?                  much heat will damage the protective
                                             coating around the welded area and
    Bob Burns (Butters AMT’s Managing        affect the molecular structure of the      control have come about to meet
    Director): “How do I get the power       steel. Again, you’ve got to be able to     the requirements of the industry,
    down?” Most people purchase a            throttle back the power, and inverter-     such as the new materials we spoke
    welding machine based on its             based pulse synergic machines are          about earlier. Yes we do receive
    ‘maximum’ capabilities – the thickest    the best way to go.                        calls from users who think that,
    metal it can weld, its highest output                                               because a machine’s got numerous
    power, and so on. They seldom think      BODY: Are the new materials                dials and switches, that they should
    about how, when welding thin             presenting other problems?                 be able to make perfect welds.
    materials or when brazing, it is                                                    However, synergic machines are now
    necessary to cut right back on the       Bob Burns: Yes. Wire-feeding               available with an ‘Auto’ mode, in
    power. For example, most MIGs can        aluminium is not without its               which the user simply sets the type
    take 0.6mm wire but the output           challenges, and many people phone          of material to be welded, the wire
    voltage of the machine will always be    in saying they’re having problems          diameter, the type of gas to be
    about 17V, and the lowest current        with jamming. For welding aluminium        used, and the desired output voltage
    will be about 30A. In some cases         it’s essential to use U-profiled rollers   (in accordance with the thickness of
    that’s still too much power, and         rather than the V-profiled ones used       the material to be welded). The
    therefore heat, to put into a weld for   for other metals. Aluminium is soft        machine then automatically sets the
    thin metal.                              and V-shaped rollers can change the        wire feed speed and, once welding
                                             profile of the wire from round to          commences, it is automatically
    BODY: What are the options?              (going on) triangular, which jams in       regulated to maintain a constant arc
                                             the nozzle. Other things needed for        length. Further, any change in
    Bob Burns: We recommend the use of       trouble-free aluminium welding             required output, i.e. increasing or
    inverter-based pulse synergic            include a Teflon liner, a brass outer      decreasing power, is done through
    machines because the output voltage      guide tube and a special-purpose           one dial.
    can be as low as 13V and the current     torch tip – all of which tend to be
    range can start as low as 5A. These      available in off-the-shelf ‘MIG            BODY: It sounds like some of the
    machines are still capable of welding    Aluminium welding accessory kits’.         calls you receive should have been
    thicker material though, up to 10mm                                                 made before purchases were made.
    in fact, so are ideal for use in any     BODY: Is the actual workshop
    automotive workshop where there’ll       environment sometimes an issue?            Bob Burns: A few, yes, but not many
    be a mix of chassis and body work.                                                  considering the number of users of
    They’re not expensive either.            Bob Burns: The distance between the        Butters AMT equipment. When we
                                             welding power source and work piece        do get calls, which (yes) should have
    BODY: Talking of body work, do you       can be. The furthest you can go            been made pre-purchase, they tend
    get asked about the welding of high      without wire feed problems will be         to be because initial product
    strength steels and aluminium - and      about 3 metres. Spool-on-gun, where        selection was based on price, or the
    if so what problems are people           the reel is part of the torch unit, can    buyer wanted to take advantage of a
    facing?                                  extend your working radius to about 6      special offer or promotion a
                                             metres, and a push-pull system will        distributor was running. In such
    Bob Burns: Where aluminium is            extend it to about 8 metres.               instances the user went in thinking
    concerned, nine times out of ten it’s                                               they were buying a welding machine,
    a preparation issue. Aluminium           BODY: Within the industry there are        end of story. In reality, they were
    oxidises very quickly – about 10         skills shortages, yet welding              seeking the ability to perform,
    minutes in normal indoor                 machines seem to be getting                quickly and efficiently, a variety of
    atmospheric conditions. Repairers        increasingly complex: are people           welding and brazing tasks. As
    need to expose bare metal (ideally       struggling with all the controls?          mentioned, of the calls we do get,
    using a stainless steel wire brush -                                                cutting back on the heat tends to
    which will expose bare metal without     Bob Burns: To a fair degree the            be, and pardon the pun, the hottest
    contamination) and commence              increasing complexity and levels of        topic.

34 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                         R.P.M. Welding Consultants
                         Quality through training since 1997
                         On Site Certification
                                                  We are pleased to assist
             BS 4872 Mig Welding                  over 1000 Body shops
                                                  with their certification and
                                                  have issued in excess of
             BS 1140 Spotwelding
                                                  4500 certificates to panel
                                                  technicians plus over 45
             Mig Brazing                          bodyshops assisted to
                                                  achieve PAS 125.
             HSS/UHSS & Boron
                                                  We do not sell or service
             Gas welding                          welding equipment and
             equipment                            our advice is totally
             Safety Certificate                   impartial.

           Below is a sample of the companies that we
           are pleased to be associated with:
                  Ashley Associates                East Bilney Coachworks.
                  (Wakefield)                      Alton Cars Group.
                  D Harris Consultants             Nationwide Crash Repair.
                  Corporate Audit Solutions        Mandale Bodyshop Ltd
                  Cars QA                          Exway Coachworks Group
                  Bodyshop Dynamics                Sewards Group

           Tel 01604 767963 Fax 01604 463582
RS 35A   RS 35B

RS 35C

                                              BODY Magazine July/August 2008 35
                                                       vehicles were chosen for no better reason     EU Votes for Intelligent Cars
                                                       than that Thatcham had them ‘in stock’.       On 19 June 2008, the European
                                                       The following ‘repairs’ were made to each     Parliament voted almost unanimously in
Crash Tests on Repaired Vehicles                       vehicle, although it needs to be pointed      favour of MEP Zita Gurmai's report on
                                                       out that the vehicles weren’t damaged         Intelligent Cars. Out of 428 votes cast,

      t their FOCUS exhibition in June,                before they were repaired. Crashing them,     417 were in favour, 6 against and 5
      Thatcham displayed 2 repaired                    then repairing them, then crashing them       abstentions. This demonstrates
      vehicles that had been crash                     again was deemed impractical (can’t           overwhelming support from MEPs to the
tested. An analysis of how the vehicles                control the effects of the first crash),      Commission's Intelligent Car Initiative,
performed during the crash is now being                expensive and unnecessary as the              which aims at safer, smarter and
performed by Thatcham’s engineering                    primary aim was to analyse the joining        greener cars. This includes the inclusion
team and results will be available soon.               technology integrity under crash stress -     of eCall technology in new vehicles –
                                                       rather than Thatcham engineering              which means that if involved in a crash,
                                                       technician’s repair prowess.                  the car automatically calls the
                                                                                                     emergency services giving details of
                                                       The crash simulation replicated standard      location, crash speed etc. Vodafone is
                                                       EuroNCAP testing as closely as possible       the first mobile phone network operator
                                                       although a notable difference was the         to sign up to the eCall memorandum of
                                                       fact that the Thatcham vehicles were right    understanding.
                                                       hand drive and EuroNCAP usually tests
                                                       left hand drive vehicles. The Golf and
                                                       Vectra had their B posts replaced and           In Brief
                                                       then suffered side impacts from a 950 kg        • TMD Friction warn that fitting brake pads
                                                       barrier positioned 300mm from the               and discs on electronic parking brakes
                                                       ground ie just above the sill impacting at      while possible must be carried out correctly
                                                       50kms/hour. The Astra was hit on the            to avoid caliper damage.
                                                       right front end after it had a chassis leg
                                                                                                       • Mazda has started public road trials of its
                                                       and wing replacement performed.                 advanced safety vehicle, Mazda ASV-4. The
                                                                                                       system uses vehicle-to-vehicle
                                                       Crash test dummies (SID) were used and          communications to alert drivers of
                                                       their ‘blood’ can be seen on the interior       oncoming vehicles where visibility is limited.
                                                       shot on the airbags (pictured).
                                                       Measurements from the dummies are               • Toyota has developed a new [hydrogen]
                                                       recorded during the impact and these are        fuel cell hybrid vehicle that travels more
                                                                                                       than double the distance of its predecessor
Thatcham commissioned the tests, at                    a vital part of the post-crash data that
                                                                                                       model, increasing the maximum cruising
MIRA, primarily to see how currently                   indicates how well the vehicle performs         range from 205 miles to 515 miles. Fuel
recommended joining technologies stood                 under crash stresses.                           efficiency was improved by 25% through
up under the forces of a crash.                                                                        improving fuel cell unit performance,
                                                       Thatcham staff told BODY that on initial        enhancing the regenerative brake system
The vehicles used in the crash testing                 assessment the vehicles and their repairs       and reducing energy consumed by the
were a 2004 VW Golf, a 2004 Vauxhall                   had all performed very well and looked to       auxiliary system.
Vectra and a similar aged Astra. These                 be within acceptable safety parameters.
                                                                                                       • A new system from car parts and
                                                                                                       logistics giant Unipart will automatically
Cool Black Pigments                                                                                    alert police if a car is involved in a serious
Drivers who can’t find a shady parking spot in the middle of summer know what to expect: the black     accident or is stolen. Called Neo-Trac, the
instrument panel, seats and steering wheel grow unbearably hot in the scorching sun. Dark              sophisticated black box pinpoints the exact
surfaces attract the heat, but light surfaces remain distinctly cooler. The reason: dark surfaces      position of the vehicle using satellite
absorb the sunlight and convert it into heat, while light surfaces reflect most of the incoming        tracking, linked with computerised mapping.
energy. Although these physical principles at first appear unalterable, innovative pigments from
BASF nevertheless make it possible for surfaces to heat up much less in the sun despite their dark     • Volkswagen has launched a new website
color: Paliogen® Black, Lumogen® Black and Sicopal® Black.                                    that gives their
                                                                                                       vision of motoring 20 years from now.
In contrast to carbon black, the standard black pigments, they reflect most of the invisible near
infrared (NIR) radiation, which accounts for more than 50% of the total incident solar energy. “In     • Iveco has delivered 10 diesel-electric
practical trials, the lower NIR absorption compared to other black pigments results in a               hybrid Daily vans to FedEx Express as part
temperature decrease of up to 20°C on the surface,” says Ruth Bauer.                                   of an extended field evaluation

So far the pigments have been used used in automotive components such as the leather seats of          • TRW has developed a compact airbag
the new BMW Cabrio. There are many applications for these “cool paints”, ranging from building         module for knee protection that combines
roofs through facades to metal containers for international shipping traffic. And their use is not     airbag performance with reduced weight
restricted to coatings, because the pigments are also suitable for coloring plastics.                  and dimensions.

36 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                                               News Business

Finance Clinic
                                         Be clear with Ts & Cs – if your
    James Anthony, head of               business terms are seven days or
    Bibby Financial Services’            30 days, make it clear. Set out your        Experian Analysis Q2
    Bodyshop Finance division            terms of trade early on in the              Experian data shows that during the
    offers advice to BODY                relationship and include them with          second quarter of 2008
    readers.                             order confirmations and invoices.
                                                                                     • the number of automotive
                                         Always check your invoices – avoid            companies going bust rose by
                                         invoices being returned unopened              30.9%, compared to the same
                                         by addressing them to the correct             period in 2007. 72 automotive
                                         department and a named individual             businesses failed during April,
                                         if possible, including details of the         May and June.
                                         job, a purchase order number, the           • 15 companies in the insurance
                                         correct amount, your business                 industry failed; +36.4% compared
                                         terms and a date.                             to the same period in 2007.

                                         Send that invoice, don’t put it off         ID Fraud Risk
                                         – issue invoices immediately on             Directors of commercial companies
                                         completion of the job and follow            with more than 50 employees are
                                         them up with a phone call to check          almost five-and-a-half times more
                                         if they’ve been received and that all       likely to become victims of identity
                                         details are correct.                        fraud than the average UK resident,
                                                                                     according to Experian®, the global
                                         Be strict with credit control – don’t       information services company.
                                         be afraid to adopt a follow up              Compared to the national average,
 Q Peaks and troughs in cashflow
       are a day-to-day occurrence for   system that involves issuing                directors of smaller companies are
my bodyshop whilst I wait for            statements and reminder invoices.           almost two-and-a-half times more
payments. But with weekly wages to       Call your customers if their                likely to become identity fraud
pay, I am increasingly relying on my     payments are late.                          victims.
bank overdraft and personal savings
to keep my head above water. Short       Take stock – plan ahead and don’t           Approach from Accident
of a radical overhaul of my finances,    hold too much stock. Holding stock          Management Company
is there anything I can do to help       costs money.                                VBRA members have been
tighten up my financial systems?         Investigate the possibility of more         approached by the Auto Accident
                                         frequent deliveries from suppliers          Repair Club UK, who are offering
      In the long term, it is best to    so that stock levels                        15 mile radius territories, for a fee.
A     review your finances and           can be kept to a minimum.                   As always, VBRA advises members
check you are using the most                                                         to check the facts carefully before
appropriate form of finance for your     Manage your suppliers – shop                signing up to any commercial
bodyshop. As well as considering         around to make sure you are getting         agreement. Further advice to
conventional forms of funding such       the best deal.                              members is available from area
as bank loans and overdrafts,            Try to negotiate longer credit terms        managers.
alternative forms of funding, such       and volume discounts to free up
as invoice finance and specialist        more cash to reinvest                       Act to Claw Back Rising Costs
sector solutions can significantly       in the business.                            Aidan Minogue, Managing Director,
improve your cashflow. In addition,                                                  Circle Leasing comments on the
it can minimise the chance of non-       Keep people in the picture –                current economic climate:
payment of invoices from your            remember to communicate with all
customers and provide bad debt           the key people involved in your             ‘Bodyshops must press harder with
protection that will cover the           business including your bank                their work providers for some
business in the event that one of        manager, suppliers and customers.           mitigation (on rising costs eg raw
your customers is unable to pay.         If you tackle issues early on they          materials, energy) as to do nothing
However, here are some simple            won’t develop into business                 cannot be an option. As many
tips to keep the cash flowing in the     problems later.                             insurers are bank owned they have
meanwhile.                                                                           plenty of reliable data to
                                         Keep the cash flowing – review              independently support the genuine
Credit check your customers –            your funding to ensure that it is still     pressures that are befalling all
always run a credit check before         meeting the needs of your business. It      businesses. This [poor economic]
entering into any business               may be beneficial to take a fresh look at   climate will continue well into
relationship. Aim to only trade with     the alternative solutions available.        2009. Sadly many businesses
companies that you know are not          Specialist solutions such as Bibby          won’t make it through particularly
only creditworthy, but also have a       Financial Services’ Bodyshop Finance        those that are highly borrowed or
good track record of paying their        Package is one such solution that can       where returns are already
bills. It may also help to set your      guarantee your business has a flexible      marginal.”
customers realistic credit limits.       ongoing supply of working capital.

                                                                                         BODY Magazine     July/August 2008 37
SMART News    SMART Tech GB Ltd

Wheely Perfect

  S      potting a gap in the
         market, Steve Edwards
         set up SMART Tech GB
  Ltd, a company that aims to
  assist smart repairers who want
  to offer a high quality alloy
  wheel repair and refurbishment
  service in their area.

Steve has been running his own smart         input into the features they incorporated     different materials to put together a first
repair business for the last 8 years,        in the refreshed design. They made it         class Smart Tech branded package of
currently operating 6 vans in and around     smaller so it was truly portable, yet still   cleaners, preparation products, paint and
the Swansea area. “Over the last few         offered the technician easy access to all     lacquers that do the job and don’t break
years there’s been a huge growth in the      parts of the wheel. Smart Tech has the        down at the first sight of wheel acid or
number of vehicles with alloy wheels as      exclusive rights to import and supply the     steam cleaners.
standard fit. This offers great              equipment to the UK. I have been able
opportunities for SMART repairers, if                                                                              Big Job for One
you’ve got the right equipment and                                                                                  Steve continues,
consumables.                                                                                                        “Whilst I was
                                                                                                                    working on the kit,
No Proper Tools for the Job                                                                                         I found I needed
I was not satisfied with the equipment                                                                              assistance to
available to the mobile Smart repairer; it                                                                           help me get the
just didn’t make the job easy and the                                                                                new business up
quality of the finish was often not what                                                                             and running. An
the customer expected. Twelve months                                                                                 old friend was
ago I decided to thoroughly investigate                                                                              just retiring from
the market to find out just what repair                                                                               the Welsh police
equipment and consumables were                                                                                        service, and was
available. I found only one machine that                                                                              looking for a
I thought offered the capabilities and                                                                                 challenge. I was
ease of use that I was after, and it was                                                                               thrilled when
designed and made in the US. At the                                                                                    Steve Gallagher
time they were re-designing their wheel                                                                                joined me as a
repair kit so I was able to have some                                                                                   partner in
                                                                                           launching the company. He’s helped us
                                             to improve the ergonomics further by          win a grant from the Welsh Development
                                             designing a work station that allows the      Agency, which has allowed us to
                                             technician a more comfortable working         purchase a workshop on a new business
                                             position bringing all the tooling and         park (reclaimed land on the old BP site).
                                             consumables to the job, thus allowing         As well as offices, it incorporates our
                                             the job to be done in one process whilst      training centre”.
                                             the wheel is on the car”
                                                                                           Supporting Franchisees
                                             Paint and Consumables Research                Training of course is a vital element in
                                             The other big area that needed                the success of the business. “We
                                             improvement was the consumables used          recognize that new franchisees will need
                                             in the refurbishment process. Steve           extensive training in product use and
                                             explains, “Most, like the tooling were        repair/refurb techniques. We’ll be
                                             actually designed for some other process      offering franchisees extensive training in
                                             and ‘adapted’ to fit the wheel repairers’     the new centre, and they’ll also be able
                                             needs. I’ve met with a number of paint        to benefit from our experience both on
                                             and consumable makers, trying out their       the road and in management.”

                                                The SMART Tech GB franchises are being offered on an exclusive
                                                geographical territory basis, with start up packages beginning at £12995 +
                                                VAT. For more information use RS 38A.

38 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 39A

RS 39B   RS 39C

RS 39D

           BODY Magazine July/August 2008 39
                                                                                                  News In Brief
                                         Tools                                               • A limited edition exclusive line of
                                                                                             special colours for BASF Coatingsʼ
                                         Chicago Pneumatic has recently added more           R-M brand will be introduced to their
Equipment                                than 500 individual sockets and 16 new sets         Carizzma Premium paints range. The
                                         to its socket line, offering a total of 44 socket   new environmentally friendly
Smart Colour Matcher                     sets and 774 impact sockets. Also new to the        waterborne basecoat, ʼFooseʼ line will
                                         range are the thin-wall wheel and nut               be available later in the year. RS 40F
Akzo Nobel Sikkens has developed         protector sockets.
                                                                                             • Manheim CV Live has continued to
a new hand-held colour matching
tool, the Sikkens Automatchic 3.                                                  New        attract record numbers of bids and
The device is easy to operate and                                                            record prices. CV Live allows buyers to
                                                                                             bid and buy vans remotely. RS 40G
calibration takes seconds. A low
calibration interval ensures that the
                                                                                             • Claimwatch has introduced online
tool is always ready to use. Finding                                                         video advertising within its award-
colours is straightforward, it ʻreadsʼ                                                       winning web based repair tracking
the colour and then automatically                                                            system. Steve Wheele, Managing
searches for the closest formula,                                                            Director of ClaimWatch Ltd,
even if the colour code is not                                                    RS 40C     commented, “ClaimWatch video
available.                                                                                   streaming allows for targeted
                                                                                             advertising to reach a captive, and
“The right colour match is at the        A Quick Round                                       almost guaranteed, audience.
heart of every successful paint job.                                                         ClaimWatch is a proven and popular
                                                           Eclipse has introduced the
With the new Automatic 3, our                                                                product and these web pages enjoy an
                                                            Plus 30 holesaw range
customers have access to the very                                                            extremely high hit rate with the drivers
                                                               for quick and accurate        who naturally want to view their
latest in lab-quality colour
                                                                 hole cutting. It is         vehicles repair status online. Our
matching technology - making a
                                                                  designed to offer a        statistics show that, for every three
seamless match quick and easy,”
                                                                   sharper, more             texts sent, the ClaimWatch system
commented Laura Taylor,
                                                                   precise and faster        enjoys an average of two hits to the
Sikkens Product Manager.
                                                                    cut. The M2 high         tracking pages.” RS 40H
                                                                   speed steel blade is
                                                            highly wear resistant so         • Euro Car Parts now offer an
                                                      stays sharp for longer, giving         extensive Asian range, and has over
                                         prolonged cutting performance. Available in         100 Asian car experts in its expanding
                                         diameters from 14mm up to 152mm. RS 40D             branch network across the uk. The
                                                                                             increased Mikayo filtration range offers
                                                                                             OE quality oil, air, fuel and cabin filters
                                         Simpler, Quicker, Safer                             with over 100 brand new references
                                                                                             covering many of the latest
                                         The new Control Arm Repair Tool from                applications. RS 40I
                                         Serenco (UK) Ltd is designed to save money,
                                         time and more importantly avoid injuries            • UK Batteries has been appointed as
                                         when removing/installing passenger and light        the exclusive UK distributor of
                             RS 40A
                                         commercial vehicle suspension units.                Energizer products. RS 40J

                                         A simple yet effective idea that ensures a          • Sealey has launched their Garage
 Weighing Solution                       dedicated tool is used for the task. A demo
                                         video is available to view on their website.
                                                                                             and Workshop promotion with offers
                                                                                             available until 30th September. Prices
 Tecalemit has launched its                                                                  have been slashed on a diverse range
 new ultra light vehicle weighing                                                            of products including; jacks,
 technology, the AFX-100. With           New                                                 compressors and welders. Promotion
 plates weighing just 10kg it is                                                             news and catalogue available. RS 40K
 portable, highly robust, simple
 to use and is ideal for on-site                                                             • GEA Members Hytek are launching
 or roadside weighing of cars,                                                               a comprehensive workshop and
 vans and trucks. Tecalemit say                                                              lubrication equipment range for the
 the AFX-100 will ensure                                                                     motor trade, which is detailed in a new
                                                                                             catalogue. Popular items include a
 vehicle fleets are road legal
                                                                                             hose end oil meter, which is suitable
 and operate at maximum
                                                                                             for use with lubricating oils. RS 40L
 efficiency.                RS 40B                                               RS 40E

40 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
RS 41

        At Call Zebra we value our network partners more
        than anything. We're a part of your team and we'll
        work hard to make that team a success, building your
        reputation, increasing your recommendations and
        delivering real results.

        That's why we provide all our network partners with
        FREE business development training and support.

        To find out more about how Call Zebra can help your
        company win more business contact Darren Gilling
        on 0844 249 3396.

        T I M E TO B E H E A R D !
        T H E C A L L Z E B R A F O RU M I S N OW L I V E AT
        w w w. c a l l z e b r a . c o . u k / f o r u m . p h p

        08000 932727
REGULAR      Product News

Refinish                                          Diagnostics
                                                                                           Prize Give-Away!
New Size Mixing Base                              Hand Held Scope                          Sealey has launched a new          New
Standox mixing bases will soon be                 Serenco (UK) has launched a new          range of LED torches with
available in larger sizes. 394 Fine               hand held inspection scope               Magnetic Pick-Up Tool. The new
Silver, 313 Moondust Silver and 390               suitable for a host of applications.     torch alleviates the need for having
Silver Dollar Fine will be available in           It is possible to take photographs       2 individual tools. The LEDs have up
3.5 litre packs. The move takes place             or videos and store them on a            to 100,000hr life, and the range
gradually over the next few months                512mb SD card or download them           features 2 models; LED005 has a
as stocks are used up. Current                    on to a laptop. The unit features a      magnetic pick-up of 0.5kg and the
Standox mixing schemes have                       colour 3.5” TFT screen, an auto          LED006 has 1.3kg. Both are
space for the new sizes without                   focusing camera from 1.5cm –             supplied with 4 x LR44 batteries and
modification, and only three larger               10cm, a 1m long, 5.5mm diameter          are available in either black, red or
mixing paddles and lids need to be                flexible shaft (alternative shafts are   blue.
fitted.                          RS 42A           available up to 30m in length), 4 x
                                                  high output (fully adjustable) white
                                                  LED illumination, 1 each 35o, 45o
                                                  and 60o screw-on mirrors, onboard
                                                  batteries giving approximately 4
                                                  hours run-time and a two hour
                                                  charger, all supplied in a metal

                                                                                RS 42B     Sealey has kindly offered a number
                                                                                           of these torches for lucky BODY
                                                                                           readers. To be included in the prize
                                                                                           draw, simply fill out your details on
     High Performance Abrasive                                                             the Reader Service card and return
     New from SIA is their 1950 siaspeed siafast, a                              New       to BODY Magazine. Closing date for
                                                                                           entries to be received by 22/09/08.
     high performance abrasive, available in sheets
                                                                                           RS 42
     or discs. The stearate coating greatly reduces
     clogging of the abrasive, resulting in a far longer                                   The Editor’s decision is final, and no correspondence
     service life. The abrasive gives a consistent,                                        will be entered into.
     uniform finish and a full grit range from 40-600 is
     available.                                                              RS 42C
                                                                                                 News In Brief
Panel Shop                                                                                 • MaxMeyer has extended its
                                                                                           compliant product range with the
Technicians Can Save Time & Money                                                          launch of the new 2:1 HS Clear
                                                                                           1.360.0300. To support the launch of
Chicago Pneumatic has engineered an industry tool that offers 2” grinding and 2”
                                                                                           this clearcoat, two new dedicated
cutting capabilites. The two-in-one CP7500D is the perfect tool for grinding in tight
                                                                                           hardeners are also available,
spaces, weld smoothing, repairing bumpers, or cutting in hard-to-reach areas. It
                                                                                           developed for use over waterborne
features a full 180 degree protective guard, a rubber handle grip for extra comfort
                                                                                           basecoats. Available in 5 litre packs
and a safety lock-off throttle, for enhanced safety.
                                                                                           and the hardeners in 2.5 litre packs.
The CP7500D can be
used with 60, 80, or                                                            BODY t:    RS 42E
120 grit grinding                                                            Test Prolts
                                                                                Resu       • Kimberley Clark has launched two
wheels and is the                                                                 Soon
                                                                                           new protective glove designs.
only tool on the
                                                                                           Kleenguard G10 Grey Nitrile gloves
market able to fit
                                                                                           offer the wearer the characteristics of
both 2”
                                                                                           latex gloves, whilst maintaining all the
                                                                                           protection of Nitrile, a synthetic
                                                                                           replacement for rubber. Kleenguard
                                                                                           G50 Mechanics gloves offer improved
                                                                                           protection with added comfort and
and 2” flat
                                                                                           style. RS 42F
wheels.                                                                      RS 42D

42    July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                            RS 43

Pro-Spray® H20 Waterborne Basecoat is the Ultimate in
    Waterborne Refinishing Technology and Value.
                  • Advanced Resin technology.
                       • Amazing colour match, coverage and blending.
                          • Proven performance and experience.

                                 Pro-Spray® H2O’s premium system of 65
                                  shake-and-pour toners delivers over 49,000
                                  formulas, making Pro-Spray® H2O one of the most
                                  comprehensive waterborne systems available.
                                  From undercoats to clearcoats, we offer a
                                 complete compliant system.

                            Body shops in Europe and North
                         America have successfully made
                     the transition to Pro-Spray® H2O.
           Call us to see how we can help you.

Pro-Spray Automotive Finishes Limited
Whitehall Industrial Estate Cambridge Road Croxton St Neots Cambs PE19 6SS
Tel: 0044 (0) 1480 880035 / 880100 Fax: 0044 (0) 1480 880108 Email:
    VBRA Members
    Celebrating 50 Years
              eaching a 50 year anniversary is
              mightily impressive and these
              companies are to be congratulated on
     achieving such a venerable milestone. No doubt
     when they first joined the VBRA in 1958 they
     were all pioneers in their field. Such pioneering
     spirit has no doubt helped them all evolve in                                                                            R F Brazier &
     different ways to meet changing customer                                                                                  Bournemouth
     requirements and survive and prosper during
     the ensuing 50 years.

                                                                               P & E Ltd
                                                                       Belfast, Northern Ireland

                                                                                                                 Fred Smith & Sons (Motor
                                                                                                                      West Bromwich, West M

                         K & I Ltd
                      Dalkeith, Lothian
             Certificate accepted by John Law

                                                                    Albert Jagger Ltd
                                                                  Walsall, West Midlands
                                                         Certificate presented to John Wallaston

                                                                                                        Ellis & Son
                                                                                                   (Vehicle Builders) Ltd
                                                                                                      Tonbridge, Kent

               William Marston Ltd
            Birmingham, West Midlands
     Certificate presented to Claire Hodgkiss              Richard Wilkinson & Sons
                                                              Clitheroe, Lancashire

44 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
                                                                                                    Fosters Commercials Ltd
                               Wrights Coachworks Ltd                                                  Preston, Lancashire
& Son Ltd
                                   Rochester, Kent
h, Dorset
                        Russell Davis & Sean Barnes with staff

                                                                                                                               Dents ARC Ltd
                                Osborne Motor Bodies Ltd                                                                       Middlesbrough,
                                   Saffron Walden, Essex                                                                         Cleveland
                                   Owner Mr A Osborne
r Bodies) Ltd

                                                                                          McComb Coachwork Ltd
                                                                                           Tattersall, Lincolnshire
                                                                                      Simon Knaggs receiving certificate

                             Lawton Motor
                         Bodybuilding Co Ltd
                          Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs

      James Conn
   Aberdeen, Grampian                                                RS Dawes                                  Adamsons Crash Repair Centre
                                                                   Gravesend, Kent                                  Oldham, Lancashire
                                                                 Owner Mr Jeff Dawe
                                                                                                               BODY Magazine July/August 2008 45
                                                                                        • VBRA director general Malcolm Tagg
                         In Print                                                       contributed to a Motor Trader feature on body
                                                                                        repair. He said:
                         It is never easy to maintain a
                         constant stream of press                                       “Challenges facing bodyshops continue
                         coverage, and on a slim budget                                 unabated. Proprietors not already
                         you have to be extra creative to                               “businessmen” are fast having to adopt that
                         get a mention. Of late VBRA has                                mantle to cope with the onslaught of change!
                         had some great successes,                                      Here’s a snapshot of just a few issues at the
                         appearing in a wide range of                                   forefront of Members’ minds.
                         trade publications.
                                                                PAS 125
                                                                VBRA’s views on PAS are well known. We’ve supported members
                                                                who’ve decided against its adoption and we’ve supported those
                                                                who’ve decided to travel that route. To some it is an excellent
                                                                business discipline which ultimately benefits their business and to
                                                                some it is an imposition they deplore. Certainly the sector is having
                                                                to overtly demonstrate improved professionalism. Kitemark runs a
                                                                risk of becoming self perpetuating with all the costs it brings based
                                                                mainly on fear of losing contracts – a bit like signing a blank cheque -
                                                                business control nestles ever more firmly in the hands of others!

                                                                Modern Materials
                         • David Blenkinsop, owner of           Given VBRA efforts and general publicity few repairers must be
                         Bodywork Direct, Co Durham and         unaware of Boron, UHSS and the like. Many have used VBRA
                         National Repairers Council             awareness training courses to upskill. Joining technologies are
                         member recently featured in Circle     becoming more complex; the impact of modern adhesive technology
                         Leasing’s customer newsletter.         is only just beginning. A key future issue will be an ability to properly
                         They asked him:                        assess the extent of damage through new investigative equipment to
                                                                virtually visualise what they cannot actually see! More cost!
                         ‘How’s business at the moment?’
                         Very busy, all year round. We sit in   Dirrection of Work
                         a really good position                                                                    An issue for many.
                         geographically.                                                                           Those who have it and
                                                                                                                   are happy with it are
                         What are your significant business                                                        vulnerable to changes
                         concerns?                                                                                 in Insurer thinking
 VBRA                    Profit, but that has to be a concern                                                      unless they carefully
 Head                    to all bodyshops. Larger chains are                                                       control exposure to
                                                                                                                   any one provider - as
 Office                  doing deals with insurance
                                                                                                                   evidence by the
                         companies to gain large volumes
                         of work. We have invested                                                                 numbers of repairers
  0113 253 8333
                         heavily…have an excellent                                                                 now devoid of large
                         business and are working towards                                                          tranches of their work
  0113 238 0496
                         PAS 125 BSI Kitemark. I hope                                                              through a realignment
                         everything we are doing and have                                                          of thinking by the likes
                         done to stay ahead pays off.           of RBS and Zurich. Those who don’t have it can be surprisingly happy
       Web:              Loyalty seems to be a forgotten        they don’t have it BUT are very concerned at the blatant ignorance of
                         word these days. We just have to       customers rights to choose their own repairers by insurers who’s
   Office Hours:         hope we have what it takes to          staff act as if they’ll be penalised for allowing a repair to go outside
 8.30am - 4.30pm
                         succeed. I could wake up tomorrow      the approved networks. We are currently working with some of our
  Monday - Friday
                         and find a new ‘super shop’ being      European counterparts with the EC competition authorities on this
                         built on my doorstep.                  matter – but being Europe the likelihood of a quick fix is remote!”
   Member Services
        Pat or Liz
  Tel: 0113 253 8333
                         What specific steps are based on                                • Ron Cocker wrote about Whole Vehicle Type
  AREA MANAGERS          ‘efficiency’?                                                   Approval for Equi-Ads Magazine. He outlined
    West Midlands,
                         When people first talk about                                    the considerations that horsebox builders
  West & SW England
                         efficiency, what first springs to                               would have to work to under the new EU WVTA
       John Barrett
  Tel: 0777 629 4745     mind is staff efficiency, but                                   regime. VBRA members really got behind the
                         usually the building is the most                                feature and supported it heavily with
 North West England,
       Isle of Man
                         inefficient part of the operation,                              advertising.
    Gerry Braddock
 Tel: 0777 629 4744      which many people overlook.
                         Taking into account the cost of        • Automotive Management picked up the VBRA’s press release on
  South East England
                         running a functioning building, if     their Whole Vehicle Type Approval Toolkit for bodybuilder members but
     John Morecroft
  Tel: 0777 629 4746
                         we are only open 12 hours a day        Malcolm Tagg was less than impressed with their sub-editing, which
 North & East England,   that makes our building only 50%       made the story out to be doom and gloom. “Take the article for what
   N.Ireland, Scotland
                         efficient. We are now open 24          it is – a raising of awareness but our view is not as bleak as the
     Eddie Lambert
                         hours a day.                           picture it seems to paint – but then they must have a contentious
  Tel: 0796 256 4121
                                                                headline as a starting point.”

46 July/August 2008 BODY Magazine
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AES                                29             3.5% CHARGE                                                               Drying Equipment & Techniques
                                                                                         tel: 0208 452 4201 or                    for painted surfaces
AES                                31            24 HR. PAYMENT
                                                                                          0778 537 7799 24hr
BWS                                31             GUARANTEED                                                                          Sprayguns
                                                                                          fax: 0208 208 1965
Bench & Booth Ltd                  29    Tel: Leeds 0113 204 0119                    email:      Bodyshop Management Systems
Bibby Financial Services           15                                       RS 51A                             RS 51B           Dust & Fume Extraction
Bradleys SMART                     39                                                                                          Windscreen & Door glass
Butters                            31                                                                                          replacement techniques &
Brian Camp Support Ltd             07                                                                                                 equipment
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EMA Computer Solutions
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Giles                              23
Hadrian Car Parts
3M plc
                                                                                                                             NEW AND USED
3M plc                             05                                                                                         EQUIPMENT
Mirka UK Ltd                       23
                                                                                                               RS 51C
Powertec                           27                                                                                         Bodyjigs, spot welders
Pro-spray                          43
RPM Welding                        35                                                                                               & general
                                                                                                                               garage equipment.
Sata GmbH & Co KG
William Smith & Sons
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Specialist Waste Recycling
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                                                                                                                                                      RS 51E

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           JULY/AUGUST 2008                                                                                                   Leeds
                                                                                                                              LS27 7TW

                                                                                                                         BODY Magazine July/August 2008 47
   SATA® – waterborne paints application made easy

                         Top - Product!
                                                      SATAjet 3000 -
                                                      the enhancement of a
                                                      premium class product
                                                      • Large fan pattern for high productivity
                                                        and even material distribution

                                                      • Fully chrome-plated paint spray gun
                                                        – perfect protection against corrosion
                                                        and wear-and-tear

                                                      • Ergonomically excellent extension of
                                                        your own hand – for fatigue-free work

                                                      • Choose your technology:
                                                        SATAjet 3000 HVLP – the “SUPER
                                                        SAVER” or
                                                        SATAjet 3000 RP – the “SUPERFAST

                                                      • DIGITAL (optional feature):
                                                        Now you’ve got a grip on spray
                                                        pressure for optimum color match

   TAjet 3
 SA                                                    0.6 l
Top-Pr07                                               SATA® RPS 0.6 l
   20           eader       s
                                                       • Proven standard size for most of
                                                         the paint jobs – available with 125
          PMM r
                                                           flat sieve or 200 plug-in sieve

                                                       0.9 l
                                                       SATA® RPS 0.9 l
                                                       • Extra large for completes and
                      SATA UK Ltd                        larger surfaces – available with
     2 Enterprise Court • 15 Studlands Park Avenue       125 flat sieve or 200 plug-in
               Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7EP
      Phone: 0845 603 7085 • Fax: 0845 603 7086
   E-mail: • Internet:
                                                                                            RS 48

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