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SHRM Olympia Meeting Minutes by niusheng11


									SHRM Olympia Meeting Minutes

Date: _July 14, 2010    Time: __5:40 p.m.__        Location: Red Lion

In Attendance: Tamela Gilmore, Jane Benson, Leslie Wohld, Gail Ryan, Renee Zirkle, Lonnie
Spikes, Abbi Rudolph, Tina Vanderwal, Denise Hagen, Lauren Lopp


Meeting called to order by Gail Ryan, 2010 Board President

Adoption of minutes from previous meeting:         Yes    No

Major Points of Discussion

Director Reports

      Treasurer’s Report:
          o Ending balance as of 6/30/10 in checking was $16,173.25 and in savings was
              $3,656.48 for a total ending balance of $19,829.73. Expenses for the month were
          o We received $987.50 from SHRM National for chapter member designations at
              158 members x $6.25 per member. This is the 1st Quarter of 2010 Chapter
              Financial Support payment (CFSP).
          o Motion to approve the financials was moved and seconded.

      July Chapter meeting recap- Good meeting, 43 people in attendance, average of 4’s in the

      Succession Planning Documents- Documents were turned into Gail.

      SHRM Leadership conference- On Feb. 2nd, Gail attended a meeting which counted as a
       Leadership meeting for the SHAPE requirement. Other meetings are at the NHRMA
       Conference and/or National Conference. A budget amount is set aside for Board Member
       attendance at the NHRMA Conference. Tamela, Lauren, and Abbi all are willing to
       attend the conference. Motion made and seconded to use the budget money for
       travel/conference to fulfill SHAPE requirement re: Leadership attendance for 2010.
       Board will decide at August meeting who will attend (Lonnie for National or Tamela,
       Lauren, and/or Abbi for NHRMA). Those that would like to attend need to also come
       back with how much they would be willing to contribute.

      2009 SHRM Certificate- It was announced that our Chapter received the Superior Merit
       Award for 2009.
   HR Disability Conference update October 4th- Lonnie indicated that they have worked
    out the bugs for registration with Microsoft. When you register, you need to print out a
    ticket that is emailed in a confirmation email. There needs to be a cap on how many
    volunteers since it is free registration for volunteers. Registration is scheduled to go live
    on Monday. If there are any corrections or feedback on the registration forms, please
    email Lonnie a.s.a.p. The networking idea is not on the registration form as well as hotel
    information- Lonnie will bring this up. Question about when attendees will receive a
    parking pass. Jane needs HRCI information by August to get certification credits in- still
    gathering speakers, but hopes this will be completed by the end of the month or first part
    of August. Question on why SHRM Washington State Council is singled out on the
    registration form. Also, Lonnie will ask about the word “inclusion” being added to the
    title. SHRM will do an email blast on this conference. Lonnie has requested a presenter
    from SHRM. Denise would like to do a SHRM Foundation raffle that day and would
    need a table by registration to sell tickets.

   Chapter Programs Update:
       o September 14th- Strategic topic for Strategic credit- Scott Seaman.
       o October 4th- Disability Conference- need to request HRCI credits.
       o November 9th- Cary Randow with Brandman University.

   At Large Directors
       o Core Leadership Areas
               Welcome/Hospitality- Nothing new to report. Tina received a thank you
                  and gift card from the board for her presentation.
               Diversity- Tamela was unable to listen in on a July 8th conference call on
                  diversity, but will look to see if they have a video she can watch.
               SHRM Foundation- Chapter has made a commitment of $500 from
                  Chapter funds this year to the Foundation. Motion was made to spend
                  $120 of Chapter money for raffle prizes-moved and approved. It was also
                  encourages that board members donate to the SHRM Foundation.
               Workforce Readiness- Community Youth Services workshops scheduled
                  for 2010. Gail and Denise did the first workshop on June 15th. There were
                  four young people in attendance and it lasted an hour from 4-5 p.m.
                  Schedule of “How to Keep a Job” Workshops were handed out to board
                  members. The volunteer work with the Vets is not panning out-
                  everything is in Pierce County or further north. Reminder that anybody
                  working on any core areas of the SHAPE needs to write a summary and
                  send to Gail to keep together.
               Membership- Lauren indicated we had dropped 10 members and she is
                  emailing them to see if they are going to renew. An email blast was sent
                  out on Monday to at large members (new members). We get two email
                  blasts per quarter. We can’t attach things to emails, but can provide a link
                  to the website. If you think of something to let our members know- let
                  Lauren know. Email blasts can be counted as membership campaigns.
                  We can do mailing labels- SHRM will give us the labels. The email blast
                  sent out was a copy of a letter from last year on why are you not a SHRM
                     Olympia member with a link to our Chapter designation form and a free
                     breakfast meeting if designation form is turned in.
                    College Relations- No updates. Lonnie posted documents on our website.
                     We need to think of a mechanism to track how many people are using the
                     Brandman University discounts.

      Next board meeting is August 11th. No program meeting in August. Tamela will reserve
       room for the meeting.

Time Adjourned: ______6:55 p.m._________


Leslie Wohld                       8/8/10
Secretary                          Date

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