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					                               Welcome to the 1st Gawler Q-Store Instructions!
The equipment in the Q-Store is available for use by all sections of Gawler Scout Group. This purpose of this instruction is to
       define the terms of use of the equipment, and the method of requesting, obtaining and returning equipment.

      Should any other Scout Groups wish to access our equipment, please contact our Group Leader, Elaine Kennedy

Requesting Equipment

The only accepted method of requesting the loan of equipment is by completing a "Store Requisition" form. The completed
form should be 1. E-mailed to thed GL 2. E-mailed to the QM As some items will require authorisation from the GL.
You should receive an email back confirming your request, with in a few days.

Group members requiring equipment must submit the form well in advance (minimum of 10 days). It is
recommended that this is followed up with a confirmatory telephone call to the QM, particularly when a large quantity of
equipment is required. This will allow time for the items to be prepared, and will avoid a last minute rush. It will also help to
ensure that there is not a double booking for equipment. A lack of planning does not constitute an emergency for the QM.

Obtaining Equipment

Once the requisition form is submitted, the QM will liaise with the Leader concerned to organise collection of the
equipment. If the trailer is required, the leader will have to arrange for the towing of the trailer to the activity.

Some equipment listed on the request form is not kept in the Q-Store (tables are in the hall, etc). It is up to the leader
concerned to ensure these items are packed.

The QM will print your requisition form, and have it ready for you to sign at the time of collecting equipment.
A copy of the requisition will also be given to you, so you can pre check equipment be returned to the Q store.
You must be present with the QM (or delegate) to check equipment backn into store.

Offers of assistance by leaders and/or parents to pack the trailer are always gratefully accepted.

Using Equipment
Please ensure that equipment is looked after while in your care, and that items are used only for the purpose they are
designed for. Be aware that some of our equipment (such as gas and fuel cooking gear) is dangerous and must be used in
accordance with manufacturers instructions. Most of Group equipment is also normally for use by Group
Members with appropriate training or knowledge. Use by Youth Members of some of this equipment is

Packing and Cleaning Equipment
When packing patrol tents and marquees after an activity, please ensure that they are clean, folded neatly, to the correct size,
with patrol tent numbers visible. Grass and leaves should be shaken off before folding, and tents dried where possible (if
folded wet, they must be opened out in the hall on return). Pegs, poles and ropes should be placed in the appropriate bags /
boxes. Any damaged items should be kept separate and identified out on return.

When packing dome tents, please ensure that no foodstuffs are inside the tents as this can permanently mark the tents.
Ensure that the tents are packed small enough to fit in bags without breaking the zips. Leaders and parents should assist
youth members to do this.

Eskies should be emptied and cleaned, to avoid food going moldy in them. Do not leave food inside eskies in the trailer when
returning to the hall. Left over foodstuff is the leader's responsibility, not the QM's. Likewise, cooking equipment should be
cleaned and dried before returning.

When returning Patrol Boxes to Q Store - Please allow 10 minutes per box for checking item quanities / cleaned.

It is impossible for the QM to physically examine all equipment when it is returned from an activity. For this reason, it is
possible that equipment will be given out which is damaged, missing something, or dirty. If this occurs, it is because the last
users in that condition returned the equipment, and the problem was not brought to the QM's attention.

Returning Equipment

Please arrange the return of equipment with the QM either by telephone or e-mail. Simply pushing a loaded trailer into the
hall or shed is not the end of the Leader's responsibility. Until equipment is accepted by the QM it will be deemed to
remain in the care and custody of the person who accepted it for use.

Notification of Damages

Please notify the QM of any damages or missing items, so that the problem can be rectified. Please keep the damaged items
separate from other equipment. There are Tags and rubber bands in the receival area to label these items.

Using the Requestion Sheet
Type in the details on the top of the form. Type in the numbers of required items, in the Req'd cells. Use the drop down
filter, and select (non blanks). This will now display only the items you have selected.
                       1st Gawler Equipment Request Form
Required by                                                         Section
Person Responsible                                                  Phone
         Activity Dates                              From             /    /    To              / /
         Preferred Collection Date                         / /      Preferred Return Date      /    /
         Preferred Collection Time                                  Preferred Return Time
         Equipment must be returned in a clean and tidy condition                        ITEMS
Qty Aval Description                                 Section        Bin Loc     Req'd      OUT    IN
   36    Bag, Hessian, Loose                           Camping          BA2
    1    Box, Patrol, Leader                           Camping          HA5
    4    Box, Patrol, Standard                         Camping          HA5
    1    Hessian, 20+ Metres x 1.2m                    Camping          BA2
   30    Pole, Pioneering, 1m                          Camping      R'cval Area
   38    Pole, Pioneering, 2m                          Camping      R'cval Area
    6    Pole, Pioneering, 3m                          Camping      R'cval Area
    7    Pole, Pioneering, 4m                          Camping      Canoe Bay
   49    Pole, Stake, Temp fence type, white           Camping          JA3
   10    Pole, Star Dropper, 1.2m                      Camping          QZZ
   10    Seat, Bench type, Wooden                      Camping      Canoe Bay
    5    Sheet, Hessian                                Camping          BA2
    2    Sheet, Hessian, Bundle of 50                  Camping          BA2
    2    Stand, Stove, Camping                         Camping          BA4
    1    Stove, Camp                                   Camping          BA4
    1    Trough, Wash, Twin, Camp - with legs          Camping          EA1
    2    Harness, Tow Rope                              Canoes          GB1
    2    Skirt, Canoe                                   Canoes          GB1
    1    Trailer, Canoe                                 Canoes      Canoe Shed
    2    Container, Drink, Esky, 15Lt                 Container       BA1
    2    Container, Food, Esky, 45Lt                  Container       QZZ
    9    Container, Water, Plastic, 20lt              Container       BA1
    1    Container, Water, Plastic, 40lt              Container       BA1
    1    BBQ, 3 Burner, Tabletop                       Cooking        BB3
    3    BBQ, 3 Leg, Round                             Cooking        BB2
    1    BBQ, 6 Burner, on trolley                     Cooking      Canoe Bay
    6    Bucket, Fire, Metal                           Cooking        AA4
    1    Burner, Hot Water Gas Ring                    Cooking        BA4
    4    Burner, Small, Metho                          Cooking        ZB1
    4    Cylinder, Gas, 4Kg                            Cooking        FA5
    5    Cylinder, Gas, 9Kg                            Cooking        FA6
    2    Drum, Firebox, Large                          Cooking        AA4
    5    Drum, Firebox, Small                          Cooking        AA4
    1    Heater, Hot Water, Stainless Steel, Camping   Cooking        EA1
    4    Oven, Dutch, Cast Iron                        Cooking        BA5
    2    Oven, Dutch, Large                            Cooking        BA5
    2    Oven, Portable, Gas, Cooktop                  Cooking        QZZ
    1    Plate, Grill, Flat                            Cooking        BA4
    3    Rack, Cake                                    Cooking        BA4
    5    Stove, 2 burner, camp (old)                   Cooking        BA4
    6    Stove, Trangia, complete, inc. fuel bottle    Cooking        ZB1
    5    Box, Tackle, Fishing                           Fishing       FA2
    5    Bucket, Fishing, with reels, and items         Fishing       FA5
   10    Rods, Fishing, 2 per tube                      Fishing       FA1
    1    Scales, Handheld, Fishing type                 Fishing       FB3
    1    Kit, Bungee, Verticle                          Games         BA3
    2    Net, Volleyball                                Games         EA1
    2    Pole, Volleyball                               Games         HA3
    1    Seat, Flying Fox - with pulley                 Games         GA1
    4    Vehicle, Billy cart                            Games         GA1
    1    Backpack, Black Canyon 70                      Hiking        AA1
    1    Backpack, Jansport                             Hiking        AA1
    5    Backpack, Pulsar 65                            Hiking        AA1
    3    Backpack, Sherpa 60+10                         Hiking        AA1
    1    Backpack, Snowgum                              Hiking        AA1
    9    Compass, Plastic, with lanyard                 Hiking        ZA1
    4    Radio, 2 Way, Portable, UHF CB                 Hiking        ZB1
    5    Receiver, GPS                                  Hiking        ZA1
    4    Lantern, Gas                                  Lighting       FB3
    4    Lantern, LED, Hand Crank                      Lighting       FA3
    5    Pole, Extension Riser, Gas, 1m                Lighting       FA3
    1    Bin, Rubbish, Plastic                           Misc         QZZ
    2    Box, Polystyrene, with lid                      Misc         BA1
    2    Flag, Australian                                Misc         AA2
    1    Flag, World Scouting                            Misc         AA2
    4    Sign, Arrowed Direction, 1st Gawler             Misc         EA1
    1    Sign, Calico, 1st Gawler                        Misc         AA2
    1    Sign, Corflute, 1st Gawler                      Misc         AA2
    1    Sign, Sandwich, 1st Gawler                      Misc         AA2
    1    Station, Weather                                Misc         ZB1
    1    Trailer, Enclosed, 8x5'                         Misc       Canoe Shed
   12    Flag, Bunting - Various Lengths                 PPE          BA3
   16    Guard, Wrist                                    PPE          BA5
    7    Helmet, Pushcart                                PPE          BA5
    2    Kit, 1st Aid, Hiking type                       PPE          FB3
    1    Kit, 1st Aid, Standing Camp type                PPE          FB3
   28    Pad, Knee                                       PPE          BA5
    2    Personal Floatation Device, Blue                PPE          GB1
    1    Personal Floatation Device, Purple              PPE          GB1
   16    Personal Floatation Device, Red                 PPE          GB1
    3    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size 10     PPE          GB1
    3    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size 12     PPE          GB1
    2    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size 4      PPE          GB1
    2    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size 6      PPE          GB1
    2    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size 8      PPE          GB1
    1    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size L      PPE          GB1
    3    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size S      PPE          GB1
    2    Personal Floatation Device, Yellow, Size XL     PPE          GB1
    1    Sheet, Drop, Hi Vis                             PPE          BA3
    1    Strap, Safety                                   PPE          GB1
    2    Vest, Hi Vis, Safety                            PPE          BA3
    1    Ladder, Rope, Large                             Rope         BB2
    1    Ladder, Rope, Small                             Rope         BB2
    1    Net, Cargo                                      Rope         BB2
    1    Rope, 12mm, Nylon, 50m                          Rope         BA3
    1    Rope, 12mm, Sisal Natural Fibre, 20m coil       Rope         BA3
    2    Rope, 30mm x 35m                                Rope         BA5
    1    Rope, 30mm x 75m                                Rope         BA5
    1    Rope, 30mm, 100m, Sisal                         Rope       Canoe Bay
    2    Rope, 50mm x 24m                                Rope          JA2
    7    Rope, Guide, Timber, Double                     Rope         BA3
   14    Rope, Guide, Timber, Single                     Rope         BA3
    1    Rope, Nylon, 6mm, Yellow (Joti)                 Rope         BA3
    1    Rope, Sisal, 12mm, 30m                          Rope          JA1
   12    Table, Large, Folding, Plastic                  Table         Hall
    3    Table, Large, Folding, Timber                   Table        RB2
    2    Table, Picnic, Foldaway                         Table        FB6
    1    Box, Marquee large, ropes - pegs, complete      Tent         KA3
    1    Box, Marquee small, ropes - pegs, complete      Tent         KA3
    4    Box, Tent, Patrol, Pegs                         Tent         AA4
    2    Bracket, Hanger - Lamp, Small Marquee           Tent         KA2
   44    Disc, Rubber, Marquee centre pole               Tent         FB2
    1    Kit, Tent Repairs                               Tent         AB2
    4    Peg, Tent, Tunnel, Bag of                       Tent         BB4
    2    Pole, Tent, Marquee, Large, Centre              Tent         HA4
   19    Pole, Tent, Marquee, Large, Side, Wooden        Tent         HA4
   15    Pole, Tent, Marquee, Small, Adjustable          Tent         HA2
    1    Pole, Tent, Marquee, Small, Centre              Tent         HA2
    4    Pole, Tent, Marquee, Small, Corner              Tent         HA2
    5    Pole, Tent, Patrol, Centre Cross                Tent         HA3
   10    Pole, Tent, Patrol, Upright                     Tent         HA3
    4    Pole, Tent, Tunnel, Bag of (inc Knuckles)       Tent         BB4
    2    Sheet, Dining Shelter, Canvas, 14' x 11'        Tent         AA3
   20    Sheet, Ground, Canvas, Various                  Tent         AB3
    6    Sheet, Ground, Poly, Various                    Tent         AB3
    2    Shelter, Gazebo                                 Tent         ZA2
    1    Shelter, Self Erecting, 3m x 3m, Large Bag      Tent         ZA2
    2    Shelter, Self Erecting, Side Walls              Tent         BA3
    1    Tent, Canvas, 2.8 x 2.35m                       Tent         KA1
    7    Tent, Dome, 3 Man, Green                        Tent         AB1
    5    Tent, Dome, 4 Man                               Tent         AA3
    5    Tent, Hiking, Complete                          Tent         AA1
    5    Tent, Patrol, with Fly                          Tent         AB4
    1    Tent, Patrol, without Fly - Newish              Tent         KA1
    1    Tent, Roof, Marquee, Large                      Tent         KA2
    1    Tent, Roof, Marquee, Small                      Tent         KA1
    4    Tent, Side, Marquee, Large                      Tent         KA2
    2    Tent, Side, Marquee, Small                      Tent         KA1
    1    Tent, Toilet                                    Tent         KA1
    4    Tent, Tunnel, 11x11                             Tent         BB5
    1    Axe, Small                                      Tools        DA1
    1    Digger, Posthole                                Tools        DA1
    1    Ladder, Alum, 1.8m                              Tools        QZZ
    4    Mallet, Small Mash type                         Tools        QZZ
    2    Rake, Nail type                                 Tools        DA1
    1    Saw, Bow, Large                                 Tools        DA1
    3    Saw, Bow, Small                                 Tools        DA1
   10    Shovel, Folding, Camp                           Tools        BA4
    1    Spade, Long Handle                              Tools        DA1
    1    Trolley, Hand Truck                             Tools        QZZ
    2    Training Aid, Resus Annie                     Training       AA4
    1    Training Aid, Spine Board                     Training       AA2

         I have read and understand the conditions for use of the above equipment
         As described on the Instructions Sheet of this Workbook.

         Name _________________________                             Signed __________________________
         (print name)

         Issued By : ___________________________                    Date   ________________

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