EBV Elektronik Launches Corporate Internet TV Channel EBV.TV

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					                                                                                                     Press Release | April 20, 2009

                             EBV Elektronik Launches Corporate
                               Internet TV Channel: EBV.TV

Poing/Munich: EBV Elektronik, an Avnet (NYSE:AVT)                    products,    applications     and
company announces the launch of its own TV channel –                 trends more clearly and direct
EBV.TV – available end of April on EBV Elektroniks website:          than the static form we were
www.ebv.com/tv. With the launch, EBV is the first                     all used to before. Internet-TV
distributor in EMEA to regularly offer its own profession-           is THE trend for online busi-
ally-produced, high-quality broadcasts on its website. In            ness, and we are convinced
conjunction with suppliers and technology partners, EBV              that EBV.TV will enable us
will present videos on the latest products and technologies,         to assume another pioneer-
reference designs and applications, and corporate news in a          ing role in our industry by
compact, state-of-the-art style.                                     presenting news online in an
                                                                     innovative      and      different
“EBV.TV is part of the consistent advancement of                            ”
                                                                     format. EBV is entirely respon-
www.ebv.com supporting our customers with important                  sible for designing the pro-
information about our products and services in a clear               grammes that will be broadcast Bernd Schlemmer,
and concise manner. The topics of the broadcasts will                by EBV.TV, while the technical Director Communications
                                 be carefully selected by our        implementation is carried out
                                 technical specialists in order to   by Plan.Net, a strategic partner based in Munich and one of
                                 fulfill our traditional strategy     Germany’s Top 3 agencies for interactive communication.
                                 of    providing     independent
                                 and customer-oriented techni-       EBV.TV will go live in April 2009 and be available 24/7
                                 cal guidance, says Rudy Van         on www.ebv.com/tv – users should stay tuned for the
                                 Parijs, Vice President Techni-      launch!
                                 cal Development at EBV. “With
                                 EBV.TV, customers can get to        About EBV Elektronik
                                 know product highlights, their      EBV Elektronik, an Avnet (NYSE:AVT) company, was founded
                                 capabilities and associated         in 1969 and is the leading specialist in European semicon-
                                 applications in a convenient        ductor distribution. EBV maintains its successful strategy of
                                 and modern way. In addition,        personal commitment to customers and excellent services.
                                 customers can then access           250 Technical Sales Specialists provide a strong focus on a
                                 deeper technical information in     selected group of long-term manufacturing partners. 120
Rudy Van Parijs, Vice President
Technical Development           related brochures and website        continuously trained Application Specialists offer extensive
EBV Elektronik                  content posted on www.ebv.com.   ”   application know-how and design expertise. Warehouse
                                                                     operations, complete logistics solutions and value-added
“With rapidly growing user                                           services such as programming, taping & reeling and laser
numbers, video already plays                                         marking are fulfilled by Avnet Logistics, EBV’s logistical
a key role in the Internet.                                          backbone and Europe’s largest service centre. EBV
According to the marketing                                           operates from 60 offices in 28 countries throughout EMEA
research company comScore, Inc., in 2008 73% of Internet
                                      2008,                          (Europe – Middle East – Africa). For more information about
users in Germany watched videos, averaging as many as                EBV Elektronik, please visit www.ebv.com.
118 video clips per month. The research also shows simi-
lar trends in other countries as well. Such figures show              Editor Contact EBV Elektronik
the great level of demand and acceptance for the still               Bernd Schlemmer
relatively new Internet TV, explains Bernd Schlemmer,                Director Communications
Director Communications at EBV. “www.ebv.com is a                    Im Technologiepark 2-8
portal for decision-makers, purchasers and designers within          85586 Poing, Germany
our industry. EBV.TV now enables us to present complex               bernd.schlemmer@ebv.com

Distribution was yesterday. Today is EBV.

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