Earth Observation and GIS technician by suchenfz


									 Gérald BARREAU
 325 route de Landecotte
 33240 Lalande de Fronsac – France
 ℡ : 0033 613 838 622 / 0033 557 581 603

 Date of birth: 2nd of May 1976
 Age: 30, Single
 Nationality: French

                    Earth Observation and GIS technician
                                        Career Objectives:
               Assist in planning decisions through the use of GIS


 2005 – 2006    Master degree in GIS, University of La Rochelle, France
                Subjects: Courses about methods and tools for GIS applyings: learning to use
                ArcGIS, MapInfo, ArcView, Geoconcept, creating and running geographical
                databases, Remote Sensing, GIS programming, cartography

 1999 – 2000    Post graduate degree in spatial techniques and their applying,
                University of Geography, Strasbourg, France
                Subjects: Earth Observation, remote sensing, image processing, Geomatics, GPS
                Obtained with honors

 1998 – 1999    Post graduate degree in Astrophysics, Planetology
                University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
                Subjects: Planetology, Astrophysics, Geophysics

 1997 – 1998    Master’s Degree in Physics, University of Sciences, Bordeaux, France
 1993 – 1994    Baccalaureat (French secondary school diploma) in Mathematics & Physics


Computer and software skills

         GIS software                                  Remote sensing, Imagery
          - ArcInfo 9.1, Arcview3.2,                    - ErMapper 7
          - MapInfo 7                                   - Paint Shop Pro 7
          - Geomedia Professional 5.2                   - Adobe Illustrator 9.0
          - Geoconcept 5.5                              - ERDAS Imagine

         Databases modelling and running               Webmapping
          - Access 2000                                 - ArcIMS 9.1
          - Analyse SI                                  - Geocortex 5.1
                                                        - Flash 8.0
         Computer Programming
          - Visual Basic 6.0,                          Desktop, PAO, Web
          - Map Basic                                   - Dreamweaver 4.0
          - SQL                                         - Office 2003 (Word, Excel, Power
          - Knowledge in Python                        Point…)

        Data processing and analysis
         - Isatis 3.0 (Geostatistics)
             French: native language
             English: written, spoken and read

  2006            New Zealand Ecological Restoration Network, Christchurch, New Zealand
  (5 months)      Conservation GIS intern:

                       Set up of a cartographic GIS server using ArcIMS 9.1
                       Assessment of Webmapping solutions (ArcIMS 9.1, Geocortex 5.1, Flash 8.0)
                       Conception of map books and posters for restoration groups
                       Restoration projects, field work

  2000-2001       IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea),
  (6 months)      Coastal Environment and Operational Applications Service, France
                  Earth Observation analyst:

                       Assessment of the lidar topographic technique over a coastal area for a
                  better biophysical knowledge of tidal flats and saltmarshes

                       Preparation of the survey, physical and biological inventories, use of dGPS,
                  data processing and analysis, use of SPOT4 image (classification), generation of
                  a composite digital terrain model

                      Writing of scientific article "Assessment of topographic aerial lidar over a
                  coastal area” , XYZ n° 87, p 31-36, June 2001

  1999            Midi-Pyrenees Observatory, Research team in Spatial Geodesy, France
  (4 months)      Data processing and handling work:

                       First integration of the Gamma-ray Lunar Prospector data with the
                  multispectral ones from Clementine orbiter: preliminary results about chemical
                  abundances of the lunar crust at global scale.

  1998            Observatory of Floirac, Bordeaux, France
  (7 months)      Data processing and analysis work:

                      Research project concerning adaptative optical and new astrometric
                  techniques with database modelling about stellar formation areas


2002-05         Tiscali Contact, Bordeaux, France
(30 months)     Technical assistant in a customer center

2001–02         Weldom GITEM, Blaye, France
(9 months)      Salesman

2001            Ecole des Sous–Officiers de la Base Aérienne de Rochefort, France
(9 months)      Scientifique du Contingent de l’Armée de l’Air : computer work, data


- Astronomy                                        - Ecology
- Archeology, Egyptology                           - Mosaic and oil painting
- Hike, rollerblade, tennis                        - Cinema
- Sky Diving                                       - Reading of historical and science fiction novels


M. Mike PETERS, President of the New Zealand Ecological Restoration Network and President
of Addington Bush Society, P.O. Box 9000, Addington – Christchurch , New Zealand, Ph 0064 3
M. Jacques POPULUS, civil engineer and project manager, Departement Dynamique de
l’Environnement Cotier, BP 70 29280 Plouzané – Ph 0033 2 9822 4040

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